Weep for Wales 18


I hadn’t planned on writing another Weep for Wales so soon after the previous one but, you know how it is, things just crop up.


What cropped up was a letter I received on Saturday morning, delivered by Royal Mail. A letter giving information on the latest goings-on at Plas Glynllifon.

Here it is. Just click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge

Although it’s dated last Tuesday it wasn’t posted until Friday. Was someone in two minds about sending it?

You’ll also see that the letter contains links that are of course useless in a printed letter. This suggests that the original intention might have been to send this letter as an e-mail, or perhaps as an attachment to an e-mail.

What the writer wants me to know is that Paul and Rowena Williams have a new ‘best friend’, ‘partner’ and ‘investor’, and he is David Russell of the Property Alliance Group of Manchester.

To avoid us viewing David Russell entirely as a victim the writer adds that, ‘David isn’t whiter than white’. The fact that Russell is referred to twice as ‘David’ suggests that the writer knows him.

David Russell. Image: Manchester Evening News. Click to enlarge

Yet the writer claims to be an ‘ex-employer’ (sic) of Paul and Rowena Williams, which is odd. The writer must have left the Williams’ employ very recently to know the new boy. But everything’s been closed down for a while and the Williamses are now holed up at Little Hereford, so who have they employed recently?

The writer also wants us to know that ‘Paul has a number of court cases currently ongoing and people are suing him for theft and fraud, along with many other financial related matters’. That may well be true, so what’s new?

Though let’s not be too harsh on Paul Williams, a man cursed with an appalling memory. Evidenced a few years back when he set up the company, Leisure & Development Ltd, to buy hotels that he and his good lady wife already owned!

Not only that, but he borrowed millions of pounds from NatWest Bank to buy those hotels that he already owned!

This state of confusion saw him ‘sell’ the company in February 2018 to an old friend and time-served fraudster, Keith Harvey Partdridge. Partdridge then closed the hotels, dozens of people lost their jobs, suppliers and tradesmen went unpaid.

From the most recent administrator’s report for Leisure & Development Ltd. Click to enlarge

The £1.29m shown as ‘Paid to date’ represents the money realised from the sale of the properties Paul and Rowena Williams paid £13m for when they bought them from themselves.

As an example of their pitiable state, they paid themselves £2,881,599 for the Knighton Hotel in July 2015, but when it was sold by the receiver a few months ago (pre-Covid) it realised just £300,000.

Throw in the differences on the other properties and it soon accounts for the £6.2m NatWest is chasing. For of course, with his terrible memory Paul Williams had forgotten to pay back the bank . . . from the £13m he paid himself, but wasn’t paid by Keith Partdridge.

No, wait . . .

I’m sure Dudley Cross of Lambert Smith Hampton can throw light on the valuations that resulted in Paul and Rowena Williams making such tear-jerking mistakes. For Dudley was very close to Paul and Rowena over a number of years.

Dudley Cross of Lambert Smith Hampton. Click to enlarge

By the time the results of their confusion became known in Powys, Mr and Mrs Williams had wandered up to Gwynedd, where delusions of grandeur was added to memory loss, leading to them playing Lord and Lady Muck at Plas Glynllifon.

But Cross stuck with them. And for the Plas Glynllifon Open Day in June 2018 Dud even put on his peaked cap to act as a guide!

I thought about the letter’s contents before the 12:30 kick-offs on Saturday, hoping the Swans game was being televised. (It wasn’t.) My thoughts led me to conclude that whoever wrote this letter clearly knows how Paul and Rowena Williams operate. (Who doesn’t by now?)

The writer would also seem to know David Russell, and isn’t averse to snidely drawing my attention – in one of the links – to a MEN story about Russell speeding in his Bentley Bentayga.

I considered the possibility that tittle-tattle such as I had been sent could have been picked up in Manchester property circles easier than in the proximity of deserted properties in Gwynedd.

And so I thought, who do I know who is familiar with the Williams gang and has links to Manchester? To help find an answer I pulled up a letter I received from Myles Andrew Cunliffe last August and compared it with the letter delivered on Saturday.

The addressee on the letter received on Saturday has been partly redacted. Click to enlarge

In both letters the addressee is on the left and it’s spelled ‘Mr.’, but how many use a full stop after ‘Mr’? Then there is the comma following the salutation, which is correct, but something many people nowadays seem to ignore. Both letters are made up of relatively short paragraphs, which are spaced and not indented. With single spacing after each sentence.

But what struck me most was the date. Which on both letters is on the right-hand side (I centre it); on both letters the date is underlined; there is a colon after ‘date’/’dated’; a superscript ‘th’; and no comma between month and year. The chances of two different people writing the date in that manner must be slim.

And then there’s the address. If this letter came from a former employee of the Gruesome Twosome in Gwynedd, to someone else in Gwynedd, then putting ‘Wales’ in the address is rather unnecessary.

Talking of my address, how would a former employee of Paul and Rowena Williams know my house number? Yet Cunliffe knows where I live because his boy Hindle has put threatening letters through my door, twice.

Then there’s the final paragraph and its allusion to driving out invaders.

As if somebody is trying a little too hard to appeal to ‘Jac o’ the North, Unreconstructed Nationalist’.

Despite all this, I’m not saying that Myles Andrew Cunliffe wrote the letter I received on Saturday. I’m just saying that someone less generous than me might point a finger in his direction.

I’m certainly not convinced that the letter came from a former employee of Paul and Rowena Williams.

Given that North Wales Police seems to be taking greater interest in this whole business I sent them a copy. And seeing as David Russell is mentioned in the letter it’s only fair that he should know what someone is saying about him, so I’ve also sent a copy to him c/o the Property Alliance Group.


Let’s put this latest development into context.

I’d ignored those associated with Plas Glynllifon and Seiont Manor Hotel since Weep for Wales 16 was published on the second day of 2020. Until, that is, Myles Cunliffe goaded me back into action by renaming his company Waterford Interiors Limited Royston Jones LL36 9YF Limited.

This resulted in Weep for Wales 17 last week.

Yes, I know, Cunliffe ceased to be a director last November; the only director listed with Companies House now is the Thomas Jacob Hindle I mentioned earlier, the ‘postman’, but that’s just for appearance. Hindle fronts for Cunliffe just as Cunliffe fronts for Jonathan Disley, the ‘King of Marbella’.

In last week’s post I referred in passing to another Cunliffe, who had been a director of Goldmann and Sons PLC, along with Myles Cunliffe. This company being one of a veritable stable of ‘Goldmann’ companies.

UPDATE 23.06.2020: A comment made to this post satisfies me that the other Cunliffe involved with Goldmann and Sons PLC was a victim of crime rather than a perpetrator.

You’ll see that a number of the companies changed their name to Cunliffe Rogers and Ellis. The ‘Ellis’ is Tom Ellis, Disley’s son-in-law, the ‘Cunliffe’ is Myles Cunliffe, and the ‘Rogers’ is Dennis Rogers.

Even though Goldmann and Sons was dissolved in June 2019 someone forgot to close the Twitter account. And in case it disappears, I’ve done a screen capture.

Click to enlarge

Though there seem to have been a number of Goldmann and Son Twitter accounts.

All offering the same thing – no questions asked loans to businesses drifting towards Shit Creek. How it worked is explained here. And in the capture below from the linked article.

Click to enlarge

Dennis Rogers is the man linked with the money that swung Brexit. Done through Rock Holdings Ltd, of which Rogers was a nominee director. (But who nominated him?) Rock Holdings was based across the street from an address Rogers himself used on South Quay in Douglas. Explained in Weep for Wales 13.

But Rogers was a busy boy, into everything.

Let’s go back to Goldmann and Sons, to the Filing History, where we see entries for 01 May 2018. Telling us that Myles Cunliffe became the ‘person with significant control’, replacing Islandwide Advisory Ltd.

Islandwide Advisory Ltd was Incorporated 31 March 2010 as Island Wide Properties Ltd. It first directors were Dennis Rogers and Jodie Lee. Ms Lee soon became Mrs Rogers.

Islandwide Advisory Ltd was De-Registered as a company by the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development 18 May 2016. But it took nearly two years before Companies House was notified.

Dennis Rogers has long-standing Isle of Man connections, he was even said to have been an advisor to the IoM government.

The Goldmann companies are now all dissolved (most of them in 2019), with the exception of Goldmann and Sons (Spain) Ltd which changed its name to Cunliffe Rogers and Ellis Capital (Spain) Ltd.

This company currently has no directors. Confirmation statement and accounts are overdue, and I hope nobody at Companies House is waiting for these documents – cos they ain’t coming. This is another abandoned ship that, to believe what was filed, never did anything more than change its name and its address.

So many ‘Goldmann’ companies, and none of them apparently doing anything. No accounts filed. Nothing paid to HMRC. Just empty hulks drifting aimlessly on the ocean of (SIC) ‘Financial intermediation’.

Now let’s turn to Phillip John Cunliffe, who we find in a company called Disley Aviation Ltd, now defunct. In addition to Disley Aviation this Cunliffe has a string of dissolved companies to his own name.

So there are two Cunliffes, who have been involved with Jon Disley for at least a decade. With Rogers providing the Isle of Man connection and the faintest aura of respectability.

Dennis Rogers, the man who knows where Arron Banks’ Brexit money came from. Image: Warrington Guardian. Click to enlarge

Because for a brief period – and perhaps as a reward for his role in ‘shepherding’ the Brexit money – Rogers was the Brexit Party candidate for Warrington South. But his bid for Westminster was thwarted when electors started asking where he lived.

Disley, Ellis, the two Cunliffes, Rogers et al; one big happy family.


I don’t know you but I feel entitled to address you, on the assumption that you are now involved with Plas Glynllifon and Seiont Manor.

If you’re an honest man, then my advice is to get out while you can. If, on the other hand, you know what you’ve got involved with – welcome to the Weep for Wales saga!

♦ end ♦

UPDATE 23.06.2020: Received an e-mail from Ralli Solicitors LLP of Manchester on behalf of Myles Andrew Cunliffe. Is he saying he didn’t write the two threatening letters he sent me?

Does the message suggest that Cunliffe has forsaken his old cronies and is now following the path of the righteous?

Click to enlarge

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What more can be said about the madness of woke culture than this 5 minutes 14 seconds clip by the comedian Jonathan Pie? Thank you, Jac, for directing me to it via your Twitter feed. If you don’t find it both funny and excruciatingly perceptive in its grasp of just how far down the Mad Woke Rabbit Hole we’ve now fallen, you’ve either just woken up after a long hibernation or you’ve been infected by the woke virus, in which case I think you’re beyond saving. Interesting to see Pie mention the “unmentionable” but something already referred to in the replies to Jac’s blog – three gay men in Reading murdered but let’s not talk about it should we be accused of Islamophobia (by the wokies).


There is a contingent of ‘woke’ that are anti-Semitic.

Those who invent theories, which are patently not true in order to project the concept that Jews are inherently cruel or morally inferior. One such theory is that the ‘kneeling on the neck’ method of restraint used against the drug dealer Floyd in Minneapolis was as a result of the training these officers obtained by the Israeli secret service.

Let’s deal with the theory.

Firstly the police officers in Minneapolis have very poor training, they employed the kind of restraint your average Swansea nightclub bouncer would cringe at, and these cops have never been to Israel. Secondly, those Israelis of military background would also not employ neck kneeling restraint, as it prevents getting coherent information from a suspect. The correct technique used in the US, as in Europe is ‘arm restraint’ and they practice it regularly. It’s possible for even the slightest person to restrain a significantly larger and stronger opponent because it uses the arm leverage to lower the centre of gravity.

It is here..

Takedown with options for cuffing.

So should Rebecca Long-Bailey be fired for anti-Semitism?

No. She should not be fired. If I were her boss, I’d send her on a shift with her local front-line police officers, drunken brawls, domestics, and drugs raids. This would then qualify her to accurately judge the veracity of the nonsense she is tweeting. We take drunk drivers off the road because they pose an immediate danger to the public, speeders, however, get the option of an awareness course. I propose the same.

Like most Labour MPs, she’s stupid. Lacks any real-world experience and like any conspiracy theory it’s very simple to validate the veracity. Look at the detail and see if a theory hangs together.

There are too many politicians who fail to do this, and use twitter to try to impress their followers with ‘wokeyness’. If you do make a mistake, someone out there in the twittersphere will point this out. The danger arises when politicians start ‘blocking’ people on feedback they wish to ignore. It’s a bit like putting masking tape over the mouth of a constituent. In doing so you retreat into a ‘yesman’ bunker. Ignorance results.


Off Topic. Elin Jones MS as Llywydd has failed in her role. Her task is to –

Fail – Politically impartial at all times.
Fail – Making the Welsh Government more accountable to the Senedd.
Fail – Making the work of the Senedd more relevant.
Fail – Maximising capacity and strengthening the Senedd.


In 2016, when she was elected there were two persons nominated for the role, Dai Lloyd MS (Plaid Cymru) nominated Elin Jones MS. Adam Price MS (Plaid Cymru) nominated Dafydd Elis-Thomas MS. The logic behind Adam nominating Dafydd El was that a “nationalist” vote would be lost important for votes and proceedings and that for all his political faults Dafydd El does have a particular administrative competence. In fact, Adam was right twice over in that Elin became the puppet of the government and Dafydd became a minister of it.

A secret ballot was held with all 60 members voting, the result was Elin 34, Dafydd 25 and one abstention.

How can she be removed?


Fork truck is not an option due to load bearing limitations, so I guess it’s a matter of procedure. The Assembly/Senedd has probably been written up in a way that makes it impossible to remove incompetents ( same old Turkeys & Christmas logic) but far easier to isolate and exclude people who take their role seriously ( McEvoy a glaring current example) Odd that both these features have a meeting point in dear old Elin.

Maybe that forktruck can be adapted ……


Picking up on your earlier tweet quoting Malcolm X it has to be noted that his stance was still evolving as his experiences influenced his view of the social conflicts that were driven by race among other things.

Later on in life just days before he was assassinated Malcolm X said –

“I realized racism isn’t just a black and white problem. It’s brought bloodbaths to about every nation on earth at one time or another.
Brother, remember the time that white college girls came into the restaurant‍—‌the one who wanted to help the [Black] Muslims and the whites get together‍—‌and I told her there wasn’t a ghost of a chance and she went away crying? Well, I’ve lived to regret that incident. In many parts of the African continent, I saw white students helping black people. Something like this kills a lot of argument. I did many things as a [Black] Muslim that I’m sorry for now. I was a zombie then‍—‌like all [Black] Muslims‍—‌I was hypnotized, pointed in a certain direction and told to march. Well, I guess a man’s entitled to make a fool of himself if he’s ready to pay the cost. It cost me 12 years.
That was a bad scene, brother. The sickness and madness of those days‍—‌I’m glad to be free of them.”

By then he was recognising that some whites could make a contribution as he had seen on his travels in Africa, and in meetings with people when on his hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.


Miles off topic but prompted by your tweet column I see that Hashin Thaci a Kosovan politician, but formerly a known criminal, gangster and leader of a powerful militia within the KLA is being investigated for war crimes. What took them so long ? This cnut, a lasting monument to Tony Bliar’s ability to back wronguns, should have had a bullet in the head 20 years ago. UK or any other NATO special forces could have took him out easily. Instead they protected the bastard from Serbian forces who had every right to waste him. Now the international community will spend ages and a small fortune dithering over any decision especially as he is now head of the heap in Kosovo, a fake state at the centre of stacks of organised crime. No doubt he is also well connected to Islamist extremists who have no qualms about forging alliances with criminals with international reach.



On 19th May 1991 the whole of Croatia had an independence referendum. Two questions were put. (a) That Croatia would become an independent state, 93% in favour, and (b) that Croatia should remain within Yugoslavia (devo max) with 92% against. There were some local authorities in Krajina (two separate enclaves) who called for a boycott of this referendum but the total turnout was 83%. Krajina areas did not accept the result, and in summer 1991 a civil war ensued and the ethnic cleansing.

There were two distinct bouts of ethnic cleansing in the Croatia war of independence.

80,000 Croats fleeing western Krajina which included Muslim militia from Bosnia and 170,000 Croats fleeing eastern Krajina along the Serb border where there was direct military intervention.

150,000 Serbs fleeing the Republic of Serbian Krajina. By this time Serbia was bankrupt, Russia in turmoil and the Bosnian war of independence was raging.

You are wrong to say the ‘west did nothing’.

In 1992 a partition was formally accepted (Vance Plan) from the UN, but ethnic cleansing continued, hence the deployment of the UN Protection Force. After a temporary lull, Croatia in 1993 then attacked Maslenica and the Medak pocket in western Krajina. In doing so they attacked UN forces, Canadian troops. In response the Krajina forces shelled Zagreb, the Croatia capital with long range artillery. The Canadian troops then went on the offensive and took back all of the ‘protected parts’ and the Croatian forces withdrew.

The civil war in Croatia could have been avoided by accepting the referendum result and immediately recognising an independent country, as Germany had done so. It was the UK, Russia and US who didn’t, preferring to play global games.


This is a completely different situation. There was an insurrection by an ethnic Albanian guerrilla paramilitary group intent on crating a ‘Greater Albania’. There was no Russian paratroopers landing on Pristina airfield in Kosovo. They drove there after lunch. It was a Russian contingent of UN vehicles that set up some roadblocks as a publicity stunt.

Russian drama.

What actually happened.


The Russian troops set out at 0500hrs on a pre-planned patrol of the area they were tasked with under SFOR. They stopped for lunch, and painted their vehicles KFOR for the afternoon publicity stunt outside their agreed operational territory. Take a look at the video of the Russian version of events. Hot sunny afternoon.

It was the Norwegian KFOR (Forsvarets Spesialkommando) who arrived to confront the Russians first. There’s a myth put about by the British that it was the SAS. This is false. There was a peaceful resolution negotiated to prevent partition of Kosovo, the Russians agreeing to the terms and an independent role in ‘policing’ the region.

I don’t think Putin has any need to pull stunts like Prestina in order to bolster his prestige at home. So if Putin was in charge at the time, I suspect a more nuanced approach would have been adopted independent of the UN, like he did in Syria.

The difference between a guerrilla military group and bunch of posing gangsters is best defined by the INLA. Depends on your affiliations. The reality is that there has also been Unionists in the northern counties having inhabited for generations, but I form the view that (like Croatia) an all-Ireland referendum with respect for such diverse heritage is the solution. Military occupation, British, Russian or other, should play no role.


Take a look at this:


UK does corruption relating to property development on an even bigger scale than Wales. To be expected really I suppose. In light of the disclosures in the Weep for Wales series does this indicate that Cardiff takes its moral lead from London ? Labour led by Tories ?

Mixed messages all round, as Starmer on other hand seems quite willing to hack out any hint of the old jewhaters among his front benchers. Will Welsh Labour weed out those who hate anything to do with the Welsh language, or are they conveniently not drawing any parallels ?


The Plaid Cymru hiearchy have had decades in which to challenge the naked colonialism of the Welsh housing market, but since the advent of Ieuan Wyn Jones they have avoided it in the face of spurious accusations of ‘racism’ from those with a vested interest in colonialism (if Williams, Cunliffe and their associates had clean hands they would have played this card by now). Since the rise of Leanne Wood, Plaid have gone one stage further and have decided that other issues, of little or no relevance to Wales, have a higher priority than the wellbeing of Welsh citizens in the matter of housing.

There is now a concerted, but ultimately doomed, attempt, partly orchestrated by sections within Plaid Cymru, to sidetrack the electorate away from local issues of englandandwales assimilation; the attempted importation of the Black Lives Matter agenda into Wales (partly involving individuals or groups outside Wales, but with Plaid backing) is an exemplar of this strategy.


Reverting to ” Weep for Wales18″ – have you received any feedback or input from any of our leading politicians ? The subversion of housing provision – it’s not a market because it doesn’t enable the majority in out affected communities to participate – by well financed “investors” from outside those communities has long reached a scandalous level. Investment in business properties and once -prestigious large homes seems to be some kind of party game, or organised crime, where the participants are mostly based on other side of Clawdd Offa.

We get the odd flash of dissent, maybe a flurry of bland comment in sites like N.C, but where on earth is the momentum, the urge to sort this before it becomes irreversible or is that a white flag I see fluttering over Cardiff Bay and county halls all along the west coast and across the north to the mouth of the Dee ?


As usual, I’m way off topic but check this out.


FFS BAME people are underrepresented in the Welsh language and its puny media presence. Yet a BAME spokesperson blames the Welsh media for not digging these people out and employing them. If a BAME speaks Welsh and wants to work in TV, for instance, then he or she ought to apply for those jobs just the same as native Welsh speakers have to. As far as I know, with the “honourable” exception of the Talfan Davies clan at the BBC, there are no other clansters in the Welsh media. Indeed given the generally wet orientation of Welsh media I’m mildly surprised that the TV isn’t teeming with people of colour spouting stilted Welsh alongside all those other Welsh speaking “minority interests” that have taken the S4C/BBC Wales channels.


I reckon it’s all downhill on the old ethnic minorities getting tidy work since AWEMA went tits up. Naz and his family would never have let things in Wales get as bad as this. Those AWEMA employees who had the gall to complain about a little bit of expenses jiggery pokery and rampant Nepotism, well, are you satisfied now, when you’re probably still out of work or had to move to Kenya to find employment? Fucking numpties. You never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.


I suspect he’s still in Swansea. His daughter, who featured in the accusations of bullying and Nepotism at AWEMA, went on to do post-grad research at the university. She’s now a lecturer there. Fallen onto her feet (again) you might say.


Sheep farming is definitely racist. There are far more white-ish sheep than black for starters. And more important the existence of wool as a natural fibre shut out cotton during that critical era when cotton was the backbone of the slavery industry. So cotton cultivation never got a chance to develop in rural Wales – highly discriminatory, scope for reparations !

Are BAME folk adequately represented in the cockle picking and processing activities on the Llwchwr and adjacent coasts ? Someone should have answers ready and be accountable. Part of that area is managed by Sir Gar council, a Plaid authority. It must be racist down there, hell they can’t stand the sight of each other so a poor BAME guy will have no chance. Check that out Adam before it bites you in your sensitive parts !


It should be noted that there are still a few people still alive who were slaves. They were the ones in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Strangely there’s a new section of Plaid Cymru, called Plaid BME. No Jews allowed.


Yes, Jac!! I couldn’t have put it better.

You hit the nail by saying “using generalisations in the same way as colonists”, and also in terms of Zionism. The trendy left always fail to understand that Jewish heritage is diverse. They never consider Haskalah (enlightenment) and always try to define all Jews as Zionist (colonial sovereignty over Israel). This blindness of the trendy left stems from ignorance, a kind of ignorance that is based on ‘ishoo politics’ using contemporary events as a vehicle to subvert an historical record, to define a person by a racial badge (like colour of skin) and is a method of campaigning which seeks to sew seeds of hate and division to gain political power.

It’s very dangerous stuff.


May I pay tribute to James, Joe and David who were stabbed to death in a Reading park this week, by a Libyan “refugee”.

All three were members of the LGBT community. Furlong was a school teacher, described by friends as a “proud gay man who “wanted equality for all”. Ritchie-Bennett was an American who had lost his husband to cancer just over five years ago. Wails was a scientist who always “made people smile”.


As Welsh politicians gush with virtue signalling about a cop killing a drug dealer in Minneapolis, their silence about what happened a bit closer to home is deafening. I hope the editor of this blog will allow this tribute to the three murdered chaps, no-one else appears to care.

RIP – All lives matter.


Brychan/Jac – 2 days ago at tail end of Weep…17 I wrote :

“Bad day for Plaid on Sunday. Its dilemma rears its ugly head in one single event – bonkers Islamist terrorist enters Reading park and executes 3 gays who were just lounging about in the sun. Does Adam speak up on behalf of his gay community, or does he turn curly and ignore the evil characteristics of his on-trend radical Islamist wing ? Any statements from Plaido Towers ?”

That was Tues a.m. well over 24 hours after the executions. Normally finger- happy Plaid warriors would have been out doing their keyboard version of screeching abuse at the perp and his associates/movement. Now a further 48 hours on and we are yet to receive any wisdom from the prophet and his disciples within Plaid Towers. I think someone is backing the wrong horse or shit scared of offending his local emir. This lack of moral backbone will not go down well with the real working class voter who prefers less nuance, ambiguity and frivolity with his/her politics.


Totally agree with what you say there, and with Brychan’s earlier tribute to the three men murdered in Reading last weekend. As far as I can tell the Twitter accounts of Plaid hierarchy from Adam Price, Leanne Wood and Bethan Sayed have not even acknowledged this tragic event which is being treated as a terrorist incident. Why not? Is it because the perpetrator isn’t white and far right? Is it because he’s an immigrant to the UK, having claimed asylum as far as I can tell? Instead they’ve found more politically correct shite to fill their accounts, such as Bethan moaning how fucking hard the lockdown has been for her, and Leanne jumping for joy because Katie Hopkins has been chucked off Twatter. Yes, Dafis their lack of moral backbone is there for all to see. Spineless bloody hypocrites.

Neil Singleton

The killings in Reading are, unfortunately, not isolated incidents perpetrated by BAME on white. On Sunday 21st June, in Batley, Yorkshire, 20 year old Bradley Gledhill was attacked and stabbed to death, in a motiveless assault, by a gang of youths “of tanned appearance.” 3 of the youths have been charged with murder, Usman Karolia (19), Ahmet Karolia (23), and Raja Nawaz (18). A further 3 youths have been arrested (including a 14 year old and a 17 year old), but have not been charged. Did this incident appear on the BBC or any other Main Stream Media? Have a guess. Have the Plaid/Labour virtue signallers expressed their disgust or even a modicum of concern? Have another guess. This is all playing into the hands of the extreme right (but, bear in mind that anyone to the right of Corbyn is regarded by the extreme left as extreme right). Is the left genuinely trying to provoke a violent backlash, it does increasingly seem so.


“Argentina never had slavery”
Where do you get your information from?,

For “a rounded knowledge of the world and history ” I suggest you have look online there’s much about how Argentina was dependent on slave labour from Africa and Buenos Aires being a very significant Latin American entre port for slaves.

There’s also much about Argentina’s genocide of native peoples and the grabbing of their land by government encouraged and backed European settlers.
And of course we Cymry played a small but strategically important part in that land grab.

There are plenty of reasons to support Argentinian sports team but basing your support on Argentina having an untarnished history of race relations isn’t one of them


I’ll help you start

Slavery finally abolished in 1861
There’s lots of info online about how slavery was part of Argentina’s history.

“Though I would remind you that there were not many native people in what is now Argentina, certainly no great empires to topple, just a few scattered tribes.”
A remarkable statement on a blog devoted to furthering a small nation’s independence.

The treatment of native people by Welsh settlers in Patagonia was from everything I’ve read and heard significantly better than the treatment meted out by settlers from most other European countries. However the result was the same – displacement of people, an adverse affect on their population and the eradication of indigenous language and culture.

Using google it took me literally seconds to confirm that your “Argentina never had slavery” was a fantasy.
You don’t need to personalize this really as I’m not the one contradicting you it’s all those experts on slavery in Argentina who are doing that


There were no new slaves after Argentine independence in 1810, although existing slaves (the few that were still around) were not freed until 1853. Percentage-wise, the number of non-white Argentinians today is, in fact, small.

The Mimosa settlers played no part in the War in the Desert, not least because they had good relations with the indigenous population and also because their Nonconformist religion forbade them to get involved in the genocide.


There are two reasons why there were less slaves in Argentina. (a) It’s difficult to sail to, through the doldrums and against the Malians current, so the Spanish colony on Rio de la Plata was a minor outpost until 1760, and (b) slaves are of no use in animal husbandry, the gaucho, unlike cotton and sugar which is labour intensive further north.

Slavery therefore played a significantly smaller role in Argentina.

During the war against British invasion, the Argentine settlements conscripted what few black Africans into the “parados”, regiments of black, mixed race and indigenous peoples. Soldiers are paid combatants, not slaves. Fighting the British became a war against slavery, a war that the Argentines won in 1806. These ‘regiments of colour’ also played a pivotal role in the Argentine war of independence from Spain in 1810.

It is wrong to assume that all black people are the same.
That concept is one of colonialism itself.

Important lessons from the Argentine can be significant today. The ‘woke’ have recently been searching for black people in Wales to project a racism that does not exist. They’ve found a few black students who’ve had to leave Wales because of lack of decent paid jobs. This is not a measure of racism in Wales, it’s a measure of the colonial relationship the Welsh economy has with the British state.


‘Make all white people pay for what a very small number did’.
Playing the victim isn’t a good look especially when it’s accompanied by a denial that seems to approach willful ignorance.

It’s true that very few Welsh people were involved first hand in the slave trade and system however pretty much every Welsh person benefitted from it. The cheap cotton and sugar that the slave system produced improved the lives of everyone in Cymru even the destitute. The profits from slavery allowed investments to be made that enabled the industrial revolution to mushroom. The people of Cymru could buy goods that would have been beyond the reach of previous generations.

The slavery that Britain was so heavily involved in and dpended on was almost entirely based on the enslavement of black Africans and their descendants and Britain (which includes Cymru) was the world leader. That is part of our (Welsh) history and it continues to affect the way our society’s attitudes (Welsh attitudes included) shape our country today. It affects everyone who’s Welsh whether they’re Bame or not and it’s up to us to address it.


.. and your take on the executions at a park in Reading on Sunday, or has Plaid H.Q instructed its “militias” to evade that question ?


I think that type of response to an arument is what’s known as “Look a squirrel”


Your “arument” whatever that is fails abysmally in registering an answer. A response, yes, but evasive as hell. Straight out of the handbook for the orthodox militant in tune with current groupthink.

As for these issues that agitate us right now, the Floyd murder is just that, a murder, and the perp should get the appropriate sentence for that state. His colleagues must also receive some sort of sentence because they stood by when they could, should, have intervened. It was right for blacks in USA to protest and broaden the debate/dialogue but it’s now been hijacked and shifted to provide an excuse for violence and further crimes throughout the West and further afield.

The silence of the nationalist movement, or at least its current most significant party, regarding the Reading executions is therefore all the more perplexing. The inability or reluctance to comment about this particular incident suggests that there is a serious case of tunnel vision when it comes to “justice”. Does this suggest that if an Islamist “warrior” executes a group of gays in Bute Park that we are likely to get a similar blank response?


I read that first sentence and thought you had him bumped off. Then I read the second and realised …. so I await the new identity. Oh the excitement.


“I will NOT accept responsibility for slavery. ”
If you choose to only hear the most extreme views on the issue then you might get the impression that you are being held personably responsible for historic acts.
But that’s because you’re choosing to block out reasonable fair and just views. It might be that in so doing a level of righteous indignation can be maintained and taking a share of the responsibility to improve on conditions of race relations bequeathed to us from previous generations avoided.

“Nor will I apologise for my ancestors’ innocently enjoying the benefits of slavery.”
Someone can’t ” innocently enjoy the benefits of slavery”. Unless of course the feelings of the slave are to be deemed irrelevant. There’s nothing innocent about being worked to death on a sugar cane plantation, Your and my ancestors may well have legally enjoyed the benefits of slavery just as the slaves presumably legally enjoyed their benefits from slavery!


In the 1890s the British empire imported “dukawallas” from India to work in Uganda. It was an act of colonialism.

In the 1960s, the military dictator called Idi Amin in Uganda embarked on a policy of “Africanisation” and expelled all the Ugandan Asians. This does not make Indians or Pakistanis racist, so why is BLM trying to apply that label to Wales?

comment image
A bilingual sign.

I can only assume those privileged white people with ‘ishoos’ in London who catch the train out of Paddington station in a westerly direction carrying BLM placards to Wales have a bout of blindness when the train passes Southall?


You have already addressed it by pointing out that Welsh people in the 18th and 19th Centuries put sugar in their tea and bought cotton clothes. Since Cymru, as a colony, had no say in where these products came from, it’s difficult to see what more our country can say or do, beyond that acknowledgement. If spooning sugar into tea and wearing a cotton dress represent complicity, then Wales was certainly complicit in benefitting from slavery, although obviously not actively involved in it, save for a few individuals, possibly. Here’s one such: the owners of Acton Hall in Wrexham had investments in slave-worked plantations in the West Indies. They were not Welsh, but English, hailing from Lancashire. Young Myles will be interested to learn that their name was (and still is) Cunliffe…


But then can you imagine something more effective (and gratifying) at inducing a frothing at the mouth fit of outrage in a Brit Nat white flight colonizer than seeing and hearing a member of our Bame community speaking Welsh on the TV.

There might be some Welsh speaking Welsh frothing up as well but surely that would be a small and insignificant price to pay


Look forward to the day when a significant number of BAME communities speak in Welsh. They have abilities and aptitudes and it will be great to see those harnessed in a Welsh rather than Brit cultural setting. Too many have come here in the recent past to be Little Englanders so in their own small way have contributed to the neo-colonialist relationship.

David Smith

I’ve said words to the effect before, but this is journalism that is very important and sorely needed in this colonial set-up we call home. Da iawn. You are doing a sterling job exposing these vermin when no-one else is, at potential risk to yourself given their attempts at intimidation. Is the Ko-fi link still in effect? I’d like to send some Shekels to show my appreciation and keep the fans turning on the server hardware.


In February of this year, Duff & Phelps, the corporate administrators, put both Plas Glynllifon and Seiont Manor up for sale. The agents to conduct the sale being Fleurets.

Plas Glynllifon has a guide price of £2m whilst Seiont Manor is on for £1.5m.


In the case of Plas Glynllifon it says “Fixtures & Fittings will not be included.”, which suggest the contents like regency furniture, the organ and the valuable stuff inside will be auctioned off / asset stripped separately asap after lockdown.



In the case of Seiont Manor it says “A lease has been granted without the consent of the lender and vacant possession will be sought” suggesting an eviction is in process, and cannot be concluded until lockdown is over. Who is this squatter?

Both sales packs have photos where trees about to bud but no snow on the mountains, thus giving us an indication on when the selling agents prepared the packs. Both say “Sale by way of LPA Receivers James Liddiment & Paul Greenhalgh”.


Fronoleu is now derelict, not a listed building, and small enough to gut and fit out as a residential property with possibly some outbuildings with planning for conversion. I expect everything from the pipes as scrap to the slates off the tailgate has been ripped out and sold by the squatter. The best way for liquidators to dispose of such a building would be sale by private treaty to a building firm or as a separate wreck at auction. Keep an eye out for planning applications and land registry changes or slicing and dicing.


Just seen that very interesting update to the blog about the letter from the solicitor for Myles Andrew Cunliffe. That’s a bit of a different tone to the earlier one when he threatened to bankrupt you, take your house and assets, and that of your family. I’d say you’ve metaphorically beaten the blustering bully to a bloody whimpering pulp, Jac. Well done. (I say blustering bully on the basis of those threats he made against you and your family).

Two communications in as many days from two Cunliffes. I’m not convinced these are unconnected. Did the first one from Myles’ brother result in a completely new tactic from Myles to dissociate himself from the rogues’ gallery he’s been part of and try and paint him in a better light? I can see it now, 2021 comes around and Weep for Wales 46 hits the blog. This could yet outrun Pobol y Cwm.

If I were you I’d be uncorking the Malbec later.


Like your tweet about Welsh Labour politicians and hospitals. There was a time people displaying this type of confusion got taken to a hospital – but a Tory regime closed all the mental hospitals down, Labour failed to re-instate or adopt something better, so we now have all these puddled people wandering around in our communities showing symptoms of advanced stages of confusion ! Yet folk in Llanelli still vote for those 2 turkeys – something wrong with folks in that area or is it that the alternatives put up by other parties present an even more ridiculous proposition ?

Neil Singleton

Interesting to note that Messrs. Lambert Smith Hampton are involved with the Williams’s and that (apparently) there might be an issue with property valuation(s) undertaken by one of it’s employees. This would be the same Lambert Smith Hampton (LHS) which acted on behalf of the Welsh Assembly (vendors) AND the purchasers of WG property, during the infamous RIFW scandal a few years back From memory, LHS valued WAG’s portfolio of properties at around £21million and it was sold at that figure. Shortly thereafter (or even before) it was thought to be worth £100 million. Indeed, only months later, part only of the most valuable site at Lisvane was onward sold to residential developers for £60 million (LHS involved again). WAG put it’s loss “at around £15 million” (not good at sums), and stated it would sue LHS, this being in early 2018, but nothing heard of since. The well known phrase of “carpet, under, brushed” seems to apply here. PS the Minister with the brush was one Leslie Griffiths.


Silly bitch probably thought “Ugh it’s just fields innit, they gets muddy, won’t catch me walking through that lot cos it spoils my shoes ! ” Thus placing little or no value on anything that might have livestock grazing in it. On the other hand of course they might all be on the take. Either way old Stan must have been having a good old laff.

Neil Singleton

Don’t think she’s involved now, but it was she who responded after the Public Accounts Committee’s damning report into RIFW, along the lines that she was “happy that this chapter was closed, lessons learned, procedures reviewed” and other Sir Humphrey type platitudes. Since my earlier post, I gather from contacts inside Welsh “government” that the legal proceedings against Lambert Smith Hampton” are still crawling their way through the legal system, as we speak.The proceedings are seeking to recover £15 million “loss” to the Welsh taxpayer and not the full difference between the depressed sale price, and what all the properties have or could be sold for. The point about property valuations is that banks and other institutions will only lend on the basis of valuations provided by a chartered surveyor and that it is preferred that the surveyor is a partner in a practice.This is to ensure that, if anything goes wrong, the funder can sue the entire partnership and individual partners for all and every asset, including personal assets. I suspect, therefore, that Mr Cross is a chartered surveyor, but the downside for funders is that LHS (like most multi-practice firms nowadays) is a Limited Liability Partnership, with Directors, and each office is an independent LLP, with not much in the way of assets, if it gets sued and loses. You are right Jac, to be sceptical of the property world, and it’s not just the developers that get their hands dirty. It’s always useful to have a friendly chartered surveyor on tap.


My guess is, posted just inside North East Wales after a drive down from Manchester to hide any Manchester connection, then back home.


Does Cheshire still extend over beyond Stockport and towards Macclesfield – if it does then you got a big patch to search !


Parc Glynllifon has now reopened, and I met the Manager the other day. According to him, Williams is still around the Plas. The grass around the Plas has recently been cut, and word has it that PW was responsible.
If the Plas is now in the hands of the Receivers, what rights would he have to still pollute the place?

Neil Cunliffe

Kindly remove the references to me regarding Jon Disley, Miles Cunliffe and Phillip Cunliffe. I was introduced to Disley by my brother Phillip Cunliffe. I was chased to help them with property developments at Goldmann and Sons. After 3 months I realized that this was nothing but a scam, they effectively stole 170.000 pounds from myself and another friend that we were to invest to become a partner in the company. Disley disappeared from Marbella and hasn’t been seen since, he left here having defrauded people of over 1M. I no longer speak to my brother as he also stole over 100.000 pounds from me in another investment scheme. I have no association with these people aside if 3 months where they led me down the garden path and stole money from me. Hope that clarifies my position.


Maybe there is a good reason, but you do not mention if the letter was signed or the envelope post marked. Apparently every printer has an unique ‘finger print’. Every printer produces its own unique dispersal. Apparently there is a forensic way of telling if two letters were printed on the same printer. There are also fingerprints on the paper (and in the olden days, saliva on the stamp)!

It’s just taken me all of two minutes to find your full address (including door number) from your postcode. So it doesn’t take a sleuth or someone with inside knowledge to discover — just someone who knows how to get around the electoral register.

Why on Earth doesn’t someone just shut down that bunch of scoundrels laying waste to our heritage I’ll never know. Weep for Wales, indeed!


David Russel is extremely well known in Manchester. He has a reputation as a tough businessman but I’ve never heard anything about him being crooked.
He is in a different league compared to those individuals who have featured to date.

I really hope he is involved and has gone into this with his eyes open as it could by the saving of Glynllifon.


With regard to the two letters, I like your attention to fine detail Jac. Were you previously employed as a forensic scientist. A Google search has revealed the following key skills for forensic science:
“Logical and independent mind.
Meticulous attention to detail.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Objectivity and sensitivity when dealing with confidential information.
Ability to work under pressure and to a deadline.
Concentration and patience.”

Well done.


Just a thought. Was the same font [e.g. times new roman 10] also used in the two letters.