Phil Parry, a reply

Following Phil Parry’s latest attack on me I asked for the right to reply, but he hasn’t responded. I’d prefer to ignore the irritating little git but he is now making serious and misleading allegations that have to be answered.

Not only that, but his latest piece, on Tuesday, was – by my reckoning – the fifth he’s written about me in as many weeks. Normally this amount of attention might be flattering, but the fact that this odd little man is obsessed with me is mildly disconcerting.

His latest contribution to the oeuvre of Welsh political blogging is Armed to lying teeth. In case it gets taken down, I have saved it for you, and I suggest you open it in a fresh window for ready reference.

This latest offering purports to be satire, and comes with the byline ‘Edwin Phillips’. I have no idea who Edwin Phillips is, or if he even exists.

Anyway, let’s get down to the meat of it, for as ever, it’s the same morsels, re-cooked, dressed slightly differently, and served up again, and again, and . . .

The article is in the form of an advertisement for the post of press officer with our new party, and lists the qualities required of applicants for the post.

“Arms are to be welcomed, and you should be able to promote their use.”

This is presumably a reference to a 50-year-old photograph of Free Wales Army leader Cayo Evans that I have used on this blog. It might or it might not show Cayo holding a real gun. It could be a water pistol, who knows? Certainly not Parry.

But it’s enough for ‘Edwin Phillips’ to suggest that those involved with the new party will be using guns.


“You will be expected to describe anyone who disagrees with us as “a mad dog” and slash car tyres.”

“You must also prompt supporters to make threatening phone calls to those who attack us, like the one that was made to a critic with the message: “I will do your fucking head in”.

These must be references to alleged incidents involving Jacques Protic, an infamous critic of all things Welsh.

Yes, I’ve written about Protic a few times. Cymrophobia and the Many Identities of Jacques Protic (14.08.2013); Cymrophobia 2: The ‘Reverse Midas’ (21.08.2013); WalesEye & Jacques Protic – a Marriage Made in Hell! (11.09.2014); WalesEye, Jacques Protic and North Wales Police 21.10.2014).

Parry’s story is that following something I’d written Protic received threatening phone calls, his car tyres were slashed, he was given 24-hour police protection, and I was questioned by North Wales Police.

There is no evidence for anything happening to Protic, and I have never been questioned by the police for anything I’ve written on this blog or my previous (pre-2013) blog.

The only time I’ve dealt with the police was when I made a complaint earlier this year about these leaflets.

The inference from what appeared on Parry’s website is that I incite people to threaten others and either slash tyres myself or urge others to do so.


“You must be able to . . . publicise the views of other fellow-travellers, like the one who promoted a petition calling for social housing only for people from Wales.”

The “fellow-traveller” is Dennis Morris, of Pembrokeshire. Dennis’ petition actually called for an end to the practice of many social housing providers prioritising outsiders ahead of locals. It did not call for “social housing only for people from Wales” as is alleged on The Eye. Read the petition for yourself.

Revealingly, this nonsense was picked up by Martin Shipton at Llais y Sais who went on to tell readers that it was my petition, and that it had been referred to the police. Eventually I got an apology out of Trinity Mirror.

But as with the Protic case, I question if the police were really involved. Though if they were, was the person who made the complaint charged with wasting police time?


“You should be able to attack families from London who took houses from a Welsh housing association, and call them ‘perverts’ as we did on our blog.”

Yes, on my blog I did describe as “perverts” a group that had come down from London and been housed by Grwp Gwalia. This is them.

What would Parry call them? Though if he’s criticising me for calling the members of this gang perverts, then I can only conclude that he believes they were not perverts.

Here we see Phil Parry at his journalistic best, and it reminds us why so many people despise journalists. He begins with a kernel of truth – my use of the term ‘pervert’ – strips it of context and suggests that I’ve applied the term to completely innocent people!


“However you will not be expected to attack the Paralympics and call them a “Victorian freak show” as we did on our blog, or that you are awarded the ” Full of Shit award” by The Republic website like we were.”

I’m not quite sure why this is included, for it says ” . . . you will not be expected . . . “. So why does it feature in what is written as a job description? Obviously it’s having a go at me in some oblique way, so I’ll respond.

What I wrote was a criticism of the system that tries to determine degrees of disability and incapacity; how arbitrary and subjective such classifications must be, and how open to abuse the whole system is. Something that has been exposed very recently.

The reference to a “Victorian freak show” was my belief that some of those showing interest in paralympics are not a lot different to those attracted to the freak shows of earlier times. Not all, but some.

As for the ‘award’, well I’m sorry to disappoint, there weren’t thousands in contention, and it’s not an annual event, it was just one person’s way of saying that she disagreed with me.

Parry knew that, yet still had to create the impression of me sweeping through a field of thousands to be acclaimed International Bastard of the Year. (It’s a wonder I wasn’t accused of groping the hostesses at the awards ceremony!)

As I say, there have been five such attacks in as many weeks, and countless more over the years. Some people have suggested to me that this constitutes harassment. I’m not sure about that, but Parry is beginning to worry me in the way that the unhinged paying you too much attention always do.

He would be easier to ignore if he wasn’t able to get his lies repeated in the Western Mail; and if he wasn’t constantly trying to involve the police. Who else is he trying to use against me?

So let me make my position clear: this blog has never been used to incite violence, against persons or property. It has certainly not advocated the use of firearms. If Parry believes otherwise, then let him produce the evidence.

To my knowledge, nothing I have written on this blog has ever been investigated by the police. Certainly I have never been approached by the police. If Parry knows different, then let him give us the details.

And is he so desperate to put the knife into me that he attributes to me a petition that wasn’t mine and then, amazingly, exonerates those convicted of raping children! Which is what he’s effectively done by suggesting I was wrong to have called them perverts.

I believe Phil Parry has a family, perhaps he even has a few friends left, so I suggest they have a word with him; tell him he’s making a fool of himself.

To these I say: If you care about him, take him in hand before his lies go too far.

♦ end ♦

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I love your description of the Kinnocks there, Sally – “the First Family of Troughing”. I see Eluned is an alumnus (or should that be alumna – anyone remember their O level Latin?) of Atlantic College, which Jac wrote about last year because that’s where Stephen Kinnock sent his elder daughter, Johanna. Fees are about £29K a year. Now the Kinnocks have a younger daughter too, and she’s about the age for A Level or equivalent study. I think if she was at Atlantic College we might have picked that up, but there are a number of UWC establishments in Europe and I’d be prepared to put a few quid on her attending one of those. I have no ideological objection to someone buying the best education they can for their children. It’s the bloody hypocrisy that does it for me.


That description was not one of mine – I lifted that from another blog raging about the Kinnocks that I read a few weeks ago, but it was so good I’ve adopted it myself.

You are probably right about alumna – but interestingly enough, universities themselves use the word alumnus, which probably reflects the death of latin in the curriculum for everyone but latin scholars. I’m a comp kid myself, so I never went near any latin until I went to university and as a result of doing a first degree in biology learnt a bit of latin in that context.

I had absolutely no idea that Eluned went to Atlantic College! I am very contemptuous of Eluned because I saw her on a platform a few years ago speaking about widening participation in HE. I had just finished writing my PhD on the reason why this policy was not working as New Labour expected and that foolish dipsticjk Eluned talked out of her bum, very obviously knew nothing about the sociology of education at all and got snappy and patronising when I challenged her about her lack of knowledge. She then explained to the audience that she ‘was from Ely’ and she was about the only person from Ely ever to go to university but now everyone from Ely could go to university. Yes Eluned – it’s called mass Higher Education, not only has it been achieved by grade inflation and completely devaluing education per se, but it has been done on the cheap so the educational experience that the students are receiving is often mediocre. It has also resulted in a huge degree of snobbery between universities, as society’s elites find a way of ensuring that the universities attended by their children are more prestigious than those attended by the plebs. So its PPE at Oxford for the children of Cabinet Ministers and Healthcare Sciences aka nursing at Glyndwr University for others.

Lord Adonis, the architect of Blair’s disastrous HE policy is now admitting that he got it wrong.

Eluned also waxed lyrical about the knowledge economy which gave me a good laugh, because I’ve been looking for the knowledge economy for years but all I’ve found is nail bars, coffee shops and zero hours contracts handed out by the likes of Sports Direct. If Eluned has found the knowledge economy perhaps she’d like to tell us all where it’s hiding, because thousands of young graduates working in menial jobs were told by Eluned et al that there would be highly paid opportunities for them in it.

I did later discover that Eluned’s dad was a priest who was very well-connected within the Labour Party, so I presumed that she was the middle class but not very bright daughter who had worked hard at a good comprehensive and got into university in spite of not being the sharpest knife in the drawer. But Atlantic College – that is a high performing school. So that is how an utter numpty made it to university – her arrival in the Lords being a result of living it up with the Troughers obviously, completely unrelated to the lack of brain.

David Robins

Cardiff Uni are so gender-neutral that their preferred term is now ‘alum’ (plural, ‘alums’). Never mind a degree in Latin; it seems Cardiff could do with one in chemistry…


The knowledge economy is alive and well living elsewhere !

There are scattered attempts at making it happen here but Wales is more renowned for being a good place for grabbing grants and other funds flowing from “initiatives”. This attracts an assortment of wide boys, shysters and spivs who rely on the ignorance of most civil servants and their masters’ addiction to photo opportunities to open up the coffers and help themselves to unjustified funding. This charade often makes it difficult for genuine cases to get a look in because they tend not to be so pushy in pursuing their cases. We will only get out of this mess when politicians are stopped from cutting ribbons, grinning at cameras etc, some real business talent gets injected into the government’s decision making team, and serious post investment reviews get conducted instead of the self congratulatory or “cover my arse” procedures that are now in place.


Jac – ref your series of tweets re Llamau UK – I love the bit about Ms Gascoigne’s experience in the “not for profit sector”, has never showed a profit but a dab hand at filling her boots !.


Surprised that Welsh Labour Government hasn’t piped up today with offer of palatial home in Cardiff (where else ?) for Prince Harry and his fiancee. C’mon Carwyn, this tardiness could blight prospects of knighthood or even joining the ermine and backhanders brigade.


Talking of ermine and backhanders Dafis, I entertained myself this afternoon by watching Questions to the FM online – there, sitting behind Carwyn, was Baroness Eluned Morgan, who’s only qualification – as far as anyone could work out – to join the ermine and backhanders club was her friendship with the First Family of Troughing aka the Kinnocks. Eluned did not utter a word, although there was a question related to her current remit ie. the Welsh language, now that the appalling Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom has had her previous responsibilities handed over to Eluned. Not only did Eluned not answer the question, but someone very helpfully interrupted and mentioned that Eluned would be dealing with that soon. This interruption was presumably to save Eluned’s embarrassment at not being au fait with her brief. So the dipstick Eluned now occupies a seat in the Lords despite being far too dim to make a contribution and a seat in the Senedd, where she is unable to contribute either.

The other highlight of FM’s Qs was Neil McEvoy’s attempt at contributing to the debate about domestic violence. McEvoy made a very salient point about male victims of domestic violence – this is a real problem which frequently goes unacknowledged, particularly in gay relationships. He was met with SUCH a frosty reception from the elderly wimmin – Julie Morgan, Jenny Rathbone, Jane Hutt and another one sitting at the front whose name I do not know. He tried to persist only to be silenced by the one at the front who would obviously have loved to tell him to fuck off. Do you know what really pissed me off? Not simply this bunch of ill informed dinosaurs – who had already made fools of themselves during a debate on the reluctance of women to breastfeed by referring to the ‘breasts are not there to sell newspapers’ 1980s argument, when the main reason that women don’t breastfeed these days is the total lack of breastfeeding support in hospitals and during post-natal care – being that fucking rude to McEvoy on the grounds that he is in possession of testicles and was speaking on behalf of others who are as well. No, it was the irony that one of the first legal cases in which domestic violence suffered by a man was acknowledged to play a factor was highly relevant to Wales. About twenty five years ago, one of the boys who had been abused at the hands of the north Wales paedophile ring killed the man who groomed and abused him. He was tried for murder but only convicted of manslaughter because of the history – the man he killed had visited him in a children’s home in Gwynedd from when he was fifteen until he left ‘care’ and then continued to abuse him under the guise of a gay relationship. He went to live with this man when he left ‘care’ – at 17 yrs old, still legally not an adult – and the man, who was thirty years older than this teenager, became very violent. The 17 yr old accidentally killed his abuser in self-defence. He received probation. If there had not been an acknowledgement that domestic violence inflicted upon a male had played a major role in that case, a 17 yr old sexual abuse victim would have been jailed for life.

Do the elderly wimmin in the Senedd even KNOW about this case – which made legal history? Does Jane Hutt, who set up Welsh Women’s Aid and built her entire lacklustre career on that, know about this case? Of course Jane Hutt and Julie Morgan are both former social workers. Neither of them have ever spoken out about the horrors of the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal – not even Hutt, who was Heath Minister when the Waterhouse Report was published. But then it was their social work colleagues who abused those kids and sold them for sex – including to predatory men who entered into violent gay relationships with them.

Historically there was NO service for boys or men who had been sexually abused in north Wales. Everyone knew why – it was because of the presence of a paedophile ring in the region who were targeting boys. If there had been a ‘service’ who knows what would have been revealed.

I seem to remember that Mark Isherwood also made reference to the lack of provision for male victims in north Wales this afternoon.

I don’t know whether the elderly wimmin who dominate the Senedd where issues of sex n violence are concerned are just as thick as yak shit or whether there is an ulterior motive in their refusal to allow anyone else to contribute to the debate. But they are not doing anyone any favours with their naïve dogma.

I know that some correspondents to this blog know Neil McEvoy. Can someone please send him my apologies for the behaviour of that bunch of brainless vindictive old trouts who insulted him in the name of my gender?


Over on Blog Glyn Adda, the writer draws attention to the apparent total lack of any mention of your meeting/movement/party in the press, as if they were deliberately ignoring it. He comments :
“I’m not going to say anything today either for or against the type of movement being considered. The point, the significance, the news item, the story is that a number of nationalists — just a handful perhaps, but it could be more — have felt the need for such a movement; which in turn says something about PC, and really about Welsh nationalism in general. As far as I know — and I apologise now if I’ve missed something — there is nothing in any paper, periodical or broadcast which brings up this point.”


I commented along much the same lines on Jac’s previous piece and IMJ of Nation.Cymru responded swiftly :

“I’ll be more disappointed if IMJ doesn’t manage to get something up on his site over the next few days.”

Hi Dafis. Sorry, I hadn’t realised this meeting had been until I checked this blog just now – I thought it was at the end of the month for some reason. Let me know if someone involved with the party would like to write an opinion piece about it, or pass me any details you have so that I can put up a news story. Best – Ifan ”

As I wsn’t at the Aber meeting I suggested he should check out with Jac or Gee or anyone else known to have been in attendance to see whether they could/would issue some sort of statement over and above what had already been published. Next thing I knew the 1911 group turned up on his blog, shrouded in mystery, but evidently planning on cornering the “thought leadership” market. Plenty of thought in Wales but shocking voids when it comes to leadership.

Big Gee

No one has contacted me. Not really surprised, and in fact relieved, because I currently have a lot on my plate, getting the show on the road.

The fact is we don’t want to go off half cocked. We need to be up and running with a name, core policies and the skeleton in place of a bone fie party, and of course a respectable number in our ranks. I think quite a few heads would turn if they knew how long our mailing list currently is of genuinely interested supporters – all rearing to go. If we show our hand too soon, we’ll be a laughing stock, and by the time we launch it will be old news..

When the day for the official launch arrives, we’ll be fully kitted and armed (no not with Kalashnikov AK-47 rifles ‘Hugh Pugh’ – before you have another rush to the head and go into your little conservatory to play with your keyboard for the ‘Eye’!). I doubt if we can be ignored when we send press releases out inviting those in the media to attend. Then begins the explosion on social media.

Big Gee

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice . . . . any subconscious connections here? She quietly whispered to herself . . . .


Gee That forum you’ve linked to sound almost the antithesis of our lot that appeared on IMJ’s site – guns etc hardly the usual fare of “soft left” Welshies. I prefer the distraction tactic theory right now but we’ll see what developes without letting it distract from the core objective.


The 1911 Group has just popped up on Nation.Cymru and it is very anonymous. It was only a day or 2 ago that IMJ contacted me through this site to follow up on an earlier comment regarding publicity/coverage for this venture and I referred him to Jac and Big Gee for a statement or more. Suddenly this pops out of the woodwork – any bids on who/what it might be ?


on the NationCymru site, Keith Parry has commented that the choice of 1911 coincides with an Investiture ! Maybe this group see our “salvation” coming with yet another Royalist panto in Caernarvon ( note the spelling!) ,

I think I’ll go an set up the 1969 Solitary One man non-committee, to avoid incriminating anyone else in the eyes of Mr Parry and his backers, not out of devotion to the Windsor Battenburg fan club but as reminder that some of the best Welsh lads you could ever wish to meet got locked up on remand for over 4 months in 1969 and several of them were sentenced for further terms in July of that year. 2 others were lost in the same period in an attempt to disrupt the circus. If Parry wants pictures he’ll have to pay for the fuckin’ things !!


on a more serious note it is somewhat disconcerting that this shadowy group hangs on to its anonimity in such a way. Asking interested parties to lob an e-mail to a gmail account with no indication of who or what lies behind it is a bit presumptuous to say the least.


Looks like its older then that. “#1911group” on twitter.


If Sheen was roped into anything, or if it was set up around him, there would be a natural inclination to give it a hefty wallop of publicity including faces of prime movers. This is more likely a bunch of well educated ( by their own yardsticks ) leading thinkers ( as opposed to doers) wishing to reassume their rightful positions as thought leaders on the Welsh political scene. Like you say Jac, a load of old bollocks but with a hefty dose of the airs attached. Airs not ‘airs.


Its got an email address too… 19th was next day… assume some one has other ideas?


According to his latest online article, former BBC journalist Phil Parry tells us that he suffers from Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. Details of this affliction can be googled. I can only assume that there’s a degree of self-loathing and emotional distress that he is dealing with, and by proxy is lashing out with obnoxious internet articles. No doubt his fixation has arisen from coming to terms with the medical prognosis. Phil Parry’s obsession and fantasies are somewhat concerning to whoever it’s aimed at, but I expect most people would react with a spectrum of turning a blind eye to various form of embarrassment and pity. I guess he hates Wales and Welsh people because he sees himself as having been dealt an unfair deck by his countrymen. My only advise to Mr Parry is just because you are a victim of circumstance does not excuse your behaviour which (can) result in other people being a victim of these feelings of angst and anger. As for correcting the facts, Jac has dealt with and corrected Mr Parry’s bizarre scribbles on this blog post.

Big Gee

Hmmm – your comment is very thought provoking Brychan.

There is a theory amongst some scholars that Adolf Hitler’s maniacal expressions of hatred towards the Jews was triggered by a psychological problem that he developed at an early age.

Apparently he may have been the illegitimate son of a wealthy Viennese Jew. He suffered a bad upbringing at the hands of his step-father and blamed his horrendous, poverty stricken life in the early days on his Jewish biological father’s action of deserting him (rejection) and his mother. Stranger things have been proposed. He then grew up with a burning anger towards the Jews as he collectively blamed them for his early misery.

Now put that into the context of Phil Parry’s Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (he can’t help that) and his obsession, fantasies and extraordinary behaviour, and substitute Wales and the Welsh for a biological father, and the collective hatred tof Jews. Fits pretty neatly I think. Perhaps he blames the Welsh and Wales for his misery – who knows? One thing is certain he’s not behaving in a normal way is he?


I am also surprised that Edwin Phillips is real. How old is he then? Has he sat his GCSEs? Old enought to vote yet? Done well, satire is a wonderful art form. Done badly it’s cringeworthy. No prizes for guessing where Phillips’ work lies as evidenced by the few people on Parry’s site that have bothered to comment. You won’t find one that praises the drivel. Not that you’ll find many that have read it anyway, and most of those probably come via Jac!

It’s clear to me having followed Parry and Phillips’ articles on Jac that Parry has nothing that he wasn’t writing in articles a couple of years ago, except the development of the new Party. It’s been made clear numerous times that this is not “Jac’s Party”, he has acted as a facilitator and will not be involved in its running once it is established. But Parry seems determined to not give the new Party a chance. He’s set his stall out to ridicule it from the start, without seeing any of what this Party has to offer Wales. That’s the worst form of “journalism”, the worst form of prejudice, and it further proves how far down the ladder of professionalism in his craft this guttersnipe has fallen.

Finally, though, I think Jac was right to respond to this latest crap because it has upped the ante quite a bit from earlier ones. I suspect this is because Parry’s “hits” on articles about Jac have been going down every time, which I reckon reinforces the comments of Big Gee about “easy sensationalism” (and Big Gee is probably bang on when he says don’t argue with an idiot). They have needed to get the numbers up – so let’s go nuclear! Parry and Phillips can’t shirk responsibility by saying it’s satire and it’s normal to exaggerate and go over the top a bit. If it’s not defamatory then I’d like to know what classes as defamation these days.


Surely he just gets Protic to go to his website when he’s shifting around all those proxies he uses for fake accounts on WOE and n.c. in order to get the numbers up.


Fiddling with his proxies ? Ugh, sounds like fiddling with the kiddies ! Maybe he does the one when resting from the other ? Would Mr Parry care to stand up and explain himself, or is he so laced into the dark underside of our country that he has to spend so much time deflecting onto others ?.


The Big Gee speaks a lot of sense. I’ve visited Parry’s site now on a couple of occasions because I was alerted to his bile on here. I wish I hadn’t. Absolute rubbish.

Big Gee

A little suggestion? I’m repeating myself here, but I think it needs to be reiterated.

NEVER argue with an idiot, he’ll just drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Don’t forget you are now associated with a serious new party. It does no good to get embroiled in a blog tit for tat with the likes of Parry. He’s goading you, looking for a response. Cut off the fuel to his bonfire, Calmly and seriously point out to him in an adult fashion – by way of putting him on official notice – than any further infantile outbursts that can be construed as a defamation of character will receive no response from you. However, you WILL put it in the hands of your legal representative. After putting him on notice, don’t use it as a bluff CARRY IT OUT. No repeated warnings. One notice, then instant action – remembering the golden rule: you should never make a threat, without being fully willing and capable of carrying it out.

If he wants to proceed in a more professional and grown up manner he can contact the press officer of the new party.

There is no mystery regarding why he stalks you – it’s easy sensationalism that attracts a handful of extra visitors to his miserable blog. Simple as. Stop responding and he’ll eventually wander off to annoy someone else. It’s a bit of ego masturbation on his behalf. He’s fully aware that he’s a forgotten nobody in the journalistic sphere. You’re stroking his ego by responding to his clap trap.


Jac – What strikes me here is that some very florid accusations have been levelled at you because you have been very rude about a few people and have sworn whilst being rude about them. Some of the people that you have insulted were found guilty of serious criminal offences. Yet the allegations against you are that you slashed tyres, bore arms and that people needed police protection from you – allegations without any evidence.

I have never had problems with Edwin Phillips or Phil Parry, but some years ago I was subjected to the sort of florid accusations that you have been, because I wrote rude letters – which sometimes contained swear words – about people who were facilitating the North Wales Paedophile Ring. I was indeed very rude about them – whereas they perjured themselves in Court in an attempt to have me imprisoned. When it was clear that they had perjured themselves, the cases – they did it on more than one occasion – were quietly dropped. No charges were brought against any of them, although if their lies had been believed I’d have gone to prison for a long time.

My lawyers demonstrated that the protectors of the paedophiles had indeed lied and lied and lied about me. Yet even after the cases collapsed, third parties were told in writing that I had attempted to stab people, had tried to throttle people, that I had broke into a doctors office and threatened him such that he believed that I was going to murder him then and there, that I was routinely armed, that yes people were living under police protection because of me. A piece appeared in a north Wales newspaper maintaining that an NHS manager ‘and his family’ were ‘victims’ of mine. The NHS manager in question had led a co-ordinated attempt to frame me – and furthermore I had never met one member of his family or indeed ever contacted them in any way.

I now have documentary evidence – obtained by my lawyers – that those making florid allegations about me didn’t even believe the allegations themselves; they were knowingly lying, all of them. I even have copies of letters that their own lawyers sent them telling them that they did not have the evidence for their allegations, advising them to stop their litigation against me. The paedophiles’ friends ignored the advice – but their lawyers then agreed to go ahead and repeat the allegations about me that they knew were groundless.

The lawyers who knowingly assisted perjury were lawyers employed by the Welsh Office, by Gwynedd County Council and by the Medical Defence Union. One of the barristers involved is now a High Court judge, another has been knighted. I’m sitting here with documentation that could put a lot of people in prison. But no-one will look at it, so I’ve blogged about it all instead, providing the names of a lot of people who have caused a great deal of misery and suffering.

During Gordon Anglesea’s trial, I noticed that one of the children whom he had sexually assaulted had been convicted of ‘stealing a packet of chewing gum’. Anglesea had buggered a number of children over the course of years.

The paedophiles’ friends did manage to sustain two convictions against me. One for ‘staring at a social worker in Safeways’ and one for calling an NHS manager a ‘fait idiot’. I wrote about this in The Independent a few years ago, in a contribution to a debate about the state of the welfare services in the UK. Angry readers wrote in – including a social worker – saying that they did not believe that this had happened.

These people caused me a great deal of grief over many years, but at least their plans to have me imprisoned never worked. I know other people who did go to prison on the basis of allegations made by exactly the same people who lied about me. I suspect that many, if not all, of those people were innocent. One of those people killed himself in prison.

Take the insane allegations as a compliment Jac. I know that I don’t share your political views, but like me you have challenged corrupt people and you are now publishing accounts of their wrongdoing. You are going to get a lot of shit thrown at you for doing so. If we were corrupt professionals who had facilitated a paedophile gang, some of whose victims had been found dead, no-one would dare touch us.

By the way, all of my accusers – apart from one doctor who killed himself when he was investigated by Operation Pallial – are still working as managers, doctors, nurses, social workers or lawyers, except for those who have retired and are now in receipt of generous pensions. That is why I have named them all online. Unlike you and me, they really are a threat to others.


But in the beginning Jac, I DIDN’T realise that I had encountered those who were facilitating the paedophile gang with links to Westminster. I made a complaint about the highly inappropriate behaviour of a doctor to whom I had been referred. No-one would investigate my complaint and when I went to the GMC I and my former partner – who was witness to events – were overtly threatened. We refused to back off and things escalated very quickly.

As far as you’re concerned you’ve been rude about some deadbeats (which is what I thought that I was doing to begin with) – but what were Grwp Gwalia doing importing sex offenders into rural Wales? I suspect that if the truth were known, there was serious wrongdoing involved and Grwp Gwalia and others might get very worried if someone like you becomes interested in what they are doing.

One of the most dangerous things that one of my friends ever did was actually a student prank. When I was threatened by what I simply thought was the sexually harassing doctor, for a laugh one of my student friends sent him a message saying ‘we know and soon the world will know too’ and then another message saying ‘fly- all is discovered’. We thought it was an absolute scream and rolled around laughing for hours, because we thought that the dirty doc would think that we knew more about him. A few weeks later a car with two men drove directly at my friend at a high speed. It was at night, there were no witnesses and he only survived because he literally jumped into the bush beside him, but only sustained minor injuries. He didn’t recognise the car or the men. Another friend who knew what had happened to me was killed at about the same time by a car which drove head on into her on a quiet country road, the driver of which walked away with only a broken arm. And a third witness was violently attacked in the street by a man who tried to fracture his skull who then employed the services of a corrupt lawyer who accused my friend of being the aggressor. Many years later, by which time I had found out that the dirty doc was far, far more than a dirty doc, he was the facilitator of the paedophile gang with links to organised crime, I was told informally by a former police officer that the ‘accidents’ that had happened to my friends were not accidents. I was given a list of names of children in care in north Wales who had complained about the paedophile gang who had subsequently been found dead – a number of them had been run over and killed, had been in car accidents or had sustained fatal injuries ‘in fights’. I left north Wales myself shortly after Theresa May announced the re-investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, ie. Operation Pallial – I left after three attempts to run me off the road at high speed when I was driving and after a police officer threatened both myself and a friend with a gun that he should not have had. I could hardly go to the police could I.

Some of the folk who abuse children are not just solitary men in flashers macs on the street corner – some of them operate in organised criminal gangs and have corrupt police officers/lawyers/doctors/MPs/media contacts etc on their payroll. Take care Jac – you might have crossed the path of some very nasty people without realising it. By the way, long before I fled north Wales, when I was still attempting to pursue my complaints through the official channels, I took one of my complaints about NHS staff perjuring themselves in an attempt to have me convicted to the Ombudsman. I was threatened by his sidekick on the phone and then I received a letter saying that it wasn’t in the public interest to investigate my complaint. That Ombudsman was Adam Peat. He ‘retired’ a few years ago and now runs a massive housing association in the south west of England. He spent many years as a civil servant and was based in Wales. He has fingers in pies everywhere – he might well have something to do with Grwp Gwalia…


Your last line sums it up Jac. I was told some 10 years ago by the one of the few honest politicians in Wales who tried to help me that in the case of the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, a small group of bottom feeding social workers had gone to prison for abusing the kids, but layers and layers of Mr Bigs were left untouched.

That politician was quite right – if you look at who went to prison, it was the lowest ranking carers with only the most basic qualification in social work and only about five or six of them at that. Everybody else was left untouched – even Lucille Hughes, the Director of Gwynedd Social Services who was NAMED in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that a paedophile ring was in operation but failed to stop it was allowed to ‘retire’ as the Report was published! Hughes now sits on the Board of CAIS, is involved with the senior management of CAB, is a leading light in the Soroptomists in north Wales…Waterhouse named other managers as well, people who had lied, who had admitted abusing the kids, it was just extraordinary. Dozens of them from Gwynedd and Clwyd should have gone to prison.

When I visited the politician I didn’t have the evidence that I’ve got now, but I’ve got stacks of documents, signed by numerous people in senior positions detailing their own law breaking. I also have COPIES of two forged documents that my lawyer got hold of – one forged document was found in the possession of the GMC, another forged documents was found in Chester Court. Can I get anyone to investigate??? Of course not. Well we can’t have a judge actually being imprisoned can we, what would that do to confidence in the judicial system?

Regarding Grwp Gwalia. They are in operation in Brecon, or at least they were a couple of years ago. They were offering a ‘service’ for folk with drug problems. There was a poster in their HQ in Brecon recommending that their clients with drug problems contact an outfit called Kaleidoscope – Kaleidoscope works in partnership with CAIS…

Take it from me Jac, I reckon that you’ve tangled with the same network of crooks upon whose toes I trod.


Well, Jac, you’ve clearly done this fellow’s head in 😉


Come now, Jac. All you have to do is check out the hits that Parry’s website gets when he’s not obsessing with you, compared to when he is. I think you’ll find at least part of your answer there.

To put some perspective on this, Parry’s pathetic site is struggling. If it was a dog it would have been euthanised by now to put it out of its misery. Within hours of you posting this article you have more responses than Parry usually receives for his most read work (and they are invariably about you, lol).

Good piece by the way. I thought it was normal practice for a journalist like Parry (try and stretch your imagination) to allow someone you’d written about a right of reply. I’ve seen you do so just recently with Mr Scarrott. Clearly such professionalism and courtesy is absent in Parry’s case, which I think speaks for itself as to how far this one time award winning journalist has sunk into the gutter.

I am now banned from his site by the way, for questioning the quality of his journalism and telling him a few home truths about his fixation with “Jac”.


Could be both, and the real worry is which would come first ! In his state of mind he’s probably capable of all sorts of dodgy abominations ( or is that doggy abominations ? )


Pistols {water or otherwise} at dawn at 20 paces may be the answer !!