Third Sector Nightmare


Regular readers will know that before this incarnation of my blog – hosted by the estimable Gwilym ab Ioan – I had a blog with Google that ran for a few years until December 2012. Then it was pulled for no obvious reason, though Google suggested that I was a spammer, which was palpable nonsense.

I always suspected that someone made a complaint. (However difficult that might be to believe!)

Perhaps because, in that last month, I had a quite bitter exchange with a rather odd woman based in Swansea; her name was Denise Acton Kingsley and her hope for riches was called the Olive Trust, a weird outfit dealing in alternative therapies and treatments. Joss sticks and incantations as far as I could make out.

If you really want to, you can get something of the flavour of the exchange from reading I Will Have My Say.

Acton Kingsley was yet another of those oddball, middle class Englishwomen who have flooded into Wales since devolution was introduced. True to form she cwtched up to the Labour Party – in the form of long-serving Swansea councillor Alan Lloyd OBE, Lord Mayor 2009-10, and now Alderman – before whacking in her application for funding.

Again, sticking to the template we see across Wales, she found herself – or hoped to find – an old building and asked the Wales European Funding Office (WEFO) for a cool one million pounds to turn it into a ‘community building’. (Well, it’s a nice round figure.)

click to enlarge

As someone pointed out, ‘community’ and ‘communities’ appears 14 times in the screen grab you see above, and that’s no accident, for these are magic words which initiates know as the keys to untold wealth. Throw in ‘minority’ or ‘minorities’ and you can hit the jackpot.

I’m not sure if this application was successful. I’d like to think it was laughed off, as it should have been, but the WEFO Online site is currently offline, so I can’t check.

Anyway, after I started the new blog I forgot about Denise Acton Kingsley and her Olive Trust until someone referred me to a piece in Llanelli Online telling us she has resurfaced, across the mighty Llwchwr, in Cydweli, but with the ageing Alderman still in tow to open doors for her.

Now, it appears, she is an expert in ‘equality training’, obviously cashing in on the Equality Act 2010.

According to the Llanelli Online article by Alan Evans the “Olive Trust was set up in 2011”. But we know different, don’t we, boys and girls, because the WEFO application was submitted in July 2010.

What’s more, the Olive Trust may go back even further. Checking the Charity Commission website turned up this reference to an Olive Trust based in Gloucestershire until 2005, when it was “Removed – REGISTERED IN ERROR”.

click to enlarge

Given that this outfit was involved with “natural therapies” it’s reasonable to assume that it’s the same Olive Trust that washed up in Swansea and is now plying its dubious trade out of Kidwelly.

The new scam venture is Olive Training 180 (though the name seems to change from page to page on the website). And reading it causes me to worry for the good people of Carmarthenshire. Turning to the ‘About the CEO’ page (which doesn’t give the CEO’s name!) brings up the panel below. How can anyone claiming to be so well educated have written that first line?

click to enlarge

She also writes of “our team” . . . which is presumably her and Alan Lloyd, the latter described in the Llanelli Online piece as the Chair. The gem above says that Olive Training is the “business arm” . . . of the Olive Trust? I ask because the Olive Trust is nowhere mentioned on the website, but is the only entity mentioned in the Llanelli Online report.

But on the plus side, if you go to the ‘Store’ page you can “Ask an equality question” – for £3! Bloody hell! this is money for old rope – I can offer a service like that. I can see the questions now: ‘Dear Jac, Do you think Labour is doing a good job running Wales?’, or, ‘Dear Jac, Do you have views on the third sector in Wales?’.

I have searched and searched, but have been unable to find anything on the Charity Commission website or the Companies House website for the Olive Trust, Olive Training, Olive Training 180, etc., etc. Which suggests to me that this outfit, whatever it might be called, has no official existence.

That being so, and given that Denise Acton Kingsley is clearly lacking in the small, brightly-coloured round things we boys flicked with our thumbs along the gutters of Brynhyfryd and Manselton, I shall certainly revisit the Olive Trust if I hear that any public money has reached the unlikely pairing of Denise and Al.


As if the Odd Couple weren’t bounty enough for Sir Gâr I hear of more charlatans third sector mentors putting in an appearance, this time we are being saved from the darker angels of our nature by Gerli Orumaa and Rosie Leach.

Now you’re looking blankly at the screen and wondering, ‘Who the f . . . . . ?’ So let me tell you.

Gerli is an Estonian, living in Swansea, and she’s the Regional Coordinator in Central South Wales for the Ethnic Minorities & Youth Support Team Wales (EYST); while Englishwoman Rosie is based in Cardiff and works for the Welsh Refugee Council (which, despite the name, is not a body helping Welsh refugees).

Unusually, perhaps, for a woman in this area of activity, Gerli has three children.

click to enlarge

Gerli Orumaa and Rosie Leach are organising a focus group in The Hub, Llanelli on Monday the 12th. I don’t know much about Orumaa beyond the fact that she’s involved in the ‘diversity’ industry and has some connection with Swansea University.

Rosie Leach on the other hand provides plenty of information in her Linkedin profile and it’s a fascinating read. She was educated at private schools in Somerset before going up to Oxford where she read Philosophy, Politics and Economics, getting a 2:1 in the Oxford degree that runs Britain.

Her first job in Wales seems to have been as an Oral History Researcher at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Corris from December 2012 to March 2014. (Though of course that would not have been local oral history.)

She went back to England before returning to do 4 months as a research assistant at Cardiff University in the early part of 2015, then back to England before flitting in again to do 4 months in 2016 as a researcher at Bangor. This was somehow fitted around a two-year stint as a Money Advice Caseworker with Advice Mid Wales. Since June 2017 she has been Refugee Week Wales Coordinator for the Welsh Refugee Council.

Theatre is obviously Rosie Leach’s ‘thing’, but her background tells us so much about modern Wales.

Here we have yet another highly-educated middle class Englishwoman involving herself with the Labour-controlled third sector (often with a university connection thrown in), which then results in her and others like her touring our land educating us in how to behave towards fellow human beings – as if we Welsh are in dire need of such lecturing! What is the real message here?

And who are the minorities?

In the case of Naz Malik of Awema fame, Rose Mutale Nyoni Merrill of Bawso, and the Board of Community Health Councils, plus various others, the minority benefitting often extends little further than their family and cronies, most of whom seem to be recent arrivals. So they tend to be self-perpetuating and very self-serving minorities.

By comparison, what of the Chinese, who work hard, keep to the law, and rarely if ever trouble the public purse? The same perhaps could be said of Jews, Sikhs, and to some extent Hindus. Which means that the minorities dominating the third sector in Wales are of African and / or Muslim background.

And why, apart from Gerli Orumaa do we see so few European minorities represented in the third sector when we have so many of them in Wales now, especially the Poles? And what of the long-established Italian community of the south – did they ever demand a constant drip-feed of public funding?

And if we’re talking of minorities, what about those areas of Wales where we Welsh are in a minority, such as the coastal strip between Mawddach and Dyfi? I belong to this minority, so can I demand my wodge? Of course not.

Because it’s not really about minorities, or about respect, or dignity; it’s all about serving ‘Welsh’ Labour’s agenda in suggesting that racism is rampant in Wales due – nudge, nudge – to ‘nationalism’.

It a publicly-funded propaganda exercise.


News has also reached me concerning Beverly Garside, of whom I wrote last month in ‘Move to Wales – Plenty of funding, no questions asked’. Garside is a former animal rights activist who mixed with some pretty hairy characters before removing herself to Wales and starting a new life . . . in the sector between second and fourth.

My source, reliable thus far, now tells me that it’s all falling apart, writing, “Occupation of The Feelgood Factory, Bryncynon, by the Empower SVS/Garside empire has been terminated as of this coming weekend. Desertion by Staff or the recent exposé(s) may be the reason.”

But it’s what my source says next that really concerns me.

“Empower/Garside however may be seeking forgiveness for Sins past and present – rumour is that it/she has been engaged to overcome the legal problems faced by following a period of failure to pay minimum wage.
£60,000 underpayed (sic) is rumoured to be the claim.
Those responsible for management of The Tabernacle are also Trustees of other Charities that receive Council and Government support and funding. The Morriston Tabernacle building itself is Grade 1 listed and has been beautifully (and expensively) restored……with funding from where?
It takes dedication in all weathers to hand out Pink flip flops in Wine Street, Swansea on a Saturday night (grant funded?) It takes competence to act as a Manager and/or Trustee and to properly administer public and charity funds.”

click to enlarge

Not only does it concern me, it also confuses me.

Let’s start with Morriston Tabernacle / Tabernacl Treforys “The largest, grandest and most expensive chapel built in Wales”. My source talks of legal problems due to underpaying, presumably of staff, but Morriston Tabernacle is an unlikely rogue employer. Come to that, how many employees would it have?

The source then says that those responsible are also “Trustees of other charities”. But looking at the three charities connected with the chapel – 1116477, 1164521 and 1152614 – I can only find one trustee who is also a trustee of another charity, and that one is very small.

Then there’s the reference to “Wine Street, Swansea”. While some may be pronounce it like that, it’s in fact spelled Wind (and probably derived from wynd). Though where the hell the pink flip-flops fit I have no idea.

If there is a link between Garside and Morriston Tabernacle, then the question has to be, Who recommended this woman to Tabernacle, and why?

So, Source, please get back with clarification.

♦ end ♦

UPDATE 10.03.2018: Thanks to a phone call out of the blue I may now have made the hitherto unfathomable connection between Garside and Morriston Tabernacle.

The minister at Tabernacle is Reverend Jill Hailey Skeel Harries and she also serves as a trustee on the board of the Union of Welsh Independents, Charity number 248076. More importantly for our purposes, Reverend Harries is also involved with Carmarthenshire Domestic Abuse Services Ltd (previously Carmarthen Women’s Aid) which, as my source suggested, receives “public and charity funding”.

Given that Garside is also involved with domestic abuse, having been a director of Cyfannol Women’s Aid Ltd, of Pontypool, it’s entirely reasonable to assume that if they didn’t already know each other then contact was made through a mutual acquaintance, unless of course Garside has been recruited by the Union of Welsh Independents.


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Huw Gray

The link to Llanelli Online does not work and it looks like the article has been removed. Worry not, though, because there’s more than enough other comedy there to go around.


Jac -is transgender humour sexist, and if so which sex/gender does it offend ? I’m now in a bit of a quandary having read that recent bulletin from Leanne to which you linked in your Tweet column.

It looks like Leanne is going for the full inclusive which will allow chicks with dicks to get onto all-female lists, go to ladies loo and get into the ladies clink if things really go bad on the crime front. Already there is a bit of a dialogue kicking off, well more argie bargie really. As soon as one of the commenters used some science based fact the emotionally supercharged elements came barging in with all sorts of responses. Very soon this battlefield will be ripe with scope for some dark humour which will prove an irresistible diversion from the grim reality of our current economic and social existence.

The great transgender schism – is this Leanne’s Sunni/Shia moment ? Hush, don’t mention that particular rift as Islam is really a religion of peace. Bethan vouches for it.


That’s the problem. We try not to think about, focus on more meaningful things then along come our politicians, journos,other media types and assorted cause-obsessed folk with a full-on assault on our senses. You’d think that it’s the biggest issue confronting us when in reality it’s yet another mental health problem that’s best tackled by the individual and professional help IN PRIVATE.


Sorry Jac, but the pedant in me cannot be contained. I’m afraid to say that, contrary to your suggestion, this charlatan’s use of the apostrophe in the term “master’s degree” is grammatically correct!

It might be a master’s degree in bullshit but it’s a master’s degree nonetheless!


The best humour is just ….funny, and some of it will appear sexist, even when women take the mickey out of men ( as they do) . As for anti- whatever I haven’t seen any jokes that old since Noah’s missis chucked his old joke books out ! Boom,boom.

P.S First I heard of Ms Jenkins getting hitched up. It’s often the making of a person, so it’s to be seen as progress, good for her.


Love a Muslim Day is coming – 3 April 2018. Mrs Sayed has already joined the love fest with this tweet yesterday.

“Its love a muslim day every day for me! But in all seriousness, its vitally important that we don’t tolerate the hate and bile thrown at muslims. Glad to have raised the need for more education and community cohesion in the #senedd today.”

I’m popping down the cardshop before they sell out of cards for the event. Now THERE’S a business opportunity if I ever saw one.


I see that our old friends in Plaid are at it again getting all hot and bothered over McEvoy and Lord DET wearing boxing gloves.

Absolute fuckin’ panto stuff but the leadership squad and their crew got into their moral indignation pose yet again.


Ha! I thought the tweet was quite funny but Plaid don’t do humour. Bethan (call me) Sayed, formerly known as Bethan Maeve Jenkins said she was “outraged”. OUTRAGED! Where did people like her grow up, in a cocoon FFS? Still, having just married a Muslim man and taken his name no doubt she’ll soon find a lot more to be properly outraged about.


especially when her old man starts insisting she puts a bag over her head to go out , …or better still keep it on when they go to bed !!

Rocio Cifuentes

I’m here 🙂 Feel free to get back in touch if you are interested in any factual updates …


I was wondering about Shippo’s style of journalisim – incestous lot the Cardiff Bubble boys. It’s not surprising then, the standard of the Welsh press. To be fair to Shippo, he does buy the Guardian on the weekends and is subscribed to “Third Sector Weekly.”

btw…I heard Leanne Wood is such a Scandifile, she is addicted to re-watching DVD box sets of “Borgen” and “The Bridge” and is inspired by Sweden’s Feminist government. In her “the change we need” manifesto she is preparing a policy for Swedish style policing and a politically correct detection policy in Wales as not to upset any ethnic group………

Leanne is also pushing for more female police officers for the burgeoning migrant crisis in Wales……..


Just a quick one!……..said: the Bishop to the actress!!!……….I do apologise to the Feminist community who are reading this blog….or any Snowflake….or any Welsh Liberal voter …or any Eco-LebensraumTerrorist.

Anyway, isn’t it strange that Wales’ cutting edge investigative jounalismos “Y llygad” aren’t reporting about the Third Sector waste of Welsh peoples money.

I didn’t take a close look at the operation until now. At one glance I could see that they are Conservative bashers and Cultural Marxists who have just lost the Homosexual vote in Wales.

Associating a homosexual piano player with Donald Trump just isn’t vote catching material … it Mr Parry!.

I can imagine the Prif Seneddwr taking Phil Parry to one side and giving him a right old shafting about it.

Come on! Admit it Phil Parry…….you are a Welsh Labour voter ……nudge nudge!…..wink wink!!…….

…. and……If he doesn’t like nationalists, why doesn’t he write an article about Wee Krankie up North!……AND!!!……..why…..aren’t there any comments to his articles?

Well!………SJW’s are a lazy idiotic lot and prefer tantrums – I suppose.

People of Wales!……………… Let us sleep soundly in our beds tonight and dream of ousting the Welsh Cultural Marxists and taking the Senedd.

Nos Dda, Pawb……………………


I know Gill Harries. She was actually in the same school as me. I think she’s a decent woman. She was on S4C a week or so ago involving her charity work in late night Swansea. She’s on FB. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be quite approachable.


I think Denise in Kidwelly may be using a different last name. I messaged a Denise-different-last-name in Kidwelly on Facebook after reading something she’d posted that was along the lines of lets get a load of funding and do something with a building, and said are you by any chance Denise Acton Kingsley. There was a weird delay before I had an equally weird message back saying she absolutely and definitely was not connected with aforementioned. Suspicious old broad that I am felt the message actually confirmed she was one and the same.


The are three old buildings in Cydweli that are rapidly deteriorating…

(a) The old town hall,
(b) Capel Sul, recently sold, and
(c) a derilict area of the quay.

Which one was Denise (don’t call me Kingsley-Acton) touting for third sector funds?


The old town hall.


Actually – thinking back – she used her own name a while back ref. the old town hall. There was a Facebook page called Kidwelly Community that hoped to turn the old town hall into (another) crafts and community centre thing. My comment was that it was unlikely they’d get funding because (a) this had been tried unsuccessfully previously, and (b) there had been the referendum resulting in Brexit. I got a bit of a slating for being negative (or as I’d put it – realistic). I looked her up online back then, and found Jac’s articles. I can’t remember what the recent item was for, with the Denise-possibly-someone-else who just used the same kind of speak.


Ah yes I remember – I read all about it at the time. I wasn’t involved, but I understand from a sound and intelligent source that they (Kidwelly Heritage Trust etc.) did put forward a coherent (if optimistic) plan. As had another body some time previously. Are you familiar with the nonsense spouted at “Visioning Days”? We had some such load of bollocks in Kidwelly around 2007 I think – managed by another waste of resources whose work seems to be about publicity to justify their own existence/salaries/jobs for the Boyos – Menter Cwm Gwendraeth.


The reality is that the old town hall is unsuitable for use as a building for public access because of no pavement outside, no parking, and all useful public amenity is at the rugby club or Gwenllian Centre. The only possible future for this building is to restore-convert to residential use, perhaps a suite of apartments, but there’s no demand for this as long as the council keep giving planning for new-builds on green space out of town. Frances Burke-Lloyd was a director of Kidwelly Heritage Trust. She lists her occupation as a ‘Holistic Therapist’. She also did Carmarthen Air Show. Perhaps we could have put a drone over the town hall so that her magic crystal could have hovered over to mend the roof. We could have even got some water from Windsor Castle containing traces of completed old building to dab on the walls as a homeopathic remedy. Why is Cydweli full of ‘holistic healers’ but lacks qualified GPs?


Dear Ms Rosie Leach,

I can’t make it to the to “THE HUB” on Monday 12th March.

I would like to inform you that there are quite a few cases of people suffering from Islamophobia in West Wales. As far as I know they have all gone to their General Practitioners and have tried Cognitive behavioral therapy, medication and some have even gone to the extreme of seeing a Rikki Healer funded by Hywel Dda University Health Board. Their medical condition however seems to persist. Perhaps our publicly funded Gwasanaeth Iechyd Gwladol Cymru could spend some money to research this issue?

On the subject of hate, the people of Cydweli are now boycotting Greggs permanently after their deplorable and heinous act of Anti-Christianism. If I encounter any Anti-Christianism hate crimes I will contact you immiediately.

Yours faithfully,

Vigilant Cydweli resident, an ex-Welsh Labour voter and a student of the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning.


What diversity pedlar Rocio Cifuentes is doing is much worse than than dealing cocaine. Rocio Cifuentes represents the thin end of the wedge of an attempt to destroy the culture and cohesion of the Welsh people.

Open borders….open democracy ……if these Cultural Marxits have their way, Wales will end up being an open sewer.


Your tweet relating to the £5.5 million to be spent on “training and volunteering places” caught my eye. That’s £1,375 per place. Hardly big bucks if it’s the reward for being a trainee while even the humble volunteer might expect some expense allowance. I suspect that this fund will be well and truly savaged by training providers, a species of business that does very little real worthwhile training but has a sharp eye for cash sloshing around waiting to be “invested” by government agencies and the likes of Heritage Lottery. Look out for numbers of shiny, not so new faces engaged in assorted “customer facing” and other tasks like cleaning, security and shitshifting. What a wonderful economy Carwyn and his bunch of cnuts have created.


Exactly. In many ways it doesn’t matter what may be the source of funding but the way those funds get channeled into so many inefficient, even downright useless applications is mind boggling. Years ago we might have been tempted to attribute all of this to decisions by “thick people out of touch with reality” but given the sheer frequency/volume of the waste one has to conclude that it’s part of a plan or a number of plans. None of this activity is serving to raise the general standards of living/quality of life within communities. It merely serves to enrich a few shysters, chancers who enjoy the parasitic existence on handouts from the public purse and bodies like the Lottery.


As Gerli Orumaa and Rosie Leach have now been doing their stuff at the Llanelli Hub perhaps they can spread their wings a bit further and visit the ‘Kidwelly Hub’ or as it’s better known Ynghyd. It’s a Community Interest Company (08921643).

It has a “vision to transform the lives of disadvantaged and excluded people and regenerate the communities in which it operates, bringing equality of opportunity and inclusion to everyone regardless of wealth, race, education, gender, ability, sexual orientation, belief or age.”

One of these disadvantaged and excluded people is “Lady” Dena Lloyd-Waterford who declares an interest in the hub in her councillor role as chair of the finance committee on the town council. Besides being the ‘county coordinator’ for Help For Heroes, she’s managed to upset the Irish.

It should be known that she was at the centre of a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission in 2007 when someone complained on behalf of an Irish peer that a story had appeared in the Llanelli Star referring to a councillor for Kidwelly and Mynyddgarreg as Lady Waterford. His Lordship wanted it to be known that there was only one Lady Waterford, and her first name was not Dena. As he had been married to the woman concerned for 50 years, he was probably in a good position to know.

Strangely, Ynghyd CIC has a director, Mrs Nicola Herbertson of 12 Avenue South, Surbiton, Surrey, who has a significant control. Companies House tells us that she has the right to appoint and remove directors. One of these latest appointed directors is Philip Thompson, former Carmarthenshire County Councillor (Labour) and retired barrister, who lost his seat to Plaid Cymru last year. Sadly, he’s still on the town council and has just become mayor.

Perhaps Lady Dena and Mayor Philip can show off their new gold trinkets together?


EYST is run by Rocio Cifuentes. Another middle class radical with a splendid English accent Very adept at dragging in funding and will be milking Prevent etc for all she’s worth. Hyperbole and exaggeration about issues EYST “addresses” are never questioned by funders or by politicians.


Sounds like a South American drugs baron !.


Is that the Escobar of GorsGoch ? Head of the Teifi Valley cocoa and hot chocolate cartel. Rumoured to be backing Simon Thomas cos he thinks his earring is very smart and he says nice things about economic migrants.


Simon Thomas… where to start there. Rhun does a bit of talking about this Brexit document they had to make appointments to see so Simon decides he needs to film himself going off. Seems to be trying to win points with Plaid leadership with attacks against McEvoy too.

…none the less an irrelevant creature.

Rocio Cifuentes

I’ve got in touch with you before inviting you to come to meet me at our offices on St Helen’s Road. You won’t be surprised to know that I find what you and your friends are writing about me distasteful. Phil Henry’s daughter Rebeca is still one of my best friends and my dad (yes, he did get a good job thank you) gave Rebeca away at her wedding. You seem really bitter about a lot of things. Would you like to meet up and discuss in person? I would LOVE to hear from you. Email me thank you. Rocio