Nicola Sturgeon: Her Fall In Context

There’s something odd, even tragic, about an intelligent woman destroying her political legacy and damaging the cause she believes in to argue that women have penises and men can give birth.

How can anyone, let alone someone as smart as Nicola Sturgeon, believe such nonsense? The answer is that she might not believe it at all. And I strongly suspect that many of the zealots pushing this lunacy do not believe it either. Few people are that bloody stupid.

But people can be brainwashed into believing that promoting such idiocy is the right thing to do; partly because it’s ‘progressive’, and partly because it pisses off the ‘fascists’.

But what straight man could possibly object – it’s a ‘feminine penis’! Click to open engorged in separate tab

For you must remember that we live in an age when everything is ideological, and agendas are promoted for political gain and / or social change, but definitely not for the public good; which means that whether what is being propounded is true or not is irrelevant.

In the post-truth era the end definitely justifies the means.

But how did we get here?


Following World War Two, and the USSR’s leading role in defeating Nazi Germany, Communism enjoyed a surge in popularity in western Europe, particularly in Italy and France. There were worries in Washington that Europe might even go Red without the need for direct Soviet intervention.

That appeal faded as the economy of Europe improved. Communism lost even more of its appeal with the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956, and its ‘freedom-loving’ credentials took a near-fatal knock in 1968 when Red Army tanks put down the wholly peaceful ‘Prague Spring‘.

By the late 1980s, with the Soviet Union losing a war in Afghanistan, queueing for bread becoming a national pastime, and Russians themselves admitting the game was up, it was clear to most people that Communism was an experiment that had failed. Certainly clear to those of us inhabiting the ‘real’ world. (And that included the babushkas in the bread queues.)

But there remained others who insisted Communism hadn’t been given a proper chance, or hadn’t been implemented correctly. Many of those who argued like this belonged to the middle classes, a disproportionate number of them academics.

Though by the late 1980s even its staunchest adherents knew Communism could never be sold as an economic model, certainly not as a replacement for capitalism – it couldn’t deliver the goods a consumer society demanded.

A change of tack was needed.

But for the diehards the objective remained the same – to undermine, weaken, and then, hopefully, take over the Western, capitalist world. But how was this to be done now that the socialist economic model was proven to be unworkable?

The answer came in the form of ‘Cultural Marxism’, succinctly explained here.

Though according to Wikipedia (and an editor who can’t spell ‘anti-Semitic’): “The term ‘Cultural Marxism’ refers to a far-right antisemitic conspiracy theory which claims that Western Marxism is the basis of continuing academic and intellectual efforts to subvert Western culture.”

Ah, yes: “Far-right conspiracy theory”. Remember when the Wuhan lab origin of Covid was a Far Right conspiracy theory? Even ‘racist’? And so was the growing evidence that the vaccines did more harm than good.

Though “academic and intellectual efforts to subvert Western cultures” is a rather good description of, um, Cultural Marxism. Because anyone choosing to argue that our academic institutions today are bastions of free speech has an impossible job on their hands.

But how was the grand design to be put into practice?


With Marxists being so influential in academe this guaranteed that in Western universities students would be indoctrinated, with the new converts spreading the gospel as they dispersed into the wider world.

For a phenomenon of the past 30 years has been an increasingly bloated higher education sector catering in the main for semi-literate and impressionable natives and rich foreigners, which inevitably couples with falling academic standards.

Little more than a production line churning out the blinkered but earnest young people needed to fill the ranks of pressure groups, third sector bodies, and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

With the result that politics today is little more than politicians implementing the wishes of these groups, usually at the expense of the people who elected them.

Which means that democracy has, effectively, been subverted. Who you or I vote for is largely irrelevant. And it’s not just pressure groups undermining democracy, as I’ll explain later.

Which brings us back to the recent debacle in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon, and too many others in the Scottish National Party-Green Party coalition, fell under the influence of Stonewall pushing, among other things, the self-ID agenda that said your gender is whatever you claim it to be at any given time.

What began as an absurd and almost laughable fantasy turned darker when Adam Graham decided during his trial for raping two women that he was now transgender, and as ‘Isla Bryson’ he expected to be sent to a female prison, so he could be among more, vulnerable women

The self-inflicted disaster from which the SNP is now struggling to emerge could only have come about when politicians are beguiled by a pressure group to the point where they lose sight of reality and simply don’t care what the public really thinks.

We also have this problem in Wales, in every sphere of our national life. We suffer pressure groups and campaigners – many from outside the country – pushing agendas that are against the best interests of the Welsh people.

And the politicians in Corruption Bay obey them like zombies.

A few weeks back readers of the Western Mail were treated to the headline you see below. Pay attention to the section I’ve circled. Who is Dr Lynn Sloman?

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Well, she lives in London, where she’s a board member of Transport for London. The bio I’ve linked to tells us she has a holiday home near Machynlleth. (To be exact, in Cwm Einion aka ‘Artists Valley’.)

So a cycling zealot who lives in London, and hates cars – but has a holiday home in Wales, to which she presumably drives – is allowed to dictate ‘Welsh Government’ policy.

Yeah, that’s how I imagined devolution panning out.

More recently, my attention was drawn to a ‘Welsh Government’ document with the snappy title, Wales Innovates: Creating a Stronger, Fairer, Greener Wales. When you see ‘stronger’, ‘fairer’ and ‘greener’ grouped like that you can guarantee that we, the people, are going to be shafted.

This is what I was directed to on page 45.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Look at that phrase, ‘Mobility as a service’. No. Mobility, and freedom of movement within one’s own country, are fundamental human rights.

I want to be able to jump in my car and drive anywhere I bloody well please. I will not be deprived of this freedom by some swivel-eyed fanatic using the excuse of a ‘climate catastrophe’ that’s just not happening.

Though I’m intrigued by the possibilities opened up by ‘bike-sharing’. Does this mean different people using the same bike at different times, or can I fantasise about some buxom lovely of a playful nature astride my crossbar?


Cultural Marxism has became more shrill and divisive in recent years, and its toxicity has increased. This I believe is due to a number of factors.

In 2016 the Anglosphere suffered two unexpected political jolts. In June of that year the UK voted to leave the European Union (or rather, England and Wales voted to leave; Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to stay).

Then came the election of Donald Trump in November.

The far left had long been losing faith in the White working class, there was clearly a lack of revolutionary zeal among these dullards who wanted a decent home for their family and a good education for their kids. Brexit and Trump confirmed the comrades’ worst fears.

A counter-offensive was needed. And the weapons needed were already to hand.



Concerns about global warming or climate change had been gaining traction for a couple of decades, in part due to showmen like Al Gore, who understands climate as well as I understand nuclear fusion.

Who among you could not be convinced by those “boiling oceans“?

But the Far Left wasn’t really interested in saving the planet; the Cultural Marxists simply saw a problem that could be blamed on capitalism, and could be remedied by undermining Western economies.

For it was of course the West that would have to reduce its emissions to defeat those fortune cookie ‘predictions’.

Essentially, a programme of ‘degrowth’. Being discussed here in the What’s Up With That blog quoting Japanese Marxist academic Kohei Saito.

(Not for nothing are Greens called ‘watermelons’ – green on the outside, red on the inside.)

Or to put it another way, the populations of the advanced countries would have to suffer rising fuel bills, food shortages, travel restrictions, 15-minute cities . . . all for the good of the planet.

By comparison, countries in the developing world, China in particular, could build as many coal-fired power stations as they pleased. (Two a week, at the last count.) Further proof that the Left was less interested in saving the planet than with damaging the West.

The truth is that none of the absurd predictions made over the past 50 years has come to pass. The world may be warming, slightly, but it has little to do with us humans, and far more to do with the fact that we are in an inter-glacial warm period.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Entire nations wiped off the face of the Earth! Wow! How did I miss that?

Though a more generous interpretation that crosses my mind, especially after a glass or twa of Malbec, might be that climate hysteria is a variation on Pascal’s Wager. Or, at least, that’s how it might play out.

The great 17th century French thinker argued that believing in God was the sensible thing to do. Because if there was a God, and you’d lived a good life, then you went to Heaven. If there was no God, then you’d still lived a good life, helping others, etc.

If after all the sacrifices we are being forced to make it becomes clear there is no global warming, then those who promoted climate disaster might argue: “OK, so there’s no global warming – but those sacrifices made you a better person”.


Another tool in the Cultural Marxists’ destabilisation armoury is race; more specifically, reminding us of the terrible things the White man has done. For as everyone knows, only Europeans ever conquered other peoples, and slavery was always and only a relationship between White masters and Black slaves.

(Anyone who knows their history and tries to speak the truth is of course a ‘racist’.)

To the point where in the eyes of many, White people can do little right, and Black people can do nothing wrong. As we saw in Minneapolis when career criminal George Floyd died in a botched arrest. And that’s all it was.

But his death led to his immediate martyrdom and resulted in riots applauded by the mainstream media.

Riots that were not simply applauded but deliberately misrepresented, even when the evidence was just over the reporter’s shoulder.

The answer to rioting was obvious – ‘Defund the police!‘.

Because if the police were not there then the riots could proceed uninterrupted, the buildings burn down quicker, and everybody could go home with their looted goods.

Surely any fool could see the advantages? (Well, obviously, not the ‘racists’.)

The USA has arrived at a situation where, one hundred and sixty years after Lincoln freed the slaves (in the Confederate states he didn’t control), and sixty years since the Civil Rights Act, the Far Left is deliberately and irresponsibly reintroducing segregation and racism into the USA.

But it can’t stop over there. For as we’ve seen, ‘racism’ must be used everywhere, and interpolated into everything nowadays, even Covid.

And football. For during the recent Word Cup Finals a Black US academic, writing in the Washington Post (where else?) accused winners Argentina of being too White. Truth is that well under one percent of the Argentine population is Black.

It gets worse – for the countryside is racist! All those jackbooted farmers belting out the Horst Wessel Lied as they round up the sheep! Back in the 1940s the West fought those who sang that song. Now we fund and arm them.

Funny old world, innit!

And if ‘racism’ is to be fully exploited there must be unrestricted immigration to Western countries. Disruptive, unjustified, increasingly unpopular . . . so now these migrants are being called ‘climate refugees‘.

And if you fall for that, then you’ll fall for anything!


The Cultural Marxism I’ve described has, in recent years, come to be known as ‘Wokeness’, or ‘Wokeism’. Before that, perhaps, ‘political correctness’. There’s no point in looking for differences between them because there are too few.

The others were just Cultural Marxism rebranded, because those pushing it knew that the ‘M’ word was unpopular, far better to hide under other labels. ‘Progressive’ being particularly popular with the Far Left today.

But whatever the tag, it remains a war on the West. And given that non-White majority countries get a free ride, Cultural Marxism / Wokeism can even be seen as racist.

And why not, for the Far Left has always been unpatriotic, so there’s no great leap needed for it to extend its hatred from individual nations and states to a whole racial and cultural identity.

It was noticeable during the Covid pandemic how eagerly the Far Left embraced the restrictions on human freedoms demanded by the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) and other bodies.

Which was not surprising, for the comrades have always believed that for society to function efficiently the common herd must be directed and led by morally, intellectually and ideologically superior beings. People like Stalin. Mao. Pol Pot.

With this justified because however it might look, it’s really being done in the interests of the ruled. Little different to a theocracy. And the vision of the World Economic Forum.

I bring in the WEF because this shared belief in rule by, ‘Those Who Know Best’ has brought Cultural Marxists into alliance with mega corporations like Blackrock, Big Pharma, Big Tech, multi-billionaires, and others who want to act as an unelected world government.

Reducing our elected governments to little more than middle-men, or facilitators; implementing orders from above and obeying demands from below.


The fundamental problem for Cultural Marxists is that, well, they spout bollocks. Whether it’s climate hysteria, anti-White racism, women with penises and, more recently, Covid.

Confronted with these realities Cultural Marxists, unable to defend the positions in which they’ve entrenched themselves, must resort to silencing critics before the truth can emerge. Which is why they openly advocate ‘No debate’.

Hoping to convey the message that the position(s) they have taken up are so incontrovertibly correct that debate is unnecessary.

Anyone suggesting maybe, just maybe, the world is not coming to a fiery end is a ‘climate denier’. Those who argue that cross-dressers are not women are ‘transphobes’. While those who believe that White people are not evil are, of course, ‘racists’.

But the catch-all term Leftists often reach for to slander their opponents when they’re cornered is ‘Far Right’. Which is what London mayor Sadiq Khan did last week to those protesting against 15-minute cites.

This is definitely a fascist sign. Click to open enlarged in separate tab.

These attempts to intimidate and silence opponents with silly labels is further enforced by denying a platform to those with the courage to speak. This of course is ‘cancel culture’.

Silencing critics is greatly aided by WEF control of the mainstream media and most social media. Resulting in newspapers and TV channels presenting only approved narratives, even ignoring some news stories altogether.

Now they want to introduce bans on what they – or their AI algorithms – will decide is ‘hate speech’. In other words: “All voices that challenge us will be silenced”.

It’s worth considering the role of Bill Gates in all this. For in many ways he is the public face of the World Economic Forum.

To begin with, Bill Gates is the second biggest donor to the WHO, and it was pure coincidence that during the Covid pandemic ‘Dr’ Gates was urging people to get vaccinated . . . with products from companies in which he’d heavily invested.

The same WHO that issued global directives during Covid, and now wants to take on itself the power to instruct democratically-elected governments to close their country down. Even the power to enforce global lockdowns.

Gates is also a big donor to media around the world, including the BBC. Now why would he do that? His fellow-‘philanthropist’, George Soros, another Globalist meddler, also gives vast sums to the media.

My understanding of the BBC was that it is funded by the licence fee in order to ensure its impartiality. (Don’t laugh!) So why is the BBC allowed to accept funding from Bill Gates? And who else is funding the BBC?

Bill Gates, friend of the late Jeffrey Epstein. (‘Suicide’, remember? Sad.)


The West is in a dangerous place. Those we are asked to believe are in control have been reduced to figureheads. Cardboard cut-outs.

As I explained, our elected politicians answer to the Globalists above them, and the Cultural Marxists below. With the latter acting as the ‘feet on the ground’ for the former. Neither source of real power has a democratic mandate.

Which results in the diktats of the unelected being ‘legitimised’ by being fed through national and sub-national governments.

But their agenda is clear: to make our lives more expensive and more miserable; with fewer freedoms, in expression, movement, and so much else.

To get a feel for the promised future read, ‘Welcome to 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better‘, written in 2016 by Ida Auken, member of the Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization of the World Economic Forum.

‘No privacy’ will be dressed up as ‘smart’ and ‘convenient’.

And forget the Sunday joint, for vegans are another of the fringe outfits found among the screeching mass of Cultural Marxists. And it’s why livestock farmers are being hounded out of business around the world.

The WEF wants to control the global food supply. Vegans want us to stop eating meat. To achieve this, both will target farmers. (Though the vegans may disguise themselves as environmentalists.)

Intolerant and unreasonable vegans would never have such influence today, with a media free ride, if they weren’t carrying out the WEF agenda.

This also explains why Bill Gates is said to be the largest private owner of farmland in the USA. Not only that, but ‘Farmer’ Gates is also cornering the market in seeds.

The future is spelling itself out before our eyes.

To return to where we started . . .

Were I a cynical bastard I might wonder what really happened in Scotland. For with both Globalists and Cultural Marxists wanting to put an end to nation states why get involved with a party and a government wanting to create a new nation state?

And then I think of what happened in Wales in 2021. When a thriving organisation campaigning for independence, that had quickly gained 18,000 members, was almost destroyed by fanatics – all of a Far Left background – trying to turn YesCymru into TransCymru.

It’s a hell of a coincidence.


I believe in the family, the nation, and Western civilisation. Proud to be a husband, father and grandfather; proud to be Welsh; proud of what Europeans, people of the West, have contributed to the world.

The same West that’s being targeted today, and for a number of reasons.

Partly because Russia, China, and other states know how to deal with the kind of disruptive fanatics we’ve dealt with here. So the Cultural Marxists focus on their unfinished business with the capitalist West.

The WEF targets the West because that’s where the power and the money lies. But Klaus Schwab and his gang also understand that the obstacles to their takeover – love of democracy, respect for individual liberty, and a belief in freedom of expression – are more cherished in the West than elsewhere.

Which explains the concerted vilification of White people, and the existential threat.

No matter how it’s disguised, we are facing a global power grab. And for complete power over our lives. So let’s unite, across national boundaries, across continents, to defeat the crazies trying to ‘soften us’ up for the Bond villains.

Arise ye “useless eaters“!

♦ end ♦


© Royston Jones 2023

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Apparently WokeWAG are now looking at some statue-toppling of their own. Now I’m somewhat torn because part of me would like to see statues commemorating Anglo-imperialist types like Nelson get the Dublin treatment, but I’m also dead against censorship of history and the destruction of things which are really quite aesthetically impressive and nice to look upon. Be interested in your take if you’ll indulge.

David Smith

And to think, the same bunch wanted to put a rusty ring-piece around Flint Castle! Revelling in colonialism when it’s against our ancestors, but I guess that’s OK as we’re white Europeans…


Nelson today – Glyndwr tomorrow.


Amazing, well not really, as we now know how dependent our Bay regime and its surrounding Bubble are on gesture politics and distractions. This is a regime that can’t find its own arse to scratch. It pontificates and dishes out regulations that will inhibit private mobility while delaying any improvements to public transport except of course in its inner metro zone. I don’t know if that’s “woke” I think it’s more like living the nightmare.

David Smith

It’s the perfect puppet government from the perspective of the British State: ineffectual at best, and actively damaging at worst. Makes every argument for self-determination even more of an uphill struggle.

Big Willy

The real war of our time isn’t in Ukraine – that is just a distraction.

Its Left v Right – right here right now !


I’m going to Switzerland week Monday. How nice will it be to experience a small, mountainous country that is wealthy and fiercely independent in the face of far larger neighbours. I’m planning to pop over to Liechtenstein, an *actual* principality that is an even smaller sovereign state with more of the same qualities. One for thick BritNats to chew over is that: “Wales is not a country, it’s a principality.” “Liechtenstein is a principality and a sovereign state.” “Uuurm…”

David Robins

The noncing of Wales is well-described in this video:

The meat of it starts at 28:27


Excellent post as usual Jac. A great awakening !

George Harris

Enjoyed reading this very much. Clarity and understanding useful when we see where we’ve arrived …..too late ?
How do we get out of this spiral with the current level of apathy and idiots ?

David Robins

Cultural Marxism – aka the New Left – is also criticised from the Old Left, who see it as anti-materialist windbaggery:

Is it surprising that the New Left is absorbed in how many genders of trans penis there might be, to the exclusion of traditional money-based issues like wages, profiteering, or fraud? Not a bit: Herbert Marcuse worked for US intelligence. The whole point of this ‘virtue hoarding’ is to stop anyone asking the really awkward questions that undermine the managerialist ascendancy.


Too bloody true. These weirdos and freaks look down their superior noses at men and women who want a decent wage, continuity of employment and reliable services for themselves and their communities.


“Which was pragmatic men looking to improve their lot, and see a better future for their kids.” – a very basic socialist ideal which is often the value held by those of a more conservative nature. It’s only fantasists and others engage in distraction politics that drum up the more zany stuff and the 21st century has provided a rich seam of that old nonsense.


Socialism runs against the grain of human nature, it prevents aspiration and achievement by ensurinng people are equally poor.

Socialist countries are always tyrannical because there is no other way of enforcing it, the left have reinvented socialism to encompass the issues you mention and call it ”progressive” – but below the thin veneer nothing has changed.

How can anyone on the left claim the be a nationalist when the idea of the nation state and its people is anathema to them?

David Smith

That’s exactly it. Communal properties and equal sharing of assets work in a family setup or a small commune. Try and force-scale that up to the level of a whole country and the heavy hand is needed for people to work to the betterment not of their own, with the consequent obvious incentives to produce your best that brings, but to the abstract idea of ‘the people’ (read: the authoritarian state). Enter Stalin, Chairman Mao, et al.

David Robins

The National Left was always a contradiction as anything but an entryist tactic. The radical Left – imperfectly represented today by Plaid Cymru – views borders as barriers to social equality. The radical Centre – imperfectly represented today by Gwlad – views borders as barriers to economic liberty. Nationalism is an ideology of the radical Right and Wales does not currently have a nationalist party.

Red Flag

“European cities will be plunged beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a Siberian climate by 2020.”

Guardian, 2004

Red Flag

I saw in the news the big demonstration by Dutch farmers the other day, protesting at the Dutch government’s plans to forcibbly shut down 3,000 farms and cull 35m livestock.

Red Flag

No it wasn’t the Belgian one. It was Dutch. They were blocking streets with tractor convoys etc. Very well behaved (probably stoned).

Holland ihas decided the way to reduce nitrate un-off polluting the waterways is to pass a law tto compulsory purchase and shut down just over 3,000 manily pig farms, and destroy 35m animals.

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that Ukraine’s membership to the EU is about to be accelrated significantly, making the RU single market the primary customer for Ukrainian grain and the EU will promote a green vegetarian diet etc etc etc.

Red Flag

Notoce how the Groaniad is linking any opposition to the policy as being ‘;far-Right’

Red Flag

How can anyone, let alone someone as smart as Nicola Sturgeon, believe such nonsense? The answer is that she might not believe it at all.

A very astute observation matey – especially when you consider that we now know that the CMO & CMS – Whitty & Vallance, didn’t support lockdown (or mass-testing, or 14 day isolation) because they believed (and apparently still believe) it would achieve little but publicly went along with it. And they are both very very clever men.


Didn’t Soros make a killing from Black Monday in the early 1990s, betting on the economy to tank? Fattening an already grotesquely engorged wallet further off people losing jobs, homes and businesses. A veritable moral paragon.


All well and good for that blow-in bint from London, where, admittedly, there is plenty of the ‘stick’ against car use in the forms of intervention (ULEZ) and inevitability (gridlock), but there’s also plenty of ‘carrot’ too, in the form of a world-class, affordable public transport system. Now obviously the Tube, Overground, DLR and Night Buses etc are not translatable to Wales, but can’t these bastards rely a bit more on the carrot, of viable and affordable alternatives to the car, than the stick, of punishing car users who have no other choice?


I’m surprised that trans nutters haven’t attempted to rebrand ‘women’s penises’ as just giant clitorises, and their bollocks as distended ovaries. Top marks for the engorged pic-click gag though!

Scotland’s indy movement badly needs to distance itself from the SNP; indeed, the point needs to be hammered home that independence is the only way to get rid of any and all unpopular political policies inflicted on Scotland.

Ellen Jenkins

I wonder if all those Welsh people who are so concerned about Scotland could kindly Google “Datamap Wales ,wind energy, pre-assessed areas” and focus on what is about to happen to THEIR areas of Wales….because the Welsh will not say a word in the newspapers of Wales……..collectively read by hundreds of millions?

By the way, every newspaper SOLD may be read by 4 or 5 !
Why is it that the Welsh will only whinge when it is TOO LATE?

About a third of Ceredigion is pre-assessed for wind turbines, and since they will be from 720 ft to 820 ft high…….they will be EASILY viewable from 30 miles , since they also need flashing lights to prevent air ambulances , police choppers and mountain rescue helicopters from crashing into them. The noise….THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!! …will travel downwind 7 miles , at night, especially.

The Welsh economy….which relies on tourism….will be badly affected. SOMEONE has to work to pay for the huge Welsh public sector. I still work at 76, by the way……and 7 days a week in summer.

So if you can scribble a MERE 100 words of protest, why not say so in the Western Mail , Liverpool Daily Post, Rhondda Leader , Cynon Valley Leader, South Wales Evening Post et al? I’m sure these Welsh newspapers would love to hear what the WELSH have to say about the Welsh hills all around them.

Nicola Sturgeon nor anyone else in Scotland will be writing to these newspapers, so here’s your chance folks!!

Safwn yn y bwlch !!!

Big Gee

An excellent analysis Jac. It paints a very different picture to the one portrayed by the deceitful and lying mainstream media.

For all those who have been gobbled up by the ‘conspiracy theory’ myth about those who oppose the official line, here is a link to one of the few news outlets that have been telling the truth over the last few years:

Interesting to note the back-peddling that is starting to emerge, especially in the Matt Hancock/ Covid context.

The other source for information of course is

Although new material to the blog has been stalled since last September – when I suffered my latest cardiac episode on Owain Glyndŵr day, I hope to be able to pick up the reins in the near future as I slowly recover – in the meantime thank you for the messages of goodwill I’ve received and your enduring patience.

Keep up your good work Jac.

Big Gee

Diolch Jac.

I hope you didn’t mean ‘rhythm’ in the Catholic contraceptive method context !!!!
Attempting that in my present condition could spell disaster!


Great piece. People from all political backgrounds are waking up to this and the captured mainstream media and politicans can’t keep up the facade for much longer.

The WEF also promotes the idea of destroying humanity itself, with the promotion of the merging of the physical, biological and digital for humans – also called transhumanism or creating cyborgs to put it more bluntly – the trans issue is likely just a stepping stone to that and even people identifying as trans people will eventually be thrown aside for the transhumanist issue if those sick globalist social engineers get their way – in the same way that women (and men of course) have been thrown aside for the trans issues. In this video we see the former unelected Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe, spouting extremist dangerous nonsense about giving human rights to robots, ‘smart cities’ etc.: She and many others like her, need to be held accountable for pushing this extremism on the public.

Secret societies such as the top stratas of freemasonry for example, obviously also play their part in trying to facilitate the subversion of life as we know it – allthough many people involved lower down in these societies probably don’t realise it. It’s also obvious by now that this, at its core, is a spiritual battle of satanism/occultism/bad versus good

Big Gee

Well done Gruff – you’ve succinctly summed up exactly what I’ve been reporting in Big Gee’s Blog over the years – since the madness broke the surface back in 2020, but has been in secret planning over many decade from the shadows. It’s now out in the open, in plain sight for all to see – except by those naïve and gullible ‘statists’ who just swallow what they are told by the mass media, the rest of us are brushed aside as conspiracy theorists. Sad.

Thankfully, the truth of the matter is being slowly absorbed, as a large swathe of the public are gradually waking up. The panic amongst the elite globalists is now palpable.


Diolch Gwilym

You’re right, there is palpable panic amongst the sick globalists. The 99% are quickly getting wise to their grubby criminality including their desperate, idiotic attempts at starting a global nuclear war.

Da gweld y siannel eto hefyd – Y Gwir Yn Erbyn y Byd…

Big Gee


The “fall” of Sturgeon begs numerous questions about the state of political debate and independence movement in Scotland. We remain to discover, if we ever will, whether Sturgeon embraced the deluded fantasies of nouveau leftist axis – trans related, climate related junk, etc etc – or did she just “adopt” them as a politically convenient action? Her dodgy husband will no doubt have played a part in all this. Are they really a married couple or just covering for each other ? Away from the stink coming from SNP I think that Alba now stands a great chance of filling at least part of the inevitable void that will arise at the next few elections, unless of course someone ( a lot of them) have the sense to back Ms. Forbes for leadership.


“Wuhan lab origin of Covid was a Far Right conspiracy theory?”

It is and still is, but like any conspiracy theory there main be a grain of truth in it. The reality is the Sars-Cov2 virus is of natural origin and has been proven by genomic analysis of bats in the caves of Wuhan, and this has been so long before the pandemic. It is not a ‘modified virus’. It has also been found naturally in other wild mammals in the vicinity though normal zoological transmission. Of course a local lab had a sample of it. They have all the Sars viruses for study, a do the department of genetics at Cardiff Uni. The postulate is that a lab technician caught it and this was patient zero, although there is no evidence of this. More likely a natural transmission for other mammal to human, in wild, in bushmeat market, or even collecting bat poo for compost.


Given the recently reported quote from that prick Handcock, I think it dated from late 2020, there were people in government circles chattering about a new variant that they fancied using to “scare the shit out of the public”. So all sorts of “control” options and fantasies were already circulating.

I’d love to be the Inquisitor applying hot pokers and intermittent jabs of electricity to Handcock’s soft parts to get him to elaborate on that episode. Come to think of it the sight of a couple of tenners would probably suffice.


The ‘scare ploy’ to get people to comply was not invented by Hancock in London. It was invented by Drakeford in Cardiff. Important to remember that Wales had a ‘firebreak lockdown’ in October and December 2020, and that Hancock and his colleagues were actually debating where such a tactic would work in England two months later. Something the English papers have overlooked and which the Welsh Government prefer not to advertise.


Drakeford was only doing as he was told adopting the much used practice of testing out new “methods” in Wales so that wonks in Whitehall could assess how it went before applying it, modifying it or dumping it for Greater England. Anything involving “scares” was eminently agreeable to Drakeford, it’s the thought of people enjoying freedom that takes him to a dark place.


Have no doubt whatsoever that the FBI have issues with China and that labs in China were doing genetic experiments with a whole array of viruses. Does not evidence the sourse.

In terms of what the virus is, its origins, and its genome we have to rely on scientific evidence. To believe this conspiracy theory we have to accept that this robocop opinion (evidence which he says is ‘classified’) against the publicly available generic map of the virus and hundreds of scientists, unanimously, across the world. It’s a naturally occurring virus that has been circulating in mammals well before the pandemic and its the new transmission vectors that allowed the spread.

Was Covid engineered as a test run for global lockdown and population control?


What we do know as fact is the virus originated naturally, is found in local wildlife, and also the lab had a collection for over four years. Prof Shi Zhengli (Batwoman) identified eight coronavirus strains found on bats in the local mine in 2015. It’s a natural virus.


Of course, everyone knew a Covid virus was coming. This was had been known for decades as we had previous of its type. SARS-Cov1 in 2002 also infecting China and Japan. Then we had the MERS-CoV which infected the middle east and north Africa in 2012. These two viruses were not a ‘speadable’ but was known the effects on human populations, as were the death rates.

Prior to the Cov2 outbreak there were many predictions (and research) that a more infectious virus would emerge. There was extensive testing of vaccines, and you appear to be swallowing the conspirosy theories. There were many different types of lockdown but I agree that that ‘mask mandates’ were more about ‘nudge policy’ a visible representation, rather than common sense or efficacy.


I’m sorry but when a new coronavirus emerges in one of the few (only?) places in the world that has a laboratory investigating and experimenting on them, then Occam’s Razor tells me that it was caused by a leak. I don’t doubt that it was accidental rather than deliberate.


Have no doubt various Covid strains have been banging about China for centuries. It has the same population as Europe. Decades ago, most were peasants living in small villages now the population live in mega-cities and well connected with the rest of the globe. Same with ‘Spanish Flu’. Pig farmers from Kansas who came to Europe to mix with a million in trenches. Same with the ‘Black Death’, the start of large maritime cities in Europe. These diseases pre-existed, what changed is opportunities for transmission. A bit like the size of the cow herds and overpopulation of badgers in south west Wales. This is not a global conspiracy, it’s the removal of perturbation boundaries and host population size providing transmission vectors.

Chris Groves

just to thank you for taking the time to write to this, hits the nail directly on the head, please dont give up the good work!

Howell Williams

Thank God for your sanity.
Let’s hope the powers that be taken note.
Or bugger of and leave it to people that really care for us Welsh.

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Brilliant post Jac.