The Globalist Plantation Of Ireland

I’ve been following recent protests in Ireland against large numbers of unvetted male migrants being imposed on unsuspecting communities. My interest is due to a long-standing affection for Ireland and its people, together with a keen interest in Irish history.

Which explains what you’re about to read.


I suspect Ireland is being used as a testing ground by Globalist schemers. Specifically, through persuading or pressurising the Irish government and wider establishment into accepting mass immigration.

This has promoted hostile reactions in many cities and towns. From Dublin to small towns in Connacht most of us have never heard of.

Emboldened by support received from the media, NGOs, and elsewhere, the Irish government has decided to go for broke in an attempt to silence popular opposition to its open borders immigration policy with draconian legislation.

I’m referring to the Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill. Legislation that has already been noted outside of Ireland, and condemned by, among others, Elon Musk and Donald Trump Jr.

The mainstream media leapt to the Irish government’s defence. Musk and Trump are wrong, while lesser mortals criticising unrestricted immigration and the problems it brings are elsewhere denounced as “racists“, “fascists“, “far right“, etc.

The image is that of Michael Collins, imprisoned at Frongoch, then leader of the IRA during the War of Independence, but killed by the anti-Treaty IRA in the Civil War. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The proposal still has some way to go before it becomes law.

But if it becomes law then it will be a sad day for free speech. For those behind this attack on freedom were so desperate to silence just about everybody that diverged from the official narrative that they neglected to actually define ‘hate’!

Which might mean that ‘hate’ will be whatever the state, the NGOs, the media, or the World Economic Forum, decides it is at any given time.

As is pointed out in this long tweet by Senator Rónán Mullen.

Let’s be blunt, legislation like this – for we see it elsewhere – is designed to silence indigenous White populations being forced into accepting demographic and social change on the orders of the UN, WEF, subordinate bodies such as the EU, and governments at national and sub-national level.

And it’s one-way legislation. For let’s again be blunt, no Muslim is ever going to be arrested for calling an Irish person a “Christian bastard“; no Black African for using the term, “White c**t”.

It’s worth thinking about developments over there because what’s happening in Ireland may have ramifications way beyond that country.


Let’s have a little background, to establish what I’m talking about, and to help us avoid the confusion that is deliberately encouraged by those I’ll be discussing.

The discontent, protests and, on occasion, violence, has been caused by the political establishment of the Republic, its bought media, paid-for NGO bleeding-hearts, unhinged Leftists, and various useful idiots, insisting that the thousands of able-bodied young men now being brought into Ireland are genuine refugees.

Everyone knows they’re not, but no one is supposed to say it. Anyone who does say the truth – and that includes mothers pushing buggies – will be vilified as “racists, etc., etc”.

The Irish ‘far-right’ on the march. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

To make a fraught situation even more combustible, politicians, civil servants and others will tell a community it’s to receive Ukrainian refugees, “Sure, it’ll be women and children” . . . then the trouble starts when busloads of healthy young men arrive who have never seen the steppe under snow.

From the official side there is dishonesty and deception all along the line. But they can get away with it because they control both the political system and the media.

And talking of the media, here’s a piece that appeared a couple of months ago in the Guardian.

And it is purest Guardian. For rather than deal with the issues, and Irish people’s justifiable concerns, Irish journo Colin Gannon uses the article to stress links between the far right in England and what he claims to be their Irish counterparts.

Presumably in an attempt to reinforce his message he says some rather silly things.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The suggestion that it’s unfair to view young males, “because of their age and gender“, as being more problematic is especially silly. Just ask yourself who’s more likely to be violent and to engage in crime – is it children, women, older people, or young men in large groups and far from home?

Gannon then suggests that working-class communities are not “integrating refugees“. But why should they, seeing as the state makes no attempt? Unvetted young males are simply dumped on working-class communities. Often without warning and usually without consultation.

This Guardian article would not have been written a decade ago. I say that because it’s another example of how liberals and socialists now hate the once-eulogised White working class.

Which then explains why they pin their hopes for changing Western society on bringing in a new population. No matter how disruptive doing that that might prove to be.

Because of course middle class liberals and socialists – for there are few working class socialists left – will be largely insulated from the problems their zealotry causes.


In addition to being lied to over ‘refugees’, Irish people are angry at the influx because the health service is creaking and there’s a severe housing crisis.

Ireland has one of the most acute housing shortages in the world. It has the lowest number of dwellings per head in the OECD, and average house prices are now eight times mean income (compared to three times as much in 2010).

In the article I’ve linked to you’ll also read, just after the clip above: “The situation is so bad that 70% of young people in Ireland say that they are considering emigrating due to the cost of living, which is mainly driven by housing costs“.

When young Irish people see ‘refugees’ being housed ahead of them, they become frustrated, and they become understandably angry. Parents also become angry at the prospect of their children having to emigrate.

For emigration has painful memories for the Irish. Economic prosperity was supposed to mean that mass emigration was a thing of the past.

As I’ve just suggested, we shouldn’t even be talking about emigration, because Ireland is now a prosperous country, with a per capita GDP and a standard of living above that of the UK, and well above third world Wales.

Which makes me wonder why those running a rich country can’t organise the housing sector better.

Or is an insufficient supply of housing also part of the agenda?


The mystery remains as to why Irish politicians inflict these problems on their people.

For there is no upside to bringing in tens of thousands of unvetted men who have, to date, committed many murders, countless rapes and lesser sexual offences, and all manner of other crimes.

There are now machete-wielding Nigerian street gangs terrorising Irish towns and cities. Roma tribes run criminal empires on Irish streets.

It’s all very well arguing that “only a minority” commit crimes, but none of these crimes would have been committed if unvetted migrants had not been allowed into Ireland in the first place.

For example, if the welcome mat had not been laid out for Muslim extremist Yousef Palani then the two gay men he killed last year in Sligo would still be alive.

Those arriving are not, as one officially-connected joker suggested, all doctors and engineers who will be a benefit to the country. People are quick to guess that the specimen they see shitting in the street is not a graduate of the Medical University of Vienna.

So why are the major political parties in favour of the unrestricted immigration of people they know are not refugees?

To answer that I’m going to throw out a theory that might explain why Ireland seems to be targeted by the Globalists. For we can be reasonably certain that the WEF has a hand in it.

But before that, let’s set the scene.


Ireland is a small, homogenous, but developed and centralised country. Which makes it very easy to control by manipulating its political establishment and media.

In addition, Ireland has a worldwide profile that is largely due to the emigration of recent centuries, certainly since the Famine of the 1840s.

Because so many Irish went to the USA . . . because Hollywood ‘adopted’ the Irish . . . because it’s almost mandatory for US presidents to visit and be photographed sipping Guinness (however contrived their Irish link) . . . because people around the world drink in what they think are ‘Irish’ pubs . . . because fountains run green on St Pat’s Day . . .

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Fact and carefully cultivated fiction combine to give Ireland a global profile like no other small country.

A profile enlarged in a darker way by the violence of The Troubles in the 1970s and 1980s.

But all combine to give a global image of a small country populated by a proud and  pugnacious people who have fought all-comers to maintain or regain control over their land and their national destiny.

A perception that makes Ireland the ideal exemplar for open borders and unrestricted movement of populations. For if the Irish, with their history, are welcoming an influx of strangers, “Why are you being so racist”?

But how would it be achieved?


Well, let’s look at this article from the Irish Examiner in March, which tells us, “Ireland’s reliance on large multinational intellectual property has resulted in GDP for 2022 exceeding the EU average by over 130%.”

The Irish economic miracle owes a great deal to lowering the rate of Corporation Tax from 40% to 12.5%, a change phased in between 1996 and 2003. This, plus an educated, English-speaking workforce, is what attracted the multinationals.

Elsewhere, the article tells us:

Multinationals including Apple, Facebook, Pfizer, and Google, among others alone accounted for almost 56% of the so-called total value added to the economy, up from 53% in 2021, the CSO said. Sectors dominated by multinationals, including information and communications, expanded greatly.

The four companies mentioned are stalwarts of the World Economic Forum. Apple, Facebook and Google censor or take down anything too critical of the Globalist agenda. Those three are currently fighting a losing battle trying to stem the flow of bad news for Pfizer and other manufacturers of Covid ‘vaccines’.

But what if they and other multinationals contributing so much to the Irish economy threatened to leave unless the Irish establishment accepted the Globalist agenda and agreed to WEF demands on open borders?

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin have adopted their position on immigration without any pressure from anywhere.

Genuinely believing that by encouraging into Ireland Albanian gangsters, Muslim fanatics, Nigerian street gangs, Roma crime clans and all the rest, they’re doing the right thing for Ireland.

But if that’s the case, then Ireland has real problems.


I see a resurgent Irish nationalism emerging. I say that because those protesting against what they call a ‘Plantation’ (with all that that term means in Ireland) have no hesitation in invoking the memory of those who fought against British rule.

Now this should be Sinn Féin territory, but that party is compromised by its support for the establishment’s ‘refugees’ scam.

Three of the executed leaders of the 1916 Rising. L to R: Padraig Pearse, Thomas Clarke, James Connolly. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

In fact, Sinn Féin is in a very difficult position altogether. It may still be the largest party in the Republic, but a poll published Saturday says 75% of those questioned think Ireland has taken in too many ‘refugees’, with SF supporters especially unhappy.

Small wonder that ‘insurgent’ parties are emerging to capitalise on the disconnect.

What I also notice is that the struggle we see developing is no longer focused solely on ‘refugees’. For as the bigger picture emerges, and people understand better the Globalist agenda, other things start falling into place.

I’m talking now of the wider agenda that demands a strategy of de-growth to combat a non-existent ‘climate crisis’; that undermines the agricultural sector in order to control food production and supply; that promotes sexual deviance and targets children; that encourages anti-White racism; that attacks the foundations of Western civilisation such as nation, family, faith, culture, traditions.

Which, I suspect, explains the reference in the tweet below to “degeneracy and totalitarianism“.

Tricolours at every demonstration of resistance to Globalism. But it’s rejected by the Left-Globalist opposition – which still wears masks. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Earlier I said, “what’s happening in Ireland may have ramifications way beyond that country“. I said it because what we are witnessing in Ireland is, in effect, the World Economic Forum, United Nations and European Union being challenged.

And the challenge is not restricted to the issue of ‘refugees’. Irish farmers can see the writing on the wall, they’ve had visits from their Dutch counterparts, and they too are organising against the Globalist anti-farming agenda.

The Globalists’ anti-Western agenda is being challenged everywhere. We Welsh should study how it’s being resisted in the Netherlands, Italy and, especially, Ireland.

Because those buffoons in Corruption Bay are fully signed up to The Agenda.

♦ end ♦

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100% agree, excellent assessment of the situation.

Dai L

So Irish Nationalism has found a bedfellow with the English Far Right. What next, the Nazi-Zionist League? The All-Korean Capitalist-Communist Coalition? What utter bollocks.

As regards our shared affection for Ireland, mine stems from it being just over the water from me here in Holyhead, and consequently the destination for many happy visits since childhood. In these latter times of my embrace of Welsh Republicanism, my affection is bolstered by it being a beacon of having told the Royals and other Anglo-elites to go fuck themselves and stick their ‘union’ up their shitpipe where it belongs.

My stance on immigration can be encapsulated in a general sense, thus: people are great, but plantations are shit. I have English friends who I’ve told in no uncertain terms, that if too many English people move to Wales, it isn’t Wales any more, and I got no challenge or pushback on the matter. I’d say the same for any nation on the planet, as the loss of any culture is a loss to the world.

In other matters, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the band of lycra-clad tossers seeking to rip up the Anglesey Central Railway and replace it with yet another poxy path, as though there’s a dearth of such things around these parts. The crux of their argument seems to be “It’s the cheap option”. Yet more wankers with no vision or ambition, and no sense of speculating to accumulate.


Your tweet picks up on reports that Serb communities in Kosovo are getting harrassed yet again by the puppet/fake state’s militias and KFOR “peacekeepers” who operate on a steeply tilted bias. Over 30 years ago the West EU UN USA UK et al decided undemocratically to “contain” and inhibit Serbia, itself a new emerging nation state, by exploiting old Serb/Croat hostilities to enable intensified Islamist presence in Bosnia, later creation of Kosovo, fragmenting the Balkan region even further. Evidently letting the Islamofascism vision succeed while supressing the more Orthodox Serbian culture is OK with globalist manipulators. By the way Croatian politicians may speak with forked tongue but the people in the communities do not trust the bandit culture coming from the east and are very wary of what they allow in if at all.

Justin Steindorf

This has already happened in America over the past 30 years with the massive influx of illegal aliens from the umpteen failed Latin American states south of the Rio Grande. America is no longer a White, Anglo-Saxon dominant country. Try to find work here as a white man in Texas where I live. The mestizos will gang up on you like a pack of wild dogs and make your life hell. Demography is destiny.


Perhaps you may one day meet a Comanche who will give you an account of an earlier even more brutal displacement event in Texas. We rightly complain about our recent history here in Wales and wider western Europe but as yet nothing matches the c. 1840 – 75 era in your state.

Ian Perryman

Everything you say about the immigrants in Ireland was said about the Irish when they emmigrated elsewhere; from the Irish gangs of New York and elsewhere in the USA to the notorious reputation of the Navvies who built the canals and railways across England.
And emmigrating to every country in the world, then complaining when people come to your’s seems a tad hypocritical.


“The Globalists’ anti-Western agenda is being challenged everywhere. We Welsh should study how it’s being resisted in the Netherlands, Italy and, especially, Ireland. Because those buffoons in Corruption Bay are fully signed up to The Agenda.”

Your analysis is spot on as usual Jac. Well done.


I’m massively in favour of reducing car use, as AGW or no AGW, even a blithering idiot can tell you that pumping the same exhaust fumes people inhale to commit suicide into the atmosphere we breathe indefinitely will not end well. Congestion, also; who the hell is a fan of that?

My stance comes with a big, big caveat though: it needs to be a reduction spurred on by enormous, comprehensive investment in affordable, accessible and convenient public transport. You know, like the sort civilised countries on the Continent provide.


I’d not heard of that issue but it does stand to reason. Obviously tyres wear down, so the matter has to end up somewhere when not caked onto the tarmac, presumably forming some sort of aerosol. Being metabolically inert at best, and actively toxic at worst, the best case scenario is it just sitting in your lungs or other organs forever, clogging them up.

Consider Wylfa Power Station, obviously when up and running a major employer on this island, and public transport provision amounting to a bus passing the site once every hour or two. Would our benevolent leaders tax those poor sods out of their cars if they could have? It doesn’t have to be railways covering every square mile obviously, just a bit of joined-up thinking is needed. If there is to be a Wylfa B, how about reopening the line to Amlwch, and providing a connecting shuttle bus at Rhosgoch, for instance, or if we’re getting really ahead of ourselves, a new parkway station further towards Amlwch?

Wales doesn’t have the monopoly on this lack of imagination though. I’ve worked at Jaguar Land Rover at Gaydon, Warwickshire, and AstraZeneca when they operated out of Alderley Park, Cheshire. Both enormous industrial sites and probably the primary employers in their areas, sitting within say two miles of important commuter lines. Both are served by crappy buses that trundle past once an hour or less. A parkway station / shuttle bus arrangement as mentioned above being laid on, would require the use of far more imagination than the British political class is capable of.

Naysayers may invoke the ‘chicken and the egg’ as a justification/reasoning for the inertia of this sort of status quo. My response is “If you build it, they will come!”


There is only two ways to get to Ireland, (a) plane, or (b) boat. These ‘asylum seekers’ are not boarding planes as for that you need an Irish, British, or EU passport or the relevant visa, and do not observe a flotilla on rubber dinghies departing Abereiddy or Aberdaron. There is a ‘common travel area’ and they cross the border from the northern counties or use a fake ID on ferries.

Am sure the British Government quite happy to see the back of failed or absconded ‘asylum seekers’ exported to the Irish Republic. Saves HM Treasury the hotel bills. There are ‘charities’ actively trafficking from England to Ireland. Nick Henderson, CEO of Irish Refugee Council is a former case manager for the Refugee Legal Centre in Dover.

Of course, if the northern counties are united into the Irish State, the Irish Sea will become the same EU border as that presented by the English Channel, only without the possibility of a dinghy crossing. Many seeking ‘refuge’ in Ireland have been found out as fakes in many countries on mainland Europe as well as in Britain, some on numerous occasions often under different aliases with some committing very serious crime.


Many enter the EU via countries such as Romania & Bulgaria who offer visa free entry to much of the middle East. They then fly to Dublin & Irish border control let them through.


Funny old game this migrant racket. Not funny ha ha but funny as in very strange. Just done 10 days in Istria Croatia and there is a labour shortage in building trades, tourism and hospitality, and no doubt in other sectors too. Having just signed up to the euro they just got a bunch of new regs to work within plus a dose of inflation. Local small business already employ various other Balkans, but north EU states are drawing many of the best while less mobile or less competitive settle for nearer home.

Looks like EU and UK will get filled to the rafters with more “workers” whether needed or not. Communities will get reshaped beyond recognition as our identities get homogenised. Whether it’s WEF, NWO, UN doesn’t matter. It’s an axis of utter evil that suits big governments and global corporates. Right now there is next to no evidence that any of our political representatives are minded to lead a movement to repel these developments.


Oh dear Jack. Your detetective work on corruption in various sectors in Wales and your pieces reflecting the Inner Mongolianism of the country deserve credit.
But I have to laugh about the gibbering looney demanding sexual gratification in O’Connell Street. I presume I’m meant to believe he’s Albanian or some other hapless foreigner you described previously. Correct me if I’m wrong.
As for the effects on tourism in Ireland – my experiences in homogeneous white Dublin were not particularly pleasant in the 80s and I WAS actually chased down the road by a gibbering looney demanding sexual gratification in Westport in 1984 … an Irish priest actually.


Actually it’s not Jac. And bollocks? That’s what the he wanted … mine.


As I said “more workers whether needed or not”. Ordinary Croatian blokes already see their mainstream politicians as a bunch of fiddlers. A few more years and they will get nasty because unlike our passive population they still care about their identity. Right now they not so uptight about tourism because it does generate a flow of income but they need to cut dependency onEU spend and regenerate other industries.


Very perceptive article. Sheds light upon one of the most prescient issues of our age.


There’s no WEF plot or big global conspiracy behind this. It’s very simple, the liberal politicians that dominate Irish politics backed by the left-liberals in the media all support mass immigration. They think they are saving the world’s poor by letting in huge numbers of ‘refugees’ and it helps them burnish their virtuous credentials on the after dinner speaking circuit. They think keeping people out is cruel and letting everyone in (no matter who it is) is inherently a good thing. Some of them I suspect hope they are importing future voters to cement their position. We see a similar situation in the UK where both Labour & Tories can’t get enough of mass immigration. Both sides compete to show how generous they are by letting greater numbers in. Of course there is a right wing business interest in importing endless cheap labour as well, that certainly plays a big part. Industrial scale farmers bleating about nobody wanting to pick fruit for a pittance springs to mind. Though importing the world’s poorest and often least qualified as ‘refugees’ is a big drain on the taxpayer and unlikely to boost the economy. The cost to house and integrate refugees is huge and will far outweigh any taxes they end up paying. I know this as I work for a Council and see how much is spent on refugee families, enormous sums that most will never pay enough tax for the state to recover their costs.


Irelands politicians are mostly liberals, for them more immigration is good, the more the better. The Irish media is all behind it. Just look at how crazy progressive laws on hate speech and gender ID have been passed in Ireland despite the public opposing both measures. The Irish political class reminds me of Wales in some ways. When brexit happened the Welsh political class put their hands over their eyes & ears and pretended Wales had voted the other way & carried on as if they were in the right and nobody wanted brexit. Irish politicians act similarly over mass uncontrolled immigration. They pretend that anyone doesnt toe the line is a racist and bigot etc. Are there global forces like the EU & UN that like to push mass immigration- absolutely – yes there are. But Irish politicians don’t need pushing to do it. They’ll happily run towards it themselves because they think they are doing good work.


I suspect that there is a boiling point among Joe and Jane Public in Ireland. Once that is reached there will be one god almighty upsurge of resentment and possibly direct action. People like Sinn Fein who only a generation ago knew all about militant action should not be surprised by the intensity aroused by this episode in Irish history. Sadly I think they have been taken aback. Maybe they focussed too much on the Six Counties and forgot that the 26 can have a mind of their own. Jeez, I wish there was a similar or even lower boiling point here in Wales but it now looks like our colonial masters are set to dump boatloads of recent arrivals from across the Manche in our towns and villages, with only a minority of people piping up about it.

David Smith

The Irish have great form in taking brickbats to unrepresentative ruling classes. But these sorts of policies could really screw up the case for unity. How many soft unionists will err on the side of the UK in any given referendum with this free-for-all taking place? The likes of the DUP will seize upon it, and push for the establishment of a hard border too, to protect ‘Britain’ from the hordes.


Don’t forget that once these refugees gain an Irish passport then under the terms of the Anglo-Irish agreement they are free to come to any part of the UK.

Yann Maenden

Takes 5 years (at least) to get an Irish passport by residency.
It’s the same in France, where I live, but by the time you get through all the bureaucracy, paperwork, language tests and checks it’s more like 7 years.