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Yes, I know . . . I said I wasn’t putting anything out this week, but the work doesn’t start until tomorrow, and something I put out earlier on Twitter / X has grown too big to continue with on that platform.

But don’t worry, this is still a quickie.


For those new to the dystopian world of Welsh politics, Jane Davidson is a privately-educated memsahib who turned up in Wales some years ago and quickly grasped that the Labour Party is the key to pushing your agenda.

So she joined, became a Cardiff councillor then, with devolution, was handed the safe Labour seat of Pontypridd, An area she hardly knew.

Her rise was immediate. First serving as Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills. Then, from 2007 until 2011, she was Minister for Sustainability and Rural Affairs.

Davidson left the Assembly in 2011 to take up a non-job at Lampeter university wailing about the ‘climate crisis’. Again, paid for from the Welsh public purse.

In January this year Jane Davidson was appointed to lead the Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group. What’s that? you ask. Well, stripped of the bullshit, it’s yet another group of carefully-selected individuals who will tell the so-called ‘Welsh Government’ exactly what it wants to hear.

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This ‘advice’ will then be branded ‘impartial’, having come from ‘independent experts’, and used to justify Drakeford and his brainwashed clowns intensifying their offensive against farmers, motorists, and all others deemed – in Davos – to be obstacles to the Globalists achieving their objectives.

The group contains a number of the usual suspects, all of whom have fallen for the Club of Rome’s climate scam, and most, like Davidson, believe that we indigenes must be told what to think, and who to believe.

Invariably, them.


In September, someone in regular contact with me, having read that Julie James, Minister for the Environment, was to receive quarterly briefings from the Group, submitted a Freedom of Information request to the ‘Welsh Government’ asking for a copy of the briefings.

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Here are the Terms of Reference to which he refers.

He received a reply on October 13, which told him that these briefings were verbal, and that there was no record.

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Not satisfied with this, he immediately wrote back asking for the protocol that allows for unrecorded briefings.

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Having received no reply, he wrote again, today.

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At this point, I was made aware of the problem and I put out this tweet.

Within hours, my contact had a reply from the ‘Welsh Government’. I’m not saying that this unprecedented example of bureaucratic celerity was due to the attention my tweet was getting, but the timing is a wee bit suspicious.

The response confirmed that no record is kept of the briefings, but that there are “records of the meetings in the form of minutes“.

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The confusion is not helped by the Group’s Terms of Reference mentioning briefing the Minister for Climate Change, Julie James. (The ‘Designated Member’ is Plaid Cymru’s Siân Gwenllian.)

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Because in the minutes for the meetings of April, July, October we clearly see that the attendees are those mentioned in the Terms of Reference relating to briefings.

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What’s more, if we look at the original response from October 13 we see two dates mentioned for the verbal and unrecorded briefings, 24 April and 5 July.

Which are the same dates as the meetings – for which we have minutes!

Are there minuted meetings and unrecorded briefings held on the same day? That’s what’s being suggested with, “As was stated in past Welsh Government responses there are no written record of these briefings, however, there are records of the meetings in the form of minutes“.

Or is someone getting confused? I think I am.

Another question might be, why aren’t these minutes available on the website of the Wales Net Zer0 2035 Challenge Group? It has its own ‘Secretariat’. What does Stan Townsend do other than scoff Hobnobs with Jane Davidson and Julie James?

UPDATE 14.11.2024: Here’s a bit more info on young Stan. It seems he may be new to Wales! (I bet you’re surprised.) Here’s his Linkedin bio and here’s his blog. I’m sure that like Stan you too have wondered, ‘What is the role of a cyclist in addressing climate change?’ It certainly keeps me awake at night. Or is that heartburn?

Though I also noticed what you see below in the Terms of Reference. So maybe Jane Davidson didn’t want these minutes made public.

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And if so, then I can understand why. For they aren’t exactly evidence of much activity, other than Davidson meeting with a woman she already knew and would probably have met with anyway.

And then, the other strange thing is that the metadata for the pdf documents sent today, the minutes of the three meetings, are all dated today. If the minutes are genuinely contemporaneous with the meetings, then I would expect to see them carry the same dates as the meetings, or a date shortly afterwards.

Then again, maybe it was a copy and paste job, which I suppose would explain the metadata dates. Though if that’s the case, then why couldn’t the original minutes have been sent?


There is no sensible or logical reason for the ‘Welsh Government’ to have ever set up the Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group, though it gives Jane Davidson something to add to her strangely uninformative Linkedin bio.

It’s just another group of hangers-on and like-minded individuals who’ll tell Julie James exactly what she wants to hear. It’s window-dressing.

It makes me laugh how people like me are accused of being conspiracy theorists, reinforcing our paranoia by only interacted with others like us. And yet this is exactly what the ‘Welsh Government’ does, and what the groups it sets up do.

What I mean is, will Jane Davidson and her Group consult a ‘climate sceptic’? Or someone who isn’t a vegan?

But the real worry in this episode is that whatever Davidson’s gang come up with will be used by Corruption Bay to enact legislation that will make the things we need more expensive, and make our lives more difficult.

That being so, everything must be above board. There must be total transparency. No secret briefings.

Let’s start with the ‘Welsh Government’ bringing clarity to the confusion it has created through talking about both minuted meetings and unrecorded verbal briefings.

And if there have been unrecorded verbal briefings, then let’s have assurances that there will be no more of them.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2023

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Been busy today. Just spotted your tweet about the latest hint of corruption among that devious closet of politicians and influencers down the Bay. Described by a relative of mine as “a tight little cluster of policy makers and influencers with an indecent amount of overlap. No wonder the whole green energy scene is so distorted in favour of the big corporates.”


I click on “reply” and nothing happens ! Anyway a quick note about those honorary doctorates. There are a few, a minority that are genuinely worthy but too many universities dish them out to people who they think will reciprocate and look favorably when there’s a spot of P.R or influencing to be done. Apart from the exceptionally “talented” Ms Davidson I seem to recall the equally exceptional Andrew Davies a former Minister in an earlier Bay regime being awarded some visiting Professor status at Swansea. No doubt he gave a masterly display of manipulation when some decisions were in the balance. Twas ever thus in the la la land of Labour politics.

Doc Yale

‘Dr’ Jane did a short stint at YALE USA promoting her Book and managed to portray that short commercial venture as being a great academic visit.

Pedr Pont Steffan

Her bizarre title at Lampeter was to be called “Vice Chancellor Emeritus” a title only ever heard of once before in all history around planet earth. A University Vice Chancellor is rather just like being a Parent Governor in an Infants School but at a higher level. It’s the Chancellor who is the real bees’ knees!
The only other ever “Vice Chancellor Emeritus” was just one Australian College Governor who had served a lifetime at that post, so they invented the “Emeritus” bit for him, so when he semi retired. Thus allowing him to shuffle doddery back for free Buffets and Bunfights at the end of Governor Court Sessions. So who invented the title “Emeritus” for “Dr” Jane? Isn’t the “Dr” bit embarrassing enough.

Pro Tocol

Honorary Doctorates are by tradition and protocol only to be used generally at functions at the University that bestows the honorary doctorate. For example on student graduation ceremonies or Royal Visits or some important proclamation. This doctorate was probably given for several years service as the local Labour Assembly (pre Senedd) Member safe seat (if not – what else?). Unfortunately this “Dr” title has been used everywhere – in this case to promote the holder – even in the USA. The ‘doctoral gown in this case must be made of rhino skin not silk. It degrades the value of genuine academic PhD holders who study via serious monitored research to produce an original thesis.


While this useless committee study the fluff in their navels the real world moves on apace. This is a small extract from a report about the acquisition of Canadian Teck Resources’ steelmaking coal unit by a Glencore-led group of investors.


It reads – “Unlike thermal coal, one of the most polluting fossil fuels which is being phased out over time, coking coal used to make steel will be needed long term to cater to demand from green energy infrastructure.”

The irony. Someone elsewhere is looking for opportunities to create jobs, defend jobs, create incomes and wealth from the adoption of green solutions, while our collective of wallies just keep bitching about the handout from their masters in London being not enough for their sloppy spending plans. Glencore have seen that “green” can be a force for good but it needs to be harnessed in the right way NOT by dishing handouts to any old spiv that passes by.

Ifor l'engine

Jane Davidson has an honorary doctorate from the University of Glamorgan.


Copy below of open letter sent to the Group.

Stan Townsend
Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group

My Ref:              NCC/WJ/109
Your Ref:    
Date:                 14 November 2023

Dear Stan Townsend

Subject: Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group – Administration 

Having examined information presented on your website, I am pleased to note that the “Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group” [the Group] intends to comply with the seven Nolan principles of public life. Accordingly, I would be grateful if you could arrange to place the following information in the public domain on your website.

  1. Approved minutes of monthly Group meetings.
  2. A transcript of quarterly briefings provided by the Chair [supported by the secretariat] to the Minister for Climate Change.
  3. A note confirming that the “evidence base” for any future benefit v cost appraisal / evaluation undertaken by the Group will be referenced in any report presented by the Group to the Minister for Climate Change. This is required to ensure compliance with appraisal and evaluation methodology set out in H M Treasury Green Book regarding value for money.

The actions set out above are considered necessary as the work of the Group, in accelerating the transition to Net Zero in Wales, will impact all aspects of life in Wales.

I look forward to your observations at your convenience. Thank you. 

Yours sincerely


A “climate negotiator to the United Nations” the same global body driving the man-made climate change narrative. Some interesting quotations “total re-imaging of society”. Clearly a man of vision!

The three documents I received from Welsh Government were the minutes of the following group meetings

24 April 2023
5 July 2023
5 October 2023

But they are monthly meetings, so where are the minutes of the other monthly meetings.

Doc Yale

What about her “Doctorate”? Where is her PhD Thesis held? The Library holding this Academic Thesis could be a small bookshelf in a One Planet hovel house? If found, could you publish it in summary form? Where have other academics quoted it in their learned papers? She has used the title “Doctor” or “PhD” on many occasions in many situations, in a few countries, so it justifies these serious questions.