OMG! I Have Offended The ‘Progressives’!

Campbell mergedLast Friday I started receiving tweets from a Denis Campbell @UKProgressive. A complete stranger to me (thank God!), it was immediately apparent that he is a friend or colleague of Phil Parry at Wales Eye. Some of these tweets are worth repeating here (click to enlarge), the full exchange can be found either on his Twitter timeline or mine.

It seems that Campbell along with Parry and a Dario Llinares are the self-proclaimed UK Progressives. (Though Campbell has a North American accent.) They have a blog, or rather, some kind of news feed, with most of the news – perhaps unsurprisingly – coming from the USA. Better yet (for the masochists among you), these three produce a weekly podcast of comment on politics and current affairs as The Three Three MuckrakersMuckrakers. Not a name I would have chosen, but there you are.

If you’ve got the stomach for it, a list of their podcasts is available here. And here’s a YouTube link to one on Ukip. It was posted over four months ago but has attracted just 130 views, most of which – to judge by the comments – have come from outraged Kippers. Anyway, this whole podcast concept strikes me as being very, very weird. It’s basically three blokes talking to each other, on film, and somehow believing that out there, in the big wide world, somebody cares. I’m holding a £20 note that says there is nobody out there who gives a fuck about what these three self-deluding tossers think about anything.

Something else worth noting is that while I have no doubt they would describe themselves as being anti-war and against militarism, especially that daemon of the Strangelove era the Military-Industrial complex, Campbell does love his martial metaphors and allusions – “When I go into battle against the inept Govt here . . . @WalesEye covering my back!” And “Shoot at one, you shoot at us all.” (Now there’s a thought!) All this from a keyboard warrior; no different to me, you might argue, except that I haven’t always been one.


Then, on Sunday, I received a strange tweet from another unrecognised source, which simply read Parry kids tweet#SonofaVermin. I eventually worked out that it must be from Parry’s son. (The boy’s command of the English language is on a par with his pa.) On Monday I received a similar tweet from – presumably – Parry’s daughter. Rather surprised by these interventions I responded to both with the tweet on the left. To explain the reference to ‘Vermin’. This is the word I used to end my previous post. I used it because anyone familiar with Welsh political history will know it’s a word employed by Aneurin Bevan to describe Conservatives. I believe the actual phrase was, ‘lower than vermin’. I then received a few more tweets on the ‘vermin’ theme, presumably from friends of Parry’s kids. I was very Chris Waredisappointed to see Parry rope in his kids and their friends, but then, if the man can report me to the police for things I haven’t done, and get his fat friend on Llais y Sais to repeat those lies, why should I be surprised at anything? Can I now expect a hostile tweet from his Auntie Gwladys? (‘He’s being nasty to me, Auntie Gwlad’.)

Monday saw someone else join in the attack with a series of tweets from a Chris Ware, who lives in ‘Penarth, UK’. I soon established that Ware belongs to the Cardiff menutter tweetdia bubble. The Labour-supporting Cardiff media bubble. We had a fairly heated exchange which Ware concluded by reminding me that “the world has far bigger problems than these tiddly ones in Wales”. Our exchange was obviously being followed because one of Ware’s tweets was re-tweeted twice – once by Phil Parry and once by, er, Wales Eye! Early in this exchange there was an interjection from Wales Eye, favourited by Ware. I publish it, and my response, on the left. (Click to enlarge.)


I think we are dealing here with the slithery, sneering, self-righteous soft Left that wet its knickers when Tony and Cherie arrived in Downing Street. In Wales they preach ‘internationalism’ as a way of avoiding the mess their party has made of Wales, preferring to waffle impotently about things over which they can have no influence and then condemn as ‘racist’ anyone wanting to make things better for our people in our country. Because of course, to even suggest that Wales is less than perfect is to condemn the record of their party.

These creatures are to be found everywhere, they almost form a ruling class, representing no one but themselves . . . and of course, the Labour Party, ‘Welsh’ Labour, that rag-bag of third-raters that serves no useful purpose beyond being colonial England’s agent, in return foProtic Labourr which it is allowed to dish out the funding and the jobs to its supporters.

Given that Protic is Labour, as are Parry and Shipton, and so probably are the other two Muckrakers, while the latest poodle to join the attack is most definitely a bruvver, this probably explains why Parry and Shipton have been reading through my blogs, checking old photographs, following my tweets, looking for something to use against me in the hope of discrediting me and what I write about the Labour Party. The only question is whether they’re doing it off their own bat, or whether somebody in the Labour Party has had a word, and asked them to go after me.

Either way, I’m fairly certain now that these attacks on me from Wales Eye and Llais y Sais are retaliation for my attacks on the Labour Party. That being so, I shall not waste any more time on Parry and his gang unless they go too far or unless there are developments in other quarters. With an election approaching it’s only right that I concentrate on putting the boot into ‘Welsh’ Labour, and doing it hard and often.

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Cleddyf Arian

I can’t stand these Labour lackies. Everyone knows what’s going on. At least the English Right tend to be honest about what’s happening here.

You don’t get that in the Western Mail.


Me thinks you do protest too much. If you are innocent of the claims made by Parry et al why do you feel the need to use terms like ‘vermin’ ‘lying bastard’ ‘fat bastard’ ‘lard boy’ etc. You have nothing to be concerned about if they are wrong but maybe they are correct hence the defence by attack?


Anon – “Me thinks you do protest too much” – bullshit ! If you think that the collective bag of slurry variously described as ‘vermin’ ‘lying bastard’ ‘fat bastard’ ‘lard boy’ etc in earlier comments merit your loyal support, then come out from behind the Anon tag and justify your loyalty to these highly suspect scribblers and their entourage.

On 2nd thoughts don’t bother as you have nothing of value to add judging by that initial flatulent outburst.

Karl Felton

As one who reads this regularly but who has never commented, I felt compelled to add my two cents to this sorry state of affairs.

I don’t always agree with you Jac, I tend to favour the reconciliation and positive persuasion approach. But you’ve just got to admire a man (or woman) with a bit of fire in his belly, and one who isn’t afraid to stand up for a cause he believes in, as opposed to one who takes the easy route and cuddles up to the establishment.

You’ve done some great work over the years looking into Labour party clientelism and other such filthy business, well done and keep up the good work. I know of at least two or three others at work who know of and read your blog.

I can honestly say I gave Wales Eye a chance when it first appeared on the scene. But it became clear rather quickly, judging by the poor quality of the output, that the author seems to lack the intellectual capacity for original thought. His articles on Click on Wales really do stick out like a sore thumb.

Still, I am taken aback at how vindictive, cowardly and ultimately pathetic this attack on you has been. If Phil Parry had any backbone he would play the ball not the man, i.e. he would refute your arguments rather than attack your character. The attack seems to serve no purpose other than to silence you and your blog, which is quite ironic given that Wales Eye was fawning over Je Suis Charlie and free speech a few weeks ago. I agree that all this deserves no further attention.

Might I also add, that as an Englishman by birth and ethnicity (well, mostly), I find the idea that your blog constitutes racial hatred to be beyond absurd.

Anyway Jac, what would you prefer? To be liked by your readers and hated by Labour apparatchiks? Pity the the poor sod who seems to have it the other way round.

Ap Dyfnallt

The Labour Party is dying.
A few deluded old hangers on will not save it – no matter how much they twitter away to each other in their own little cabal. I think you are right to ignore them.

Unelectable, with it’s present leaders, in England, almost certainly due to be thrashed in Scotland in the General election and only hanging on by the skin of its teeth in Cardiff even the most pitiful of Welsh labour voters will soon realise that the Labour Party is as much use as a dead canary down a coal mine.

Incidentally there’s an article on Campbell on the Wales on Line website.
Guess who wrote it – go on guess.

Albert Hill

I’d think that some Labour researcher is busy checking out your blog in the hope of finding some naive Plaid candidate saying something mildly non-controversial in the Comment section.

They can then blow this-up into a big scandal during the election – “Myfanwy Rhys-Sainsbury linked to racist Welsh terror group” or something similar.


There are many online links to Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) Policy in NHS (England), NHS (Wales) and NHS (Scotland).
This is the one that I think the BBC News (Wales) item is about: Draft DNACPR Policy – Health in Wales


It’s plain to see that you’ve upset a few Labourites. Keep up the good work.

May I interrupt briefly and post this item I heard briefly on the radio. It was given very little coverage (as you can see) considering it’s a guidance by the ‘Welsh’ government on patient resuscitation. Why is that? We know that Wales’s population is ageing even quicker than other UK nations. I find this a little disturbing and wonder how connected this is with finances. For once, when the BBC is covering an health issue in Wales, they don’t seem to be mentioning what’s happening in England or Scotland etc. Anybody know what’s the guidance elsewhere?

D Morris

Mr Ware has been sniffing around my twitter account too. He’s got a video of himself on how to wash dishes if your interested Jac?


bit of a perv, is he ? Does he wear(?) an apron ? has it got funny little symbols on it ? sqare & compass, hammer & sickle ?


Well, here it is: . 20½ views – I couldn’t be arsed to watch all of it.


Odd that Shipton and Parry seem so preoccupied with 60’s Welsh patriotic political groups who did not kill anyone whilst both strangely fail to attack the London Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties in Wales who pushed through and supported illegal wars and coups in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, responsible for the genocidal murder of over one million people thus far. Perspective does not seem to be one of their strongpoints. Or morality. They must sing loudly for their supper but as fellow Welshmen it really is painful to see them used as such useful dupes and cannonfodder for the unseen men in grey suits in nice carpeted offices who don’t need to raise their voices…


on 08/02/2015 at 07:45 I posted on your “help the man with his hole” item :

…………..Sounds like you have another ex-journo happy to use questionable “information” and “analysis” in the name of “freedom”. I suspect that all these boyos come out of the “write first, confirm later ( if needed) school” which works well in the Anglo Brit community where truth is not allowed to get in the way of a good story ! Boy you have certainly got under their flabby skins !…………………………

Keep churning ! These creeps are obviously terrified of going after real issues because they are either part of the problem or too closely linked to the perpetrators to be able to take an objective, detached view. There’s probably a few more out there and they will now start to crawl out from under as spring begins to break so they can “help” their bosses ahead of May elections.

Amazing how all these righteous jerks think that they can influence global matters with their lazy scribbling but can’t be asked to do a detailed analysis of the cock ups in Cardiff and Westminster. Lots of reluctance for years to investigate HSBC and its cosy arrangements with people of serious wealth not wanting to pay up their share of the “all in this together” mess. Those bad habits were embedded during the Blair/Brown/Balls era and carried over into the Bullingdon period where anything goes if you can afford it. This has been common knowledge for ages, its dimensions were unknown to us common folk, but the journo’s could not be bothered while they had Royals and other distractions to pursue.