The Road To Hell

The previous post got considerable attention and it also unlocked fascinating new information. And that explains this follow-up. Which I hope will result in further revelations.


In the previous post I dealt with the Bryn Cadwgan wind farm planned by Galileo Green Energy. This is a Swiss company that set up a UK operation a few years ago to cash in on the Welsh wind turbine rip-off.

Different rules in England mean that complaints from local communities must be listened to which, in practical terms, means that no onshore wind farms get built. This sees Wales and Scotland increasingly used to supply electricity to England from a source the English don’t want.

Even to the extent of electricity from wind farms off Scotland’s west coast coming by undersea cable to Bangor, then down to Swansea, where it can connect with the main transmission lines from Pembroke power station to England.

Here in Wales, every project of 10MW or above is classed as a Development of National Significance (DNS), which means locals, and their elected representatives on local councils, will always be over-ruled by politicians in Corruption Bay who’ve declared war on a people they regard as racist, climate-denying, car-driving, transphobes.

It’s succinctly explained here. The chronology is intriguing.

In addition to the Galileo proposal I also knew that Bute Energy, a Scottish firm that rents a cupboard in Cardiff to fool us into thinking it’s Welsh, had a plan for an installation they were calling Blaencothi. Though details were scarce.

But true to form, Bute has again recruited a local to proselytise on its behalf. This one is Cilycwm community councillor Jamie Pickup. We can no doubt expect Pickup to be speaking up for all three projects.

But the third project, Waun Maenllwyd Wind Hub, being pushed by Belltown Power of Bristol, was a bit of a surprise. Possibly because it had previously been known as ‘Bryn Brawd’, and I’d perhaps assumed it had fallen though because I’d heard no more of it by that name.

Anyway . . . since putting out last week’s piece I have been told that the companies behind these three projects are combining to share a route to the plateau that forms the southern end of the Cambrian Mountains of central Wales.

In fact, the route is described here on the Belltown website (scroll down):

The proposed access route to the site for abnormal indivisible loads (such as blades, hub, nacelle and tower sections) will be from the port of origin (which is likely to be Swansea) via the M4, A48 and A40. Loads would turn off the public highway at Pumsaint and travel north for approximately 14km on a combination of existing commercial forestry tracks and new tracks to reach the wind farm location. No significant traffic flows will be associated with the operational phase of the site.

Who could argue with that? A motorway and nice wide trunk roads all the way. Problem is, the route as given is sort of incomplete. Let me explain.

As written, deliveries will turn off the A40 at Pumsaint . . . but the A40 goes nowhere near Pumsaint. Which makes what Belltown says misleading, if not dishonest. And if they could get this so wrong, what else might they have got wrong?

The truth is that after leaving Llandeilo the huge low loaders will turn onto the B4302 and head for Talyllychau (Talley). Then on to Crugybar and the Bridgend Inn (where I sank a few pints in the good old days), where they’ll join the A482 to reach Pumsaint.

Using my bestest crayons I’ve conjured up this map that might explain it better.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

For those of you unfamiliar with this road, take my word for it, it will struggle to accommodate massive low loaders carrying huge turbine blades and tower sections.

Below is a capture from Google Maps showing the B4302 just after leaving Talyllychau on its way to Crugybar. Those hedgerows will have to go. And so will many other trees and hedgerows on the 13 miles from the A40 to Pumsaint.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Now we’re going to move on to Stage 2 of the environmental vandalism associated with these projects. The section that involves the National Trust (NT) and the ‘Welsh Government’.

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that Belltown is closely linked with the Foresight Group. And if that name rings a bell it’s because Foresight has been buying up farms in this area for carbon offsetting.

With the Foresight reputation damaged locally Belltown may be fronting for Foresight. Questions need to be asked. And answers demanded.

UPDATE 10.11.2023: It was learnt last night that Belltown will be taking the A482 from Llanwrda to Pumsaint. Galileo will take the Talyllychau route suggested above. No information yet on the Bute route, but it doesn’t really matter. Because there will now be two roads suffering expensive damage.


Once the huge low loaders reach Pumsaint, or just outside the village, they’ll take a right turn onto National Trust property.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

This is the Dolaucothi estate, home to the famous ‘Roman’ gold mines, once owned by the Johnes family, who also owned the Hafod estate, to the north. Hafod fell into the clutches of the National Trust last year. With a 99-year lease and £700,000 gift from the ‘Welsh Government’.

In other words, the ‘Welsh Government’ paid an organisation worth billions £700,000 to take over a prime Welsh estate.

Despite the excuse given by Corruption Bay for this generosity it might have been due to the involvement of Dawn Bowden MS. As Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport the Hafod deal should have had nothing to do with her. But Tourism’ has since been added to her portfolio. Fancy that!

Response from ‘Welsh Government’ to FoI request. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I wrote about it in this post, scroll to the section ‘Bristol Fashion’. And then in this post, in the section, ‘”Welsh Government” funds National Trust’.

It’s instructive to consider the organisation of the National Trust in Wales, and what happened at Hafod. Not least because it might provide clues as to why the NT would be a willing party to this planned environmental disaster.

It was early June last year when we learnt that the Trust was taking over the Hafod estate. Which seems to be owned by the ‘Welsh Government’ through Natural Resources Wales, and had until then been run by the Hafod Trust.

Just three months earlier, in March, Lhosa Daly of Bristol, had taken on the role of NT’s Acting Director for Wales, and was appointed to the post officially in September. I mention Bristol because that’s where she lives.

If we look at her career background we see that in the past seven or eight years Daly’s been chair of the Bristol branch of the Institute of directors, vice chair of the Bristol Law Centre, and she is still a business ambassador for the Western Gateway.

These positions would have brought her into contact with the glitterati of Bristol’s business community. Including, perhaps, the directors of Belltown Power, the company planning to desecrate our country with Waun Maenllwyd Wind Hub.

With Belltown, Bute and Galileo hoping to reach the site by traversing land owned or managed by Lhosa Daly’s National Trust and the ‘Welsh Government’.

The mystery of Dawn Bowden representing the ‘Welsh Government’ last year, despite it being beyond her responsibilities, could be accounted for by her also being from Bristol. She and Daly might have already known each other.

And if that’s too fanciful an explanation for you, then try this: Bowden should have known Lhosa Daly through her being Deputy Minister for Arts since May 2021 and Daly being an advisor to the Arts Council of Wales since April 2019.

Come to that, how did Bristol-based Daly get that gig with the Arts Council of Wales?


I’m told deals have been done with farmers and other landowners along the route between Llandeilo and Pumsaint to cut corners, destroy hedges, and in places widen the B4302, and even perhaps the A482.

This will cost a considerable amount of money. So who’ll pay for it? Will it be the ‘developers’? The county council? The so-called ‘Welsh Government’? Or will there be a whip-round in the Dolaucothi Arms?

And then there’s the question of how the National Trust squares being a conservation body with the damage it’s helping inflict on the Welsh landscape by these wind farms. What would NT members say, if they knew?

Not just in the road ‘improvements’ I’ve just described, but also on the 14km journey to the sites after the low loaders turn off the A482. And then the on-site destruction.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

There’ll be the vast concrete bases to support these huge turbines, the access roads, the deep trenches for the cables. How many trees will be felled? How much peat bog damaged? And let’s not forget the pylons.

I ask about the trees because I’m told new populations of red squirrels and pine martens are establishing themselves. Will they adapt to climbing pylons and turbines?

I suggest that even if they stick around they’ll be so traumatised by what’s being done to their habitat they might stop breeding.

As if that wasn’t enough, someone then tells me . . .

We also have two breeding maternity colonies of soprano pipistrelle bats on my land, they will love the sonic signature of wind turbines of course.

Don’t worry – once the poor little buggers are disorientated enough the blades will finish them off pretty quickly. (If they’re turning!)

Them and the kites, and other birds. And insects by the million.

Nothing here really surprises me, because I’ve always regarded the National Trust as a very commercial organisation and, in Wales, rather colonialist. Lhosa Daly playing the memsahib is entirely in keeping.

Not only that, but there’s something of the vulture about the NT in Wales, picking up land and estates as old Welsh families die out. Or more recently, acquiring property from the ‘Welsh Government’ or Natural Resources Wales.

For example, Daly is also a director of a National Trust company called Porthdinlleyn Harbour Company (The). This relates to Porthdinllaen at Morfa Nefyn.

Porthdinllaen once belonged to the Jones-Parry (Madryn) family. Sir Love Jones-Parry MP, was very supportive of the Patagonia settlement. Which explains why a town over there is called Puerto Madryn; and is twinned with Nefyn, I believe.

Another example of this sad phenomenon is located not far from me, a place I love to visit. I’m directing you now to Llynnoedd Cregennan.

Llynnoedd Cregennan. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Major C L Wynne-Jones lost both his sons in WWII, so in 1959 he handed over this 285-hectare estate to the National Trust.

As I hope I’ve made clear, I’m not surprised by the National Trust’s behaviour with these wind farms, and the damage they’ll cause . . . what really pisses me off is that the National Trust is still operating in Wales.

Devolution should have brought Wales a new organisation to replace the colonialist parasite that is the National Trust. We should by now have a Welsh body conserving our heritage and our history, safeguarding our landscapes.

But to set up such a body would have required political leaders with vision and courage, rather than the grubby, ishoo-of-the-month puppets Wales is cursed with.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2023

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Noticed your tweet about a landgrabber peddling some kind of OPD scam on land to the NE of Lampeter. That looks extremely close to the proposed Bryn Brawd wind turbine footprint. Is there any ground in that area that isn’t being eyed up by some creep with ridiculous plans for “development”? Why don’t they try farming it in a balanced way instead – a mix of livestock and the more robust feed crops – or is that too much like hard work ?


No doubt all those nice centuries old Welsh names on local holdings will get changed to more modern versions like Turbine View, Kite Killer Vista ….


Its ok though, they will pay us back through our electricity bills for the inconvenience.

Eifion Evans

Sent you a message earlier Jac. Spread the word that there will be a public meeting at the Coronation Hall, Pumsaint on Thursday December 7th.

A strong contingancy from Plaid are in attendance. Also, all three developers will be invited to attend.

Eifion Evans

At the moment a small band of brothers. That’s what the meeting is about is to raise awareness to the ‘gathering storm’. Hopefully things will snowball after that.

David Robins

The Ilchester Estate seems to be focused on Dorset, Nottinghamshire, and London. How did it come to own land in mid-Wales?


I am advised that the updated design guide for renewable energy in Wales should be published by the “Design Commission for Wales” next week. This updates, and supersedes, the previous design guide published in 2014.  


The Planning Series
17 – Consenting energy
June 2023

Available for download off the Senedd website or via email from a friend in my case


Forgot to add this on my reply, idiot!

An electronic copy of this document can be found on the Senedd’s website:
Copies of this document can also be obtained in accessible formats including
Braille, large print, audio or hard copy from:
Welsh Parliament
Tŷ Hywel
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN
Tel: 0300 200 6317
Twitter: @SeneddResearch
Senedd Research:
Subscription: Newsletter


Thanks Jason. I’ve downloaded a copy and forwarded a pdf version to Jac and others for their information.

Moc Spotter

Seems like WG Minister Julie James has gone very ‘green’ and probably wants us all to go for EV Cars and ditch our petrol and diesel vehicles. As I clearly recall, a very close family relative of Ms James owned a very classic Petrol Morgan Car – a real collector’s item. I wonder if that car is still within the ownership of a James family member. If so will Ms James ask for it to be scrapped? Hypocrisy is not to be favoured. Has anyone in Swansea Uplands area seen that car out on the road anywhere recently?


Me answering a stupid article supporting Galileo in the South Wales Guardian this week, why don’t you email her as well?

Elizabeth Birt, South Wales Guardian,
Reference your article ‘Plan for new energy park’ South Wales Guardian November 8th 2023. 
The proposed Bryn Cadwgan Energy Park is one of several planned in the Cambrian Mountains that will utterly destroy one the most beautiful and remote natural landscapes in the world in the name of profit and profit only.
You report that Galileo have said that ‘Bryn Cadwgan Energy Park offers an exciting opportunity to boost the economy of one of the most rural parts of Wales.’
In truth it will cause utter devastation and is an act of pure environmental vandalism. The proposed park is in an area that relies on Farming, Forestry and tourism to survive. 
In order to get access to the site for the heavy equipment, never mind the 230m tall turbines, several hundred acres of forestry will need to be felled, several hundred acres of farmland taken over, kilometers and kilometers of ancient hedges will be grubbed up and hundreds and hundreds of ancient oaks and other majestic trees felled to widen and straighten the local lanes to accommodate the equipment. Where will the wildlife go?
In order to get the power out a line of pylons will need to run right through the Towi valley.
Once erected the 230m tall turbines will kill birds and bats and cause huge negative visual and sound disruption for all of us living under them. What happened to the Senedd wanting to protect our spectacular scenery and soundscapes of singing birds and wild rivers?
What do you think will happen to the businesses around here that rely on tourists wanting to experience the beauty, wildness, peace and tranquility of the area? Do you think these businesses will be boosted or bankrupted?
The only boost to the economy is to the farmers and landowners, including the National Trust, who sold out for short term gain, and the company that owns the park. A foreign company who doesn’t pay any significant tax in the UK but are supported by grants from the Senedd that come straight out the pockets of those whose lives and livelihoods will be destroyed by this proposal.
In the name of Journalistic balance, if nothing else I ask you to consider both sides of this issue.
In the name of true journalism, I ask you to start digging and reporting on the real issue here, the rape of rural Wales (and Scotland as well actually) as this sort of development is no longer allowed in England! And all for foreign profit.
Below is a map of the proposed Bryn Cadwgan park, only one of three that link up in the same valley I add. Do you see the colossal scale of this from Bryn Cadwgan alone?
Our paradise will be utterly destroyed.

PS: the Map wont copy over but I think we all know where it is. I feel an email flurry coming on


Perhaps she ought to be recycled. Scribbling articles by uncritically regurgitating press releases from opportunistic corporate profiteers and their lackeys in the Bay Bubble is pretty useless, adds no value at all.


Interesting to read that Julie James looks like getting her finger out to strengthen protections for SSSI’s and other landscapes with outstanding historic interest.

Charity welcomes proposals for protection of precious landscapes (

Earlier comments have pointed out rare species that inhabit this area. If Ms James can’t get her fat arse up to Elenydd perhaps she ought to send one or more of her many flunkies to check it out.


Mid Wales Red Squirrel Project is worth a look see, we have reds now in the upper Towi area.
There has been a huge project to bring them back by introducing Pine Martens to cull the greys.
Tufty is back along the Pysgotwr valley on the NE edge of the proposed Bryn Cadwgan Energy Park, he’s been eating my sweet potato’s!


All good stuff. Getting something like the BBC’s Spring/Summer/Autumn/WinterWatch series out to do their thing on the diversity of wildlife in thatarea would be good. If the Beeb turned that down it would show that they don’t worry about wildlife is some corporate raider wants to build an array of turbines across the entire south end of Yr Elenydd. By the way your comments to Ms Birt were excellent,a well constructed piece.


RSPB Wales involved, Chris Packham is a VP of the RSPB and has been written to.


If you can get Packham on board to criticise the proposed developments on grounds of damage to wildlife and habitat then you will have achieved a major step forward. Jac has alluded to the eccentric stance of RSPB and many well known individuals who are adherents of the various Green gospels.

The crux of the matter quite simply is when will the areas of high demand, like the UK’s large metropolitan regions, adopt a form of green solution that integrates into their immediate areas thus eliminating the need for massive transmission networks across the country ? Quite simply wind will not “fit in” into the townie vision of how cities and towns should look and there ain’t enough sun for solar despite the development of excellent cladding systems with integrated solar panels.


The local RSPB Wales boss is a Rhandirmwyn resident and opposed to the plans because of the proximity to his reserves and SSSI areas. I have reached out to some big names and hope to hear back before too long. Right project, wrong place is the mantra I am fighting on as I don’t think we can argue differently without being called climate change deniers or tin foil hatters. The damage done to the area just building the access road is sufficient to put it in question, not to mention the new soundscapes act that is being proposed.

The only problem with that is this get out of jail clause, from the we should not list:

➢ Treating appropriate soundscapes as something to be sought separately from (or worse, at a later stage in decision-making than) related objectives such as healthy lifestyles, housing provision, clean air, energy efficiency and decarbonisation, resilient ecosystems, safe roads, litter prevention, and supporting businesses

That, like all government documents can be interpreted in both directions.


Funny isn’t it that “tin foil hatter” or “climate denier” caught on quickly as glib ways of dismissing perfectly acceptable objections. We are now at that stage where you will get dismissed as a heretic just because you have a differing stance on climate, environment, pollution, green energy and all the other stuff doing the rounds. You could well be an exemplar in hitting low emissions compared to these jet set types who preach the gospel but fail abysmally to adhere to its tenets yet you will be isolated and vilified for being “different”.

E. Lhuyd

I attended the Pumsaint event and to paraphrase Galileo’s staff and consultants, in answering why here given all the sensitivities, ‘it’s because there’s nothing stopping us’. We’ll just have to see about that!

E. Lhuyd

I took it they meant policy wise but I see what you mean!


Sounds very presumptuous to me, like a spoilt AngloBrit public school twat taking his cue from likes of Boris and a whole raft of other bozzos who are “something in the City”.


I went as well. Think I made one of the project managers cry. They have no idea of the ferocity of the Welsh dragon they have awakened here. There is no justification outside of the greed for profit.

‘Now it begins’ to quote Gandalf ahead of the battle of Minas Tirith.

Got to try and get a Lord of the Rings reference in on a Friday.


Good quote from a top class fantasy novel. Personal pain and fear may be the best antidote to the greed

Jonathan Dean

In a global context the impact Wales is having is minimal, but this was passed into law by the U.K. government. All the Welsh Government get to do is caretaker the Welsh share of the U.K. emissions

I don’t disagree with the outcome they are trying to achieve, but totally disagree with their method of achieving it

Jonathan Dean

Wales doesn’t need any onshore wind farms, we can achieve net zero just using offshore wind AND still export to England the same amount as we consume. This is why I totally disagree with the way they are trying to achieve their objectives

However, the WG have zero say over what happens in the Welsh sea. Westminster don’t trust them with it. Westminster also seem to be rationing the amount of offshore wind Wales can have (I wonder why?)

Most (or at least a lot) of the power we currently export will come from Pembroke CCGT. If that doesn’t convert to hydrogen or carbon capture it will have to close by 2035 or Westminster miss their targets

Jonathan Dean

Well, Westminster has the law stating we have to decarbonise whether we want to or not. England is building ENORMOUS wind farms off the east coast creating work for east coast coastal communities while the likes of Holyhead are left to stagnate. It’s one of the cheapest forms of generation and no one has to live next door to it. We can generate far more than we need, as England needs the power, so we can grab the benefits and have few downsides. It’s the only thing that will stop onshore wind in Wales as the WG can claim all the generation as theirs while not actually having to do much to get it. It’s a win-win for Julie James

David Smith

Come now Jac, we stand shoulder to shoulder, One United Kingdom, broad shoulders, stood alone against the Nazis, only a petty nationalist would complain about supplying a fellow Home Nation with energy, [insert base and cheap appeal to emotion here].


I have a gesture for the Welsh Government, but this is a family channel!


Interesting article, apparently we are the WEF template, I think we knew that but here is an interesting part of it, Wales want to preserve soundscapes? Wind turbines are really noisy? 

The Environment (Air Quality and Soundscapes) (Wales) Bill 2023 proposes an obligation to introduce a national soundscapes strategy, making Wales the first UK nation to do this. The strategy must include policies for assessing and reducing levels of noise pollution.
Climate Change minister Julie James has said:

This will put the onus on Welsh Government to make policies that not only tackle unwanted noise, but also protect sounds that matter to people, like the relaxing calls of birdsong and nature or the welcoming hum of a vibrant town centre”.

Have we some ammo here?


That’s the kind of ammo that ought to persuade Julie James to load up and blow her own daft head off but she just ignores the contradiction and moves on to the next mess.

Jonathan Dean

Or the reassuring beat of a distant wind turbine?


You make that sound almost palatable! Then I wake up and it’s more like a low grade headache.


You known that the land on which Bryn Cadwgan is being built on is owned by IIchester Estate?

Eifion Evans

Bryn cadwgan is nearly all owned by private landowners.. There is also land owned by the Crown. There is forestry called Garthynty which, to my knowlege, is owned by one of the richest person in the Uk. That is probably it.

Eifion Evans

Yes. I believe the owner is a woman . She also owns forestry around Llyn y Gwaith. That is not far from Waun Maenllwyd. There are a couple of nice people, who are both pensioners, living at Brynare, right under these monsters! They are worried sick Jac! ” The love of money is the route of all evil”.

Eifion Evans

I’m off to the Coronation Hall now Jac…maybe I’ll get to meet the Honoable Lottie! A pint at the Tafarn Jem awaits!

Eifion Evans

Hope you are all awake and ready for the verdict. For once in my 55 years of life, I’m rendered speechless!

Being a farmer, and quite a practical person, I’ve witnessed – must be – the most shambolic and amateurish display of intention ever – utterly a back of a fag packet job!

In my input to your blog, Jac. I’ve been, at times a bit imaginative – due to the lack of information by the developer. However, after this evening, I feel numb. One would think that these firms would be liaising with each other – especially when major surgery is needed to get these humongous components to site.

Concerning the transportation, one thing is as sure that water will wet us…all three firms will turn right at Pumsaint, and then up the National Trust track to site. I presumed ( objectivelly) that both firms would take the Talley road from Llandeilo to the junction at the Bridgend Inn. Surely if bends, trees, hedges etc etc is to be razed, they would share the route? Not at all! Galileo are planning, not to turn left for Talley, at Llandeilo, but to go one step further and turn left at Llanwrda, and towards Pumsaint on the A482! This road, with these narrow bridges, makes the Burma road seem like the M4!

I have much more to report to you Jac, and all you good patriots who value little Wales. But what was the worst aspect of this pathetic charade from Galileo, was their refusal of my invite, as being chairman of our majestic Coronation Hall, to attend a public meeting in the near future. I said to them that it is only proper and just that we hear from them in a democratic way, before they turn to their servants at Cardiff.

If tonight is evidence of the future, and this shambolic farce goes on and get planning permission, then Wales is heading for hell in a handcart!

E. Lhuyd

It would be interesting to know if any of it was formerly Cawdor Estate – its disposal often had strings attached!

Eifion Evans

Yes it was.

E. Lhuyd

Diolch Eifion


You ask the following question in your post Jac.
This will cost a considerable amount of money. So who’ll pay for it? Will it be the ‘developers’? The county council? The so-called ‘Welsh Government’? Or will there be a whip-round in the Dolaucothi Arms?”
As you are aware, I directed the following 3 questions to Welsh Government 5 November.

  1. Is any necessary off-site infrastructure work, associated with major wind energy projects, funded by energy developers or from public funds?
  2. In addition to on-site costs, are off-site associated infrastructure costs included in any project “benefit v cost” appraisal / evaluation?
  3. Are off-site associated infrastructure works [road widening, bridge construction etc] taken into consideration in any “Environmental Assessment” undertaken by energy developers to inform the DNS planning process administered by “Planning and Environment Decisions Wales” [PEDW]? 

Will update you when I receive the response. Although these questions are generic [not site-specific] the same questions could be asked for any specific site. Important to establish the demarcation line between private and public funds and what is taken into consideration in any project benefit v cost appraisal.  

Jonathan Dean

Excellent article! There are so many cropping up now it’s hard to keep track

Nant y Brynniau

Remember “CAMDDWR” – this is something I wrote a long time ago – now relevant again today :-
“Plaid Cymru’s once innumerate “green guru” Cyfog Dafis wanted to cover the hills just north of Rhandirmwyn at CAMDDWR with a mass of Wind Turbines.
Now the fools in Cardiff Bay want to cover most of Wales with Solar Panels and Wind Turbines. The scenic landscape of Rhandirmwyn area will be covered with Wind Turbines. Those in the Assembly Government have no feelings towards our landscape or our environment let alone Hill Farmers.
The Hill Farmers are now the last natural guardians of our Welsh language. They are not a pseudo academic clique living in the “Bay Bubble”. Will Twm Sion Catti save us?”

Jonathan Dean

Wales can generate more than enough power from offshore wind so onshore simply isn’t necessary

E. Lhuyd

“FUTURE WALES – THE NATIONAL PLAN 2040 Habitats Regulations Assessment” is a Welsh Gov. document from 2021, prepared for them by Arcadis. I wonder whether Bryn Cadwgan’s Leslie Walker was involved!?

In this document, it states on page 59 that;

“The process of refinement of the PAAs has ensured that they largely avoid not only Natura 2000 / Ramsar sites but also other designated areas, including National Parks, SSSIs and AONBs; which often support species, particularly birds and bats that are protected under the Habitats Regulations, even if the individuals are not directly associated with a particular designated site. Thus, potential for adverse impacts has been greatly reduced through the refinement process. Although a number of the Pre-Assessed Areas still include Natura 2000 / Ramsar sites, it is very unlikely that any wind development would be consented within or close to internationally designated sites. It is important to note that whilst the Pre-Assessed Areas for Wind Energy are designed to focus renewables development in ‘lower-risk’ parts of Wales, that does not entirely preclude wind (or any other renewable energy development elsewhere). Clearly any such development outside of the PreAssessed Wind Energy Areas will be harder to justify, especially if located closer to Natura 2000 / Ramsar sites, but that does not mean such proposals cannot be consented.”

Bryn Cadwgan is immediately adjacent to the Elenydd – Mallaen Special Protection Area and the Cwm Doethie – Mynydd Mallaen Special Area of Conservation. It is also immediately adjacent to Allt Rhyd y Groes National Nature Reserve. This area is home to European Protected Species including Horseshoe Bats, other Bat species, Dormouse and Otter.

To consent this scheme would fundamentally undermine Welsh Govs Future Wales and Planning Policy Wales. What would be the point of spending huge sums of money on Arups in 2019 to produce the pre assessed areas if Developments of National Significance are consented outside of them and therefore by default, reduce the capacity of the Pre Assessed Areas!

Others will know very well, that Bryn Cadwgan is also surrounded by Cadw’s Historic Landscape designation and historically, Carmarthenshire County Council’s Special Landscape Areas.

If WG can’t protect an area as important as this, it needs to quickly develop further planning guidance, as it’s working to do, to protect the Gwent Levels.

Standing on top of the hills and mountains in this part of Wales is almost a unique proposition as you have a 360 degree view which isn’t marred by pylons and wind turbines. We can’t save the planet whilst destroying such special places.


Excellent comment. I hope some of the vandals employed by the Bay Regime and advisers to the carpetbagger corporates take note. This is going to be one hell of a fight.

E. Lhuyd

Thanks Dafis. They’re already prospecting the forestry east of the Tywi and immediately north of Rhandirmwyn. They have their ‘Lidar’ sensors tucked away, monitoring wind speed. This will to all intents and purposes become an unbroken chain across the entire south of the Elenydd.


Building turbines east of Tywi would need a lot more access roads unless I’m missing a forestry track link around the Brianne reservoir

E. Lhuyd

It’s the forestry and hills to the north of the Nant y Bai lead mine which is well served by forest tracks

Eifion Evans

If I’m not mistaken, there is a good access at the Llanwrtyd side of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Is it called Esgairdafydd? That road will take one to Llyn Brianne quite easy.

E. Lhuyd

You’re right Eifion and it is Esgairdafydd.


Bit narrow and windy for the sort of junk these people want to shift onto a site.


I receive the response below – on 26 July 2023 – from Welsh Government regarding the cost of Arup assessments

26 July 2023


ATISN 18695 – Assessment of on-shore wind and solar energy potential in Wales

Information requested

Thank you for your request which I received on 10 July 2023 You asked for:
The total spend to date by Welsh Government on the Assessment of on-shore wind and solar energy potential in Wales report.

Our response
The original contract was worth £48,592.76; however this was extended to £88,314.27 following the need for further refinement.
In addition to the above, there was a requirement for workshops for the second stage which totalled £1,471.60.

Therefore the total spend to date by Welsh Government on the Assessment of on-shore wind and solar energy potential in Wales report is £89,785.87

E. Lhuyd

Thanks Wynne

Jonathan Dean

Future Wales is built on some shaky analysis. In the renewable energy reports by Arup they showed the tiny hamlet of Llantrisant as having a population of 10,000 and a total lack of A roads on Ynys Môn


More than one Llantrisant in Wales. There again the guy writing the reports could’t care as most only read the summaries.

E. Lhuyd

Agreed. I tried to answer using an empty but not sure it worked!

Jonathan Dean

Excellent comment and so eloquently put

E. Lhuyd

Thanks Jonathan

David Robins

“And then there’s the question of how the National Trust squares being a conservation body with the damage it’s helping inflict on the Welsh landscape by these wind farms. What would NT members say, if they knew?”

NT members? You’re having a laugh. The NT is thoroughly captured at all levels, with critics of the capture – – routinely smeared as fascist carpetbaggers. You won’t be surprised to hear that ‘stopping climate change’ is now a priority for the NT, despite the very tenuous connection with its officially stated objectives. The new philosophy is to destroy the landscape in order to save it.


The mantra of climate change is firmly woven into everything now I fear. The climate is changing, it always has, and always will, its the natural cycle of things. This idiotic charge to halt and even reverse nature will have very dire consequences for us all way beyond the immediate ones on our wallets and freedoms.
For example Carbon Dioxide is only 0.04% of the atmosphere, 400 parts per 1,000,000 and even the worsts science says about 3% of that is down to industry and modern life, 3% of 0.04%, that’s 0.0012% or 12 parts per 1,000,000. It’s also vital to plant life, and thus all life.
The science has been bought, 97% of scientists don’t agree, I don’t. Truth is 97% of the scientists who are funded agree, 3% disagree so as to make it look credible. Those of us who disagreed, and there are lots, got defunded and had to do something else to pay the bills.
Last I looked about 30% agreed, 30% disagreed and the rest thought it too small a subject to care about.
Its a religion not science, the instant anyone says ‘I trust the science’ they quite clearly don’t understand it. You don’t trust science, you question it, that’s kind of the point.

Eifion Evans

I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon Jason! China is burning more coal now than ever, partly to make cheap solar pannels and wind turbine components for the virtue signaling Western World – not to mention the steel we will be forced to buy from other countries with our Port Talbot boys out of work! ‘Those who the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad’!

Eifion Evans

Ok Jac. Two years back a firm from the Shard, London – with finances based in Guernsey – gazumped a local young farmer, with younger children – in buying Frongoch Farm, Cwrt y Cadno.

There was uproar in the community, where a few public meetings were held.

Foresight had no intention on farming Frongoch, in the manner of animals, but for trees. The idea at the beginning was to carpet plant the whole farm, however due to local pressure they agreed to plant only the land above the tarmac road.

In the public meeting, held at the Coronation Hall Pumsaint, Foresight sent a delegation of officials. In the meeting were representatives of Tilhil and Plaid Cymru leader and our AM, Adam Price was there.

Foresight told all that they were planting- by now – only the top land, for future timber. However, when pressed, admitted that Carbon Capture certificates were also to be tapped into. They also will turn to the Welsh Government for a Glasdir Woodland grant. This is a money firm, who offshores its finances as not to pay tax, and then asks the poor Welsh people to give it money!

By the way. Did you see the Dolaucothi on ITV Wales at six? I wonder if they are by now reading your stuff Jac??

Eifion Evans

Frongoch could well have wind turbines on its land. They are definately on its neighbouring land. Until I see the Grasshopper display tomorrow I will not know.

Adam PrIce and Cefin Campbel was there as, I think, concerned representatives of Plaid Cymru . However, when a question was asked to Adam Price from the floor about he being technically propping up this Labour Government, he went balistic and began flailing as a wind turbine on a windy day!-Shouting out “this is another Trewerin”! At one time, being that he is v tall, he nearly got caught in the above lights!

The Dolaucothi was open back then, where he came in and chilled out.

Neil Singleton

I tried to follow the science, but it was simply not there. I then followed the money, and that’s where I found the science.

Eifion Evans

Excellently put Jac! You mentioned the Bridgend Inn. I’ve also have had many a humdinger night there! That is the the Inn which is now for sale. It has an easement on it for ‘air space’ as to accomadate the 200 odd ft blades to negotiate that left turn. These firms are offering 4k a year, indexed for 45 years. Just for some Welsh air!

The Dolaucothi Hotel is, alas, now closed. The National Trust own it, and would not make it possible for the lease holder to stay there due to steep rent. She had won many a prestigious award at the Dolly, including the Countryfile Rural Pub of the year. They just cast her out like meat for hounds!

The NT claim that they are looking for a tenant to run the Hotel as a ‘business for the 21st century’ what woke rubbish! We, the local people, just want it open as a 16th century establishment for the present!

Ps. I’ll buy you another coffee for your efforts.


Just seen a news item. NT are seeking a tenant. Lots of “specification” but no mention of any characteristics found in good native stock.


Yup, you just the man for the job, Mine Host

Ioan Richard

When we are struggling to pay our Bills in depressed little Wales, just spare a thought for the Church goers of England who have far bigger issues to contend with :-

Hats Off          The Daily Telegraph – Letter 8 Nov 2023Sir – When encouraging men to wear a baseball cap, will Stephen Doig (Features, November 7) also please encourage them to take it off occasionally? Wearers seem to regard them as part of their heads. I have even seen them firmly attached at formal occasions, such as in church.
Shirley Puckett,  Tenterden, Kent


Perhaps the old slogan – off with their ‘eads – is appropriate in those circumstances. There again that may be a touch too Islamist for High Church.