Weep for Wales 11

As promised, here’s the latest instalment in the Paul and Rowena Williams Against the World saga (for that’s how it begins to look). I had considered postponing this update, but so much information is coming in that I have to publish before I’m overwhelmed.

Now I’ll say what I always say at this point: if you want the story (so far!) then you’ll need to go back and work through Weep for Wales, Weep for Wales 2, Weep for Wales 3, Weep for Wales 4, Weep for Wales 5, Weep for Wales 6, Weep for Wales 7, Weep for Wales 8, Weep for Wales 9 and Weep for Wales 10.


For those who don’t have time to read the previous ten episodes here’s a quick summary.

Paul Williams and his wife Rowena are two crooks who built up a property portfolio by dubious means and then sold those properties to themselves at insanely inflated valuations in order to obtain loans and mortgages well in excess of the properties’ true worth. This money of course they pocketed.

Soon after the phoney sales ‘ransom strips’ were detached from the properties and allocated to other titles. These properties were held by Leisure & Development Ltd, a company now in administration.

Paul and Rowena Williams, click to enlarge

This portfolio included properties in Cornwall and Northumbria but the gang’s ‘heartland’ was Powys and over the border in Shropshire and Herefordshire.

They next branched out into Gwynedd, buying the woebegone Fronoleu hotel and restaurant near Dolgellau, the Seiont Manor Hotel at Llanrug, and the impressive Plas Glynllifon near Llandwrog. Posing as major property investors they also strung people along by showing interest in Plas Brereton and Plas Tŷ Coch, but after the truth emerged about them they were unable to raise the money to complete the purchase.

Realising the game was up, and having pissed off just about everyone they ever dealt with in the March they severed their ties and physically removed themselves to the Realm of Eagles.

In a further attempt to wash their hands of things Paul and Rowena Williams went through the charade of selling their Leisure & Development Ltd property portfolio for £11m to old friend, and convicted fraudster, Keith Partridge.

Having introduced Keith Partridge there are other characters we’ve met along the way who are worthy of mention. There’s Paul Williams’ sister, Debra Oswald, who seems to slip in and out of this saga, having served as director, partner, accountant, even creditor.

Paul and Debra’s father Michael has a hotel business in Goa. (Though it may have been struck off.) It would be interesting to know how he gets on with the locals, because on issues of race and colour he is said to have been expelled from the KKK for being too racist.

We’ve already met one fraudster in the form of Keith Partridge, another in the ensemble is the Williams’ accountant John Duggan. And if that wasn’t enough, the Waves Bar in Cornwall is run for them by Stuart Paul Cooper, of whom more later.

Then there’s faithful Rikki Reynolds, who runs the Seiont Manor. He drinks too much, he is dependent on drugs, but they keep him on. I refuse to believe the rumour that this may have something to do with Rikki being close to Rowena.

Not to be overlooked is Dudley Cross. His Linkedin profile would have us believe that he works for property specialists Lambert Smith Hampton, but he’s been involved with Paul and Rowena Williams for many years. He served as a director (until 01.02.2018) of Leisure & Development Ltd, and even donned his peaked cap to act as guide for Plas Glynllifon’s open day in June.

It is widely believed that it was his – and perhaps more especially, LSH’s – imprimatur that persuaded lenders to accept the absurd valuations we shall soon examine in more detail.

click to enlarge

In addition to being crooks, the Williams couple and Rikki Reynolds are repulsive individuals. They take pleasure in humiliating people. It sometimes seems that their greatest pleasure is derived from hurting those least able to defend themselves.

One such case was the treatment meted out to a kitchen porter at the Seiont Manor, a man with learning difficulties who had worked there for over twenty years, but Rowena Williams wanted him out.

It ended at an Employment Tribunal in September where the man was awarded £27,907.42 . . . money he is unlikely ever to see.

As might be expected, these odious creatures have been funded by the ‘Welsh Government’ and have received one uncritical report after another from the ‘Welsh’ media, with Owen Hughes of the Daily Post deserving of special mention.

Now read on.


So what have I got for you this time? Quite a lot as it happens.

First, let’s remind ourselves that the empire is crumbling and apart from the Gwynedd properties and a few outliers everything else seems to be in the hands of receivers and up for sale.

Those receivers being RSM, who are now selling the properties through the company Colliers. Click on the links for details for each of the properties: The Salutation Inn (and caravan site), near Berwick; The Waves Bar, in Cornwall; The Bird in Hand, Ironbridge; The Castle Inn (and caravan park), Wigmore; The Knighton Hotel, Knighton; The Radnorshire Arms Hotel, Presteigne.

Let us focus on the two Powys properties, as we have for most of this saga. You will recall that these properties were sold by Paul and Rowena Williams to Leisure & Development Ltd, and the prices they claimed to have paid in 2015 were £2,881,599 for the Knighton and £3,487,049 for the Radnorshire.

Radnorshire Arms Hotel, Presteigne, click to enlarge

RSM is now recommending sale prices of £550,000 (-£2,331,599) for the Knighton and £700,000 (-£2,787,049) for the Radnorshire. That’s a fall of £5,118,648 . . . and of course RSM might not even get the prices they’re suggesting, because there are plenty of pubs and hotels for sale at the moment, then there’s Brexit looming, maybe a general election . . .

How do we account for such a massive drop in valuations?

As I explained, the earlier valuations were dreamed up in order to get loans and mortgages for properties that Paul and Rowena Williams already owned, but pretended to buy through Leisure & Development Ltd.

Equally fictitious was the sale of those properties earlier this year for £11m to convicted fraudster Keith Harvey Part(d)ridge.

Which is how we end up in the bizarre position of Paul and Rowena Williams appearing as creditors to the tune of £11m of the company they claim to have sold to Part(d)ridge.

But then, there’s a certain symmetry to all this. Because if you can sell something to yourself why can’t you owe yourself money?

The only good news for Paul and Rowena Williams might be that Dyfed Powys Police are not pressing charges. Though quite what Plod was investigating in relation to “the sudden closure of hotels” previously owned by Paul and Rowena Williams is a mystery.

The only clue in the Daily Post report is “Tourism Investment Support Scheme grants”, which was never a runner.


As I said earlier, I’ve received a steady trickle of information about Paul and Rowena Williams and their gang. Here are just some of the things I’ve been told since the previous instalment.

From an anonymous source:

“She (Rowena Williams) may well be autistic . . . She is morally empty, and I think that her son —— (who is a lovely lad) really deserves a more honest set of parents . . . I realise that this doesn’t really count as a story, but I was so annoyed at the Radnorshire Arms ending up like it is that I wrote to you . . . I was actually hurt by the experience . . . Please keep up the good work!”

A recent comment to Weep for Wales 9:

click to enlarge

Message to my ‘Contact Me’ box:

“Message: before i start I wish to remain anonymous about what I say. from November 2016, to November 17, I worked as ————————– for rural retreats and leisure, I can comfirn that HMRC had in fact been in touch with the Williams’s prior, as in july 2017, myself, and all the other live in staff of the knighton hotel, where subject to an investigation, regarding how our rent was paid. after HMRC had come back with the decision that there had been wrong doings in regard to how our rent was being taken. they told the Williams’s that we were owed back pay, as they were taking rent out of our wages as a deduction of wage, not as actual rent, of which became clear that I was being paid below the national minimum wage. shortly after this, the Williams’s slowly starting to dispose of us. myself being fired for gross misconduct on made up allegations with no evidence whatsoever. they practically forced a family of 4 to find a new house in the area, and pushed the head chef in an attempt to get him to quit, effectively taking us all out of the equation. I have been following all of your weep for wales, and everything you have said makes complete sense. on the outside, Rowena pushes a persona of care for staff, but on the inside, both of them are only looking out for them selves. I hope this interests you in your continuing saga.”

(A source with inside information was able to tell me that the total amount owed to staff was £58,594.)

Something you soon learn about Paul Williams and the “morally empty” Rowena is that they don’t like paying staff, suppliers, tradesmen, anybody. What’s theirs is theirs . . . and what’s yours is also theirs.

It seems that creditors were encouraged to have meals and drinks at Paul and Rowena Williams’ establishments, with the cost then deducted from the amount they were owed. One source tells me of walking into the bar of the Knighton Hotel one time and seeing nine creditors quaffing away!

Just picture it! Barmaid: ‘Another large whisky, Mr Jones? That’ll be £76, and it brings the amount Mr Williams owes you down to £5,732.68 – you’ll soon be owing him!’

There is something surreal about such a scene, though trying to turn your creditors into alcoholics has a certain logic – they might forget about the debt!

And of course, another twist is that Paul Williams wasn’t paying for the booze anyway! I’ve heard one sad story of a rep from Molson Coors being threatened with physical violence for daring to ask for the money he was owed.

A documented example I can give of Williams not paying his debts arrived last week from Grafters Group Ltd, a company that supplies staff to hotels. This company eventually had to resort to court proceedings in the hope of getting the money owed by Paul and Rowena Williams. Needless to say, they’re still waiting.

Take Jac’s advice: If you’re selling to these buggers, supplying goods or doing work for them – make sure you’re paid in cash, up front, and then check the notes to make sure they’re genuine.

A number of times in this series I’ve mentioned the distressed Fronoleu hotel and restaurant at Tabor, outside Dolgellau, bought by Paul Williams at auction in 2015 for over £300,000 and paid for in cash.  I also mentioned a seven-bedroom house alongside Fronoleu. Through another new source, I now know who lives there.

Fronoleu, click to enlarge

This person works for Paul Williams at the Seiont Manor, and as with so many other employees false declarations are made with regard to wages in order to save Paul and Rowena Williams money and cheat HMRC.

And yet, it seems Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs are aware of the Williams Gang’s tricks but are reluctant to move against them.


Paul and Rowena Williams are so transparently dishonest, so blatantly corrupt, that it’s difficult not to laugh at them, but there is a nastier side to the operation.

We’ve seen that the Waves Bar in Cornwall is for sale, with RSM asking for “offers in excess of £500,000”. Which seems reasonable, as it comes with “five apartments and a shop”. Though few things are straightforward with Williams, and the Waves Bar is no exception, for I’m told there are questions over the ownership of some of those apartments.

For some time now the Waves Bar has been run by Stuart Paul Cooper. Another associate with a colourful past. He came unstuck in 2012 when working as a debt collector. This Insolvency Service document suggests he then went on the lam.

Cooper eventually appeared in court and was sent down for three years in 2014. Later that year Companies House disqualified him from being a director until November 2022.

But of course none of this was an obstacle to him being employed by Paul and Rowena Williams. Being a fraudster with a penchant for violence made Stuart Paul Cooper the kind of recruit they look for.

Picture courtesy of RSM, click to enlarge

The latest news from Cornwall says that Cooper is behaving true to form. He recruits young staff, overworks them, underpays them, sacks them, and when they come asking for what they’re owed he threatens to kill them and anyone who dares to speak up for them.

Where the takings go from the Waves Bar is a good question. For there is a suspicion that since the collapse of Leisure & Development Ltd Cooper may be flying solo. Another question is whether suppliers are being paid.

But what really puzzles me is why liquidators RSM allow Cooper to remain at The Waves Bar, because the reputational damage this man is doing will not be put right by an ‘Under New Management’ sign.


You’ve met the leading players in this story, I’ve given you examples of what they’ve done and how they behave. I’m sure that like me you’re wondering why they aren’t behind bars where they belong.

For some reason the police, HMRC and others seem to look benignly on ‘white collar’ crime, they may even persuade themselves that such offences are ‘victimless’. But that’s wrong.

This gang has lied and cheated for years, and it’s not just banks and other lenders that have lost out. Decent, hard-working people – often vulnerable people – have been exploited, cheated of money they were owed, thrown onto the street, and put in fear of their lives when they sought redress.

From a social media account of a Williams gang employee, click to enlarge

But these gangsters laugh at us all as they drive around in their new Range Rovers and their Beemers with personalised number plates. They take us all for mugs.

There is something very wrong with the legal system of Englandandwales that it allows such people to go unpunished, and to prosper. It’s a system providing courts and tribunals that say, ‘Yes, we agree that these bastards owe you money, we’ll even fix the amount . . . but there’s nothing we can do to make them pay’.

While police and governmental agencies look the other way when criminal offences are brought to light.

We obviously need a different system; a better system; a Welsh system.

♦ end ♦

APOLOGY: I’m sitting on a number of good stories that I’m just unable to do justice to because I don’t have the time. Please understand that I’m not deliberately ignoring anyone, but as a one-man band with family and other commitments there’s only so much I can do.

UPDATE 03.12.2018: Soon after publishing I had a rush of e-mails from Companies House. Paul Williams ceased to be the ‘Person with significant control’ for both Plas Glynllifon Ltd and Rural Retreats & Development Ltd on November 30. Myles Andrew Cunliffe is a new director of both companies.

Cunliffe is also a director of Lifestyle 4U Finance Ltd, net current assets -£3,949; Get Me Finance Ltd, net current assets £11,648, with the website telling us that this company offers finance to those with a poor credit rating, and Paul Williams definitely falls into that category; and finally there’s Mylo Capital Ltd, Incorporated 20 September 2017.

Myles has been a busy boy in 2018. Between April and August he became a director of, and is is now sole director of: Pacha Sunderland Ltd; Etaireia Holdings Ltd (a company with a Scottish number); Girvan Dev Ltd; and Pacha Cleator Ltd. Then in October it was Network Transport and Logistics.co.uk Ltd.

Among Cunliffe’s previous successes we find Goldmann & Sons (Portugal) Ltd, with Companies House awaiting documents; J D Finance Ltd, wound up in 2007; Welcome 2 Car Finance Ltd, struck off in 2016; and H.O.H. Assets Ltd, also struck off in 2016.

I’m sure young Myles will be a colourful addition to the cast.

FURTHER UPDATE 03.12.2018: A message to my ‘Contact Me’ box reads: “Im told paul is telling workmen that work available as he got a mortgage on the 30th nov”.

I think we can safely rule out any possibility of Paul Williams getting a mortgage or a loan from a reputable lender, so it’s reasonable to assume that any fresh money is linked with the arrival on the scene of Myles Andrew Cunliffe.

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What a great blog. We are based in Seaton Cornwall, Stuart Cooper is/has caused so much trouble down here.
Keep up the good work x


Yes email just sent. Get in touch for a Cornwall update!


I’ve just Emailed you. Be great to get fresh Cornish news in W4W 12.

Phil Williams

I’m not sure if you’re up to date with this or not Jac, but we’ve heard from friends down in Seaton, Cornwall that Waves Bar has suddenly closed and everyone has disappeared. Apparently there is scaffolding up on the building too, but no-one knows why.

Phil Williams

The latest I have is that the buildings have been sold. The bar is operating but the kitchen “is not fit for purpose”, so the restaurant is closed for refurbishment.
The scaffolding seems to be to change the fascia.
Strong rumour is that the lovely Stewart has dumped his long term partner and headed off to Northern Cyprus with some or all of the proceeds from the sale.
More as and when it surfaces.


I read in today’s Daily Post that the staff in Seiont Manor have been paid their salaries after another delay in paying what they were owed.How long can they keep going like this?


Late pay has been happening a lot longer then what has been reported recently


Hello Chef. What have the staff at the Seiont Manor been told about the arrival of Cunliffe?


No idea, but right now they have no Chefs & serving no food + every agency in the area and beyond will not send relief chefs to them.


Keep us posted.


I told you in January about the Williams’ scam and cheques being paid to their own accounts.Be very careful if you ‘re booking a wedding venue with them in the near future .This hotel looks as if it’s going the same way as the others.Beware!


There’s a big advert at the start of the Caernarfon Flyover for a Wedding Presentation at the Seiont Manor. Myles has taken a big step indeed from selling car finance to poor credit mugs to hotel management.


Still no activity at your “Plasti”, Paul. Where’s your Phantom Army of workmen? How’s your Pittbull?


Even the loyal D M Edmunds now appears to have departed the “Plasti” for pastures new. Not a sign of life there today.


I had such an amazing experience this morning. Driving through the gates of Glynllifon I encountered a whole mass of lorries and vans heading down to the Plas. What was going on, I asked my dog. As we walked up from the car park I could see a mass of workmen down by the side entrance, and the sound of work proceeding at a furious pace. Paul was stood at the entrance gate, counting in the lorries. He wore a beautifully cut suit and tie, and his shoes shone. And he was actually smiling as he welcomed his workforce. The car park was crammed, and the vehicles overflowed onto the field with the metal horses. Paul even smiled at me as we passed, and said “Drop in for a coffee on the way back, old chap. Don’t believe that villainous Jac fellow. Myles has sorted our little problem with the cash flow,”

At that point my alarm clock went off and I awoke from my dream. Must lay off too much Sauvignon Blanc for a while!!!


Why don’t we have a competition to see who can find the most spelling and grammatical errors in the previous letter.I can count twelve but I’m certainly not an expert in English and someone more educated than myself could find more.


Didn’t realise you had a dog, Paul. What variety is it? A Pittbull perhaps?


Go to Jac o the north5 to see the connection between D M Edmonds,Redcar,Cleveland, and the Williams two.They once owned the Salutation Inn and Holiday Park in Berwick on Tweed but it seems to have gone the same way as the others.
The twitcher.


Perhaps he’s the only tradesman in the UK prepared to work for Williams!


i had a look there yesterday there were 1/2 a dozen tradmen outside,three vans and 3 cars only d edmuns had sign writing on it, seems that work is carring on there,


From the atrocious English I can only conclude that Paul has made this contribution. When I was there on Friday, only Edmunds van and the usual small red car were parked up. Where the half dozen workmen were camping out, who knows?


thanks for the insult rambler.when i was walking my dog on friday afternoon there was d edmunds van,a red mini,a small silver van ,a blue estate car,a large white van,and a black car and also a range rover there.had you engaged your brain before opening your mouth you might have considered that we were not there at the same time.so next time you want to have a go at somebody just for making a coment about what they saw give them the benefit of being allowed to coment on what they saw


christmas break silly old woman


Hello Anonymous, aka Paul/Rowena. We notice that you’re still advertising Christmas at the Seiont Manor at your “Plasti”. Is this some brilliant forward planning for Xmas 2019? Bet you two will have skidaddled by then.


They must have read your contribution, Rambler. The advert for Christmas at the Seiont Manor was down yesterday. No sign of Paul around. Only the mysterious D M Edmunds.

Emyr J

Very long Christmas break, Paul. And now only your pal D M Edmonds from Redcar is toiling away, we all note. A very far cry from your Grand Scheme.
And another Industrial Tribunal case on the go re the Seiont Manor. Times are indeed hard

Emyr Jones

From his white van, he appears to be a plasterer. Google has him resident in Morpeth. Doesn’t the gruesome twosome have links with Geordieland? Have seen him in PG previously.


This sounds like a tax evading scam and they need reporting to the HMRC.


Father of the bride
Last summer my daughter got married and the venue of her choice was Seiont Manor.We had a wonderful day and we couldn’t fault the food or theservice we received.Only last week did I become aware of the link between Seiont Manor and the owners of Glynllifon.It explains why every cheque I issued for the cost of the wedding were made payable to Paul Williams.No wonder they are having”Cash flow” problems if the money is going into his personal account.
Another hotel going the same way as the others they have owned!


Hello Paul and Rowena,
Having cash flow problems at the Seiont Manor? Hopefully Mr Cunliffe will come to the rescue. Not much happening at Your “Plasti”, we observe.


The birdwatcher .
Yesterday,Jan2nd,I decided to go with my binoculars to study birds in Glynllifon.I was sitting on a bench in the woods above the Plas when I heard this almighty sound of breaking glass.Thinking that that some vandalising was going on I looked with my binoculars.It was a false alarm, it was only Paul putting empty bottles into a large recycling bin near the side door.Judging by the noise there was an awful lot of them.Maybe there had been a party.One thing Paul,get dressed before going out as people walking in the Parc don’t want to see you in your boxers at 2.00 pm.


Dozens of enormous trees have been felled inParc Glynllifon(Cyngor Gwynedd land).Hundreds of pounds worth of timber which should have been sold to a timber merchant ,has found it’s way onto land to the left of the mansion in ton sacks.I hope they paid the market value for it,about£100 per ton is the going rate.Are they thinking of heating this gigantic house with woodburning stoves?What other use would they have for tons of wood stacked high near the house?I’ll keep my eyes on the situation


Whatever might be said about our friends Paul and Rowena, I don’t think there is anything sinister about their sacks of wood, which came from clearing the land round the Plas. And they haven’t been out purloining the trees cut down by the Coleg.

Emyr Jones

I’ve come to the conclusion that “Anonymous “ and “Jaconory” are none other than Mr Pail Stephen Williams himself. Why else would such a flurry of anti-Jac posts suddenly appear at the same time as the Williamses have engaged a firm of solicitors demanding that Jac remove all his blogs etc about them.
The truth, it would seem, is that the Williamses have run out of cash, and any sensible potential lender would Google them, and unearth the unpleasant truth.
Paul, I hope you don’t mind me addressing you in the familiar, at the Open Day a friend of mine approached you and asked what you did for a living. To which you replied “Property Developer “. Perhaps you could elucidate for this audience what “properties” you’ve actually developed in your career. Polvellan Manor? The Radnorshire Arms? The Knighton Hotel?
So if you’re joining in this Blog debate, Paul, don’t be a coward and hide behind aliases. Your appalling command of the English Language gives you away.


Moquet……stalking really…….you must be a bit of a sad person hanging around Y Plasti watching the comings and goings of vehicles. if everything you say is true about Williams i don’t think they would be able to afford to eat in the cafe as you suggest. Clearly the rambling are yours and not the accounts of any person working at Y Plasti

its about time you all started printing something that is true and not your sad fantasy’s

Jac for a starter should come clean with his web site hosting information !!!!

Tim Heald

Well, Jaconory, you’re certainly a new kid on the block. Croeso. Is your English really that poor, or is it merely a blind?
For you to know, very many people in this area have a great affection for Parc Glynllifon and its Plas. (Where did you come up with the word “Plasti”-sounds like something they serve up in the cafe?) We visit it regularly, and because none of us are blind, we can observe its comings and goings. I think we all would love to see the Plas restored to its former glory, but any person with business acumen would view it as a financially unviable prospect. Does a coherent business plan and financial strategy exist?
As an initial sceptic, I have verified as many of Jac’s assertions as possible, and I think that he has done the people of our area ,and Wales in general, a great public service. Carpetbaggers bearing false promises of cash and jobs are not welcome here, and Gwynedd Council and Coleg Llandrillo/Menai are fully up to speed with Jac’s researches.


welcome back tim last time you threw your toys out of the pram

Tim Heald

Haven’t a clue what you’re on about, Anonymous. Is there an element of “green-eyed monster” lurking out there in your swamp?


yes you do somebody had to point out to you that jac allows us to stray from the topic .and from what i heare you worked in the local council so therefore have no idea how the real buissnes world operates

Tim Heald

I’ve certainly got no experience of the “real buissnes world” which you inhabit. Doesn’t your computer come with a spellchecker?


It’s not “rambling “, whoever you are. What was said in the Cafe is what was said. I also remember, at the Open Days, one of the ‘Williams crew manning the entrance saying that he hated Glynllifon and wished he’d never set eyes on the place.


i think you are rambling making stories up.


Have the guts to divulge your real identity, Mr Anonymous. I’ve heard this particular tale myself.


“Anonymous “ alias our friend PW, is getting really rattled.


rebveal your true name you sad old woman


why is it that you give false information on the registration of your domain such as mobile number that does not exist, a land line number in Shrewsbury and also advertise a false address ? Why is it that you are giving false information ? this is Kosher unlike the vile that you have been printing. I think the net might be closing in on you now Jac good luck with that one

22/12/2018 AT 11:34


Seems like you have ruffled a few feathers Jac
A threatening letter from a solicitor
And now JacOnory (quite clever) on your case trying to discredit you and doing an investigation into your domain.
Keep up the good work Jac
Someone needs to hold these villains to account.

Jac O Nory

what villains, who are you and why are you piping up, not left many other comments, is this an alias ?. If you think this is good work, clearly your unemployed

Jac O Nory (@NoryJac)

please send me a copy interested to see what you have to say I’m flattered that i will get a mention, hopefully it will be factual and not the usual vile you spew out


hope you can afford baristers jac this is going to cost you all that you have payback time


I think you may know the villains to which I refer, Jac O Nory and thank you for the invitation to reply.

I am one somebody who weeps for Wales!

I am “piping up” because I am interested in the fate of Plas Glynllifon as my Nain was from Llandwrog and I am worried that the Williams family name might be sullied, in the village, by villains.

I am only aware of the impending disaster for Glynllifon because of Jac o’ the North’s endeavours. So I reiterate;

As for lack of comments and my employment status, I am very busy, gainfully self-employed and today, by the local ‘Laird’ at Y Plas doing pest control.
A problem with mice not trolls.

Of course DiEnw is an alias and you show your ignorance by asking.

So Twp Jac I hope I have helped you with my replies to your badly punctuated questions.
And I invite further comment from you, Twp Jac, with my own questions.

Who are you?
Why are you piping up?


Hey Jaconory
Has the cat got your tongue?


No activity at the Plas, and even Paul’s vehicle is absent. Perhaps he and dear Rowena have gone off to Goa to celebrate their many successes in 2019?
Or are they spending the festive season in Burnley with Myles?


One of William’s troops has apparently been shooting off his mouth in the Park’s cafe. According to him Williams is a right bastard, and he, the footsoldier, would like to burn the Plas down!
Also he claims our Paul has run out of money so there’s no work available. Where is the miracle man, Mr Cunliffe?


Completely off topic I note from your tweet column that at least 2 new “movements” have been spawned in our midst recently. Undod has the odour of a bunch of people who still haven’t grasped how pissed off us common herd are with being told how to do things by our “betters”. As for Forge it occurs to me that someone left the “t” off the end of it. The links I followed were a jumbled mess of Brit rubbish and odd bits of social comment. For me anyone piping up with any crap about how great it is to be British merits a wide berth.


The unionists, in the form of the rump of the pop-gun paramilitaries, and the fruitcake Brits of the northern counties of Ireland have been dishing out both physical and financial support to the various splinters of unionist sects or lumpen elements in Scotland for some time.

Now, it appears, some have popped up in Wales.
The best way to deal with them is to find out who they are.
Then take the following action.

(a) Formal ones. If they are of the queens shilling (there have been a few) then you can report them to their paymasters. I understand the counter-terrorism units of the queens realm are looking for suitable work since the demise of their Islamic doppelgangers.

(b) Clean ones. If they are of the white-aryian variety they are also usually homophobic (there have been a few), the local constabulary can be invited to call round to have a chat. They may need their criminal records topped up and spend time in the lunch queue and showers at Parc or Berwyn.

(c) Dirty ones. If they originate in the English cities and dabble in drugs (there have been a few) the best way to assist them is to suggest contact with the local dealers. Usually this market is controlled by people from south London. The “snowflake” often ends up in a gutter with a sharp in their arm. That’s if they are not “rescued” by operation Hazel or ‘the Wallich’.

The others just need a bit of help from satnav, to find the eastbound direction on the M4 or A55. Welsh nationalists get a degree, English nationalists get a tattoo. I can also assist the British Prime minister in her endevours….

Backstop – Made in Germany.


In RSM’s sales document The Knighton Hotel is described as:
“Freehold or Leasehold:
This a freehold property, however the ground floor entranceway has been removed from the title.”

Is it being sold without its front door?

NatWest have a charge over the property. I wonder if they have a separate charge over the entranceway, or did they (negligently?) overlook the fact that it had been removed from the title?


Actually, this could be the downfall of the Williams pair. A mortgage from the bank of such a value would not have been awarded without a full survey of the property attracting the charge. Such a survey would have easily identified the ‘flying freeholds’. Assuming this new ‘leasehold’ is not pre-existing suggests that the bank has created it as temporary manifestation to deal with flying masonry, which they were not previously aware of, as a method to lubricate a quick sale. This power is allowed to them as expressed in the default clauses of the mortgage deed. I cannot see how NatWest would have awarded the loan without such a survey UNLESS they were provided with substantial evidence of providence and liquidity of the borrower. Providence we now know to be false and phantom. It is also an even more serious criminal fraud to obtain a mortgage under false pretext. An offence easily evidenced. It might be that the bank have not yet handed this evidence to the police for criminal investigation preferring to ameliorate their default exposure first. As soon as the banks get some cash back from the bad loans they may well start feeding through any such evidence of false surety for criminal prosecution.


As suggested I spent a few minutes reading Dic Mortimer’s piece on BBC Wales. It is an excellent critique of this flaccid radio channel. I won’t go into detail, just endorse your recommendation. I have listened occasionally to Radio Wales when driving and found myself shouting at the radio because of the inane ( and insane) remarks made by the likes of Jase and that twat on the breakfast time show. Inevitably I switch to something soothing like Tebot Piws or Johnny Cash as the BBC’s picture of reality is so unbearable.


Phone HMRC to report fraud.
0800 788 887

Write to HMRC to report fraud.
HMRC Fraud Hotline
CF14 5ZN


From my note above I would be surprised if an email address is available. In a year of correspondence with them I have only managed to obtain the email address of their FOI team as under:


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Wynne I think you are right regarding e-mail contact with HMRC. I don’t have much to do with them now having retired a few years ago from self employment. Until about 2015 I was a user of their on-line tax return service but it was well nigh impossible to get a swift exchange of info via e-mail whenever I had a query. It was as though they needed hard copy as proof just in case there was any litigation at a later date. Most unhelpful. And the waiting times on those bloody phone numbers was horrific, playing crap musak while your bill racked up.


If the HMRC were to take a civil case against Rowena Williams and win for recovery of unpaid liability, they would be awarded primacy amongst the creditors. This would merely place the sacked kitchen porter with leaning difficulties, who won his industrial tribunal, lower down the pecking order for recovery of his unpaid wages. A criminal prosecution for fraud would be a better ‘public interest’, but for that they would need to prove ‘clear intent’ in the mind of the offender.


That tweet about a Finnish neo Nazi in Powys caught my eye. Over on nation.cymru a number of pseudos have got themselves in a right old lather railing against Aled G Job’s book which was reviewed by IMJ. The usual limited vocabulary – fascist, nazi etc – gets trotted out yet these turkeys don’t even see the irony of their stance. There’s a real threat – especially when a few of these supremacist types get into the British Army – but no-one on the Plaido/Welsh Labour spectrum is willing to pipe up. Is this because they are more respectful of an AngloBrit political group/movement regardless of how dodgy it might be ?


Williams was showing Cunliffe around his country estate this morning. He must have been trying hard to impress, as he was wearing cufflinks (!!!), and opera was overheard coming from the Plas.


Rather difficult at the moment, Jac. The College are undertaking a large pruning operation. Perhaps they could clip Paul’s wings at the same time.


He and others should be wearing “bracelets”, with a thick chain joining them !


ANYBODY can have those lions. And all the other worthless tat that Paul has acquired from “dealers worldwide”, plus the tables from the Radnorshire Arms which lie redundant on the grand terrace. Have seen some very louche types hanging around recently.


In the civil winding up proceedings, we can see that LEISURE & DEVELOPMENT LIMITED was not registered for VAT.


This is despite the turnover value of input and output transactions being well in excess of the VAT threshold, and invoices issued net of VAT.

Has Rowena Williams been arrested?


It means that in year 2018 a total of £528,800 in sales were made, and £129,809 in operating cost, if the annual accounts prepared by JD Accountancy are to be believed. The rate of VAT is 20%. This results £79,798 not paid to HMRC. We know that Duggan is a convicted fraudster, but we also know that Rowena, the director, is qualified in finance to degree level. She could not possibly have missed that the enterprise was not accumulating a liability for VAT on the gross margin, and that the company was not registered for VAT. The liquidators have expressly identified this ‘oversight’.


VAT like Income Tax people often spend far too much time nibbling away at the small fry, rectifying minor breaches, while the big offenders skip by. These crooks are not lacking in awareness or advice, they set out to cheat and keep the loot. Yet another reason why, by now, at least some of these offenders should be progressing through due process.


Dafis, you’re certainly right that smaller fry are quickly targeted by HMRC for infractions or for failures to adhere to procedure in submitting reports, lateness in submitting same, etc. Quite understandable if those small businesses are claiming tax credits from HMRC. Usually the guilty party is only guilty of unfamiliarity with the procedures to be followed – but they can and will be fined for these errors.

There’s obviously something deliberate going on in the Williams empire, however, and HMRC should be going after them if tax evasion is taking place.

As for the ‘Welsh Government’ inquiring into the Williams’s use of their WAG grant, I don’t think it’ll happen because any outsider who offers to boost tourism in Wales will be given cart blanche and free money, with no questions asked.


Has anyone tried to report any issue to HMRC. Trying to obtain an email address of the relevant contact in the appropriate department is not an easy task. I’ve spent over a year going around in circles trying to draw to their attention information that may be helpful to them.


11 chapters of an incredible story. The failure of authorities [including police] to take action is a national scandal.

No need for your apology at end of post. I think your regular contributors fully understand your situation and that you are a “one man band” doing an incredible job. A job that our local and national media should be doing, or at least following up from the information provided in your posts. Have a well earned break over the Xmas period with a bottle or two of Malbec.


Jac says at various points :

“For some reason the police, HMRC and others seem to look benignly on ‘white collar’ crime, they may even persuade themselves that such offences are ‘victimless’. But that’s wrong.”……

“While police and governmental agencies look the other way when criminal offences are brought to light.”…….

…….”We obviously need a different system; a better system; a Welsh system.”

Can’t dispute any of that.

Perhaps a temporary justice system involving a beam set at about 9 or 10 foot off the ground and a decent length of rope would do the trick to sort out horrible bastards such as the Williams gang. No point spending large dollops of scarce public funds on prosecuting at length and locking them up in a cosy white collar clink as huge amounts have already been wasted on them with their assorted scams. Would anyone care to argue for a different treatment for these scumbags ?


I think you get my drift on this matter, like so many other matters you have been exposing for years.

We have Police forces in Wales and on the other side of Clawdd Offa. We have regulatory bodies covering conduct ( and misconduct) in banking, lending and other related institutions. Since 1999 we have “enjoyed” a degree of devolved “government” with powers to award grants, loans and deploy various financial instruments in an effort to stimulate a more robust economy here in Wales, and that government has a duty to monitor such awards to ensure they are effective and applied lawfully without recourse to fraud or any other criminal activity.

So why have they all been so inert, so unwilling or unable to act when the heavy lifting of gathering initial evidence has been done for them ? They can’t all be too busy working out their pension entitlement to the last penny, or calculating the rewards, and risks, of accepting a voluntary severance from a current post before parachuting into yet another well rewarded number elsewhere in our bloated public sector ? Have we reached a stage in the moral decline of our senior public servants where going to work is part of a grand networking game and the provision of services is a mere aside to the main show ?

This kind of silence lends credence to the paranoid theory that all these different functionaries are only in place to defend the interests of the truly rich and powerful – a number of elite cliques that pull many of the strings in the rotten 21st century British nightmare state. But that paranoid theory doesn’t work in this case because the Williams’ and their kind don’t belong with the rich and powerful, they only aspire to join that clique. Which leaves me with the truly awful alternative – that all those agencies and functions listed above are rotting from the top down and will need extensive “tree surgery” to cure the malaise.