We all belong to some kind of network. It can be as obvious as family or friends, or else it’s neighbours, workmates, political associates, other fans of the teams you support, fellow-worshippers at your chapel or church, even the people you play darts with down the pub. And nowadays we have to include social media.

Yet when we consciously use the word I’m sure many of us think of vaguely sinister organisations such as the Freemasons.

A curious outfit, the Freemasons, forever extolling their links with the Temple of Solomon, the Knights Templar, and the intellectuals and freethinkers of the Renaissance and the French Enlightenment. Yet this brotherhood lost its way and became what we see today – a mutual benefit society.

In fact, the Masons changed from being an organisation of questioning intellectuals to one representing an unquestioning and defensive bourgeoisie linked with the Conservative and Unionist Party, and in Ireland with Unionism and the Orange Order.

Freemasonry became a buttress for a UK establishment feeling threatened by the extending franchise in Britain and ‘Fenianism’ in Ireland. Which is not to say that supporters of other political parties don’t become Masons, but at root, Freemasonry is very much a Queen and Country organisation.

Yet today’s Freemasons maintain the pretence they belong to a rebellious intellectual continuum taking in Michaelangelo and Voltaire. Obvious nonsense.

One of the great bogeymen, and therefore recruiting sergeants, for the Freemasons a century ago was the Labour Party. Labour returned the compliment by trying to copy the reach of Freemasonry by building up its own network.

As with Freemasonry when it moved beyond the esoteric Labour’s expanding network of affiliated and associated bodies attracted individuals seeking personal advancement. This has predictably resulted in corruption.

Nowhere is this corruption more obvious now than in Wales.


In the previous post we renewed our acquaintance with Denise Kingsley Acton, former Green Party candidate in Watford, proprietrix of the Olive Trust (‘Smells ‘n’ chants ‘r’ us’) who washed up in Wales (as so many like her do), struck up a curious friendship with an elderly Swansea Labour councillor, and then in 2010 applied for £1,000,000 from the Welsh European Funding Office.

click to enlarge

Last week I wrote to WEFO asking if this application had been successful. The answer I received seems very carefully worded. The underlinings are mine.

“Thanks for your email. I’ve discussed with colleagues and as far as we’re aware, the Olive Trust does not appear to have directly received EU funding. For your information, the EU funds pages of the Welsh Government shows a list of all approved project through the current programmes“.

“As far as we’re aware” be buggered! Surely they keep records, they must know!

On the assumption that she did not get her million it could be that Denise Kingsley Acton believes the grass – and perhaps the funders – may be greener in Carmarthenshire, for she is now domiciled in Kidwelly. To be exact, in a detached house on an expensive new development near Mynydd-y-Garreg.

According to Denise S Kingsley lives with the man to whom I assume she is engaged – for her Facebook page informs us she is betrothed – and a Denise S Acton! Ménage à trois? Of course not – how dare you! – but confusion is bound to result when you use different names; and when she gets married the confusion can only increase.

Kingsley-Acton has recently opined that Kidwelly is badly in need of a community building (the kind of thing she wanted a million quid for in 2010) but hasn’t she heard of ‘The Hub’? It’s all happening in the Kidwelly Community Hub . . . well, maybe not much is happening, but it provides photo opportunities galore for Labour politicians. So it serves its real purpose.

Nia Griffith MP (in paper hat), Cllr Phil Thompson (green pinnie), Barry Lee Waters AM (back row), click to enlarge

The curious thing about the Hub, or to give it its proper name, Ynghyd Community Interest Company is that the Companies House website tells us there are three people with the Right to appoint and remove directorsMrs Nicola Herbertson of Surbiton, Mrs Diana Sylvia Groom, now of Kidwelly but until very recently a psychotherapist in Oxfordshire, and a Mr Steve Jones.

Other directors or former directors are also recent arrivals in Wales. Which makes the claim on the Facebook page that “Kidwelly Community Hub is a venture by Kidwelly people for Kidwelly people” a load of old bollocks, as we students of the third sector are wont to say.

It’s all so reminiscent of another ‘community’ venture in Carmarthenshire, this one at Llandovery. There we find another Englishwoman, Jill Tatman, who has commandeered a building – the former YMCA – then demanded and received funding to pay herself a good salary for running the show, though the YMCA has told her she can no longer use their name.

That’s because there are suspicions that hubby’s interest in the children visiting the building is not entirely innocent. Though she is said to have defended him at a recent trustees meeting by arguing that he had suffered enough for “only rubbing up against the kids”. So that’s all right then.

How many of these fucking memsahibs are there infesting our rural areas? Though some of them are not even living here, they seem to do it by remote control!

Firmly in Kidwelly, we find town and former county councillor Phil Thompson. Thompson is a barrister at law, yet his Declaration of Interests tells us he lives in social housing provided by Pobl (formerly Gwalia). Can’t a lawyer afford to buy a place of his own?

It reminds me of someone else with a very healthy income who lives in social housing, someone who writes regular letters to Llais y Sais. But then, former RAF Group Captain Kel Palmer of Mountain Ash is another Labour Party supporter, formerly involved with the doomed Communities First programme.

Many assume that social housing is for local people who can’t afford to buy a home of their own, which is how it should be, but not how it works in Wales. Well-off people can get social housing – if they’re in the Labour Party.

But then, the social housing system fails Wales in so many ways.

Not far from where Phil Thompson lives in Kidwelly his landlord Gwalia housed a gang of paedophiles brought down from London. Housing associations are bringing untold misery to Welsh communities by importing all manner of criminals, such as we see with Labour-controlled Wales and West in Lampeter.

To the point where what we have in Wales is very often anti-social housing – paid for from the Welsh public purse. How stupid must we be to tolerate this?

UPDATE 15.03.2018: I have now figured out how Mrs Nicola Herbertson of Surbiton got involved with the Kidwelly Hub. A previous director was Jonathan Michael Hobden, along with his wife, Fiona Mary. Here’s his Companies House entry and below is an extract from his Linkedin profile.

You’ll note, first, that he describes himself as a philanthropist! But more importantly, he is Director of Marketing at aka 3DNovations. Now the CEO and founder of Ltd is Nicola Herbertson. (There is also a Foundation registered with the Charity Commission, No 1153397.)

So it would appear that Ynghyd Ltd / Kidwelly Hub is a creation of, and controlled by, a company based in London. Which reminds us yet again what a load of old bollocks is the claim on the Facebook page that,  Kidwelly Community Hub is a venture by Kidwelly people for Kidwelly people”. I doubt if there’s one genuine Kidwelly local involved.

So does the Kidwelly Hub exist for the people of Kidwelly or for the benefit of and ‘Welsh’ Labour?


Another recent arrival in the area is a company called K Sharp Ltd, and once again we should thank Llanelli Online for bringing us the news.

According to the story, attributed to Iwan Lewis, “K Sharp has spread its footprint by opening a new office in Llanelli, South Wales, whilst keeping an office in Gloucester”. This is clearly a regurgitated press release, for readers of Llanelli Online should not need to be told that their town is in south Wales. (Many would prefer ‘west Wales’.)

Though if we go to the Companies House entry for K Sharp Ltd we see that on 11 January the company changed its address to Suite 2, West End Yard, West End, Llanelli, which suggests a complete move rather than opening a branch office.

click to enlarge

So what do we know about K Sharp Ltd?

Well, the website suggests it’s a company concerned with human behaviour, including, ‘Cultural and Behavioural Analytics’, and that the head honcho is Barry Kirby, assisted by his wife and two other women. Much of their work seems to be police- or defence-related.

click to enlarge

So who is Barry?

Until quite recently Barry was Deputy Leader of the Labour group on Gloucestershire County Council, and a general election candidate to boot, until he threw it in last October. This rupture with the Gloucestershire Labour Party and the move to Llanelli in January (or earlier) are surely connected.

So why was Llanelli Online so late with the news?

Given K Sharp’s line of work is there any link with the Local MP, Nia Griffith, being shadow defence secretary? Or is Barry hoping to cash in on the Coffin partnership’s Wellness extravaganza?

I think we should be told why a company based in Gloucestershire, working with Gloucester University, suddenly ups sticks and moves 110 miles down the M4. Nobody makes a move like this unless there’s some advantage in it for them, so what has K Sharp Ltd been promised, and by whom?

Another mystery is that the Micro-entity accounts available on the Companies House website for K Sharp Ltd deal in peanuts, so where’s the money to run a company like this and pay four people’s salaries?

Looking at the bigger picture, is Labour perhaps fearful of electoral trends elsewhere in the county infecting Sosban and now attempting to strengthen its hold on the constituency? A project greatly helped by Plaid Cymru destroying itself in the area.

But with all the memsahibs, snake oil salesmen/saleswomen, and outright crooks now sucking on the teat of public funding, and with so few of them having true local connections, this ploy could backfire. Because people aren’t that stupid, not even lifelong Labour voters.

But whatever the future holds we can rely on Llanelli Online to bring us all the Labour Party news. It’ll be up to people like me to give you something closer to the truth.

 ♦ end ♦


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Ynghyd CIC has it’s own YouTube channel, from where you can view various appearances of Nia Griffiths MP and Lee Waters AM receiving gifts as well as a speech on channels to getting at funding by Jon Hobden. This was in 2014.

We also see a video of Nikki Herbertson CEO of who introduces herself by saying Ynghyd is difficult to pronounce. The videos were filmed at Parc y Scarlets and at Llanelly House as well was the “hub” in Cydweli.


Yes, but it’s also operates as a fishing expedition on the Gwendraeth Fach. The catch being a huge grant/subsidy for a solar farm to be established between the town council offices and the river. The site in question is a haven for wildlife, but Labour councillors have started calling this ‘waste land’. The hook being used in this fishing exercise is the Gwendraeth Valley Energy Cooperative. The directors of Ynghyd are also directors of GVEC.

A previous fishing trip by the directors was made using “The Sustainable Energy Co-Operative” at Parc Slip in Tondu, a site run by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. They already own a wetland site near Cydweli. I suspect they now want a chunk of the estuary and part of the quay to plant a turbine, a few solar panels and maybe farm some eco-tourism, the ‘hub’ being the pathetic PR exercise to ingratiate themselves with the town, buy off local politicians, and join the queue for energy grants.


Jac pop this one into your “networks and conspiracies” file. The kind of data exploitation and manipulation of evidence discussed in here also turns up in the Wales/UK bubble when dealing with fringe matters that suddenly become “very important” to some politicians and “opinion formers”.

Donkey Ostler

Going back to EX Councillor & EX Cabinet Member & EX Darling of Lliw & NPT Labour & EX Long Time Absentee from Council Meetings before he stood down & yes EX EX EX EX everything else – DAVID LEWIS of Alltwen. He once lived next door to a Plaid Cymru Councillor (now also EX) Dr Dewi Evans. Seemingly they got into a quarrel over the fence one day and Dr Dewi told David Lewis :- “David, your trouble is, you’ve been educated beyond your intelligence”. That is what your EX Labour ‘friends’ say David. Perhaps Dr Dewi could confirm this.


Hallelujah Brother Big Gee!

Are we in Wales not the wokest?

Ein gwlad ein dyfodol ein cysegr ein crefydd.

That being said, why is the Archbishop of Wales after devolution still preaching Anglicanism?

Would Dewi Sant or Owain Glyndwr have prayed in this Anglican church?

Isn’t Anglicanism just the manifestation of the Cult of Henry the VIII, the self appointed Supreme Head of the Church of England . Did the English not only appropriate our country but imposed it’s religion upon us?

I say to you the people of Wales we do not want the English religion that has been imposed on us. We have our own destiny now. We did not want the religion of the English then….and we do not want the English to impose any religion on us in the future.

Ein gwlad ein dyfodol ein cysegr ein crefydd!

We are woke and getting “woker” each day!

Jordan Peterson is very much woke and we need to hear what he has to say:………


Our chief reporter at Wales Offline got in touch with the Prif Seneddwr over the phone for an in- depth interview to ask him about the implications of the dumbing down of Welsh society. Below is the full transcript of the interview.

FULL TRANSCRIPT:…..”Go away I’m batin.”

As the interview with the Prif Seneddwr was a tad terse, we decided to run the Mark Drakeford story instead…..


One of Wales’ most notable visionaries of Welsh Labour politics……

Taking Wales Forward: The Welsh Government’s well-being objectives (2016).

Mark Drakeford, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government….

Today I am publishing the Welsh Government’s well-being objectives, which set out how we will use the Well-being of Future Generations Act to help deliver our programme for government, Taking Wales Forward, and maximise our contribution to the seven shared national well-being goals.

The well-being objectives will provide a bridge between Taking Wales Forward and the development of four cross-cutting national strategies; Prosperous and Secure, Healthy and Active, Ambitious and Learning and, United and Connected. These four strategies will allow us to use the levers available to us to greatest effect, to ensure that public services deliver the best possible outcomes for people in Wales and our economy continues to grow, delivering jobs and prosperity for all. The well-being objectives will be tested further through the development of the strategies and will engage businesses, public bodies, people and communities in this important work.



a tad off topic – anyone see the news that Newport [Gwent] is now a property hot spot [top?] – prices have rocketed apparently] – anticipating the abolition of the Bridge Tolls. speculators investors and those looking for home somewhere more affordable than Bristol? selling like hot cakes.

Predictably this will move/reverberate westward, pricing out the locals who will have to move or commute further for jobs [for which they will get plenty of 3rd sector help as will those who move in whether the cheap housing seekers of the dross and safety net failures from England but probably get far more help than the locals].

Big Gee

Quite an eye opener, especially the escalation since 2015. It’s not depressing – it’s a tragic disaster.

Cllr David Lewis, Alltwen .

Do you know JACK I have immense respect for your investigative skills, but basically your a sad case…..I’m being kind.
We’ve got a prick down here in the south who hides in your shadow known as STan …. the total prat



at nearly 2 o’clock in the morning, and you go to the trouble of adding that little quip to our pool of information. You must be a seriously sad bastard or up late unable to sleep cos you’ve had too much sauce at some freebie function again. As you are an elected member go do some good as right now you so small you can’t be called a prick !


strange for this guy to come out of the woodwork – is he another one? Noted to be an ex director of the west wales tourism partnership [company no. 04406314] along with the likes of Meryl Gravell?

He should keep well away from boards/blogs like these unless he does have some useful input rather than slagging off another blogger who I presume is doing the scrutiny this councillor should be doing – oh and by the way explain why the reserves had dropped by some £100k in what has got to be a [publicly] funded partnership [even though he has left].

Is he also a retired lecturer from London [welsh]?

And if he is a Neath PT councillor what is he doing about the linda/bonny lewis case?

sad case indeed.


Yes. Evidently very much a Dic Siôn Dafydd (a sort of Chaim Rumkowski)

David Lewis went to London to learn and came back to weasel over the Welsh for the British Labour Party. Nothing wrong with a London stint as long as you return with skills to liberate rather than collaborate.

Big Gee

Councillor Lewis (not currently an elected councillor).
I’ve been asked to enquire of you: “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

Nothing personal – don’t shoot the messenger.


Jac. There may be a reason for those early morning comments from “Councillor” David Lewis, now no longer one since last May’s local elections when he stood down. Possibly the old boy forgot that. Too many late nights, brooding about past wars fought with former Welsh Labour friends and colleagues, his sacking from the Cabinet, it could test the sanity of many a fellow. I haven’t helped matters either, I confess. I published Lewis’ take from the public purse over the years and in more recent times his attendance at council committee (well, non-attendance would be more accurate). He’s struck me off his Christmas cards list ever since. Ah, well – the crosses we have to bear in revealing these facts to a disbelieving public, eh Jac?

Anyway, to the point. How many times have you rightly taken a pot shot at housing associations in Wales, pointing out their dodgy practices in flirting with private sector development, jobs for the boyos (and girlies), their lack of transparency in their accounting practices, importing dodgy tenants from afar like paedophiles and low-lifes etc? And in this latest article you specifically refer to housing associations failing the people of Wales and you mention Gwalia importing paedophiles into Kidwelly.

Well I think you may have touched a nerve with old Dai. You see, one of Dai’s daughters is now the Director of Corporate Operations at Pobl Group, which took over Grwp Gwalia, where she was Director of Strategy and Governance and Head of New Business. So you can see the connection now and possibly why the outburst at that strange hour.

To be honest, I wasn’t going to respond to yet another of former Councillor Lewis’ slurs against me. They have happened so frequently on the Neath Ferret site that I no longer bite on there. I have long suspected, like his post to you, they are posted in the wee hours, possibly under the influence of more than a wee dram (The Ferret does not put times to posts). But I thought the explanation of the family link into Gwalia/Pobl business would help you and others understand.

The irony of this one is Lewis has frequently suggested I need psychiatric help. Hmmm?


It would certainly be of interest to find out the total of funds distributed in any financial year to areas such as this. Funds which could have been deployed into education and training, the Welsh NHS, care & social services to the housebound sick, disabled and elderly, road and rail infrastructure. Just for starters.

But no, instead we are blessed with this parallel universe of no evident value sucking cash out of Welsh government and bodies like the Lottery Heritage Funds. Now some of this madness may have begun with EU giving very loose directions on how national governments should deploy resources but the whole thing has run completely out of control. It satisfies the lazy Labour regime’s need to have a steady supply of evidence that they are “doing something” by committing funds but rarely if ever are we offered some outcomes worthy of applause and acclaim. All the superficial evidence suggests that those who dream up these scams fill their pockets and the intended beneficiaries of “interventions” remain flat on their backs just ripe for the next shyster to come along and conjure up yet another clever scheme to regenerate them.


Not that surprised, although funds committed must be accounted for somewhere in the bowels of various departmental accounting records. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if a lot of this loot goes to an intermediary body first and that in turn operates as a distributor to “approved cases”. Thus keeping it arm’s length away from the government’s accountability.

As for outcomes it is well known, as big a joke as you likely to find, that outcomes are meaningless. One instance some years ago when training in “I.T” was a very fashionable way of sucking money out of the system, a provider reported that some 1500 young “Neet’s” had undergone said training in Gwent and were certified accordingly. Well meaning employer enquired how many of these young people were now in related employment, response – “we don’t know, we don’t keep a record of that” ! You can bet your best boots that had the figure been good some bureaucrat would have had it tabulated, pie charted, bar charted, punched and bored. Yet another example of training activity undertaken for the benefit of providers and not likely to open many doors for youngsters who need a fresh start.


Just a quick, initial and impassioned response…….

Firstly …Oh Yeah!


“In many European countries political stability and reputation of the Union are put into questions through the growth of populist parties, strongly supporting nationalistic tendencies among their populations”

“It is not to say that government- third sector co-operations, civicness and volunteering are no longer contributing to the diversity of Europe and the wellbeing of it’s citizens”

You don’t seem to have enough diversity in Llanelli! Well, we will send some Third Sector missionaries to tell you about the new religion sweeping Europe – The Church of the Third Sector and Holy Diversification (peace be upon it). We will tell you about the nearest EU sponsored Zumba group and tell you that if you dare say anything about the new religion (peace be upon it ) we will call you a racist and charge you with the crime of having a fear of being replaced.

To the people of Wales I say to you: Third sector is an EU policy for the genocide of the European race.

To Merke, the EU and the Prif Seneddwr I say to you:…….

To Merkel and the EU……fuck off, we voted out.

To the Prif Seneddwr….fuck off, we voted out and we don’t want EU legislation in the Senedd anymore.

What do we want?

Legislation in the Senedd for the people of Wales!

When do we want it?


A song to the tune of “Oh Tannenbaum…

The Labour party can kiss my arse, the people of Wales have seen the evil intent of the EU dictatorship at last!

To the peole of Wales fight for you culture and heritage….or DIE!


Even Barry Morgan is WOKE!

“Saints like David were ordinary people, not post-graduates in goodness, says the Archbishop of Wales.”

Wasn’t it Barry Morgan (after a long day in the office and after a couple of glasses of wine), who said: “Blessed Europa – Christendom must be saved. It’s time to get “Hwyled” up, it is time to raise our banners high.. Together we will stand strong and proud….victory will prevail!”

Post scriptum…….

Do we still pronounce the Bardic welcome to Elisabeth of Windsor when she comes to Wales?

Big Gee

Hallelujah Brother mrorigami2013!

My sentiments exactly.


Ruth Price

You mentioned Ynghyd which used to have a website and an office in Cydweli. Out of curiosity I had a look for that website to see if some of the same names appeared. I couldn’t find it, but got diverted to Social Firms Wales, which seems to provide advice on how to fund your pointless social enterprise to milk WG and give the illusion of helping the community.

Worth a look?


Jac mentions ex Carmarthenshire County Councillor for Kidwelly, Philip Thompson being is a barrister at law, yet his Declaration of Interests tells us he lives in social housing provided by Pobl (formerly Gwalia).

He also asks why a lawyer can’t afford to buy a place of his own?

Thompson also has help with the rent at Llys Gwenllian during election time. Last year two Labour candidates moved in to the household according to the electoral declarations.

Forming this temporary house of multiple occupation was Sion Davies who stood in Llangyndeyrn ward (won by Plaid Cymru), and Lisa Williams, who stood in Trimsaran ward (and lost it to Plaid Cymru). Thompson himself also lost his seat to Plaid.

Perhaps Labour are taking tips on parachutes from RAF Group Captain Kel Palmer of Mountain Ash?


What makes you think that is connected to the Labour Party?
“Hao” is the Chinese work for good.

Strange as it seems, Mari Arthur the candidate imposed by the Plaid Cymru executive on the Llanelli constituency (against their expressed wishes) boasts a career history which includes “representing Wales in China” on behalf of the British government. Her own third sector outfit, Cynnal Cymru, also has done work on technology exchange in the third sector with China. Now, Llanelli Plaid has been suspended. So Mari Arthur is now establishing a ‘lower Gwendraeth branch’ of Plaid, herself as secretary. This will cover Cydweli where this ‘hub’ is seeking a base, and Trimsaran, where Mari has now settled.

Just could be a coincidence.