Sweet Home Albania

Na’Ím Anís Paymán was first mentioned here in this post from November 2020; scroll down to the section, ‘Knighton Hotel’.

He was the new owner of that establishment in the Powys town of the same name. He’d picked up the property from the liquidators, following the collapse of the Paul and Rowena Williams property empire. (Covered in the ‘Weep for Wales’ series.)

In the belief that anyone had to be an improvement on the Gruesome Twosome, I welcomed young Na’Ím to Wales. But concluded with a warning: ‘If he takes a wrong path, then I’m sure I’ll be writing about him again’.

The fact that I’ve written the post you’re reading proves that the boy has indeed strayed. He may have strayed big time.


I’m writing about Paymán again because of the publicity generated by a more recent Welsh purchase; this time, Northop Hall Hotel, just south of the village of that name. The property itself situated between Chester Road and the A55 Expressway.

Image Ordnance Survey. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Last August this piece appeared saying that Paymán had bought the hotel, and ‘has reached out to local residents in the hope of making the hotel a “focal point of community life”.’

Yet last week we read that the plan now is to house ‘refugees’.

The purchase was not exactly straightforward, and the complicating factor may help explain the current planning application.

For in last year’s report we read: ‘As the hotel’s previous owners offered each room to individual investors on long-term leaseholds, Payman Investments will only own the building’s function rooms and land, not its rooms.’

So Na’Ím Anís Paymán bought a hotel . . . without the rooms that had made it a hotel!

Which explains what we read in last week’s report: ‘Payman Holdings 3 Ltd, based near Hull, wants to install two-storey modular accommodation for 250 people up to seven years at Northop Hall Country House Hotel. It has also applied for change of use consent for the hotel to house 150 refugees.

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People have taken out leases on rooms at Northop Hall Hotel, from which they would make money by those rooms being rented out to short-stay guests. It’s a business model I’ve dealt with a few times on this blog.

Most colourfully, with Gavin Lee Woodhouse. Though the practice is not confined to hotels. As we saw last autumn with the Chisellers From Chislehurst selling or leasing rooms in care homes.

So what’s the plan now; is Paymán going to find guests for the leased rooms, or is he hoping the threat of ‘refugees’ lets him buy the leases at knockdown prices?

Whatever . . . there are two Land Registry titles covering the Northop Hall Hotel site. Here’s the first, which includes the hotel itself; here’s the second, relating to adjoining land.

And here are the complementary plans for those two titles.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

You’ll note lots of numbers all over the hotel itself. These relate to the 150-year leases on individual rooms. All listed on the title document for CYM400243. Just scroll down.


But, blow me down! if Na’Ím Anís Paymán wasn’t in the news again last Saturday, with another property in Flintshire. This time, Plas Bellin, north of Northop Hall.

Image Ordnance Survey. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The report in NorthWalesLive says that this property has also been bought by Payman Holdings 3 Ltd.

But it seems the purchase has not yet been registered with the Land Registry, for according to that source Plas Bellin is owned by Save the Family Ltd.

This is a charity ‘keeping homeless families together’. Save the Family has other property in Wales and England. Quite a bit, for the accounts show ‘tangible assets’ of £6.3m.

Though there are two outstanding charges against Save the Family and Plas Bellin. One, from 1996, with the Midland Bank. The other, from July 2017, with Futurebuilders England Ltd, which seems to find investors for third sector bodies.

We have to assume that the NWL report was correct and Na’Ím Anís Paymán has bought Plas Bellin. We’ll just have to wait for the Land Registry to catch up.

Okay, so we know that young Na’Ím has at least two properties in Flintshire. Then there’s the Knighton Hotel in Powys, which I’m told is run more as a hostel than a hotel; self-service, often no service at all because there’s nothing to serve yourself with.

Sad, really. It’s a big place in a small town, and the way it’s being run doesn’t do Knighton any favours.

Both frontages belong to The Knighton Hotel. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But there you go, that’s how a property speculator like Na’Ím Anís Paymán operates. He buys as cheaply as possible, often from the Receiver, spends as little on his properties as he can get away with, and will then seek to maximise his income by charging top whack.

Which might be difficult if these properties were run commercially, but by taking in ‘refugees’, and with the UK government paying, he just can’t lose.


Despite the reference to Hull in the NorthWalesLive report linked to, Paymán Holdings 3 Ltd is in fact headquartered at 15 Sherbourne Close, Cambridge.

Where it must be very cosy with all the other Paymán companies at the same address. Here they are (ignore 17 and 18). These are / were all Paymán companies, with what look like two notable exceptions.

One is Yazdan Autohaus Ltd, s second-hand car dealership! The other, Yazdan Logistics Ltd, in the business of cargo handling and land freight. For both, the sole director is named as Pakistani Farhan Yazdan.

Though Linkedin tells us (here in pdf format.) his name is really Farhan Yazdanparast, and he is the Investment Manager at Paymán Group Ltd.

What a small world!

We’re now returning to Paymán Holdings 3 Ltd. You’ll see that the company was formed in November 2020, Na’Ím Anís Paymán is the sole director, and it’s controlled through Paymán Investments Ltd, of St Helier, Jersey.

I can’t tell you much about the Jersey company, other than that it was Incorporated December 1, 2020; here are the Articles of Association, from November 23, 2020; there was a £10,000 share issue December 22, 2021; and a change of address was notified October 5, 2022.

The new address at Kensington Chambers is in bustling downtown St Helier. (Though I hope the new owners have replaced the missing letters from the name.)

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Despite Paymán Holdings 3 Ltd owning Northop Hall Hotel and Plas Bellin(?) it filed as a dormant company on June 30 last year, with its only declared asset being a single £1 share.

Even though Northop Hall Hotel cost £850,000, and Plas Bellin had previously been marketed at £1.2m.

In fairness, the most recent accounts are dated June 30, 2022, just before the purchase of Northop Hall Hotel, registered with the Land Registry on September 23, 2022.

Paymán Holdings 3 is just one of a host of Paymán companies, many more than we encountered at 15 Sherbourne Close. According to Companies House Na’Ím Anís Paymán has been involved with 34 companies since February 2015. And the only director at almost all of them.

But there are few if any charges referring to loans or mortgages taken out against the properties bought. For example, and as I’ve just mentioned, no loans for the two Flintshire properties.

Which leads me to conclude that Paymán is a wealthy young man. Either that, or someone else is putting up the money. If it’s the latter, then who might it be?

Because in addition to the three properties we know of in Wales he’s also buying up property in England and Scotland. Here are a few I’ve found.

In England, there’s the Amethyst Hotel at Immingham, run by Paymán Club. This explains the reference to ‘Hull’, for Immingham is just across the Humber. Then there’s the Royal Hotel in Kettering.

Another property linked with Paymán is the Lovelady Shield Hotel in the Lake District.

Also, the Maycliffe Hotel in Torquay. (Scroll down for mention of Paymán.) Someone sent me what you see below.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

In Scotland, there’s the Douglas Arms in Castle Douglas. Though the company involved here is Keezark Ltd, and Paymán himself is no longer a director. The sole director now (at the familiar Cambridge address) is 24-year-old Dr Sara Aikta Gandhi Forouhi Paymán. Wife? Sister?

Note also, as in Flintshire, the bullshit about ‘community involvement’: “And new owner Na’ím Anís Paymán confirmed he is keen to get the community involved.”

Keezark also files as a dormant company.

Moving further north, the Stromness Hotel on Orkney has stopped selling alcohol since it was bought by Paymán Investments. A move that will be explained in the concluding sub-section.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Of course, this means I shall now have to rearrange the cycling tour of the Northern Isles I’d planned for next January.

Na’Ím Anís Paymán belongs to the Baha’i faith. “Who them?” you ask; and to be perfectly honest, I’m not really sure. All I know is that it’s an offshoot of Islam with origins in Iran. Read what they have to say about themselves.

And they don’t drink. Which is fine, I won’t force them into John Barleycorn’s embrace. But just as with the increasingly intolerant vegans, I’m getting more than a wee bit pissed off with zealots imposing their lifestyle choices on me.

I have never in my life forced a vegan to eat a rump steak, and so I will not accept a pallid, undernourished nutter equating my dietary choices with those of Hannibal Lecter.

That off my chest . . . I can’t help wondering if the Baha’i faith has wealthy, do-gooder members who believe they’re engaged in some noble humanitarian work by funding Paymán?

Is he buying these properties on behalf of the Baha’is?

Unfortunately, the Jersey Financial Services Commission doesn’t tell us who owns the 10,000 shares in parent company Paymán Investments Ltd. If it did, then we’d be closer to knowing who really owns the various Paymán properties.

We might also know where the profits go, for little or nothing is shown in the companies I’ve found.

Though I suppose one possibility must be . . .


Na’Ím Anís Paymán gives his nationality on Companies House documents as German, and I have no reason to doubt that he is a German / EU citizen. But his ancestral roots are in Iran. And he was brought up in Albania.

Here’s his Linkedin info taking us back as far as his Albanian schooldays. (Here in pdf format.) I don’t know a lot about Albania, but I do remember the name of its former psychopathic dictator, Enver Hoxha.

Nice bloke, old Enver. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The country’s most notable export today is gangsters. In fact, Albanian gangsters are famed for their ruthlessness. We saw a recent example in Wales.

This piece from the Mirror a few months ago would have us believe that Albanian gangs have been warned to stay out of Liverpool. But if the Albanians were planning to infiltrate that city, then I suppose properties close to the border in Flintshire might be ideal bases from which to operate.

While you might not be aware of crime networks I’m sure you know that Albanians form the largest single ethnic group found among the illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel. Up from an estimated 50 in 2020 to 12,301 in 2022.

Most of the properties I’ve mentioned here, from Torquay to Stromness are run by Paymán Club. A UK company, operating in the UK . . . so why does the Office Manager, Qazim Gega, live in Albania? Does he commute every day?

Here’s his rather sketchy Linkedin page. (Here in pdf format.)

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Another Albanian linked with Paymán Club is Megi Ibrahimi. Her equally spare Linkedin page says she’s the Operations Manager. (Here in pdf format.) I believe she is also a member of the Baha’i faith.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Let’s take stock.

  1. We have Na’Ím Anís Paymán, who was brought up in Albania.
  2. He has an expanding portfolio of properties in which he says he plans to house ‘refugees’.
  3. His portfolio seems to have grown in direct ratio to the numbers of Albanians landing in southern England.
  4. The UK has an influx of unvetted Albanian men between the ages of 18 and 35 who are clearly not refugees.
  5. Albanians now control the UK drugs rackets.

Putting it all together I would suggest that no local authority in Wales should give Na’Ím Anís Paymán planning permission for any ‘refugee’ accommodation. I would also urge local communities to fight this man’s plans every inch of the way.

Because those who’ll be forced on your community are unlikely to be genuine refugees; and those making millions from this scam are not nice people.

We must also deny the Left the chance to exploit the situation by misrepresenting the situation; the kind of thing we see below from Green MP Caroline “I’m so caring!” Lucas quoting sententious Leftist twaddle.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Confusing genuine refugees with young men looking for easy money and obliging women obviously serves the Left’s Open Borders / Disrupt Society agenda, but it does nothing for those women and children in boats we are urged to consider.

Yet by refusing to differentiate between the two the Left can’t really complain if critics of uncontrolled immigration also fail to make the distinction. (Maybe that’s what the Left wants.)

So let’s help genuine refugees, in the hope they’ll one day be able to return to their homes. But always refuse entry to the young men hoping to land a billet on Easy Street. We owe it to the former to ensure they are never confused with the latter.

And we have an obligation to the young men themselves. For after landing, too many of them will be drawn into criminal activity. We don’t want that, do we?

♦ end ♦


© Royston Jones 2023

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Ex NPD Employee

Hi Jac,

Have you seen this regarding Gavin Lee Woodhouse and some of the latest legal action being taken against him in relation to the whole NPD saga!!!!!!!!

This is some of the most recent stuff in relation to court action i have heard about but it sheds a fascinating insight into what this clown was up to and how he is trying to weasel out of paying costs etc, he claims he has no money, absolute bollocks, many people in and around halifax know the truth and he is still spending money like no tomorrow, i could reveal more here but it might become obvious who i am as an ex employee of Gavin Lee as he is known in some business circles.

Fascinating reading:


Ex NPD employee

Yes Jac, correct that is exactly how GW is getting his money, i appreciate you picking out those points here in the above.

McPhillips is a friend along with all the others mentioned above, of course the money is disguised as loans from many different entities, surprise,surprise about that.It is a frequent trick of these types of wideboys as yo already know!!!!

As per ususal with these characters they are simply using others to front companies on their behalf, Woodhouse is a master of this art let me tell you!!!!.
In fact i personally cannot get out of my head the awfully pretentious picture of woodhouse and Ken Skates shaking hands on one of the Afan Valley project, where their are others also present next to the 4×4, we all knew back then that this would never happen and that is coming from an ex employee, we were also paid cash in hand on 2 seperate occasions in 2018, yes we were paid our full salary at the time but apparently their was atechnical issue with the external payroll company used to process payroll and GW didnt want use to be left out of pocket. quite ironic considering the poor individuals who lost millions in theis slick operation, it laters transpired that the payroll company had not been paid the relevant funds by GW to pay us, his own staff.

When we knew the administrators were coming in we were instructed to destroy documts within 2 offices, i did not take part n this as i had already secured another job and was actually starting the next day coincidentally, lets just say i didnt leave without getting appropriate payment for my outstanding salary and neither did some of the others !!

With regards to the other matters raised on the court document i posted everyone who lives in Halifax and inparticular the village of Barkisland where the hall actually is knows GW very well, he is a regular in the local village pub frequently in recent months, peole know what type of individual GW really is, he hansg with the people named on the document and others that have been named previously in your reports and in other locations. I can say categorically that some of the statemets made by GW in the document are false, it seems that the court has fallen for it Nunfortunatley.

Interestingly unlike his earlier partner on the care homes Scandal, Robin Forster of qualia care and MBI group of which GW originally founded and which their is stilL ongoing legal processses over a large unpaid loan account of GW’s , The FCA were successful in a civil case against GW’s business partner Robin Forster:


Note the below specifically:

“Following a High Court trial in May, the Court agreed with the FCA the scheme was unlawful and amounted to an unauthorised Collective Investment Scheme. The Court also agreed the returns promised to investors were never likely to be achievable and that Mr Forster had made false and misleading statements to investors about the sustainability of the scheme”

I wonder if the FCA are goig to pursue the same against Gavin Woodhouse and his nefarious schemes surrounding the NPD Group etc. I hope similar happens to GW.

Georgina Hamilton

Hello – I’m one of the families who live attached to Northop Hall Country House Hotel. Our homes are integrated with the hotel – there is no way at all that they can be separated. We are three families – 2 single females in their 50s, a 70yo female and a 56 yo male with mental health issues and finally a 78 yo male ex-serviceman, his 66 yo wife, 37 yo daughter and 2 yo disabled granddaughter. Five vulnerable females, two vulnerable males and a child who could die without her medication. The Home Office knows our situation yet fobs us off with platitudes. The Commissioner for Childcare Wales can do nothing unless there is an ‘incident’. Full planning has now been applied for and we have until 14th July to put in our objections. The Village Action Group is concentrating on infrastructure , drainage, sewerage etc which is fantastic. But – we who live on site attached to this hotel have no support and we are quite frankly terrified. We have no idea why it isn’t obvious to all concerned that we too have human rights, and to surround us with 400 single males arriving with trauma, PTSD, illnesses, a language barrier and living in adapted shipping container ‘modules’ in car parks I s in any way acceptable. We have tried to engage with the owner Na’im Payman asking how he aims to exercise his duty of care to us – as we are attached to his business. He suggested we put Private Property signs on our houses. And that was the height of his involvement with us. Do you think you could do another report on this highlighting our situation – the plight of the three families who live ON SITE and not dilute it with the concerns of the village action group? We would be eternally grateful. We are at our wits end and don’t know where to turn. It seems to me that it is a done deal with the Home Office. They know Payman, he has many other Asylum Seeker Centres. He is a wealthy man getting even wealthier on the backs of ordinary wee people like us and by exploiting refugees. Please help!

Georgina Hamilton

Thank you for responding. Yes of course you can use this but would you mind leaving out the part concerning my husband’s mental health? This is a sensitive issue as you can imagine. Thank you so much x

Georgina Hamilton

That’s great, thank you for hearing us!! Gina x


The Baha’i connection to Israel is certainly interesting.You should look into that.It appears to me that whoever all is behind this invasion of the UK is ultimately being funded by the UK government and its politicians and whoever is behind them.with money stolen from UK citizens themselves..Thanks for doing such good in depth research.

It appears to me that the Paymans have insider connections to and with people inside the UK government itself who run this criminal fraud or at least the people who control those UK government politicians and policy makers.Just like the with the so-called pandemic..


Interesting that a bunch of wierdos should have “scum” in their nom de plume. Listing you on their “favourites” suggest that they yearn to see you in a frock! If that’s what’s fashionable then I’m delighted you and I both are seriously out of step with the current vogue among the way out bender crowd.


RE: https://twitter.com/JacotheNorth/status/1636833919235391492
WokeWAG policies like those referenced might be grist to the mill for the Torygraph and its acolytes, but at least they acknowledge us as a country in said article! 😀

Frank H Little

The Baha’i faith is very ecumenical and for that reason its adherents are persecuted in hard-line Islamic nations, both Sunni and Shi’a. It doesn’t stop some of its followers being criminals, of course.

Ivor Schilling

We need to set up a new organisation to combat the rapidly encroaching influx of unvetted migrants into Welsh life, and the destruction of our town, cities, villages.

I have been watching recent events in Ireland, with huge rallies marching against these developments. And the welcome arrival of similar protests in Merseyside – check out the Joe Owens youtube channel.

David Smith

It’d be hard to resist the temptation to write “Pay the Man!” On any default notice this chap might incur. I’ll let myself out.

Oh, one more thing… We’ve had a centre-right UK government for nigh-on 13 years, so where do ‘The Left’ really figure in to immigration and naturalisation – especially now we’re out of the EU?


The Left and Right labelling lost any meaning ages ago. I would argue that we had some kind of complex 3D Model of ideologies for a while but right now I think we’ve morphed into a “Sane” and “Insane” linear spectrum with a cluster of ishoo infested folk clustered on the Insane end of that line.

David Smith

How would an independent Wales swim upstream against such pervasive currents, in that case, if Britannia Unchained can’t even do so?


This begs two questions then. Firstly, are there indeed any states exempt from such influences, apart from those under even worse, such as North Korea? Secondly, if not, well, the strive for independence is an act of pissing in the wind really isn’t it?


It’s a bit like Royalism really, isn’t it, I suppose? A sort of spouted, media-driven, prevailing orthodoxy that never checks out in the real world with people we meet and interact with. I’ve known about as many level-headed card-carrying Royalists, as I have Wokeists.

Red Flag

Joey Owens is a former gangster & criminal once even accused of murder after police linked him to several gangland ‘hits’, nightclub bouncer and a senior figure regionally in the BNP where he used to also provide ‘security’ to Fuhrer Griffin.

The BNP even got rid of him as he was unacceptable even by their gutter-standards. Other far-Right parties similarly rejected him

He has even stood at least once in council elections where he was respoundingly laughed at by the electorate.

He is a thug in thugs clothing.

Red Flag

Thats in reponse to ‘Ivor Schilling’ above.

Terry Breverton

Money laundering? Albanians have a terrible reputation in London for all types of crime, but though illegal immigrants, the MET seems to ignore them. Wonder why?


You failed to mention that the drugs “economy” also pays backhanders to bent coppers, bent politicians and public officials who also get blackmailed in due course. Tolerance of this particular blight among us is a symptom of how far we ( UK and Wales) have sunk. Of course this is all heresy as far as Bay Bubble is concerned because “we is a nation of sanctuary”. The writing was writ large on the wall when UK and its NATO cronies attacked Serbia for attempting to sort out its problem with Albanians back in the late 90’s. All done in our name and only a few spoke out.

David Smith

In the spirit of your ‘don’t tell me what to put in my body’ sentiment, I wholeheartedly believe in legalising all drugs, slapping a fat tax on them like with our currently arbitrarily legal ones, and cut the criminal element out of the equation. To hell with prohibition, it belongs down there with communism and burning witches in the dustbin of terrible policies.

David Smith

In a lot of cases the distinction between legal and illegal is founded on cultural acceptability, arbitrarily really. Give me a nice fat joint in a cannabis café over white cider in a bus shelter any day!

Red Flag

Been to many a wedding & christening there back in the day. Is a rather ‘tired’ establishment now.

I’ve always been of the opinion it’s the land purchasers were after with an eye to build luxury aperments and an exclusive spa/sports club because it’s within an hour of Holyhead and the entire north wales coast & snowdoonia one way, and Chester, Liverpool and Manchester all wless than 40 minuts the other way.