The Tramshed, The Loans, The Leases, The Lord

This piece is about corruption and mutual back-scratching in and around the Labour party. ‘So what’s new?’, you ask. Well, this piece introduces some new faces, and connections that may surprise you.

And with an election on July 4, I will take any and every opportunity to put the boot into Labour and its fellow-travellers.

My original intention was to write about the eco-shriekers at Wales Environmental Link (WEL). In particular, Natalie Buttriss, formerly of the attempted land grab Summit to Sea; and Rachel Sharp who, in November 2021, lied to Senedd Members about Welsh farmers using growth hormones.

Sharp’s been joined at the (officially non-existent) Wildlife Trusts Wales by Extinction Rebellion’s Tim Birch, a real extremist who was chased out of Derbyshire.

Then I saw that WEL is now based at ‘Tramsheds Tech Ltd, Unit D, Tramshed, Pendyris Street, Cardiff CF11 6BH’. So I made a quick delve (as you do) and decided there was a bigger and fresher story at the Tramsheds.

Fresher, because I haven’t written about it before.

And that explains what you’re about to read.


I’d seen the name a few times, but it meant little to me. As far as I could tell it was one of those outfits that rents out office space by the day or the week. Here’s a link to the Tramshed website, which might help.

Vaughan Gething launched his leadership campaign from Tramsheds’ Newport base. And why not? For as the Pembrokeshire Herald reminded us, it had received ‘Welsh Government’ funding through the Soft Landing programme. And then returned the favour with a £3,000 non-cash donation to Gething’s campaign.

Here’s the Companies House entry, and at the time of writing compulsory strike-off action was in progress because the accounts were almost two months overdue.

Click to open enlarged in separte tab

One of the two charges against Tramsheds Tech is a loan from Finance Wales Investments (since re-named the Development Bank of Wales) in July 2017.

The Tramsheds Tech directors are Louise Margaret Harris, CEO and co-founder, Labour peer Lord Evan Mervyn Davies aka Lord Abersoch, Simon John Dixon, and Thomas Gwyn Davies (who I take to be Abersoch’s son).

Staying with the People tab, we see that control over Tramsheds is exercised by Tramsheds Holdings Ltd.

Here’s the Companies House entry for Tramsheds (Holdings) Ltd. You’ll see the same directors as for Tramsheds Tech.

Harris is also a director of a company based at Tramsheds, Partneriaid Oleia Cyf, along with media types Huw Eurig Davies and Kevin Tame. Until January this year, control of the company was exercised by Tramsheds Tech, before passing to Davies and Tame.

Let’s go back to Tramsheds (Holdings) Ltd, the parent company of Tramsheds Tech.

When it began life, in March 2021, all 300 shares were held by Lord Davies. The situation as reported March 27 was what you see below. Though Huw Eurig Davies ceased being a director 28 February, and Mark Prosser John was never a director.

To save you reaching for the abacus . . . the other four combined hold one share more than the noble lord.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I can’t tell you a lot about Mark John, but he was a director at Tramsheds Tech Ltd until 29 November 2023. In fact, he was the co-founder with Louise Margaret Harris.

John appears to be another media type.

The only company he’s involved with now is BLC (Wales) Ltd, based at Tramsheds Tech, where the other director (and secretary) is Louise Margaret Harris; accounts are overdue with Companies House, and the most recently filed accounts do not paint a rosy picture.

So, we have directors of what appear to be linked companies, all based in and connected with the old Tramshed on Pendyris Street.


Inevitably (cos I’m a nosy bugger), I got to wondering who owns the Tramsheds building. And so I popped over to the Land Registry website for the title document and plan for the site. You’ll see that it’s owned by Cardiff council.

Or to be absolutely clear, Cardiff council owns the freehold, but an agreement was entered into, in December 2014, to lease the building to DS Properties (Pontypridd) Ltd for 999 years.

But after the appointment of an Administrator in February 2018, this company was finally dissolved in June last year. At the end, ownership lay with DS Holdings (Penarth) Ltd. So that’s our next stop.

DS Holdings (Penarth) Ltd is owned by Simon Malcolm Baston, the sole director. He has a number of companies that specialise in renovating and converting old buildings, most of which have been taken over by the local council, which is always Labour controlled.

An example would be the old Albert Hall cinema in Swansea. (I remember the uniformed doorman!) Baston got the money for that project from The Welsh Ministers. And Baston’s no stranger to Swansea. He’s been getting contracts in my home town for at least 20 years.

And just up town, Tramshed Tech is involved in the renovation of the Palace Theatre. Though I suggest that the picture below is misleading.

Click to open enlarged with separate tab

Gwenno Jones donned a hi viz jacket and a hard hat for a photo op, otherwise she’s togged up for a night out.

Tramshed Tech will be running the revamped Palace when it’s completed by Simon Baston and DS Holdings (Penarth) Ltd, or whoever’s actually doing the work.

There may even be local firms getting a look in!

To recap: the Tramshed building is owned by Cardiff council. It was leased late in 2014 / early 2015 to DS Properties (Pontypridd) Ltd, which was owned by another Simon Baston company DS Holdings (Penarth) Ltd.

Baston duly renovated the Tramshed, and converted much of the building into flats. These flats – 31 by my count – were then sold on 250-year leases in 2016.

Though the music venue at the Tramsheds was leased for just 15 years to Alchemy Tramshed Ltd, which used a Cardiff address. This company was taken over in November and December 2019 by Australian company TEG Venues UK Ltd.

The Tramshed Café and the Dance Studio were also leased for 15 years.

Then, in May 2021, the site, or part of it, seems to have been sub-leased for £2,850,000, to Tramsheds Cardiff Ltd. Scroll down on the title doc for the title numbers of the individual leases. And, at the bottom, the plan of the site.

Here’s the other title involved in the same deal. For a very narrow strip of land, probably a pathway.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Tramsheds Cardiff Ltd is another company of Labour peer, Lord Davies. and owned by Tramsheds (Holdings) Ltd, which we looked at earlier. The purchase of the Tramshed leases was financed with a loan from the Principality Building Society.

We seem to have come full circle. But what have we learnt? Let’s go through it.


Wherever we look in this story, which takes us across south Wales, we find ourselves dealing with former commercial or industrial properties owned by Labour-run councils.

I’ve focused on the assorted ‘DS’ entities and linked outfits, but there may be other companies in the same business, with other buildings. But I just don’t have the time or the resources to check.

What I also found to be interesting was that the outstanding loans against DS Holdings (Penarth) Ltd are with: Swansea council (Labour), Cardiff council (Labour), Welsh Ministers, Principality Building Society, and the ‘Welsh Government’-controlled Development Bank of Wales.

Another lender was the Julian Hodge Bank in Cardiff. For younger readers . . .

Hodge was a big man in Cardiff, very pally with Jim Callaghan Labour MP, and PM, and George Thomas, another of the City’s Labour MPs, who went on to become Lord Tonypandy. They had hopes of Hodge’s Commercial Bank of Wales becoming a recognised bank like Lloyds or Barclays, but the regulators knocked it back.

L to R: Julian Hodge with Jim Callaghan; The Rhuddlan penny, that was used as the bank’s logo; George Thomas with Julian Hodge. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The whole episode is explained in this February 2016 issue of Rebecca, that reprints an article from the spring of 1977.

Even so, The Hodge Bank still operates, and remains very close to the Labour party.

Some of the other DS companies, ones I haven’t mentioned, such as DS Properties (Goods Shed) Ltd, have enjoyed loans from the Monmouthshire Building Society.

Now I’m not saying that this building society is tied to the Labour party. But I will point out that when the ‘Welsh Government’ was toying with the idea of Banc Cambria, it was the Monmouthshire Building Society involved.

What’s beyond doubt is that behind all the DS companies is Simon Baston, and so it’s reasonable to assume that – like Vaughan Gething’s benefactor, David Neal – Baston looks favourably upon and is in turn favoured by Labour.

And as I said earlier, on January 16 Gething launched his leadership campaign in Tramshed Tech’s Newport operation. I quote the South Wales Argus: ‘He kicked off his speech by thanking Tramshed Tech for hosting him in “this fantastic space they’ve created in the heart of Newport“.

And to complete the image of comradely solidarity, the Count of Abbasock has returned to the land of his fathers. After apparently turning his back on Wales at an early age, for none of his other companies has any connection with his homeland.

So why has the Tramshed drawn him back? And will his reawakened interest end with the Tramshed, or will it expand?

We’ve seen the charges against Tramshed Tech but I’m certain there’s other money coming in that might not even be shown in the accounts. (When they’re filed.) For example, I unearthed this article on UKTN about money coming from the British Business Bank.

I also found the section below in this Cardiff council document. Another £250,000.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

How many more hand-outs have there been from local authorities, the ‘Welsh Government’ and other sources that we don’t know about?

To help you take it all in here’s a small table of the main events in a timeline.

UPDATE: How did I miss this! I am indebted to Born Guessing @drakefraud for this reminder from WalesOnline that Lord Davies’s wife dropped £21,600 into Vaughan Gething’s campaign war chest.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

What an odd amount. What currency was the donation made in, euros, dollars, or even roubles? Do the rules say owt about donations from beyond this Scepter’d Isle?


As I’ve suggested, The Tramshed gets a lot of positive coverage in our uncritical media; bright young things being innovative and ground-breaking, etc., etc.

And yet, maybe that’s just froth, for the real business and the real money may be in the leases for the 31 flats, and the café, and of course the 1,ooo capacity music venue.

Welcome to socialist Wales 2024. The circular economy, benefitting those lucky enough to be in the ‘circle’. Where there’s no private investment, and everything is state funded, but only those close to the ruling party can benefit. So that Tramsheds can play ‘diversity’ games, and provide a base for outfits like Wales Environmental Link, favoured by the regime because it works to destroy Welsh farming.

And as we’ve seen in this Tramshed saga, Labour, the party that has promised so often to do away with leasehold, will actually encourage and extend the use of leasehold – when Labour insiders benefit.

Devolution has been a disaster. And it couldn’t be much better under a different party. To stamp your little feet and yell that Wales should be a full-blown Marxist state suggests to the adults in the room that it might be past your bed-time.

And yet, in the election on July 4, Labour will win more Welsh seats than any other party. A painful reminder that I belong to a nation with too many fuckwits.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2024

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Regarding the coming election there could not be a better time to lobby both your local MP and AM about the nightmare of large scale wind generation, especially the proposed 800ft+ monstrosities planned for Wales.

I feel protest groups in particular would carry a lot of weight and more so if they could unite in their response. The following has been sent to my AM and copied to my local MP.                                                                                                        


Developments of National Significance

As with many folk and indeed the number of protest groups across Wales, I am becoming increasingly concerned and wish to object about the number of wind farms being proposed for installation across our irreplaceable and beautiful countryside – especially those with generators exceeding 800ft in height.

The reasons for my objections are based not only on fact and logical reasoning, but recognising that there are other acceptable means of producing electrical energy. Therefore I am hoping you will raise the issue in the Senedd and offer your total support in stopping this unreliable wind electrical generation fiasco and consequent countryside industrialisation with its mindless wild life slaughter.

Specifically my objections are as follows:

1. Despoliation and industrialisation of irreplaceable beautiful Welsh countryside.

Wind farms tend to be constructed in areas that are ecologically-rich with peat-prominent eco-systems. Huge areas of deforestation and excavation practices will displace and harm many creatures, wildlife and their habitats that contribute vastly to the area.

The generators huge concrete bases and wide supply roads will, by necessity, replace highly absorbent peat and moorland, resulting in regular flash floods downstream. For a typical 1 MW wind generator, the slab foundation is usually 15 metres in diameter and 1.5 to 3.5 metres deep. Generators in the 1 to 2 MW range typically require 130 to 240 cubic metres (m³) of concrete for their foundation. Wind farms can potentially impact groundwater and local water environments, which in turn may have implications for flooding. The concreting and tarmacking of vast areas of peat-land and forest is unjustifiable and unforgiveable.

2. There is absolutely no need for this additional generation – as you will probably know, Wales has a surplus and exports electricity into the National Grid.

3. The majority of Welsh people do not want these wind farms, and the accompanying additional power routes – hence the number of protest groups.

4. The obvious negative impact on tourism and the Welsh economy.

5. The heath issues for unfortunate people within visual and audio range should not be trivialised as the impact is very real. Regarding physiological impact, it is said that wind generators create aerodynamic and mechanical noise. If this noise is sufficiently loud, it can disturb residents’ sleep, especially for those living in close proximity to wind farms. Chronic insomnia could potentially develop in individuals with greater sensory acuity or those prone to annoyance from environmental noise. The psychological impact of annoyance and sleep disturbance can lead to diminished psychological well-being.

6. Fire hazards will be a problem and the recent Blaen Bowi wind generator fire incident should be a wake-up call regarding generators already sited near, or planned for adjacent public roads and/or in forestry environments. The fire service has great difficulty in extinguishing any of these fires and usually standby whilst they burn out.

7. Electrical generation that is totally weather dependent, and thus unreliable. A lack of generation will necessitate backup from another source, otherwise the lights will be going out – especially during icy and windless periods such as the winter months!

8. It is a well known fact that wind farms slaughter birds and bats – one excellent Internet site to visit is, ‘Save the Eagles’ that will provide irrefutable evidence. It is a very sad and serious indictment for any civilised and caring society to promote the senseless slaughter of aerial life-forms. The unnecessary employment of large, weather dependent and bird/bat mincing machines – the aerial equivalent of rat and mouse traps – is nothing less than mindless barbarism.

   9. As a retired telecommunications/electrical engineering manager I can easily recognise that the term Wind Turbine is a clever marketing ploy by the wind industry. To exacerbate the situation politicians and indeed the media ignorantly persist in the use of this misleading term. The description conjures up a much more sophisticated and powerful machine than it actually is – it is all smoke and mirrors. These wind dependent and limited machines are simply wind driven generators; no more, no less. To be sure, a turbine is a fairly complex piece of machinery consisting of numerous blades along a shaft fitted within a casing i.e. an engine in which steam, water or gas is made to spin a rotating shaft by pushing on angled blades, like a fan. Turbines are among the most powerful machines with steam turbines driving generators in power stations and ship’s propellers, with water turbines spinning the generators in hydroelectric power stations, and gas turbines powering jet aircraft. Charles Algernon Parsons (1854-1931) the inventor of the compound steam turbine must be turning in his grave (please excuse the pun). Indeed, about 85% of all electricity generation in the United States in the year 2014 was produced by steam turbines. Simply stated a steam turbine is a device that extracts thermal energy from pressurized steam and uses it to do mechanical work on a rotating output shaft. The wind driven machines the Wind Industry employ are not turbines as defined above, but simply, electrical generators connected directly, or via a gear box and clutch, to a large wind driven propeller, and are totally dependent on the wind. Perhaps of the very large propeller they should be termed wind rotors and not wind turbines.

10. It is shocking (pun intended) that in the 21st Century, UK Parliaments are apparently so lacking in engineering, technical, scientific, historical knowledge and skills, that they have not called an immediate halt to large scale wind and solar farms which, of course, will necessitate more power routes for Grid connection. Parliaments seem completely ignorant to the damage that large solar storms can inflict – the latest G5 solar storm should be a stark warning to the greater vulnerability of power outages due to their myopic and inane energy strategy. Indeed, it is unbelievable that wind generators exceeding 800 feet in height are being proposed for across Wales – consequently resulting in more exposed power routes – and, of course, being much more vulnerable to direct lighting strikes and indeed dangerous electromagnetic induction as a consequence of cloud-to-cloud lightning discharges – it should be noted that overhead telecommunications cables and equipment also suffer as a result of lightning damage!

Geomagnetic storms generate induced currents, which flow through the electrical grid. These currents can be substantial, exceeding 100 amperes. They flow into components connected to the grid, such as transformers, relays, and sensors, thus affecting critical electrical infrastructure, and lead to large-scale power outages. Wind farms and their necessary infrastructure will be ‘lambs to the slaughter’ when exposed to strong/significant solar storms – this is not science fiction but FACT!


It was recently (24.05.2024) reported in the media that thousands MORE electricity pylons will be built across Britain as the National Grid ‘rewires the nation’ for net zero – whatever net zero is supposed to mean. More than £30billion will be spent to overhaul the network to prepare for the switch to green energy – thousands of miles of new cables will be constructed by 2030 to connect wind farms to towns and cities to meet Government anticipated soaring demand (EVs and Heat Pumps) for electricity.


Are the Westminster, Scottish and Welsh Parliaments fully aware that very strong solar storms have happened before, and one such storm caused havoc with one of the earliest electrical technologies! On Sept. 1 and 2, 1859, telegraph systems failed catastrophically. The operators of the telegraphs reported receiving electrical shocks, telegraph paper catching fire, and being able to operate equipment with batteries disconnected. What the world experienced in 1859, now known as the Carrington Event, was the largest recorded account of a geomagnetic storm, far stronger than the May 2024 solar storm.


During a solar storm in March 1989, the Hydro-Quebec (Canada) power grid went down, resulting in damage and loss in revenue at an estimated hundreds of millions of dollars. It should be noted this was a third less powerful than the Carrington Event of 1859.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) gave warning that the Earth would experience a G5 (extreme, geomagnetic storm) during May, saying it is the first G5 storm to hit the planet since 2003, when a similar event temporarily knocked out power in part of Sweden and damaged electrical transformers in South Africa. The NOAA centre predicted that this current storm could induce auroras visible as far south as Northern California and Alabama – across many parts of the UK people have experienced the Northern Lights – seen also here in Ceredigion.

In terms of the internet, a geomagnetic storm on the scale of the Carrington Event could induce currents in cables that form the backbone of the internet as well as the data centres that store and process everything from email and text messages to scientific data sets and artificial intelligence tools – This would potentially disrupt the entire network and prevent the servers from connecting to each other.

Alas, recent research has revealed the Earth has been victim of even far greater storms in the past, and these are called Miyake Events. These events are marked by a spike in the concentration of radioactive carbon isotope 14 C in tree rings. At present, five significant events are known (7176 BCE, 5259 BCE, 660 BCE, 774 CE, and 993 CE). How long before an equivalent Carrington, or indeed a devastating Miyake Event?


11. Why is GEOTHERMAL ENERGY being ignored with the waste of billions on wind farms, not only in Wales, but across the whole of the UK – it is a ‘Head-in-the-sand’ strategy as there are numerous other viable and eco-friendly means of generating electricity. Apart from by hydro and hybrid tidal schemes, salvation is there for the taking by effectively burning fossil fuels to lessen fossil fuels – that is, until genuine eco-friendly generation becomes a reality. This deliverance can be accomplished by accepting the efficient gas-fired power station of the Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) type, which is far much cleaner than its coal cousin, being also quick and cheap to build.   

Indeed, CCGT stations can further be much more eco-friendly if supplied with pre-heated geothermal water. It is shameful that billions wasted on large scale wind had not been spent on geothermal technology – the Romans, if around today and given our technology, would truly have exploited this gift beneath our feet – note the Roman Baths in Somerset.

At soil depths greater than 30 feet below the surface, the soil temperature is relatively constant. At greater depth the temperature increases and on average, the geothermal gradient is approximately 0.03°C per metre, thus at 152 metres (500 feet) below ground, the temperature could be in the range of 40 to 45°C. During a German Continental Deep Drilling Programme, located in Windischeschenbach, northern Bavaria, a borehole reached a depth of about 4,000 metres (approximately 13,123 feet), where the temperature was found to be 100°C.   

Thus it begs the question of how much fossil fuel could be saved if Pembrokeshire CCGT Power Station were to be supplied with geothermal heated water – additionally, and ignoring all the negative propaganda, controlled UK fracking would ensure the UK was totally independent on energy, seriously driving down energy bills and enhancing the whole economy – as it has been accomplished in the USA – surely a no-brainer?

12. It is very doubtful if political representatives are conversant with SPACE ENERGY and that generating power from space in the 21st Century is now a reality and commercially viable – proving to be approximately a quarter the cost of horrendously expensive, potentially dangerous and dirty nuclear fission generation.

 Indeed, I wonder how many know that electrical generation from space is no longer science fiction now that SpaceX Starship launch costs are just 1% when compared to 20 years ago. To be sure, Starship is a two-stage super heavy-lift launch vehicle under development by SpaceX. It is the largest and most powerful rocket ever flown. Starship’s main objective is to lower launch costs significantly via economies of scale. This will be achieved by reusing both rocket stages, increasing payload mass to orbit, increasing launch frequency, creating a mass-manufacturing pipeline, and adapting it to a wide range of space missions. 

Misguided and Misinformed opponents of orbital power stations will claim the microwave emissions from such power stations will be akin to Death Rays, when the simple truth being that if you stepped into a ray you would experience emissions about a quarter of that of the midday Sun. But of course, the gas, oil, wind and terrestrial solar industries will not appreciate the competition to their very lucrative markets, and no doubt vigorously oppose and mock the technology.

Government should stop wasting billions on fickle countryside industrialising, weather dependent wind and terrestrial solar farms, and start a programme for electricity from space – which can be achievable within a decade – in the meanwhile reliance should be on the efficient, reliable, cheap and quick to build gas-fired power stations of the CCGT variety, supported by hydro and hybrid tidal schemes

Please recognise that we have been using energy from space for over THIRTY YEARS in the form of television transmission from satellites (SKY), and fundamentally power from space will employ the same technology in employing the electromagnetic spectrum.

  The developments for the many reasons/objections I am offering are therefore not of national significance.

It is of prime importance for all of us and indeed future generations for sanity to prevail, and in relation to wind generation and democracy Wales should not become a nation where the tail wags the dog.

If you should wish further information you may also be interested in my latest book which covers the above topics and much more titled, All Smoke and Mirrors, (ISBN 978-1-80369-289-0), available from Amazon and all large book shops on order.


Taking issue with your comment on X-Twitter in response to LSR’s bleat about Brexit. She’s correct insofar as there has been a decline in economic performance post Brexit but she fails to take into account that much if not all of that decline is due to the inability of our political class and their civil servants to create a framework of viable “post Brexit” treaties and agreements on trade and other related matters ( such as product standards and provenance). Instead both sides – Remain and Brexit – engaged in a futile shit slinging match, both sides being eminently pleased with the quality of their rhetoric. Neither side, particularly the government of the day, grasped the need to address common ground preferring to spend more time decrying anything of a contrary nature. More proof if ever needed that politicians are long on talk and defective in actions.


Arguably even the so called leaders of Brexit got infected by wokish- green nonsense, indeed any kind of distraction that took them away from the main job in hand. It left a hollowed out derelict country always a step and a half or even more behind other countries. People like Boris and other Brexit loud mouths have all displayed a complete lack of capacity for detailed work. Even their responses to Wokish crap has been of the superficial instinctive kind rather than an in depth dissection of that toxic cluster of warped thoughts. In the end it all gets wrapped up in one big ball of shit, whereas these matters should have been addressed with surgical precision to ensure the delivery of a worthwhile outcome.

If likes of LePen, Meloni, and the more talented Dr Alice Weidel become the main influencers at the EU it might pay us to get back in as EU would be reshaped into something of real use and less a welcoming niche for dilettante lightweights with ishoo fixations.

Susan Morgan

Just saying but when born guessing was trying to cover his taking of a £200,000 bung by asking our own Ex FM, Carwyn Jones, to adjudicate on the legality as an ‘independent’ I read Carwyn was Chair of Trustees for Size of Wales, a not for profit outfit? But lo and behold the Welsh Government funds Size of Wales, recently by splashing out £3.6 million for planting trees in Uganda? And following the trail I discovered they funded teenagers to fly drones in Brazil and the legal bills of Kenyan locals? And thinking aloud I wondered why? Besides Carwyn and his Board there are no less than fifteen Officers minimum on the payroll I assume? And the Conflict of Interest? How many other. Not for profit ‘charities’ are bleeding Wales dry I wonder?

Susan Morgan

Thinking aloud? How would you source more of these useless ‘only for their profit’ charities? And realising other past disgraced politicians who have taken up ‘charity work’? Perhaps Drakeford might take up prison visiting?

Susan Morgan

The Charity Commission would have a list of sorts but no NGOs? Maybe a Freedom of Information request from WAG as they are the ones squandering our taxes? Mmm? Is Sustrans an NGO and a charity? Can they be both? It’s a case of the tail WAGing the dog more like! Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself! Thank you for all you do to involve us in all this information! A coffee coming your way shortly!

Caroline Parkinson

Diolch am yr update. I’m not sure 21,600 is such an odd amount. I can see why you’d think so, but there’s probably a very good reason for it. Were it originally to have been in a foreign currency, I would expect it to be much odder… something like 21,653.15. The other possibility is that it was in a foreign currency, equating say to 21,598.77 and they rounded it up. But I expect you’ve thought of that.

Caroline Parkinson

Yes, fair enough that it looks a bid dodge!

David Smith

Your correspondent on X is the ideally desired end-product of a woke, bent Senedd from Westminster’s perspective. He’s bought into the admittedly intuitive notion that it is a harbinger for all the full horrors independence would unleash. Still, as I remarked, it does come across as odd that he’d politely engage an Unreconstructed [G]nationalist, of the group he really hates, in efforts directed against an institution he merely hates.

David Smith

If indeed the Conservatives and Labour are as you once put it, “Two cheeks of the same arse”, how should the ‘fuckwits’ vote in an FPTP, effectively two-party election that will as always be overwhelmingly decided by our 18-times-larger eastern neighbour? I suppose I’ve answered my own question there: a spoiled ballot. Also, how would direct rule from London be any better if Cardiff is doing Westminster’s bidding anyway, apart from the cost and extra process involved in having two tiers of government to achieve the same result as one?

Caroline Parkinson

Agree with all you say as usual, Royston. Just wanted to add my ceiniog’s-worth re. your last word though. I once saw a brilliant meme type illustration on FB where the office colleagues were obviously exasperating to person A, who called them “fucktards”. If it’s not a word in your vocab., I just thought you might like to borrow it sometime. There’s no fee or copyright, LOL!

Caroline Parkinson

No, Royston, I haven’t seen the update. How do I get to see it? Diolch in advance.

Caroline Parkinson

Sorry, can’t see what you mean – I expect I’m being thick. The 27/05/2024 entry looks – from a quick scan-read – the same to me and is still dated today. Duh.

Caroline Parkinson

OK, diolch. Will look again with that ym fy feddwl.