Stonewall And The ‘Welsh Government’

I hadn’t planned on writing this, but I’m on something of a crusade to make people aware of the connections between the so-called ‘Welsh Government’ and pressure groups.

It’s bad enough when these groups have their fantasies legitimised as ‘Welsh Government’ policy, but our children being involved takes it to a different level.

The promised piece on the Globalist threat will now appear next week.


Stonewall takes its name from the Stonewall riots in New York City’s Greenwich Village, in the summer of 1969; that began with a police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar owned by the Genovese crime family.

(It seems there’d been a foul-up in communications between cops and Mob who were normally tipped off if NYPD was about to visit.)

The organisation that resulted from the riots was the Gay Liberation Front, designed to protect the interests of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. But there were a number of similar groups.

Stonewall Inn, NYC. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The 1980s saw the AIDS epidemic which was believed by many in the gay community to have led to in increased hostility towards homosexuals. It was out of such perceptions that Stonewall was founded in 1989.

First, as The Stonewall Lobby Group Ltd, and then, from March 16, 2004, as Stonewall Equality Ltd.

Stonewall grew, gaining in acceptance and respectability, and going almost mainstream as a political lobbying group. Everything was coming up roses.

Until 2015, that is, because when Stonewall “became trans inclusive”, things changed. What had been a LGB organisation became LGBTQ+. To the point where many people – including gays and lesbians – thought Stonewall was obsessed with ‘trans rights’.

As a result of which, many gays and lesbians have disassociated themselves from Stonewall, and formed other groups. Chief among these is perhaps the LGB Alliance.

From gay friends I hear that one reason for them rejecting Stonewall is that gay boys confused about their sexuality (as they were) are pushed towards surgery to turn them into infertile, incontinent, and miserable ‘girls’ prone to thoughts of suicide.

Which makes sense; and speaking as a straight man, butchering confused kids doesn’t strike me as progress in any direction. It sounds more like regression to something that might have been performed at an Aztec religious ceremony.

Another objection was the pretence that men who dressed as women, even rapists, must be regarded as ‘transwomen’.

However we got here, in the past few years Stonewall, once the darling of left-liberals everywhere, has hit a rocky patch.

Its Diversity Champions Programme raised millions of pounds from private companies, charities, government departments and other bodies, desperate to get the Stonewall seal of approval.

But that scheme started failing as people realised that promoting child mutilation and trying to erase women was not that appealing to the public.

There was also a growing suspicion that the year-long Pride month, talk of “minor attracted persons”, and the promotion of drag shows for children, were just means for softening people up to accept paedophilia.

All of which helps explain why the skids are now well and truly under Stonewall.

But despite it all, the so-called ‘Welsh Government’ remains true in its support for what has degenerated into a dangerous organisation.


From the documents available on the Companies House website, the first payment I can find from the then Welsh Assembly Government to Stonewall was in 2003. Though before that, individual donors are not listed.

The accounts for 2003 tell that WAG gave £50,000 for “lesbian and gay equality work”. In addition, Stonewall received £13,371 from Comic Relief for “a media project in Wales”.

Which suggests that Stonewall asked Comic Relief to fund a project specific to Wales. Why would it do that? And does anyone remember what that media project was?

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

In recent years, as other funders pulled back from Stonewall, the ‘Welsh Government’ continued to fund this now subversive organisation. Between September 30, 2017 and March 31, 2022 ‘Welsh Government’ and the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA), controlled by WG, gave Stonewall £728,381.

Below you’ll see Stonewall’s grant funding for the past five years, the funding from Wales highlighted. The purpose for which grants are made is no longer stated, so there may be grants from organisations outside Wales intended for projects within our country.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

So why has the ‘Welsh Government’ given so much more to Stonewall than the Scottish Government? We can see that NHS Scotland contributed separately, but the combined Scottish figure is still less than that for Wales.

The problem of the ‘Welsh Government’s links with Stonewall go beyond money. Because if it was confined to funding for a hands-off organisation then there’d be fewer complaints.

But as we know, Stonewall, especially in Wales, is not hands-off. Stonewall has influence throughout Welsh life; most worryingly, with the education curriculum for our children.

So how did Stonewall achieve its position of influence in Wales? Well, I suppose the answer is, partly due to politicians desperate to be seen as onside with every Guardian issue, and partly due to the ‘easy-going’ attitude towards probity and impartiality found in Corruption Bay.

Here’s a relevant example.

Back in 2021 a few activists pulled together a group calling itself the LGBTQ+ Expert Panel and presented its ‘findings’ to the ‘Welsh Government’.

Here’s the opening paragraph of the ‘report’:

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

These findings were published by the ‘Welsh Government’. Suggesting this was another example of the Corruption Bay Clown Show approaching a pressure group and basically asking: “What would you like us to do for you?”

When we look at the composition of the group we can see how unrepresentative it is. To begin with, membership is confined to those who agree with Stonewall. Then, it’s geographically limited to Cardiff. Finally, there’s the mis-labelling.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I’m referring now to Lu Thomas, who is described as ‘Independent’. Independent of what, or whom? To help you understand Lu Thomas, read this article.

And of course, she’s a Labour insider who, over the years, has landed a number of profitable gigs by, er . . . well, by being a Labour insider. On official documents Lu usually becomes ‘Rebecca Louise Thomas’.

But her Linkedin profile (here in pdf format) reveals none of this. Indeed, from that source it’s difficult to see how she keeps the wolf from the door of her dream home in Penarth.

For five years she was chair of Pride Cymru. Was that a paying job? Then, “Managing Director of Final Say Wales” sounds grand, but what the hell was it? I assume it linked with the ‘Welsh Government’s attempt to overturn the Brexit vote.

But again, was there a salary?

Because there’s nothing using the handle ‘Final Say Wales’ registered with Companies House, the Charity Commission, or the Financial Conduct Authority (for Mutuals).

Next up, Lu Thomas claims to be a director of a company called Re:Cognition. There is indeed such a company, with a turnover last year of £11.5m, but Lu Thomas has nothing to do with it.

She’s referring to a tuppenny-ha’penny outfit run by another Labour hack, Jon Luxton, Re:Cognition Training CIC. But Thomas isn’t a director. Never has been.

Since April she’s been Director of Gypsies and Travellers Wales. Which is intriguing, because I was unaware of her having any Gypsy or Traveller background.

Here’s a stab in the dark.

We know the ‘Welsh Government’ is taking over countless organisations, perhaps an insurance policy to – should the worst happen – make life difficult for an incoming non-Labour administration. I wrote about these takeovers recently in Taking Control, Of Everything.

Is Gypsies and Travellers Wales another takeover? The ‘Welsh Government’ is not currently listed among the organisation’s funders, but I bet that’ll change now that Lu Thomas is on board. Though there’ll be a price to pay.

Can’t you see it: “You must give up the Range Rovers and the £100,000 trailers and go back to the horse-drawn caravan – picturesque and environmentally friendly”.

And ‘trans rights’ should go down a bomb with a socially conservative group.

Then again, there are many Gypsy and Traveller groups, and so I wonder how representative of the community the one Lu Thomas has joined really is.

I’ve got nothing personal against Lu Thomas. I mention her because she represents so much that is wrong with devolution. Without a vote to her name she can access and direct public funding, and influence ‘Welsh Government’ policy.

So to whom is she and the others like her accountable?

UPDATE: I was directed to these Minutes of the LGBT(Q)+ Expert Panel held in January, February and March 2021. These are the Minutes of the meetings that led to the document I linked to earlier.

They make interesting reading in a number of ways. For example, this paragraph seems to confirm our worst fears.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The first meeting is chaired by Alyson Francis of the ‘Welsh Government’s Communities Division’. Lu Thomas is listed, but not representing any organisation.

For the second meeting we read: “Alyson explained that a suggestion had been received for Lu Thomas and Alyson to co-chair the group”. We aren’t told who made the suggestion, or why it was made.

In the third meeting, Lu Thomas welcomes everyone, and seems to be in charge, despite co-chair Alyson Francis also being at the meeting. Lu Thomas appears to have taken over from a WG official, but on what authority?

The other thing that struck me was the absence of any representatives of Glitter Cymru in the three monthly meetings, yet three are listed in the final report as being members of the Expert Panel.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

One of the three, Ourania Vamvaka-Tatsi, attended all the monthly meetings, but representing ‘MEAD Cardiff University‘.


There can be no doubt that Stonewall has a great deal of influence within the ‘Welsh Government’ and its associated agencies. The generous funding Stonewall receives is proof enough of that.

And yet, this is no more than we’ve come to expect in Wales – pressure groups forcing their agendas onto an administration with few ideas of its own and a pathetic desire to comply with the Globalists’ Woke-Green-Left agenda.

And the pressure groups actually get paid for it! Like a comedian’s gag writers.

But over and above the money is the worry about Stonewall’s influence on the education system, and our children. Though it’s strange that those involved with Stonewall and similar organisations are so concerned about children, considering so few of them have children of their own.

(If anybody thinks the previous paragraph is homophobic, or transphobic, or any bloodyphobic, well, “Frankly, my dear . . . “.)

In particular, I’m referring to the new Curriculum for Wales, and especially the Relationships and Sexuality Education Code (RSE). Which is explained as you see below. And it’s wrong on so many counts.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Fundamentally, “the world around us” remains very much the same as it has for millennia. Human males inseminate human females, who have babies, and most children are still brought up by a mother and father within a wider family network.

It’s still the case that women do not have penises, and men can not have babies.

Yet attempts to undermine the nuclear family still come from Stonewall and other pervert-friendly groups that are far too close to the ‘Welsh Government’.

Small wonder that more parents in Wales are choosing to home school their children, as this interview (in Welsh) confirms.

As Catherine says: “They’re my children, not Mark Drakeford’s children, or (education minister) Jeremy Miles’ children”.

She might have added, “And they’re certainly not Stonewall’s children“.

I expect children to be taught the irrefutable: The Earth is round, 2 + 2 = 4, Moscow is the capital of Russia, etc. Beyond that I would want children to be taught critical thinking so they can make up their own minds.

A balanced, “But on the other hand . . . “ approach.

But that’s not happening because there are so many pressure groups demanding input into the education system, and so many brainwashed teachers, that we are producing programmed kids who believe that regurgitating slogans and prejudices is thinking for themselves.

A word that’s always intrigued me is ‘stakeholder’. It’s all the rage, you see and hear it everywhere, but who or what is a stakeholder? How do you become a stakeholder?

I posed that question to a regular contact who directed me to a list of the ‘stakeholders’ involved in the education of Welsh children. And there are some surprising, even worrying, names among them.

Here’s the ‘Welsh Government’s Education Strategic Stakeholder Group. (It doesn’t seem to have been updated since July 2019, so we have to assume it’s still correct.)

The first thing that struck me was the number of trade unions on that list. Ten, by my count. But what input do trade unions need to our education system? Or, to put it another way, how do our children benefit from any such input?

And why so many voices for the ‘Welsh Government’? Are those different departments in competition?

Then I noticed three BAME outfits. Race Council Cymru (BAME Alliance), Race Equality First (BAME Alliance), and EYST. What’s their contribution – “White people are evil“? Because that seems to be all they have to say nowadays.

I would almost bet my house on the fact that ALL the organisations on that list have been won over or coerced into accepting the Globalist Woke-Green-Left agenda. So where is the balance of an alternative interpretation?

And do you know what else I don’t see there – an organisation representing parents. You know, those ultimately responsible for children.


The Western world is in a bad place at the moment. For we live in a dictatorship. It might still be a relatively benign dictatorship, but a dictatorship nonetheless.

We went through a Covid lockdown in order to inject us with God knows what. We are allowed to hold only certain views, and if you move beyond this groupthink then you will be deplatformed, blocked on social media, and even lose your job.

This is because we have very rich and powerful individuals seeking to control what we eat, what’s injected into us, where we live, who lives among us, how far we can travel, and of course, what we think.

For as Nigel Farage found out, thoughtcrime can leave you without a bank account.

“We’ll provide the crises – and the solutions!”, says Klaus Schwab.

Click to open enlarge in separate tab

To further their ambitions the oligarchs have on their side people who pretend to believe or – God help them! – may genuinely believe that anyone opposing The Agenda must be far right or fascist, racist, transphobe, climate denier, etc, etc.

We seem to have reached a point of maximum lunacy. Biology can be denied. History can be re-written. Climate records can be changed.

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

The problem for the Globalists is that they regularly come into contact with reality – and lose. Though the loss can usually be covered up by their apologists, especially those in their bought media.

Nowhere is the lie more obvious just now than with ‘refugees’. I’m referring to the thousands of young men, many of Muslim and African backgrounds, who land in Europe every day.

Everyone knows they are not genuine refugees, even those defending them. So we have to deal in euphemisms; ‘migrant’ being the current favourite. But we are still asked to believe that they are fleeing war or persecution or natural disaster.

Which is why recent events at the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli have been so fascinating, and revelatory.

To cut a long story short . . . the UK Home Office, working with the hotel’s owners, decided to move 300 undocumented ‘migrants’ into the four star Stradey Park Hotel.

The locals decided they didn’t want it to happen, and so they protested, and blocked the entrance. There has been a stand-off for a few weeks, and at the time of writing, no ‘migrants’ have arrived.

These locals are now far right, fascists, racists, etc.

Image Richard Tice. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

And yet, who are the real extremists?

Is it decent, hard-working, law-abiding Welsh people defending their community, or is it left wing fanatics driven by a corrupt ideology who don’t give a damn about Llanelli and have been bused in from as far away as Bristol?

The answer seems obvious to me.

The bigger message should also be clear. If you want to save your kids from Stonewall, if you want to protect your communities from unvetted ‘migrants’, if you want to retain your freedom of thought and movement – stop voting for socialists.

Because when it gave up on the White working class the left transferred its allegiance to the Globalists and their pressure groups. You only have to look at the state of Wales today, and where the money goes, to realise that.

A ‘Welsh Government’ that can’t find money to feed the poorest kids can still find money for those who’d like to expose themselves to those children.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

This is twenty-first century ‘socialism’. It offers nothing. Wake up! before it’s too late.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2023

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“Narcissistic weirdo” can be used to describe a whole raft of types. It describes very accurately the Drakeford gang although I have no recall of any of them turning out in alternative gender kit.


Caught a glimpse of Drakeford and his crew at Royal Welsh declaring his “10% farm land for trees” policy as a key component in his save the world strategy. Elsewhere soon he or one of his lackeys will turn up the volume on “food miles” as yet another key component of same save the world strategy. Yet these dopes can’t see or deliberately ignore the fundamental inconsistency in their ideals or ideas. Growing as much as possible at home or as near as possible to home should be a key component in any sustainable response to the perceived crisis. The fact they don’t see that as a priority suggests that they don’t grasp the real meaning of crisis or just don’t believe that the crisis really exists except in their prancing posturing showboating antics in which they engage to please their globalist ecofascist masters. All very bad actors wasting a load of time and other resources.

Ioan Richard

Since the 1947 Town and Countryside Planning Act the UK Planning System has been developing into the model of sophistication it is today. Now it is partly governed by state law and more importantly democratically by Localised Planning Policies unique to the needs of the Local Authority it serves. 
For some years of late, developments considered to be of national significance DNS, the Local Authorities became only important Consultees, and the State’s Planning Inspectorate has become the decision maker. Developments of National Significance DNS trended to be large construction proposals for Power Stations; Water Reservoirs; Major Industrial Factories; Strategic Transport Terminuses like Airports and Centralised Recycling Centres. You get the picture. Such developments were considered to be of DNS Status because they were obviously Strategic by simple definition. More recently that definition was expanded to take out local decision making, as communities and their Councils could slow down, or block by Nimbyism, major developments that residents considered, rightly or wrongly, to be unsavoury on their doorsteps . In the past few years the Wales Government has further honed down the definition of a DNS for issues it wants to remove from local democracy, particularly in its over hasty rush to achieve a Carbon Free Wales in a very short number of years. 
Let me give you one farcical example. Solar Panel complexes that are popping up all over Welsh agricultural fields are quoted as being a DNS if they have a ‘capacity’ of 10 MW. This means their maximum output in the most favourable of sunny cloudless long summer days. Whereas over a whole year they are only on average just 10% effective obviously due to 365 nights with no sun and short winter cloudy days with little sun. So the average over a year is just one single mega watt, or a thousand old fashioned single bar electric fires. At that level they are absolutely and certainly not of national significance, but the Wales Governments says they are of DNS status, and thus all have to be processed by the Wales Planning Inspectorate not local Councils and Councillors.
It’s time that a number of caring countryside organisations banded together to fund a serious formal legal challenge to the Wales Government on the new Welsh definition of what really is a DNS development of national significance.

Ioan Richard

I sent my e mail (as above – about Developments of National Strategic importance) to a whole raft of Politicians of several political parties – Councillors and Senedd Members and a few MPs. Not one single one has responded. From past experience, I suspect my e mails to them must be either blocked or censored by their Spads. This generation of Politicians gets re-elected by ignoring constituents, particularly on any subject connected to their new religion surrounding Climate Change. My item above has been published prominently in several newspapers without public criticism, which proves the politicians in Cardiff Bay’s Senedd (it is not the Senedd of Wales as far as I now believe) and County Halls are out of touch with the people. Does any reader of this BLOG ever get answers from their Politicians? I am getting very cynical. I am of the mind now to think that Labour in the Senedd is only there to serve themselves and select groups like Stonewall, and Plaid Cymru is only there to serve Labour, and the Tories only serve Sunak and any others (like Greens) only serve fantasies.


Oddly enough I only get responses from my (Tory) M.P and most of those seem to be constructed by some SpAd as they often only obliquely relate to my initial question/ comment. Sometimes they quite rightly point out that the matter I raise is within the domain of our Senedd. I will the reply that given their position they are at liberty to write to any number of A.M’s who purport to represent my patch pointing out my concerns. Whether that ever gets done is open to question. M.P’s are heavily reliant on those effin’ SpAds and much of their comms defaults to telling us when our area of interest/concern will next come up at Committee or debate in the House. Parliamentary equivalent of kicking a flat ball through long grass !

Dyn Gwyrdd

It is a scandal that the people of Wales (seemingly supporters of all Parties) accept that our Talking Shop in Cardiff Bay is giving our money away to Groups and Organisations, that mean nothing for us, without a murmur. The costly farm for a Green Festival at the most only raised a few eyebrows – nothing more. Now these donations to this dangerous clique STONEWALL is really staggering beyond belief. In six years it looks as if the WAG gave over a £million to Stonewall. I really believe that Stonewall is far more dangerous to our children than Meibion Glyndwr ever was. Warped mind bending of our youth is far more irresponsible and nasty than striking a match in an empty cottage. To top it up, most of the Senedd Members allow Stonewall to dictate parts of Wales’ policies! It is scary!!!! I would place a bet that no parents have written to their Senedd Members on this issue expressing concerns of warping children’s minds and wasting money. Can Senedd Members confirm this apathy. Stonewall has degenerated to a stage where it should become a proscribed movement. Maybe the Westminster Government should discuss this issue as the Cardiff bunch are collaborators feeding our money into such coffers.


Miles off topic and even further from any decent weather we have endured yet another washed out day here on the South Wales coast while BBC is churning out doomsday stuff about climate change/global warming. True it’s a bit warmer than usual in parts of the world and its wetter than usual in other parts but those characteristics are just as likely to be due to the cyclical nature of weather patterns. The cataclysm is more likely to come from some over zealous prick in government pressing a few wrong buttons. Too many busybody humans sitting around with little or nothing to do. All men in grey suits and their female and trans equivalents should take a few weeks off, shut up and go do something useful like fill the potholes in our roads or serve dinners to genuinely impoverished and homeless people. When that’s done start shuttling people without transport back and fore to clinics and hospitals, or go fetch shopping for those with mobility problems.

Drakeford, are you listening ? Time to get yourself and your fellow A.S’s into action. And round up all those oddball lobbyists and other influencers to do some real work for a change.

David Smith

I actually read Glitter Cymru as “Grifter Cymru” for a second!

Dr John Ball


As ever you have asked the questions nobody else is asking…
How many times have I asked this very simple question – what is the opposition doing??
The Tories are asleep and the one group that should be taking Welsh matters seriously is Plaid Cymru. It seems that sleepy ap Iorwerth has taken over from silent Price…
The one person who was not afraid to ask the questions – Neil McAvoy – was shafted by Wood and friends and the P C candidate who replaced him has been suspended…..
May I ask Dafis who the few honourable exceptions are?
Your comment on the “Welsh Government” finding money for these groups but can’t find money to feed our poorest children was chilling. But keep the peasantry poor and thus grateful, but look after your odd friends.
Interesting that the Education Minister is gay…I’m sure this isn’t influencing his decisions….


John. Hedd(Plaid) Kurtz(Tory) Llyr G (plaid)Laurajones(Tory)R George (Tory) have capacity for hard work getting at facts rather than the pure bullshit and pre formulated rhetoric trotted out by others. None of these are 100% exempt from criticism but compared to others they show up well


Mabon was the guy I was thinking about. How the name Hedd crept in must be down to yesterday’s shocking weather, or maybe a drop of something unusual !

David Robins

“finding money for these groups but can’t find money to feed our poorest children”

Of course, you’re not encouraged to point this out: ‘divisive’, ‘setting one minority against another’, ‘can do all of this and more once we get the Tories out’. The language of priorities, Nye said, is the religion of socialism. They need their feet held to the fire about why – given that the resources they have are what they have – these are the choices they make.

Dr John Ball

I’m not quite sure what point you’re making.
However, if this is a quotation from Nye then it illustrates the fundamental problem here – blame the tories/get the tories out is the cry from far too many in Wales, missing the point that almost every aspect of life in Wales was and is in the hands of Nye’s party.
Surviving of course on the threat of the(imaginary) tories in Wales keeps them in power.


The point is that Nye’s party had a philosophy of priorities, and not wasting money on vanity projects. If Stonewall is now one of the priorities and hungry children aren’t, how did Labour get to that position and how do they justify it?

Morriston Dancer

Briefly – off subject – to Dr John Ball – please keep publicly criticising Morriston’s Mini Guru – he keeps pathetically rising to your bait with his muppet snide tripe exchanges. He is falling into the hole of ignorance he is digging for himself and his fellow Labourites.

Dr John Ball

Thank you!
I’m writing the next instalment now!


Interesting interview with Kim Isherwood [Public Child Protection Wales] on U K Column


“Since April she’s been Director of Gypsies and Travellers Wales. Which is intriguing, because I was unaware of her having any Gypsy or Traveller background.”

No need. You can be a man in a frock and be put in charge of the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, advising bigoted cis-women to reframe their trauma if they complain. ‘Allyship’ can be like that.

I suspect that having any relevant lived experience matters less than having the skills to subvert (“re-invent”) a drifting organisation, then steer it towards some new, more lucrative destination unrelated to the original cause. Stonewall is an example. So is Labour. So is Plaid Cymru. So is devolution. So was YesCymru. Being given a job you know nothing about is the ultimate proof of inclusivity, the interchangeability of everyone that egalitarianism must imply. The less you know about the cause, the less you will be diverted by it from whatever contribution it is you’re making to ‘ending all oppression’.

Don’t try this with any of the black-focused organisations though. Too much of the Baptist hellfire lingers there to be easily queered. You can be as transgender as you like but transracial gets a whole load of pushback. Transableism though is definitely a thing, and apparently the next big one: it comes with welfare benefits to ‘self-identify’ your way into.


Obviously, the Rape Crisis Centre in Edinburgh as an independent charity can appoint whoever they like as their CEO. Am of the opinion that gender is not the deciding factor and another of this type the CEO is a man who doesn’t wear a frock. There’s too much emphasis on tea and sympathy and not on obtaining convictions for rape. A more suitably qualified CEO will be someone with experience as a warranted police officer with experience in conviction to help guide victims where gender is not relevant. 

More concerning is that this person you highlight in Edinburgh was a former candidate for election on an ‘all women shortlist’. That concept is discriminatory and should be outlawed. The best candidate should stand and selected regardless. This concept has also crept into Welsh elections, to be enshrined in electoral legislation, which is discriminatory whether male, female or whatever. The best person should be selected to perform the task regardless of gender. Candidates should be human, live in Wales, reside in the constituency and their mode of attire or status of reproductive equipment irrelevant.

David Smith

Apparently one of these ‘malleable’ sorts drinks in my local and one week decided to declare ‘themselves’ autistic. Fell afoul of one of the local characters who has a (genuinely) autistic brother in doing so, it seems.


There’s a lot to dislike about the conduct of Wales’ sham “government” and its relationships with a variety of ishoo driven influencers. Of course our pathetic cluster of nearly 60 A.S.’s ( some honourable exceptions in there but so few that they can’t prevent the general drift) are following the trend of most national governments and supranational bodies and that is seen by them as an unquestionable legitimacy.

Whether it’s to do with gay rights, environmental/ pollution problems, climatic volatility, refugees, various types of migrants or indeed any thing else the instinctive response is to escalate an issue into a crisis thus mobilising extreme responses when a more data rational approach would dictate a controlled pace and direction.

Of course that kind of reliance on thorough analysis of challenges and rigorous scrutiny of responses is the last thing tolerated by any government hell bent on imposing a predetermined ideology. That is where we are today with the Bay bubble cliques and UK wide it is what prevails at Westminster and at Edinburgh.


The reason why the mafia in New York bought shares (via an intermediary) in the Stonewall Inn as a gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York, was that they saw it as an opportunity to blackmail any wealthy patrons. To suggest that there was a conspiracy between Stonewall patrons and the mafia is completely false. I hope, Jac, you can agree that the original aims and changes demanded by Stonewall gets your support, and the current incestuous relationship between the bandwagon trippers you identify and the Welsh Government is a different thing altogether.



It was the NYPD being corrupt at the time, who acted as enforcers for the mob. Along the lines of “pay up or get arrested for importuning”. This was the root of the corruption. In a way the leverage and symbiotic relationship between the mob and NYPD in the 1960s is very similar to the current corrupt leverage and symbiotic relationship between the Welsh Government, Labour and the merry-go-round of ‘insider-activists’.

Note – Both the Gender recognition Act (Scotland) and the existing Equality Act does not apply to sports in relation to both the protected characteristics of sex and age. That’s up to the governing body of the sport concerned. Always has. It’s why there’s an under 20s rugby team not being agist and a womens football team not of sex discrimination. Problems have arisen because there has been incorrect assertions, both pro and anti.

The T has always been part of Stonewall, since the days of the 1969 events in New York. Of course the T has become prominent. That’s because the age of consent for L, B and G has now been normalised to same age of consent as H. Not so with T due to the arduous and unnecessary provisions of state ID, this is the need for change.


Jan Morris managed for decades without such state ID. State ID relates to interactions with the state, in relation to birth certificates, marital status, etc., that are the state’s business and not just the individual’s. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 was well-meaning but stupid. It requires the falsification of public records for a private benefit. The result is statistical pollution, so that, for example, we end up discussing why so many rapes are now being committed by women and ask ourselves what it is about women these days instead of stating the obvious.


Jan Morris had to leave Wales for gender reassignment, as post transition would have been a person of gender woman married to a woman. She had to get a divorce and was only state recognised as re-united in 2008 by civil partnership. Her issues detailed in her autobiography “Conundrum’ is of state and ID. Her experience related to pension, inheritance and of course, passport.