‘Saving Wales From The Welsh’


Lurking behind the barns in the Gilestone saga I published last week were environmental / wildlife groups. Now I think they need some sunlight.

What prompted my decision was a tweet I saw just over a week ago. The idea that a wildlife trust should be directing the ‘Welsh Government’s farm funding is bizarre.

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As I asked in a tweet of my own: “Is the ‘Welsh Government now consulting foxes on chicken coop security?”

The wildlife trusts and environmental groups I’ve encountered in Wales tend to be run by zealots believing the Welsh countryside faces few problems that couldn’t be solved by getting rid of livestock farmers.

Predictable when we remember that these groups contain a worryingly high percentage of vegetarians and vegans. And others of a dictatorial bent.

The man who put out the tweet is CEO of the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust. Registered as both a company and a charity.

The Trust is doing very well for itself. With net assets of £2,196,206 in 2021, against £1,899,611 the year before. And £288,436 in the bank (£147,097 in 2020).

That was despite writing off a debt of £10,296 owed by Radnorshire Wildlife Services Ltd. (In all my years of blogging I have encountered few successful ‘trading arms’. They must serve some other purpose.)

On page 6 of the 2021 accounts and annual report we see this ambition set out.

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“What do we want?”

“Thirty per cent!”

“When do we want it?”

“No later than 2030!”

It’s worth using the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust as an intro to the bigger picture.


The Radnorshire Wildlife Trust is, as the annual report and accounts tells us, a member of The Wildlife Trusts (TWT). The result of a re-organisation you can read about circled in the panel below.

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Is that progress? Strikes me as a step backwards.

Wildlife Trusts Wales maintains the pretence of independence with a website of its own. (Look top left.) Though the contact address is now in Nottinghamshire.

Then, perhaps to confuse things further, the charity, Wildlife Trusts Wales Ltd, seems to be ploughing on, yet the company dissolved itself in March.

In its latest report and accounts (at the foot of page 1) Wildlife Trusts Wales says, “WTW Council unanimously agreed that Wildlife Trust Wales should dissolve as a separate charity”, so why hasn’t it happened?

Wildlife Trusts Wales has chosen to be the local branch of an English body and hopes we’ll generously view it as having a separate existence. A bit like the Green Party.


After casting in the direction of James Hitchcock I hooked a few fish.

One specimen I dragged up from the murky depths was a Dr Paul Tubb. (I was tempted to take it easy on him because he might be related to Ernest of that ilk, who gave Hank Williams one of his best songs.)

It wasn’t long into our exchange, with me being the restrained and muted presence I always am, before Tubb came out with this!

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As I was quick to clarify – ain’t nothing “so-called” about my nationalism.

Another attempt to silence us by playing the ‘ugly nationalism’ card. Opposing the takeover of our country regularly draws this response, but the takeover itself is just fine. Perhaps even a moral crusade.

I introduce that elevating consideration after being confronted by it in a document produced by Woodknowledge Wales. Which is about as Welsh as the East India Company was Indian.

Here’s the document I’m talking about.

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On page 17 you’ll find the section above. Here’s my interpretation of what it says.

  • In addition to taking England’s wind turbines, and providing England’s water, Wales should also become England’s forest.
  • Farming is in the way of “re-forestation”.
  • “Natural colonisation of land” (by flora and fauna) is not a “morally justifiable . . . option for Wales”.  

The claim that there is a moral dimension to this scam is self-deluding bullshit. These are grant-grabbing tree-planters, not theologians or moral philosophers.

But enough of that, for I’ve been neglecting Tubby. He and I exchanged a bit more banter before it died a death.

Then, on the Monday, I received an e-mail from a complete stranger. It contained a link to the tweet you see below.

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The glasnost reference is to a blog produced by the late Dušan ‘Jacques’ Protić, who believed that both Rhodri Morgan and Carwyn Jones were dangerous nationalists . . . because they spoke Welsh! To Protic the Welsh language was the root cause of all Wales’ problems.

Protic was a ranter, and always good for a laugh. I often pictured him, crowned with a battered šajkača, pounding furiously away on his laptop . . . never dreaming he had a fan in Dr Paul Tubb.

Another irritating little git who popped up was a certain Rob Thomas. A twitcher from Cardiff Met. His party piece was referring to me as “anonymous tweeter and conspiracy theorist ‘Jac'”.

It got a bit boring after a while. So did he.

Someone else who joined in was a man with a beard, but no name; he was simply the “Welsh manager” for the Confederation of Forest Industries (UK) Ltd, headquartered in Edinburgh.

And there were others.

In fact, it’s quite amazing – and worrying – how many ‘afforestation’ groups there are out there. And how few of them, if any, are genuinely Welsh.


One, very influential outfit, is the Woodland Trust, which seems to be involved in most wood-related scams. An English organisation that followed the time-honoured route of opening a branch within whispering distance of Corruption Bay and giving itself a Welsh name, Coed Cadw.

But it’s simply a flag of convenience, for ‘Coed Cadw’ doesn’t exist for Companies House, or the Charity Commission, or the Financial Conduct Authority.

Another organisation I haven’t yet mentioned, but which has increasing influence over the ‘Welsh Government’, is the World Wildlife Fund. Which has an office and a website but, again, no existence independent of its UK / England HQ.

Then there’s a crew I may have neglected until now, Wales Environment Link (WEL), which sees itself as an umbrella organisation for environmental groups.

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When we look at the trustees we find at the top of the list, Roger Thomas, who is also a trustee at Tir Coed and Coed Cymru Cyf. (Not to be confused with Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust’s Welsh disguise.)

Thomas is also a director at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Another trustee is Natalie Roxanne Buttriss. Who deserves special mention.

Back in October 2018 she appeared in The Welsh Clearances. She was then Wales Director of the Woodland Trust, which was a partner with Rewilding Britain in the Summit to Sea project, a very ambitious land grab that was derailed by colonialist arrogance rousing local resistance.

I reproduce a photo from that post. It says so much. It shows Buttriss presenting a petition to Mike Hedges, Labour AM for Swansea East, I don’t know what post he held then. (Don’t care.)

A petition demanding – what else? – more trees! But it only managed to get a miserable 2,385 signatures. Yet it was still accorded an official presentation and media coverage . . . while petitions with many more signatures are effectively binned.

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When the memsahibs shout, the native politics-wallahs come running.

Among the full-time staff at WEN we find Llinos Price, of whom the less said the better. (Put her name into the search box atop the sidebar.) Also, former Labour spad, Liz Smith. Then there’s Rory Francis, who too has worked as a spad, and more recently for Friends of the Earth and Coed Cadw / Woodland Trust.

It really is revolving doors between ‘charities’ and politics, with none of those involved having any experience of business, and a lifetime spent wholly reliant on public funds.

But it’s not just identifiable organisations we should worry about; there are also loners, operating below the radar, who surface for other reasons.

This was the case with Sharon Girardi and her beavers at Blaeneinion. She came to my attention only because her response to Covid made the news. I started digging and then published ‘Enviroshysters flock to Wales for easy money‘.

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Blaeneinion has been owned since 2009 by a company registered in Gibraltar.

How many more Blaeneinions are there?

Let me end this section by reminding you that we are not just talking about land, and trees, for the enviroshysters also want our coastal waters.

According to the Rewilding Britain website back then the Summit to Sea project wanted 10,000 hectares of land and 28,400 hectares of sea.

And as we saw earlier, the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust has a core objective to, “Ensure 30% of the land and 30% of the sea is actively managed for wildlife by 2030”.

Not only are these vegan environmentalists determined to end livestock farming in Wales, they also wish to abolish commercial fishing.


There were until recently 5 wildlife trusts in Wales. The North Wales Wildlife Trust, the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW), and then three in Powys.

We’ve looked at the one for Radnorshire, but there is also the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, and there was a Brecknock Wildlife Trust until it merged with WTSWW.

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Quite remarkable when you think about it. Powys, with less than 5% of Wales’ population, had 60% of the country’s wildlife trusts. And post merger, still has 50%.

How do we explain this? Being so large, and sparsely-populated, Powys obviously attracts the kind of people we’ve encountered in this article. But there may be other factors at work.

A number of those I encountered in my research still live over the border, often just over the border. Wales obviously attracts them because funding is more readily available here.

James Hitchcock, the CEO of Radnorshire Wildlife Trust, with whose tweet this piece began, was formerly Estates Senior Manager at Herefordshire Wildlife Trusts.

Powys is also within reasonable travelling distance of almost any part of England, which makes it convenient for greenwash ‘investors’.

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There are other organisations helping to turn Harri Webb’s ‘Green Desert’ into a wooded wildlife paradise; among them, Soros College, Talgarth.

I know the boys and girls at Black Mountains College don’t like me harping on about their George Soros connection . . . so I shall keep doing it!


By accepted yardsticks such as health service delivery, education, infrastructure, standard of living, etc., we Welsh are worse off today than we were in 1999.

Unless they can serve as commuter communities for Cardiff and Newport the towns and villages of the Valleys undergo managed decline; Swansea is fed crumbs; the north east is being merged with north west England; the north coast is becoming the A55 commuter belt for Merseyside, Manchester, and Cheshire; our western coastal areas are no-go areas for our people due to property prices; while the rural heartland is bought up by carbon capture scammers and enviroshysters – with the support of the ‘Welsh Government’.

If it’s not the ‘Welsh Government’ buying up land for the claimed climate emergency then it’s Natural Resources Wales (NRW). Among their recent acquisitions is Ty’n y Mynydd on Ynys Môn.

But what can we expect from an organisation that puts out 1960s peace and love bollocks like: ” . . . reflective walk . . . ‘Children of the Revolution’ . . . thanks and love . . . for what we’d done for Wales”.

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What they’d done for Wales!!! They are buying up our country with our money and handing it over to strangers. (And look at the goody bags! We also paid for them.)

Every last one of them should be deported. Along with the others mentioned here. Plus the politicians, the civil servants, the lobbyists, and anyone else linked to the cess-pit that is Corruption Bay.

Let’s have a clean sweep so we can all breathe purer air.

Dominic Driver, who was responsible for that toe-curling tweet, is Head of Land Stewardship at NRW, so he presumably had a hand in the purchase at Ty’n y Mynydd. He taught at Harrow School and lives in the Cotswolds. Neis.

But that’s Wales for you. Or rather, for them.

The writing is on the wall. And the message reads: “R.I.P. Wales, the country that sacrificed itself pandering to strangers ‘saving’ a planet that was never in danger”.

♦ end ♦


© Royston Jones 2022

35 thoughts on “‘Saving Wales From The Welsh’

      1. Apparently Johnson loyalists submitted letters to force the vote now, so that the plotters couldn’t do it after the by-elections in a few weeks, which they expect to lose and may have made it harder for Johnson to win.

        There are 359 Tory Mps who vote tonight.

        To win, Boris needs 180

        To win convincingly he needs 216. It’s thought he will get around 260 as a minimum.

        There are 165 MPs on the government payroll – they have to support Boris or they have to quit (and lose the status and extra money). Looks like there are only two on the government payroll who oppose Boris and will have to resign if they vote against him and he wins:-

        Guy Opperman – Parlaimentary Under Secretary of Sate for Pensions

        Penny Mordaunt – Junior Minister for Trade

        1. But if the vote is being forced ahead of anticipated by-election defeats then the problems won’t have gone away after those losses. I say that because ‘Partygate’ only matters to the Daily Mirrorr and the Labour Party, there are more important issues for the public at large. These include rising prices and worsening shortages.

          What will ultimately save or finish Johnson is how he deals with these bigger issues. He could start saving himself by telling his missus and her friends, the Goldsmith brothers, that Net Zero is dead. Energy security and lower prices take priority.

          1. Can’t be another vote for 12 months by party rules.

            So that leaves the core of plotters with two very stark choices – pledge allegiance or resign the Whip (or have it removed even) and thus lose access to your local constituency party, party assistance etc, be unable to be the Tory candidate at the next election should Johnson remain leader.

            It’s a vicious game.

            1. I wasn’t thinking of another vote from his MPs. Unless he gets a grip on rising prices, empty shelves, and people freezing their homes, then he’s toast. That’s why he may be safe until winter.

              1. Dafis

                Winter will be a time of much discontent !

                Inability, no unwillingness, to take drastic defensive action on energy and fuel costs is going to come home to roost and bite his thick head off. Any moron who thinks that market forces are sufficiently sophisticated to wean people off using gas, electricity, petrol and diesel is unfit for any kind of office. A fixation with green technologies that are not cost effective marks him as a man fit for a job with ExR or Greta’s green gospel peddlers. Carrying on with the Green levy in times of hardship marks him as a crook and corrupted by big business.

                1. Something needs to be done about atmospheric pollution. Climate change belief or denial is tangential to the simple and inescapable truth that ceaselessly pumping shit into the atmosphere all life on this planet requires to survive, is never going to end well, is it?

                  1. Dafis

                    Big difference between “cleaning up” and the Net Zero at any cost position so favoured by today’s influencers. Either position is weakened by the exceptionalism of China, India, Brazil, Russia, and USA with other culprits forming up behind them. A lot of good advances were being made on cleaning-up technologies but they were not so attractive to lazy financial institutions because they needed a bit of engineering savvy to see how benefits could be reaped. Also the green gospels were so much more suited to the shallow people who just love gesture politics. Evolve “green” that brings real savings to ordinary paying consumers and it will get complete support. Until then the cynicism and suspicion is justified.

                    1. The problem with all these initiatives is that they end up being anti-European because only the EU and the UK are stupid enough to fall for the bullshit. The countries you mention, which account for 80% or more of emissions / pollution just say “Sod you!”. Though Sleepy Joe has cut back a bit, and he’ll pay the price in the November mid-terms, because if there’s one thing Americans insist on it’s cheap gas, man.

                    2. Nuclear fusion is what the world should be throwing its weight behind. Of course, OPEC states and Big Fossil Fuels will hate it.

          2. In pragmatic terms, perhaps, but the longer he remains in power the bigger the insult to the people who followed the rules his government put in place, especially the case for those who did so at great personal loss, not being able to say goodbye to elderly relatives, etc.

      2. Brychan

        Surprisingly there’s an English Tory MP (as are many) waiting in the wings called Tom Tugendhat lined up to replace Boris. He’s been saying some really strange things. Like respecting the election result in the northern counties of Ireland, sitting down with Nicola Sturgeon and even accused the Welsh Government of being corrupt. Turns out he’s some kind of ex-colonel in the army. It’s wrong to assume that those of a conservative viewpoint is automatically anti-Welsh as the trendy left like to project. If independence is our goal then there needs to be some straight and honest discussion on the roadmap to achieve it. That will involve drawing a line in the sand with English MPs in the Westminster House but it has to be someone honest and can be relied on to honour deals and not propping up other Brit parties of convenience.

          1. Dafis

            Unfortunately Tom is quite a rare beast in Anglo politics. A good few have projected a radical image by pushing some non conforming ideas but have a disconcerting habit of reverting to the party orthodoxy when the heat is on. And it’s gonna get hot for politicians this winter. Those choosing to defend the indefensible will find more than a few key board warriors getting on their case, but turning up in person to deliver a sharp message.

  1. Brychan

    Last year, this blog identified another rewilding organisation seeking to get onto the funding gravy train, and was trading under the name of Tir Natur. This was a strange outfit and their website contained very little information on the aims, geographical footprint and who was involved.

    This bid was a departure from other organisations as it ‘recognised the vital role of farming’ in nature conservation.

    In January it applied for charitable status at the charity commission, which is usually are quick and simple process. However, five months on, the registration has still not been accepted. This could be because it has been challenged under the ‘similar names’ rule, by others already registered like Tir Coed. One of the problems with a commission based in England if you use names in the Welsh language which they do not understand, a bit like the electoral commission when new political parties tried to register and use the word Plaid in the party name and it’s challenged by Plaid Cymru.

    Tir Natur had launched a crowdfunding page, and the names on the donations page appear to indicate an ‘establishment’ even international group of followers. It appears that the way these projects are funded very much depends on the patronage, the insiders, of Welsh Government ministers.

  2. Wynne

    Spot on analysis by you as usual Jac.

    Final paragraph of a letter I received today from Welsh Government on a different subject copied below.

    “I am sorry you have found our replies unsatisfactory and that you feel we have not provided you with the answers you seek regarding the Welsh Government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, given the impasse we appear to have reached, we do not believe it would be productive for the Welsh Government to continue corresponding with you about your ongoing concerns. Whilst you may continue to write to us if you wish, any further correspondence on this subject will not generate a response and will simply be noted for information.”

    I now have a collection of similar letters from public bodies. Remember the old days, when a letter from a public body would contain the phrase

    “I beg to remain Sir your most loyal, humble and obedient servant”.

    1. I find everything about the ‘Welsh Government’ “unsatisfactory”.

      I have been promised a response to my FoI about Gilestone farm by June 13. I am looking forward to it.

      1. Matthew Thomas

        Me too, however, one wonders how bad the schools, hospitals and standard of living has to get before the people of Wales stop re-electing the people responsible for it 🤷

    2. Dafis

      That response : “I am sorry you have found our replies unsatisfactory … However, given the impasse we appear to have reached, ……… Whilst you may continue to write to us…….. not generate a response and will simply be noted for information.” ranks among the most high handed arrogant treatment of a member of the public. The concept of service is redundant having been replaced with a mix of superiority and entitlement. Soon we will receive notes simply saying ” how dare you question our activities, just fuck off and know your place, serf.”

      1. Wynne

        Copy of my reply letter to Welsh Government below Dafis.

        Rt Hon Eluned Morgan MS
        Minister for Health and Social Services
        Welsh Government
        5th Floor
        Ty Hywel
        Cardiff Bay
        CF99 1NA

        My Ref: CJ 131
        Your Ref: TO/EM/02116/22
        Date: 30 May 2022
        cc: Welsh Parliament – Health and Social Care Committee

        Dear Minister

        Subject: Moderna Vaccine Roll-Out and Wider WG COVID-19 Policy – External Investigation

        I refer to my letter to you dated 23 May 2022 and to previous correspondence relating to the above subject.

        I am grateful to Jane Brookman in “Government and Corporate Business Team” for responding on your behalf in your role as “Minister for Health and Social Services” in Wales. I regret, we have failed to reach agreement on concerns drawn to your attention regarding the roll-out of Covid 19 Moderna mRNA inoculations in Wales following temporary emergency use authorisation by MHRA. An external investigation – under the terms of reference set out in Annex 1 below – remains ongoing.

        For record purpose, please ensure that all enquiries / request for information is retained on your file in view of evidence of scientific fraud presented recently to a grand jury – with global audience – in a criminal investigation. For file record purpose, please also record the following summary of the latest data [to 11 May 2022] provided by the governments’ medical regulator MHRA on “yellow card” monitoring system. This summary sets out the adverse reactions and deaths following roll-out of the mRNA / DNA based inoculations. You will note that the current adverse reaction total is recoded as 1,492,541 with total deaths recoded as 2,140.

        Treatment UK – MHRA “yellow card” data recording adverse reactions [including deaths] following administration of experimental inoculations.
        Covid 19 experimental mRNA inoculations
        Data to 11 May 2022
        AstraZeneca – total adverse reactions 868,567 – total deaths 1,272
        Moderna – total adverse reactions 127,651 – total deaths 54
        Pfizer – total adverse reactions 491,129 – total deaths 767
        Unspecified – total adverse reactions 5,194 – total deaths 47
        Total – total adverse reactions 1,492,541 – total deaths 2,140
        It is estimated that, for various reasons, only 10% of serious reactions and between 3 and 4% of non-serious reactions are reported. The information provided above can therefore be adjusted accordingly.

        Additional information is available in a preliminary report presented to Welsh Parliament “Health and Social Care Committee” following their “call for evidence”. A redacted version of the report is available on their webpage at the following link under reference COV 12.


        An updated version of the report will be circulated to stakeholders at a future date when the investigation has progressed further. Any delay – or decision by Welsh Government not to respond to future enquiries relating to health and social care in Wales – may hinder progress in the investigation. Thank you.

        Yours sincerely

        Annex 1
        Investigation: Management of Coronavirus crisis in England and Wales

        Investigation Terms of Reference
        1. Liaise as necessary with; UK Government Cabinet Office, UK Health Security Agency, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency [MHRA],NHS England, NHS Wales, Welsh Government, Welsh Parliament, Public Health Wales, Local Authorities and other public bodies to establish the facts.
        2. Assess the validity of RT-PCR test for diagnosis of Covid 19 infection, with reference to recent court judgements.
        3. Establish why the RT-PCR test has been run at amplification cycle threshold [C t] 45 in England and Wales to provide false data.
        4. Investigate the roll-out of experimental mRNA therapeutics [vaccines] under emergency use authorisation.
        5. Examine information provided to “vaccine” recipients to establish whether informed consent for an experimental unlicensed treatment has been provided. Phase III trials are due to end in 2023 / 24. Informed consent is required under the “Nuremberg Code”.
        6. Investigate the failure to inform the public of vaccine-related life-changing injuries and deaths recorded by MHRA on “yellow card” monitoring system.
        7. Investigate the use of the drug “midazolam” in healthcare setting to establish whether euthanasia has been used as a medical protocol in England and Wales. Midazolam suppresses the respiratory system. Covid is a respiratory disease.
        8. Examine the allocation and management of public funds during the crisis.
        9. Examine the impact of the face mask policy on school children in England and Wales. Establish why risk assessments were not undertaken by UK Government, Welsh Government and / or Local Authorities, given the known risk of hypoxia, hypercapnia and bacterial pneumonia from prolonged mask wearing.
        10. Review ongoing litigation on Covid-related issues and draw court judgements to the attention of stakeholders.
        11. Examine enforcement powers under Coronavirus regulations laid before UK Parliament and Welsh Parliament, as the regulations are based on results from the flawed RT-PCR test which, in turn, is based on a fraudulent scientific paper.
        12. Examine funding arrangements to establish whether there are undeclared conflicts of interest involving Government advisors / pharmaceutical companies / medical regulator [MHRA]. The MHRA is part-funded by the pharmaceutical industry and a private corporation [Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation] that has substantial investments in the pharmaceutical industry. Gather evidence to establish whether there has been misfeasance or malfeasance by officials in public office.
        13. Examine the science to establish whether pseudo-science has prevailed over proper science, given the unprecedented level of censorship now in place.
        14. Examine the veracity of information provided by BBC News during the coronavirus crisis.
        15. Present findings to UK Parliament Welsh Parliament and Welsh Government and to the forthcoming judge-led independent UK public inquiry announced by the Prime Minister.
        16. Present findings to the police following the verdicts, sentence and warrants issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice 15 January 2022.

        1. Dafis

          That letter ought to make her and her army of keyboard workers, formerly paper pushers, start jumping around. However they will most likely engage in even more diversionary antics rather than tackling legitimate issues raised in your letter.

  3. David Robins

    “(And look at the goody bags! We also paid for them.)”

    Another possibility is that these are filled with free marketing tat from those ‘eco-enterprises’ hustling for some regulatory capture.

    Either way, not a good look. I trust that the muffins were ethically sourced because, from the Welsh viewpoint, the boffins clearly were not.

    1. They live in a parallel dimension. Which might be tolerable were it not for the fact that their dimension influences ours while ours has no influence over theirs other than through the political sphere, but unfortunately politicians of all colours are in thrall to them.


    Very enlightening. I can only hope that the Welsh people are made aware of this appalling situation before being sold down the river again.

    1. Dafis

      Most of the people here in Wales are very slow to absorb the messages. Jac is taking the horses to water regularly but too many are failing to drink ! I find it staggering, with or without Jac’s diligent research, that so many fail to see the obvious. It’s like a mass illiteracy, a failure of numeracy, a collective autism, or are we so deeply brainwashed into thinking that only the superficial Left – Right divide matters and when both sides appear to be broadly in consensus over carving up Wales there is nothing left to worry about ! All this crap that diverts ordinary blinkered folk’s attention – Covid, inflation, monetary squeezes, even Ukraine – allows the scheming bastards to carry on looting the country at an accelerating pace. I doubt whether a bomb would stop them unless it was one of Putin’s specials landing on London and a smaller one over Cardiff. That’s how bad it is.

      1. We can’t be too harsh on them because they get fed a constant diet of this nonsense from nursery school. In a secular age it has became a kind of religion. And those who question it are treated like medieval heretics.

        1. David Smith

          It’s a UK-wide thing, let’s face it, you only have to look at what’s inevitably coming from the DPRK-esque propaganda shit pump this weekend, as the ‘nation’ raises a glass to Her Imperial Majesty. Even in most parts of England I’d wager most will be raising a glass to their own day off in which to sleep off ill effects of consumption of contents of said glass(es).

        2. Dafis

          I was fed some old propaganda and bullshit at school too. As I recall it didn’t take me long to query the nonsense which didn’t endear me to the old creeps doing the feeding. Most young people had a healthy suspicion of Establishment orthodoxy. Now too many buy into it as a way of “getting ahead”

  5. Dafis

    No doubt the real core of this multitude of problems is the Wales gov down the Bay. Their powers to freely invest in any old scam, usually excluding viable alternative schemes or investments offering real value for money, now reaches an epidemic condition. No doubt their “green agenda” is really just a big hoax aimed at filling the coffers of a host of globalist corporates at one extreme and smaller scale “charities” and other specialists in tackling the mythical beasts of environmental decay and climate change.

    Where the deal is too big to be within the scope of the Bay regime the frivolous crew in London assume responsibility and they are arguable even more wedded to the idea that greenwash is good for the soul. Either way it’s not good for the people of Wales whose communities are being sliced and diced by these corrupt initiatives.

    1. It all centres around the politicians in the Bay because they can make the legislation and they can dole out the funding. By the same token, politicians less fond of gesture politics could put an end to it.

  6. Chris Groves

    “What they’d done for Wales!!! They are buying up our country with our money and handing it over to strangers.”…. A perfectly worded summary Jac

    1. Only people living in a bubble, forever congratulating each other, detached from the real world of people like us, can say things like this. Because they really believe it!

      They have somehow conflated this planet-saving bullshit with serving Wales.

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