Social cleansing in the Wild West Show


This week’s offering keeps to the bits and pieces format that’s popular in certain quarters; but there is a thread in that all the items below show Wales being taken advantage of in one form or another.

Worse, there are some trying to present our passivity and gullibility as virtues, cos we are ‘carin’, innit.


I remember Paul Flynn, long-serving Labour MP for Newport West who died last month, use the term ‘Wild West Show’ to describe the planning system – or lack thereof – in Ceredigion back in the 1980s and 1990s. Those halcyon days when the council was run by Dai Lloyd Evans and his fraternity of landowner-farmers sitting as ‘Independents’.

No ordinary men these, but seers, with powers that allowed them to predict which land might in future be built upon and therefore increase in value. And so certain were they of their powers that some would buy worthless land that – hey presto! – became valuable through being favoured in local development plans and by other means.

Dai Lloyd Evans himself increased his already considerable wealth by buying a couple of fields outside of his native Tregaron that – as the visions had foretold – became earmarked for ‘development’. The populace marvelled at his prescience.

Those were indeed wondrous times. And the splurge of housebuilding, the detached four-bedroom houses, were defended by Dai and his gang with, ‘Our youngsters must have somewhere to live’.

If you want to know why the Welsh language has retreated so rapidly in Ceredigion then look no further than Dai Lloyd Evans and his gang encouraging the building of thousands of big houses . . . for local youngsters.

All the while Plaid Cymru stood by twiddling its thumbs. Or else, like Cynog Dafis, tried to put a positive gloss on the invasion by snuggling up to the Green element and pretending these colonialist enviro-shysters would be an asset to Wales.

The Wild West show is no longer confined to Ceredigion. It’s playing all over Wales (though Welsh involvement is now minimal). There’s a simple reason for this – it’s because in Wales you can get away with just about anything.

That’s why Wales attracts the leeches of the third sector bleeding the public purse to tackle issues that will never really be tackled because to do so would cut off the leeches’ blood supply.

It also explains why we get all manner of shysters and crooks coming to Wales – because they know they can tap into public funding and get planning permission and other support for just about any ludicrous ‘scheme’.

And even when people get caught out, nothing is done. Auditors, ombudsmen, politicians, media, police, just look the other way, and the Wild West Show rolls on.


The fun and games – and the lies – continue down in Milford Haven with Camp Valour’s plans for Fort Hubberston.

For those wondering what I’m talking about, let me explain that a bunch of chancers formed a company called Camp Valour CIC and came up with a scheme for a ‘veteran transition centre’ for 250 military veterans at Fort Hubberston, a 19th century fortification on Milford Haven Waterway.

If you want to catch up with the details, then read this post (scroll down to part 3) and this post (ditto). So what’s new?

As I mentioned in an update to my previous post, I had a silly e-mail, purporting to be from a solicitor, demanding that I take down everything I’d written about the gang. It was badly written, came from a Yahoo address, had no company logo or anything else to suggest it was authentic, but whoever wrote it thought they were being clever by using the name of a real solicitor! (That is a special kind of stupid.)

So I got in touch with the genuine solicitor, forwarded the e-mail I’d received, and she’s now following it up.

Most other developments are covered in the report below from last Friday’s Pembrokeshire Herald.

click to enlarge

Though there has been one other development. Last Thursday I received a notification from Companies House that on February 15th – just two days after my first posting on the subject – ‘Major’ Fabian Sean Lucien Faversham-Pullen resigned as director of Camp Valour CIC.

Which means that Camp Valour is now drifting, rudderless, without a single officer aboard. And for a company to have no officers might invalidate its registration with Companies House. I have reported this state of rudderlessness to Companies House.

This resignation is very strange, or very revealing. His defenders insist that Major Fabian Sean Lucien Faversham-Pullen is genuine and has not changed his name from Sean Keven Patrick Pullen. (They’re twins!) Also, that he really is a military veteran. Yet at the first sign of hostilities he legs it!

I can also report that the Walter Mitty and Bloaters Hunters Club is looking into Pullen’s history. This group exposes con men pretending to have served in the military. It seems the practice is more widespread than you might think, and the fantasists invariably claim to have served in elite units, rarely the Pay Corps or the Engineers.

The other thing worth mentioning is something that’s been nagging me for a few days now, probably because I don’t know how to interpret it. Let me explain.

The phoney solicitor’s letter arrived at 06:09 last Monday. Given that it was quite a long message (443 words) it suggests that whoever wrote it had risen early, or perhaps been up all night. But before that, at 02:22, I received another e-mail, this one telling me that a message had been sent to my Facebook page. But by the time I got up the FB message was gone, presumably the sender had deleted it.

click to enlarge

Did I get messages from two different people that night, or did one person begin with a Facebook message and go for broke with a phoney solicitor’s letter? Though another possibility would be that someone got access to another person’s Facebook account.

Even more perplexing is the case of the disappeared photograph. In this sequence of photographs from the Remembrance Day parade in Liverpool in 2016 there was a photo of a lad, “ . . . wearing his Dad’s medals and Parachute Regiment Beret”. There was a suspicion that the boy was Pullen/Faversham-Pullen’s son. Someone else who saw it – a former Para – claimed that the medals couldn’t be genuine for operational reasons.

click to enlarge

The picture of that boy has been removed some time in the past few days.

Finally, I cannot understand why the Port of Milford Haven is still taking these people seriously. In fact, I cannot understand why the Port of Milford Haven ever took these buggers seriously.

It would suffer no reputational harm if the Port of Milford Haven was to make a clear public announcement stating it will have no further dealings of any kind with Field Admiral Mitty-Pullen and his cohorts.

UPDATE 23:08: Below you’ll see a slightly redacted Facebook exchange that took place today between Pullen and a genuine ex-Para who knows him. The more I read it the more I realise that you cannot believe a word Pullen says. He even contradicts himself when, in column 2, he says that Camp Valour is finished but then, in column 7, he says he’s pulled out but others are carrying on! Which is it?

There’s an old saying that liars need good memories, and Pullen’s got a terrible memory.

click to enlarge

UPDATE 05.03.2019: I have received a reply from Companies House to my query about the status of Camp Valour CIC, seeing as it no longer has a director. (Click to enlarge.)


Someone on Swansea Bay who knows of such things tells of growing concern at the number of individuals being dealt with that clearly have no connections with the area.

One recent case my source became aware of is that of a vulnerable woman from Birmingham now living in Neath . . . when she’s not in the custody suite at Swansea Central police station . . . or getting treatment in hospital . . . or being ferried around by police car or ambulance.

And yet those running the property where this woman lives would argue that she costs us nothing because ‘Birmingham’ pays for her accommodation; which is no doubt true, but ‘Birmingham’ doesn’t pay for police time, or the amount this woman and so many others cost the ambulance service and the Welsh NHS.

In the previous post I looked at the case of staff at a care home in Cwm-twrch Isaf being told not to speak Welsh because the residents were not familiar with the language, proving that the residents aren’t local. So where are they from and why are they in Cwm-twrch Isaf? And why aren’t our politicians and media asking these questions?

Other reports tell me that many of the desperate cases who’ve been housed in Neath and spend their days on the streets are not from the area, and didn’t move to the area of their own volition. So what’s going on?

Another worrying story was brought to my attention last week of someone sent to prison for brandishing a large knife in a Haverfordwest pub. The report tells us this person – who had previously been imprisoned in Scotland – had recently moved to the area. But who moved him? Is anyone asking this question?

Also last week, in the north, a convicted sexual pervert was sent down again, with no one asking how he found his way to the Dolgellau area.

There’s no question that Wales is being taken advantage of by English local authorities, third sector outfits, probation companies, misguided do-gooders, housing associations and other bodies, with this encouraged, and then capitalised on, by the Labour Party.

The Labour Party wants to keep Wales poor so that it can blame ‘London’/the Tories and keep us voting Labour. Which means that Wales will remain poor for as long as we keep voting Labour.

This social cleansing has similarities with the dispersal of refugees, an issue reported on recently by Newsnight, which found that the poorer areas of central and northern England see many more refugees under the UK’s dispersal policy than wealthier parts of southern England with higher property values.

While there are similarities Wales has a much larger, overall social burden, and it’s spread more widely, because in addition to social cleansing and refugees the well-heeled from Surbiton and Solihull do not retire to Stoke or Scunthorpe, nor do they buy holiday homes in such places.

Being taken advantage of is bad enough, but we have celebs defending this colonialist exploitation by encouraging us to engage in an orgy of self-congratulation for being so ‘caring’.

When you start congratulating yourself for being a mug then you’re in real trouble . . . and others will continue to take advantage of you.


On the outskirts of Swansea, tucked behind Morriston Hospital, lies the hamlet of Pant-lasau, consisting of around twenty homes. Although in many ways it’s a secluded spot it is of course next to one of Wales’s busiest hospitals and very close to the M4.

So it was no surprise when, in 2015, Edenstone Homes Limited, a company with a Gwent address, applied to build 13 new houses in Pant-lasau. These were substantial properties of types known as ‘Farnham’, ‘Bamford’, ‘Ingleton’ and ‘Ashcombe’, names that gel seamlessly with Pant-lasau, Cwmrhydyceirw, Llangyfelach and Mynydd Gelliwastad.

The application – 2015/1581 – was refused by Swansea city council and the refusal was upheld in April 2016 by Clive Nield of the Planning Inspectorate. Read the decision here.

On November 27th last year another planning application was received for the same parcel of land from Coastal Housing Group, one of the major housing associations in the area. This time for 20 ‘affordable homes’.

So why am I boring you by writing about a small housing association development on the outskirts of Swansea?

Because, good people, Coastal Housing has a ‘partner’ in this project, a fact made clear with this report produced in September 2018. While Swansea council’s website insists that it’s Coastal Housing acting alone.

click to enlarge

So why the reticence to acknowledge the involvement of ‘Ashgrove Partnerships’? Come to that, who are Ashgrove Partnerships? All will be explained in a minute.

At the time of writing this, the Ashgrove website was still under construction, so the obvious conclusion to draw is that it’s a new company. But is it? For if we look to the bottom of the screen capture below we read, ‘Part of the Edenstone Group’, and it was Edenstone Homes that made the original planning application back in 2015.

click to enlarge

The truth is, as Companies House tells us, that Edenstone Partnership Homes Limited changed its name to Ashgrove Partnership Homes Ltd in January this year. (In fact, this company has had six different names since it was Incorporated in February 2004.)

The directors are Stuart James Rodden, Mark Julian Hugo Holden, Jeffrey Stanley Taylor and Martin Jeffrey Taylor. The Taylors are probably father and son with the father, Jeffrey Stanley, involved in what appear to be all of the Edenstone companies and the son branching out beyond Edenstone.

Quite obviously, Edenstone has come back to Pant-lasau for a second attempt using Coastal Housing as a proxy. With the January name change to Ashgrove an attempt to disguise its true identity.

Let Uncle Jac explain what’s going to happen at Pant-lasau.

Planning permission will be given to Coastal Housing for 20 fairly modest properties. Everything will then pass to Edenstone/Ashgrove and changes will be requested to the planning approval. There may be a number of such requests granted to the point where what is finally built is radically different to what originally received planning permission. (As we recently saw at Plas Pistyll in Wilmslow-sur-Mer.)

What’s being done at Pant-lasau is deceitful and Coastal Housing is a willing participant in this deception. But who else is involved? For example, is Swansea council aware that Coastal Housing is fronting for a private developer?

Is the self-styled ‘Welsh Government’ aware of this deceit? Or is Pant-lasau an example of the kind of ‘partnerships’ I hear housing associations are being encouraged to enter into?

Sifting through the documents available I was unable to find a title number or any ownership details for the land in question. The only option was a post code search on the Land Registry website. And it worked.

The documents tell us that the owners are David Michael Vernon Thomas and Susan Daphne Thomas of Deepholm Farmhouse, Rockfield, Monmouth. But we also read . . .

“(08.02.2013) RESTRICTION: Until 24 February 2024 no disposition of the part of the registered estate shown edged red on Part 1 of the title plan (other than a charge) by the proprietor of the registered estate, or by the proprietor of any registered charge, not being a charge registered before the entry of this restriction is to be registered without a certificate signed by Edenstone Homes (Western) Limited (Co. Regn. No. 7110699) of Priory House, Priory Street, Usk NP15 1QN”.

click to enlarge

The Company mentioned in the Restriction above, Edenstone Homes (Western) Limited, is a shell company with Rodden and the Taylors as directors. All three give their address as First Floor, Building 102, Wales 1 Business Park, Newport Road, Magor, Caldicot, Wales, NP26 3DG. This address is home to a number of Rodden-Holden-Taylor companies.

The building itself is an ugly, new structure and obviously part of Alun Cairns’ Severnside nightmare.

So even though Edenstone/Ashgrove doesn’t own the land at Pant-lasau it obviously has some arrangement with the owners until 2024. Which again raises the question – why does this project need the involvement of Coastal Housing?

The answer, as I’ve explained, is to get planning permission. So I hope that when Swansea’s planning committee discusses this application on Tuesday the 5th it will reject what is an obvious attempt to get planning permission by deception.

And while they’re at it, Swansea’s planning committee might ask for an explanation from Coastal Housing for its involvement in this squalid ploy.

Or is this the shape of things to come?

P.S. I should add that Swansea’s planners seem to be complicit in this deception because even though the site is unsuitable for social housing the planners say it’s fine.

To begin with, there’s nothing in the way of public transport other than the bus service from Morriston hospital that runs down to Singleton hospital. Swansea’s planners say this constitutes good public transport.

On the issue of local facilities, shops and the like, the planners argue that the outlets in Morriston hospital – Subway, Costa and W H Smith – tick this box.

UPDATE 05.03.2019: To the surprise of absolutely no one Swansea council’s planning committee voted to approve this planning application. The vote was seven (all Labour) in favour, three (non-Labour) against.


You may be aware that the UK government is looking for suitable locations to dump nuclear waste. It seems the only areas being considered are in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Who’d have guessed!

In an attempt to be seen consulting the public the UK Government, through its agency Radioactive Waste Management, organised two public meeting in Wales, one in Swansea and one in Llandudno. Chosen for the obvious reason that each is central to its region and easy to reach by road and rail.

Well now we learn that the Swansea meeting is cancelled, and will be replaced by an online consultation. At the time of writing the Llandudno meeting is still going ahead on 14 March.

Picture by János Korom (CC BY-SA 2.0) click to enlarge

The self-styled ‘Welsh Government’ has volunteered Wales for nuclear dumping, which if nothing else is consistent, seeing as it welcomed the dumping of ‘nuclear mud’ off Cardiff last year. For the Labour Party in Wales will do whatever its London masters – in either of the major parties – tell it to do.

Plaid Cymru seems to be ambivalent. It was reluctant to oppose the Cardiff dumping because of the involvement of suspended AM and enfant terrible Neil McEvoy, and Plaid will dither on underground dumping because the party always shows two faces to nuclear energy.

The Swansea meeting may have been called off due to the hostile reaction locally, from such as Tory Suzy Davies the local regional AM and Lib Dem councillor and former AM Peter Black. The local bruvvers have also mumbled a bit but they’ll fall into line when their bosses in Cardiff and London crack the whip.

Whether it’s paedophiles, drug addicts, wrinklies, wind turbines, problem families, white flight, nuclear waste, Wales is where England looks to do its dumping.

There’s only one way to escape this abusive relationship, and that’s independence. There is only one political party promising independence and that’s Ein Gwlad.

♦ end ♦


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Big Gee

Completely off topic, but highly relevant to the subject material of various posts on here.

Today we publicly launched Ein Gwlad’s Manifesto leading up to the Wales Government Elections in 2021.

Here are the links for you:

On our News Portal
A full transcript of the manifesto on our main website

Unmissable bedtime reading for all patriots & political ‘anoraks’.

Big Gee

I hate to say it, but the reality is, many of us who are Welsh patriots to the core and understand the struggles of some current and past colonial countries nearer home, are still tainted with the British/ European imperialists propaganda.

This is STILL spewed out by state propaganda mouthpieces like the BBC & Co. and is and has been a constant since papers, radio, TV & now the Internet came into existence.

Sadly many of us have subconsciously been effected by this black propaganda rubbish, lies and disinformation. As a result our perceptions of certain events, peoples and their countries throughout the world is tainted.

The propagandists would have us believe that past colonial countries are unable to run themselves without their past masters. Puppet leaders have been engaged in many countries, many hideously corrupt. There are tribal, religious and cultural frictions evident – as highlighted by Brychan & Dafis. It’s not a problem as easily explained as “it’s the nature of the beast of black African countries”. That’s a bit like they used to tell everyone in the British Army that ‘blacks’ can’t run very well in combat because they all have flat feet! That was the official state line in the 50s.

We have to be very careful that we don’t repeat preconceived ideas, and bigoted opinions planted in our heads by the propaganda from the western world imperialists.

Much is explained about the Third World debt economy in the book ‘Dirty Money’ – well worth a read. It gives an insight into the scam that is perpetuated about money in the economic system we live under. It’s also an eye opener into the way it effects countries like Africa, and why it makes their predicament so hopeless.

As for people from those regions ‘flooding’ into European countries, that is a ploy made real by the people whose agenda is to usher in a New World Government, it ties in with Agenda 21. The flight into Europe is the direct result of illegal wars instigated and conducted in those regions by the same people who are behind this agenda, led by the US in it’s modern role as the leader of the new Anglo-American empire. The purpose is to weaken the identity of individual nations.

Zimbabwe is mentioned. A very thought provoking statement by Mugabe some years ago is that not one black nation has ever invaded an inch of European soil, the same cannot be said about white European colonisers in Africa. very true, and is the primary cause of his problem in his country. It’s a shame he pushed his boat out a little bit too far.


BG – May I take this opportunity to correct Robert Mugabe.

Septimius Severus was a Roman emperor from AD193. The face on the coin suggests he was black. He originated from a mountainous area of what is now Libya. He died in Yorkshire in AD211, killed at Isurium Brigantum, (as the name suggests by the brythonic Welsh).

This proves two points (a) A despotic African educated in England knows nothing about his own, and (b) those in Wales who learn history of the English kind would do better by digging up old coins at Segontium. If you do a history lesson about this Roman period in an Irish school you’d know these coins have the face of Phil Lynott. Meanwhile English schools ignore the face. They teach that all advanced empires are led by white people.

Why can’t we have Welsh history in schools?
The word I’m looking for is, errr – curriculum.

As you say “We have to be very careful that we don’t repeat preconceived ideas”.


The Nubian dynasty was most definitely ‘black’.

The key to understanding the history on ancient Egypt circa 3000BC is to dispense with the six phases of modern distortion. These are (1) Grecophillia from 400BC, where the Greek empire sought to legitimise their occupation, Tony and Cleo with all that, (2) Judaophillia from 100BC to associate with Abrahamic mythology, Moses and all that, (3) Islamophillia from 1000AD, where the Muslims sought to desecrate non-Islamic artefacts, (4) Anglophillia from 1800AD, when the British empire tried to ingratiate themselves with an ancient civilisation, (5) Nasserphillia from 1950AD, where the ancient civilisation was falsely associated with communist agricultural theory, (6) Ecophillia from 1990AD, where doomsday theory on global warming is applied to the desertification doctrine.

Applying a scientific analysis to the artefacts finds that the ancient Egyptian civilisation was a multi-racial (DNA evidence), federally administered (linguistic evidence), international trading (isotopic analysis), agrarian (pollen dendrochronoligy), sophisticated empire. It ranged from Ethiopia to Crete, with it’s centre of administration moving alternately from Nubia in Sudan, to the Nile delta in Egypt.{removetoplay}
Sorry about the long words. They taught me English in school.

I wonder what we’ll find out about our own Celtic civilisations when we throw off the cloak of Anglophillia? We might even get to see videos of ‘digs’ at Stonehenge without the BBC dubbing over african drum music and Tony Robinson enthusing about ‘sun gods’ and asking ‘how did these savages move big stones?’.


Correction – Someone of Viking heritage has just pointed out that those ‘long words’ are not English. It’s a mixture of Greek and Latin. It’s fuck all to do with the English. They’ve colonised the syntax by innate absence of applicable heritage. De har inga ord för motivering. Something that cannot be expressed in English. Tystio ‘r wyf nad yw eu cwmni.


I say Jaco.

I suppose congrats are due for the outside world catching up with your colonialist obsession re Wales and the UK (sorry…. English).

As I understand it, the Cymru am Byth – BBC Wales, is going to runs a series of programs based on ‘Wales is it a Colony’ etc…

Huge Gee, recently posted – above …’Zimbabwe is mentioned. A very thought provoking statement by Mugabe some years ago is that not one black nation has ever invaded an inch of European soil..
Using standard (but obscene) language what load of bollocks. But typical of psycho nationalists!

For the record, 100,000 ish years ago Africans (the new HOMO Sapiens), migrated and invaded the whole world, including Europe etc.


What’s this ? Yet another theory of evolution ? Would you Adam & Eve it ?

Big Gee

What exactly is a ” psycho nationalists”?. That’s a new one on me!

The drivel about “migrated and invaded the whole world, including Europe etc.”. Are you conversant with the difference between “migration” (the operative word here – if the theory is sound, but probably not), and “Invasion” or “colonisation”?

Given that the theory of homo sapiens ‘migrating’ from Africa, what countries, tribes or peoples would they have invaded or colonised? Given that they are supposed to be the only ones in existence.

As Jac suggests get more sleep and take care with the medicine. A little knowledge in a hallucinogenic state is a bad thing.


The tweet link from Ein Gwlad about Gemma O’Doherty’s initiative in Ireland is worth a read. In it there is a piece which I think is by her ( not EG) and could be applied just as validly to our present predicament here in Wales. Good luck to her.

“Once the land of saints and scholars, it is now a den of iniquity synonymous with cover-ups, white-collar criminality and cronyism. Every day, in every corner of the country, citizens’ rights are being abused and their taxes squandered by the corrupt ruling elite”

“Amongst the 20 pillars are: Probity, accountability and transparency in public office, the creation of a new ethical banking system and state control of money supply, ending the housing crisis and the homeless industry, breaking-up the state/media relationship and ending RTE licence fee, removal of cultural Marxism/agenda 21 ideologies from all levels of education and restoration of central role of Irish history and language on curriculum, end of uncontrolled immigration and to leave UN Migration Pact, the promotion of free speech and a free press.

The movement also promises to prioritise rural Ireland, and promote small Irish businesses and organic farming, and promote Irish identity in food, retail and commerce.”

Big Gee

You and Gemma O’Doherty- the Irish investigative journalist – should team up to compare notes Jac.

Here’s her website address:

Dafis: our piece on Ein Gwlad’s News portal was written by Aled Gwyn Jôb. Here’s the URL address to that piece:


A quick read of Gemma ODoherty’s web site : , is worthwhile.

To her credit she picks out the key factors – Pillars – that make for a healthy nation state without once mentioning any of those soft, cuddly fashionable ishoos and themes without which Welsh “radicals” can’t sting a sentence together.

Much to my surprise, although I shouldn’t by now be surprised by anything, she highlights among others the housing “crisis”,homelessness, state funded NGO’s and our old friends the dysfunctional charities.

Jac You have a kindred spirit over there. Gee’s suggestion that notes are pooled and info exchanged on those issues that seem to attack emerging nations across Europe.

Finally, it occurs to my darkly suspicious mind that all this housing crises, homelessness and rampant Turd Sector growth is part of big government’s plan across Europe. Whether we are in EU or UK, or both, doesn’t matter, we just got to leave the whole pile of dross behind and clean up the country while there is something left to bother about. Nevertheless it is also reassuring that there are kindred spirits elsewhere digging into the same type of mess.

David Smith

I’m sure imperialism had more than a small hand in fucking up places like Africa, I mean it was all honed here first and Wales does not sit at the top table of rich, white, Christian European countries.

David Smith

It does make one wonder why seemingly some nations are pre-ordained to be colonised or end up as dictatorships and some end up as the colonists or beacons of people power and civil rights. Probably innumerable longstanding factors at play spanning culture, natural resources, climate, religion, history etc etc.


Africa was carved up by the colonial powers for reasons of exploitation. This carve up ignored the cultural, linguistic and civil administration that preceded colonialism. When independence was won, these countries inherited this unstable non-native jigsaw. Independence led to post-colonial wars along ‘tribal’ fissures and civil strife; almost every black Africa ‘country’ experienced this. It’s an inheritance, exploited by former colonialists, rather than a cause. This was also seen in India with partition, and incidentally, in parts of Ireland.

It’s the ‘line on the map’, sometimes drawn straight sometimes cutting across natural geographical features as well as civil identity. The plomping of counties, or lines of sight of fortresses.

There is also a matter of displacement and migration in colonial identity.

Go to a pub in Cardiff and ask a black person what his/her country is and the answer will be Welsh, do the same in London and you’ll get British, rather than English. Go to Glasgow and ask an Asian what his/her country is as they’ll say Scottish, do the same in Luton and you’ll get British, rather than English. Go to Chicago and you might get ‘Irish American’ from a man who clearly has at least some black skinned ancestors.

Wales is a country, one that can look forward to with a stable and independent future. We are indivisible by religion, race and genetics, for we are Welsh. When White English settlers in Wales say they are ‘British’ I always have visions of Japs in Malaya, Yanks in Saigon, or Brits in Mombassa. My message is that if you live in Wales, our country has a unique and indivisible heritage. It’s not the colour of your skin, the shawl on your head, or the cut of your toga. It’s who WE are.{removetoplay}
Cymru am Byth.


And the Congo, victim of a succession of Belgian state and international corporate exploitation still suffers a variety of local “civil wars” nearly 60 years after so-called independence. Leaders were easily seduced and corrupted by deviant western political and business influences while at local levels no one ever resolved the ethnic/tribal divides that seem to crop up at every geographic divide like a river valley or a ridge of mountains. Recent news coverage of Kivu’s troubles just the most recent of many cases. EU powers have played their shameful support role while CIA, Soviet ( now Russian) and Chinese have been major financiers of the continuous shit stirring that passes as diplomacy and promotion of national commercial interests. Lumumba and his kind never stood a chance.


How’s this for a theory. Edenstone Homes paid a some of money (tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds, depending on the size) to the landowners for the exclusive rights to purchase the land at a pre-agreed price, subject to them being able to acquire planning permission. This is standard practice- they won’t purchase the land without planning. But trhey will register a restriction with Land Registry to prevent the landowners selling the land to someone else in the meantime. In this case, planning was refused. So Edenstone are left with a contractual right to purchase un-developable land, In order to recover some of their costs to date, they offer the rights to Coastal Housing, who make a speculative application for planning consent to develop affordable properties. If the consent is granted, Coastal pay Edenstone (which helps them recoup their costs) who grant consent to the landowners to sell the land to Coastal. Coastal then purchase the land off the landowners. If it’s refused, Coastal walk away, having just the cost of the planning application to pay.

Not as outrageous as your theory, admittedly, but probably more likely.


What you describe, Brent, is a pre-emptive agreement. It’s an agreement between the original holder of the title and a speculator. To be legal it has to be limited by time, and must specify the nature of trigger to complete. This is usually the length of time it takes to process planning as defining the duration of contract and a post-planning expected value of the land as a trigger. Changes in legislation to prevent ‘land banking’ also play a role in limiting the time period of a pre-emptive agreement. As I understand it, it is illegal for the final purchaser to be a third party to a pre-emptive agreement as this would be an anti-competitive ‘inside trade’. Also for someone to broker for a third party in a pre-emption is illegal, but difficult to prosecute unless your you’re the WDA. There’s a legal name for this which escapes me, but I prefer to call it a Nicholas Edwards.


A good deal of Edenstone’s work is as contractor to Coastal and its private housebuilding arm, Pennant Homes. They have just finished a development in SA1 Waterfront for them and there was something in the Evening Post about another similar development (forget where) some weeks ago. I suspect that you are correct.


I might be wrong. I may have confused Edenstone with Morganstone. Both operate locally.

David Smith

More sterling stuff. A case could be made for you being the most important journalist in Wales today.


Yes, I agree David. I wonder how many journalists visit this blog, and if they do how many then decide to investigate further, giving Jac more time to concentrate on other new emerging shysters.


There’s a signature on the certificate of incorporation for Camp Valour CIC (2018).
There’s a signature on the “SAS beret letter to the seriously ill boy”. (2016).
This is the mark of the mysterious Major Fabian Sean Lucien Faversham-Pullen.
Both these signatures have a distinctive flourish, some would say effeminate.
There’s also a signature of Victoria Ann Phipps on D-Day revisited charity return (2013). So similar.

When the real Sean Pullen walked out in 2013, was the fake Fabian Sean Lucien Faversham-Pullen created/invented, with extra adornment. A ruse that got out of hand?

What would really nail this theory is to compare the photo, now removed from the Liverpool Echo website (2016) of the remembrance parade with incorrect medals, with that of Mr Jonathan Harry Phipps, the hubby, and co-trustee of the troubled D-Day Revisited Society, after Sean left.

Every branch of Wetherspoons has a sad bloke who makes false claims to have been in the Paras. Some are just creeps, some are bastards who want a shag, but the ones who go in for financial enrichment need to be exposed, be it fake hero collection boxes or hunting for sob story grants. Will we see GogPlod jumping out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft after crossing the Dyfrdwy?


Update to my comment. The Royal Military Police (RMP) is now in joint deployment with the British Transport Police (BTP). Apparently this is a ‘learning exercise’ and nothing to do with the possibility of exposure to the ‘national security’ or ‘domestic strife’ issues resulting from Brexit. Don’t shoot Pike!
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RMPs are not civilian constables, however they can arrest those in possession of a dubious MOD90 and rip the ‘never to be worn’ Kuwait medals away from a Mitty plumbing for cash. For information, change at Wrecsam Central for Hawarden and you’ll see the airfield/hangers. When on site, look for the retro fitted D-Day landing craft.