One Planet, Future Generations & George Soros


I‘ve written about One Planet developments before, but to refresh your memories, and help newcomers, here’s a brief outline.

One Planet seems to be a generic term for a loose global network of people who believe in living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, both as individuals and communities. And who can argue with that?

The wider and diffuse One Planet movement may be global but Wales is the only country that has implemented OP legislation.

This came about because certain people realised that devolution coupled with malleable politicos offered a golden opportunity for them to live the lifestyle they wanted, wherever they liked, with no restraints. And even to have it funded.

It also opened the door to those who wished to cover Wales in wind turbines. Those grotesque machines that inflict more environmental damage in their production, transportation and erection than is ever recouped during their short and intermittent working lives.

Although the One Wales: One Planet document of May 2009 was signed by then first minister Rhodri Morgan the main driving force within the cabinet would appear to have been Jane Davidson, Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing.

click to enlarge

Another influence would have been Plaid Cymru, which from 2007 until 2011 was the junior partner in a coalition with Labour. For Plaid had been cosying up to multifarious Greens for a couple of decades, some of them pathologically anti-Welsh. But what the hell! if there’s virtue to be signalled then Plaid’s your party.

The One Planet legislation was supplemented with Technical Advice Note (TAN) 6 and the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

You can catch up with some of my earlier writing on this subject in: Fleece Jacket Fascists (01.08.2013); Plaid Cymru and the Green Party of Englandandwales (10.11.2014); Tryweryn, Happy Donkey Hill, Good-lifers (20.10.2015); The Green Smokescreen (05.09.2016); Hippies and associated problems (09.01.2018); The Green Menace (28.08.2018); The Welsh Clearances (16.10.2018).


The purpose of this posting is to bring you up to date, with examples of how the legislation mentioned in the previous section is damaging Wales. Also, how our local authorities and planning bodies are impotent in the face of land grabs because the aggressors have the full support of the ‘Welsh Government’, DEFRA, and the Planning Inspectorate.

And then, we come face to face with George Soros in the form of the Black Mountains College.


This example from north Pembrokeshire reminds us of how little support these eco-shysters receive from the indigenous communities. In Maenclochog, local councillor Huw George has even called for a moratorium on One Planet developments because, he argues, the system is being abused.

Councillor George has seen five OPD applications in his ward.

Image courtesy of BBC Wales, click to enlarge

And of course he’s right when he argues that the system is being abused. Everyone who looks at how One Planet operates can see that the legislation is too lax. Another – and predictable – problem is that One Planet and associated legislation is of no benefit whatsoever to Welsh people. But it was never intended to be!

Think about that for a minute: a ‘Welsh Government’ passes legislation that it knows in advance will be of no benefit to Welsh people.

Making what is dressed up as saving the planet just another form of colonialism. Encouraged by an administration that may celebrate Welshness on an official and superficial level while simultaneously allowing or encouraging the destruction of  the communities where that identity still thrives naturally.


Not far from Maenclochog, just over the county boundary in Ceredigion, we looked a few weeks ago at Parc Teifi. (Scroll down a bit when the link opens.) There the ‘Welsh Government’ ‘sold’ five acres on the outskirts of Cardigan town to Mr Alpay Torgut (late of Islington) and his friends for just £1.

The indefatigable Wynne Jones tried to find out a little more about this remarkable deal. For example, was a business plan submitted; and how is such generosity – with Welsh public assets – justified. But after a deluge of flim-flam the shutters came down. As they always do.

Described as some kind of agricultural storage unit at Parc Teifi I guarantee there will eventually be a retrospective planning application for a One Planet dwelling. Click to enlarge

Anyone who takes an interest in the workings of the ‘Welsh Government’, and asks questions soon runs into a fog of obfuscation, which is usually the prelude to contact being ended completely. That’s because the ‘Welsh Government’ breaks its own rules, which then means that projects cannot be scrutinised or monitored.

Another feature is that many of those migrating to our rural areas to save the planet don’t want their children going to Welsh schools, or they think they can educate them better at home. This results in many kids just slipping off the radar, often with tragic consequences, as in the case of Dylan Seabridge.

I’m not suggesting that this boy’s parents, originally from Stoke on Trent, were involved in the One Planet scam; they just represent another type ‘escaping’ to our rural areas.


Another recent arrival worthy of a write-up is Matthew Watkinson, who lives with his wife Charis and their two children at Beeview farm, near Newport, Pembrokeshire.

They live in what can only be termed a rural slum, and claim to make a living on a couple of acres from selling eggs. If children were living in conditions like that in a town then the NSPCC and social services might be alerted. But this is One Planet living.

A parallel universe, where for planning permission, fire safety regulations, child welfare, etc., all the norms and laws of society that you and I must obey are suspended.

Beeview farm. Image by Rob Melen. (Alright, Rob?) Click to enlarge.

Like most of his kind, Watkinson pissed off the locals, and responded to their objections with this diatribe that gets very personal. But it’s par for the course; facile and self-serving arguments sustained with a combination of invective and moral superiority driven home by a sense of entitlement – ‘You Welsh peasants have no right to be critical of us superior beings’.

Beeview farm appears on the list of approved projects* as Golwg y Gwenyn and is described as a ‘Prospective OPD application’, but then we are also told that it’s ‘the first OPD to be granted full planning permission within a Welsh National Park’. I suspect we reconcile these statements by understanding that the structure for which planning permission was granted in July 2016 has yet to be built.

Apart from him being an arrogant twat, another reason locals did not grasp Matthew Watkinson to their bosom was because his OPD is on the slopes of Mynydd Carningli, a very special area with Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age structures, including the famous hillfort.

Mynydd Carningli, click to enlarge

Quite rightly, no development is allowed on Mynydd Carningli and locals felt that Watkinson was using OPD to circumvent planning rules in a very delicate area. And he’s got away with it, further endearing himself and the One Planet system to the locals of the Newport area.

UPDATE: This article and video went up on the BBC website very soon after this post was published.

* You may have noticed an intriguing caveat to the list of One Planet Developments: ‘This is not a full list – some OPDs prefer not to make themselves public, and there may be more that are not known to us’. Where might one obtain a full list?


Now we turn to an example of One Planet and Future Generation guidelines popping up in an unlikely situation. Here’s a case from Garnant, near Ammanford. On one level it’s another chancer who’s moved into Wales and is now trying to con the system, but on another level it’s almost funny.

As we read in the report from the South Wales Guardian Henry Rogers and his family moved to semi-rural Bryncethin Road just outside Garnant in 2012. And he has now been given planning permission for a caravan and other amenities alongside the house in which he says his wife lives alone.

For Rogers claims to be separated from his wife, and because he is a gypsy, he now demands his own encampment where he can fiddle his evenings away accompanied by wood crackling on an open fire. Local objectors are unimpressed, saying he is neither a gypsy nor has he separated from his wife.

When councillors on the planning committee asked for proof of Rogers’ gypsy status planning officer John Thomas ‘ . . . said a 15-page statement justifying the applicant’s lineage and background had been submitted, and that Gypsy-traveller sites were lacking in the Garnant area’.

What! How many gypsy sites does a small place like Garnant need?

Councillors were denied a view of the statement and Thomas had to admit that it contained no hard evidence of Rogers’ claimed ancestry, but the planning officer covered his arse with, ‘ . . . . (Thomas) had consulted housing department colleagues, who “verified that it’s common practice to accept justification statements”’.

So all you need do is concoct a ‘statement’ and planning permission is yours!

If you turn to the planning officer’s report you’ll read what appears in the panel below.

Well-being of Future Generation (Wales) Act 2015 used to justify a gypsy site in Carmarthenshire. Click to enlarge

I have just one question: How does an Englishman claiming to be a ‘gypsy’ and having a caravan site in open country “improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales”?

As on the slopes of Mynydd Carningli, Maenclochog, and countless other locations, we see locals united in opposition. Which tells me that the bad feeling created by One Planet developments is damaging rather than improving ‘the social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales’. While the economic contribution is negligible if not negative.


For the concluding section of this offering we head for the Black Mountains – inspiration for Raymond Williams’ Border Country where big things are in the offing in the form of a new seat of learning – The Black Mountains College (BMC).

click to enlarge

I must confess that until a few days ago I knew nothing of this highly suspect venture exciting project. And when you see who’s involved you’ll wonder why it’s not headlines every day of the week. Let’s start at the beginning.

Here’s the website for the Black Mountains College. There is a charity, the Black Mountains College Project, No 1180681; and two companies, Black Mountains College Ltd (Incorporated 03.10.2017), and Black Mountains College Project (Inc. 07.02.2018).

From the Charity Commission entry. Click to enlarge

From the website we learn that the Project Lead is author Ben Rawlence, who has worked for George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, and also Human Rights Watch, a body that has seen much Soros funding.

Though I find it odd that Rawlence has no background in education. So you have to wonder what he contributes to the scheme, and why he’s Project Lead. Unless the answer lies in his links with Soros?

Programme Manager is Libby Pearson, who has connections with, among others, Swansea University and the ‘Welsh Government’.

The sole director of Black Mountains College Ltd and one of six directors of Black Mountains College Project is Dr William Herbert Newton-Smith, a Canadian philosopher of science and co-proprietor (with his wife) of Welsh Lavender Ltd of Builth.

As for the charity, we of course find Newton-Smith listed as a trustee, along with the other directors of Black Mountains College Project: David Isaac, Elizabeth Passey, Owen Sheers, Chris Blake and Emily Durrant. Short biographies can be found here, where we learn that Newton-Smith was, ‘for 20 years head of George Soros’s higher education programme’.

In fact, Newton-Smith was the founding executive chairman of Soros’s controversial Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, used to influence and control human behaviour by inculcating the globalist agenda.

Newton-Smith has launched a number of other ‘universities’ and institutions for Soros, here he is at the University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan . . . and now he’s involved in starting the Black Mountains College.

I don’t subscribe to all of the views on Soros we hear from the US right but I do worry that he may genuinely believe that it’s in the best interests of humanity to do away with borders, languages, religions and nationalities in order to create a homogeneous, anglophone, and ‘manageable’ global population, done by frightening us with global warming and other threats.

This is why I oppose Soros, and it’s also why I’m worried at the involvement of two of his former employees in this new education venture. Because the Black Mountains College will be in Wales, but not of Wales. Made clear in the clip below from the BMC website.

Talgarth may be the ‘gateway to Mid-Wales’ . . . but only if you’ve travelled up the M4 from southern England and the major airports. Click to enlarge.

Another clue is the complete absence of the Welsh language from the BMC website.

Something else that worries me is that the Black Mountains College wants to engage in teacher training and issue Post Graduate Certificates in Education (PGCE) in order to percolate its message through the Welsh education system.

An object made easier by having on the BMC’s Advisory Council both Jane Davidson, former Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, who since 2011 has flitted around academe and elsewhere reciting her mantras; and Sophie Howe, the Future Generations Commissioner.

Most of those involved with the Black Mountains College are strangers to our country but they know that if you want the sun to shine on your project, with regular life-giving showers of funding, then it helps to have Labour heavyweights on board.

Finally, let’s look at this from an educational angle. Higher education in Wales is in trouble (some might say crisis), with a number of institutions having apparently over-reached themselves. Only last Friday, Jane Davidson, in her role as Pro Vice-Chancellor for External Engagement and Sustainability, announced redundancies at UWTSD.

click to enlarge

This is the same Jane Davidson who is now helping launch Black Mountains College, which will almost certainly ask for large amounts of public funding, and may ultimately be controlled by George Soros.

What the hell is going on?

UPDATE: Ben Rawlence has responded, on Twitter, by accusing me of anti-Semitism.

click to enlarge


There is a strategy in place for our rural areas that seeks to undermine traditional farming and replace our farmers with those you’ve read about here. Implemented by a ‘Welsh Government’ influenced by those who’ll be the beneficiaries of the strategy.

The ‘Welsh Government’ is now using Brexit to justify further cutting financial support to farmers, but as we’ve seen, the policy of undermining traditional agriculture has been in place for over a decade. (Though if Brexit is an issue then those liars in Corruption Bay could if they wished maintain funding at EU levels – as the Scottish Government will.)

The next assault will come from the ‘findings’ of the Brexit and our land consultation. A good source tells me that the consultation is a sham as the decision has already been made to proceed with the ‘public goods’ system on which the outgoing Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020, Sustainable Management Schemes Collaborative Projects scheme was based.

No, the truth is that Welsh farmers are being discriminated against, and rural Welsh life threatened; a form of discrimination against an indigenous population that can only be viewed as colonialism bordering on apartheid.

William Newton-Smith delivering his speech at the Soros-funded University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan. Click to enlarge.

And now we know that George Soros is somewhere in the mix. I’m not saying that George Soros controls Wales, but having read what Soros has to say on climate change – and it really is an obsession with him! – he could have dictated everything the ‘Welsh Government’ has put out in recent years.

In William Newton-Smith and Ben Rawlence we have Soros’s emissaries in Wales, operating through the Black Mountains College. So should the ‘Welsh Government’ be giving funding, approval, accreditation or any other support to those representing a man who likes to run small countries by remote control?

The Soros connection is established beyond any doubt with this document in which the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority recommends grant funding. We read, “BMC would be part of a global liberal arts network mentored by Bard College, NY, USA”. Bard College is funded by George Soros. The ‘network’ referred to is the institutions around the world Soros controls through his vast wealth.

Bard College is funded by George Soros and the ‘network’ is the other institutions he funds and controls. Click to enlarge

The document also tells us that BMC’s accreditation will come from the University of Wales Trinity St David, which explains the presence of Jane Davidson.

But should Sophie Howe, Jane Davidson or any other public figures be involved in this venture that could, if it follows the pattern we’ve seen elsewhere, be subversive of democracy?

Or does the ‘Welsh Government’ already know that Black Mountains College is a George Soros project and is willingly co-operating?

If so, then how much influence does George Soros have in Wales?

UPDATE: There was a Black Mountain College in North Carolina between 1933 and 1957, renowned as a ‘liberal’ and ‘experimental’ establishment. Bard College, which will ‘mentor’ our Black Mountains College, is often seen as the successor institution.

So did Soros’s minions scour the world looking for another Black Mountain before settling on ours?

♦ end ♦


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[…] In One Planet, Future Generations & George Soros (June 2019) I explained that there are clear connections between Soros and Black Mountains College. […]


I notice the BBC are featuring the struck off vet who moved to Wales to live off benefits in Pembrokeshire (BeeView farm) as an example of how virtuous a new housing scheme by Pobl in Tonyrefail is going to use ground source heat pumps.

The think about the proposal at Tonyefail is that the bore hole for ground source heat is to be 500ft in depth. What they do not mention is that drilling 500ft below the development would puncture a number of methane rich coal seams, the first being at 166ft. The bore hole will go through both the 5ft and 6ft seams and puncture the shale cap of the ‘red vein’. It was mined at Coedely colliery.

Although water from this bore hole will be at 11 to 18 degrees, it will foam with CH4, and without proper control will escape to the atmosphere, pollute the groundwater with iron sulphide (there’s a reason they called it the red vein) and without bore caps risk underground combustion. An example…{removetoplay}

I was wondering if Pobl group will be around in 20 years time to maintain the bores and take responsibility for maintenance, or just abandon an environmental disaster of worthless housing to the council?


Jac, I must warn you that everyone is out to get you, as I fear you haven’t noticed yet. I have inside information that it is literally everyone.

Jane McDonnell

I think the OPD is a good idea as it enables people to live in rural areas and to set up businesses while living in a sustainable way. Why should rural areas be the preserve of the rich ? Land prices are going up all the time and is horrendously expensive . As are rural properties . How are our youngsters who grew up in rural areas ever going to get on the property ladder in those areas ? I feel this initiative in planning laws gives people the chance to live sustainably and independently on the land whereas before they had no opportunity to do this due to the extortionate house and land prices . And why many of you seem to think that all the people who want to take advantage of this planning opportunity are ‘hippies, drug addicts, religious cult members etc shows a narrow minded ignorance and fear of others who might want to live in a different lifestyle than yourselves !
I wonder how many of you, who have made negative comments on the ODP , are living comfortably in a nice house in a beautiful rural area ?

Jane McDonnell

Well try buying a house in rural Wales if you are young or have a low deposit !
I did not say you personally had labelled people who have taken advantage of the OPD, or would like to , as misfits, druggies etc – I was referring to many of the derogatory comments your readers have put in this thread about such people. There might well be people from England who want to pursue this way of life through the OPD – due more than likely to the even more horrendous and lottery size prices of rural housing and land there .
Wales is not a little island – it is part of the UK and as such we are all British citizens . Therefore we can choose to live where ever we want in this land. Your prejudice against people from England coming to live in rural Wales is backward , ignorant and uncalled for. Many English people have moved here and have contributed much to theirs local communities and local economies .
And no, I am not English but Welsh and welcome the opportunities the OPD gives people ( wherever they come from) in our rural areas .

Jane McDonnell

Well Jac , thankfully we live in a country where free speech is still allowed. It is somewhat sad then that you have to ‘warn’ me that those that visit your blog will not like what I say. I thought this site was one where people could have open debates without being ‘warned’ off if their views differed from others. So much for healthy , open discussion Jac. Au revoir.

Recommended by a Friend

Wales on line. Greenpeace protester forcefully grabbed by Tory MP. Lives off grid in Wales with 31 rabbits. Not in Newport Pembs. by any chance?


Funny how there aren’t any armed Police ( VIP protection ?)around when needed. This has a slight whiff of ” put up job” a stunt that gives some Green freaks a shot of publicity while reinforcing the Establishment lie that you can never have too much security. Pity really as a picture of that silly dame with a bullet hole in her fuckin’ forehead would have really started a rumpus.


The main speaker was the foreign secretary of their United Kingdom. This role has specific assigned police (PaDP) protection from the Met. We in Wales have to pay extra taxes for this provision.

If the gate crashers had been black or Muslim I have no doubt that they would have been apprehended long before gaining access to the inner sanctum of Mansion House. The posh, white, English accented, debutants were evidently missed or deliberately overlooked by this security, and may have had inside knowledge of security arrangements which are often afforded for legitimate access like the press and spouse of party grandees.

Had the invader to the function at Mansion House been see as a serious threat, the correct method of restraint and removal would be to engage the suspect in a ‘waltz’ manoeuvre (she was dressed for the part), which involves a firm grip to the lower arm wrist, arm then being twisted to the back, lift, and then centre of body weight shifted forwards in the direction of desired removal.

The correct method of human obstruction removal was recently demonstrated on the Kingsway at Swansea Pride, and a may need to be used on those who seek to disrupt the Llanelli event, if Helen Mary Jones twitter feed is to be believed.
Have a word, Adam, mun.

Yet again we see the introduction of alien invasive species to Wales by eco-settlers. Long haired Angora rabbits are only native to mountainous areas of central Turkey and they are evidently reared or imported as ‘pets’ in but are now being clearly exploited for commercial gain, albeit not successfully due to rich daddy trust fund income. What assessment has there been made by NRW on the impact on our natural eco-system and is this ‘agricultural enterprise’ insured, inspected, and monitored?

Neil Singleton

I wouldn’t be surprised if these particular “off the gridders” receive a visit from the Vegan activists, who abhor the keeping of any animals, either as pets or to exploit their fur for knitting purposes.


Opportunity there for a massive annihilation event – Veggies, vegans, greens eco warriors, transactivists ( whatever they may be !), gender fluids/fluents (again not sure what they are ) and any other cranky fringe group all in a giant pitched battle somewhere above Soar Y Mynydd. Oh, mustn’t forget the Delyn diners club gang as they must have some contribution to make as this could be a real ishoo fest.

Recommended by a Friend

Brecon and Radnor By-election. Talk of a pact between Plaid,Greens and Lib Dems, to put up a Remain candidate. If the Plaid doesn’t stand it’s an open door for Ein Gwlad to get on the political map with loads of U.K. wide publicity.


I think Ein Gwlad are only going to compete in Senedd elections/byelections.

Big Gee

Thanks for that ‘Recommended by a Friend’ – it’s certainly something that we’ve been discussing at our Steering Committee meetings, and it will probably be on the agenda again for our next meeting at the beginning of July. However our constitution stipulates that we will only put candidates up for elections in our own Welsh parliament. Westminster is something for someone else. If in the future there is a Council of The Isles of Britain, then we would certainly partake. The reality is that Westminster is for England, and when Scotland gets independence (sooner rather than later we hope) then they will not be a part of that London based parliament either. Sinn Fein, whilst putting candidates up for Westminster elections do not sit in that parliament on the grounds of principle. That may still be an option that we at Ein Gwlad may adopt for the future.

I fail to see the ridiculous connections habitually being made with the ‘remain’ & ‘leave’ issue when it comes to current by-elections, or the big red herring of EU elections that we’ve just had (all those MEPs will be redundant after October anyway).. They are totally irrelevant. No use crying over spilt milk, it’s water under the bridge, never to return. I say “get over it, move on and make the best of the situation in the future”, to these silly children that pass as supposedly adult politicians.

Plaid are incessantly beating this ‘remain’ drum, regardless of the fact that the majority of voters in Wales voted ‘leave’ a higher proportion in fact than in many other ‘leave’ areas of the UK. Furthermore Plaid are totally impotent to do anything about Brexit, because they have absolutely no influence or real input into the debate at Westminster, much as they’d like to give the impression they do. However, I suppose the habit of jumping on ‘ishoo’ bandwagons is hard to break! The Lib-Dems and the Greens are in the same position. It’s absolutely pathetic, it makes one wonder if they actually understand what is going on around them outside of their own little bubbles. I suppose that’s what you get with sixth form mentality career politicians who have no understanding of the real world, and can’t differentiate between what is important for Wales and her citizens from what is by contrast irrelevant.

They seem to be obsessed with virtue signalling on issues like LBGT, feminist campaigns, world wide peace, climate change and renewable energy projects tp save the world by using wind turbines etc. etc. All this when the first step is to get independence, put our OWN house in order and THEN when all that is accomplished look around for something else less important to do after achieving the major primary goal.

But you have to wonder – is that the real goal for these people? Or is it more hot Co2 air out of their mouths that’s adding to that already huge (3%) Co2 man made content added to the greenhouse effect? Co2 that’s actually required by all life on earth. It’s about 380- 400 parts per million at present. In the distant past (well before the industrial revolution) it’s been around 1000 – 2000 parts per million when plant and animal life thrived. Drop it a lot further and nothing will grow.

Madness, perpetuated by those who are scientifically ignorant and totally gullible to the biggest political lie ever told. The IPCC is a political organisation and not a scientific one. What we should be concerned about is the poisonous pollutant particles being released into our atmosphere. Co2 is not and has not ever been a pollutant – as it’s projected to be by those who make big money through such scares. What a hoax, swallowed by science ignorant and gullible sheeple masses egged on by dumb politicians.

Talk about Nero fiddling whilst Rome burns . . .

Recommended by a Friend

That is all and well and good. Here is a chance to put Ein Gwlad all over Sky and Daily Mail etc.You have got to be flexible and strike at the Borg when the chance happens. It is no good running a campaign written out in tablets of stone.

Big Gee

Well as I said, we have not ruled out standing in Westminster elections, but then adopt the Sinn Féin stance.

However, we do not have the luxury as a young party. of having resources to allow ourselves that luxury at present.

I fully take on board your logic about getting our name brandished across Sky and the BBC etc. However, would those that see that name across Clawdd Offa be potential supporters and voters for Ein Gwlad? Hardly, so we’ll just have to wait our opportunity to attack the Borg, and get the exposure, a little nearer to May 2021!

We’re not going away in a hurry, and patience is a virtue they say.


John Jenkins’ authorised biography featured today on IMJ’s NationCymru site. Will JJ benefit from any revenue generated by this book ? I hope this isn’t a bit of exploitation to tie in with the 50th anniversary of George Thomas fancy dress party and carnival. That old cnut has much to answer for.


Off topic – May I use this blog to correct the disgraced former first minister of Wales in his latest bullshit on the BBC in which he says “we couldn’t make that up in the short term. Ireland took many, many years to do that”.

The economic difficulties he identifies was that Ireland (when opportunity arose after independence) refused to make payments to Westminster on behalf of Irish tenant farmers under the colonial Irish Land Acts in the late nineteenth century. This resulted in economic sanctions by the British empire.

Is Carwyn saying that the Labour Party in Wales will support the introduction payments to Westminster for crown lands in Wales, when Wales votes for independence? And that he would support trade sanctions against Wales for non-payment of colonial levees?

Tiocfaidh ár lá, Mr Jones.

Big Gee

Careful Brychan – he’s a barrister – although not a particularly good one apparently, so like lots of other poor barristers he turned to politics. Not unusual, hence the standard of politicians that we have!

Hmmm – serious stuff!


Just noticed your update regarding Beeview Farm. Having had an opportunity to view the video, I think he would be well advised to register a patent on that washing machine to mitigate the risk of mass-production by Hotpoint / Beko and others !!


Only one spin speed [slow], 1 rev / minute. I don’t think Hotpoint have anything to worry about in terms of design criteria.


The patent is already held by Coen Vermeer (Israel) and Kathak Mehta (India). It can be seen in this video. The key to its efficiency is the hand crank which also makes the soapy water solution go round a pumped ‘micro-bubble’ cycle as invented by Davie ‘Hoover’ Lewis (Merthyr).{removetoplay}

I’m surprised Charis and Mathew didn’t spot this invention after landing from their eco-flight to northern India just after having purchased the “OPD” land in Pembrokeshire. The arrogant ignorance of the Watkinson pair has no bounds.


It appears this blog has very much an international readership, so I have been asked to qualify my earlier remark.

The mirco-bubble technique was invented in the R&D establishment near Brandy Bridge in Merthyr Tydfil. It’s genius is that the washing is held in a drum above the water, and the washing solution is sprayed into the contents of the drum upon rotation, the spray being infused with air, creating small bubbles, multiplying the surface area of contact between the surfactant and the washed fibres. The guy who did the tooling later invested his redundancy cheque into ‘Excalibur Hand Tools’ of Pentrebach and won a WDA innovation award in the 1980s, to which I myself, introduced “the computer”. Since then its license has gone to the United States, and used in almost all modern washing machines. The ‘hand-crank’ version being exempted from the patent so can be utilised in very poor countries off-grid. One of the sponsors of the technology is a sanitation project in desert areas sponsored by a Bill Gates foundation. If George Soros wishes to make a non-conditional donation to this, or recognise Welsh ingenuity, he is welcome to do so.

Which finally begs the question as to why the Welsh Government dolloping grants to English people like the Watkinsons to sponge out Pembrokeshire and ponce about on the BBC with an old oil drum, when the money can be better spent supporting Welsh industry, and that includes eco-friendly innovation.


Brilliant Brychan. Your technical knowledge on all subjects is astounding.

Big Gee

. . . sit in the Senedd as a Welsh Socialist Party Group” is the defining statement.

The cat is truly out of the bag isn’t it? It also explains the progressive liberal socialist course that Plaid has promoted and followed, more especially in recent years under LW’s leadership. To be followed by another leader who openly confesses to be a ‘socialist’ first and a ‘nationalist’ second.

Plaid has well and truly been hijacked by these people – not with the blessing of all their members I should add.

The fact that they are systematically disintegrating the 90 year old nationalist party – to produce something that is agreeable to the London based establishment also makes one wonder who exactly from amongst the ‘progressive socialist’ element within the unionist Labour party have infiltrated the party and changed it into something that is of an agreeable nationalist flavour to the bosses in London?

Plaid certainly does not appear as the champion of the patriots of Wales or true independence anymore. There again, the IMJ’s of this world would put that down to a conspiracy theory (a term first promoted by the CIA in the early sixties to defuse and ridicule questioners of the Kennedy assassination).

Despite all the outward evidence that shows the validity of what’s being observed, good ol’ Ifan will undoubtedly fall on the side of the Plaid establishment loving version of things. That’s extremely sad, because at heart I’m sure he is a patriot in his own little way, but a blind one that dismisses everything that doesn’t fit into his perceived perfect little world ruled by ‘New’ Plaid.


It’ll be interesting to read Nation.Cymru’s slant on this important new development if and when they feature it in the next day or two.

Mr. McEvoy isn’t Jesus Christ and I doubt that he’d regard his return to the fold as the Second Coming. Nevertheless, apart from his talent and commitment, he is an important symbol of a potentially more productive direction for Plaid Cymru, and of the need to make up for the ground lost since the removal of Dafydd Wigley.

Adam Price may wish to bear in mind that McEvoy would be of greater service to the party than the ‘Deryn Three’ (Wood, Sayed, and Jewell). The final outcome of this conflict could well determine Plaid’s future direction and fortunes.

Fingers crossed.


Case for Trades Descriptions ? – more accurate to describe the product as Welsh Pseudo-Socialist Party Clique. This gang has travelled so far from any grounded Socialist beliefs that they have more in common with a shed full of “ieir clwc”. Plaid on the rocks and in danger of tipping right into the shite. Ein Gwlad getting to look more like the sane option every passing day despite spiteful rantings from vested interests elsewhere.


The allegation of anti-Semitism made by those who have no problem with George Soros’s involvement in the affairs of other countries through philanthropy, shows how difficult it is for individuals who just want Wales to be left in peace to criticise his allegedly globalist position.

It is perfectly in order to at least suspect Mr. Soros’s nod of approval if one of his former employees, one Newton-Smith, is involved in setting up — presumably with Soros’s money — a college that the Welsh people never asked for. We are also entitled to ask WHY the college is being established in Wales.

I struggle in vain to see allegations of an international Zionist conspiracy in the opposition to such a college, as the editor of Nation.Cymru would have us believe.

George Soros could be a Welsh Calvinistic Methodist for all I care. It’s the possibility of his interference in a vulnerable country like Wales that would concern me, as well as the readiness of our government to allow the establishment of an institution that is likely to be of no benefit to this country.

It’s therefore a legitimate subject of enquiry, and should not be made immune from scrutiny by false allegations of anti-Semitism, any more than OPD squats should override planning law and building regulations by exploiting our justifiable concerns at global warming.


The Nation Cymru write up on Soros is quite the hit piece. The superior mocking tone, ad hominem attack, non sequitur accusations of anti semitism, conflation with the alt right. Good Lord, it had it all. There’s not many readers who could get through all that and still be motivated to listen to Jac’s view unbiasedly!!

It is just more evidence that not only is it open season on the Welsh in contemporary Wales but also that slander is fair game on those sticking up for the Welsh.


Ifan Morgan Jones publishes an opinion on NationCymru. He states that Soros gave away $32 billion of his own money. This is not true. He has actually donated corporate money that would otherwise have been taxed by a nation state, a tax avoidance mechanism, He does it with specific charitable institutions he established himself, and maintains control and direction of how it is spent.

Ifan makes an inaccurate comparison with Buffett, Gates and Bloomberg. Whist these other individuals employ the same tax avoidance mechanism, the institutional donations made are to independent and pre-existing charitable causes. Mainly in stuff like malaria control, HIV research, nutrition and sanitation projects.

The difference can be seen in educational donations. Bill Gates donates cash for scholarships to MIT an institution that is academically independent. Soros funds his own universities and specifies the curriculum. Is Ifan suggesting that the academics involved in setting up this new institution in Wales that have, or are, on the Soros payroll is just a bizarre coincidence? This is very different from cash given by Gates to Oxford University to do research into TB.


Another gem from today’s Guardian ( God, those readers must enjoy sucking up bullshit by the tonne, metric of course):

Ivan Rogers, part of the Anglo Brit elite clique, engages in no holds barred criticism of those elites that led the Brexit campaign and subsequent manouvres. Sadly this twat doesn’t recognise the irony of his critique, that the elites who led the Remainer campaign and post June 2016 whinge-fests were guilty of similar deviance.

Nevertheless it serves as a timely reminder to us patriots that the only good AngloBrit supremacist is a dead’un !


There is no point you denying extreme weather and the other effects of man made climate change it is occurring as that woman from Barry says, and we have to combat it here in Wales as well .. though not by dumping rusty cars in the middle of our green and pleasant land like this bunch of muppets


More excellent but worrying revelations from Jac.
Another ‘system’ is very sick. And arguably corrupted ?

Loads of con-artists about – just look at the windmill (sorry wind TURBINE) brigade gathering subsidies and ruining the uplands with concrete pads/roads and generators on poles.
Who invented the term ‘Windfarm’ ? – cynically you might think it sounds good.
Latest drivel is via ‘Extinction Rebellion’ who proclaim “We caused it !”

Who caused the Sahara to change from being very green ? Who caused the glacial retreat eons ago ?
Who caused the “Ice Fairs” on the Thames ?

You might think the world’s climate has always been changing …


The old, medieval London Bridge also had a role in the Thames freezing as the many arches slowed down the flow of the river, thus making it more prone to freezing over. There was also something called the Little Ice Age taking place at the time:


Yesterday’s comments in Guardian article about Brexit included several in this vein :

“…….How can the English reject it? They cannot!……”

“…….Brexit could become a disaster for England, the greatest fiasco in its history, self inflicted.”

Proof, if any more was needed, that many of the G’s readers are Little Englanders just like the D.T and the Mail, just a touch more lefty and full of their own righteousness. They would have no problem justifying the modern colonialist project under way west of Clawdd Offa, indeed would probably applaud it as it is being undertaken with a Labour regime in place !


Sorry I meant that these comments appeared in the below the line content i.e these are Anglos who are quite content to regard GB/UK as “England” with no regard for Scotland, Wales and maybe even N.Ireland. Of course Scotland gets elevated elsewhere to some partial sainthood because they had a majority for Remaining in EU !.


I noticed the very same thing in the over-200 comments on Rhiannon Lucy Coslet’s article on the recent increase in the number of Welsh speakers. In fact it’s almost amusing, reading the comments, to see some Guardian readers try to square the equation between their anti-Welsh prejudice and their professed support for human rights. Some go down the ‘fascist’ or ‘racist’ route, much like the English shop-owner in Tregaron who used the ‘r’ word when a Welsh speaker asked her to display some fliers advertising a gig featuring two bands with Welsh names. She is STILL putting colonists forward as the victims.

Guardian readers would almost certainly love the OPD squatters, and just wouldn’t see the problem.

Recommended by a Friend

Why am I paying council tax and living in a house? I can just turn up in a national park and build a shanty town, dump old rubbish all over the countryside and no doubt get grants from Cardiff Bay. Does Pembrokeshire have no planning laws or fire safety officers? I saw this establishment on the tv this morning, it looks like a death trap from a fire safety point of view. It’s on a hill above Newport Pembs. total eyesore and disgrace. Daft BBC give publicity to these people and there will be dozens of the all over the place.


I totally agree Jac. Makes me more determined to pursue issues regarding building regulations [fire safety etc.] with Welsh Government. The left hand [Building Regulations] does not appear to know what the right hand [Planning] is doing. The Minister Julie James A M oversees both Building Regulations and Planning. I suspect there may be a “communication issue” here with Planning promoting OPD through TAN 6 and Building Regulations turning a blind eye to breaches of building regulations, including fire safety.


Thank you Jac. Can I assure you that there is a substantial ‘hippy’ community in wales that have an equal loathing for the grant aided uberhippy. We send our children to welsh speaking schools and also want independence.


“grant aided uberhippy” – an interesting addition to the directory of terminology relating to unwelcome colonist parasites ! Thank you Rubin


This is an excellent video of Rosa Koire explaining what sustainable development is all about – which is what’s behind all this ‘One planet’ business. Sustainable development is a globally agreed plan signed in Rio in 1992 and which the Welsh Government never signed as a country because we weren’t devolved then. However the Welsh government froth at the mouth and hyper ventilate at any opportunity to enforce ‘sustainable development’ on us plebs.

Sustainable development is essentially about controlling all aspects of our lives under the pretence of a green mask, creating more ‘green taxes’ for the globalists and trying to get people out of rural areas (see rewilding) and in to cities to be controlled and monitored by an Orwellian ‘Smart city’ system where 5g and the internet of things are proposed to play their part. Welsh independence is now an obvious must and a no brainer

Big Gee

Diolch Gruff.

Agenda 21 is the most hidden reality I’ve ever come across. It seems to have almost magical powers of being invisible to the world’s population, although it’s a well documented and officially noted exercise that is in plain view for all to see! It’s a reality that you can check by just a few minutes research. It’s not some kind of conspiracy – it’s a bone fide project underwritten and signed up to by most nations, and it’s tentacles creep down to community council level in our country, although as you rightly say it was never signed up to by us as a country in our own right (we were hidden under the ‘England&Wales’ umbrella.

I’ve been banging on about this for years until I’m blue in the face, but everyone seems to ignore how critically important Agenda 21 is to the future of not just Wales but the world.

We keep on bleating and demonstrating about subjects like renewable energy sources – primarily wind turbines, but never stop to think how it’s all linked into Agenda 21.

The whole man-made climate change hoax is also borne from Agenda 21. It baffles me why people are so obtuse when it comes to these things. maybe it’s the benign sounding title ‘Agenda 21’, it doesn’t set any alarm bells ringing – which it certainly should. For what it’s worth the very existence of the EU super state is also closely linked in to this agenda.

Prof. Richard Lindzen (THE accepted leading climate scientist by all involved in the debate). He has been studying the subject since the 60s. He gives an excellent talk on the subject here:

See also the video below, that explains very simply what this is all about. The manifestations of it are what you see in the ‘hippy’ planning phenomenon that is hitting our rural areas here in Wales – not to mention projects like the ‘Summit to Sea’ project earmarked for mid west Wales (mostly Ceredigion).


Absolutely, it’s a crucial issue. It’s a lot to take in for those that are unable to even comprehend that globalists are now openly working towards a bordlerless, nationless one world government using any means neccessary including pushing the pseudo green agenda on us and playing on our genuine concerns and care for the environment (whilst they continue to pollute and poison on a massive scale of course).It’s understandable perhaps that many freak out and react in they way they do to any such claims because really looking at who and what is behind this – international bankers and their philanthropist front men, transnational corporations, public private partnerships, NGO’s and charities for example – would mean upsetting their whole paradigm, set of stringently upheld beliefs, outlook and views on others who don’t fit the same mould and narrative that they adhere to. In this sense there maybe needs to be a degree of sympathy and patience to help them consider other possibilities.

Piers Corbyn is pretty good on CO2 facts and evidence as well:

Big Gee

“Piers Corbyn is pretty good on CO2 facts and evidence as well”

He certainly is Gruff, along with other distinguished leaders in this field, like for example Prof. Richard Lindzen, who is totally in harmony and agreement with other genuine scientists – like Piers Corbyn (for those who may not know, he is Jeremy Corbyn’s brother and is an eminent metrologist in his own right).

As Joseph Goebbels – Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany – once famously said:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”.

The evidence is all there, but as there is a strong herding mentality amongst most humans, they will follow a lie in the context of what Goebbels said in his statement. It’s a ‘sheeple’ mentality, innocently displayed, because most humans have a natural tendency to be gullible and easily led due to a tendency to be trusting. That is what the powers behind the scenes realise full well, and take full advantage of the phenomenon for the outworking of their agenda.

If you’re astute enough to realise what is going on, and as Piers Corbyn said, you follow the money in these issues, then the lie is immediately exposed.

Thankfully, people are slowly waking up. However it’s a real battle when the propaganda trumpets of the establishment propagate and broadcast these lies in the form of state sponsored false information. The ones who are awake then get labelled and ridiculed as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Historic hindsight usually reveals lies, unfortunately that is often too late – as was the case with the Nazi regime who hoodwinked a normally astute whole nation in Germany between the two world wars. Let’s hope we are not in a position to say “I told you so” when it comes to the ridiculous man made global warming hoax.


We published an excellent article by Dr. Stephen Morris (an Ein Gwlad Steering Committee member) today on our News Portal, dealing with this very subject – well worth a read:


Another point to bear in mind with regard to One Planet Developments is the recent change in Building Regulations in Wales requiring automatic fire suppression equipment [sprinklers] to be installed in all new dwellings. How is this being monitored. Are O P Ds able to circumvent these regulations. Perhaps another enquiry from me to Welsh Government [W G] is in order. I’m sure W G will be disappointed not to hear from me on the subject.


Frankly I’m surprised that you haven’t yet been allocated a private online chat facility with a nominated contact within Llywodraeth Lloeger yng Nghymru. There again there’s probably a shortage of people with the mental/intellectual horsepower to deal spontaneously with the kind of questions you often ask.


Hot off the press. Following enquiry directed to Welsh government today. That was the easy bit. Now comes the difficult bit, trying to obtain a clear unambiguous answer !!

To: Welsh Government – Building Regulation Construction Team

I refer to “One Planet Developments” [O P D] now being actively promoted in Wales based on guidance provided by Welsh Government in Technical Advice Note 6 – “Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities [2010]” referred to hereafter as TAN 6.

As you are aware, responsibility for Building Regulations transferred to Welsh Government as a devolved function in 2009. The Welsh Ministers [Transfer of Functions] [No. 2] Order 2009 was made on 17 November 2009 and came into force on 31 December 2011. Building Regulations 2010 are amended by Welsh Government under powers contained in Section 1 of and Schedule 1 to the Building Act 1984. Julie James AM, Minister for Housing and Local Government, has responsibility for the administration of Building Control in Wales.

Following the publication of TAN 6, I have concerns that dual standards may now apply to Building Regulations in Wales with O P D treated differently to conventional new build. I would be grateful if you could draw this to the attention of Professor Phillip Jones, Chair of “Building Regulation Advisory Committee for Wales” [B R A C W] so that the issue can be properly examined with appropriate advice being provided to the Minister Julie James AM. Your enquiries should seek to establish whether O P D are able to circumvent recent new building regulations in Wales requiring automatic fire suppression equipment [sprinklers] to be installed in new residential dwellings.

I look forward to your observations when you have had an opportunity to consider the issue and discuss with your colleagues in Development Management [Planning] and with B R A C W [tasked with advising the Minister on Building Regulation issues]. Thank you.



With regard to Parc Teifi you almost had me running for my dictionary with the word “indefatigable” ! My recent enquiry, directed to Welsh Government 12 June, is copied below. Awaiting reply.

“To: Welsh Government – Director Economic Infrastructure – Simon Jones

Thank you for your letter dated 12 June 2019, as attached. Having carefully examined the content and Community Asset Transfer [CAT] “Best Practice Guide” published March 2016 by National Asset Working Group [N A W G] I can confirm that it will not be necessary for me to direct concerns to either I C O or P S O W at this stage. However, I have continuing concerns regarding the CAT process and whether the process was correctly applied with regard to the transfer of 5 acres of land, for a nominal sum of £1, at Parc Teifi Cardigan. Your further clarification on the following points would therefore be appreciated.

Was the asset [5 acres of land] flagged through a “window of opportunity” process to ensure fairness and transparency.
Was the availability of the asset [5 acres of land] highlighted through Welsh Government “Land Transfer Protocol”
Were other interested parties offered the opportunity to submit an “Expression of Interest” [E O I] within a defined time period.
The “Best Practice Guide” published by N A W G recommends that Local Authorities should publish a CAT policy. Does Welsh Government have a CAT policy / process as this asset [5 acres of land] was previously owned by Welsh Government not the Local Authority.
In general terms, am I correct in assuming that the “business plan” is prepared by the applicant requesting the asset, and the “business case” justifying the transfer of the asset is prepared by the public body [Welsh Government / Local Authority, as appropriate].
No details of the post-transfer monitoring and evaluation process is available in the Best Practice Guide published by N A W G. Is this information available in the CAT policy documents prepared by the public body [Welsh Government / Local Authority, as appropriate]

I look forward to your further clarification at your convenience. Your response, in point order, to the above enquiries should enable me to have a better understanding of how the CAT process was applied at Parc Teifi Cardigan.



lots of food for thought in there Jac, well done. Farmers and their Union leaders should certainly be getting ready for a real fight to prevent the 21st century version of the Clearances to make way for a warped mix of good lifer indulgences which will add value to nothing in particular despite its comfy “social goods” labelling. They should forget old allegiances at the Ballot boxes and look for those politicians who will defend the integrity of their industry and communities. An occasional day/night out with a bucket of tar and a sack of feathers might reinforce their message to those who choose not to listen. Trailer loads of freshly ripened slurry can be attractive alternatives especially for urban targets!

Soros is the archcorrupter. The more I read of him the more convinced I become that his agenda is about himself and imposing his own fudged world view on others. I was not aware that he had engaged in Central Asia but that might lead to his downfall as anything that irritates the Chinese beyond a certain point will earn him a “terminal experience” of the worst kind. And maybe that would be a “social good” as far as communities in our country are concerned.


Why is Jane Davidson using the prefix “Dr” in front of her name in an official capacity? I earned all my letters. However, Jane was only awarded with an HONARARY (brown envelope) Phd from UniGlam. This, for her services to fund their expansion to Cardiff as USW. Her “Dr” is ceremonial and should never be used for personal advancement, particularly in the academic world.

Welsh Labour Clause IV – To secure for the middle classes by hand or by brain the full fruits of Welsh industry with the most expedient distribution thereof to the English that may be possible upon the basis of the third sector ownership of the means of distribution and exchange, and by the best bribery system of administration and control of each industry or service.


University Trinity Lampeter yadayadyada is 25 million in debt and has virtually shut down St Davids Lampeter , the oldest Welsh Higher education establishment, which used to turn out some great Welsh academics. THE ESTABLISHING OF toytown campus in Swansea Bay, raiding the assets of Prifysgol Cymru etc etc…. how does the maffia who run it get away with such venture capitalism? The WG BailED OUT THE Egin, whiCH has no S4c managers in it at all, as they hot desk in The Tramshed Grangetown,. Surely the man in charge is a grand wizard indeed… he’s probably trying to win over Soros now to plug the hole in the finances with another madcap scheme


Seems like you’ve just got up dear Ben L ‘s snout. Calling you out for anti semitism ! what a wanker. Obviously branding as antisemitic is the latest addition to the lazy man’s list of handy words to use when rational argument fails. And he’s supposed to be fronting some sort of educational establishment, which suggests a seriously poor selection process.


When I read the article about the Beeview Farm (OPD application labelled as Golwg y Gwenyn to dupe to unsuspecting) squat in Pembrokeshire I wasn’t that surprised with the back-story. Matthew Watkinson says he wanted to escape from the ‘rat race’, having cited the Tottenham riots being his motive. He specifically referenced the (black people) rioting on his doorstep. However, further investigation finds that wasn’t just the only reason for him running away to Wales to farm chickens.

An unsuccessful stint in the veterinary profession was as a result of his views on prioritising euthanasia for domestic pets. There is a conduct statement from his former professional body.

It appears that Mathew is very much a supporter of eugenics.
This can be seen from the book he published a few years ago.

There are some who view the One Planet Developments as a fluffy bunch of well meaning hippies, something that’s a bit experimental and contributes to the discourse in the environmental debate. However, on closer examination of some of these individuals tell a different story. Many OPD settlers in Pembrokeshire more closely resemble a bunch of strange religious or eugenic survivalists. A type of Idaho encampment with a disturbing background.


Yep, and he’s a lying cunt.

He said on the Victoria show that he sells about 350 eggs a week, earning up to £800 a month. Let’s do the maths. 350 eggs is 28 half dozen boxes, even the most posh organic sell at £2.60 per box retail. That’s £150 and week, or the maximum income of £600. Even to do that you’d need at massive 70 laying hens, and half of the value of sale would be needed to spend on feed. Also the production life is only 2-3 years before the hen has to be replaced and ovulation in non-heated pens halves in winter due to fall in temperature.

The man goes on the BBC and spouts the same crap as he’s put in the OPD application. The man is a fibber and a fraud.


May I point out that in you have 50 or more hens and any of your eggs are marketed to the public you are required to obtain registration with the Animal and Plant Health Agency under the Registration of Establishments (Laying Hens) (Wales) Regulations 2004. Enforcement is the responsibility of the Welsh Government. For output from producer like this each egg must be classed and date stamped, before being sold for human consumption. This is to protect both the animal (husbandry) and the public (Salmonella).

You’d think that as a failed vet, he’d know this.

The claim he made this morning on the BBC means that he has substantially more than 50 laying hens, unless he’s bred a species of the most productive hens in the world. It’s also his claimed main source of family income, not a hobby in the back yard. I suggest an inspector from Agriculture and Rural Affairs Division should knock on his door to ensure starts to comply with the law. It’s a matter of public safely. It also puts genuine organic egg producers in South West Wales at a competitive disadvantage it the Watkinson operation is not properly registered.


When it all fails, they’ll find out what every smallholding wannabe self-sufficient Good Lifer finds out, what our forbears found out centuries ago, that, in the memorable words of the historian Ieuan Gwynedd Jones about agriculture in Wales in the main consisting of ‘subsistence farming imperfectly practised’. Meaning of course, that they starved.

Really these people should know better, or rather, we should know better than to accept these charlatans. Previously, in the 80s and 90s many came to Wales to attempt to live the Good Life, failed, and left. This latest breeze seems to want to take it a stage further and get Welsh government subsidy for their impractical schemes.

Personally I have nothing against anything that will seriously address climate change, but I think it must be firmly embedded in the practical and local people must be prioritised, therefore a residency qualification is essential, and the emphasis must then be on resurrecting an old idea; local authority owned smallholdings rented out to those who qualify.

I too feel that the erection of vast acreages of wind turbines are detrimental, and early realised that the economics weren’t likely to stack up. Far too much embedded energy in the concrete used for the bases of the turbines, and the construction of access roads, plus of course the transport of components, which were most often imported, plus the costs of maintenance and the building of the infrastructure to export etc. It would have made far more sense to resurrect the idea of micro hydro schemes that were relatively common in Wales in the early years of the 20th century that saw places like Newcastle Emlyn get electricity in 1903. Augment that with tidal energy and we’d end up with a far more reliable source of energy that that provided by wind, which was only ever sanctioned because it a) is very visible, i.e. it makes it look as if something is being done, and b) it pays very nice dividends to investors.


There is no entry for this property at SA42 0QD for purposes of council tax billing.

In June 2015 the Watkinsons got a Welsh Government grant to expand production of eggs under the Young Entrant Support Scheme. Prior to this they already had over 100 laying hens, and a photo of this shows a claimed single enclosure of over 100 birds. This has implications. The Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales has confirmed a finding of Avian Influenza (H5N8) in a wild duck in Llanelli and as a result an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone in West Wales is now in place. All poultry of this flock size are required to kept separated from wild birds and the establishment maintain high standards of biosecurity. This is not evident at the Watkinson squat.

Their OPD planning consent application specifically removed the proposal for a hot tub to comply, apparently the wood burning proposal could not accommodate it. Yet we see on the BBC film that they have built one anyway, but as Jac points out, the current settlement is not compliant with the OPD planning permission awarded and time is running out on this.

How long before we get these dangerous parasites evicted, and when is the premises going to be inspected by (a) Animal and Plant Health Agency, and (b) Pembrokeshire County Council Planning enforcement? One of the stipulations in the planning consent is that if they don’t comply with OPD planning rules within the elapse of five years (awarded 2016) then they are required to vacate and return the land to pasture.


Correction – I have found a council tax valuation for billing on the property. It is for a “single caravan” with reference 1100900007655084A0. Last update on 16/06/2019. It is band “A”, and the valuation was awarded 26/04/2017 for temporary occupancy while a “permanent dwelling is constructed” under OPD. Once OPD conditions has been complied with, a new valuation will be needed.


Hope they are declaring all their income [from eggs] to H M R C and subject to taxation like the rest of us.

How many of us would be able to obtain planning permission for a dwelling [by their own admission] made from “junk and scrap vehicles”.


To give some background into this pair, I introduce the OPDers adventure blog.

November 2009
Mathew describes himself enjoying hobbies of “firewalking in paper-mâché wellies and skydiving in a cling film parachute and concrete underpants.” In a bio, where he lists himself as “Lord Matthew” he tells us of their adventures in Peru, touring in a Mototaxi Junket.

July 2011
Charis purchased the £35K of land, Golwg Y Gwenyn, and still holds sole title.

September 2011
After purchasing land in Pembrokeshire for the OPD development the pair immediately departed on a tour of India in some kind of motor caravan which they named Wobbly Winston’s Wonder Wagon.

OPD helps prevent global warming, don’t you know. I wonder how many years you have to live “off-grid” to offset the greenhouse gasses emitted from flying the four corners of the globe and then driving motor caravans around India and hiring MotoTaxis in Peru?

Although this particular OPD squat is not registered for council tax, the person who should be liable is Charis Wilkinson (nee Beaton) who has sole title over the property. This is strange as you’d think Matthew, who previously worked as a vet for a number of years, would be able to put at least some of the cash into ownership of the freehold. Perhaps he went bankrupt?

Jane McDonnell

Not appropriate language at beginning ?


Having followed up your comments regarding Mr Watkinson, his book and stance on Natural selection suggest that he is well suited to the new Supremacist genepool which is far more subtle than those who ran around in Brown/Black/Grey uniforms when Adolf and Benito were strutting their stuff with Oswald doing his best to imitate.

This current generation turn up in business suits, hippy garb, indeed any old bit of kit, but their common denominators soon become visible when they act, write or speak. These new Supremacists have a world view where for instance an Anglophonic culture is preferred and the Green ideology is harnessed to enable wholesale land grabbing and other financial engineering scams which tilts society into a model more closely resembling their ideals.

All this is at odds with the survival of smaller nations and their cultures – assimilation or eradication is their way to go. Communities will be threatened because agriculture and other basic lifestyles will be considered lacking in value as “social goods” and must be replaced by these neo-fascist supremacists who will probably end up herding people into townships and exterminating those who don’t comply or considered low in value.