Tutti Frutti, Good Booty (Little Richard)

No, this is not a homage to the founder of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but I’ve used the title of his timeless classic because it kinda fits. But my use of it is not an endorsement of the original (and thankfully expunged) lyrics.

Truth is, I used the song because Tutti Frutti can of course refer to ice cream. It’s Italian for ‘all fruits’.

To explain . . . About a month or so back someone drew my attention to an article in the Daily Post about an ice cream company on Ynys Môn coming back from the dead.

This report can be read as written, though my source hints there’s more to it than meets the eye. So I delved, and it took me on quite a journey.


The company you’re going to read about is The Red Boat (Ice Cream Parlour) Ltd. Set up 9 December 2012. The two shareholders / directors, Anthony Green and Lynda Green. Presumably husband and wife.

To set the scene, here’s the company’s main retail outlet, 34 Castle Street, Beaumaris. (Image from December 2021.) There were other outlets, including Prestatyn.

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Also, a ‘production hub‘ on Pen yr Orsedd industrial estate in Llangefni.

Though just down Castle Street, at the Liverpool Arms Hotel, we find a company called Red Boat Ltd. Owned by a couple named Ormond. It was formed over two years before Red Boat (Ice Cream Parlour) Ltd.

Seeing as it’s always filed as dormant it might be a ‘spoiler’, set up to grab the ‘Red Boat’ name. Which would account for the brackets in the other company’s name.

The Red Boat (Ice Cream Parlour) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as RBICP) was put into administration on January 30. After which things moved very quickly.

And for a small company there are interesting players involved, some as far away as San Francisco; and considerable governmental involvement.

I just hope I can make sense of it all. Anyway, sit back and enjoy!


RBICP used as its registered address accountants Hill & Roberts, at 50 High Street, Mold, Flintshire. It’s the doorway next to the bank, plus the top floor.

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There seem to be a number of entries with Companies House for Hill & Roberts Ltd, but the only entry I can find for the company itself is this one.

The address is right, but the company name uses ‘and’ rather than an ampersand (&). And if that wasn’t confusing enough, the only director of Hill and Roberts Ltd is Dylan Vaughan Evans.

There was a Maes Hyfryd Cyf, of Mold, formerly known as Cyfrifwyr Hill & Roberts Accountants Ltd (until 31.10.2019). The directors were Hilary Baines, Ffion Eleri Hampson, and Richard Andrew Roberts.

And also Baines & Roberts Ltd (27.06.2017 – 05.01.2021), with Roberts the majority shareholder. Ffion Eleri Hampson set up Cyfrifwyr H & R Accountants Ltd, again in Mold.

But let’s not overlook HB Accountants, found behind another Mold doorway. This one 8A Chester Street, next-door to and above the constituency office of Bob Roberts MP.

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Heading into the sunset, I also found a Hill & Roberts office in Bala. At 76 High Street, behind the war memorial.

The entities not using ‘Ltd’ or ‘Cyf’, are almost certainly partnerships. Perfectly legal, but confusing when we see the same people pop up in different combinations and under slightly different labels.

But what might cause me some concern would be that the companies registered with Companies House (apart from Hill and Roberts Ltd) seem to be very short-lived, and file hardly anything.

Anyway, let’s zip along the A55 back to Beaumaris.


As the article I linked to explains, to get around the financial difficulties afflicting RBICP, a new company was formed in January this year. This was The Artisan Gelato Group Ltd (TAGG). When formed, with a single penny share, the sole director was named as Kelly Donald Pattullo.

TAGG then bought RBICP. To quote the Daily Post article . . .

KBL Advisory approached in January. After discussions it was decided that a pre-pack administration was the best way forward . . . A formal offer was received by (sic) Artisan Gelato Group Ltd.

This was recommended for acceptance by JPS Chartered Surveyors. It was sold to them for £42,000. Employees were transferred over to the new business . . . 

So, in February 2024, RBICP went into receivership owing trade creditors money; £213,000 to the ‘Welsh Government’s Development Bank of Wales, and over a hundred thousand to solicitors, administrators, and other professionals.

Another debt mentioned in the administrator’s report (2.6), alongside DBW, is ‘White Oak’, which I hadn’t encountered in the company’s accounts. White Oak Europe, Ltd offers credit facilities, with the directors all US citizens giving the same San Francisco address.

RBICP’s two outstanding debts with the Development Bank of Wales seem to have transferred to TAGG.

So who is Kelly Donald Pattullo? Well, that’s a good question. And while I may not have the full answer, I can at least give you some more information.

It seems Kelly Frances Donald-Pattullo and Samuel Malcolm Pattullo now own the premises used by Red Boat (Ice Cream Parlour) Ltd at 34 Castle Street in Beaumaris. They bought it at the end of May 2022. The stated price being £525,000.

This is corroborated in the Administrator’s report (2.5).

From the Administrator’s report / proposals for Red Boat (Ice Cream Parlour) Ltd. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

A year later the Pattullos formed 34Castle Ltd, a company involved in the ‘Manufacture of ice cream’. So what’s the relationship between the Pattullos and the Greens?

There has to be one. And it must go back to at least the May 2022 purchase of 34 Castle Street. Almost two years before Kelly Pattullo formed TAGG and took over Red Boat (Ice Cream Parlour) Ltd.

Yet to read the documents filed with Companies House one might think that TAGG came out of the blue.

(Seeing as we’re talking of Italian ice cream, and in case you’re thinking the ‘Pattullo’ name is Italian, it is in fact Scottish. I believe the first element is Pictish, the second Gaelic.)

In the documents filed with Companies House, and specifically the Administrator’s report, we read that Covid is claimed to have played a big part in the RBICP downfall. But the company was already in trouble before the Covid virus was released from a Chinese laboratory.

This is shown in the accounts up to 31 March 2020. These figures cover the summer of 2019 when people were sauntering around Beaumaris enjoying their ice creams.

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The accounts suggest that the little Red Boat was heading up Shit Creek at a rate of knots. Just look under ‘Creditors’ (page 2). That figure, £524,678, has gone up over half a million quid in one year!

And while much of it will be accounted for by the DBW loans most, I suspect, refers to the LDF-White Oak hire purchase loans. For it ties in with the rise in ‘Tangible fixed assets’ (page 6) from £246,829 in 2019 to £648,006 in 2020.

The unaudited financial statement submitted by Cyfrifwyr Hill & Roberts of 8a Chester Street, Mold, does not identify the tangible fixed assets, nor does it tell us on what the borrowed money was spent.

As you’ve read, the Administrator’s report of February 2024 says: ‘In May 2022, the Company sold one of its former business premises to support the cash position.’

This has to refer to 34 Castle Street, sold to the Pattullos for £525,000. This influx of cash should then show in the accounts up to 31 March 2023. But I can’t see it.

Where did it go?


Once it started pulling away from the doomed craft the good ship Artisan Gelato saw many changes on board in a short space of time.

To begin with, two weeks after launch, Kelly Pattullo was joined at TAGG by Anthony Green, who’d presumably swum from the Red Boat. Then we learnt that Green had taken control of the new company at the start of February.

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But of more interest, maybe, was the piping aboard of Richard Elmitt. (Am I overdoing the nautical references? “Yes, Jac”.)

Here’s his Linkedin details. In May 2012 he made a couple of career moves.

First, he formed his own company, Redatum Ltd. (Though according to Companies House, this actually happened in April 2011.)

But of more interest to us is that he joined BIC Innovation Ltd, a management consultancy. This outfit is based in Gaerwen, on Ynys Môn. (Though the Linkedin page says Bridgend.) ‘Significant influence’ is exercised by Huw Geraint Watkins.

Watkins is director at a number of other companies. Including Sector Development Wales Partnership Ltd, an agency of the so-called ‘Welsh Government’, trading as ‘Industry Wales‘.

The thought of those socialist buffoons in Corruption Bay directing any ‘strategy’ for our SMEs is quite terrifying. Especially as the Industry Wales website doesn’t seem to have been updated for years.

You may recall Nicola Kneale, a director of RBICP from January 2016 to January 2018, when she worked for Denbighshire County Council. This was likely connected with RBICP leasing the Roundhouse on Prestatyn prom from the council.

Well, last December, Nicola joined Local Partnerships LLP. Here’s the website, and here’s the Companies House entry.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I’m fairly sure there’s a connection between Local Partnerships, owned by the Treasury, LGA, ‘Welsh Government’; Industry Wales, owned by ‘Welsh Government’; and BIC Innovation on Ynys Môn, where the Treasury is a major shareholder.

On the surface, all would now appear to be hunky-dory. Everything and everyone has been salvaged, spruced up, and the re-named Red Boat (Ice Cream Parlour) Ltd is ready to sail serenely on as The Artisan Gelato Group Ltd.


Fundamentally, I believe we are dealing with a kind of deception; not necessarily illegal, but still naughty.

Clearly, the Greens of Red Boat (Ice Cream Parlour) Ltd and Kelly Pattullo of The Artisan Gelato Group Ltd knew each other from at least May 2022, when she and Samuel Pattullo are said to have bought the ice cream shop at 34 Castle Street, Beaumaris.

Next, I believe it was decided to do away with RBICP. A speedy disposal via a pre-pack administration deal was decided upon, and at the start of 2024 the company was ‘put up for sale’.

Along came TAGG, with sole director Kelly Pattullo, snapping up RBICP for a bargain-basement price of £42,000. Soon after, Anthony Green of RBICP became a director, and now he controls the new company.

But with Tony Green in charge of The Artisan Gelato Group Ltd  since 1 February he effectively sold Red Boat (Ice Cream Parlour) Ltd to himself.

That was always the intention. The ‘sale’ was a charade.

Another worry concerns 34 Castle Street. Was it really sold in May 2022, or was it simply a ploy by a company in financial difficulties to remove a valuable asset from the reach of creditors?

Because as I’ve said, according to the Administrator’s report the money from this sale was ploughed back into RBICP. But I see no evidence of this in the 2023 accounts.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Which would make sense if the property wasn’t really sold, but merely transferred under some clever arrangement to disguise ownership. These things are done.

So many questions. If you know any of the answers, stick ’em in a bottle and chuck it in the sea. I’ll get it eventually.

To help you follow this saga, I’ve drawn up a little timeline of events.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2024

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Jonathan Dean

No one seems to have mentioned that Red Boat ice cream is wonderful

Nicola Lund

You are indeed the Roger Cook / Donal Macintyre of Wales!

David Smith

or the Hugh Pugh of everywhere in Wales bar Fishguard?


Hi Nicola. Watched your interview with Brian Gerrish on U K Column yesterday. I have also read your article on UKC entitled “Wales: A testing ground for the Wellbeing Economy”. Link below.
I think your analysis is spot-on. Keep up the good work from your home in Pembrokeshire.

Nicola Lund

Thank you so much!


A bit off topic but are you aware about the recent planning application for Shirehall in Llangefni (12/4/2024)? Mr Tristan Haynes wants to put 6 residential units. I am sure you have previously talked about this place at the individual.


It’s wrong to say Local Partnerships LLP operate at a UK level. 

They are banned in Scotland and only operate in England and Wales. In England their just an ‘advisor’ on stuff like if two neighbouring councils want to set up a joint bin collection service. However, in Wales they can operate as an interested party as there is no law on lobbying of politicians and offer guarantees on projects that are funded by the Welsh Government. 

A sort of Wagner Group in the Bae. 

You should also notice that their third party transactions in 2023 only amounted to 250k for the whole of England, 550k for stuff like Defra, and a whopping £5.9millon in Wales. It looks like this is being used by the Welsh Government to exert influence on what ‘favoured projects’ gets cash and business support in the areas of Wales they do not have political control through local authorities. 

David Smith

A fifth column?


Brychan, Your spelling is atrostious ! Wagner in the Bae ? Surely you mean Wanchor. The place is full of them !


Nothing to do with the matter at hand but I have a tale to tell Jac and should like to know how I can get in touch.


Sorry Jac. Cannot see the point you are making. 

As it happens, have been looking at Caws Cenarth in an unrelated matter and they follow the same trajectory as this ice cream operation on Ynys Mon. Only they make artisan cheese rather than artisan ice cream. Both hit by Covid, of similar numbers. If anything the cows of Carmarthenshire having more business sense than the Development Bank of Wales with the cheese business surviving intact and indeed, now prospering.

White Oak are a private loan company which finance stuff like milk tanks, pasteurization machines and packing equipment. Default on the hire purchase agreement and they claim ownership of the equipment and resell the equipment elsewhere.

Whilst you have identified is the accommodation address for limited company run by accountants above a bank in Mold, in itself not unusual, and a hostile takeover of an ice cream business who evidently spotted a firm going under with a valuable real estate property asset unfettered by charges on any borrowings. It just shows the loan from the publicly owned bank would have been better secured on the property. Have you any evidence of premeditated collusion between the original owners, the development bank, and the new owners?

Note – The original strain of the Covid-19 virus was first identified in 2013 and it’s later strains, evolution, purely natural.


Regardless of whether it came into circulation by bat botherers, live meat traders or someone leaving the jar open in a lab. 


Covid was an accident. I have a client who has worked in China for years. Ppl who have never been to this part of the world dont understand the street market or indoor market where multi species of terrified animals are kept…I am not vegan…but I do have issues with pig farming in the UK and world generally…to the point..back in the UK and in Wales the old livestock markets were very strictly controlled…and the pig market was on a separate location and separate day always in my local town in Wales…they knew then the risks…anyway, back to the point lol…The Dev Bank of Wales which is as we know “Holy” owned by the Wgov is a huge issue…client confidentiality within the Banking system will always hide the paper trail.


There is no evidence of ‘developed in a lab’ whatsoever. See the genetic debunk of this conspiracy theory in my link. Peer reviewed across the globe unless you think hundreds of geneticists are ‘in on it’. Possible for a natural strain could have infected someone in the lab but that’s not possible to prove or disprove, no patient zero, just a province of China where a huge array of strains of this virus is endemic across species, most being benign.


I always use Occam’s Razor. When a new virus emerges in a city with one of the few (only ?) laboratories in the world researching similar viruses, in the absence of persuasive evidence to the contrary, I assume a leak.


What’s a leak between friends in high places ? Probably not deliberate but you can imagine a bunch of elitist manipulators quickly concluding “let’s make the best of a bad job”

David Smith

With directed evolution in a lab setting, how would this be proven? Genuinely curious, as wholesale splicing in of genes would presumably not be hard to test, but the former is simply speeding up that which would happen in nature under certain conditions.


It’s not a linear process. It’s cyclical. A virus evolves its attributes, some are infectious but not deadly, some are deadly but not so infectious. Having an attribute of both would result in extinction of the strain, as you cannot spread if the host is dead. Like any evolutionary cycle, it develops a niche into in which it can multiply. If that niche ceases to exist, like a sparce host population, it would evolve, sometimes retrospectively to the attributes of the original strain. In the case of SARS-Cov2, and various strains. it was first identified in 2013, long before the Wuhan Lab. Does not mean it wasn’t farmed in the lab but also doesn’t mean the lab strain was the origin of the outbreak.

David Smith

Surely highly infectious and deadly is preferable to deadly but not so infectious, as the former spreads more effectively from the expired host?


So, in February 2024, RBICP went into receivership owing trade creditors money; £213,000 to the ‘Welsh Government’s Development Bank of Wales, and over a hundred thousand to solicitors, administrators, and other professionals.The Important thing here is that the Welsh Govt, own this bank.That is the big problem…because its hiding the corruption and the friends of friends who benefit behind the secrecy of “confidential Client Accounts” which can NOT be “looked into”…says it all….


The WG is supposed to publish what it spends over 25K monthly under the Act of Devolution…it used to until Drakeford got in but since then its been basically every 6 months and its also now in ods format most use pdf.just to make it harder to scrutinise their spends…and so much is spent with private companies for marketing and legal fees etc etc etc.


Yes…but as I keep saying the Wgov needs to be tackled on this and on the fact that its NOT publishing monthly figs of its spends over 25K. Its an interesting read as to who gets what etc and if you follow the money through Company House and who is who in the listings and the sub companies they run etc…priceless…