WalesEye & Jacques Protic – A Marriage Made in Hell!

Well I never, WalesEye is being nasty to Jac, again. You may recall that the first attack from that quarter came on September 2nd, and to believe the hysterical rantings it contained, I was about to be shipped off to Devil’s Island for being an absolute rotter. Unless, that is, you read the piece carefuWalesEye logolly, for it was all ifs, buts, maybes; quoting  ‘police sources’, ‘An observer’, bloke down the pub, and others, all of them expressing ‘deep concern’, interspersed with statements of mine taken out of context, and vague talk of legislation regarding internet libel. In fact, there was very little specific to me, and nothing concrete about any offence I might have committed. It was, as we experienced bloggers are wont to say, a load of old bollocks. I let it pass without comment, apart from one to a blog post by Y Cneifiwr.

Other than that, my only reaction to this nonsense was to remove WalesEye from my blogroll. So I didn’t pick up on the latest attack on me, or rather, what claimed to be a report about a “botched” police investigation into me and / or my blog . . . an investigation of which I was blissfully ignorant until informed by WalesEye, for North Wales Police have made no contact. It seems that I, and I alone, am responsible for threats on the life of our old friend Jacques Protic, and damage to his property. The source for all this is – wait for it! – Jolly Jacques himself.

Now if I understand this rambling piece correctly, it is being alleged that threats were made to Protic’s life following the publication of this piece, Cymrophobia and the Many Identities of Jacques Protic on August 14th last year. Or possibly this piece, Cymrophobia 2: The ‘Reverse Midas’ from August 21st.

Yet Jacques Protic has his own blog, Glasnost, he also comments on countless other blogs; he writes letters to newspapers, and in any other way he can think of puts out his hatred for all things Welsh, especially the language. And as I have stated previously, he uses a number of pseudonyms. Yet, despite all this those who (it is claimed) threatened his life did so after reading something I had written. Presumably they phoned and said, ‘Oi! Protic, I have been reading Jac o’ the North, and he has persuaded me to take your life. Be absolutely clear on this – it was Royston Jones aka Jac o’ the North who put the idea into my head’. When you think about it, or read it out loud, you realise what absolute nonsense it is.

Jon Jones

Yet according to WalesEye North Wales Police carried out an investigation into these ‘threats’ to Protic’s life and alleged damage to his property. Further, this investigation was “bungled” by a police constable that WalesEye actually names! This police constable was, we are told, disciplined; we are also given the name of the inspector who (presumably) disciplined him. Is it fair to name and humiliate someone on a blog using what is claimed to be information from an internal police report? Is GogPlod now giving out its internal reports to interested bloggers? If so, where’s mine? If not, then from where did WalesEye get this information?

The likely source is Protic. I suspect he did make a complaint, perhaps about me, and it was treated with the ridicule it deserved. He then submitted a Freedom of Information request and he was fobbed off with some story about a botched enquiry, for remember, the police have not been in touch with me, as they would have been if they’d taken Protic seriously. But even if this is what happened, why did they name the constable?

Anyway, I don’t fancy wasting much more time on Protic or WalesEye, but I can’t resist drawing your attention to the glaring contradiction between reality and the fantasy presented by WalesEye. To believe WalesEye (and to quote Protic) I am the “ugly face of Welsh nationalism”, a frothing-at-the-mouth loony (even without the Argie red!) attacking a decent and rational chap simply trying to express his perfectly reasonable views. Make up your own minds. The panel on the right is from ProtProticic’s blog, here’s a link. A Welsh LEA is accused of ethnic cleansing . . . by a Serb! Couldn’t make this up, could you? (Incidentally, Part II never appeared.)

Having mentioned Protic’s Serb background, let me take the opportunity to clear up another matter. WalesEye quotes me, from my blog, saying: “I was hoping to avoid this, but it has to be said – Protic is a Serb”. I’m not sure what WalesEye hoped to suggest with this incomplete phrase, but here is the full paragraph: “Finally, and I was hoping to avoid this, but it has to be said – Protic is a Serb. Now many of you will know that over the years I have defended the Serbs against their many detractors, but I was never blind to the atrocities committed – by all sides – in the Balkan wars. So, tell us, Jacques; would a Croat, or an Albanian, or a Bosnian Muslim, have the freedom, in Serb-controlled territory, to mouth hatred of Serbs in the way that you spew out your hatred for us Welsh?” When you have it in full it says something entirely different to what WalesEye is trying to infer. And as for the Chetniks, I was attempting to explain recent Serbian history, but I never suggested that Protic or his family were “extreme right wing Serbians”, as ‘J Jones’ states.

So what’s it all about, why am I suddenly so popular with WalesEye? The answer may lie, again, with Protic; for in his latest post he bemoans the evil of ‘cybernats’. The opening paragraph is pure Protic, though I wonder if he can give us any examples of the ” . . . horrendous instances of Scottish nationalism and its hatred of anything English”? Probably not; but then, truth, verifiable examples, rational discussion, facts and figures, have never been Protic’s strong points, exemplified by his post accusing a Welsh local authority of ‘ethnic cleansing’. WalesEye seems to have taken up Protic’s ’cause’, they’ve certainly been exchanging information and opinions about me, each trying to out-‘bastard!’ the other, so I hope they’ll be very happy together, for they deserve each other.

The obvious thing for me to do now is submit my own FoI to Gogplod, and see if I ever was investigated. Stay tuned!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 12: For the past couple of days Protic has been spouting his evil on David Cornock’s BBC Wales political blog, but most of his commeProtic BBCnts have either been removed or “referred for further consideration”! Wise up, Parry, this guy’s got more chips on his shoulder than even you. I know you both hate me, but I’m still going to give you some friendly advice – avoid Protic like the pox, because he’s an obsessional bigot. In his world EVERYTHING that’s wrong with Wales can be attributed to the Welsh language.

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So whilst Jacques Protic is posting his anti-Welsh nonsense on the BBC Wales political blog, he claims to have also attended the Labour Party conference at the same time


Facts? Don’t make us laugh (that would be a first as well).

I’ve seen you on Twitter too, you’re just a bully, a troll, a nasty piece of work. There are ways of getting your points across without resorting to personal smears, swearing, targeted attacks, if they are in the public eye or not.

And aren’t you putting yourself in the public eye by running a blog such as this? Though you tried to hide your identity and failed = some courage you’ve got! You just don’t like it when the tables are turned. Typical insecure bully who doesn’t like getting a taste of his own medicine.


You like to think you’re a big man who’s really important and powerful when you dish it out to others on your website, and you get all personal and uppity when people criticise your mutterings.

You don’t like it when somebody writes about you, though, do you Royston?

Aethwy elector

JP stood for election in my ward last year. Here are the results.

Alun Wyn Mummery Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales 1091 18% Elected
Meirion Jones Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales 1037 17% Elected
Jim Evans Annibynnol / Independent 762 13% Elected
Phil Roberts Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales 712 12% Not elected
Keith Evans Annibynnol / Independent 506 8% Not elected
Sue James Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru / Welsh Liberal Democrats 409 7% Not elected
Elaine Gill UK Independence Party / Plaid Annibyniaeth y DU 401 7% Not elected
T.Gwyn Jones Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru / Welsh Liberal Democrats 361 6% Not elected
Mike Carey Welsh Labour / Llafur Cymru 340 6% Not elected
Steve Ransome Ymgeisydd Plaid Geidwadol Cymru / Welsh Conservative Party Candidate 189 3% Not elected
Jacques Protic Independent 177 3% Not elected

JP was 11th out of 11. As John Cleese might put it..

He was not elected. He performed badly. He had a poor result. He was lagging far behind the rest of the field. He had the fewest votes .He was at the bottom of the pile. He was at the rear. He was way behind the rest of the field. He was the least popular candidate. He was the most unpopular candidate. He was in final spot. Hindmost. Rearmost….
If he hadn’t been nailed to the perch he would have dropped off..

He was last!

I think these figures tell us everything we need to know about this man. He is hopelessly out of touch with the electorate, and with reality, it seems.


Brilliantly, BiLingo’s online survey (which is still active to this day), despite being rendered statistically and factually redundant by its ridiculous structuring has still achieved to indicate the complete opposite to what the site purports is the truth!

The site certainly has the same vibe as Protic’s online contributions, full of disjointed, inaccurate, obsessive, scaremongering, baseless gobbledygook that’s posted at erratic intervals, promising spectacular updates and revelations that never arrive.

All mouth, no trousers!


I think we’ve missed one point here. When Jac did his mega-expose of Protic, he was living in Menai Bridge. The recent “death threat” was made to his home telephone and would therefore have been investigated by the Holyhead Division of NWP, not the Llandudno Division. Ergo, he has moved from Ynys Mon.

He’s not listed in the phone book, so how the hell could Jac know his address or phone number? I’m drawn to the conclusion that he has already managed to upset his new neighbours – or could it be that he fell out with his imaginary friend John Jones?

Can I ask if you have looked at the Blognost website which links directly to the Glasnost site. Appears to be based in Guilford offering computer and IT solutions. CEO Anthony Slumbers.


The PC named by Phil Parry on the WalesEye website is an investigating officer covering Menai Bridge. The divisional responsibility of the Inspector, being of Conwy, does not indicate the location of the alleged incidents. He may just be a ‘mentor’ for the junior officer or the officer responsible for dealing with the subsequent complaint to NWP by the alleged victim. Criminal damage to vehicle tyres and a Menai Bridge divisional response suggests that is the location of the original incident. The MO of this type of vehicle damage is usually domestics, un-targeted anti-social behaviour, road rage altercations, or unpaid vehicle bills etc. An officer attending such an incident is highly unlikely to investigate it as an act of politically motivated terrorism, although this avenue of investigation may have been indicated at the time by the alleged victim as the formal complaint relates to this line of enquiry not being followed up.

A quick goggle finds that the alleged victim, Mr Protic, asks people online to make telephone contact with him. I found many but point to two places online. (a) one business bureau contact point in Germany (LinkIn) advertising a hotdesk service facilitating exports to the Balkans and (b) a landline telephone number in Chester, advertised as a contact point from his (Glasnost) racist blog. Both appear to be ‘business’ numbers. However, the alleged abusive phone call was received in the presence of a related juvenile, indicating it was received in a domestic environment, at a home landline. Again, this indicates Menai Bridge, otherwise Mr Protics electoral nomination was fraudulent.

When investigating an abusive phone call, whether someone is male or female, background noise, and regional accent and tone of the caller is important. The alleged victim has been resident for a number of years in various properties on Ynys Mon, contact with primary schools in Conwy, and originating from with work connections with Chester and Merseyside. Evidently he has indicated the suspect as being ‘Welsh’ otherwise his preposterous suggestion that JacOtheNorth is involved would not be credible. More tellingly, it would immediately eliminate someone from Swansea, living in Tywyn (Jac). Also, to perform an act of criminal damage, the suspect would also have to be in Menai Bridge with the vehicle on the date and time of the incident. The two alleged incidents must be linked as they are both included on the same complaint investigation against North Wales Police.

The SPOC provision actually indicates the ‘death threat on the phone’ is actually either didn’t happen , was not credible or exaggerated or both. Vehicle damage and phone threats most often occur from domestic incidents and a minimum police provision would be an enhanced crime reference to be used on a 999 call to solicit an appropriate response. The maximum provision being a full blown witness protection arrangement. The suspect is also usually known to the victim. The WalesEye ramble has made a further error in relation to the ‘Special Point of Contact’. This is sometimes used when there have been numerous previous contacts with the police and the provision is to obtain evidence, intelligence and to channel frequent communication with the police to a specific officer who is tasked with a targeted policing relationship with the victim. Examples of this are for attention seekers, those who the police believe may ultimately need referral to clinical or social care, the elderly who’s fear of crime is greater than the actual threat, or that of a wider operation where there are multiple victims. Or in this case, I suspect a possible parking war. Victims can also be suspects.

There is an obvious further crime having been identified. Phil Parry, a journalist of 30 years experience with the South Wales Echo, BBC Wales, and now ‘WalesEye’. It is an obnoxious crime against journalism. I found more about this saga with google in my tea break. Doh!! The problem is not with North Wales Police, but alleged victims, however obnoxious, being used by sloppy journalists who should know better.


i’m forced to wonder if these alleged incidents are just a figment of Protic’s vivid imagination. If so he should be charged with wasting police time.

The Glasnost blog of April 2013 announces its return after a year of absence carrying out research. Could it be that Protic spent a year in a place of safety receiving the medical attention he obviously needs.

The Earthshaker

I suspect the reasons are more mundane, Phil Parry has complained several times on the blog and Twitter that WalesEye doesn’t have a large readership despite his best efforts and the state of the welsh media, I suspect by ‘reporting’ this he’s courting ‘controversy’ to try and drive traffic to the site. Take it as a compliment that you are seen as important enough to be targeted.

He did something similar with a Martin Shipton speech at a business dinner which was supposedly banned as an article from the Bevan Foundations quarterly magazine a few months ago, he claimed big exclusive of Welsh Think Tank shutting down debate and it fell flat after no one took any notice.

But old Phil must have some sympathy for Jaques Protic views as the IWA has given him a platform to compare welsh nationalism to Nazism on the Click on Wales blog


Indeed. Local schools and their teachers can and often do engender much local loyalty. And Protic has been criticizing one in his locality and the linguistic abilities of it’s teachers for the sole reason that they are bliingual Welsh/English speakers. I’ve learnt this from reading his blog and contributions to other blogs/web sites. For this reason alone he must have made numerous enemies. I also wonder on what platform he stood during the Anglesea council elections last year? Whatever his message……it wasn’t a popular one judging by the amount of votes he gained. What on earth could be the reason for Waleseye to side with this person?


There may be many Serbs resident in the UK who will have been investigated by the Special Branch in the interests of ‘homeland security’. This is due to the nature of the independence wars in the former Yugoslavia. Many Serb paramilitaries would have been involved in people trafficking, gun running and money laundering. I suspect that GogPlod would have been asked for their opinion on Mr Protic (inspector level) but concluded he’s just a sad oddball. A dodgy businessman with a few chips about ‘minority languages’, which may have arisen from him enduring the torture of (he claims) a Swiss education while being intellectually challenged.

Phil Parry wrote the ‘WalesEye’ article has obviously made three mistakes….

(a) He has assumed that the supervision of an investigation by a PC by the rank of inspector indicates a form of botch and a report on how it went to be discipline. A training requirement for a PC is not “discipline”. It’s experience. A case of tyre slashing and menacing phone calls would be investigated by a PC, but due to the known involvement in ‘politics’ and international business connections of Mr Protic, it would be normal for such an investigation to be overseen by the rank of inspector. A SPOC is routine for allegations of this nature, in case someone acted on any perceived threat or additional intelligence that can be obtained. Of course a PC should have ‘looked at’ the JacOtheNorth blog but as it turns out, it was irrelevant to the investigation, and the instinct of the PC was actually correct. Evidently nothing illegal was found after subsequently being examined by an officer of inspector rank.

(b) He has assumed that the alleged menacing phone call related to his political activities and a suspect being motivated by issues relating to Mr Protics’ vitriol on the Welsh language. This is unlikely, as we already know that Mr Protic was involved in a string of failed businesses, weird claims for US patents, exaggerated claims of academic achievement, and obtaining loan capital which appears to be obtained from collateral on his own and other peoples property. I suspect he may have as many enemies from his failed business activities as he has from his poisonous ranting about the Welsh language. Also, Mr Protic slagging off and loitering outside Welsh language primary schools in North Wales is also likely to enrage the parents of children at those highly regarded institutions.

(c) The suggestion is made that ‘Jac’ is complicit in any criminal activity because of exposing personal details about him as the editor of the Glasnost blog is false. Mr Protic has on numerous occasions written to mainstream media, publishing and detailing his home address, as well as standing for election on at least one occasion from a property which he claimed residence. It has been Mr Protics contributions, often racist rants, sometimes under aliases that have prompted interest.

It should be noted that Phil Parry (WalesEye editor) claims to be in possession of a leaked ‘internal report’ from North Wales Police about a criminal investigation. He has published unsubstantiated evidence provided to North Wales Police. He has also published from this evidential content, allegations of offences made in the presence of a juvenile. I question his journalistic professionalism. He also claims that an apology from North Wales Police is highly unusual. This is not so. It is standard practice. Any formal complaint to a police force always get a written apology. An apology does not indicate substance, guilt or otherwise, just a recognition that a complaint has been made.Phil Parry knows this.

I suggest GogPlod should be investigating WalesEye not JacOtheNorth.