Snippets and Updates 19.04.2018

I’ve neglected you in recent weeks, relying on two excellent guest posts from Brychan Davies and Aled Gwyn Jôb. But now I’m back. With a vengeance!

Though this offering is long, over 3,000 words, it’s made up of six different items, so you can take them one at a time if you like.



You may beware – then again, you might have better things to do – that there is currently an election under way for a deputy leader in the ‘Welsh’ Labour Party. The two candidates are Julie Morgan, widow of Rhodri, while in the other corner we see the MP for Swansea East, Carolyn Harris.

I am no longer au fait with how things are done in bruvverdom but as a reactionary I’m delighted to see old traditions maintained with local commissar for the trade union Unite, Andy Richards, deciding on their behalf that its members all supported Harris. Unfortunately for him, it turned out that quite a number of his members preferred Mrs Morgan. And they said so publicly, in a video supporting Mrs Morgan.

This infuriated Comrade Richards to such an extent that the revisionists were put on the slow train for Siberia suspended. But word came there from above over-ruling the local commissar, from the office of Unite supremo McCluskey, Friend of the People, Hero of the Revolution, recipient of the Order of Jeremy and countless other commendations.

And so it came to pass that the train was stopped at Severn Junction and the suspended officials escorted off to be reunited with their loved ones, and reinstated into the bruvverhood, Zils and dachas restored.

Courtesy of Wales Online, click to enlarge

During the festivities attending their restoration to the fold (held on the sunlit uplands), a friend of the previously suspended officials said: “I’m pleased the Unite team nationally have shown leadership on this issue, which unfortunately has been so lacking in Wales”.

So there you have it. It seems that in trade unions the old ways of doing things still obtain in the more backward oblasts. Thankfully, at ‘national’ level we find a leadership more attuned to the new-fangled Glasnost.

Even though she’s fighting for the Labour deputy leadership Harris has not neglected her long-standing vendetta against “dyke shoes”-wearing former colleague Jenny Lee Clarke, who will stand trial in June, in Newport, on the contrived charge of theft by the curious route of having paid herself too much.

This case has dragged on for over two years and taken its toll on Ms Lee, especially since South Wales Police told her at one stage the case was being dropped!

I don’t know about you, but thinking of the countless expenses scandals, I find it rather grotesque that an MP should accuse anyone of paying themselves too much. This could bring irony into disrepute.


I know, I know . . . you’re thinking, “Who or what is Cymdeithas Caer Las?”, as well you might, because Caer Las is one of those organisations that prefers to keep a low profile. Explained by the fact that it’s in the business of running ‘hostels’ and in other ways housing those “suffering exclusion” – code for ex-cons and others that most people don’t want living anywhere near them.

Despite being based in the centre of Swansea Caer Las has always been very busy across the mighty torrent to the west. To the extent that a few years back people started calling Llanelli ‘Little Beirut‘ due to the problems caused by undesirables turning up in certain areas of the town. The worst affected areas seemed to around the railway station and down to Seaside, an area of small terraced houses, which of course are cheap to buy.

From the Caer Las website, click to enlarge

Here we find George Street where, after a fire last week, a body was found. The news media soon lost interest in the story but I got to wondering who might own the property, so I went to the Land Registry website. Sure enough, the house is owned by Cymdeithas Caer Las.

A third sector outfit that received over three million pounds last year, the great bulk of it from the ‘Welsh’ Government, and where roughly 70% of that income went on salaries. An organisation that, to keep the funding flowing, brings in clients from over the border.

The ‘Welsh’ third sector in microcosm.

I don’t know who the poor sod who died was, but he has my sympathy. The system will now go through its motions, an investigation will be followed by a quick inquest and perhaps a pauper’s grave.

There are plenty more where he came from to keep Caer Las and countless other third sector businesses thriving.


First the good news. Ceredigion planning committee refused the application by Wales and West Housing to build on the Ffynnonbedr school site in Lampeter. Given the problems ‘Welsh’ Labour’s favourite housing association has already caused in the town with its other properties it would have been perverse of the councillors to have allowed this anti-social housing scheme.

But as is so often the case, planning officers wanted to rush ahead, citing a (non-existent) local demand for one-bed flats. Over years of studying local government it’s become clear to me that too many senior officers in our local authorities are strangers to Wales and unsympathetic to Welsh priorities. This is a problem that must be remedied with the next local government reorganisation.

Though in this case the officer involved, Keith Davies, is Welsh, but seems to operate as an employee of Wales and West rather than Cyngor Ceredigion. Maybe it comes down to politics.

Moving up the A487 to Aberystwyth there is more news on the Plas Morolwg site above the harbour, a project you read about not so long ago in Who Needs Democracy? and Wales and West Housing, the scandal continues.

You’ll recall that the local branch of the Labour Party, now controlled by a Momentum crowd, none of whom seems to have been born anywhere near Ceredigion, took advantage of the closure of the Bodlondeb special needs home in the town to attack the Plaid-led council.

The result was that the council was pushed into the arms of Wales and West, who promised to replace Bodlondeb with a new development on the Plas Morolwg site. The understanding being that the new Plas Morolwg facility would provide a dementia unit to replace the one lost at Bodlondeb.

But I learn there will be no dementia wing at Plas Morolwg. The new development looks increasingly like a purely commercial venture, perhaps like the Pobl Group’s Cwm Aur retirement flats near Llanybydder, which were advertised on Right Move. (So obviously no local connection required.)

And let’s not forget that we’re talking big bucks here. A similar extra care scheme opened by Wales and West last year in Newtown, Powys received a £4m Social Housing Grant from the ‘Welsh’ Government. Though note that the caption below also tells us, “Wales and West funded the remainder with £3.5m”. Wasn’t that generous of them?

Courtesy of Wales and West Housing, click to enlarge

No, not really. Not when we remember that everything housing associations own today has been given to them. From the housing stock they took over from councils and other bodies to the never-ending grants; yet they behave – and expect to be treated! – as if they’re independent and self-supporting businesses!

And with housing associations building retirement homes and other facilities it reminds us that it’s not just the social housing role that they’ve usurped from local councils. But are they qualified to run care facilities? In the case of the Newtown scheme care is provided by Wales and West’s very own Castell Care and Support which comes under the umbrella of Castell Ventures.

Housing associations and other third sector bodies are increasingly taking over the running of Wales. They own property paid for from the public purse, they receive vast sums every year from the ‘Welsh’ Government, yet unlike local authorities there is no democratic accountability. We can’t even submit a Freedom of Information request because they’re exempt from FoI legislation.

But sod that, all that matters is that they’re accountable to the Labour Party and stuffed with Labour cronies.

Before ending this section let’s just return to Plas Morolwg for a minute. And talking of money, let’s remember that Wales and West got a Social Housing Grant of £1.6m to buy the site – which it already owned! Though according to council leader Ellen ap Gwynn the money is being given for “enabling works”, whatever the hell that means.

Though to judge by reactions from her and council officers when a councillor raised the issue at a cabinet meeting the £1.6m is probably supposed to be a secret.

Now that Labour’s Wales and West Housing has reneged on providing dementia care at Plas Morolwg I predict that the local Momentum crowd led by wannabe politician Dinah Mulholland will take to the streets again to attack the council for letting down vulnerable people.

Perhaps Owen Jones will pay another visit. (Maybe I’ll get him in a selfie! Or a head-lock!)

UPDATE: Right on cue, to increase my worries about housing associations taking on roles for which they are not suited, an article appeared in Llais y Sais today, written by Jas Bains, chief executive of Hafod. Jas has been in Wales for almost a year, so he knows exactly what Wales needs.

click to enlarge

Jas writes, “Our plan is to take this a step further, using this opportunity of transformational change to fully integrate housing provision into the new health and care models, based on neighbourhoods and communities”.

But where is the political or legal authority for unaccountable bodies entrusted with the provision of social housing to take over social care and health provision? Where is the expertise? Does ‘Welsh’ Labour plan to use its housing associations to retain power in a country where its moral authority is ebbing away?


Someone contacted me anonymously last week suggesting that Wales for a United Kingdom may be run by a couple of men who own an online gift business with an address in Brecon’s West End. I was unable to establish a firm connection, so if you have any further information please get back in touch.

As might be expected, I made a few enquiries. First off, the Twitter account – from which I’m blocked! Can you believe that? (I can only assume they’ve got me mixed up with some other Jac o’ the North.) There’s an easy way around being blocked, so I went through the timeline.

Here’s an example of what I found.

click to enlarge

All in all, it’s rather a sad little site, almost patronising; promoting a ‘Cute little Wales’ kind of Welshness that suggests those behind it aren’t Welsh at all. It should also go without saying that those behind Wales for a United Kingdom are opposed to devolution, perhaps because they think the natives aren’t ready to run their own affairs. Such things being best left to the Great White Mother and her people.

It’s also a site to which the military – especially the RAF – seems to be very important. What is it with these BritNats; their ‘Britishness’, their patriotism, seems to be fixated on the military and the monarchy? It’s all about belting out GSTQ and then giving Johnny Foreigner a damn good kicking.

I look forward to seeing England football fans trying that behaviour in Russia this summer during the World Cup.

Do the English have nothing else to be proud of? Or do BritNats suffer from an imperial hangover? A question worth asking because there seem to be quite a few of them about, so be on your guard, and report any sightings to Jac.

UPDATE: My source came back to confirm that the person behind Wales for a United Kingdom is Adam Jon Brown of Brecon. He and his partner Raymond Michael Parkinson started Bluebellsgifts Ltd last August.

Coincidentally, Brown’s identity was confirmed by another source via Facebook who added that Adam Jon Brown might work for Kentucky Fried Chicken. He certainly had worked for the Colonel in the recent past.


Unless you’ve been stuck somewhere for a few weeks without contact with the outside world you’ll know about Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns’ plan to name the Second Severn Crossing the Prince of Wales Bridge. At the time of writing, the petition opposing this odious piece of arse-licking had passed 37,000 signatures.

It was bad enough, if predictable, that the suggestion should come from a Conservative politician, but the dire state of this nation was further exposed when we learnt that the ‘Welsh’ Government had been consulted, and either agreed that it was a splendid idea or just went along with it.

Predictably, a BritNat twat writing for an English newspaper waded in to the hitherto internal debate. The twat in question being Rod Liddle of the Sunday Times. Complaints were made to IPSO, the so-called ‘press watchdog’, but because we Welsh don’t kill people, plant bombs, or riot, it was rejected.

Perhaps emboldened by the current ‘Let’s put the buggers in their place’ campaign, that began its recent cycle with the Flint Ring of Steel, some silly sod then suggested that what Wales really needs is not jobs, or a decent health service, or a better transport infrastructure, but a royal palace. (C’mon, be honest, after a few jars you’ve often thought the same thing.)

The ‘Welsh’ media duly reported it in the forensic manner we have come to expect, “Wales would benefit by creating a royal palace” reads the headline in the article by Martin Shipton, focusing on the vague suggestion that such a palace might generate tourism income, and the great man himself listed the benefits with bullet points.

The real reason, and the true thinking behind it, was blatantly political, and equally blatantly BritNat.

click to enlarge

We have to push on to the halfway point to read: “In an era when the UK appears to be becoming increasingly fragmented, it (the proposed palace) could act as a focus by binding the Welsh nation into the union with the other nations in the British Isles”.

Stripped of all the bollocks about economic benefits, and international recognition, this is just another piece of very unsubtle BritNat poking, to see if we’re still awake, and reacting. Let’s confirm that we’re awake and alert by telling anyone supporting this idea to fuck right off.


For those unfamiliar with the locale, Gower is the third Swansea constituency, taking in Mumbles, the peninsula that gives the constituency its name, and then running north to the former industrial towns on the city’s western and northern peripheries such as Gowerton and Gorseinon.

Until the May 2015 general election Gower had always returned a Labour MP, but then the unthinkable happened, Port Eynon-born former Met police officer, Swansea councillor and then AM, Byron Davies won the seat by just 27 votes. This was not well received by the bruvvers, and plans were hatched to regain the seat, by hook or by crook.

click to enlarge

The campaign in Gower was febrile, with Labour shipping canvassers in from England to its number one target seat. We also saw the darker side of Labour behaviour with an orchestrated and coordinated campaign of lies against the sitting MP, even death threats. Now those responsible are being identified.

On Tuesday an apology was issued on Twitter by Dan Evans. He “also made a substantial contribution to a charity chosen by the former MP“. So who is Dan Evans?

His Linkedin profile tells us that he’s a ‘freelance filmmaker’ (sic), while also being a youth and community worker at the Red Cafe in Mumbles, and he’s also involved with the Down to Earth project. To judge from the photographs provided, these enterprises don’t do much for the indigenous population. Typical third sector.

Evans’ earlier employment suggests happy-clappy do-gooding.

Now I don’t wish to be unkind, but one thing that pisses me off with socialists, especially those with pretensions to intellectual status, is their air of moral and intellectual superiority. I’m talking now about the looking-down-the-nose attitude which dismisses anyone who disagrees with them as both stupid and evil.

This imagined superiority, coupled with delusions of being on some kind of crusade (a word used surprisingly often by Labour politicians), convinces many of those I’m describing that any tactics are justifiable.

But when these secular sentiments of superiority are intermingled with religious fervour in the service of Labour we reach unprecedented heights of self-righteous certainty, and this is where we find the likes of Dan Evans.

But he was not alone. Byron Davies says he has a list of six people guilty of slandering him, and even spreading unfounded rumours about his wife.

I’m told that a centre for this dirty campaign was Penclawdd rugby club. Some might think this an unlikely setting for such skulduggery, but Tonia Antoniazzi was an international rugby player. I’m also told that in the clubhouse may be found some of the most vicious and vindictive Labour types, one guy in particular.

But what should happen now?

As Theresa May said in parliament yesterday, Byron Davies lost his seat due to a social media campaign of lies waged against him by Labour Party supporters. More specifically, supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. In other words, the same evil schemers of Momentum we met earlier in Ceredigion.

I believe that Tonia Antoniazzi should stand down and there should be a by-election in Gower. But she won’t do that. A woman who couldn’t get elected onto her local town council a few years back, and only became an MP last year thanks to the most evil campaign seen in Wales for many years, will not risk losing her cushy number with a fair election.

And what of Dan Evans? Given that he does a lot of work for the Labour Party will they tell him there’ll be no work in future? And on the assumption he’s also a member, will he be expelled from the party?

click to enlarge

Then there’s the question of whether the campaign was organised on a purely local level by people like Dan Evans or whether it was run from higher up the Labour food chain. For as I’ve said, this was Labour’s number one target seat in 2017, not just in Wales, but across the island.

Will the Labour Party now investigate whether any other of its members and supporters was involved in the campaign against Byron Davies? If it wasn’t done by the Labour Party (as we like to think of it), then there must be a very good chance of it having been organised within the ranks of Momentum.

Either way it is becoming clearer by the day that despite the self-delusional images of crusades, its members’ laughable belief in moral and intellectual superiority, the Labour Party is morally bankrupt and intellectually corrupt.

The Labour Party today represents nothing but itself. It clings to power for no better reason than that power provides a whole structure of patronage through which it can control Welsh public life and then use that control to hang on to power.

And because this is how Labour operates the party attracts people seeking personal advancement, who could just as easily join Zanu-PF if that lot was running Wales. When you have these in the same party as the intellectually and morally pretentious then you have a Hyde and Hyde party.

Because just like some monster from a horror movie ‘Welsh’ Labour corrupts everything it comes into contact with. So there must be no more compromises or co-operation; when confronted with evil like this there can only be one response. The Labour Party must be destroyed.

For the good of Wales.

♦ end ♦



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Martha Arthur

I’ve seen smuggled out photos of Toilets in Assembly Buildings. They come in threes :- Male & Female & GLBT.
This is all extra Taxpayers’ money. Why not just one Multi Sex Toilet? Can someone post a photo of them in threes on this Blog? Can some AM ask a Freedom of Information Question as to when they had to be in threes and who proposed this waste of money instead of one Multi Sex Toilet? It must be in some grovelling Officer report forced by some biarsed AM (oops I meant “biased”)..


I spent a year working in a country where many toilet facilities in public buildings are non-gender specific. Standard provision in the workplace. What would be the point of having different gender toilets in a building where naked saunas (in the Scandinavian sense) are multi-gender, and then have separate toilet facilities? I distinctly remember a trip to the Ullevi Stadium and seeing Arsenal supporters desperate for a piss not knowing where to go (after losing a football game) as there’s only one door for the toilets.

Perhaps the Liberty and Cardiff stadiums should follow suit.

A true test of manhood is to be able to take a piss at the trough and still talk about football while a group of tall blonde females look on in disgust. There is something distinctly weird about people who have ‘issues’ with gender when it comes to access to toilets. It’s got nothing to do with sex, whether you’re gay, lesbian, straight or various stages of transgender. However, experience tells me to go for a dump while a female is in the shower is not a good idea.


You’re meant to dump down the pan NOT into the shower ! Don’t they teach basic etiquette these days ?

Martha Arthur

I do not know the Constitution or Rules of the Welsh Labour Party, so I’m going to ask a few simple questions for enlightenment by readers of this Blog:-
1) Does their Welsh Leader have to be whoever is First Minister of the Wales Assembly Labour Group? I say “Group” as they may not always be in perpetual power if the Welsh would only wake up.
2) Does their Welsh Leader and Deputy Welsh Leader have to be of mixed gender – one from each side? If so, two other queries – what will happen if the Assembly Labour Group chose Eluned Morgan as First Minister – would Carolyn Harris have to stand down as Deputy? Who would win if it was decided by a “punch up”? My bet is on “basher” to win such a fight!
3) With all these confused Gender people in Welsh Politics these days, how would a balance of mixed gender be decided if the Leader and Deputy both came from a GLBT background? I am not being homophobic, this is a serious simple question.
Answers publicly please to Jac’s wonderful Blog.

Gwilym ab Ioan

My understanding is this mixed up mish-mash below – as broadcast last night by Adrian Masters, the macho Sharp End presenter.

They can have a fully kitted (genitally speaking) male leader, with a female deputy leader.
They can have a female leader with a female deputy leader,
They can have a female leader with a male deputy leader, however (and this is where it gets interesting)
They CAN’T have a fully kitted male leader and a male deputy leader.

Strange world we live in isn’t it? Where’s the gender equality in this set-up then? Who will sort out the mess if a gender bender turns up? Of even more serious concern of course, what will be the toilets arrangement?

Life was so much simpler in our day!

If you’re not confused now – you WILL be!


Gwilym – most politicians find an intense debate about the merits of various combinations of gender boundary distortions so much more “rewarding” and stimulating rather than focusing on the inane needs of the common herd to get a sound foundation of education, then decent jobs with some prospect of long term reward and progression and a health and welfare infrastructure that doesn’t collapse at the first hint of a rise in demand placed upon it. Add to those matters like infrastructure and our cultural/linguistic identity and you can see why debating how those gender/ orientation chats are so much easier to manage.

That’s one of the reasons Leanne was able to give her gushing little sentence to CJ at Y Cynulliad when she should have told him to “fuck off pronto but leave a forwarding address cos we have some unfinished business with you cunty”. That might have just wiped that smirk off his puss.


I see a third sector organisation working for Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board has been found to have spent £450,000 on a “staff engagement programme” rather than on specialist wheelchairs for the elderly, bed winches for paraplegics, oxygen trolleys for pulmonary sufferers of slate dust, and flexi-mattresses for the final days of cancer patients.

Perhaps this Awyr Las charity thought that conference room jollies with a paper flip board for team-building sessions extolling the virtues of blue sky thinking was part of it’s mission statement? Cash spent on management consultants instead of real practical assistance to patients. They got a £1.3million grant from the Welsh Government. Llyr Gruffudd AM has called for an investigation into this case, but what is really needed is an enquiry into ALL government funding of third sector organisations.


Can’t see Mark Drakeford launching a surgical strike to eliminate waste in the 3rd sector by eradicating a big slice of that sector. He rather likes the engagement line mainly because he’s a decent sort of bloke at the 1 on 1 personal level prefering people getting on amicably avoiding confrontations. Shame he lacks the upfront assertiveness to put the wind up these parasites before they decide to dip their mucky paws into public funds. A touch of implied violence and attention to detail often deters chancers and works to ensure funding gets deployed to meet real needs rather than jollies.

Slippery Sydney

Jac a change of Track 23-4-2018 :- Hedging your bets:-
I’m taking bets on three entries to three races of Welsh national importance.
(1) Who will become the First Minister for Wales’ devolved Government? Rumours are that a dark stalking horse is champing on the bit. He is Mike Hedges AM for Swansea East – sharing a constituency with Wales’ new Labour Deputy Leader Carolyn “Basher” Harris MP – now the most influential lady in Welsh Politics. Will she support her close colleague Mike Hedges. He is an Economics Graduate and former Leader of Swansea Council where he was admired for his clarity as a great inspiring orator in giving fiery Left Wing Socialist Speeches. I put him at “odds on” favourite to become Wales’ First Minister. Bets are now being taken.
(2) What will be the name of our new Prince born today as I write? The talk in the valleys is that the most popular name is Prince Wayne Damien Windsor. Again, I put that name at modest odds at 5 to 4 odds on and favourite.
(3) What will Carwyn Jones get as an honour for retiring after nine years of drifting around Wales. The suggestions are a Knighthood and a Lordship. Bets are being taken on “Lord of what?”. Favourite is Lord Deryn of Toady hole.
Odds are not set yet.


You is well on your way to being tipster of the year. Haven’t got lottery winning numbers for next weekend by any chance ?

Red Flag

Nobody really knows just how much Momentum have or have not infiltrated Welsh Labour. This will be very very interesting to watch.

Donkey Ostler

Jac, Can you and Gwilym concentrate more on getting on with “Ein Gwlad” as a new vibrant Party for Wales. May I suggest that in future you edit what these prats (mild adjective indeed) like Parrot & Splintercake & Apharry & Fester etc. write. Don’t exclude them, or they cry about a lack of Democracy, but seriously edit them harshly. In future just give them space for thirteen words only to air their warped views and inaccurate bile publicly. No more. I don’t want to read their nonsense in length on this Blog again.
Coming back to your original Posting above. I’m interested in exposing what exactly went on in the last election in the Gower Constituency. The Antionazzi camp based in Penclawdd led by some unknown unpleasant guy with a side kick so insignificant, but keen to make his mark in Swansea Council, committed several atrocity offences in the “Purdah Period” that the Police should charge them. The Red Cafe man is smarting after he was stuffed for his sins and even apologised. We have not seen or heard of any apologies from Antoniazzi. or even from others more decent in the Labour Party there – like Rebecca Evans or Jan & Malcolm Curtass. How can they not speak out? There is no way Antoniazzi will resign. So please readers let the public know publicly how this MP and her Caseworker are performing in their jobs in generally helping Gower Constituents.


You will notice that Tonia Antoniazzi claims her travel by train between Llanelli and London Paddington (not Swansea or Gowerton).

This suggests she is still resident in her native Llanelli and does not live in her constituency. On one occasion she also claimed a ‘dependant travel’ for return fights from Cardiff to London on FlyBe, each way costing £133. She also diligently claims for every mile of ‘within constituency travel’ with one expense submission for only 13p. However, there are two claims for ‘within constituency travel’ arising from a journey of 159 miles, so she obviously took some time to find Llangennith.

Penclawdd Donk

A big thanks for this information Jac and Donkey Ostler. I some further info you might like. Penclawdd Rugby’s general membership are good people, but there’s a Wed club of labour members. I do know the unpleasant guy, as well as the oddball who is keen to make his mark and others. Antonazzi was well aware of what they were doing at the time and made no attempt to stop it.
She was also aware of what Jan and Malcolm Curtass were up to in Gorseinon. They have been putting up what is now known as fake news for years. Remember the so called Gypsy camp in Gorseinon that suddenly appeared just before the council election about six years ago and after the election, just melted away. Malcolm Curtass made a bigger fool of himself and after telling the Post ‘that only labour can save Swansea from the the evil scourge of Gypsy’s’. He was so full of himself he went on TV. It was a disaster and Curtass had to make an apology when he found out that Gypsy’s are just normal people who live differently. It was so funny I don’t think Boyd Clak could have done better.
Every election the Curtass’s seem to engineer some sort of crisis, including bulling a very good councillor over Parc y weryn, because he disagred with the development of the the public space and then having him kicked out of labour.
All the evidence points to the Curtass’s over what labour did to ‘Lord Byron’ and you may think that Jan and Malcolm Curtass are decent, but I will disagree, I believe they are the ring leaders.
As for Lord Byron, I don’t like his politics but he was a very good MP. Unlike Antonazzi and Evans who are invisible. Byron would visit the Gower produce market’s an would be happy to talk with you and is very easy to speak to .
Others reading this like Gower Voter, should go on Google Maps and make there opinions known but only tell the truth when you give a review.

Martin Clintergate

Xenophobia is a word that springs to mind when I read some of your stuff Jac.

Dreaming of a society that might have been when the Free Wales Army were trying to mimic the IRA back in the 1960’s.

Now just a few old guys attempting to turn back the tide like King Canute or a Welsh version of Last Of The Summer Wine.

The burning of holiday homes failed back then and your fiery rhetoric is doomed to be a damp squib approaching the third decade of the 21st century.

We must applaud Phil Parry for flushing you out in the open and forcing your hand.

His website on April 17th carried this story on the failure to move the new party on.

Lo and behold a few days later we have the newest political party in Wales.
Ein Gwlad

Surprise surprise and even more so as the historic event has never even made a lead story on your blog.

A lot of thought must have gone in to that name Jac?

“Ein Gwlad (2002 – 2005), of which I was co-founder with Henry Jones-Davies and Basil Thomas.”

Well lets just hope history does not repeat itself or that name will sink again.

Your second in command, Big G or Gwilym ab Ioan was banished from Welsh political life nearly two decades ago as was Simon Foster when they formed the Independent Wales Party

At the time Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones branded the IWP “extremist” and a “fringe” movement.

Mr Jones told the Daily Post: “Gwilym ab Ioan made inflammatory remarks over the summer that weren’t in tune with the party and of which the party didn’t approve.
“It’s clear he would find life much more congenial in the IWP.

That statement came after they expelled Big G.

“Former Plaid Ceredigion chairman Gwilym ab Ioan announced last week he was joining the fledgling IWP.”

Bridgend councillor Simon Foster also joined the IWP.

Mr ab Ioan, who claimed Wales was being invaded and colonised by “English drop-outs, scroungers and retired people”, urged other Plaid dissidents to quit.”

Cymru Annibynnol changed its name in 2004 when it became Cymru Rydd. – Welsh Republicans. Its tag line is “Fe godwn ni eto! We shall rise again”

Despite its motto the IWF only lasted seven years without winning anything before it was laid to rest and removed from the list of Welsh Political Parties

Of course Gwilym ab Ioan is in a fine position to look down on the less fortunate in society from his lofty perch in the village of Rhiwgoch, Aberaeron

Described by Rightmove as “Lovely elevated location ** Enjoying fine views over open countryside** On the edge of the coastal town of Aberaeron”

I can envisage the village sign now if Gwilym ever makes it on to parish council.

Welcome to Rhiwgoch… a local village for local people. English drop-outs, scroungers and retired people keep out!

The only public position Mr Gwilym Ab Ioan has these days is secretary of the Aeron Vale Allotment Trust.

He can’t even manage that.

Aeron Vale Allotments Trust

This charity has failed to provide information on its finances within 10 months of its financial year end.
All charities are reminded of their reporting requirements as their filing deadline approaches.
If a charity misses its deadline, it receives a default notice and this message is displayed.

So a few words of advice to you Jac and Big G.

Xenophobia did not work in Wales fifty years ago and it certainly won’t work now.

A little bit of humble pie,charm and eloquence might go a long way if you really are serious about trying to play politics with the big teams.

I see today that ETA, the Basque Separatist movement, has issued an apology.

Maybe time for you to place some distance between yourselves and the nut cases of the Free Wales Army five decades ago.

If you really did associate with them I suggest it is time to apologise.


Well that’s certainly brightened up a dull and dismal Sunday afternoon. I’m seriously concerned about Sphincter’s mental health. Anyone that clearly has no leanings towards the national movement, yet plays fuck because they weren’t invited to the inaugural meeting of the new party, clearly has deep psychological issues that need sorting. When you couple this action with delusions as well, thinking that there’s a bloke called Phil Parry who is a fine journalist and should be applauded for telling the truth (!), and that there’s a bloke called Simon Gruffydd Foster, who goes by the name of Glasiad but who is actually another bloke called Big Gee, it becomes like a Brian Rix farce. FFS, someone give Dr Sally a call, see if she can get the poor bloke checked out and given some help.


Whoever he is, Stan, the only info. on Google relating to a Martin Clintergate is a photo of a twerp in a light aircraft, who comes from Norfolk (Clintergate is also a Norfolk place-name). If this is our Martin, then I’m sceptical of his claim to “hail from Wrexham”. This would suggest that he’s no disaffected Welshman unreasonably refused entry to a political meeting in his own country but a settler (albeit a ridiculous one) with an unreconstructed BritNat agenda.

John Young

Has Parry only ever done the one article ? It seems so because every one I’ve read is essentially the same with the same pictures and the same inane comments.


Essentially – yes. Though he does have other talents, such as this mesmerising performance a year ago as part of the trio, the Three Muckrakers. I say “mesmerising” literally, because it WILL send you off. Waste three minutes or so of your life if you must. Then check out the hits even though this podcast is on You Tube. I put a video on of my dog drinking water from a bottle and I got five times the numbers watching. But there again, my dog’s got charisma and can fucking write!.

Big Gee

“Shippo” – you are a disgrace to your profession. It is those like you, who have made the mainstream press and media the lying mess that it is, with half truths, bare-faced lies, false stories, hyperbole and general lazy journalism – by has-beens like yourself, and of course your boyfriend Phil Parry. A dying breed hopefully. The people are waking up – thank goodness – and the truth is being systematically provided by what is disparagingly labelled “alternative media”. The truth will always out in the end. You and your sort are just an increasing source of mirth and ridicule these days.

Here are some examples of a few screwed up comments you’ve made above (I’d hate to see the mess you’d make with a full blown article). They include:

  1. Since when have I inherited this role of ‘second in command’ to Jac? GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  2. Phil Parry “flushed” someone out”? My God you’ve got to be joking or living in a fantasy world. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  3. “Historic event” not making the “lead story on your blog” – who do you think selects the articles for this blog? [DUH] and it’s not a newspaper – bonehead – it doesn’t have “lead stories” GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  4. I did not form the IWP with Simon Foster [DUH] the IWP was formed when I was one of Plaid’s vice presidents. I left the IWP of my own volition and have never been involved with ‘Cymru Rydd’. In fact I have never sat at a table with Foster – unless you still think his username on here is ‘Big Gee’ [DUH]. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  5. “Mr Jones told the Daily Post: “Gwilym ab Ioan made inflammatory remarks over the summer that weren’t in tune with the party and of which the party didn’t approve.
    “It’s clear he would find life much more congenial in the IWP.” Since that statement Ieuan Wyn Jones went on to wreck his beloved Plaid Cymru. Ever since then they’ve drifted into the bog. Partly because Plaid took the stand they did over the issues that I and others raised at the time. They are still seen as being spineless and cowardly and shy away from home truths. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  6. That statement came after they expelled Big G. I was never expelled from Plaid Cymru I resigned. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  7. A lot of thought must have gone in to that name Jac? The name was chosen by over 65 supporters of Ein Gwlad on our private Forum. There was a list of nearly 40 names proposed and Ein Gwlad was the result of a fully democratic on-line poll, and later ratified by our Steering Committee. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  8. “Of course Gwilym ab Ioan is in a fine position to look down on the less fortunate in society from his lofty perch in the village of Rhiwgoch, Aberaeron”. I look down on no one less fortunate than myself – as my track record fully testifies. With the exception of lying low life old school journalists who are simply too lazy to get off their fat arses, choosing instead to make up stories in their offices (or in Parry’s case on their laptop in their conservatory). Rhiwgoch is not a village [DUH]. It is you and the “Party of Poverty” you support that’s taking the piss out of the lowly ones. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  9. “Welcome to Rhiwgoch… a local village for local people. English drop-outs, scroungers and retired people keep out!” I WISH! You are obviously out of your depth here – try doing a bit of homework, or maybe not – because it would involve getting off your arse and doing a bit of work wouldn’t it? GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  10. “The only public position Mr Gwilym Ab Ioan has these days is secretary of the Aeron Vale Allotment Trust”. Wrong again – I’m the chair. What the hell has this got to do with politics anyway? You and Parry seem to have this fixation about some kind of ‘revelation’ or ‘exposure’ whenever you write. It’s common knowledge you lug – who the hell wants to know anyway? What a pathetic pair of has-been (although that’s not quite right – the two of you never amounted to much in your heyday, so it’s not so much a pair of ‘has-beens’ rather a pair of ‘never beens’. Incidentally I have a Welsh patronymic name, that uses neither title or surname, so stop calling me Mr. ab Ioan, or Mr Gwilym ab Ioan. It’s either Gwilym or Gwilym ab Ioan (William [son of] John) – simple as. Perhaps your homework schedule should include Welsh history as well as Welsh geography. Check out the Acts of Union 1536 and 1542 to find out how we were forced to adopt the English way of naming ourselves. Ignorance is a horrible affliction, when you’re a non-swimmer and you’re out of your depth. Little wonder you’re confused. Stick to writing about things you know something about, and, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.
  11. The childish upload of an episode of “League of Gentlemen” I won’t event comment on. Have you no self respect? Why drag yourself down to that level? But there again water finds it’s own level, as you and Parry have found your own levels when it comes to journalism. Just below the gutter line.

  12. “Xenophobia did not work in Wales fifty years ago and it certainly won’t work now”. It has never been attempted in Wales. Ask any European, it’s the Anglo Saxons that have made xenophobia a household word along with the word ‘foreigner’. For heaven’s sakes they even call US Cymry foreigners in our own land on these islands (more homework for you, check out the origin of the word ‘Welsh’). GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.

Bugger it – I’m not going to waste any more of my precious time and effort on this crap – I have better things to do. I think readers will get the gist. We’re dealing here with a pair of lying clowns, who never were the brightest light bulbs in the room.

Take a bit of advice “Shippo” retire and fuck off to a Brit-nat Little Englander corner of Spain. You should enjoy it there amongst the other Alf Garnetts. Don’t forget to take weasel face Parry with you. And make it a one way ticket eh?.

Nigel Stapley

Those were the thoughts which went through my mind, too. There must be an awful lot of dirt waiting to be picked up and flung at Carwyn if he decides suddenly to run off.

But I think you’re being optimistic if you think that any successor will start cleaning the accumulated shite from the Labour stable. No-one who is likely to get the job would have the power (or the will) to do it. Milady Morgan? Too interested in protecting her husband’s ‘legacy’. Drakeford? Too weak, too close to the shenanigans. Skates? Yoor ‘avin’ a laff, ain’t you? Who else? ‘Barry’ Waters? Huw Rhyming-Slang-Davies? Thin pickings…


Shes the logical choice for them – most experienced one in the room probably. Gething may tick boxes but no one knows who he is. Would agree with Nigel about Drakeford… plus his seat is looking dodgy (or was until the McEvoy thing went down…. I find my mind wondering about the convenience of this).


There are very thin pickings to replace the disgraced Carwyn.

Drakefrord is a back-room milk monitor with the personality of a dead cod, Morgan only has a profile because her husband is dead and eats organic vegetables at women’s discussion groups in Rhiwbina, Skates a smarmy untrustworthy double glazing salesman who’s stabbed too many backs, and Alun Davies is so dodgy he’d cause a financial scandal if he was in charge of a beer kitty.

Obviously, the least bad candidate for Wales and the best of the bunch for Labour would be Eluned Morgan. At least she’s got some backbone and is not tarred with the recent tardy events in the Senedd. She’s also a ‘private enterprise’ person rather than a ‘third sector spiv’ in her approach to EU funds, and has been outspoken in relation to S4C and the Welsh language. She is also more likely to be effective in the Brexit settlement. Although she’s Cardiff originating she’s never been part of the Bae bubble and representing Mid and West Wales, so she can see further than the M4, as a previous MEP is known in the north. Also, as Labour do not have a majority, their next leader has to be someone to cuddle up to Plaid Cymru, appeal to the over inflated ego of Dafydd-El, and give Kirsty a role on the magic sponge.


Jac – you must not have a Lady of the Upper House, or Lord, officially lording it over Wales ! It would send bruvvers into a huge fake rage and poor old Leanne would tear up her affection for Labour. Imagine the rumble. I don’t think she’d be as bad a choice when you consider the plonkers listed above – least of all evils ?


Ken Skates or Vaughan Gething methinks.
I don’t think Eluned Morgan due to the dual mandate issue will. A lot of people forget she sits in the House of Lords. I wonder if the lovely Carolyn Harris will influence things now she is deputy Fuhrer?


Being in the Lords is only likely to be an obstacle to getting the top i.e. FM job, although if they put it to the Cynulliad on a free vote a combination of Tories, UKIP, DET, maybe Kirsty, and Eluned’s Labour backers might just swing it. Only those within Labour backing other “donkeys” and Plaid’s virtue signallers are likely to vote against. This could make for good spectator sport for a few days.


Nigel – A new FM, albeit from Labour, will probably be attracted to bumping out people like Deryn who have become far too important during CJ’s tenure due to their attachment to various people working within Government Depts & FM himself. Easy to park a lot of “blame” there. It’s also a “low cost” move as none of them have any real meaningful role and, being utterly cynical, can be replaced with another cluster of hot air merchants at a moment’s notice. Plenty of aspiring tossers hovering around the Bay.

Nigel Stapley

This just in: Captain Charisma jumps!

Note how the twerp claims that he has been through “the darkest of times”! Compared to what he and his clique of crooks have put Carl Sargeant’s family through?

Let the empty suit depart – in an empty taxi.


only earlier today he was hinting that he was in for the long haul, 8 years behind him and a few more to come.

Did some of the power brokers of Welsh Labour whisper that they might find it hard to keep the lid on the crap likely to flow from the Sargeant investigations ? Did they suggest that while supression is sometimes a clever tactic on this occasion it has led to an active rumour mill gaining traction ? Did they indicate that his failure to throw a few well connected lobbyists under an early bus was a missed opportunity and revealed less than useful loyalties that should have been dumped sharpish ?

We may never know but the departure of CJ will give a new FM a chance to take off a few useless heads and terminate lucrative income streams for Bay-side leeches.

Big Gee

There’s never smoke without fire. He was bullish about his future – right up to the last minute, and then this sudden leap overboard, timed for the autumn so as not to make it too obvious.

In my view the grey suits in the shadows uttered an ultimatum – go when the opportunity arrives – or face the consequences. I’m always suspicious when this sort of sudden statement about departure – that’s usually associated with ‘family reasons’ or ‘ill health’ – suddenly comes to the fore.

What did I say on this blog, some months ago, that he was a dead man walking? It was pretty obvious that this was going to be the ultimate outcome. My guess is that he’s known that – from what he was being told by his advisors – from the start. At the end of the day no one, including the leader, is above the Labour party. It’s a damage limitation process.

In chess, a sacrifice is a move giving up a piece with the objective of gaining tactical or positional compensation in other forms. Sacrificing one’s queen (the most valuable piece), or a string of pieces, adds to the surprise, and such games can be awarded brilliancy prizes .


Perhaps someone from England or an Anglophile like Phil Parry could tell us about the oddballs and social misfits that are pouring into London from the Middle East and Africa – hows that going?

We all know that Phil Parry suffers from a truth aversion disorder ….so anybody from London? – happy with your oddballs and social misfits?

If today…… Diogenes brought his lamp to Wales, Gwilym ab Ioan would give reward to the Greek from Sinope in his quest!

Gwilym ab Ioan wants Wales to contribute to the diversity of a multicultural Britain. Don’t be anti-diversity (it’s probably a hate crime). The people of Wales, lets be proud of our diversity and support our cultural/linguistic heritage…..and remember diversity is our strength…….even the politicians say so!

Big Gee

If today…… Diogenes brought his lamp to Wales, Gwilym ab Ioan would give reward to the Greek from Sinope in his quest!

I presume that’s the lamp he lit in broad daylight? Whilst telling passers by that it was lit in his quest to find a human.

What quaint praise you bestow upon me!


Here’s one for your ever expanding library of 3rd sector integrity stories. Slag got caught but took them long enough to check the books.


What the report in the Wasting Mule fails to reveal is that the fraudster creep of NSA Afan, Gemma Mason, was also a director and finance officer at Port Talbot and Afan Womens Aid. She also spent a year working on the accounts of a local building firm (Irish owned) called Pioneer Maintainance as a finance clerk and director, (her mother, Ellen, where she gets her middle name, is Irish) before she was rumbled and ousted.

Martin Clintergate

OK hands up I confess I made a mistake.

Big G is of course Gwilym ab Ioan who was kicked out of Plaid Cymru seventeen years ago.

The BBC carried this report at the time.

A Plaid Cymru member has been forced to resign because of controversial remarks he made about English incomers to Wales.
Gwilym ab Ioan – who described Wales as a “dumping ground for oddballs and misfits” – has been forced to resign as the party’s chairman in Ceredigion.

A vote of no-confidence was passed against Mr ab Ioan at a meeting of party members on Thursday night.

Last month Mr ab Ioan quit the party’s National Executive after his controversial comments were posted on an internet news group.

Now how about answering my question Jac. The grand launch AGM of the new party was slated for early March.

That is close to two months ago and all has gone quite.

I put it to you that the project has failed which is not surprising given your inability to organise a public meeting.

Thomas Scarrott and Phil Party wrecked your launch, leaving your party holed below the waterline and now it appears it has sunk.

The result was you ran around like headless chickens trying to hide from your opponents.

I doubt the Electoral Commission will allow a secret society to be registered.

If I am wrong please let us know when and where grand AGM is taking place.

Big Gee

A Plaid Cymru member has been forced to resign because of controversial remarks he made about English incomers to Wales.
Gwilym ab Ioan – who described Wales as a “dumping ground for oddballs and misfits” – has been forced to resign as the party’s chairman in Ceredigion.

At the time I was also one of the vice presidents of Plaid Cymru. As that bit you quoted was reported by the British Bullshit Corporation, true to form, that statement was only partially correct and twisted into an odd context.

What I actually said was:

Like Montana, which has become the dumping ground of oddballs and social drop-outs in the US, Wales has become the dumping ground for oddballs, social misfits and society drop-outs from England

I believe that fifteen years later my words have passed the test of time, and have been seen to be very prophetic. We are now, even more so, being used as a dumping ground for these types, as Jac and others have repeatedly pointed out and proven beyond doubt, on this very blog. That policy of dumping has of course been mostly facilitated by third sector ‘Labour Luvvies’ (mostly unregulated housing associations). That party whom you and Parry worship – despite the fact that it’s the Party of Poverty.


Before you jump on that old bandwagon – saying I hate all English people. Decent, fair minded immigrants (English or otherwise) are enthusiastically welcomed, as long as they contribute to our well being, assimilate into our ways, and support our culture and language. They are a welcomed group, who, in my experience are often more concerned about the well being of our nation than many home-grown patriots. They display the zeal of the proselyte, and the fervour of the converted. All it takes is a sense of justice and fair play – anyone with a modicum of humanitarian conscience should be moved to action at the sight of a slow and lingering genocide of any nation . Oh! And incidentally I’m married to an Englishwoman who is the mother of my children – hardly the actions of a bigoted racist.

Our communities are being wrecked, our unique and ancient language destroyed and our public services (like the Welsh Health Service and our Law & Order forces) are breaking under the strain of this unnatural and unequal burden that is placed upon us. What do you do? Shout ‘bigots’ and ‘racists’ from the sidelines – whilst watching us being swallowed up by that mythical country called ‘EnglandandWales’ that is promoted by the colonial powers in Westminster and their London based ‘regional branch’ parties in Cymru. More distressingly, urged on through the mouths of ignorant journos, who still have the mentality of Victorian British Empire colonialists at the forefront of their dinosaur brains.

And what does Plaid Cymru do about this? Run to hide behind the sofa for fear of being attacked by the Brit-nat parties and their enforcers in the press and media. Whilst throwing people like me and others (more recently the likes of Neil McEvoy) out to be devoured by the wolves. However that is soon to change with the emergence of Ein Gwlad.

Wake up and smell the coffee you clown..

Big Gee

Something totally different, and slightly off topic here, but well worth making a brew and sitting back to relax to. It’s about disgraceful journalism (so called) that is becoming an increasing bane in all our lives.

We are always drawing attention to the ridiculous establishment mouthpieces that pass for ‘unbiased’ news reporting. And on a tiny level the Parry Pipsqueaks here in little ol’ Cymru. Well it’s a global disease – as most of us are aware. However it’s put over here in a far more succinct and knowledgeable way than I ever could in this video cast. . . . .

Martin Clintergate

Have a go at Phil Parry and people like me Simon Foster but you have not answered my allegations.
(Simon Foster is the real name of Simon Gruffydd Foster, Internet pen-name Glasiad ap Gruffydd.)Or Big G as he is known here.

You failed with your attempts to start a political party two decades ago because no one took you or your crazy views seriously.

The campaign against Phil Parry will get you nowhere. There is an old saying that you should always keep the press on your side.

Parry is as Welsh as you are and has a solid award winning pedigree.

He has not tried to reinvent himself with silly Welsh names.

Why have a go at him for telling the truth?

It appears this whole attempt at starting a new political party has descended to a juvenile playground spat.

History has a habit of coming back to haunt you. Can you remember 2007 Simon when your party sunk without trace and was struck off by the Electoral Commission? The meetings must have been boring as you were the only member.

From wiki on Cymru Rhydd…….”They call themselves “the only registered political party in Wales whose members will never swear allegiance to the English crown”.

The Monster Raving Loony Party had more success than your party.Screaming Lord Sutch defeated a joint Plaid Cymru/Green Party candidate at the bitter Monmouth 1991 by-election and almost beat the ruling Conservative Party’s candidate at the Islwyn 1995 by-election later on—but by this time the OMRLP were organised enough to make coming in fourth the norm in by-elections in England and Wales.

Perhaps you can look at this Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch and reflect on you political failings.


He’s obviously blind or seriously defective. Shame Glasiad doesn’t show up and wind him up further.


If you were in Aberystwyth hoping to run into that dour faced bloke in a hat and an ivy leaf stuck to his neck, you’d have been out of luck, Martin. That’s not really Jac but a French actor/producer, Jean Gabin, who died back in 1976. He doesn’t look anything like that now. Nor does the real “Jac”, allegedly.

Big Gee

Have a go at Phil Parry and people like me Simon Foster but you have not answered my allegations.
(Simon Foster is the real name of Simon Gruffydd Foster, Internet pen-name Glasiad ap Gruffydd.)Or Big G as he is known here.

You failed with your attempts to start a political party two decades ago because no one took you or your crazy views seriously.

What the hell are you smoking??? I’ve yet to come across such a mixed up hombre. Jeez, I’ve seldom come across ANYONE who’s so mixed up!!!

Glasiad, Simon Foster & Big Gee the same person? That’s the funniest thing I’ve read on here for months.

Glasiad & Big Gee the same person . . . . .

Do you want to put him straight on this – our dour faced man in a black overcoat & hat?

Big Gee

Yes, it’s starting to look a bit dated by now Jean! A bit like these ‘last of the summer wine’ journalists that are still around!


Whats wrong with taking on a Welsh name? Your name is a brand… and how you wish the world to see you… should you not have control over that? Should you not have control over your identity?

Martin Clintergate

If you want to start a party of any sort Jac it helps to get off on the right foot.

To answer the accusations I am Phil Parry in disguise is a distortion of the truth.

I have never met or indeed spoken to Phil Parry.

As I hail from Wrexham when you floated the idea of a new party I was prepared to pay a visit to Aberystwyth out of curiosity. Being retired I have plenty of spare time and a lifelong interest in Welsh politics.

Here is your reply to original email exchange with you.

“The Russian Revolution started with a small group of exiles, mass support came later. When you asked by e-mail on the 26th if you could to come to the meeting I just asked you to tell me something about yourself. A reasonable precaution seeing as the signature was different to the e-mail address. Why haven’t you replied?”

Of course I did reply but it appears meetings for your new party are as hard to attend as Ku Klux get togethers in New York.

I never got an invite.

The whole launch turned in to a farce which of course was documented by Parry on his website. What else would you expect of a multi award winning ex BBC and South Wales Echo journalist.

In the meantime it has not been hard to join the dots.

In reply to Big G all I can say is that your ex colleagues in Plaid Cymru must be laughing when they see you playing a part in the farce. No wonder you were thrown out.

For those who do not know Big G is Simon Gruffydd Foster, Internet pen-name Glasiad ap Gruffydd. Born in Cardiff, grew up in Treharris, emigrated to Canada with family, returned to Wales permanently in 1995, living in Cwm Garw since 1998.

The sole member of Cymru Rhydd who you Jac claim to have rights to your three logos.

Here is a bit of history for you Jac and your star columnist Aled Gwyn Jôb.

Yesterday day, bad day | Politics | The Guardian › jan › uk….
Jan 11, 2000 Cymru Unedig, or Welsh Solidarity, launched by unemployed lecturer Aled Gwyn Job, 36. Mr Job, who launched his party in a pub in Caernarfon.

Eighteen years later Aled is still living in cloud cuckoo land.

So we have two of your henchmen who say they will support the new party but once up and running step back along with you!

Who the hell would want to join a party where the organisers walk out at the start of the game and two of the star players have a history of failure?


Mr Clinker, you’re not even bright enough to study the info staring you in the face. Check out Big G’s mugshot which turns up frequently on here, in fact one right below this comment. If that’s Glasiad then he’s had fuckin’ big surgery done on his chops and may have a case for asking for his money back !!. You were probably excluded for good reason like you may have been a known talker not able to keep your counsel.


All I can say, Martin is thank fuck you weren’t in CID. Or come to think of it, maybe you were, given the miscarriages of justice perpetrated by Wales Plod on a long suffering public.


Is Wrexham in Norfolk, then?

Gower Voter

A correction about Antonazzi MP. She was not just a “Schoolteacher”. I am told she was Head of Languages in a Llanelli Comprehensive School and that would have been paying a salary of at least £40,000 per annum. Also as you say, ‘from a comfortably off family’. She should have been donating to Foodbanks, not using them. The big issue in Gower Constituency, in the less well off areas like Gorseinon and Pontarddulais and Clydach, is growing talk of how she does not work or help Gower constituents. Has anyone reading this Blog had any joy with her, and her Caseworker, on basic issues they have raised with her or him? Please send in the details to Jac’s Blog on this comments page. Air it all in public.

Sea Urchin in Menai

“Quick crew, pull the plug!”

The sore Eye with a Sty Magazine is edited by Phil Parry.


Word is that Tonia Antoniazzi may have been selected for Gower on an all women shortlist of one.? Rumour has it that other local ladies on the Labour party’s Candidate list missed applying as the Gower constituency’ s advertisement for the post may have been low key and last minute. Apparently some Gower voters were impressed during the election by a story of the poor lady having to use food banks to feed her son after her divorce, an anecdote unknown to her colleagues in Llanelli where she worked as a secondary school teacher and where her family is thought to be comfortably off and unlikely to have let her boy starve. Could there have been some mistake?

Donkey Ostler

Is this “Anonymous” creep that little irritating midge called “Parry” as you just clearly alluded? Why don’t you do a another feature on him? Wish he would up sticks and go and live somewhere like Berkshire. His warped agenda is of no relevance to Wales, but don’t block him or he will cry and whine.


No mention of the new political party you planned for Wales last year Jac.

The AGM was slated for early March when officials were going to be elected.

Big Gee

Loose bowels time ‘anonymous’? It’s hardly a good cloak that you’re trying to use there, by commenting on here as ‘Anonymous’.

You know we’re out there in the shadows, gathering our troops – as many more are realising each day that goes by. They also know we’re gathering more supporters from all directions by the day. When WE think it’s time – we’ll be launching – have no fears about that.

When we have everything in place and we are fully ripe for battle with the ‘old brigade’ parties, we will show our hand, but not a minute before WE are ready. Others have fallen into the old trap of premature launching in the past. Valuable lessons have been learnt from those who have gone before us.

It’s going to be a huge eye opener for people like you. So go away for now, to play a nice little game of Solitaire with your other washed – up geriatric journo friends – until we call you. Let’s hope your reaction times will not have deteriorated too much before the time comes. Not that many would notice. Your fur coat but no knickers web-site seems to be gathering cobwebs.

If you think I’m making it up visit this link:

Pretty pathetic and very sad wouldn’t you say? Take a kind tip ‘Anonymous’ – pack it in – you’re obviously talking to yourself, and wasting the precious time you have left, playing at ‘make believe’. The facts speak for themselves. It’s painful to see a ‘has been’ making a fool of himself in this way.


There’d be a number of suspects as to who is behined the ‘Wales For a United Kingdom’ twitter account.

Top of the list of suspects would be Mr Simon Teasdale, who sells ‘army surplus webbing’ to Brit worshipers who like to dress up as British soldiers to make themselves look hard.

Of course, servicemen get their kit provided while on active service so, besides the Walter Mittys, there’s the overseas mercenaries to cater for.
Major shareholder.

Also, recently, there was a case of a soldier at Sennybridge who was convicted of the illegal possession of CS gas at his civilian address who was a suspect in the far right racist investigation into domestic terrorism.

It was not disclosed where this man got hold of his Sennybridge kit stash when he was sent to prison.


bi-product of the Brit army presence. Lot of them stay in the area after completing service.


How about Jonathon Harrington (born in London, lived [or lives] on a farm in the Brecon Beacons), formed a political party along with an ex-army bloke from Neath, with the aim of bringing about the abolition of the Welsh Assembly and the re-integration of Wales with England (as if we’re not integrated enough already)?


Just to add not all of us ex-forces types are Union Flag waving Royalist numpties. I became rather disillusioned with the whole thing after a few years (the sheer amount of bullshit really) and it actually made me more proud of Wales, our people, our language and culture as a result. Still, had some fantastic runs ashore is some rather exotic parts of the world I would not care to visit on holiday.


Oh absolutely Jac, spot on.
Goose-stepping is very bad on the hips apparently. . .


Yes, that’s friend Harrington.

Red Flag

Of course, servicemen get their kit provided while on active service so, besides the Walter Mittys, there’s the overseas mercenaries to cater for

Servicemen get their kit provided full stop. Doesn’t matter whether it’s on active service or not. Technically it’s free and replaced free (unless you lose it or damage it through neglect). I say ‘terchnically’ because the fact it’s free is factored into the salary calculations along with the fact there is no such thing as overtime – you work when you are told to work and stop when told to stop, your leave can be cancelled at any time, even if you are already on it, and you can be sent anywhere for anything with no forewarning at all (it’s called the X Factor believe it or not).

Having said all that, most of the issue kit is crap (although it’s better than it used to be) and suppliers are seemingly given contracts purely to keep the contract in the UK as opposed to providing kit and equipment that is actually fit for purpose and the troops tend to buy superior stuff out of their own money that looks similar to issue kit but is far higher quality (sometimes produced by the same suppliers that make the ;lower quality issue stuff.) It’s quite common in garrison areas (such as Brecon) to find shops selling army surplus higher quality stuff.

Soldier loses/has stolen some of his webbing. P1954 bill if he says he’s lost it is say 50 quid. Surplus shop sells second hand identical item for £25.


It’s laughable that the choice for deputy leader for Labour in Wales is between those two jokers. It shows clearly that politicians have become a sick joke at the expense of their communities, and a great expense at that.

A great power like USA was reduced to choosing between Trump and Clinton, over 300 million people and they couldn’t get 2 good people out of that lot to contest the Presidency. A power with pretentions of greatness, the U.K , offered us 2 parties led on one hand by dopey but shifty May and on the other by Corbyn, who is not cut out for any leadership role as he has no leadership qualities preferring to be the perennial rebel. And here in Wales we have Carwyn, Andrew RT, and Leanne acting out a demented punch and judy show while the nation slips down the drain. Politics is undoubtedly taken over by “professionals” but only in the sense that they take money, as much as they can. Their conduct generally falls well short of the level that would merit description as “professional”. Bastards all of them.

Donkey Ostler

Antoniazzi MP should resign !

EU am byth

It is a mistake to think of the Labour Party in Wales as either left wing or socialist.
They complain a lot about the right wing policies of the Tories, but that is purely for electoral gain rather than principle. All they seek is self promotion.

This means that they witter incessantly about the ills of modern society but never put forward any practical solutions.

When push comes to shove, and they’re forced to make a decision, they simply take the path of least resistance, as can be clearly seen by their response to renaming the Severn Bridge and the attacks on Syria.

At Westminster this bunch of useless wafflers (damn you auto correct) are called the Official Opposition. Surely a breach of the Trades Descriptions Act?

In general their response is to offer nothing and not complain too loudly – in case they upset somebody.

Corbyn has got this off to a fine art. He’s been sitting on the fence for so long he’s got blue tits nesting up his arse.