Now I KNOW I’m Doing Something Right!

As you might guess, this (originally short) post is a follow-up to my previous one, I Must Be Doing Something Right. It seems that Phil Parry at Wales Eye and Martin Shipton at Llais y Sais just won’t let go . . . though their persistence is not to be compared to slavering pit bulls, more like drowning men clutching at straws. FWA combined

Yesterday afternoon I received a tweet from Fat Boy, you can see it for yourself on the right, together with my response. (Click to enlarge.) Yes, I was flippant, partly because I have difficulty taking the man seriously and also because I’d caught some bug that had me in bed by seven o’clock. I should have guessed that this was the prelude to another attack on me but, as I’ve said, I was feeling rough and on my way to bed.

Refreshed by fifteen hours of sleep I powered up my computer this morning to learn that after I’d gone to bed Shipton had tweeted again, this time about paramilitary Shipton JJ combinedactivity and John Jenkins. His tweet and my response can be found on the left. (Click to enlarge.) What was it all about? I soon found out thanks to an e-mail from a supporter directing me to a tweet from Phil Parry at Wales Eye. (Below.) Again, I replied, and again, the response was somewhat flippant because, quite frankly, and with the best will in the world, I regard the man as an arsehole.

Anyway, it seems I am a “controversial commentator” (thank God for that!) and I support a paramilitary organisation. Which organisation would that be? I certainly support the various Kurdish militias fighting their people’s many enemies, but somehow I don’t think Parry is thinking of the Kurds. Given Lard Boy’s tweets yesterday we can safely assume that tomorrow, Wales Eye will run a World Exclusive! that I, Jac o’ the North, Swansea Jack, Royston Jones, supportWales Eye paramilitary combed the Free Wales Army . . . an organisation that ceased to exist around 1970.

This Earth-shattering news will be taken up by media outlets around the globe, Muscovites will stop complete strangers in a Red Square blizzard to ask, ‘Have you heard about that bastard Royston Jones supporting the Free Wales Army?’ And the response will be, ‘That’s nothing, I’ve heard he used to go drinking with that Cayo Evans in Lampeter’. Before they both shuffle off safe in the knowledge that President Putin would know how to deal with the likes of me. Then again, the coverage might be limited to Fat Boy at the Western Mail. In fact, I’m prepared to bet that the uptake will be limited to Llais y Sais.

So what’s going on here? It started off with Wales Eye, from out of a clear blue sky, attacking me in this concoction on September 2nd. A week or so later Wales Eye ran another piece about the persecution fantasies of Jacques Protic due (allegedly) to something I’d written about him, and this resulted in a North Wales Police enquiry. Then Wales Eye told us that I had been reported to South Wales Police for launching a ‘racial hatred’ petition . . . a petition that I did not launch. (But, understandably, Wales Eye neglected to tell us exactly who reported me.) This lie was then repeated almost verbatim by Martin Shipton in the Western Mail, and in WalesOnline, even though I’d put him straight. (See below.) Now it seems I am to be ‘outed’ as a supporter of paramilitary activity, a member of the Free Wales Army, and an admirer of John Jenkins. (Thank God they don’t know about that statue in Aber’!)

Shipton request combined

What sort of an arrangement is this that sees one of Wales’ most respected journalists (though not respected by me, obviously) acting as researcher for a vindictive blogger? Does Trinity Mirror plc pay Shipton’s salary for him to behave in this demeaning manner? But then, Shipton and Parry are both Labour, and Trinity Mirror has a record of supporting the Labour Party in Wales; who can forget the short-lived Welsh Mirror that crept from under a stone in the wake of Labour’s failure to gain a majority in the first Assembly elections of 1999? This rag was nothing but a platform for Paul Starling Parry, Shipton compositeto spew his hatred for all things Welsh, dressed up of course as ‘combatting the evils of nationalism’.

With an election approaching, is Trinity Mirror doing ‘Welsh’ Labour another favour by targetting me? For those tempted to answer with, ‘You’re not important enough, Jac’, I would answer that I’m obviously important enough for the chief reporter of Llais y Sais to sift through my blog postings, check my photographs, and to monitor my tweets, looking for anything that could be presented as remotely incriminating. It’s clearly a concerted attempt to discredit me and, by extension, what I write. So why is it happening?

Anyway, the whole point of writing this was to prepare my easily shocked readers for the news that tomorrow, on the Wales Eye blog, ace investigator and top notch political analyst, Phil Parry will break the news that I supported direct action. This will then be relayed by his fat friend over at Llais y Sais. And that, my friends, just about sums up the dire state of what today passes for ‘the Welsh media’. Stop Press: Here’s Parry’s World Exclusive!, in pdf format (saving you having to pay to read it). Oh, yes, make sure you’re not eating anything, otherwise you might choke laughing.

P.S. To save certain ‘journalists’ unnecessary delving into my past I shall set the record straight on a few things.

  • I did not sink the Titanic, honest!
  • I may have met Gavrilo Princip at a social event.
  • I was not responsible for the Wall Street Crash.
  • I played no part in the invasion of Abbysinia.
  • I never served in the SS . . . well, not before 1944, anyway.
  • I was never a hippy in the 1960s (though I did wear flares).
  • I did not kill JFK, it was the New Orleans Mob (I was with the Chicago Outfit).
  • I had no hand in the break-up of the Beatles.
  • I was nowhere near Watergate.
  • I have no idea where Jimmy Hoffa is buried (God bless him).
  • I did not invade Las Malvinas The Falklands.
  • I had no involvement in the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • I am not related to Slobodan Milosovic (try Protic on that one).
  • I was never formally introduced to Saddam Hussein.
  • I did not vote Yes in last September’s Scottish independence referendum.
  • I have recommended you both for the very highest awards your profession can bestow.
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Looks like they’re a bit confused about their pricing as well – the blurb at the bottom says about £5 for a month’s access, with PayPal buttons for £1 for a month’s access and a £10 for a year. Here’s a thought – get a couple of European friends to buy access. They’ll have to register for VAT then, and if they don’t they can be prosecuted. Pleasure!

By the way, Jac – I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, but this may be the last, as I have had my eyes opened to the depths of your depravity by this article. Fancy, being friends with someone who was “jailed for public order offences”, and asking disgustingly racist questions like – should houses paid for by the Welsh be given to Welsh people?

No, instead of reading your totally biased nonsense, I shall get my local shop to deliver the unbiased and high quality Western Mail instead, so that I can find out what is really happening in Wales.

Oh, hold on…


M Shitpans an arse . ( russ chair balchder cymru )


Thank you for adding the pdf. You didn’t say anything about not drinking and I nearly drowned.
At the bottom of the file someone is holding a real gun to the head of a puppy.


You will really challenge Skipton and his Bosses if you refer to the appropriate Auditors how Public Bodies are paying well over the odds for Public Notices in the Wasting Mule. There are piles of Mules lying in boxes as “giveaways” in Supermarkets on Wednesdays and Fridays to pretend the falling circulation figures are higher than they really are. These unwanted “giveaways” go into the paper recycling skips at the end of the day, but are counted as circulation figures. The reality does not justify placing Public Notices in the Mule at such high fees. Once the paper Bosses realize that Skipton is causing this exposure to Auditors they will skip him. Then Peary will lose his mouthpiece because virtually nobody reads Peary’s Blog not even Traffic Police in north Wales!


Martin Shipton likes trying to frighten the kids with suggestions of violence in his McCarthyite Tweet of, “Are you, or have you ever been, a supporter of the Free Wales Army?”
A former editor of the Western Mail, John Humphries, cleared up this kind of sensationalism about the FWA in his book “Wales’ Forgotten War” (University of Wales Press, 2008).
The eminent John Mortimer QC was a senior defence counsel at the 1969 FWA trial in Swansea. Humphries reports the address to the jury by Mortimer, who argued that this trial “is about the free expression of views”.
On behalf of the defendants Mortimer then told the jury: “They had done no acts of violence or sabotage. If one of these men was in a position of there being evidence against him of being connected with any such thing, to be sure the proper charges would have been levelled long ago.”

I have no connection with some crass right-wing comments added to this site about other matters, but wish to put Mr Shipton straight on a few historical facts.


Mortimer wrote a few pages about the trial in his book “Murderers and other friends”. Apart from some comic observations on the South Wales Police, he was clearly of the view that the whole thing was a farce.

The Earthshaker

Whilst it’s easy to mock the Chuckle Brothers for their latest nonsense, your right the fact either have any sway over the public is a travesty and while the Welsh media remains overwhelmingly UK owned and focused and bows and scrapes to the welsh establishment nothing will ever change.

The Scottish Indy Referendum has taught us the power of Bella Caledonia, Wings Over Scotland, Newsnet Scotland and the many ordinary bloggers who helped spread the YES message. Wales need something similar, we already have you, Daily Wales, Oggy Bloggy Ogwr to name a few, maybe more co-ordination and sharing might help in the short term and build from there to counter the daily lies, spin and deceit.

Martin Shipton’s always been a joke, a lazy gossip columnist promoted beyond his natural talent, but Phil Parry used to be a fairly decent journalist whose reduced to trawling welsh nationalist blogs for dirt and stories. It’s hard to feel any sympathy for him as his views on nationalism are so warped

By the way has Phil’s earth shattering expose appeared in the Western Mail/Waleonline yet?

And I make this is the 3 time Phil Parry has reported you to the police, do you get a commemorative mug or a T-shirt for that Jac?

Big Gee

Laugh? I thought my underpants would never dry!!!

Ah! Old Starling. I well remember the clown & the field day he had in that week of the Eisteddfod in Dinbych – when John Elfed Jones, Eifion Lloyd Jones & I were paraded as the racist ‘Axis of Evil’! (

I also remember a year later in the Eisteddfod at Llanelli when Dr. Seimon Brooks gave a passionate address & ripped up the last copy ever published of the ‘Welsh Mirror’ threw it to the ground then spat & stamped on it – whilst telling all present that Starling was dead & buried – to hoots of raptures & applause!

If you want to dig up some interesting information Jac – turn your microscope to the Bevan Foundation (started up by Starling & Co.) I don’t know if it’s still going, but there was some VERY interesting anomalies floating around that little puddle of dog poo a few years back.


BG I followed your link and particularly like ” Mr Jones wrote an article in Welsh language magazine Barn purporting that the Welsh Assembly had failed to deal with in-migration into Welsh-speaking communities, which he likened to “human foot-and-mouth”. ……….Well said John Elfed. I had no recall of that particular clash, but it reinforces the point that this dumping had been going on for a while and has escalated since. Yet Wales Eye & fellow travellers think it’s all good stuff ! Typical middle class, well removed & insulated attitude, plus of course he’s anti Welsh anyway.

I see old fatso has switched focus to UKIP today. Probably instructed to do so by his masters in the local pink kremlin !


I fully support John Jenkins. He has great marching band. Last year’s spring before the referendum I was in Edinburgh and a bigger band was playing and marching to “Flower of Scotland” . Would Mr Skipton class them as terrorists?
I also supported the late Julian Cayo Evans. He had such a talent when singing with his accordion. Can wearisome Mr Peary tell us if it is terrorism to listen to singing with an accordion?
Tesco stores in Swansea give away the Wasting Mule by arrangement to keep the reader figures up for those who pay for costly Public Notices. Schools & Local Authorities & Wales Assembly & Public Utilities and all Public Bodies. Their Auditors should note that when paying with public money for adverts (that keep Mr Skipton in a job) that the Wasting Mule circulation figures are rigged by large giveaways – sponsored by public bodies’ adverts. In other words by our money. The wasting mules has gone down and down since furious John Humphries left as Editor. If he was there now he’d kick out Skipton for a start.

Daley Gleephart

Terrorism and the accordion? No. However: The Accordion and the Totalitarian State – Look here
I hope that my pun around ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’ was understood. Nope? Ah well.

Louise Hughes

Hahahaha! – thanks Royston, after a particularly trying day at the coal face of local government you made me laugh out loud. Keep up the good work!

Daley Gleephart

Register the film and TV rights before some money-grabbing git does. Same Old Phishing Gin and Lemon.


More power to you Jac– don’t let the bastards grind you down. Our time will come

Red Flag

Oh dear Jac. As soon as the Coalition is finished with ISIS, you’ll be next on the list. Footage on BBC news of smart missiles demolishing your shed and flattening your recycling bins.


don’t think that the coalition will be finished with ISIS for a long time after today’s atrocity.