Plaid Cymru – Labour’s little helper, again

The piece you’re about to read originated as a press release today from Neil McEvoy AM (though the title above is mine). I thought it deserved the widest possible audience. For while the Labour Party and Plaid Cymru whine about the Tories avoiding debate and subverting democracy in Westminster, they are doing something very similar in Wales!


Labour and Plaid Cymru BLOCK Assembly vote on full release of Carl Sargeant leak inquiry

On 24th September in the Business Committee of the National Assembly for Wales, Labour and Plaid Cymru joined forces to block a vote that could have led to the full release of the inquiry into Carl Sargeant’s death.

Independent AM Neil McEvoy introduced a No Named Day Motion on 17th July 2019 calling for use of Section 37 of the Government of Wales Act to force full publication of the leak inquiry report, including all notes and interviews conducted as part of the inquiry, with redactions to ensure anonymity.

Mr McEvoy submitted the motion after the Welsh Government only revealed a closure minute note from the investigation, which was just one page long and contained almost no information on the investigation.

Speculation has been rife about the information collected as part of the report when it was revealed that certain journalists knew of Mr Sargeant’s sacking from government before it had taken place. Mr Sargeant went on to take his own life just days later.

Under pressure, the former Labour First Minister, Carwyn Jones, established an inquiry to report on whether there had been an unauthorised leak of Mr Sargeant’s sacking.

In a further twist, the then leader of the Conservatives alleged that the source of the leak was the controversial lobbying firm Deryn.

This led to stronger calls for the leak inquiry to be published. But not only did the Welsh Government refuse to publish the inquiry, they took the extraordinary step of initiating legal action to try to prevent the National Assembly for Wales voting to force publication. In the event, the vote took place and Labour had enough votes to prevent publication, since several opposition AMs were missing.

In March 2019, Neil McEvoy submitted a second motion to force publication. Days later the new First Minister, Mark Drakeford, agreed to publish the leak inquiry, after the Coroner’s report into Carl Sargeant’s death was concluded. The Business Committee of the National Assembly then agreed not to allow Mr McEvoy’s motion through to a vote, anticipating that the First Minister would release the inquiry.

In a further explosive release, during the inquest into Mr Sargeant’s death the family’s legal firm, Hudgell Solicitors, revealed phone records showed that:

‘According to phone transcripts obtained in evidence, after learning of Carl’s death, the former First Minister [Carwyn Jones] made two short calls to his wife and father, followed immediately by long phone calls to Ms Owens and Jo Kiernan, a senior adviser at [lobbying firm] Deryn.’

The nature and purpose of the lengthy phone calls to the lobbying firm implicated in the leak is still unknown.

The former First Minister was also accused of lying under oath during the inquest into Mr Sargeant’s death.

Following the Coroner’s report concluding the Welsh Government released a closure minute note of the investigation into the leak, falling well short of delivering the full report it had promised.

Mr McEvoy tried for a third time to have the full report released, again submitting a motion to use Section 37 of the Government of Wales Act. When the motion was first considered at the Assembly’s Business Committee the party whips agreed to return to their groups and consult. After that consultation Plaid Cymru decided to vote with Labour to BLOCK the motion and prevent all AMs being allowed a vote on the Assembly floor.

Plaid’s blocking vote came on the same day as they accused the Prime Minister of trying to shut down democracy in Westminster through prorogation of Parliament. The Presiding Officer later confirmed that Labour and Plaid had blocked the motion, while the Conservatives and Brexit Party had voted to support it.

Independent AM Neil McEvoy said:

‘I really am astonished that Plaid has decided to side with Labour and prevent the Assembly having a democratic vote on releasing the Carl Sargeant leak inquiry.

‘On the same day their MPs in London stated that government should not override the voice of parliamentary democracy, their Chief Whip in Wales was working with the government to stop the Welsh parliament from voting on a matter of major public interest. Why are they proroguing releasing the leak inquiry?

‘As for Labour, they have yet again shown that they have no commitment to democracy or transparency. People will now rightly ask what both parties are trying to keep hidden when we really need answers from this very troubling period in Welsh politics.

‘I’m not going to let this go though. I’ll be sending this motion back to Business Committee every week until they agree to let us have a vote. Plaid and Labour can keep explaining to the Sargeant family why they refuse to let them, and the public, know the full details surrounding his death.

Timeline of events for the leak inquiry:

In response to Mr McEvoy’s motion the First Minister agreed to publish the leak inquiry, after publication of the Coroner’s report. As a result Business Committee does not take Mr McEvoy’s motion through to a vote in the Assembly.

  • 11 July 2019, the Welsh Government an investigation closure minute, barely a page long and with no details of the investigation. It stated no unauthorised leak had been discovered.
  • 11 July 2019, The Tory group in the National Assembly describe the closure report as ‘not worth the paper it’s written on’.
  • 17 July 2019, Neil McEvoy launches third attempt to use Section 37 of the Government of Wales Act to force publication of the full leak inquiry, this time through No Named Day Motion NNDM7127, but also including all notes and interviews conducted as part of the inquiry to be released (with redactions for anonymity).
  • 18 July 2019, Sargeant Family solicitors reveal that after learning of Carl Sargeant’s death the former First Minister made two quick phone calls to his mother and father before immediately engaging in long telephone calls with two senior employees at the controversial lobbying firm Deryn.
  • 17 September 2019, the Business Committee first considers the new motion and agrees for groups to discuss whether or not to support the motion and then return a week later for a decision.
  • 24 September 2019, Labour and Plaid Cymru vote against the motion, meaning the motion will go to the floor of the Senedd for a democratic vote of all AMs. The Tory and Brexit Party groups support the motion. Later that day the Presiding Officer confirms that Labour and Plaid have blocked the vote.

Neil McEvoy AM

♦ end ♦

My next post will be out over the weekend. It will, again, highlight the dangers of identity politics, the ‘woke’ warriors, and the damage a few extremists are doing to the independence movement.

After this I hope to move on to more challenging targets.


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If there is nothing to answer for then just publish the enquiry results in full problem solved this must be so difficult for his family to grieve properly!

William Bruce

At the time of Carl Sargeant’s death, Leanne Wood led Plaid Cymru. And that should be enough of a clue for anyone.


The tweet from Bubble prompts an observation – at the same time as restricting Lobbyists to an approved list and only on approved subject areas, Cynulliad should also implement a No SpAds policy as it becomes evident they add no value to the quality of government but add heavily to the wage bill and related admin costs. “Bin all SpAds” should be a slogan for people who really value transparency in government.


EG’s tweet says “No place for Nazism in Wales” but a new variant of Fascism of the kind Orwell predicted is alive, well and literally kicking especially those creeps seeking to remove Dilys Davies from Yes Cymru. Hitler in his pomp was a righteous, self centred bastard and some of the tossers manouvering within the movement today are re enacting his attitudes and behaviours. All learned behaviours most recently tutored by people from within the leadership group at Plaid.


There are some in the independence body of Wales that appear to think that amputation is the solution to all illness. The abrasive personality held by Neil McEvoy is an in growing toenail, the cutting off the foot is not necessary. The views of Dilys on transgender recognition is a form of indigestion, removal of the bowel is not necessary. The independence movement in Wales need to learn that all headaches are not cancer; otherwise they will find the operation a success when the patient dies.


Sums it up nicely. However some of these ishoo driven cliques divert a great deal of attention and energy when collective energy is at a premium. Identifying and terminating them would be an immediate palliative and restorative procedure. Scalpels in the hands of likes of Dr Dewi Evans and Dr Dilys Davies could be applied with precision. Even Dr Dai Lloyd might pitch in. They could be counted upon to make less of a mess than likes of us wading in with billhooks, hatchets, cleavers etc


You have a point about the ishoo cliques but I suspect Dr Dewi Evans will not mistake a melanoma for a wart, or a hernia for a gut worm. Some of those who have an ‘ishoo’ as their primary concern will move on to other fads, some will grow up, some will get a life, and those who seek money or status from the ishoo of the day will move elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

I don’t think there is any need for amputative surgery, but a prophylactic or an anti-biotic would be good, on party administration and candidate selection. This is useful for patient stability. This may result in the parasitic ishoo infection seeking host elsewhere, or possibly being re-absoarbed into functioning tissue.

The only surgery needed will be in the form of an attempt to reattach recently severed limbs like Cardiff West, and Llanelli. For recovery the doctor needs to be on-shift and present, otherwise the sickness will fester. It will inevitably grow to other areas. Should a doctor not be available, the trolley is loaded for the morgue. There are newborns are in the waiting room.

At the moment I feel like the experienced nurse standing by, awaiting instruction.


If Ein Gwlad want a bird to represent Deryn then surely the vulture is better suited than the raven. Although it’s pretty tough on any bird to be linked to that crude bunch of manipulators down the Bay.


Agreed. There are many in the family of brân. Lover of meat (cigfrân), lover of fish (frân pysgod) and lover of patience (hydfrân). All have a fine nest.{removetoplay}

I’m beginning to wonder if the person who originally made up some false stories about Carl Sargeant is more bilidowcar than bioden aur (magpie and a lover of gold).

Big Gee

I know, I know – I have a great respect for ravens myself. In fact as a boy my ambition was to have one as a pet. A pair always nested in the same place, about 500 yards from our homestead on Mynydd Bach. I wanted to steal a fledgling and tame it as my personal pet. How cool would that have been? Walking around with the other mountain lads, with a raven perched on my shoulder!

My father wouldn’t hear of it, and I got a lecture about them pairing for life and often living for over a century, so I was told never to disturb them.

I would have likened Deryn to vultures, but you don’t get many of those in Cymru do you? Besides, it was the mythological association that ravens have with death and bad omens, that made me liken Deryn to this mystical bird that brought death, bad omens and was associated with witchcraft and sorcery – quite fitting I thought. Especially as the Welsh name for raven is ‘cigfrân’, and they do congregate around carrion for their food.


Ref your tweet commenting on Ms Antoniazzi’s outburst – She is setting an example. It shows all yobs with aspirations to become an M.P how to behave as it will serve them well once in office !
Sadly when the inevitable General Election comes around most of the electorate will have forgotten how dimwitted and downright useless she is. The Labour rosette alone may just be enough to continue her period of disservice.

Gruff Williams

What was the issue with Ms Antoniazzi? Twitter beyond me.


She’s just incontinent when it comes to abuse, or put another way – shit just pours out of her at any time !

Big Gee

Just for you Gruff:


Nice girl, only someone forgot to tell her how she should behave as a responsible politician. The same politicians that are now moaning about the language used in recent debates in Westminster!

It seems to be the flavour of the month when it comes to crude language by Welsh politicians. One in Y Senedd and the other at Westminster. Same horse, just a different jockey, and they both represent two political parties that seem to be joined at the hip. Sad.


Slightly off topic, while those who attended Westminster yesterday screamed endlessly at each other in a pointless exchange from entrenched positions yet another corporate giant flounders in a mess of its own creation. Successive Tory UK governments and the preceding Labour regime have enabled big corporates to do virtually as they please. That included extreme forms of financial engineering which massaged some semblance of life into balance sheets rotten to the core. On the back of this superficial corporate health top cat executives continued to reward themselves with eye watering packages while institutional shareholders just stood by and nodded. And regulatory bodies just had a few more lunches and snoozed most afternoons away from the chaos developing on their watch.

These antics are of relevance in our equally indolent “principality”. I deliberately choose that term because it has a fairy tale ring to it, and the fairies have certainly found the Welsh “government” a productive place to hold a merry dance. The excesses of the likes of CEO of Thomas Cook probably encouraged the likes of Woodhouse and others in their unscrupulous pursuit of personal gain. I avoid the use of the word “profit” as that is not in itself a dirty word. Complicit in the antics of Woodhouse et al, as in the case of Thomas Cook, is the absence of properly configured due diligence by investors, accountants/auditors, and regulatory bodies. They were all dazzled by talk of “future profits” and all the “good” that would spew forth from that. In reality most of the parties were only interested in the scams producing profits for their businesses, while our dear government with its Bay Bubble mentality looked to “profit” from basking in the reflected glory. For the likes of Grayling et al in Westminster read Skates &co. in Cardiff.


Excellent work by Neil McEvoy [again] and shame on Plaid.

Dai Protheroe

It’s on record, and Jac has mentioned it in previous blogs, that Cathy Owens’ personal Twitter account went silent for a long while immediately after Sargeant’s body was found. For someone whose daily output on Twitter was extensive, and a political lobbyist, this is astonishing. No reason for the silence has ever come out. Two days before Sargeant’s suicide she was on Wales Politics referring to “sexual predators” in the Assembly and citing her own personal experience of an AM trying to jump into her bed. Deryn and Owens’ role in the Sargeant affair has yet to come out, but I hope one day truth will out. Neil McEvoy should be congratulated for his efforts to get to the truth.

There’s something very unpleasant about Plaid at the moment and particularly how it is continually frustrating McEvoy’s efforts in many areas. In her own tweet, Bethan Sayed’s Twitter account has unjustly smeared McEvoy only recently, and this deliberate undermining of the man should stop. In Parliament as I write, many MPs and the Speaker have warned of the dangers of using inflammatory language. I hope Bethan reads this. If she wants an example of what I’m talking about, but I think she’ll know, she can leave a message on here personally, or alternatively get one of her paid shit-stirrers to do it. I’ve got the screenshots.

Dai Protheroe

Thanks Jac. I’m happy to be corrected on this but I’m pretty sure Owens’ Twitter was non- operational. No doubt she could set the record straight if I am wrong. So that might be two of the main players in Deryn then. Sounds even more suspicious, doesn’t it? And these are the very two phoned by Carwyn when he got news of Sargeant’s suicide. Coincidence? Another Twitter account that fell silent at the same time was Matt Greenough, Carwyn’s SpAd, and the man who was tasked with getting statements from the women who had complained about Sargeant’s conduct. Curiouser and curiouser.


The only motive I see for Plaid Cymru AMs to block a Senedd vote on full release of Carl Sargeant leak is that they were implicated in it. Such a flaw means that Plaid Cymru cannot function as a party to represent the interests of Wales nor offer a road to independence. They are mortally compromised.

This is the corrosive effect of Deryn on Welsh political life.
A cancerous tumour that needs to be removed.

The reason why the Scottish parliament has passed specific legislation on the role of lobbying firms is for this very reason. It also explains the relatively healthy position the independence movement there has obtained, by not having loyalties other than that for the country and its people.

Mel Morgan

Lobbying firms in effect constitute an Upper House of the National Assembly. They are even more selfish, cruel and inept than the pre-Union Irish House of Lords. Unless they are regulated – and the pertinent legislation actually enforced – they will bring widespread ruin.

Nia Lloyd

I believe Neil Mc is a smoke screen to try and divert peoples attention from thevreal sculldugery. Many have been brainwashed that Neil is the wsrmongerer. I suggest people look a bit further into the reality. Blocking this motion only cements my theory that some have sticky fingers and are hiding something. Probably intertwined with Deryn and their false accusations for one. I am ashamed of the path PC are steering at present and they are in real danger of missing the boat that could very well be ours in 2021. I hope I am wrong.



One of the journalists who knew of Carl Sargeant. sacking from government, before it had taken place, contacted Lee Waters AM (and possibly others). This would have been to obtain a statement. This is what journalists do. It gets them the scoop. Journalists also like to protect their sources. A source can also corroborate the veracity of a story, even if the corroborator wishes it to be ‘off the record’. A problem for journalists is when a government, political organisation or even a corporate entity wish to ‘control’ the flow of information in order to effect a positive spin on events.


The Welsh Government use of Deryn to do this. Deryn is constituted of former senior politicians of both Labour (Cathy) and Plaid Cymru (Nerys). In order to suppress any negatives, a suppression of the role of investigative journalism. It is also a reason why Plaid Cymru like to ‘appoint’ former journalists, specifically from the BBC, as candidates. A corrosive and insidious relationship.

The Frame.

Jo Kiernan was not only a senior journalist at the BBC but also a ‘special advisor’ to Carwyn Jones, the First Minister. This is the reason why, as events developed, an immediate call was made by Carwyn Jones to Jo Kiernan, upon the suicide of Carl Sargeant. A classic example of a perpetrator returning to the scene. The motive being that nagging feeling that some forensic evidence has been left. If no such evidence exists, there should be no barrier to full release the contents of the inquiry.

Police evidence.

Jenny Rathbone AM is on record stating Carl Sargeant had not been told details of the allegations that had been made against him. Allegations that led to his suicide. Two days after the suicide, Alun Michael, PCC for South Wales Police, asked Carwyn Jones, the First Minister, to provide his officers with details of the allegations made against Carl Sargeant. Although it is not possible to prosecute a dead person, any previous offences can be solved if the deceased is implicated, or, if any other false reports of a crime exist, then offences can consider such charges as perverting the course of justice can be considered.

Unfinnished Process.

As a barrister, Carwyn Jones will be familiar with Reeves v Commissioners of Police of the Metropolis [2000] 1 AC 360.

The physical rope used was from North Wales. Was its use knowingly assisted by the actions or inactions of those in the south? If so, who? These questions need not be asked if appropriate disclosure of the inquiry takes place. Not only would it provide some form of closure to the family and others affected, but lift a cloud of distrust from the political institutions of Wales. Neil McEvoys’ motion should have been seen as an opportunity, not a threat.

Mel Morgan

On reflection, I will allow that this comparison is unfair to the Anglo-Irish landowning classes, who at least left some decent architecture behind them.


Ho, ho, ho, and these are the fuckers who claim that Boris is a cheating lying scumbag. He must have been popping down to Cardiff regularly to take lessons from these deviants, and it looks like he’s still got some ground to make up.