Wales, with us but strangers


Hello, boys and girls, it’s Uncle Jac here again, with another tale from colonial Wales; another story of how we Welsh are ripped off. It’s been happening for centuries; but nowadays everybody’s at it, while we have no one to defend us, and so many collaborators.

That’s a hint that there’ll be a bit of history thrown in. And some geography!

Incidentally, you may have heard that some naughty boys and girls have been calling Uncle Jac nasty names. Fortunately Uncle Jac only worries about the opinions of those he respects, and as time passes and people die, that illustrious band grows ever smaller.

This week’s tale takes us into the wild and beautiful country around Rhandirmwyn, north of Llanymddyfri, once the haunt of Twm Siôn Cati (1530 – 1607). In fact what is claimed to be Twm’s cave – where he hid from the Sheriff of Carmarthen’s men – is  nearby. So is Ystrad-ffin, once home to Thomas Rhys Williams, whose widow, Joan, Twm married.

Not only did Joan have the farm and the land around but she also had her own money, being the daughter of Sir John Price of Brecon, the son of Rhys ap Gwilym ap Llywelyn ap Rhys Llwyd ab Adam, descended from Dafydd Gam, who betrayed Glyndŵr and died on the English side at Agincourt.

In fact, Ystrad-ffin, or Ystradffin, is central to our story. So let’s crack on.


This tale came to me from a good source who had been walking in the area and saw things that caused him concern. After he had tipped me off I did some more digging and what I’ve uncovered is quite perplexing, even disturbing.

What my source saw was a Czech firm installing a hydro scheme for an English company on the Tywi, just downstream from the Llyn Brianne reservoir. The Tywi of course runs on to Carmarthen and the sea.

First, let’s get the lie of the land, courtesy of Google Earth.

Click to enlarge

We can see that the river runs down from the dam, skirts Rhuddallt, and it’s somewhere here that the hydro scheme is located, above the weir and the fish trap, north west of Ystradffin farm.

This story seems to start in August 2013, explained here by Natural Resources Wales. You’ll see that the original application was rejected. The project seems to have finally been given the all-clear in late June 2017.

The firm behind the project is H2O Power Towy (sic) Ltd, which until last November was known as Hydro Electric Development Ltd. This company is based in Hertfordshire. It’s directors are Ewan William Campbell-Lendrum, who sounds like a Highland laird, and a Czech citizen named Petr Noscak, which explains why the project is being built by a company from his homeland.

(Though does it make economic sense to bring workers and machinery half way across Europe?)

Given the name change, The Llyn Brianne contract might be the only one the company has. The latest accounts (or in this case, balance sheet), up to 31 December 2018, tell us that H2O Power Towy Ltd has a Capital and Reserves figure of -£106,258.

The latest statement of share capital, dated 20 May 2016, shows that there are two shareholders. Wendy Campbell-Lendrum owns 20 shares and the other 80 are held by Renfin Ltd, a company with an office in Prague.


Renfin appears in the Offshore Leaks Database, after featuring in the famous Paradise Papers. Renfin is also quoted on the Bermuda stock exchange, from where I was able to access the 2017 Financial Statements (y/e 31 Dec 2017).

And who prepared this statement? Why, it was Ernst & Young LLC . . . of Moscow.

Click to enlarge

Renfin may be a Russian company, with a Czech window on the West, from where money is passed through various offshore banking locations, and from there on to ‘investments’ around the world. For if we look at page one of the E & W statement we see addresses in the British Virgin Islands, Caymans, Malta, Cyprus, Bermuda, and of course, Russia.

There is also a Renfin Hydro Ltd, formed last November, which provides another Czech link in the form of sole director, Jan Tosnar. Tosnar seems to have started a number of hydro companies last November. Remember, it was also last November that Hydro Electric Development Ltd morphed into H2O Power Towy Ltd. It’s reasonable to assume these events are connected.

The Czech mates (geddit?) team up in another company I unearthed, this one called Afon Las Hydro Ltd. This company began life at The Studio, Trevissome Park, Truro TR4 8UN, when it was called Mi-Grid Developments Ltd.

In February 2015 Mi-Grid moved to, c/o North Wales Hydro Power, Limited Rural Enterprise Centre, Stafford Drive, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury SY1 3FE. The name was changed in April. With the Shrewsbury address only used for a few months before Afon Las began using the H2O Power Towy address in Hertfordshire.

In the panel below, taken from the latest accounts, note the reference to Renfin, which may be a Russian company, which appears to have loaned money to Afon Las, or may be using Afon Las for some other purpose. Also note ‘Renfin Afon Las Hydro Ltd’!

For we now have Afon Las Hydro Ltd and Renfin Afon Las Hydro Ltd (formerly Renfin Ltd). And let’s not forget Renfin Hydro Ltd. With Jan Tosnar as director of all three. Rather confusing, isn’t it? Maybe that’s the whole point.

But where is Afon Las?

Well, there’s an Afon Las that runs into the Mawddach not far from Llanfachreth. But the hydro scheme there is the work of a local farming family, and there is no connection with Afon Las Hydro Ltd or Renfin Afon Las Hydro Ltd.

The Afon Las we need is near Llanberis. Where we find both Afon Las Hydro Ltd and Czech company Hydropol Project and Management. Hydropol is the company working at Ystradffin, and it has another Welsh project on Afon Claerwen, near Rhayader.

Enough. Afon Las was a bit of a digression, but still interesting. Now let’s head south, back to Twm Siôn Cati country.


There are still other companies involved but it’s difficult to understand where they fit.

For example, in this report from the South Wales Guardian of August 2015 we read ” . . . the project has now been taken over by Hydro Electric Power Ltd(?) with support from Ellergreen Hydro Ltd”. So who are Ellergreen Hydro? And what ‘support’ were they giving?

Ellergreen Hydro is based in the English Lake District and seems to be part of a group of companies bearing the name. These are run – in various guises and through assorted holding companies – by the Cropper family, headed by Sir James Anthony Cropper.

Then there’s Environment Systems Ltd (ES), based in Aberystwyth, with a website in English and Spanish. ES seems to be a company of environmental consultants, though its website hasn’t been updated for a while with regard to the Tywi hydro project.

Image courtesy of Environment Systems Ltd.. Click to enlarge.

The directors of Environment Systems Ltd are Graeme Summers and Steven John Keyworth. As is the way in such matters, both are directors of other companies. In this case, the companies are: Everywhichway Ltd, Ecology Matters LtdEcology Matters (Wales) Ltd and, finally, Ursula Agriculture Ltd,

What I suggest we see here is ‘environmentalist consultants’ who’ve flooded in since it became clear that Wales was to be England’s greenwash colony, covered in subsidy-generating wheezes. We can expect a tsunami in future thanks to England’s management team in Corruption Bay setting out its priorities in the recent National Development Framework.

UPDATE: Having been contacted by Steven Keyworth of Environment Systems Ltd I feel confident in stating that he and his business partner, Graeme Summers, have not received loot from exotic locales. Their role was peripheral.

But now events up in rugged north Carmarthenshire take another twist.


I’ve mentioned Ystradffin, the substantial farmhouse and outbuildings close to the hydro scheme below Llyn Brianne, so naturally, I wanted to find out who owns the place.

According to the title documents lodged with the Land Registry, Ystradffin was bought in November 2016 by Edward Augustus Bishop, of Newbury, Berkshire, for £2,210,000 with a loan from Barclays Security Trustee Ltd. That’s a lot of moolah for poor land in a remote area. I assume there’s a considerable acreage involved, but I was unable to check because there was no plan available with the Land Registry.

UPDATE: Someone, perhaps the estate agents, decided to call the property ‘Towy Valley Farm’. More information, including a map is available here. This information makes it clear that the hydro project belongs to Ystradffin.

Yet it all seems kosher enough . . . except that Barclays Security Trustee Ltd, while apparently part of Barclays Bank, is a relatively new company, Incorporated with Companies House 19 June 2017. So how could could it have provided the money for the purchase of Ystradffin in 2016? Obviously the loan must have come after the purchase. Maybe buying the property from Bishop, or at least, reimbursing him.

For now it gets really interesting.

Go back to the title document and scroll down ’til you reach the panel shown below, on the last page.

Click to enlarge

First, you can see (9) that the property is now leased to The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. Now this is an England-only department, for its role here is devolved to the self-styled ‘Welsh Government’.

The next paragraph (10) is even more interesting. For now we read that the Beneficiaries of this lease agreement are the SoS just mentioned, plus the Ministry of Justice Estates Directorate. As the name suggests, the MoJ estate is made up of prisons and the like. (‘Zone 4A’ means zone A on the fourth floor of 102 Petty France.)

Prisons are of course not devolved.

So why the hell would the Ministry of Justice Estates Department have an interest in a Welsh farm way off the beaten track, miles from a main road? They surely can’t be thinking of putting a prison there; so is some other kind of institution planned. Maybe a gulag, for malcontents and dissidents!

If so, I demand a well-appointed, south-facing cell with WiFi, 72″ screen TV (subscriptions for all sports channels). And I don’t wish to be woken before 10:30. The coffee had better be good, and don’t skimp on the Malbec!


I can hardly believe what I’ve just written. But something strange is going on in Twm’s old stomping ground. First we have a hydro scheme being built by a Czech company that may be using Russian money; and then, not far away, we have the government department responsible for prisons taking an interest in a very remote farmhouse.

And how many companies need to be involved in small hydro schemes – is everybody entitled to a slice of Wales?

The truth is, boys and girls, that we Welsh own less of our land today than at any time in our history. We have less control over our lives than at any time in the past. All we have is a bunch of arseholes and their hangers-on down Corruption Bay putting a gloss on a colonial system.

(Did I say, ‘arseholes’. Where would I have picked up such a naughty word? I am sorry, boys and girls. Forget you heard it.)

While I’ve been writing this I’ve been wondering if the Ministry of Justice Estates Directorate had the courtesy to inform Comrade Drakeford and the bruvvers that they had taken an interest in a remote Welsh farm.

If they did, what was the response from the ‘Welsh Government’? And if they weren’t informed, do Drakeford and his gang have the balls to now ask what the fuck is going on at Ystradffin?

♦ end ♦

UPDATE: If we look again at the final paragraph of the Ystradffin title document, and the mention of The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, there, in brackets, we see, ‘ESMCP Programme Director’. So what is ESMCP?

The short answer is that it stands for Emergency Services Mobile Communication Programme, a new system being rolled out across the UK, for police and other emergency services to have faster and more secure communications. Ystradffin might seem an odd location for such an installation, but not if there is to be a prison or detention centre there.

Someone also sent me a link to planning consent granted in January last year for a two-storey, three-bed house for an agricultural worker at Ystradffin. The application apparently came from the owner, Mr Bishop, with the agent named as the legal firm Carter Jonas. The architects who drew up the plan are also based in Shropshire.

Thanks to the ‘Welsh Government’s decision to save the planet and encourage just about anything ‘Green’ envirospivs from all over Europe are flocking to Wales.

Yet there’s little benefit to Wales and the Welsh.



34 thoughts on “Wales, with us but strangers

  1. David webb

    Before we jump to conclusions viz a viz exploitation, cynical profiteering, lack of respect for local opinion and environment would it be too much to expect one of our AMs to give chapter and verse on this development or am I being naive? Someone knows all the facts, why are they not in the public domain?

  2. I think I might have cracked the peculiar involvement of the Ministry responsible for Prisons etc (note etc) with a lease at Ystradffin near the remote Rhandirmwyn area in north east Carmarthenshire. The giveaway clue is the lease involves the Emergency Services Mobile Communication Programme and its EMSCP Director. Go into GOOGLE and check out EMSCP and read it all. Ystradffin is going to be a part of this. Well probably not the vast Ystradffin Farm itself, but probably just a tiny corner of a few square metres for a strategic Communications Mast. Nothing to do with a Prison. Such masts have a charmed passage through the planning system. I may be wrong about this mast and I may be wrong about the purpose of the Hydro scheme in my previous post above. What is of further greater concern is that none of the local politicians or news media seem to know anything about this and don’t care about all of the “bombshells” our Jac has been exposing on this Blog. It proves they are nearly all simply bloody useless especially in Cardiff Bay! When will they spring into action and ask probing questions and resist the total destruction of our landscape and our language. The problem is they are all, yes all, slaves and lackeys to Boris or Corbyn or in Plaid Cymru’s modern case, serving trendy political correctness British causes in the “Bay Bubble” !

    1. I have updated the article to include information on EMSCP. But this involves the Home Office, there is no reason for the Ministry of Justice Estates Department to be involved.

    2. Brychan

      The first EMSCP enabled mast was in Scotland, at Boreland, near Lockerbie. This is a ‘new build’ mast. There are different planning and wholly devolved arrangements (prisons, police, etc) as well as planning regulation in Scotland. This new build is mast is to cover the uplands of southwest Scotland.

      In England planning law was changed in 2016 to allow existing masts to be used but there is a need to extend masts from a height of 20m to 25m for EMSCP.

      It says the extent of this instrument is England and Wales. The territorial application of this instrument is England. Which means the Welsh Government is required to enact it to also apply in Wales, or bring forward it’s own variant.

      Only ‘class A’ masts that for emergency services on existing or planned real estate are exempt from all devolved planning process. For example, roof of Dartmoor prison to cover the uplands of south west England.

  3. Rhandirmwyn Hydro Electric Scheme could be just like the proposed Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon’s Gas Fired proposed link support Oil fired Power Station. This Hydro could just be a reliable modest energy producer (emphasis on ‘RELIABLE’) to create a balance in power output at short notice to counter inevitable lulls in Wind Turbine produced energy.
    Wind energy is not very significant and it is unpredictable and highly unreliable needing constant back up from a reliable source.
    The Swansea Bay tidal lagoon is to be linked to a modest new gas fired power station at Abergelli Farm in north Swansea to balance the four periods of daily “slack” tides, and also the Pen y Cymoedd vast array of Wind Turbines north of Neath.
    Remember that Plaid Cymru’s once innumerate “green guru” Cyfog Dafis wanted to cover the hills just north of Rhandirmwyn at Camddwr with a mass of Wind Turbines.
    Now the fools in Cardiff Bay want to cover most of Wales with Solar Panels and Wind Turbines. The scenic landscape of Rhandirmwyn area will be covered with Wind Turbines. Those in the Assembly Government have no feelings towards our landscape or our environment let alone Hill Farmers.
    The Hill Farmers are now the last natural guardians of our Welsh language, they are not an academic clique living in the “Bay Bubble”. This is my theory.
    This still does not answer any of the very serious questions that need to be asked now about the UK Government’s Ministry for Prisons’ taking a serious interest in the vast Ystradffin Farm. Will Twm Sion Catti save us?

    1. Wrexhamian

      Don’t the local community council get consulted (or, more accurately, notified) when public-works projects of any kind are mooted, so wouldn’t they have at least an inkling of what’s being proposed? Or aren’t Englandandwales organisations, or alternatively England-only ones, under no such obligation?

  4. Dafis

    Somewhat removed from the themes of this article I caught sight of an interesting take in the Guardian of all places on our much loved modern movement Extinction Rebellion.

    People are now cottoning on to the fact that this mob is mostly made up of self indulgent middle class white folk who are preaching messages to the world which have long featured in the protests of indigenous groups against globalist exploitation. Worse still, to kind of confirm XR’s arrogance towards local ethnics they were apparently angrily telling the Old Bill in London to go and sort out knife crime and the communities that foster it rather than interfere with their God given right to do as they fuckin’ well please. Delighted to say that Old Bill was very slow to heed that advice.
    Seems like XR is now regarded with considerable respect only by politicians who wish to deflect from our real problems ( and solutions) preferring to chant deluded mantras in return for their hefty salaries and packages.

  5. Dafis

    Just had a look at today’s tweet column – specifically the comment re the ITV studio panel for the Eng vs ARG match. I suspect the answer lies with a) no top class ARG players or ex-players available, or more likely b) Lorenzo Dallagio is a versatile cove and can cover Anglo/Wop / Dago roles as he used to do 6,7 and 8 shirts in his time !.

    That should bring out a few “racist”, “xenophobe” and other humorless quips from defective Taffs who just like dishing it out but can’t take it. Sadly no mysoginist content so I’m left feeling like I’ve underperformed.

    1. CapM

      “Wop” and “Dago” are “Anglo” terms. The equivalent “Anglo” term for us is not “Taff” but “Sheep shagger”. Surely only a defective sense of humour would stop someone laughing their socks off at any of those terms.
      Perhaps you should substitute “Taff” with “Sheep shagger” in your comment in order to provide some extra comedy value.

      1. Dafis

        Evidently you are not a Taff, otherwise you would know that a “Sheep shagger” is an exclusive type of Taff. Most Taffs do not have sufficient access to good quality flocks to enable the step up. Indeed lots of Taffs seem to have lost any aspiration in that direction preferring to join the freemasons and other “secret” societies where far more deviant behaviour is the norm. Check out the events calendar for the annual series of freestyle sheep shagging competitions where the best get together “sans wellingtons”, either bare feet or low cut daps, with the ultimate champion being awarded the Lesley Griffiths trophy for good practice.

        1. CapM

          “Evidently you are not a Taff, otherwise you would know that a “Sheep shagger” is an exclusive type of Taff.”

          Does that mean that you think “Wop” and “Dago” are also exclusive types of Italian and Spaniard/Latinino?

          It seems that you consider yourself to be a “Taff” but not one of those “Taffs” who would be referred to as a “Sheep shagger”.
          Some news for you, those who refer to the Cymry as “”Sheep shaggers” don’t.

          1. Dafis

            Convoluted logic there, good boy. Can’t even be bothered to disentangle it, sort it out yourself. Tickets for the events mentioned above are free to all who wish to attend. Alun Ffred can help you with placing orders.

  6. Gruff Williams

    Off topic, but on the National Left blog, when you have been accused of bigotry ( Leanne a stands up to bigotry) someone (not me) has challenged them for egs, egs have come there none.

            1. Dafis

              Are you Jacob Rees Mogg in disguise ? or just some residual Roman at a very isolated fortress ( bit like those Japanese soldiers left behind on Pacific Islands who were still ready for “action” decades later ) ?

    1. Brychan

      I have an example…

      In 2004, a civil service trade union, PROSPECT, had cause to make a complaint to the Welsh Government regarding some bigoted hectoring that a Labour Party SpAd had unleashed on civil servants down in the Bae. These civil servants were employed as the official government press team, and the SpAd came into disagreement on the official wording of media coverage which resulted in abusive phone calls from the fifth floor to the second floor of the assembly building.{removetoplay}

      An apology, quite rightly, was made to the union. It was written by the permanent secretary, Sir Jon Shortridge. He said that individual concerned had been dealt with. At the time that bully was known to employees as ‘Alice’, a nickname, appropriately awarded after an person with a similar modus operandi of abusing civil servants in Westminster, Mr Alastair Campbell. For the record, the real identity of ‘Alice’ was a Ms Cathy Owens, now CEO of Deryn. Perhaps ‘National Left’ should consider who his friends are.

  7. Wynne

    Another incredible story. I sometimes wonder how many Councillors / AM / MPs tune in to this blog, and if they do what questions they then decide to ask, based on information provided in the post and informed comment from around Wales. And why are we not reading about all this in local / national newspapers. Are editors not interested in selling newspapers. I think their circulation numbers will continue to decline as the numbers visiting this blog increase. Well done Jac [again].

  8. D


    very interesting – I have memories of the drive up that way from Llandovery years ago. Shouldn’t really be touched if its all about tourism now, spoiling the landscape etc. NRW putting profit above conservation, just shows you all this protection of places and heritage can be rolled over by civil servants. It’s the jobs see/innit.

    It’s a wonder the serial failed candidate Graham Paul hasn’t been on the warpath, I’m sure his election literature said he lived around there, maybe he’s moved on.

  9. Dafis

    Good on you Jac for digging up this gem, or is it another turd that’s floated past our Welsh government’s non-existent filter ? No objection to a bit of hydro power being captured in the Upper Towy but a project which has all the characteristics of yet another grantgrabber with International if not global reach must be scrutinised very closely. Probably signed off when Ken was sipping his morning latte.

    1. The hydro scheme might be intended to give whatever’s going to appear at Ystradffin its own supply. Being so near to the dam means that it will never dry up.

      1. Big Gee

        I think that’s probably it Jac. A hydro electrical generator to supply power for the development. It really is in the wilds, and to provide mains power there would be a big costly project. It would probably outstrip the cost of building a generator close to the development. The power requirement would be modest, so a local hydro generator would probably solve the problem quite easily.

        All the remote farms in that area (and there are very few of them that are inhabited permanently these days) have their own domestic supply diesel generators. A building this size would qualify for something substantially greater, less noisy and low maintenance, and of course with GREEN credentials.

        I can’t see it being a large scale hydro power station to supply the grid. Have you seen the water flow that far up the Towy? Not exactly a Niagara Falls type place – where Nikola Tesla installed a hydro electric generator which is still running to this day!

        1. Yes, it’s spelled out here in this estate agent’s brochure for ‘Towy Valley Farm’. Scroll down until you reach ‘Renewables – Hydroelectricity Scheme’. The hydro scheme goes with Ystradffin. Which of course will serve to make the place more self-contained. And it’ll have its own new-style emergency services communications mast.

        2. Brychan

          There is already a small hydro scheme at the base of the Brianne dam.
          The whole area is on grid.

          The new project is below this, requiring augmentation of the river bed, small lagoon, and new generating station some distance downstream. There is also a large bore pipe being laid along the surface of the river bank thus allowing concurrent/topup gravity feed. It runs between both generating plants. Llyn Brianne is the water supply for all Carmarthenshire and its outflow is regulated to primarily to maintain water quality and flood prevention for the whole length of the Tywi.

          My observation is that there is tarmac evidence on the surface of the road for a considerable distance (six miles) up from Llanymddyfri. It shows a small trench having been dug and filled since the last re-surfacing of road, most likely broadband fibre as overhead power links (poles) are evident.

          1. The hydro system is definitely part of the Ystradffin estate and might mean that the place can go off grid. Would there be advantages to that?

            1. Brychan

              The main advantage of a coupled hydro scheme of this type is that it can kick in when a wind farm is cannot generate during slack wind.

              You keep the water in the dam until such time as you get the nod to go online and be paid high band feed-in tariff. To use it has base feed, 24/7, is problematic as the site would take priority over flood prevention in winter and water supply in summer, this is the primary purpose of Llyn Brianne.

              The main requirement for off-grid un-interrupted power supply in an industrial setting are hospitals, prisons, cloud server farms, MoD, assets of critical infrastructure. On the agricultural side, intensive poultry farms, cannabis plantations, storage plant for vaccine, fish farm tanks, etc.

              Perhaps it’s HRH Charles Windsor, his Brexit bolthole or a national emergency mortuary?

  10. Mel Morgan

    For a useful orientation to this area wherein crime and economics overlap, I heartily recommend Frank Pierce’s ‘Crimes of the Powerful’.

  11. Brychan

    It might be that the acreage and farm at Ystradffin has nothing to do with hydro scheme, just land and buildings that have become available due to privatisation/augmentation of assets of an existing hydro scheme at Llyn Brianne.

    The Ministry of Justice has been looking for a sight to replace the now closed DIRC (Dover Immigration Removal Centre). This was located in a ‘fortress’ above the port of Dover, next to an MoD barracks. This cliff top real estate date back to WW2. In 2002, the then Labour government re-fitted this establishment be DIRC. Most of the ‘inmates’ were not fleeing Afgans or refugees from Iraq as you’d expect. The main throughput were EU nationals who were being released from the UK prison system and needed/opted to serve time in their state of origin, counties from where they had previously fled, after offending there, from day-release or community based non-custodial community service.

    It was decided that (a) the work of DIRC would be handed over from MoJ to the Department Housing, Communities and Local Government, so they could use the much cheaper house, tag and monitor method. EU nationals could be released from custody on licence towards the end of sentence while final process with state of origin could complete. Since 2016 phase out and closure, many of these offenders have ‘disappeared’ or have re-offended back into the standard prison system. (b) That if any site established to replace DIRC should be away from the south coast of England as there was less of a need, a cheaper and less politically sensitive location, and a different process to follow to achieve an even more complex repatriation of these offenders back to EU member states after Brexit.

    Looks like they’ve found a suitable location at Ystradffin.

    1. Brychan

      Scotland and Northern Ireland has their own facilities. When the Home Secretary announced the plan for a doubling of the number of armed police officers, I did think that existing training facility at Gravesend did not allow for this. There would also be a different requirement, as an increase in armed personnel could no longer be filled by officers with former military experience. A new training site would be needed.

      The Ystradffin site affords all requirements. Existing livestock buildings to convert to firing range, access to large expanse of water for RIB with important island for UKBA training, helicopter pad with free airspace, abseiling opportunity to mimic tall buildings, lots of land for fitness training/assessment, suitable bunkhouse accommodation on or near the site, at a secluded location at a reasonable price compared with a new centre constructed inside a metropolitan area. The only thing missing is an ESMCP hub. I had thought surplus MoD sites could be used but these are being sold off for housing.{removetoplay}

      Alternatively we could assume that there’s anticipation of major serious crime wave in Rhandirmwyn? Perhaps a need for a fire station headquarters for the skyscrapers of the village? Perhaps a major hospital trauma unit to be built there? It does appear rather strange that the MoJ estates department would take a charge on the site and need to inform the director of ESMCP that the comms infrastructure is ready for installation.

      You will notice the charge entry on the title is March 2019. This was also the date when the ‘panic checkbook’ was issued in Whitehall when the first no-deal Brexit was anticipated. All speculation. But an explanation is required.

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