Miscellany 15.01.2020


It’s time for a round-up of a few topics that have moved on since I last dealt with them. With one ‘newcomer’.


You may recall that in Miscellany 09.12.2019, and under the section headed ‘Foreign aid’, we looked at a number of interlinked organisations that, collectively, I described as Wales’ foreign aid programme.

These were, the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel, the Welsh Centre for International Affairs and Hub Cymru Africa. I looked at how these organisations are funded, and how that money is spent.

It started with someone directing me to a tweet from the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel, of which Plaid Cymru AM Helen Mary Jones is sponsor.

Click to enlarge

We can also see Labour AMs Vaughan Gething and Baroness Eluned Morgan in the tweet. So the self-styled ‘progressives’ were well represented at this event.

What we see with these organisations is a great deal of Welsh public funding being diverted to an area for which the self-styled ‘Welsh Government’ has no responsibility. With the bulk of the money then spent on salaries for people who have moved to Wales to get their snouts in the third sector trough.

Which results in millions of pounds of Welsh public money being spent in ways that provide no benefits whatsoever to Wales or to Welsh people.

Last week there was a sequel. In the Senedd. When Neil Hamilton, the regional AM for south and west Wales, raised the issue of Wales’ foreign aid programme.

Click here to see the video clip of his question and the response from Rebecca Evans the minister for finance. (Also note the intemperate cheering that greets the mention of Jac o’ the North!)

I accept that Neil Hamilton is not everyone’s cup of tea, he’s made mistakes. But he’s not evil, as some on the left like to portray anyone who doesn’t meet with their approval. And he’s certainly not lobby fodder, or a self-serving hypocrite, or a swivel-eyed member of the ‘woke’. Categories that cover most of the other AMs.

Neil Hamilton can fairly be described as his own man. And he’s one of my AMs.

Which is important, seeing as my constituency AM is Lord Elis Thomas, elected for Plaid Cymru in 2016 but who quickly defected to become an ‘Independent’ . . . but Labour in all but name. Now he serves as young Kenny Skates’ bag man.

The other regional AMs for mid and west Wales are Labour’s Baroness Eluned Morgan and Joyce Watson, with Plaid’s Helen Mary Jones. None of whom would raise a question about public funding being wasted on gesture politics.

Of course not, Labour AMs are not going to challenge their own management team. And Plaid Cymru only becomes mildly critical of Labour – in a comradely sort of way – during election campaigns.

I want to turn now to Rebecca Evans’ response, which can be found in the image below.

Click to enlarge

Note first that Rebecca Evans claims to belong to “a global, internationalist Welsh Government that takes its responsibilities to the planet and to others very seriously”.

Bollocks! She belongs to a devolved administration, with limited powers and responsibility for Wales alone.

Diverting to the home districts of third sector operatives of African origin what little is left after salaries are deducted, glossy reports produced, awards ceremonies and similar bun fights organised, achieves sod all for Wales.

How about this for a snide and supercilious remark, ” . . . it might speak more easily to the Member’s set of values . . . “. After that barb she took flight, Icarus-like, from the sunlit uplands of globalism with nonsense about ‘maintaining peace’, and with fighting the ‘climate crisis’ overseas.

This might be delusional if it was said by a representative of a wealthy, independent country. But when it comes from the management team of an impoverished province then it is positively insulting.

Just stick to the day job. Try thinking about the Welsh for a change. Those poor buggers who brought devolution into existence in 1997 and have been ignored ever since while posturing arseholes down Corruption Bay pretend to save humanity. Oh, yes, and the planet.


I hadn’t planned on writing anything about the Plas Glynllifon/Seiont Manor gang(s) but so much has happened since Weep for Wales 16 that I just can’t keep on updating it.

Weep for Wales 16 went out on January 2, and here’s a resumé of what’s happened since then.

1/ On the 4th, the Daily Post reported the ‘temporary’ closure of Seiont Manor.

2/ On the 8th, NorthWalesLive (the online version of the Daily Post) reported that Plas Glynllifon is in the hands of receivers. This is the BBC report.

3/ On the 10th, NorthWalesLive told us that Seiont Manor is also in the hands of receivers.

4/ NorthWalesLive reported that Paul and Rowena Williams, the former owners and now co-owners of both Plas Glynllifon and Seiont Manor, will be topping the bill with co-owner Myles Cunliffe in the High Court’s Business and Property Courts in Manchester on January 17.

Let’s try to make sense of these developments, the claims and counter-claims.

The first report, about the Seiont Manor closing ‘temporarily’, is pure bullshit. Cunliffe knew that the hotel wasn’t opening again.

In number two we read that Duff and Phelps have been appointed receivers for Plas Glynllifon Ltd by Together Commercial Finance Ltd, which has 8 outstanding charges against the company. And even though the ‘Filing history’ gives the date of January 7, the receiver was in fact appointed on December 17.

As explained in this Companies House document. The publication of the news was presumably delayed by the Christmas and New Year holiday. Even so, I have no doubt that both the Williams duo and Cunliffe knew the game was up long before they tucked into their Brussels sprouts.

Click to enlarge

In number 3 we read of two companies – Plas Glynllifon Ltd and Rural Retreats & Development Ltd – and three properties, Plas Glynllifon, Seiont Manor and Polvellan House in Cornwall. We’ve just looked at Plas Glynllifon Ltd, while Rural Retreats & Development Ltd is the owner of Seiont Manor and Polvellan House.

The eight outstanding charges against Plas Glynllifon Ltd all refer to the mansion of that name and adjoining land. Whereas the seven outstanding charges against Rural Retreats & Development Ltd found on the Companies House website seem to apply to assorted parcels of land unrelated to Seiont Manor.

Yet the title document for Seiont Manor hotel (below) clearly shows four charges held by Together Commercial Finance Ltd. Page 5 of the document clears up the mystery by explaining that these charges are bundled up with other titles. (The assorted parcels of land referred to in the previous paragraph.)

Click to enlarge

It seems fairly obvious that Together Commercial Finance Ltd realises it’s loaned too much money to people and companies unlikely to ever repay, and also perhaps – given recent history – to properties that may have been over-valued. So now it’s called in the receivers to secure what’s left before the vultures strip the carcass and fly away.

The impending court case mentioned in 4 seems unrelated to these developments. So let’s try to figure out what might be discussed in Manchester on Friday.

It seems to have started with a spat over accounts for Plas Glynllifon Ltd not being submitted to Companies House, with this raising the possibility of the company being struck off. Paul Williams insisted he was happy for the accounts to be submitted but said they were being held up by Myles Cunliffe.

As I remarked in Weep for Wales 15, what I found odd was that the accounts in question referred to a period before Cunliffe got involved with Plas Glynllifon, so why would he withhold those accounts? I feel there’s something we’re not being told.

The hearing on Friday has been instigated by Paul and Rowena Williams through their solicitors, Glaisyers of Manchester, who you may remember sent me a ‘Take down everything you’ve ever written (but don’t show this to anybody!)’ letter before Christmas. Here’s my response.

The allegation against Cunliffe is that he changed company documents without permission, and also that he closed Seiont Manor without authorisation.

I can’t comment on the documents charge, but surely, once Together Commercial Finance Ltd called in the receivers on December 17 the game was up? A company in receivership cannot carry on trading as if nothing has happened, not unless it’s agreed with the administrators/receivers, or unless the company is run by or the running is overseen by the administrators/receivers.

So I would ask why the Gruesome Twosome and Cunliffe and associates didn’t come clean before Christmas about receivership, because they must have known.

AND FINALLY . . . Someone interested in buying Plas Glynllifon Ltd before the Williams duo showed up was Gavin Woodhouse of Northern Powerhouse Developments Ltd. You may recall that he planned to market the old pile as ‘Wynnborn’. The ‘negative reaction’ to that suggestion made him walk away.

But he didn’t walk far, for Woodhouse built up a portfolio of Welsh hotels, including Caer Rhun in the Conwy valley. But it all came crashing down last year when his business practices were exposed by the Guardian and ITV News. Even so, the ‘Welsh Government’ still offered Woodhouse a £500,000 grant for Caer Rhun.

Click to enlarge

Now Caer Rhun has gone the way of all Welsh hotels that fall into the hands of con men and crooks from over the border and been closed by administrators. And yet, the £500,000 grant still appears in literature put out by the ‘Welsh Government’ and Visit Wales!

They must be so proud!


Another gang of crooks from the mystic East (Yorkshire, to you) bought a traditional Welsh property known as Bryn Llys Bach, just outside Nebo, not far from Caernarfon. They then set about doing whatever they liked whether they had planning permission or not. (Usually not.) This went hand in hand with cutting down trees and hedgerows that didn’t belong to them and threatening to beat up neighbours who dared complain.

This behaviour went largely unchecked despite complaints to both Cyngor Gwynedd and North Wales Police. Yes, there was a police raid on the property in April 2018, but this was almost certainly carried out or instigated by an English force and connected with the arrest of John Joseph Duggan in Benllech in May of that year.

For Duggan is the father of Jonathan James Duggan, who lives at Bryn Llys with his wife and numerous progeny, plus other gang members. I suggest you catch up with recent developments by reading this posting.

Bryn Llys, then and now. Click to enlarge

In a nutshell, the old house was demolished, a new one built (without planning permission, of course), and this new monstrosity was advertised for sale at £850,000.

It was withdrawn from sale, perhaps because of legal proceedings promised by Cyngor Gwynedd. But now I hear that ‘Snowdon Summit View’ will be among properties auctioned on February 27 in Chester. (Where else?)

The price has reduced from £850,000 to £650,000.

Click to enlarge

The worry is that even if the house sells the gang will still be left with some 20 acres of land nearby. Given how they operate, their contempt for neighbours and all authority, we can expect them to plough ahead with any insane plan they choose.

Given the kind of people we are dealing with, and their contempt for everyone around them, I would have thought that Cyngor Gwynedd could produce a good case for the compulsory purchase of those 20 acres.


Llanbedr is a village lying between Barmouth and Harlech. I got to know it in the summer of ’73. I’d just finished at Coleg Harlech and decided to hang around for a bit longer, so I got a job in Llanbedr’s village pub, the Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria Inn, Llanbedr. Click to enlarge

The regular customers contained a good sprinkling of those working at RAE Llanbedr. These could be further divided into the locals and the ex-service types who had moved to Llanbedr on leaving the forces. As is usual in a colonial context, the locals generally did the unskilled and lower-paid jobs.

Even after leaving the area I managed to maintain some contact with Llanbedr, often by unlikely means. For example, I knew the guy employed to keep the airstrip free of other birds with his hawks.

More recently, the airfield has been used for testing drones and also by a flying school. Bigger plans were thwarted in 2018 when Llanbedr lost out to Sutherland in Scotland as the location for the UK’s main spaceport.

To ease the blow, the ‘Welsh Government’ and Cyngor Gwynedd are pouring in millions of pounds to develop the airfield in some subsidiary role. And Llanbedr is now also part of the split-site Snowdonia Enterprise Zone.

Though the main beneficiary of all this would appear to be Snowdonia Aerospace LLP, which leases the site, or certainly the buildings. Snowdonia Aerospace is based in Dorset. There are some fascinating entries under the ‘People’ tab, where we find those who are or have been involved with this outfit.

Among them Putney Investments Ltd, with an address in Queensland, Australia.

Click to enlarge

‘Snowdonia’ Aerospace has received loans from both the ‘Welsh Government’ and the UK government, but both loans were in 2012, long before thoughts of a Welsh Cape Canaveral. So how do we account for this in 2012?

But then, last October, a new outfit appeared on the scene in the form of Snowdonia Aerospace Estates LLP. It too is based in Dorset, with the partners being Lee John Paul and Putney Investments Ltd. Fancy that!

Putney Investments obviously gets around. There were a number of companies in Australia using the name, then a dormant company in Hampshire, yet the address given for the latest incarnation is on the Isle of Man.

This begins to look rather fishy. Do those clowns down Corruption Bay know who they’re dealing with? Probably not, so why are they dealing with a Limited Liability Partnership, that most opaque and unaccountable of financial constructs?

Despite the favourable treatment, a source tells me things are not well at Llanbedr, corners are being cut, and copious amounts of bullshit are being spread to confuse politicians, funders, and others.

Here are a few of the things I’m being told:

  • Llanbedr airfield is an enterprise zone with no enterprise
  • Despite charging tenants Snowdonia Aerospace is very reluctant to pay its own water and electricity bills
  • The whole site is deteriorating and Snowdonia Aerospace is simply hanging on for a ‘big player’ to take the place off their hands
  • Safety is compromised in all manner of ways
  • Despite all the hype – and money – there are just two employees
  • Half the ‘enterprise zone’ runs on a generator, which rarely works. Result – many angry tenants
  • Contractors shipped in from outside of Wales have been allowed to sleep in the control tower! (Where they smoke Jamaican Woodbines.)
  • Buildings have been knocked down without consent

There seems little doubt that the ‘Welsh Government’ and Cyngor Gwynedd have been bullied by the UK government and the military into coughing up large sums of our money for a project that is producing no benefits for Wales.

In fact, it’s difficult to see who, apart from the partners in Snowdonia Aerospace LLP, are benefiting. Unless of course it’s the partners in Snowdonia Aerospace Estates LLP, wherever they might be . . . Queensland, Hampshire or the Isle of Man.

I shall be making further enquiries about Llanbedr airfield, and will almost certainly return to this subject in the near future. If anyone reading this has more information, then please get in touch.

♦ end ♦


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David Eifion Thomas reminds us that the Chairman of Plaid was elected to office by an “electorate” of about 5% of its membership. That’s a party that’s always banging on about democracy, equality….. Blah blah blah …. a leadership team made up of a bunch of complete and utter fakes, poseurs and con artists. The membership is being taken for a ride, or complicit in this shift to political “gangsterism”

No point waiting to see whether they shape up for 2021, get active now to support new emerging forces such as Gwlad and Propel who don’t spew bullshit 24/7. Price won’t change a thing. He’s great at talking all sorts of theories but in practical terms he’s still sucking his thumb. Worse than that he’s being manipulated by the Wood/Deryn clique and will never break away from their control


Off topic but I notice that the Wales Act 214 in Westminster provides not only in clause19 that Westminster would devolve the power to change the name of the Welsh Assembly and in Clause20 to change the age franchise of Welsh elections, both used, there are a number of other powers that take effect. These are not very well publicised so list them on the JacOtheNorth blog as it is so highly regarded and well read by members of the Senedd.

Clause 1: Recognises the Senedd and the Welsh Government as permanent.
Clause 4a: The power to regulate the conduct of Welsh Assembly elections.
Clause 4b: Power over the registration of voters.
Clause 5: The power to set the date of local elections.
Clause 6: Determine aspects of the voter registration process.

Schedule 1: defines reserved powers. This includes the regulation of political parties the elections for the Westminster House and PCCs. However ‘advisory referendums’, Welsh elections, and local elections are not listed as reserved. This issue in Scotland is that they have their own legal system so Westminster have specifically over-ruled the Scottish Parliament in this matter, but have failed to do so in Wales, either by accidental omission, or belief that such an event unlikely to occur.

Other provisions are that a candidate for the Senedd cannot also be an MP in the Westminster House, and visa versa, but candidates in constituency seats for the Senedd can stand as a regional candidate as long as it’s in the same region and for the same party. Historically, the Tories have done this.

This has important implications for ….

South Wales Central – In the unlikely event Neil McEvoy doesn’t directly win the Cardiff West constituency, if a large enough vote is found in Cardiff, added to a smattering of votes for Propel in the valleys, he’s sure to retain his seat as a regional AM, displacing a Labour or Plaid seat in the process. Personal note – I admire Plaid Cymru and the appointed commissioner for assisting McEvoy in keeping him top of the news agenda and fuelling his public profile.

Mid and West Wales – As Plaid Cymru have topped themselves in Llanelli both as a party and fielding a rather obnoxious candidate, the number of votes Sian Caiach of Gwlad can muster there, added to any non champagne socialist voters in Ceredigion and the Plaid Cymru abandonment of Powys, she is almost certain to win a regional seat. Personal note – I am also not convinced that Dafydd El will ‘go quietly’ in Dwyfor Meirionnydd.

Is it just me who’s noticed this?


Cllr Martyn Peters has sat on NPT council for Plaid Cymru since 1999 when it was established. He’s the heart and soul of Plaid Cymru in Neath. For him to resign from Plaid Cymru must be a huge blow, especially as he’s given his reason as down to the recent trajectory of the party. I cannot understand how Adam Price is so blind to what’s going on.

Dyn Gwyrdd

The latest thread of comments here seem to point at identifying and unmasking the drunken poser who identifies as “Anonymous Dai”. This fits a former Labour Councillor with a bad dress sense with a preference for purple pantaloons. Dai used to live next door to an academic sarcastic Plaid Cymru Councillor who once told Dai – “Your problem is, you’ve been educated beyond your intelligence”. Dai was openly boasting in 1995 that he was poised to become the Leader of the new NPT County Council in 1996, but he got trumped by the Catholic Clique in Port Talbot. Dai was a bully, but got into an amazing vulgar abusive quarrel with another nasty Vallies bully at the Assembly. This resulted in Dai being kicked out of the Labour Party and hilariously he said it was over a smoking issue within a NPT building. Whatever it was, his downfall was over a fuming exchange. After that Dai virtually disappeared, apart from a few alcohol inspired verbals. There are other past issues involving Dai, but they are best left to sleep in the past as dragging these up from over 25 years ago would be hurtful to other innocents. My advice to Dai is stick to DIY and workshop safety and do not leave the computer running when the cork is out of the bottle. Strangely both bullies have been kicked out of Politics by their Party and their once upon a time constituents. My advice to both of you bullies is take to wearing slippers and watching old movies on video as you enjoy a drop of the naughty liquids before crashing out to dream of how things once were in your heady days as nasty Labour odd balls..

Red Flag

I was married to a girl from Port Talbot once, back in the late 80’s to mid 90’s – from Cwmavon at the back. F***ing awful place.

Big Gee

“You and your LABOUR party”???????

“. . . . most of the other past and existing Labour politicos here” ?????

Are you sure you haven’t mixed this blog up with some other blog that you frequent?

Dai Protheroe

Not at all, Big Gee. “Anonymous” (or David Lewis) was a Cabinet member in NPT for many a year. I’ve lived under a Labour controlled council here all my life. It’s shit. So I’ve no wish to join Anonymous’ invitation to join his “real world”. I live in hope of a better one.

Big Gee

Oh! THAT (poisonous) little David Lewis – Stan’s ‘mate’ in the NPT area. Sorry – I got my ‘Dais’ mixed up by the looks of it. I thought you were referring to this blog and it’s patrons – which was rather strange at face value, but now the fog has cleared! Thanks.

Dai Protheroe

That’s OK, Big Gee. Too many Dais writing at once. One of us will have to go, lol.


Jaco the Gog’ Dwarling

Having trawlled this crap, above I must ask…. in ‘simple terms’ … don’t you recognise your roll in insulting we -the simpletones of WALES????through this monotonous contempt of the rest of us???

In a country that anualy experiences an outflow of talented hundreds in search of work ouside some ‘fairy of a boundary’….. You spend your time looking at two or three deviants object to our our ‘Sovereinty ‘
Why don’t you join us in the real world and recognise life outside GOG land ????


Dear Mr Anonymous [Dai]

I would be grateful if you could expand on your previous statement, preferably in plain English.

Yours sincerely

Dai Protheroe

“Why don’t you join us in the real world and recognise life outside GOG land ????”

No thanks, mate. I live in NPT already and have witnessed all my life what you and your Labour Party have done for us. You’ve done alright though, along with most of the other past and existing Labour politicos here. Pity the good life that’s come to all of you hasn’t trickled down the line.


Putney Capital Management is a rather shadowy operation of central and South America, based in the Dominican Republic but operational throughout the region It specialises in n raising capital for buyouts, recapitalisations, turnarounds and joint ventures. It does JVs in manganese ore mining, 90% of which is added to make stainless steel.


Small website for a company that deals in billion dollar acquisitions, like their latest buying up of a Brazillian steel mills for asset striping.


It appears to mainly dabble in buying open cast real estate and mineral rights.

Companies that mine ore are hostage to global spot markets. When strip mines or processing plants close, in comes Putney who asset strip equipment and re-purpose the land, or just mothball a site as a held asset until the spot market increases again.

There is obviously a similar market in Australia for this type of activity, but as far as I know the gold and manganese deposits of the Rhinogydd horizon is small and no longer of commercial value. Holding assets in an IoM subsidiary is a method of avoiding tax on profits from capital gains, but still being able to transfer equity into UK banking system.

Outfits like Putney Capital Management is an excellent vehicle for laundering cash of ill repute, and is probably why they appear in the ‘Panama Papers’. But why get involved at Llanbedr?


Space Port chronology.

In 2014 the following sites had been short listed. Campbeltown, Prestwick, Stornoway, Newquay, Llanbedr. It is widely believed in Scotland that the three Scottish sites were on the list as stalking horse locations for the UK government to influence IndyRef1. By 2016, all of the above sites were dropped from the selection process.

In 2017, the UK government decided to directly award a site. A’Mhoine peninsula on the north coast of Scotland was selected, which wasn’t on any of previous shortlists. One of the investors was the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (not far from Dounreay) and Lockheed Martin (US defence contractor).


In 2018, the Space Industry Act 2018 came into force and has extensive powers, powers are held by the Secretary of State, but even though the site was in Scotland, the legislation also applies to England and Wales.


LM and NDA would not involve themselves in any way with Putney due to non-proliferation treaties and the US trade embargos. So we now have a situation at Llanbedr where the Secretary of State has extensive powers as contained in the 2018 legislation but without the surety of ethical investment and purpose.

I wonder if Liz Saville Roberts MP has the guts to ask what are the REAL plans for Llanbedr, and why has the site attracted some very dodgy interest from those linked to south American drug cartels. Do they want access to nuclear waste? Is it already earmarked as a geological disposal repository for nuclear waste, bypassing the Welsh Government (other than being hoodwinked for grants)?

Both my exhibit links in this comment are from the Westminster House.


Lee John Paul Jr, the drugs baron and racing car driver has DoB Feb 1960 and is a US citizen, with Huntington’s disease. Lee John Paul of the failed Brawdy escapade and now involved in Llanbedr airfield has a recorded DoB of Nov 1963 a British citizen. If he’s living under a fake identity and the same person, I’d expect him to have a wobbly walk, if at all, breathe through throat orifice and unable to speak.


Brawdy business park
would be the old submarine listening station which was an American facility and not part of the RAF base
It was split into units and became a business park many years ago
I am not aware whether it is still up and running

Janet Howell

Having built thousands of houses ( for whom?) under the “Local” Development plan with the extra 1 or 2 cars per household, it follows that traffic congestion and air pollution come too. Our far sighted Council ……with their snouts in the trough of the developers…and their Future Generation ideas


Making a big public fuss about Bryn Llys and other little local difficulties throughout Wales and making a case for WAG intervention is exactly the sort of strategy that might win friends and votes for Plaid Cymru in time for the 2021 elections. They won’t, of course, because it’s debatable whether they WANT to win an election. Which is a pity, because without Senedd itervention the spinelessness and torpor of Welsh local authorities is a green light to crooks, colonisers and conmen wherever there’s an isolated piece of rural real estate.

Gwlad, Gwlad have an opportunity to make a big splash in 2021 if they pick up the ball and run with it in places like Bryn Llys or Llanbedr while Plaid and Labour are competing with each other in a race to the moral high ground.


I had to laugh when Niel McEvoy was ‘exposed’ as a football hooligan.

It started with a twitter exchange between Llinos Price (Wales Environment Link) and Julie Ann Richards (Adref). Apparently, they’ve been posting photos of McEvoy wearing a Cardiff City football shirt, and referred to him as a ‘football hooligan’. This tweet was picked up by Bethan Sayed, who’s forgotten that her day job is an AM, and it spread amongst the social media woke under the ‘me too’ hashtag.


Then I met McEvoys’ better half (who’s recently given birth – congratulations) at a ‘propel’ event in Llanelli. She too was wearing that blue rag with insipid vulture. I made a joke about promotion prospects and inferior match day pies but was left distinctly shaken by her knowledge of the game. It’s not Neil who’s the hooligan. It’s her! I was visibly shaken by her demeanour, and she’s even been heard putting Jason Mohammed to rights on a radio phone in on the subject. Disgraceful!

The future of Wales does not lie with errand girls picking up uneaten quiche form niche film festivals to distribute to ‘poor people’ in the valleys. It lies with those ladies travelling the other way. Those who chant gleefully on the train as comes round the bend to see the Liberty lit up by the sun rising over Swansea Bay. I had to tell them to tone it down, mun. Women’s fit football shirts, and tampon dispensers in the toilets. Hooligans!

Who the hell is Barry Horn?


I see, with the demise of UKIP and Brexit now no longer a burning/boiling issue, the Abolish The Assembly party gaining traction – and whose gesture politics bloody fault is that.

After all the fuss about Africa or refugee children when there are clearly issues with children’s services on their doorsteps many others not so like minded will think its time for the Welsh Africa Government to sink into corruption bay and disappear.


After watching that video clip I’m beginning to change my opinion of Neil Hamilton. His questions were spot on. What a pathetic response from Rebecca Evans. Was that a round of applause I heard when Jac o the North blog was mentioned !


Our Jac has that effect on the Assembly. It is said that his name is mentioned from time to time to stop them nodding off. Unfortunately this technique will lose its impact over time and in due course it may become necessary to use more radical methods – it has been mooted that Jac should paraglide in through the front doors just to arouse members, particularly female members ( or those identifying as), who are known to be partial to a bit of exposure to Jac !!


Is that an oblique reference to asshole-gate !


Continuing with its rolling programme of virtue signalling Cardiff Council announces its “congestion charge” which will be applied when certain vaguely outlined improvements to public transport infrastructure have been implemented. Or put it another way when the second part of the deal is mostly forgotten they will whack on the charge probably inflated in line with some “emissions index” so people will pay a daily fee for sitting in jams. All in the name of an environmental initiative which is rendered almost completely meaningless by the failure of U.N and others to get China, India &USA signed up to any significant change.

Given that the city is blighted by a massive shortfall in the quality of most of its services perhaps the council should have applied itself to those challenges rather than embarking on another round of bullshit.


It’s a bizarre local authority that demolishes it’s central bus station, which used to be the centre of the public transport web on the orders of the BBC, where their new building now stands, and then introduces a ‘congestion charge’ because the trains and busses don’t connect in a hub. A proposed smaller bus station some distance away from the train station is yet to be built.

It’s a bizarre local authority that allows the construction of tens of thousands of new houses in an area of green belt where the access roads are so poor, they have created gridlock and now propose use a ‘congestion charge’ to tackle the problem that didn’t previously exist.

It’s a bizarre local authority that suggests overland trains is an alternative to paying the congestion charge, when it knows that the trains are already jammed packed travelling down from the valleys and that there’s little opportunity for residents in the city suburbs gaining access to the trains, which either don’t stop, or too packed to board.

It’s a bizarre local authority that systematically cuts all the trees down in leafy suburbs and then claims a congestion charge is going to tackle emissions when the thousands of trees that are the lungs of the city are being removed.

It’s a bizarre local authority that agrees to the dumping of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of nuclear contaminated mud imported from England on it’s sea ward approaches and then claims that a congestion charge will help the environment and health of city residents.

Cardiff City Council is an abomination.

Big Gee

It IS a bizarre local authority Brychan. But what it’s actually doing is implementing the Local Sustainable Development policies of the UN’s Agenda 21 – which in itself – if it wasn’t so terrifying – could also be labelled ‘bizarre’.

Here in little Wales we tend to think that we can hide from the tentacles of Agenda 21, that it doesn’t involve us. How mistaken we are. The bizarre actions of Cardiff are more noticeable, because as our capital it leads by example, what you see today in Cardiff you will see across the cities, towns, villages and hamlets of our country before too long, many of the traits are already becoming apparent. It is all part of the totalitarian tip-toe.

It’s happening on many levels. The best example of regionalisation in this global plan is Europe. It’s well in advance of other regions when it comes to this project, where boundaries are erased, countries loose their sovereignty and they are all melted down into a regional lump. Policies are being formed to force the development of so called ‘Smart Cities for a Global Sustainable Development Agenda’ or habitation centres as they are often called. Where people are forced off the land into specially designed cities – leaving the governments in possession of the land. It’s happening in the US, as it is in the African region including the Middle East. The Asian continent will also move towards this goal. In due course the regions, made up of assimilated countries will merge to form a ‘New World Order’ – a dictatorial regime where we have no voice all over the planet. It’s a nightmarish vision of the future

Far fetched? Study what Agenda 21 is, and also the revamped version – Agenda 2030. Do you notice how this date is becoming more popular in everyday parlance? Thanks to it’s promotion in the mainstream (propaganda) media.

In Wales Agenda 21’s tentacles go further than Cardiff City Council with it’s ‘bizarre’ plans. Not so long ago we were discussing ‘Summit to Sea’ on this blog. Guess by whom the seeds were planted and are being propagated via our puppet government down Corruption Bay.

Agenda 21 is an action programme that has to be implemented by governments, UN agencies, local and regional administrators, organisations in the community and the general public. Governments are required to promote the dialogue among these players. But local government, too, closest as it is to the public at large, has a responsibility and has been allocated a major role in providing information, education and mobilising the general public to achieve sustainable development. One of the objectives of Agenda 21 is that every local government in 1996 should draw up its own Local Agenda 21 in close consultation (that’s a joke) with its citizens. All of this needs a trigger, otherwise it would be rejected out of hand by the people. The trigger is the threat of a global catastrophe unless this course of action is taken

Still not sure what Agenda 21/2030 is about? Then take some time out to listen to Rosa Koire:


If you have more time on your hands, view the video below also of a speech by Rosa Koire.
If you haven’t got the time to view the whole speech, start at 1 hour 5 minutes.


Whilst we peck at the peripherals of what is blatantly happening as far as corruption in our own back yard, and the actions of government is concerned, we need to be aware of what is driving this trend that we are observing. It’s far greater than a struggle for freedom from London and the establishment of our own sovereignty. That is the obvious one, that many of us agree on, but we need to be aware of the driving force behind what is happening on a far larger scale.

A lack of this information is what highlights the ridiculous stand of Plaid Cymru in their ignorance, they want freedom (so they say) from London, but then want to be controlled by Brussels instead! It’s called jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The truth behind what the EU is a part of, and represents, is the reason for my little vote to leave a few years back. Bugger all to do with economics or immigration, but the realisation of the real danger behind the global project.

“There are none as blind as those who do not wish to see” when it comes to these things. That’s why it’s so important to stand against the Greens and their pseudo Green allies – like Plaid Cymru. They can’t see further than the tip of their noses, and have yet to wake up to the reality. They’ve been suckered into this mass madness, through state sponsored propaganda – like the threat of planet ruination through supposed man made greenhouse gas events.

Those who can think for themselves have long realised that is a scam to influence the population to go along with Agenda 21. The same applies to the nonsense about the war on terrorism, which is another example of a false threat, that makes people scared and malleable to the solutions provided by those who cooked up the non existent threat in the first place.

David Robins

“All in the name of an environmental initiative which is rendered almost completely meaningless by the failure of U.N and others to get China, India &USA signed up to any significant change.”

The way this works is to count all of the fossil fuel burnt since the start of the Industrial Revolution. So Europe (likewise North America) has built up a considerable figure already. Hence it’s argued that it has a greater responsibility to rein-in future emissions than countries just starting to industrialise. Environmentally, an emission is an emission so at the global scale it doesn’t matter who emitted it. Politically, it’s a useful tool to hold developed countries to ransom. Note Bolsonaro’s argument that no-one stopped Europe clearing its wildwood so no-one’s going to stop him clearing the Amazon (unless they pay him not to).

Shifting baselines are everything. Some habitats that struggle to survive are already degraded compared with 50 or 100 years ago but – unless you have evidence of what was there earlier – most people alive now are too young to notice. Similar points can be made about the cumulative drip of demographic or linguistic changes. As Gwyn Alf would ask, when was Wales?


The residual smell of ‘Jamaican woodbines’ tends to be short-lived. If such a smell has more longevity then it’s usually as a result of contact points of storage or cultivation. It may be that these transitory ‘contractors’ who come and go are not necessarily space engineers, electrical technicians or aircraft pilots. I doubt any genuine ‘contractors’ would resort to bedding down in control towers. Just a hunch.



Red Flag

Most contractors are self-employed and get a fixed ‘overnight allowance’ for which they do not have to produce receipts. (for example I’m self-employed and in my particular role I get £20 allowance for food of the tax man per shift).

So you will quite often find contractors kipping on-site, in their vans, in tents etc etc and pocketing the dosh..

Red Flag

Again they’ll kip anywhere. I’ve seen them kipping in buildings at RAF Valley before now, and inside the port – which is a secure area