Weep for Wales 12

I have taken down what originally appeared here after receiving a hand-delivered letter after dark on the evening of March 26.

11 thoughts on “Weep for Wales 12

    1. Stan (Neath)

      No decent person or patriot would criticise you for pulling this article in these circumstances. Watch your back. By revealing the cesspit of corruption and chancers descending on us, you have made a target of yourself.

      1. Wrexham

        Draw it mild, Stan! They wouldn’t be so stupid, and Gogplod would be all over them. Christ on a bike, man!

    2. Anonymous

      are you stupid sam jac has puled weep for wales 12 because he had a hand delivered letter i dont think he is stupid enough to do another one .i am supprised that he did not pull the whole series in order to safeguard himself and his family

  1. Anonymous

    you should probably take down the whole weep for wales 1 to11a for your saefy just thinking if they know where you live ??

    1. Let me explain my position.

      I took down certain updates to Weep for Wales 11, also Weep for Wales 11A and Weep for Wales 12, partly because of the letter, but also partly because, on reflection, there is still uncertainty about the new faces. Basically, I’m not 100% sure who they are and what they are.

      However Weep for Wales 1 – 11 deal with the Williams gang, and here there can be no doubt at all. They are crooks, and pretty ugly human beings all round. Those articles have been read by tens of thousands of people, maybe hundreds of thousands of people, so the contents are no secret. What’s more, those articles are with the police, HMRC, media, receivers, and God knows who else. In addition, there are cached versions.

      Now if anything was to happen to me, then it would be pretty obvious who was responsible. And in that scenario, then the police would have to be involved, and the media would cover it, and politicians would have to ask awkward questions. Which would result in EVERYBODY rushing to my blog to read Weep for Wales 1 – 11.

      So get used to the idea that Weep for Wales 1 – 11 are staying up on my blog, and don’t give me, or anyone else, more things to write about. I’m only really concerned with what happens in Wales. When I write about other places it’s because there’s a Welsh connection. If the Williams gang was to get out of Wales I’d probably stop writing about them.

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