Segregation Makes A Comeback

As I’ve said before, 2016 was a watershed year in Western politics. Brexit coupled with Donald Trump’s victory told leftists they’d lost large sections of the (white) working class.

This resulted in a desperate search for a replacement ‘proletariat’. Groups and issues that had been around for a while were cleaned up, eagerly adopted, and zealously promoted. Which explains many things.

Among them, the rise of climate hysteria, a career criminal named George Floyd achieving something close to sainthood, and otherwise intelligent people pretending to believe that men can have babies.

It also explains why Wales is rapidly falling apart, as the intellectually debauched denizens of Corruption Bay turn their backs on the real world, preferring to serve the Globalist’s Woke-Green-Left agenda.


There’s an outfit in Swansea called BAME Mental Health Support (BMHS). For those unfamiliar with the term, BAME stands for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic. (Here’s the Companies House entry.)

A clumsy term applied to all who aren’t white. Pretending that every non-Caucasian shares similar problems in mental health or anything else is absurd. The UK government agrees, having dropped the term a couple of years back.

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This crew in Swansea could, more honestly, call themselves the Nigerian Mental Health Support CIC, for all involved hail from that West African country.

They’re based on the High Street, sharing with the trade union Unite and Swansea council’s Housing Options, next door to Not Only Sofas Clearance Outlet.

So who’s who at BMHS?


The driving force is Alfred Oluwafemi Oyekoya. His wife Nancy Buka is the secretary. I’m told she has a hairdressing establishment nearby, specialising in beads, braids, and extensions.

The couple achieved fame, of a sort, when they met Simon Cowell and David Walliams. Though the remark about, “doctors spreading conspiracy theories“, has not aged well. (Unless you swing it 180 degrees, perhaps.)

Oyekoya was awarded an MBE in this year’s New Year’s Honours List.

His Linkedin page tells us he got a Master’s in Accounting and Finance from Swansea University. He’s also worked for the ‘Welsh Government’ and a WG-funded outfit called Inspire Training.

Now he’s treasurer for the Books Council of Wales.

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All of which suggests that Alfred Oyekoya is well thought of in Corruption Bay.

And when he finds time he also works for the MoD in Bristol. Which either means a long commute from his Swansea home, or else he works from home.


As I’ve said, Alfred Oluwafemi Oyekoya is an accountant. We find two other bean-counters among the directors; Adewale Dare and Monday Noutouglo. Dare lives in Nigeria, Noutouglo lives in Canada.

Why does a mental health outfit in Swansea have an accountant in Canada, and another in Nigeria? Or, to rephrase it, what possible use can they be to people suffering mental health issues in Wales?

What also struck me was that these two joined BMHS on the same day, 12.01.2023.

Fortunately, there are doctors on board.

Though Dr Adesola Samson Ademiloye is a lecturer. With a company registered to him that links back, by a tortuous route, to this private equity firm.

Then this suggests he’s a civil engineer. While this page from the Swansea University website mentions ‘biomedical engineering’.

Is any of this relevant to mental health?

While Dr Oluyinka Emmanuel Olutunde might be a medical doctor, and allowed to practise in the UK. But if this is him, then he’s certainly not registered as a GP.

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To confuse matters further, I found a Linkedin profile for an Oluyinka Olutunde, a paediatrician, who seems never to have worked outside Africa. But then, I also found this. Is it the same picture?


New Audiences‘ is a funding scheme launched a couple years ago by the Books Council of Wales.

Below you see how the grant to BMHS was listed in the projects for 2022/23. Together with a couple of grants from 2023/24 to give you a flavour of how the scheme is going.

Does being in a room with a lesbian make someone ‘lesbian-adjacent’?

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Which means that Alfred Oyekoya joined the Books Council in October 2021. Less than a year later we find his own brainchild BMHS trousering a £39,000 grant.

Do you find that mildly troubling?

Another BMHS funding source I found was foodbanks in Swansea.

But I can’t see what books or food have to do with BAME mental health; though no doubt a good book and a full belly help people feel better.

But you could make a case for sex, alcohol and a nice holiday. So if I’m feeling a bit down can I apply for a week in Tenby with a bodice-bursting slapper and a crate of Malbec?

What passes for the BMHS accounts (‘unaudited statutory accounts’) gives a turnover of £183,000 for y/e 31.03.2023, but ‘turnover’ refers to un-itemised grants and donations. ‘Administrative expenses’ totalled £164,000.

And while there was just one employee the previous year, this had risen to four in the latest accounts. What do these ’employees’ do?

BAME Mental Health Support is a misnomer in every sense. All involved are Nigerian. And it might have little to do with mental health.


But this happens when the Woke lead the none-too-bright.

We’ve reached a stage where two Haitians in Tonypandy could launch The Haitian Anti-defamation League, demand ‘Welsh Government’ funding, and then get rat-arsed every night in The Gartered Gombeen, before rounding the evening off with sweet and sour bat (with fried rice) from the Star of Wuhan.

To ask them to account for how they spent the grant money would amount to racism. And you will be reported to – The Haitian Anti-defamation League.

Getting serious again (unless of course there are two Haitians in Tonypandy thinking along those lines) . . .

What we see at the Books Council of Wales is an organisation having to spend a bigger portion of reduced funding on Woke twaddle, of interest only to narcissist ‘artists’ and a few equally unhinged admirers.

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And everywhere we look in Wales we see the same thing: services being cut, and what is specific to Wales and its people treated with less respect than is given to assorted grifters, especially those shrieking about climate, race, or gender.


What I’m writing about is an imagined victimhood that can be a nice little earner for those who’ve figured out how to manipulate politicos and others into funding them.

An example might be British Virgin Islander Nkechi Allen Dawson, director / trustee of the African Community Centre (ACC), at the Grand Theatre’s Multicultural Hub.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Nkechi Allen Dawson works for Coleg Gwent, as a Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being manager.

How did we manage before such jobs were invented?

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ACC’s 2023 ‘accounts’ show £258,665 in readies, and 7 employees (3 in 2022), but no indication of where the money came from. And the website is no help – it’s ‘being updated’.

Fortunately, we can turn to the Charity Commission, which tells us that in the past two years ACC received £263,560 in ‘government grants’. That information should be available in the ‘accounts’, and on the website.

Incidentally, the African Community Centre has 7 directors / trustees. We’ve met the two from the BVI, then there’s a Kenyan, but the other four are Nigerian.

Also appointed a director of the ACC on the same day as Nkechi Allen Dawson was another woman from tax haven BVI (Pop: 31,000), Charlotte Ajomale Evans,


Charlotte Ajomale Evans’ Linkedin profile tells us she works full-time for the Black Swimming Association (BSA).

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Yeah, that’s the way to ‘break down barriers’ – segregated swimming. Didn’t Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and a host of others fight against that sort of thing?

But then, everywhere you look in the world of DEI you encounter self-serving hypocrisy and doublespeak.

Here’s where BSA’s funding came from in year ending 31.08.2022.  (RNLI = Royal National Lifeboat Institution. LMCT = London Marathon Charitable Trust.)

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RNLI, eh? Do drowning black people have to be rescued differently to drowning white people?

Here’s the explanatory note for the RNLI in the BSA accounts, page 23:

Funds received for consultancy services, including research and
development, and community engagement.

No surprise there, because so many of the Wokie scam outfits I’ve looked at over the years have minted it from ‘consultancy’ fees.

Just think of Stonewall, which virtually blackmailed public bodies into paying to be lectured (and misinformed) in order to be a ‘Diversity Champion’.

We’ve largely freed ourselves from that particular nightmare, but there are plenty more lurking out there.


And now a report from Arise News, a Nigerian site I’ve never quoted before, and probably never will again. I do so this time because it’s about Alfred Oyekoya. It begins:

Amidst growing concerns surrounding fair treatment for ethnic minorities in the Welsh workforce, Alfred Oyekoya MBE . . . has advocated for the implementation of labour laws to tackle discrimination and unconscious bias faced by Nigerians and other ethnic minorities in Wales.

That opening paragraph gives the clear impression that racism or discrimination against “ethnic minorities” is rampant in Wales.

Or, rather, that’s the impression given to Arise News by a man who studied at a Welsh university, who’s worked for the ‘Welsh Government’, who’s treasurer of the Books Council of Wales, whose company has received tens of thousands of pounds in public funding and, on a recommendation from within Wales, got an MBE!

A man who’s been treated better since he arrived in Wales than most Welsh people ever will be – repays us with accusations of racism.

Let’s look at another worrying element of the paragraph I quoted – “unconscious bias“. It’s mentioned twice.

Legislation can tackle overt discrimination, the kind of thing perhaps exemplified with the old lodging-house sign. We’ve had such laws for 50 or 60 years.

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But Oyekoya’s “unconscious bias” takes us beyond overt discrimination. I think it even takes us beyond ‘thought crimes’, to somewhere rather scary.

For I think we’ve arrived in a place where you can be accused of prejudices you weren’t aware of, and of which you are innocent – because someone claims to know you better than you know yourself!

If “unconscious bias” can only be observed or detected by others then this will encourage false testimony from those with an axe to grind, and those who can benefit from such accusations.

And of course, an accused person will have no way to prove their innocence. If that’s not Kafkaesque, then I don’t know what is.

Just think of The Trial, which begins: “Somebody must have slandered Joseph K., for one morning, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested.”


Alfred Oluwafemi Oyekoya MBE needs to explain the interview he gave to (or the piece he submitted to) Arise News. From what I can see, Nigerians in Wales are doing very well. As are members of the BVI diaspora.

And I’d like to hear his explanation for, “Labour laws to tackle discrimination and unconscious bias faced by Nigerians and other ethnic minorities in Wales“.

Is Alfred Oyekoya dreaming of what we see in the States, where white people are barred from applying for certain federal government and other jobs, some colleges, and preferential treatment is given to minority groups?

So don’t be surprised if certain lobbies and individuals start demanding ‘affirmative action’ legislation to combat a problem that doesn’t exist. Legislation that they will help write, and from which they will benefit.

Let us be vigilant against any movement in that direction. And let us also ensure that the Corruption Bay Clown Show isn’t persuaded to add “unconscious bias” to the list of Wokie ‘crimes’ in another desperate attempt to appear ‘progressive’.

We don’t want some poor bugger dragged off by the Unconscious Bias Squad.

It could be me!

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2024

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it is hard to keep up. There used to be the Swansea Bay Racial Equality Council [SBREC], Black Asian Women Stepping Out [BAWSO] now we have another bunch.

How much do they cost the taxpayer not just in the grants and charitable or other reliefs they get but the trouble they cause? I seem to remember SBREC calling the Swansea covid crisis cafe owner and her supporters “far right” – what a joke, which would be funny if one had not witnessed the attack’s on small business by council, judiciary and the grifters. It seems the only institution that isn’t racist is the old Post Office – it was looking to jail postmasters of all colours and diversity. BAWSO was involved in covering up child abuse and separating kids and parents along with SWP.


That gas to which you refer in your tweet – SF6 – was a well known toxin donkeys years ago. I vaguely recall various “initiatives” to find an alternative that was safer to use. In all probability the idea was shelved because it got shunted out of plain sight and dismissed/ deferred on grounds of cost. Given that it’s a technical matter most of the wankers who obsess about the green gospels wouldn’t recognise its significance and as it doesn’t contain Carbon it must be safe !!! Greta would probably inhale it for that reason.

Caroline Parkinson

Well said, as always, Royston. Along similar lines, I remember my ignorance, getting on for a decade ago, when a new Director for Wales joined the organisation I worked for. I won’t say any more than that about her or the org’s identity. Suffice to say that I had no idea that it was no longer “acceptable” to say that someone was half-caste when describing someone whose skin was a very light (milky) coffee-colour. We were talking amongst ourselves in the orifice one day when she walked in and heard me describing the milky coffee-coloured lady as “half caste”. I had to scrape her off the ceiling. You’d have thought that I’d said something like “I want to hang, draw and quarter ABC person outside the Senedd for all to see” … or something along those lines. I apologised and pleaded ignorance – which was 100% genuine – but you could see that she presumably thought I was some monster. I look back at it and just think a) it was hilarious and b) it was a good indication of what the new Director was going to be like.


That pic you tweeted of LSR in a clinch with some young woman makes me wonder whether she has wandered clean off the piste into some deep virtue signaling crevasse with no hope of climbing back out. She used to be a voice of reason, a good rational counterweight to the dimwits of the time in Y Senedd. What happened ? Is she looking for a job with UN homeless or refugee quangos ?

Neil Singleton

Nothing wrong with “touch of the tar brush”.

Caroline Parkinson

Exactly. Keeping up is too much like hard work. Between “ethnic minorities”, “people of colour”, “Black, Asian” etc or “mixed race”, “coloured” bla bla bla – I just find it tiresome in the extreme that not only does it change every five minutes, but we are lambasted by those who HAVE managed to keep up for using an (allegedly) out-dated term. And turninbg the tables, it’s funny how “whites/white people” has always (I seem to recall; correct me if I’m wrong) been OK. Perish the thought that “whites” should start being called “bleached” or “milky” or “pale-skinned” or “pasty”. That’ll be the end!


The really silly season was officially started yesterday with the UK P.M standing in heavy rain to speak his empty words which could have been done just as easily sitting on his loo with the window open. We are now in for weeks of parties trying to outdo each other on the obligatory lists of various virtues – climate, equality, diversity, inclusion etc etc – while also promising to “solve” immigration, Rwanda, Gaza, and possibly utter one or two platitudes about the economy if there’s much of it left outside the City of London. Nevertheless the fortunes of unemployed, underemployed and sundry other clusters of “spongers” ( not my term but commonly used by segments of the electorate) will attract all sorts of promises to finally break some vicious circle. Happily I’m due to be out of the country on July 4th and won’t lose any sleep about missing the chance to cast a vote. Unless GG picked a seriously good candidate to tackle the hereditary Labour situation that seems blessed to inherit the reshaped Aberavon constituency. First time in decades that I will be away without using my postal vote. As far as I can see the local choices are not really worth bothering with. Did you hear that Plaid ?


Whilst that photo is a later mock-up for illustrative purposes, the give-away being reference to black, the terminology of the time was “coloured” indicating anyone of Asian heritage too. This film of the time shows such notices.

Important to note that the first case to be prosecuted under the Race Relations Act was in 1968 and involved a successful claim by Mahesh Upadhyaya. He was of heritage from Aden, now Yemen. Of note for Wales is that there was a person of the same racial heritage, Neil McEvoy MS. Abuse directed at him was not considered racist. 

Conversely, if you take £200,000 off a convicted criminal of environmental crime in Wales and raise issue with it. He gets to play the ‘race card’. Gething was evidently oppressed in the ghetto, having be raised on a landed estate in Dorset.


Are you sure it’s as a result of the ‘globalist agenda’? Could it be a simple case of a cabal of affluent Nigerians, two of whom arrive in Swansea with a mate in Canada involved in some facilitating of cash to patriate to Nigeria? Then they latch onto a wedge available from various ‘third sector’ organisations. Just stick BAME in the name can cash doth flow. 

Also notice there are many years between when the Doc Olutunde claims a medical qualification back home and has been languishing as a registrar without being accepted as a GP the accreditation body being registered as East of England, not in Wales. May be the case that the qualification is not valid and/or further accreditation abandoned. I honestly don’t see any qualified GP in Wales making a referral to an unregistered practitioner let alone on the basis of patient skin colour.

To me this indicates a murky farming of cash. Also find it strange the treasurer of Books Council awards his own enterprise £39k with no questions asked.

David Smith

Sorry for the spamming of comments Jac, and also I may have mentioned this before, but on the topic of ‘thought crimes’ I simply had to mention my banning from Bangor Wetherspoons for making a reference to ‘migrant workers’ to a member of staff.

I honestly cannot remember the exchange, and not because I was particularly pissed, but because of how incidental it was in the moment; delivered in a jovial manner, possibly satirically even, and all the while in the presence of a good friend of mine who happens to be a Spaniard.

I was duly informed that it was not for me to decide what constitues racism; apparently, it’s up to the ‘victim’. That sets a very fucking dangerous precedent in thinking for my money, and I believe we will see some sort of race war before this century is out if this carries on. That would be the ultimate tragedy for the vast majority of us who get on with people as people, and a victory for the bastards stoking this needless divisiveness.

David Smith

And not to partake in that unpardonable, unspeakable, irredeemable sin of ‘racism’, but Bangor in the North (of Wales) is becoming far too ‘diverse’ for my liking. Much like Dublin it seems, with the New Plantation afoot. Have you heard? Black is the new Orange!

David Smith

Let’s call it like it is. There’s good and bad everywhere, but there’s also a reason why Nigeria is a shithole and Wales isn’t (yet). Why don’t we give these cunts a good, hearty, Welsh, “Fuck off!”?

David Smith

There’s a reason why it used to be called common decency – it was a simple idea. Treat others how you’d want to be treated, please and thank-you, and don’t use obvious slurs based on a person’s origins or orientation. Now it’s a minefield of microaggressions, critical race theory, inherent/systemic racism, and all manner of twats falling over themselves to out virtue-signal each other and pander to every minority real or imagined.

David Smith

It is a bit of a tricky thing in a way, as no person is an island and we are all products of our environment. A pertinent example is how the abused tend to go on to be abusers themselves. The footwear metaphors deliver an imagined exchange: “Pull myself up by my bootstraps? Walk a mile in my shoes then!”

If interventions to relieve systemic and historical inequalities that echo in socioeconomic circumstances today are positive, rather than punitive, that would be something. Investment packages and education for black ghettos in the States, vs clunky, ham-fisted and crude quota-based rubbish like Affirmative Action, or slavery reparations.

Group masturbative self-flagellation is a tide that raises no boats, and that’s to say nothing of how such ‘punishment’ should be allotted. The only endgame for historial ‘corrections’ is to invoke notions of racial purity. This brings me neatly to how ridiculous these acronym -mongering wankers are with their BAME and POC: in doing so they lump all the world’s non-white nations and peoples in all their diversity and wonder, into one homogenised, ‘oppressed’ morass.

David Thomas

Have you asked Alfred to comment on what he said to Arise News?
Nigerians are well known to be gifted scammers, the see this as another opportunity for some free cash.
Ireland has a big problem with Nigerian gangs since their open borders policy. Briton Ferry is looking more and more like Lagos these days.


You know Briton Ferry, that local beauty spot jammed between Neath and Port Talbot with 2 exotic flyovers ! A deluded councillor once thought it could do for NPT what Adge does for the Montpellier – Narbonne region !


Hi. I see you’ve fallen for the lodging house sign. It was shown some years ago that a photographer mocked that up. The key is that blacks were not referred to as such until reasonably recently.

However, the rest of the article shows the pathetic naivety of government in Wales, which can probably be extrapolated across the rest of the UK. Worse than that it is blatant fraud.


In my view money is being taken under false pretences.

Nicola Lund

‘Lesbian adjacent’. What will they think of next? At least it’s made me laugh this morning!
seriously though, this country is being well and truly shafted.


Maybe the author lived next door to house full of rug munchers and his curiosity, or something else, was aroused!

Jonathan Edwards

‘works for the MoD in Bristol’? Don’t just leave it there, Jac!. Tantalising. But I know you’re busy and can’t spend 24/7 saving Wales. Hwyl


Most disclosures regarding work at MOD tend to be very vague. They just seem to be very inefficient and have limitless capacity for blowing scarce funds on badly specified projects. An even bigger and more out of control version of our beloved NHS. Bloated public sector never likely to get reined back.


I live and hope this is the peak of this all this nonsense!. As the title of the article says “segregation makes a comeback”, I was beginning witness this own goal a few years ago….my observations!…. my Grandad, would today be classed no doubt as a racist, he wasnt a racist, he just called a spade a spade, they were allowed to, they knew no better, actually though in reality, coming from I wont even say working class, less than that, a very poor background where they had to work to live week in week out (as did most), they were actually very accepting people, every one was taken on face value, if you worked hard and had integrity you were fully accepted, you were one of them, my dads generation, not far off the same, but had to learn to be a bit more choosey with there words etc, mine was the start of the real clamp down, one wrong word would nearly get you expelled from school, the message was getting hammered home it was not acceptable in any form, whether malicious or not….. it worked, they won the battle, the were policies in the work place, it was part of the education curriculum. My children were colour blind, they didn’t distinguish race at all, they went to school and made friends openly with who ever they liked without a single thought….. brilliant…. but they have kept on pushing they wanted to go further than this, (or they didnt want the gravy train to end), so now my children start seeing unfairness, favouritisms (children are highly observant)…. nothing but nothing creates resentment like consistent bias… there greed, (and greed is the worlds biggest problem as we all know), is destroying the hard work of there predecessors…. segregation is indeed making a comeback.