One Planet Developments, getting devious


Regular readers will know that I’ve got into the habit of putting up one post a week, usually on a Monday morning; but information has come to light on One Planet Developments that I think merits a second post this week. I want to get it out while it’s fresh in my mind. (Cos it’s a bit complicated.)


Someone in Swansea alerted me to a planning application on Gower that asks for a, ‘New entrance track and turning bay’ at Coed Onnen, Parkmill. Read it for yourself. (If the link doesn’t work type 2020/1104/PNA here.)

The applicant is, responsible for all the ‘Woodland For Sale’ signs you see as you drive about, and the agent is a Chris Colley of Bangor Teifi, between Llandysul and Castell Newydd Emlyn.

So what do we know about them?

The full name of the company is Woodland Investment Management Ltd, and it’s run by Angus Thomas Hanton. Hanton has a number of companies to his name and he is co-founder of the Intergenerational Foundation, a Labour-supporting think-tank that uses the phrase ‘future generations’ a lot.

There’s not so much information available about the agent. Though his Linkedin profile tells us that in addition to being the regional manager for Hanton’s company he has one of his own called Teifi Management Ltd.

Despite the name, and despite Colley living in the Teifi valley, the address for the company is in Bristol.

Click to enlarge

Though it gets a little confusing here because, even though Colley’s Linkedin page describes him as the Regional Manager, the website gives Tamsin and Matt Brown as the managers for ‘West and South Wales and Herefordshire’.

You’ll see that Tamsin and Matt ‘run a smallholding in ‘West Wales’. Who’d have thought it!

Click to enlarge

I got to wondering what planning applications other than the one in Parkmill and/or Chris Colley had been involved with. So I started looking.


My search started in Pembrokeshire.

This proved difficult because the Pembrokeshire planning applications doesn’t allow you to search by agent name or applicant name. So I just stuck ‘woodland’ in the Proposal Description box to see what came up. Nothing for Chris Colley or

Ceredigion was no better. On to Carmarthenshire.

Searching for ‘Woodland Investment Management’ turned up three planning applications. One, W/32406, through agent Chris Colley, was for the ‘Creation of a forestry road, and upgrade of existing forestry road, to facilitate the management of the wood’ at Llangarthginning farm, Meidrim.

More specifically, at Llyn Adain Gwydd, owned by For which planning permission was granted in July 2016.

I mentioned Llyn Adain Gwydd as an update to a post last December, Miscellany 09.12.2019. Scroll down to the section ‘One Planet Developments’ and you’ll find it tacked on at the bottom.

I know that it was for an OPD, because Neil Moyse, who lives, or lived, at Tir y Gafel aka Lammas, in Pembrokeshire, last November put in a planning application. (If it doesn’t open type W/39846 here.)

I gave further information on Neil Moyse in Miscellany 27.04.2020, scroll down to the section ‘One Planet Developments revisited, again’.

While Moyse may be going through the planning system, my local source tells me that others have rocked up at Llangarthginning and just made themselves at home. Possible thanks to Chris Colley’s access road.

Moving on . . .

The other planning applications in Carmarthenshire are both near Llansteffan, close to where the Tâf joins the Tywi. And if that sounds familiar, it’s because I wrote about an application for a OPD at Llansteffan very recently. At Pentowyn farm, to be exact.

You’ll find it in the piece One Planet Developments from the end of last month.

Planning applications W/32381, from July 2015 and W/40731, from June 2020, are both for Coed Allt y Gelli, in Llangynog parish, and Llansteffan ward.

Allt y Gelli does not appear on the website. That’s because it’s broken up into smaller plots with their individual names. Such as Coed Cogan, 7.5 acres, which was very recently sold.

Click to enlarge

In case it disappears from the website I’ve saved the full sales pitch for you. Where we read:

Access to the woodland is excellent. The newly upgraded stone track leads directly off the main road through the larger woodland to the hardstanding area created at the entrance to Coed Cogan, ensuring all year round access for 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicles.’

I suspect that other lots carved out of Allt y Gelli have also been sold under various names, with the new road used as a selling point. I’m thinking of Coed Aberoedd, 4.75 acres, and Allt y Castell, 2.5 acres.

Other parcels of Allt y Gelli that are still for sale may be Coed Gwas y Neidr, 8 acres, and Coed Tâf, 6.5 acres.

It could be that with the OPD application at Llansteffan, and Woodland Investment Management Ltd selling off OPD-size plots with new access roads, the triangle bounded by the Tywi, the Tâf and the A40 is the new promised land for enviro-colonists.

Click to enlarge

But it doesn’t end there, so let’s go back to the land of my fathers at Meidrim.

There we find that recently sold 4.75 acres at Llangarthginning under the Tyle Tegeirian label. One lot still for sale is Coed Gafr, 6.75 acres.

These properties at Llangarthginning are accessible thanks to Carmarthenshire planners giving permission in 2016 for a ‘forestry road’, to ‘facilitate management of the wood’.

It’s clear that Woodland Investment Management and/or Christopher Colley get planning permission for ‘forestry access’ roadways that facilitate One Planet Developments.

Why has no one noticed? It’s not as if Colley is shy about it. Earlier I showed you an extract from his Linkedin profile, and though he provides little information about himself he thought it worth putting up a picture of Jane Davidson, the architect of One Planet Developments.

Click to enlarge

It’s obvious that Colley is a believer, and he’s probably well in with the OPD crowd. The image comes from the announcement that Jane Davidson had become a non-executive director of the One Planet Centre. This is run by David Thorpe, who also spouts bullshit at the utterly discredited UWTSD.

I suppose there’s something fitting about OPD applications becoming dishonest because the woman who introduced them is herself prone to misrepresentation. Such as calling herself ‘Dr’ on the strength of an honorary doctorate from Ponty Polytechnic.

And as if that wasn’t enough she’s also claimed to be a member of the faculty at Harvard University because of a speech she gave at a very expensive US conference for which the Welsh taxpayer picked up the bill!

Jane Davidson’s deceptions are being unravelled as I write. Watch out, Mrs Mitty!


Given what we’d learnt of and Chris Colley’s modus operandi it was worth going back to the planning application in Parkmill. Especially after I’d seen the map supplied with the application.

Let me try to explain.

The land for which the access road has been applied is edged in red. I have circled, in blue, the Gower Heritage Centre; and in green, the old Mount Pisgah Chapel.

Why have I done this?

Click to enlarge

Last week I published ‘One Planet Developments’, and if you scroll down to the section ‘Brighton comes to Gower’ you’ll meet Anthony ‘Ant’ Flanagan of Cae Tân (and many other companies), who invited the Ecological Land Co-operative of Brighton to move onto land owned by Cae Tân at Ilston.

UPDATE 10.07.2020: A contribution from Ieuan Williams, who helped write the TAN 6 document authorising OPDs, provides damning criticism of the slipshod way the ECL has gone about applying for its little place in the West. It will be virtually impossible for Swansea council (or anyone else) to give planning permission after reading his letter.

Move to the next section ‘Farmlets’, and you’ll see Flanagan as a director of Gower Regeneration Ltd; another director is Roy Kenneth Church of the Gower Heritage Centre in Parkmill. Church’s Tourism Swansea Bay Ltd is based at the Barham Centre aka Mount Pisgah Chapel. Which explains why they’re both circled on the plan.

The only other director of Tourism Swansea Bay is Stephen William Crocker. Crocker is the ‘Captain Croaker’ named as the ‘applicant’ for the 12 ‘farmlets’ at Dunvant. That land is owned by Dunvant SBG Ltd, and Roy Kenneth Church is the only director.

The Dunvant ‘farmlets’. Click to enlarge

Crocker also lives in Parkmill or, to be exact, Lunnon, within shouting distance.

So many connections.

Of course, it could be pure coincidence that a fan of Jane Davidson who lays access roads for OPDs should turn up in Parkmill to do the same thing close to men who so recently tried to get planning permission for an OPD settlement.

But being the cynical old bastard I am, my reading is that this is the opening gambit in a One Planet Development.

A suspicion reinforced by the planning application reading in full: ‘New entrance track and turning bay (application for Prior Approval of Forestry Development)’. So there’s definitely more to come.


Legislating for One Planet Developments was part of a raft of measures presented to a gullible world as Wales’ contribution to combating climate change. In reality, the purpose was to anglicise our rural areas.

This element of the strategy was complemented by undermining the farming sector and telling us that the economic future of the Welsh countryside lies in tourism, care homes, and building houses fewer and fewer of us can afford.

It was understandable that the ‘urban’ Labour Party should embrace this social engineering, but Plaid Cymru supporting it was almost unbelievable. But then, if virtue signalling is your thing, then Plaid Cymru is the party for you.

Though it should have been obvious even to Labour’s Little Helpers that if OPD legislation provides a loophole allowing homes to be built in open country then it was only a matter of time before the Gaia worshippers were joined by others of a more commercial bent.

And that is what we see happening with and its ‘forestry access roads’ to sylvan smallholdings, the Dunvant ‘farmlets’, and this planning application in Parkmill.

Carmarthenshire and other authorities need to be on their guard for further planning applications from Chris Colley and Woodland Investment Management Ltd for ‘forestry access roads’.

It should go without saying that Swansea council needs to say a very firm ‘Sod off!’ to this Parkmill application.

And London’s management team in Corruption Bay should review OPD and other legislation it enacted at the behest of strident and acquisitive groups working against the interests of the Welsh nation.

♦ end ♦

P.S. seeing as I’ve put up two posts this week, don’t expect another on Monday.

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If you want to see a full blown abuse of the OPD system look at this one, blatant property developer and rumour is looking to stick 10-15 houses in a completely unspoiled location.
Blatant snout in the trough.

I would also wonder if there’s anything behind the single poor farmer who was born on the farm having just last week the lenders foreclose on him and evicted.

And I would also wonder if that an ex director of DWT Enterprises Ltd turned up a few years ago now living in one of the houses would have any interest? Given what Jac o the North has written about DWT and Welsh wildlife trust and Autumn company etc etc.


I notice that Lady Jane’s book has already received some feedback in the way of reviews, one negative and one positive. The negative one seems genuine enough, but the positive one looks like what someone described as a ‘crony review’, by someone who was requisitioned to provide it in response, and who has written no other reviews, ever.


Not only is the OPD plans in the Swansea (Gower) area very much off the pitch compared to those in Pembrokeshire, but there is a difference in the way they are being solicited. Swansea council have a huge chunk of Rural Development Funding (EU cash funnelled through the Bae) and are actively soliciting OPD projects.


We know that Swansea is the only local authority to use this fund which was supposed to be to help genuine farmers to divert it to lubricate some OPD scams because the international section of the cult are saying so.

There was cash slushing around towards the end of last year looking for a home before Brexit kicked in, so Swansea managed to extend their RDP account until 2023 and I have no doubt the ‘Brighton set’ who wash up in student digs in Uplands had designs on this pot of gold.


I suspect they will claim cash for a van to deliver ‘vegetable boxes’ to the city as a community benefit. The same kind of 4*4 that Tao and Hoppi use to go shopping for wine and pizza in Carmarthen. I notice in the Swansea council guidance, to qualify for the grant, you have to 50% match fund from the business, but if you cannot do this to contact the ‘team’ at the council to discuss the matter. The EU funding rule is very strict on this matter, so why are they suggesting flexibility?

Simon Weaver

Llangynog are under fire yet again with Carmarthenshire Planning Application PL/01275 The proposed “membraned and stoned tracks” if permitted will cover almost 3km in length all five metres wide with 13,500 square metres of stone. I estimate up to ten new mini woodlands would be created in an ancient and historic woodland less than one mile long! The planning portal submissions now runs to two pages!

Barry le basterd

I’m a fan of OPDers precisely because they piss farmers off. Good on them. Farmers are all retards who inherited the business and they don’t want any competition because they’re too inbred and stupid to hack the competition. Farmers are aggressive petits bourgeois, skinflint bigots who pollute the countryside and make most of their profits from govt subsidies. Fuck them. It’s them you want to have a go at, not a few dreamers who want to live off the land. And that’s coming from a farmer – in Cheshire, where I’m staying. I know farmers and they’re assholes, especially the big ones. If farmers in wales want to bitch about OPD’s they should apply for one themselves for their kids and take advantage of it. Their land has quadrupled in value over the last decade almost exclusively because of this scheme and they can give the money back if they don’t like it.

Truth Seeker

Why don’t the COMMENTS here stick to the subject in hand i.e. ONE PLANET Developments exclusively for Wales in the colonial world – as advocated by Jane Davidson Ph D (?) in TAN6 !
Where does Plaid Cymru stand on this? Where does Neil McEvoy’s Party stand on this? Where does people like Suzy Davies AS stand on this? Where do they stand? Probably in the school bicycle shed slyly smoking woodbine cigarettes! That’s their pathetic level of rebellion! Useless !


To answer your question TruthSeeker.

Plaid Cymru supports OPD, although the brain child of the fake doctor, it was when PC and Labour were in coalition in the Bae as the ‘OneWales’ government which ormulated the loophole legislation. Their local ambassador in Pembrokeshire is Vicky Moller, who has herself built a significant portfolio of smallholdings. Vicky was on the PC list for Mid and West Wales in the 2016.

comment image

I am not aware of any public statement by WNP on OPDs, however, Gwlad are opposed.

The ‘position’ of Suzy Davies MS being the Tory depends on which way the season, and the best judge of her principles is the direction of the wind in Saundersfoot. Why don’t you ask her? I find that she has different answers on most things depending on language used and location at the time.


I suspect that when Suzy decides to think for herself the output tends to be fairly well grounded. Her big error is to defer to Tory Party policy guidelines which are written by one or more immature, ideologically driven (a la Cummings, or some other “thought leader” ) wonks who tend to do a passable imitation of a hopping frog when asked for any insight on practical matters. “Making it up as they go along” is a favoured description of this kind of behaviour among politicians.

Best advice is – aim to dump Reckless and Co, then reduce Labour to an insignificant rump, and make the Davies, Davies and Davies gang confront grim realities of life in Wales by having to work in partnership with Gwlad and WNP. Plaid could have a seat at that table but of course they won’t ever work with them Tories !


Yes. In 2007 it was either ‘OneWales’ or ‘Rainbow’.

The rainbow coalition not only included Tories but also the LibDems who had a few AMs at the time. It was Bethan Sayed (nee Jenkins) MS who threatened to resign from Plaid Cymru if the rainbow agreement was entered into because the LibDems were tainted with student tuition fees. I wonder what Bethan is thinking now. The only LibDem in the Senedd is not only in a coalition Labour, their former collaborators, but is actually the education minister.

I actually think that having a BritNat Tory as Llywydd, who is meant to be politically impartial, would actually bring the old country gentleman/woman sense of chwarae teg and professionalism to the chair of chamber, devoid of cronyism, and would not damage democracy in Wales in the same way as Elin Jones.


Truth Seeker – Jac has long since established the actual and potential harm done by OPD across a range of aspects of rural Welsh life. We are moving on, dealing with who are the movers and shakers that manipulate matters so that these developments are enabled. It becomes evident quite rapidly that this is yet another of those creeping projects that plays a key part in the destruction of the native identity. It does not seek to integrate, it seeks to suffocate. Get it ?


Away from the excitement of S London here’s a shot of Smiler engaging in his favorite activity – not diving off an elevated platform, silly boys and girls, but posing for a photo opportunity.

Daft boy turning up at an outdoor activity in his bloody suit and white shirt. Is that all he’s got in his wardrobe, surely Labour gifts them free issue casual stuff when they go visiting these leisure joints, or is it all work for our dedicated team of leaders ?


His bobby is collecting high viz jackets at photo-ops on development sites where no real investment is ever subsequently made. See Skates, it won’t happen. Did he get those teeth on the NHS?


Those teeth were a major investment. That’s why he keeps on showing the fuckin’ things. Good job he never had new cojones fitted !


Skates will never be out of work. He can always get a job advertising sensodyne toothpaste. Sorry, lowering the tone of the political debate again !


An off-topic – Oh dear!

It looks like Neil McEvoy MS has been hoodwinked into supporting the Free Siyanda Mngaza campaign. For those not aware of this case, here are the facts from the court reporter on the case.

Readers should be aware that there’s a campaign group from South London that has just landed in Wales following a funding stream to the third sector organisations like Race Alliance Wales. Their MO is finding cases involving black people and then imposing a ‘racial motive’ to events in order to raise funding for civil cases by London lawyers on ‘behalf of ethnic families’.

Please note.

(a) The glassing, in May 2019, was not with a cocktail glass, but a vase and the victim did not have stitches on her forehead and face because the wound was ‘glued’. This is a modern technique to minimise permanent scarring.
(b) The all white jury at Swansea Crown Court was selected like all juries. The defendants barrister can challenge its constitution, if relevant.
(c) The jailed attacker was from Caerphilly, not Cardiff.
(d) Absence of or any prior offences are not considered in such cases when determining the guilt of the defendant, which is only considered at sentencing stage.
(e) DPP officers, as ever when attending a brawl resulting in GBH prioritise interviews of independent witnesses, bystanders, to determine what went on rather than participants. This is for clarity of evidence, not failure of duty.
(f) The new ‘racist abuse’ claim was not raised at the time, not reported to the police, nor the court, and has only been introduced to the ‘campaign’ this month, over a year after the incident.
(g) It was a drunken assault on a vulnerable female out camping with her children, the fact that the attacker had black skin is irrelevant and should not be a reason for a softer sentence.

I suggest the McEvoy also considers the victim before rushing into support the imposition of a racist motive as an excuse for GBH. The bruising on the attacker was as a result of bystanders removing the defendant from on top of the victim.


The Monitoring Group led by Suresh Grover.

As you’d expect there’s a number of good anti-racism campaign groups in London, but this one has morphed to be ‘anti-police’ campaign group.



They want to ‘hang’ a 13 year old boy who was playing by the river when this happened, and apply a ‘racist motive’ to a charge of manslaugter. There are now two other prominent Londoners now arrived.

Lee Jasper BAME Lawyers
Respect candidate in Croydon.

who have appointed..

Michael Mansfield QC
Corbyn campaigner.

There are a number of inaccuracies being spread about on social media and on the crowd funding campaigns to fund these lawyers. I debunk them here.

(a) SWP said it was a tragic accident. No. The initial police findings was that there was ‘no suspicious circumstances’. A group of 11 kids playing on the bridge throwing themselves in the water is ill-advised but not criminal. It’s the coroner who decides the events that let to and cause of death.
(b) That SWP did not interview all the witnesses, only four. I suspect the police officers found it quite harrowing, after spending most of the day searching the river, then interviewing crying children who lost their best friend. Perhaps they could, however, have got the same story from the others.
(c) That SWP only started a criminal investigation after a campaign. No. They started a serious crime investigation when one on the kids walked into the police station in tears and admitted he’d pushed the lad.
(d) That the police subsequently refused to prosecute. No. The police do not bring a prosecution, just provide the evidence to the CPS. It is CPS who bring a prosecution. They decided that it was not in the public interest.

The ‘white people of the valleys people are racist’ campaign is also trying to backdate a racist motive to a fire at the first home awarded to the family by Cynon Taf Housing Association in Hirwaun the previous year, when they first arrived from London.

There were no such ‘racist’ claims at the time and a replacement house was awarded to the family in Fernhill. It’s a political campaign to attribute racism to tragedy.


Discrimination and prejudice are two different things. We Welsh like our next door neighbours the English display a sloppy command of the Sais’ language. At times it is necessary to discriminate to mitigate racism while most possibly all racism is based on prejudice. However we tend to freely substitute one for the other without being aware of what we do. Comes with the “whose coat’s that jacket ?” level of fluency. Excusable feature of the Welsh but I honestly don’t know what to say about the English.


A decision has been made. The statement from the CPS on the death of Christopher Kapessa is here.

Lee Jasper (details above) had used the funds raised in crowd funding on a false narrative in the Kapassa incident to employ a solicitor who is based in Wales. She was named as the legal representative of the Kapessa family in submissions to the CPS enquiry.

Her name is Hilary Patricia Brown, a solicitor based in Barry, who runs Virgo Consultancy Services Ltd.

Hilary is well known to Japser and have held joint public meetings in Brixton fishing for ‘race cases’. It’s also the reason why those subjects of failed asylum claims in London have managed to find residential social housing accommodation in Wales while legal process is in progress or concluded.

The BLM movement having descended upon Wales in an attempt to stir up racial divisions. Having failed to project racism on the valleys they have been searching for other avenues to exploit.

And here we see Hilary Patricia Brown, literally on an avenue, as we see in Barri.

Contrary to the belief in London, Penrhyn means peninsula in Welsh and the naming of street names is because of this, not because Mr Pennant the slave owner adopted a location near Bangor in the north as his landed estate and thus the adopted title name for his ennoblement to upper chamber of the Westminster House.

It also explains why they can’t spell Ffordd in their social media campaign.


There are many street names in the South Wales coalfield called ‘Pennant’.

Nothing to do with a persons name. It was when early geologists found a particular type of stone outcropping at the top of the Llynfi valley above a farm called Pen Nant. It became anglicised and gave its name to Pennant Sandstone a layer of rock which indicates that just below this layer are the lucrative upper coal measures throughout the coalfield.

The modern geological definition for such rock internationally is known as the Westphalian series as it also occurs above the Rhur coal measures in Germany, so at the time of WW1, the name of streets being thrown up at the time was to house colliers, were called Pennant for ‘patriotic’ reasons, being built of stone quarried locally from Pennant Sandstone.

This is where names of streets, or buildings in the valleys bear the name Pennant.

Nothing to do with the Flintshire family name, ancestors of, or the Lord Penrhyn. Just thought I’d point this out, before the ignorant gannets of BLM start using google maps to find any more street names to project a racism that does not, and never existed in our native culture.


Entirely off topic have a look at this for a mid day laugh :

Carwyn Jones branding that zany Brexit Party as ‘English nationalists’ who ‘can’t stand the idea of Wales as a nation’ is so fuckin’ ironic that I nearly spat my tea all over my computer ! Brexit Party is only a notch or two further along the scale of hostility to Welshness than Carwyn’s own lazy Labour Party – Party of the people as long as they conform to the AngloBrit notion of nation. Time Carwyn went for a lie down, he’s as daft as those 2 dumb Labour politicians protesting about closures in Llanelli hospital. A fine collection of two faced wankers.


Elsewhere on IMJ’s site your old butty John Ball rearranged what’s left of Simon Hart’s soggy brain with a couple of short sharp intellectual and factual blows after Hart’s lazy dismissal of the prospects for an independent Wales. I thought Cairns was short of a few cells but this bloke Hart demonstrates that he is capable of most bodily functions with even fewer functioning cells although he’s been left a bit short for any deep thinking.

Dai Protheroe

A peerage when he leaves the Welsh Parliament? Or did the Carl Sergeant affair put a stop to that?


Carwyn is a pliable piece of crap. He’ll bend which ever way he thinks Starmer wants him to sway, but that alone won’t do because Sir Keir Q.C probably has a number of names that he wishes to place in the Lords plus one or two that he may want to kick into the upper house. Either way I fancy Carwyn is way back on both lists.

As for the Sargeant scandal he will get away with that for as long as all the other players stay quiet. If one had a fit of conscience or a shift in self interest ( more likely !) then that too could change.


Nation.Cymru occasionally performs a worthwhile function as an actual Welsh national media, and it’s probably helped to increase the pro-indy percentage in opinion polls, but I’m intrigued why the very useful comments section has been discontinued. As probably everyone is aware, it just happened to coincide with the article the article by none other than Leena Sarah Farhat informing us of the need to tackle Wales’s endemic police brutality against a certain minority living in Wales.

Despite the barrage of pro-Farhatist comments, with an anti-Welsh slant, from wokist colleagues of hers in the Welsh Liberal Party, it quickly became clear that they were losing the comment war for that particular post, to the effect that no such systemic police discrimination exists in Cymru, although there are doubtless individual instances. The consensus of most comments was that Wales generally has clean hands over this, and has enough problems of its own by virtue of its colonial status.

The following day, after a couple of innocuous Covid-19 aticles and a pro-indy post by Delyth Jewell, the comment facility disappeared. There followed a sequence of articles, including one from Adam Price, promoting a BLM-type agenda for Wales, that could not be responded to.

Were I of a suspicious nature, I might almost be tempted to wonder if a condition for future WAG funding was thereupon made conditional on IMJ switching off the comments button. If anyone can tell me why it was done, I’d be very pleased to have my suspicions proved groundless.


A full list of OPD applications (including refusals) up to the end of last October :

Strangely, there seems to have ony been one north of Powy, and it’s close to the heritage railway in the Vale of Llangollen. They know which spots to pick, don’t they? Note that the Planning Inspector poked her nose in and gave her approval to one of the Pembrokeshire applications.

The Senedd is under a legal obligation to debate any petition sent to them with 5,000 signatures. If anyone with the technical know-how to set one up online using the Senedd website, it might be worth a go.


Tao should be able to retire soon with all that consultancy work. Sorry, correct that. How can you retire when you don’t frigging work?


His name is not Tao.
He made that name up.

We also know that Paul Stewart Wimbush was resident with the Orbach clan in the Newport area of Pembrokeshire (SA42) in 2002 and then moved to the Swansea area (SA3) in 2006, along with Hoppi Ula Wimbush. They then surface as a couple again near Clynderwen (SA66) in 2009 according to his declaration to the relevant local authorities on the electoral register.

They arrive at the Lammas site (SA34) in 2012 where he registers concurrently on the electoral register as both Paul and Tao Wimbush.

His correct name is Paul Stewart Wimbush. There’s nothing wrong with calling himself Tao, unless he is using this name for financial deception, avoidance of debt or evasion from or as a part of criminal activity. The problem Paul Stewart Wimbush has, is that he is now offering paid consultancy in his assumed name, and therefore risks falling foul of the deception.

It might be worth checking the land registry, the conveyance process would have validated his true identity, most easily with a driving license or passport. It brings into question what name he is using in paid consultancy work, as there are tax implications for such sums earned.


Then he’s the accepted agent (or even ‘fixer’) as regards new applications, as he did with Pentowyn Farm. He probably gets a fee from OPD applicants for his advice and/or intervention. It sounds organised.

Truth Seeker

Thank you David Robins for drawing our attention to the European Free Alliance EFA. However do you not realise one prominent person in EFA is Plaid Cymru’s Elin Jones AS the Presiding Officer of the Wales Assembly? She and her Plaid Cymru Party of today have consistently sought to silence Neil McEvoy AS and his new Party when they campaign for Wales.
Plaid Cymru is no longer a Welsh Party it is the ” trendy issue group of English Labour part two” on all weird issues – except campaigning for Cymru / Wales. Nearly all of the Plaid Cymru Party are now trendy lefty greeny English Labour one issue flunkies! Saunders and Cayo and John Jenkins and Gwynfor and Wigley please come back. We truly need you to purge out Adam Price and Leanne Wood and Elin Jones and Bethan Sayed and Llyr Griffiths and all the other other time serving lame ducks currently running the charade of Plaid Cymru.

David Robins

Off-topic, but in the news:

It looks like the bradders tabled an amendment in the Senedd which the brothers and others voted down. It would have made the teaching of Welsh history and BAME history mandatory.

This has me puzzled, because the Welsh Joint Education Committee started easing Welsh history into the curriculum in the 1970s. I remember studying Howel Harris and Williams Pantycelyn, drawing the conclusion that the Welsh are mostly sanctimonious chapel-goers of no relevance to my world. Proper history happens in England, even if it’s Harry Tidder scoring a try at Bosworth.

So why, after 20 years of devolution, is anyone still campaigning for Welsh history in schools? If it’s not, by now, the history of Wales being taught therein, what IS being taught? Is there anyone reading this blog who can tell us?

I suppose in Wales the history of the English minority counts as BAME, but I wouldn’t expect the bradders to recognise that. It requires a Welsh-centred view of the world and they’ve not had the training.


I think she went there on her 50th birthday, which would have been 2007 but happy to be corrected.

Ah, 2007. What a year that was. The first signs of the financial crisis that engulfed the world, the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Apple launch the iPhone, Benazir Bhutto assassinated, and the Davidsons take their last air flights (I still believe in Father Christmas) to save the planet. In fairness they did a lot more than that, signing up to a vegetable box scheme and switching to a renewable power provider.

These were just the seeds of great things to come though. By 2012 she had become patron of the world-famous Crickhowell-based “Tools For Self Reliance group”. For those ignoramuses that have never heard of them, the group collects old and unwanted hand tools and cleans, repairs and sharpens them to be sent as tool kits to grass roots community groups in several African countries. I can think of many useless, blunt and unwanted old tools walking the corridors of Cardiff Bay. In fact, a never-ending supply and a ready market exist. What more could a practising environmentalist you ask for?


Apologies. This was meant to tag on to Brychan’s post about Jane Davidson’s 50th birthday trip to Kilimanjaro, above. I was so overwhelmed by her selfless commitment to saving the planet that I just lost track of which key to press.


Can’t fault that analysis, spot on as usual, Jac. One of the things that struck me as well was that they couldn’t even stretch to sending ’em new shovels and spades etc. Crickhowell’s allotment cast-offs good enough for them darkies?


It keeps poor people poor and is a variation on the ‘noble savage’ view of Africa. It is benevolent racism. When Jane Davidson returns to Africa for her nostalgic trips she glows in conceited superiority. These OPDers that settle in Wales who come from Bristol, Brighton and London, how many of them are of coloured skin?


??? If someone in Tanzania does stick a secondhand shovel up his backside you’d better find yourself a good lawyer.


I just chuckle at the lack of awareness among our elected representatives in the Bay bubble, choosing to issue a bland virtue signal when they should be getting themselves into gear to map out various strategies and tactics to suppress and eradicate Covid while resuming something like normal trading. Sadly it seems beyond them. Drakeford can be given some credit for being “careful” but the commercial dimension is beyond most of his people. Shrugging shoulders just isn’t good enough.

On a matter central to our nation’s future check this out No wonder those corporate bastards from other side of the Clawdd (and some this side) are eyeballing and grabbing land assets. Our water and capacity for clean energy generation are classic targets for new model colonialists of the 21st Century. Same old habits, different targets, same type of entitled mindset. Believe me, this will end up in a big scrap.


This story should be a real wake-up call to our politicians who have given the green light to OPDs. It has shown how these things are rapidly evolving from being the domain of a relatively small number of largely immigrant hippies and goodlifers to something more sinister, where sharks higher up the foodchain are smelling easy prey thanks to the ridiculous TAN6, OPDs and Future Generations Act.

When Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) heard a voice in the film Field of Dreams, it said to him “if you build it, he will come”. He listened to the voice, cleared part of his sweetcorn crop and built a baseball pitch. And “he” came. Along with a complete team of others to play alongside him. In real life in Wales, Dr Jane Davidson plays Ray Kinsella. She “built it”, believing they’d come. And boy, was she right. OPDs have now generated a complete industry around them, not unlike that of the homeless in Wales. There are experts offering you advice how to steer your way through the planning process (or in other words, pull a fast one around it), how to build your yurts, grow your willows, flowers and herbs, deal with your excrement, generate your electricity blah blah blah. What really pisses me off is that our country is being used as an experiment in alternative lifestyles, with the consequent opportunity for every lazy, middle class waste of space from elsewhere to come here and set up on their own “Field of Dreams”. If we have to have these things at all, why can’t we have really strict local residency requirements? How many local Welsh people are living on plots in Lammas? How many in the other OPDs springing up all over the place? As others have said, it’s a recipe for continuing colonisation under the guise of saving the planet.

I came across this website of the One Planet Council. Just take a look at the “Support” section – a list of over 20 individuals and experts to help you live the dream. Tao Wimbush, Tamsin and Matt Brown and several other familiar names feature.

I can’t help feeling someone’s having a laugh at my expense.


I think he’s the bloke who said this in evidence to the Environment and Sustainability Commission at the Senedd some years ago:
“Sitting inside Paul and Hoppi Wimbush’s smallholding at Lammas, seeing the flowers, the productive land, the ducks, hens and cows, and their modern house, powered by solar and hydroelectric energy with all mod-cons, I see no reason why they should have had to fight so hard to be able to live like this. I see no reason why so many more should be denied the chance either, by a political system that is so behind the times. Anyone visiting here would feel the same. It may not be for everyone, but anyone should be able to practise One Planet Living.”
Not just a conceited little fucker full of his own self-importance but nauseating with it. Peddling this simplistic bullshit is dangerous because if we all aspired to live like this we’d be fucked, let’s be honest. What really irks me is the parasitic nature of these developments and the people in them. Presumably they still need to use public services. Education, health and social care, police, fire service, waste collection etc. Yet they contribute less than others in the taxation needed to pay for these services. Council tax is kind to them and I bet most pay little or no income tax. They can call on the benefits of living in our society, but effectively live outside it. That’s like claiming on an insurance policy you’ve not paid the instalments for. That’s being a parasite where I come from.


Davifd Thorpe was invited as a matter of courtesy by our Gower Society Committee to explain the TAN 6 and OPE rational in order that we could get it from the horses mouth as it were. We could see the micro benefits ie like having allottments available for Council housing or what was in my case colliery owned houses in pit villages but never going to save the planet. We certainly did not like the house building arrangements that sneaked in to Welsh Legislation and Swansea LDP and in particular the Gower AONB. DT obviously went away with a different idea of how we had responded than the Committee did.
We did our best to use our influence to have the relevent clauses excluded from the draft Swansea Local Development Plan but the Inspector was pursuded otherwise. Who did the pursuading I wonder? Yes you have guessed I am sure. The trouble is that loads of our (public) cash is being thrown at these schemes and politicians are scared of opposing them.Many of us can not undestand why these new age revolutionary farmers (some at retirement age) want to work their balls off for bugger all return. Well its a life style and living in the nicest part of the countryside that you can find and in effect being grant aided to do so. No crap location on edge of city green belts for these people. As Jack has said they are selfish and greedy and certainly not going to serve the community without financial support. Even then its questionable. Do the simple maths.


Excellent post Jac. Very important subject. Look forward to reading comments. My understanding is that this new legislation in Wales is driven by, or linked to, a global process [United Nations Agenda 21 {now renamed Agenda 2030}]. Abstract below from the document.

“An agenda to transform the world through a plan of action to deliver sustainable development [economic, social and environmental] with all countries acting in collaborative partnerships to implement 17 sustainable development goals and 169 targets over a 15 year period ending 2030. Governments and public institutions work closely on implementation with regional and local authorities, sub-regional institutions, international institutions, academia, philanthropic organisations, volunteer groups and others.”


Of course, Jane Davidson, in 2009 helped her campaign to reduce global emissions by flying on a return trip to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s important to understand that reducing the carbon footprint doesn’t apply to her. Only poor people need do this. Jane Davidson is above such responsibilities.

Dyn Gwyrdd

It is imperative and urgent that a debate be initiated in the Senedd to repeal and revoke or revise parts of the TAN6 Planning Advice note as reasoned below:-
One Planet developments were the brainchild of former WAG Minister Jane Davidson (PhD?) as in the document below. Whatever the initial intention was, it is definitely being used to abuse rural planning in a manner making Wales unique in the world where a Government is encouraging the rural slums of the future and creating in many cases a Hippy Culture and a way of life encouraged by Grants from the Welsh Public Purse in some cases. Just as real farming in Wales is struggling to produce the real food we all need to eat by ludicrous “rewilding” proposals. In many parts of Wales it is also diluting the Welsh language and culture.
This TAN6 advice has to be adhered to by the Welsh Development Control Authorities (our County Councils and National Parks) or face costs of lost Appeals. There is only one urgent answer. That is to repeal or carefully revise the two TAN6 paragraphs below:-
Technical advice note (TAN) 6: planning for sustainable rural communities Page 24
4.15 One Planet Development
4.15.1 The Sustainable Development Scheme, “One Wales: One Planet” includes an objective that within the lifetime of a generation, Wales should use only its fair share of the earth’s resources, and our ecological footprint be reduced to the global average availability of resources – 1.88 global hectares per person in 2003. One Planet Developments take forward Low Impact Development (LID) principles in the Welsh context. One Planet Development is development that through its low impact either enhances or does not significantly diminish environmental quality. One Planet Development is potentially an exemplar type of sustainable development. One Planet Developments should initially achieve an ecological footprint of 2.4 global hectares per person or less in terms of consumption and demonstrate clear potential to move towards 1.88 global hectare target over time. They should also be zero carbon in both construction and use.
4.15.2 One Planet Developments may take a number of forms. They can either be single homes, co-operative communities or larger settlements. They may be located within or adjacent to existing settlements, or be situated in the open countryside. Where One Planet Developments involve members of more than one family, the proposal should be managed and controlled by a trust, co-operative or other similar mechanism in which the occupiers have an interest. Land based One Planet Developments located in the open countryside should, over a reasonable length of time (no more than 5 years), provide for the minimum needs of the inhabitants’ in terms of income, food, energy and waste assimilation. Where this cannot be demonstrated, they should be considered against policies which seek to control development in the open countryside.


So all pretence that OPD is some kind of off-grid sustainable self-sufficiency project is now blown out of the water. It’s just a logging operation in Welsh SSSIs to be settled by affluent English people, who after the felling want to build ‘passive’ housing estates. Maybe grow some willow thongs for the natives to weave and supply some winter turnips for sustenance. This is pure colonialism. How do we repeal this ‘Future Generations Act’?


I can follow the rationale of your argument in the piece, Jac, but cannot agree with the baldness of your concluding statement that “the purpose of One World Developments was to anglicise our rural areas”. Richard Crawshay coming to Merthyr Tudful just over 2 centuries ago had a big effect in anglicising the area over time; but his purpose was to make large amounts of iron at reasonable prices, not to change the demographic and linguistic mix. Our rural areas have in many cases been anglicised already by social and economic forces which long pre-date One World Developments. There may be evidence that anglicisation is an additional effect of OWD: if so then it is an additional questionable element, rather than the launching point for it to be excoriated.


If we get an influx of “good people” into the Bay Bubble in 2021 then that institution could be worth persevering with. If it’s loaded up with a mixture of virtue signallers and AngloBrit loyalists much like the present shower then demolition might be the right option.

So everyone got to back likes of McEvoy, Gwlad nominees, and any surviving Plaid people who remain in the real world. With some luck we’ll get a hung Senedd and whoever wants to lead will have to enter agreements with our people to get the right things done and trim out the crap.