Pot Pourri 25.02.2019

Another bumper issue, another mixed bag for you to enjoy; bits and pieces from hither and yon, Ynys Môn to New Zealand, and both sides of the Tawe. You can either take them one at a time or you can gorge yourself.

Go on! you know you want to.


An old mate back in the city of my dreams, who served for decades as a councillor, once told me a curious tale about Labour councillors having to give up 10% of their allowance (i.e. salary) to the party every month – or else the heavies would be sent round.

He himself learnt this from someone who had broken free from the Labour Party and gone straight.

I’m told this system of ‘dues’ may have been introduced in Swansea a while back, when the boss was that man of destiny, he who enthralled the crowds from the Guildhall balcony – David ‘Il Duce’ Phillips, who I’m sure you’ll all remember.

Now your bog standard Labour councillor in Swansea gets £13,000 a year, but capos and under-bosses get a lot more, while the capo di tutti capi, currently Rob Stewart, is on £53,000.

Then the allowances increase for sitting on various committees, plus there’s travelling allowance, phone bills are paid, etc., etc. The point is that the Labour Party gets a lot of money every year from its own councillors. In Swansea the figure is well over £70,000.

Eventually my mate, Ioan Richard, got in touch with the Wales Audit Office to enquire about this curious method of extortion voluntary donations. The response he received last week said:

“Further to your email of 14 December 2018, I have met with officers of the Council to discuss your concern regarding payments made by Swansea Council to the Labour Party on behalf of some local authority members.

 I can confirm that the practice you refer to is a long-standing one. However, Council officers have informed me that having now given due consideration to this matter,  it is their intention to end the practice of making payments to the Labour Party (or any other political party) on behalf of local authority members with effect from April 2019.

 May I take the time to thank you for taking the time to raise your concern with us.”

A few questions come to mind. Three, I suppose.

  1. Why should officials of the council, employed to serve the city of Swansea in a non-political way, be forced to manage these donations, thereby spending council time doing what is obviously of benefit only to the Labour Party?
  2. If this practice is widespread in Wales then the Labour Party could be getting over one million pounds every year from its councillors. So should the Labour Party be siphoning off money for itself from the public purse?
  3. And if Labour councillors can afford to give up 10% of their allowances then why do we pay them so much?

Another idol of the Jack masses – well, perhaps not – is the MP for Swansea East, Carolyn Harris, of whom I have often written. Harris made the news a few years back when she attacked a co-worker in the constituency office of the then MP for Swansea East Siân James.

She made it into the public prints more recently when the ‘I’ll-get-you-you-cow!’ accusation of theft she had laid against her victim fell apart at Newport Crown Court.

Harris may have her own constituency party tied down but in the neighbouring constituency of Swansea West there was a less than comradely motion discussed recently. It came in three parts.

Carolyn Harris MP, centre, courting the Gay lobby in her attempts to counter the accusation of homophobia ahead of the ‘revenge accusation’ trial. Click to enlarge.

The first part noted that the evidence given at the Newport trial raised questions about Harris’s fitness to hold the position of Deputy Leader of Welsh Labour.

The second part urged support for the elected members of Labour’s Welsh Executive Committee (WEC) who have asked what processes were used by the party to address concerns about Harris.

The third part asked the Swansea West Constituency Labour Party (CLP) to refrain from inviting Carolyn Harris to CLP events until the WEC members had satisfactory explanations.

The first two parts were carried. The third removed by amendment.

On we go to Gower, Swansea’s third constituency, wherein dwells Ioan Richard. His local MP is former rugby international Tonia Antoniazzi.

Now Ioan is the kind of bloke who asks awkward questions, and challenges conventional wisdom, a species with which I identify but one far too rare in Wales. Inevitably, he has asked awkward questions of Ms Antoniazzi – who has blocked him and now ignores him entirely.

I know ‘Welsh’ Labour is very tribal, and sensitive to criticism, but someone should tell Antoniazzi that she represents not just those giving her a clear run to the line but also those wanting to tackle her.


A story that recently made the news was of care home staff in Ystradgynlais being told by their employer not to speak Welsh among themselves. That’s because their employer thought ‘it was “unacceptable” for clients to overhear staff speaking in a language they do not understand’.

Now this is Ystradgynlais, or more specifically, Cwm-twrch Isaf, at the top of the Swansea Valley, where almost everyone other than recent arrivals to the area speaks or understands Welsh. So if the residents at the Isfryn care home, owned by the Accomplish Group of Birmingham (formerly Tracs Ltd), are unfamiliar with the Welsh language then they’re obviously not from the area, so where are they from?

reproduced courtesy of WalesOnline, click to enlarge

Once my interest was aroused my first stop was the Land Registry website to find out who owns the property. Since December 2018 Isfryn has been owned by Link Corporate Trustees (UK) Ltd. This company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Link Administration Holdings Ltd, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

There seems to be no leasehold arrangement registered with the Land Registry so I can only assume that Accomplish rents Isfryn from Link Administration Holdings or else manages Isfryn for the Australian company. (If anyone out there is aware of the exact relationship, please get in touch.)

You’ll have noticed that on the title document the property is known as Glynderwen, but I suppose the name changed to Isfryn because there’s another Glynderwen down the valley in Clydach. This would have posed no problem in days gone by, but the Clydach Glynderwen is also a ‘home’ of some kind run by Aston Care Ltd of Reading.

As I said in a recent post: “In our rural areas, and increasingly in our post-industrial areas, (our) poverty is made worse year on year by England shipping in its problem cases via a host of organisations you’ve never heard of.”

To facilitate this social cleansing substantial properties can be snapped up in the Swansea Valley for a third of what they’d cost in the Thames Valley. Properties ideal for small care homes.

Which explains why we have Australian companies, English companies, English care home residents, with Welsh involvement limited to minimum-wage jobs in which staff are banned from speaking Welsh.

And, almost certainly, there’s Welsh public money involved somewhere.

This is how a collaborationist form of socialism manages a colony. It can delude itself that by facilitating such a situation it is both ‘caring’ and creating jobs. This mindset is not limited to the Labour Party.

I wish to God we had politicians asking the right questions about places like Isfryn. Questions such as . . .

  • Where are the residents from?
  • Who’s paying for their care?
  • If they’re from outside of Wales (and being unfamiliar with the Welsh language suggests they are) then is their home local authority making a contribution to the Welsh NHS?
  • Why are we allowing or encouraging such places to be set up in Wales?
  • In 2019 who the fuck has the right to tell Welsh people they mustn’t speak Welsh?


This is an update to my piece ‘And finally, who am I?’ in Crooks to the left of me, shysters to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle of Wales . . . (just scroll down).

In a nutshell, a company called Camp Valour CIC says it wants to take over 19th century Fort Hubberston in Milford Haven and use it as a rehabilitation centre for ex-service personnel.

The problem is that Camp Valour has been making ludicrous claims and telling outright lies. Many of these lies concern Major Fabian Sean Lucien Faversham-Pullen, who I – in my ignorance – had assumed was Sean Keven Patrick Pullen, director of failed company Baron Security (UK) Ltd, based in the same building at Hawarden airport as Camp Valour, but no – they’re twins!

That they’re never seen in the same room together is due to the fact that Keven drifted off to Gibraltar at the same time as Lucian appeared on the scene. But it had nothing – absolutely nothing! – to do with Keven deciding to call himself Fabian.

Or at least, that’s the story according to Camp Valour’s Chief Operations Officer, Nicola – ‘Don’t tell him, Pike!’ – Wilcox.

The Major’s military credentials were also called into question, but Nicola explained that his army record couldn’t be checked because he had served under his mother’s name. (Which would have made him the only Cynthia in the Parachute Regiment!) But is that legal? We’re dealing with the British army not the French Foreign Legion.

But now, the major, a hardened 25-year veteran, who (we were told) saw many conflicts, has taken offence at a few reasonable questions and gone into hiding, to be replaced by someone as yet unnamed. Perhaps it’ll be Sebastian, the third of the Pullen triplets, just returned from Syria where he led an all-female unit of Kurdish fighters against ISIS.

The unit led by Sebastian, the third of the Pullen triplets. He’s in the background, in the white pick-up truck. Click to enlarge.

As a spokesperson Nicola does a wonderful job, making everything so clear. For after Ms Wilcox’ ‘clarification’ I am more convinced than ever that we are dealing with shameless shysters of the Walter Mitty variety.

Oh, yes, and I can look forward to another solicitor’s letter to add to my collection . . . if we are to believe Nicola Wilcox. Would you?

As might be expected, the Camp Valour gang has attracted considerable attention in Pembrokeshire. This is what the Western Telegraph had to say (with some interesting comments). While below you can read the report from the Pembrokeshire Herald.

click to enlarge

Pembrokeshire councillor Mike Stoddart was also on good form on his ‘Old Grumpy’ blog.

Pullen’s close associate, both in the Liverpool branch of the Royal British Legion and the D-Day Revisited Society (Charity number 1129753), is Jonathan Phipps. I’m still trying to figure out his role in this fantasy, but in the meantime here’s a link to a remarkable letter signed by ‘Faversham-Pullen’ and presented by Phipps to a young boy battling serious illness.

Someone who knows of such things has told me that the SAS is always referred to as ‘The 22nd Special Air Service Regiment’, and presenting an SAS beret to someone who hadn’t earned it is never done.

Something that obviously puzzled me was the name change to Faversham-Pullen. A common reason is marriage, so had he married a Miss Faversham? I could find no evidence for that, so why Faversham?

Something I turned up made me pause, and wonder if it offers a clue. Read it for yourself. Chronologically, the fit is perfect, but I’m not sure what to make of it.

Naturally I checked with various bodies to see if the gang had secured any moolah.

The county council only became aware of the project from a media report! Though it did receive a copy of the business plan – from Milford Haven town council. This plan mentioned Armed Forces Community Covenant funding; on reading this, Dan Shaw, the council’s Liaison Officer for the Armed Forces, contacted Nicola Wilcox, only to be told that this was a ‘mistake’ and that this funding was not being applied for.

Just another lie that was put in the business plan to impress people, and withdrawn when queried. I cannot see the ‘Major’ and his gang applying for such funding because too many awkward questions would be asked.

I have submitted an FoI to the self-styled ‘Welsh Government’ and await a reply.

Fort Hubberston is owned by the Port of Milford Haven, so I also wrote to that body. In response I was sent a brief statement issued on February 20th by Claire Stowell, Director of Property, which read: “The Port of Milford Haven has a short term agreement with Camp Valour which allows them to develop full proposals for Hubberston Fort. We will review those arrangements with Camp Valour in due course.”

I have to confess that I cannot get out of my head a suspicion that the copyright for the Fort Hubberston plan may not belong entirely to Phipps and Pullen. For I note some interesting characters among the senior management at PMH, with backgrounds in business and property development.

If I’m right, then this might explain the confusing entry on the Companies House website, where Camp Valour’s ‘nature of business’ reads, “Recreational vehicle parks, trailer parks and camping grounds”.

Somebody may have slipped up and told the truth, for once.

STOP PRESS! A ‘solicitor’s letter’ arrived just before I put out this post. It was signed ‘Alex McCready’, and there is indeed a lawyer of that name, but I’m not convinced she sent this.

To begin with, it came as a personal e-mail, not an e-mail with an attached letter. There was no company logo or contact details and it came from a Yahoo address! There were spelling mistakes and incorrect use or absence of the possessive apostrophe. Finally, I know from experience how solicitors write letters of this kind.

I shall of course be bringing this desperate attempt to silence me to the attention of the real Alex McCready.

UPDATE 10:35: I have now spoken with Alex McCready and confirmed that she did not send the e-mail. At her request the content of the e-mail is no longer available, Ms McCready will be making her own enquiries into what I interpret to be an assault on her reputation.


I was in Carmarthen not so long ago to meet a fascinating guy from Swansea (but, then, aren’t all Jacks fascinating?). We talked of this and that, that and this, and he told me of a Welsh exile in New Zealand who had created Emrys the dragon, who will soon be on his way to Wales.

I have paraphrased the information I’ve subsequently been sent.

‘Artist Julia O’Sullivan is from Caehopkin in the Swansea Valley but has lived in Te Aroha, New Zealand for 12 years. 

Emrys was inspired by the Huw Edwards’ BBC series, ‘The Story of Wales’. Emrys honours many Welsh people and includes 960 hand-beaten and enamelled copper scales. Some 750 of them etched with the names of Welsh celebrities.

Emrys is made of metals significant in Welsh history, stands on a Welsh slate base in the shape of Wales, with the legs representing pit-head winding gear. Emrys also contains 29 oil paintings, each telling a story – among them the Rebecca Riots, Aberfan, the Mabinogion, Hywel Dda and Owain Glyndŵr.

Emrys is 2.8m high by 3m wide, weighs 200kg and took 22 months to complete.

A special container has been being built and transportation home has now been arranged. Emrys will depart with a youth choir singing the traditional Maori farewell ‘Po Atarau’. A grand welcome awaits both Emrys and Julia on their arrival in Swansea.’

Is he not handsome? Click to enlarge

Emrys will be en route to Swansea in just over a week, and when he arrives he will take up the offer of temporary accommodation at the university. (Let’s hope he doesn’t get involved with the Wellness Village or he’ll be helping Plod with their enquiries and then it’ll be the next boat back.)

Emrys is seeking a permanent home in Wales, so we’re open to suggestions. No post cards this time, let’s have comments to the blog or responses on social media.


As you probably know, Plaid Cymru beat Labour to win the Ely by-election in Cardiff last Thursday. But because Neil McEvoy was highly influential in the campaign the militant feminist and niche politics elements in the party have had trouble bringing themselves to congratulate new councillor Andrea Gibson.

The best that could be extracted from an eco-friendly, gender-fluid Plaid spokesperson wearing a T-shirt reading ‘Save Socialist Venezuela From Capitalist Foreign Aid’ was, ‘Ely! Ely! Isn’t that in Cambridgeshire?’ When it was pointed out that there was a Cardiff neighbourhood of the same name, the spokesperson admitted ‘We really aren’t interested in such places’.

Further west there was better news for Labour in an election that got less publicity than the Ely contest. This was the by-election in the Mynyddygarreg ward of Cydweli town council. Though I did mention Labour candidate Beryl Williams in a recent post.

And Beryl won, but what was so curious and disturbing about the result was that of the 330 votes ‘cast’ 220 were postal or proxy votes. Beryl got 191 votes to her Independent rival’s 139 and the great majority of her votes were proxy and postal votes.

For I’m told that Beryl, following her defeat in a by-election last year, was well prepared this time, and stalked the ward armed with sheaves of postal vote registration forms, which of course she is perfectly entitled to fill in for elderly and other voters to sign.

click to enlarge

And let’s not forget those – and to quote from Beryl’s own election material – who are helping turn Cydweli into “an autism and dementia friendly town”. Achieved by the third sector importing people with autism, dementia and other conditions who are then accommodated by housing associations.

So Beryl was elected thanks to Labour’s control of the third sector and care homes and the kind of extra burden being laid on Wales that we saw at Isfryn in Cwm-twrch Isaf.

I do hope that ‘Welsh’ Labour hasn’t adopted the old Ulster Unionist tactic of personation that exhorted supporters to ‘Vote early, vote often!’ Or perhaps in this case, ‘Don’t bother voting – I’ll do it for you!’


Someone sent me a link to another story about someone trying to create Wilmslow-sur-Mer with yet more holiday homes, this time on Ynys Môn.

click to enlarge

You’ll have read that the company involved is called Anglesey Homes, so I went to the Companies House website to check. First I found an Anglesey Homes Limited which went belly-up in January 2017. But there’s also an Anglesey Homes Ltd, which was Incorporated 16 November 2018.

Someone has been clever and re-used the name. Perfectly legal because the old company was ‘Limited’ and the new one is ‘Ltd’.

Anglesey Homes Ltd has a website that gives information on its projects but nothing about who runs the company, no company number, and not even a postal address. Companies House tells us that Anglesey Homes Ltd is based at Chester Business Park and shares an address with a number of other companies, with the sole director being Emma Elizabeth Scott.

So who is Emma Elizabeth Scott, this major player in the Ynys Môn holiday homes market? She was born in July 1969 and has in the past three years formed a number of companies. Here’s a list I’ve compiled, though it might be incomplete:

At first sight it would appear that we have here a woman in her late forties who suddenly throws herself into a business career with 12 new companies. And she’s the sole director of most of them.

And because they are all so new there’s little or no paperwork to see. This is certainly the case with Anglesey Homes Ltd, the company that claims to be behind the holiday homes at Rhosneigr.

Far more likely is that Emma Elizabeth Scott is fronting for someone. The county council – and indeed anyone else – is therefore entitled to ask Ms Scott who she’s fronting for, and why that person/those persons wish to remain in the shadows.

We are also entitled to ask Ms Scott where the money is coming from.

For as I have made clear on this blog, and explained with examples, a great deal of dirty money from northern England is being ‘washed’ in the property market and the tourism rackets of northern Wales.

I’m not suggesting that Anglesey Homes Ltd is using dirty money, but it’s always nice to be sure.

We’re also entitled to know why Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn laid out the Welcome mat in July 2018 by lending money to Warren Road Rhosneigr Ltd to buy land.

♦ end ♦


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Here we go again – London regime dishing out dosh it suddenly finds down the back of a sofa.


They are reluctant to acknowledge the generations of relative deprivation while the real wealth and power was diverted increasingly to that S.E corner of UK. If this helps May “normalise” things then all the regions will get is a steady return to the old status quo.

And Wales’ place in the pecking order ? well it’s lower than Cairns at full stretch at the far end of the table as the crumbs are rolled off. The good thing about all this is that it’s more symptoms of a regime gagging on its own vomit – beginning of the end ?


True it would be, except the loot comes out of the public purse, which is NOT the City of London. City of London is very skilled at mitigating/minimizing its obligation to the public purse.

David Smith

The British state has failed most of England that isn’t London and the “home” counties for my money as well.


Off topic but may I pay tribute to Bundesliga club Schalke 04 for their ‘Daily Welsh’ on twitter and their welcome to Rabbi Matondo. Rabbi learned his football in local parks in Tremorfa, Cardiff . He’s now plays international, winger, for Wales. This song is Das Steigerlied (The Overman) a miners song from the Ruhr and Westphalia, which is the stadium anthem.

Schalke 04.
“Ein cefnogwr. Our fans. Unsere Fans” – Schalke 04 on Twitter.

However, I cannot understand why WalesOnline refers to him as “the latest young BRITISH player to join a German team.”. He’s WELSH you fucking arsholes. Have they brit him because his dad played for Congo?

Big Gee

I’ll guarantee they’ll blow it Jonathan. They’ve shot themselves in the feet so many times they walk on stumps, and the pain is so great they’ve lost all sense of direction.

Time to move on . . . . their loss will undoubtedly become someone else’s gain in the fullness of time.

When you’ve lost your way completely after 90 years in the wilderness it’s time to look for a new updated map.


A thought for the night…..

Hello JAC the GOG – Just a smallish’ toe in the Water !!!!!!!!

Obviously, you are obsessed with a hate of the English/perceived English influence – via the Labour Party in Wales. That, in itself, is a challenge to life in a democratic, egalitarian society. But, what the hell?
A central platform is your dwelling on the process/concept that this country is/has been colonised by the English …! What a joke!

Your life style, based on a ‘brilliant’ expertise at spending our waking hours digging for anything to feed your habit, – is noted !!!!!!
However, you must recognise your activity is responsible for the feeding of similarly motivated Nationalist Cranks, who rely on your daily fix to feed their habit – viaYOUR site!
One of your classic basket cases – mrorigami2013 – recently posted –
“I always wondered why socialists are never Christians – it’s the thou shall not steal bit that they just can’t get on with…. (Mind Bending!)
I always wondered why socialists are never Christians – it’s the thou shall not steal bit that they just can’t get on with .(Mind bending squared !)
Wales needs to mobilse itself and get rid of Welsh Labour once and for all. Let’s embrace our country and make something of it. Wellbeing in Wales will rise dramatically when Welsh Labour get kicked out…..FFS!…….will these idiots who keep voting Welsh Labour have to eat rats before the penny drops.” – (Mind bending cubed !}
“These idiots” -constitute a majority of the Welsh people who vote at elections in Wales – you know DEMOCRACY/?
Not all are equally deranged as mrorigami2013, but Jac…a point for discussion!
whatever you’r sad motivation, surely you can’t be happy encouraging hate filled MORONS, such as these exposing his/her problems via your site?

Might I round off my contribution with a response the comment you proffered some days ago about my tendency to contribute late at night ? As with one of you’r small cohort of contributors (Stan) you resorted to a suggestion that I was ‘pissed’- and was suffering from a ‘medication’ issue – in contributing to your web site – so late at night.

For clarity – only! My NHS specified medication is totally in keeping with 25 years of a sequence of 5+ cardiac operations over that time. Booze is not a problem. Sleep is!

PS… Marginally interesting!…..Day after day – it seems your channel /espouse your hate of the English (third sector ) colonisers.!
You conveniently ignore the colonisation…… by the Indian, German, French, Chinese and Japanese investors that have helped this nation survive it’s industrial demise under Tory Rule ?

Join us in the real WALES ….a born and proud Welshman!


Big Gee

Oh dear! Another case of an innocent and naive native suffering from a bad case of generational brainwashing by the state.

There is a cure. Believe nothing, question everything and get down to some solid learning through research, whilst cultivating an open mind. THEN come to your OWN conclusions based on truth and reality. Don’t continue with a ‘sheeple’ mentality. Don’t allow others to influence your thinking.

And I hope your health – both physical and your thought processes improves. I mean that sincerely, as someone who sympathizes with you, given the fact I’ve also had my share of ill health. But thankfully I’ve managed to keep my mind under my control and not the control of the colonial establishment.


I particularly like Jac’s pot pourri and they are my favourites in the excellent blogs he turns out for us. Something for everyone. Even the sulking, brooding, ex-Labour Cabinet members of NPT Council. That post of Dai’s hit me with a sense of deja vu. Almost 4 years ago to the day, actually 9 March 2015, he was sounding off in a similar fashion when he wrote to the Neath Ferret:

“The only revolution needed in the Neath area is for someone to come up with a cure to release we normal people from the embarrassment of reading the hate fuelled posts of these two prats- LW and our Stanley- the darling of the Editorial team.
The mind boggles when reflecting on these two, in particular, devoting their lives on a daily basis digging for dirt against anything Labour. On a slow day they quite blatantly make it up, such is their affliction.”

“We normal people….”, eh? I’d best not comment further on that.

In fairness, I have to say that it’s a better constructed, more coherent rant than his 2019 version. Perhaps his “medication” ought to be reviewed.

One thing I never made up though, but it always seemed to irk Old Dai if I mentioned it, was that up to the time he was unceremoniously kicked off the Labour Cabinet of NPT Council, in the financial years between 2006/2007 and 2012/2013, Councillor D Lewis’ total allowances (salary) was £207,936 (and 77 pence). In addition, travelling expenses of £4,241.90.

When a (former) councillor speaks in unqualified support of an organisation (Welsh Labour) he has derived pecuniary advantage from, isn’t it customary to declare an interest?


I think the facts speak for themselves Stan. We await a further response [rant] from Dai. Perhaps he may want to dispute the 77 pence !

Jonathan Edwards

Sparkling form, Jac. Loved the crack about Cynthia! What about McEvoy? I am a member of Plaid who believes that the single thing Plaid needs is to be a big tent, not a small clique. As it could be. As Adam Price must realise. As he could point out to Plaid. I realise he won’t get Jac in back in the pack. But he should get Neil McEvoy in, a genuine much-maligned vote-winner. But I am getting a horrible feeling AP, and Plaid, are going to blow it.


Too true Jonathan. No bookmaker will offer odds on Plaid clusterfuck as it’s a racing cert ! They might offer odds on “when” and “how big”. Plaid topcats’ unwillingness to hail that local bielection victory at Ely/ Caerau highlights the chasm between the poseurs at the centre and the footsoldiers out on the streets. Give me those footsoldiers any time.


Your tweet column today –

Tourism taxes – so evidently a no brainer yet many here think it will kill tourism. If only it would ! But it won’t, it will generate revenue. Our task is to ensure that the funds generated get applied in a way that improves the lives of those who live in the areas affected by tourism and protects the natural beauty of those areas. Not to be deployed on “deserving” Turd Sector “initiatives” fetching in spaced out or disadvantaged criminal types from metropolitan England.

Cardiff Council – what a shower. Unfit to pose as our capital


Completely off topic but worth a look :


Greece, yet another of those shitty countries that harbours deeply embedded intolerant supremacist attitudes towards an ethnic group – Macedonians – who have just as much right to recognition as the Greeks themselves. EU was happy to stick its paws into Greek affairs when it was all about money, but not a squeak when that country drags its fat arse on recognition of an ethnicity that has occupied that space as long as the Greeks have occupied theirs.


I always wondered why socialists are never Christians – it’s the thou shall not steal bit that they just can’t get on with.

Didn’t that Rob Stewart guy have a hit with “I am swindling.”

Wasn’t there some news a few years ago about the mystery of where all the EU money had gone in Wales with no tangible results – I am beginning to form a theory.

The electorate in Wales needs to mobilse itself and get rid of Welsh Labour once and for all. Let’s embrace our country and make something of it. Wellbeing in Wales will rise dramatically when Welsh Labour get kicked out…..FFS!…….will these idiots who keep voting Welsh Labour have to eat rats before the penny drops.

Lesley Evans

The Labour ‘tithe’ is nothing new. In the far distant past all police officers in the old Cardiff City force were docked 2 shillings and sixpence every payday in old money, now 12.5p, which went to sunny Jim Callaghan’s constituency funds.

David Robins

I had no idea the trade union practice of check-off had its parallel among Labour’s councillors. If Cyngor Abertawe will now cease to comply, it’s presumably because they’ve discovered there’s no lawful authority for the practice. In that case, I look forward to Labour reimbursing councils the cost of wasted staff time over many decades. Why did the council’s auditors not spot this? Were they bribed or bullied into silence?


Solicitors to the left of me, barristers to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle of Wales. Well done again Jac. What investigative journalism is all about. I hope you receive a consultancy fee from local and / or national media in Wales who pick up and run with the information you courageously place in the public domain. Did they think that a fraudulent email note, complete with spelling mistakes, would silence you. I think your fan club in Wales regard you as the First Minister Wales never had. If you had been in that role for the past 15 years I think Wales would now be in a better place. Perhaps we need a Trump-style wall along the entire length of Offa’s Dyke with clear signage every 100 metres “Shysters and grant-grabbers are not welcome in Wales”. I expect Big Gee to now come in and remind everyone that there is an alternative in the form of “Ein Gwlad” while there is still time to turn things around.

David Smith

Reminds me of these spam emails offering untold riches, weight loss and sex but open with “Dear {FIRST_NAME} {LAST_NAME}” as a salutation. A small part of me can half admire cleverer crooks for their wiles, but hacks of the calibre of this shower can’t lay claim to any “redeeming” features whatsoever.

Big Gee
Neil Singleton

With reference to a potential legal interest in Isfryn Care Home, Leases for more than seven years must be registered with the Land Registry, and it’s usually the tenant’s responsibility to complete that registration. If they fail to do so within two months of completion, it is not a valid legal lease and only takes effect as an agreement for a lease (a contract).

Gruff Williams

Absolutely Brilliant!!