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I know I promised a piece on Wales & West Housing, but I’ve put that on the back burner because something has cropped up. And anyway, W&W is not going away. (Unfortunately.) So that will be my next post.


The previous post on this blog, Plaid Cymru’s new girl, was about Sonia Klein who, just a few months ago, was trying to be the Labour candidate for Ilford South in December’s general election. So she and her husband must have surprised many people with their decision to join Plaid Cymru.

Inevitably, Ms Klein was welcomed into Plaid Cymru by Leanne Wood.

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I say, ‘inevitably’, because Ms Klein ticks so many boxes for Plaid Cymru. She is a ‘strong woman’, she is BAME, and she is also a socialist.

Just a few days later it leaked out that Plaid Cymru had re-admitted Sahar Al-Faifi, who had also been welcomed into the Party by Leanne Wood. Ms Al-Faifi ticks the same boxes as Ms Klein.

There had been an outcry to Al-Faifi’s remarks about a number of incidents, including the London Bridge attacks, which led to Plaid Cymru – reluctantly – suspending her last November. But her suspension was brief, and she has been re-admitted and is hoping to stand for the Assembly.

Now members of the Jewish community have urged Plaid Cymru to rethink its position on Sahar Al-Faifi, but Plaid has responded by adopting the, ‘It was all a long time ago’ defence. Which is not going to work.

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Plaid Cymru is in this mess of its own making because despite Adam Price’s victory in the 2018 leadership contest, a contest in which Leanne Wood came a dismal third, it is still Wood’s supporters calling the shots in the party. So keep looking to the skies for more parachutists.

A number of long-time Plaid Cymru members who thought they were the agreed regional candidate for the 2021 election might be in for a nasty shock. Those who aren’t outed as fascist transphobes and closet Trump fans might be displaced by bearded ‘Olga’, formerly of the Bulgarian Workers and Peasants Alliance.

A very strong woman!


I’ve written a few times about the criminal gang who’ve taken over this site at Nebo, near Caernarfon.

Anyone wanting to catch up should go to this post from November, 2018, and the section ‘Rockin’ to the right’. Then, on to this post from January last year and scroll down to the section headed ‘Shane Baker “the bargain basement Baldrick of Nebo” and Jonathan Duggan’.

That was followed by this post in July, scroll down to the section ‘Planners’. Next, this post from August, under ‘Gwynedd Planners’. The gang also gets a mention here, in December, in ‘Bryn Llys’. Finally here, last month, also under ‘Bryn Llys’.

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Not satisfied with exceeding planning permission to build an ‘extension’ that soon dwarfed the old house (which was then demolished), or with destroying trees and hedgerows, while continually threatening neighbours and trying to steal land, the gang has now gone a step further with arson and wasting police and fire brigade time.

Last Tuesday someone set an old Land Rover afire at Bryn Llys. It is reported that one of the gang, posing as a ‘passer-by’, phoned the fire service. A large machine was sent which could not negotiate the narrow track to Bryn Llys.

Which was the whole point of this act of arson, done in the hope of establishing that the access to Bryn Llys should be widened. Which would allow the crooks there to use large vehicles to bring in machinery and materials so they can move on to their plans for the rest of the site.

(I’m told that the chief fire officer from Caernarfon inspected the site some two years ago and stated that a ‘narrow access vehicle’ would attend any emergency at Bryn Llys. Maybe the word hadn’t been passed down the chain of command.)

The fire re-started on Wednesday and two fire engines and a police car attended.

I have been sent some images which are available below.

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Following these incidents a concerned local wrote to Plaid Cymru-controlled Gwynedd County Council, which has been reluctant to get involved throughout this sorry saga.

The council’s response said:

‘Thank you for your emails of the 25 and 26 February 2020 in respect of the above.

I acknowledge your concerns regarding vehicle fires at this site and note that these matters are being dealt with by the Fire Service as well as the Police.

Furthermore,  I would advise that the issue of illegal disposal is essentially a matter for Natural Resources Wales.

From the Council’s perspective, we have taken formal planning enforcement action with the service of enforcement notices for the various breaches of planning control at this site.  The Enforcement Notices relate to the subdivision of Bryn Llys, the temporary residential building and the unauthorised engineering works to create a track at the property.

The Council is currently undertaking prosecution proceedings for a breach of the Enforcement Notice relating to the subdivision of Bryn Llys, with the trial set for the 10 and 11 March 2020 in the Magistrates’ Courts, Llandudno. Furthermore, we are also considering further possible enforcement action for a breach of the Enforcement Notice relating to the temporary residential building.

With regards to the Enforcement Notice for the unauthorised access track works, an appeal against this notice has recently been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (Welsh Government). There is a prescribed procedure for planning enforcement appeals, which includes public consultation and there will therefore be an opportunity for you and any other interested parties to provide representations as part of this process which will commence shortly.

From the Council’s perspective, I consider that we are taking the appropriate enforcement action in accordance with what the legislation allows us to do in respect of breaches of planning control.’

I’m not sure what to make of this. I suppose it’s reassuring to know that these crooks will be in court in a week or so, but there’s no mention of action for exceeding planning permission with the monstrosity that’s been built, nor for demolishing the old house.

Also reassuring, I suppose, to read that the police are involved regarding the fire, but then we read, ” . . . illegal disposal is essentially a matter for Natural Resources Wales”. 

‘Illegal disposal’, be buggered! This was a calculated act of arson that could have had serious consequences. It certainly resulted in the police and the fire service having to attend – twice! – when I’m sure there were other things they could have been doing.

And now we learn that the Planning Inspectorate is involved. A body that almost always works against Welsh interests (hand-in-glove with a complaisant ‘Welsh Government’). Whether it’s demanding new houses in Wrecsam for Cheshire commuters, or overruling Swansea council to allow more HMOs.

Given the record of the Planning Inspectorate in Wales, we can assume that it will side with the English criminals at Bryn Llys.

So who exactly are they?

Ensconced at or near Bryn Llys we find Jonathan James Duggan, Shane Baker and Aaron Hill. Duggan’s father is a ‘professional fraudster’ who was jailed for six years in July, 2006. He’s back in prison after being tracked down on Ynys Môn a while back. Bryn Llys was raided around the same time.

Baker is said to be related to Duggan, and it was him who got me interested in Bryn Llys by responding to a tweet of mine. When Baker’s not fooling himself about his musical abilities he’s mumbling ‘rhubarb, rhubarb’ in crowd scenes.

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Politically, as the Twitter image suggests, Baker’s very much a BritNat, and a Tommy Robinson fan, who may regard Wales as a colony to be exploited by the insular branch of the herrenvolk.

It’s difficult to know where and how Aaron Hill fits, but he certainly made no effort to fit in with the locals when he lived in Caernarfon. Hill’s a property developer, a species far too prevalent in Wales.

What a trio. The fraudster son of a professional fraudster, a Little Englander, and a property developer with a persecution complex. Though there’s one other gang member worth mentioning.

Andrew Battye owns Bryn Llys, and the land adjoining. Or rather, that’s what it says on the Land Registry title documents I’ve just linked to. And it’s what I used to believe, but I’m no longer so sure.

Refer back to the 2006 conviction of Duggan senior and we see that he owed at least £547,000, gained by fraud. This is the Duggan family business model.

Because if we look at the Companies House records for Battye and Duggan in recent years we see the same pattern. (Available here in pdf format with working links to Companies House entries.)

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From what I can see, Duggan and Battye, either acting together or working alone, formed double glazing companies, these companies set up credit accounts with suppliers; goods were received, not paid for, and sold; then the companies folded.

However we got here, this farce has been allowed to run for long enough. Let’s hope the curtain starts coming down in Llandudno magistrates court next week. And then it would be nice to see GogPlod take it beyond planning matters to feel a few collars for fraud, arson, wasting police and fire service time, threatening neighbours, damaging hedgerows, felling mature trees, etc.

Things have got this far due to the inaction over recent years of the local planning department. The planning department that said a teacher couldn’t build a home when she couldn’t afford to buy in Wilmslow-sur-Mer (Abersoch). The planning department that has allowed criminals from England to do whatever they liked at Bryn Llys. That this planning department has moved at all is due to pressure from bullied neighbours demanding action.


The recent floods have inevitably been attributed to global warming or climate change by most of the mainstream media and all the bien pensants of the left. Being the heretic I am on such matters I dared posit an alternative view.

Which runs thus . . . yes, we’ve had a lot of rain in the past few weeks but might wind turbines be contributing to the serious flooding in places that have previously been less badly affected?

Two areas in particular brought these thoughts to mind, our Valleys and the areas in England close to the River Severn.

Because – and you can call me old-fashioned, or even uninformed – I’m suggesting that we cannot fell millions of trees on our hills, wreck absorbent peat bogs, then, in their place, plonk dozens or hundreds of wind turbines, and not expect more rainwater to run into the rivers below those hills.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, the picture below shows the size of the concrete bowl required by a single wind turbine. These are the pictures you’re not supposed to see. You, Dai Public, are expected to feel a warm, planet-saving glow from seeing gently turning turbines on some distant crest.

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And remember! each turbine is linked by an access road, giving a network of such roads on a wind farm. And each turbine has to be connected to the grid, which requires another network, this time of trenches.

So what was once a hillside covered in moss and peat absorbing rainwater, and trees sequestering CO2, has been destroyed to make an industrial site off which the water runs into the valleys below. And this has all been done in the name of the environment, of ‘saving the planet’!

A old mate of mine back home – a known trouble-maker – decided to find out how many trees had been cut to make way for wind turbines, and so he submitted an FoI to Natural Resources Wales. The response was startling. (It can be read in full here.)

Here’s an abstract.

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First, bear in mind that NRW can only tell us what trees were felled on land for which it is responsible, the former Forestry Commission estate, which only accounts for 40% of Wales’ woodland. Yet it still comes to over 2.5 million trees felled. Three-quarters of a million of them for the Pen y Cymoedd wind farm, owned by Swedish company Vattenfall, which towers over a number of Valleys communities

You’ll see that NRW has nothing to say for Powys, which has seen so much wind farm development in recent years. This is because the woodlands there are privately owned. And yet, the Severn rises on Pumlumon, not far from the Cefn Croes wind farm (owned by an Italian company), and then it runs through Newtown and Welshpool to join the Vyrnwy and cross the border just a bun throw from Elsie’s Vintage Tea Room & Pie Parlour.

So the Powys wind farms must put a great deal of extra water into the Severn. And this almost certainly contributed something to the recent severe flooding downstream in towns such as Ironbridge.

And now we hear of yet another major development of 22 turbines planned for Powys, this one by French company EDF, at Garn Fach, between the A470 and the A483. I’m looking forward to seeing the ‘Welsh Government’ handle this one.

The project has, predictably, been welcomed by Rhys Wyn Jones of RenewableUK Cymru. (Cos that’s his job!) But this article, quoting local politicians, hints at mounting opposition to the ongoing exploitation of the local landscape.

And what does the Woodland Trust have to say – will it allow EDF to chop down its trees at Garn Fach? Perhaps Woodland Trust is one of the landowners to benefit if this project goes ahead?

It seems to me that the eco-zealots need to pause, and do some hard thinking.

On the one hand they urge us to plant trees – even proposing to throw Welsh farmers off their land – because this would be good for the environment.

But it’s OK to fell millions of trees in Wales to make way for wind turbines . . . which almost certainly contribute to flooding. Flooding that will then be blamed on global warming/climate change, so the eco-zealots will insist on erecting more wind turbines . . . for which more trees will be felled and more peat bog lost . . . resulting in more flooding . . . .

I may not be 100% right on this, I rarely am, but I will say this with confidence: when it comes to the recent floods, then wind turbines are the elephant in the room.


I’m sure that many of you have been following this case on Ynys Môn. I certainly have. If you’re new to the case, then read this article from Saturday’s Wasting Mule.

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There was never any doubt that Terence Whall was guilty and that he was going down for life. The real questions remain:

  • What was the motive for Terence Whall killing Gerald Corrigan?
  • What is Whall’s background in East London/Essex and what brought him to Ynys Môn?
  • What was the true role of Whall’s associates, the locals, in this case?
  • Is this murder just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, as has been suggested to me?
  • Is this conviction the end of the case as far as North Wales Police is concerned?

If we had a functioning media we could rely on it to chase down the facts, the background to this murder, but we don’t have a media.

If we did, they might wonder why Gerald Corrigan’s children needed to give evidence from behind a screen protecting their identities. The man who killed their father is going down for at least 31 years, so who are they afraid of? Or from whom do the police think they need to be protected?

The last time I remember evidence being given from behind a screen in a Welsh courtroom was in the early 1990s, and then it was MI5 operatives in a trial of Welsh nationalists accused of sending letter bombs.

If anyone wants to send me information relating to this case then they are welcome to do so. I promise not to divulge any source.


Another subject I’ve written about more than once is the plan to gradually remove farmers from the land so that George Monbiot and his friends can take over the Welsh countryside with their ‘rewilding’ projects. (Just type ‘Summit to Sea’ in the search box at the top of the sidebar.)

The colonialist arrogance displayed by those involved with the Summit to Sea project generated a very hostile response from farmers and others, which in turn led to funders pulling out.

But this respite might be short-lived if recent reports are to be believed.

We always knew that Monbiot and his gang had the backing of the ‘Welsh Government’ which, being Labour, hates country-dwellers in general, and farmers in particular, believing that rural Wales should accept its designated fate as a recreation and retirement area for England.

Now it appears that they have support much higher up the political food chain. This article’s heading says it all: ‘War of the wild: How trendy metropolitan eco-zealots with close ties to Boris Johnson are set on driving out traditional farming and ‘rewilding’ the land’.

And in case anyone didn’t get the message, it was soon followed up with this . . .

Click to enlarge

Yes, I know, the left and the eco-zealots will say, ‘Ah! but it’s the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday’. To which I would respond – Grow up! If the facts hold up it doesn’t matter if the story originated in Völkischer Beobachter or the Plovdiv Marrow Growers Weekly.

The Mail titles are most definitely Conservative-supporting papers, which I suggest adds to their credibility in this instance.

Some of the arguments put forward in support of doing away with farming are quite hilarious. One ‘expert’ cites Singapore, arguing that it is prosperous without a farming sector. But Singapore is a bloody city-state of just 725.7 square kilometres and almost six million people. (Wales is 20,735 square kilometres and 3.2 million people.)

And then we read “Ben Goldsmith, for his part, caused fury among farmers this week by tweeting that ‘overgrazing’ by upland sheep farmers — rather than near-record rainfall — was responsible for the devastating floods suffered in South Wales.”

Ben Goldsmith is the brother of Zac Goldsmith, a big mate of Boris Johnson. Zac Goldsmith is also an environment minister.

Read who else is involved and a picture might emerge.

If farming is phased out it will be small farmers, and the family farm, that disappear. Big landowners will thrive, snapping up the farms made unviable by the decisions made by their friends and relatives in the government.

And of course we’ll see more wind turbines and other idiocies cheered on by the eco-zealots – but making fortunes in government subsidies for the very same people who’ll benefit from the destruction of Welsh farming.

Think about it, we have here what at first sight might appear to be two distinct groups – the environmentalists and the Conservative grandees. Surely, they should be on opposite sides? No.

If there’s money to be made then these members of the English upper-middle class, who know each other from school and university, Wimbledon and Henley; who move and marry within the same circles, will stick together.

The external enemies remain the same, and there’s not much we can do but resist them. But we can certainly remove the toadies in Corruption Bay who are so ready to do their masters’ bidding.

♦ end ♦


48 thoughts on “Miscellany 02.03.2020

  1. Dafis

    Paul Davies delivered a speech today which from a (considerable) distance would have sounded quite sensible. However on closer examination it was evident that he was just launching yet another attempt to : a) reconcile his party to the idea of Cynulliad/Senedd especially as the party’s A.M’s are well attached to the level of salary + benefits and the “pwysigrwydd” that goes with their nice little numbers b) catch the vote of the milder wing of the Abolish the Assembly movement by appearing resolute on the matter of spending, waste and similar concepts of “not splashing the cash”.

    Shame really that he couldn’t come out with an explicit condemnation of his party colleague, Bunter, who seems to be committed to blowing every bean he can lay his grubby mitts on to finance an array of vanity projects and other daft policies aimed at restoring England’s grim imperial past. Even bigger shame is that in displaying an alleged interest in controlling the spend of government he failed to utter a word about the multiple duplication of spend on the Third Sector, indeed whether there is much merit in any money being passed to that shadowy bunch of wasters whose main aim seems to be feathering of own nests. There again perhaps some of these Third sector types are closet Tories or may be “politically fluid” as the fashionable terminology of our time might state, willing to back a Tory just as easily as a Labourite if the chance to soak a few more big bucks out of state coffers appears likely.

  2. Neil Singleton

    And now for something completely different. I was sent the following by a friend of mine who works in the “Welsh Government.”



    Due to the current financial situation, the Welsh Government has decided to implement a
    scheme to put workers of 55 years of age and above on early, mandatory retirement,
    thus creating jobs and reducing unemployment .

    This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early).

    Persons selected to be RAPED can apply to Welsh Government to be considered for the
    SHAFT program (Special Help After Forced Termination).

    Persons who have been RAPED and SHAFTED will be reviewed under the SCREW
    program (System Covering Retired-Early Workers).

    A person may be RAPED once, SHAFTED twice and SCREWED as many times as the
    Welsh Government deems appropriate.

    Persons who have been RAPED could get AIDS(Additional Income for Dependents & Spouse)
    or HERPES(Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance).

    Obviously persons who have AIDS or HERPES will not be SHAFTED or SCREWED any
    further by Welsh Government.

    Persons who are not RAPED and are staying on will receive as much SHIT (Special High
    Intensity Training) as possible. Welsh Government has always prided themselves on the
    amount of SHIT they give our citizens.

    Should you feel that you do not receive enough SHIT, please bring this to the attention of
    your line manager or HR who have been trained to give you all the SHIT you can handle.


    The Committee for Economic Value of Individual Lives (E.V.I.L.)
    Welsh Government

  3. Apologies to all with a change of topic :-
    The new virus outbreak is of great concern to us all and the UK Government’s Civil Service Health Teams are justly offering as much advice to the public as they can. The devolved Governments are doing a similar job of it. It is becoming a slight panic as it progresses. There are two issues that cause me anxiety. The first is, that this present Boris Johnson led UK Government’s Politicians seem to be more concerned with the effect all this could have on the nation’s economy and not on mortality rates which could possibly be higher in impoverished communities that have always had lower health levels. That’s typical !
    The second issue relates to levels of panic. It perplexes me to consider that when the US President Donald Trump recently led the world to the brink of war, and a nuclear war at that, in the delicate hot spots with hostile regimes around the world, our whole nation then was in a blase mood of not caring. There was no panic about a nuclear war breaking out. Our then Government did little then to calm things down. If my memory is correct, Boris Johnson was our Foreign Secretary for part of that time? It is often the case in war that the wealthy profit and the poor die serving in the awful conflicts. In a nuclear war we could all die despite the new virus controls.

    1. Jonesy

      Bbc news was ridiculous on S4c tonight. Alarmist headlines for 15 mins about the fact that 2, let me say it again, 2 people out of 3 million have been diagnosed with it. More people have herpes and in growing toenails in Wales than that. Bonkers

  4. Daiiroko is a retired County Councillor who got the boot out of the majority political group on his Council. He is quite conspicuous as he wears purple pantaloons to his local Supermarket and gives the impression of being a Clown on lunch break from a visiting circus. A “yesterday” person. Ignore him. He has no influence whatsoever these days, except for causing litmus paper to change colour – red or blue depends on his mood!

    1. Anonymous

      I say Jaco, you must be proud of this contribution from one of you regular Goglins? – Classically hate fuelled.
      As an Octogenarian I’m quite happy to be referred to as a “yesterday” person. But, I can reflect with pride, my achievements over a 38 year period as an elected member for my community of Alltwen. They were wonderful “yesterdays”.

      Full marks for his ‘insightful’ commentary on my chosen work wear.
      Obviously amusing, but hate filled and pathetic at the same time. Classic credentials for a Goglin, even though he might be from a southern sect.!

      For the record, I didn’t get the boot out of the majority political group on the Council. I resigned formally from the Group.
      Again, for accuracy and completeness, I was sacked from my Cabinet Post with the Education portfolio and consequently my position as acting Chairman of WJEC.
      I suppose this was inevitable following the sacking of the then Education Minister, Leighton Andrews AM.
      A sacking which followed letters from myself (to the First Minister) and the CEO of WJEC (to the head of the Civil Service) after his behaviour at a WJEC Board meeting, where he was an ’invited guest’.

      Finally, should I be surprised that Y Dyn Gwyrdd might want to publicly demonstrate his claimed credentials? But, there we are, ENVY and hate have no boundaries!
      Peace and light!


  5. Sian Caiach

    Congratulations to Ioan Richard on getting the information from NRW on the million trees felled to make way for windfarms. Brechfa Forest (doesn’t look like much of it survived !} sends its electricity eastward to England through Llanelli using the grid connection from the site of the old Carmarthen bay power station, in my council ward. 330,000 trees lost was not in the promotional material. This is absolutely appalling. I wonder if we would have been fooled so easily to blindly accept the “benefits” of wind energy if we had known the cost would be felling a million trees!

    1. Wrexhamian

      That might explain the WAG’s keenness for ‘rewilding’ — to repair the damage caused by erecting low-yield energy-producing paraphernalia that blight our countryside and require wholesale destruction of woodland.

      1. Wynne

        Thanks for the image Brychan. A blot on the landscape. As NRW are also responsible for managing flood risk an obvious question to ask them would be. Has an assessment been undertaken to establish the impact on the drainage network of increased surface water run-off from the infrastructure provided. I suspect the left hand may not know what the right hand is doing here, following the merger of three organisations [CCW + EAW + FC] to form NRW.

        1. Dafis

          The River Gwili which serves as a key drain out of that part of the “Forest” joins the Towy just east of Carmarthen and the effect of this kind of mickey mouse non-planning is evident when in flood it joins an already flooded Towy. That is a big flood plain but water still does a great deal of damage in that area. Just a touch east lots of small streams drain into the Cothi and it too spills into the Towy. The more I write the more I conclude that the dunces behind this sort of work need sacking and locking up.

          1. Jonesy

            You should see the flooded Cothi during flooding season ( we may as well officially call dec, jan, feb that now, as they do in third world countries) the last few years. Incredible.

        2. Glen

          Those in the know will tell you there was no merger, it was in fact a takeover of the EA(W) and FC by the CCW.
          Many of the EA’s best people were made redundant.


    “I may not be 100% right on this, I rarely am, but I will say this with confidence: when it comes to the recent floods, then wind turbines are the elephant in the room.”

    Jaco, I have just finished reading you current load of Crap, what a hoot. The highlight has to be your piece on Wind Turbines, particularly the piece above. While it’s written with characteristic ‘authority’ the underlying claims are total bullshit.
    It almost falls into the same league as a contibutor on Question Time three weeks ago. The topic being discussed was flooding. A lady in the audience was invited to comment. Her short contribution claimed that (paraphrasing) “If the EU hadn’t stopped us from dredging the rivers this flooding wouldnt have happened”. Morons United!!!!

    1. Dai, mun, we’ve missed you! I note that this searing and insightful comment was posted at 11:02am. Was it an all-night, no sleep sesh, or had you just got up?

      1. Wynne

        Has daiiroko previously offered any evidence in support of his bizarre rants. I assume you have previously exposed his activities and this is his childish attempt at pay-back. What is his background. Has he been fiddling the books !

    2. Dai Protheroe

      Dai – There are many scientific papers that draw a link between the absence of tree cover, loss of peaty uplands, urbanisation etc and increased fluvial risk – Google them.

      The recent floods that hit Wales and the UK followed unprecedented high levels of rainfall, without which there wouldn’t have been any flooding. However, it’s undeniable that in my lifetime some of the valley hillsides I am familiar with have totally changed in character. Peaty, low quality agricultural land which would have slowed down the rate of run-off until saturated has been destroyed by mining, particularly opencast mining. Vast areas have been afforested. And in recent years we have seen large plantations of this forestry lost not just to the windfarms that Jac has referred to but also clear-felled to try and eradicate the fungal disease affecting Japanese Larch. I walk and bike in these areas frequently. In only a couple of years it’s clear to see the effect of increased erosion, landslips, and windblow of the remaining trees which then require further felling and removal. No replanting of significance has taken place in the areas I use. The long and short of it is that the hydrological regime in these areas has profoundly altered over the years. Whether or not this has had a material influence on individual areas flooded is one for people with more expert knowledge than me. DAIIROKO may be such an expert, I don’t know. But I can remember him mocking people in Neath who were concerned about the possible adverse affects of fracking. We now know that those concerns about it causing earth tremors were not so unfounded after all.

  7. Brychan

    Crossbow Murder on Môn.

    Murder always has a motive of one or a combination of three things, passion, money or mental. No psychological evidence was presented by the defence of Terence Whall, the murderer, and no romantic connection was evident between the murderer and the victim. This leaves money as being the motive. This can take three forms, a contract killing, a murder for personal gain, or revenge for personal loss.

    We know that the partner of Gerald Corrigan, Marie Bailey, who has MS, had entered into an arrangement with local fraudster Richard Wyn Lewis for the growing of small amounts of cannabis on the property. This escalated into growing much more than personal supply. We also know that Marie Bailey handed over, by dupe, or by enterprise a sum of £250k of life savings to Richard Wyn Lewis.

    We also know that both Corrigan and Whall had heated discussions with Richard Wyn Lewis over debt he owed to the pair in the days leading up to the murder. This circumstantial evidence can be a ‘pointer’ as to motive, but evidently not material to obtaining a conviction in court. To be found guilty of murder it has to be proven that he’d done it, not why.

    My guess is that Whall killed Corrigan because he thought Corrigan was a barrier to getting his money back from Lewis, and that Lewis had already promised to pay the debt to Corrigan rather than Whall. So Whall got his weapon out.

    Perhaps the PCC for North Wales should spend less time pandering to junkies, usually decamped from England, or cozying up to the third sector druggie farmers and started to get gogplod onto nailing the drugs trade on his patch. The middlemen in steroid drugs are usually wierdos masking themselves as ‘personal trainers’ at dodgy gyms, and the finance of growing or making ventures are usually fraudsters and small time lags in rural Wales using hard up locals for premises.

    A person charged or convicted for a prior offence can have their DNA taken, and it’s evident that if Whall does not divulge his motive then an avenue of investigation can be obtained with a compulsory urine test, a blood and bone marrow analysis and compare the readings of hair follicle residue. The evidence is metabolites of historical steroid abuse. This done concurrently with investigation into the cash flow.

    Whalls silence is probably through fear. Not grassing on a bigger drugs operation in north Wales probably controlled by some very nasty people in his native London or Essex, who may have initiated the assassination. This may also explain the screens to hide witnesses in a Welsh courtroom.

    1. Stan

      Got to admit I hadn’t thought about the possibility of Lewis owing Whall money other than in the context of Whall having carried out a contract killing for him. Safe to say that was intimated in the proceedings, Lewis had even been pulled in early in the investigation on suspicion of conspiracy and murder, I believe, but no charges were brought. But the fact is there was no evidence linking Whall to Lewis before the murder. The earliest connection between them made in the trial was 31 May, a month and a half after the murder, when Whall and Gavin Jones were involved in an incident with Lewis and the police were called. It was alleged that this arose out of Lewis owing Jones money and Whall had gone along as a friend of Jones and been caught up in it. I have seen reports that Whall was found in possession of piano wire (not sure if it was at this incident) and had made searches online about using a garrotte to disable/kill. The mind boggles! There are so many unanswered questions in this one. Just hope we eventually get the answers to them.

      1. Brychan

        The subsequent discovery Whall being in possession of piano wire would not have been part of the case in the trail for the murder of Corrigan. A murder trail can only take evidence relating the act of that particular murder. The jury may well have not known of subsequent events, although patters of behaviour prior to his arrest and any previous criminal activity can be considered after, at the sentencing stage.

        There is a particular bloodthirsty MO with Whall. Piano wire and crossbow not only demonstrates pre-mediation, but also a degree of enjoying the kill. It is not red mist. Nor is it detached clinical assassination, like shooting. Whall obviously likes to get up close and personal in the act of killing. The other thing to consider is that his victim was a frail pensioner and Whall is a fit muscular youngster into gyms and fitness. He could have easily overpowered the victim by beating and manual strangulation if motivated to do so, but he wanted to role-play the hunter.

        Roberts (Bangor), Jones (Penrhosgarnedd) and Jones (Bangor) may well be just local petty rogues or opportunists, those who know the territory, who crossed paths with Whall as a result of his presence in the area. Inevitably, they would have a common interest in martial arts, which led to burn a car for cash. They appear to be very fearful of repercussions, even to the point of taking a stretch for silence. This indicates there’s more to this than a one-off assassination.

        Previous crime scenes of this nature would have indicated ‘honour based killing’ which previous cases within ethnic traditions of specific communities. Travellers, Balkans, Triads. But not in this case, which makes it particularly unusual. A line of enquiry would have to be escalation of MO, a history of cruelty to animals, or sexual gratification from torture. The real question is, why and how did he surface in a particularly docile part of north Wales? What’s really going on up there? Usually a conviction brings closure for a local community, but in this case it raises more questions than answers.

        Perhaps I just spend too much time drinking mugs of tea with former detectives!

        1. Stan

          You’re right, Brychan. Whall’s age, physicality and background in martial arts suggest he could have easily taken out a younger, much less vulnerable victim than Corrigan. By choosing to kill him in such a vicious way he cooked his own goose – not clever at all. Not many people own crossbows, the bolts and heads come in different types and colours (the same types could be traced back to him), and the shaft and head are available at the scene of the crime for forensic examination. Why not just physically overpower Corrigan and dispose of him elsewhere? He’d presumably have been a missing person rather than a murder victim and until found (if ever) there’d be no corpse for pathologists to work on? I can’t make sense of it.

          Whall’s previous convictions weren’t what I expected. In case you didn’t pick it up, because it wasn’t widely reported, they were for criminal damage, failing to surrender to bail and having a bladed article. I mistakenly thought he might have a string of far more serious stuff, involving crimes of violence against others such as ABH or GBH. Whall is pushing forty now. His criminal record might be free of serious, violent offences, but I wonder what clues there are in his past to him becoming the cold-blooded assassin we now know?

          1. Brychan

            The Crossbow.

            There’s a logical reason why a crossbow might be a weapon of choice as a ‘look what I’ve got’ frightener, especially in county lines. This is because of the breakthroughs the police in London and Manchester have made in tracking and identifying ballistic weapons (guns). They have a database of guns in illegal circulation, and can pinpoint in recovery of any bullet or shell casing. Forensic analylis can determine of what gun was used, by whom and when, using the ghost gun database.

            This identifies the gang and the line of supply. It can also be used to clear up other crimes and provides informants.

            Guns have become a risky weapon within drug cartels, especially if a hothead lower down the food chain ends up firing one off. That puts the whole enterprise in jeopardy. This is the reason that gun crime in London has diminished, and knife crime now rampant. Also, having a small handgun in a rural area is also not clever. You never know if Jones the farmer will turn up with a legal shotgun or 38 rifle with a ‘get off my land’. Smackhead from the city wouldn’t stand a chance. Especially if remote farms are used for warehousing.

            If you get pulled by traffic on the A5 with a crossbow in the boot, you just say your ferreting for rabbits. That excuse doesn’t work with a Glock or Luger.

            My guess is that whatever bigger operation picked Whall to do a bit of territory work in North Wales, they didn’t know that he was a weirdo. His stake-out movements prior to the assaination was perfect, perhaps trained. His downfall was using a vehicle that could be electronically tracked, even after being burnt out. Recover the weapon, a crossbow, however, and you’ve only got one suspect.

            It’s not beyond possibility that Corrigan, in a desperate attempt to help out his wife with a bit of weed ended up out of his depth, having made contact with some nasty dealers in his old stomping ground in North West England. They saw his remote cottage as an opportunity, or trespassed on territory controlled by gangs elsewhere.

  8. Dr John Ball

    Al Faiti fits nicely with Wood’s well known dislike of Israel, bordering on anti-semitisim….

    1. Dafis

      She’s obviously well connected having showed up at a SW Police Commissioner’s event recently. Nothing like schmoozing with Establishment figures to assist career advancement.

  9. Jonathan Edwards

    Rewilding is a lovely idea. Gaia would be pleased. So why does it end up feeling creepy? Because you need a totalitarian system to make it work? So Wales can be very very proud of Dafydd Morris Jones. Articulate, speaks better scientific Welsh than the the Green so-called Welshman. And you feel rather sorry for the poor confused Green lady. The man’s brilliant – and he’s on the side of Wales. And healthy upland farming, gyda llaw. Watch the star here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0gXEKlm8FU&t=664s

    1. Dafis

      If any species needs protecting then it’s farmers like Dafydd who are bright and deeply committed to making farming work within a framework of environmental responsibility. Wankers like Monbiot and Leunig should be told to stay away unless they have something genuinely useful to contribute instead of their habitual “talking down to lesser folk”.

  10. Dafis

    Here’s a name to remember when constructing the pantheon of fuckwits that set out to ruin the UK- and particularly the Welsh – rural economy. Tim Leunig, whose photo is most unflattering looks like he hasn’t been eating properly for ages. Guys fed through a tube for years look a sight better !

    There again he probably exists on an odd mix of imported exotica- unpronounceable seeds, roots etc dug up on some remote Pacific island or Andean community – and flown at great expense to his favourite speciality shop in a fashionable London suburb. Given that this arsehole is a close friend of Boris and other decision maker it looks suspiciously like we need to cut adrift from the UK mess a.s.a.p so that we can protect our indigenous rural businesses from the likes of Leunig and Monbiot and let them get on with rearing crops and livestock.

  11. Stan

    I see Ms Al Faifi has got her campaign video out. No doubt the first of many. Not my cup of tea but each to their own.

  12. Stan

    Fascinating case, the crossbow killing. I’m as sure as eggs that Whall carried out the killing. Despite some pretty miserable coverage in the main Welsh media, the Daily Post ran the proceedings regularly, and had a reporter in court tweeting as evidence proceeded. There was a lot of detail covered in these that never made the mainstream news. That’s no excuse for how poor the rest were.

    Like you, I’ve asked the question just what brought Whall from Essex to Ynys Mon (apologies – don’t know how to do circumflex)? The Daily Post said he had a son that subsequently moved back to his mother in Essex so one presumes a marital split but that’s quite a move. No idea if the son was still in education because that would have been a huge rift.

    Whall was £36K in debt from 2016, we know that, so was money a motive? He had apparently purchased cannabis growing equipment himself on a couple of occasions, so was he connected directly or indirectly with the cannibas cultivated in Corrigan’s place? I can’t see things ending as they are with Whall’s conviction. There’s hopefully lots to come out yet and further serious charges in the pipeline.

    I’ve met people like Whall a few times in my life. Obsessively interested in things like martial arts, swords, weapons etc. yet little else. I can’t see the attraction of possessing and learning to use items that are essentially for killing animals or people. Besides crossbows that would bring down a buffalo, he kept Samurai swords on his walls, and owned throwing knives that he was teaching kids to use. FFS, I know people are preaching end of days stuff, but we’re a long way from having to hunt our own food or kill marauding hordes of zombies yet.

    Surely, the time can’t be far off when owning a crossbow is made as difficult as owning a shotgun. Apparently, if you’re over 18 you can buy these killing machines off the internet virtually no questions asked. It’s time to start asking them.

    One final point. Whall has a Twitter account, still live at the weekend. Besides the expected “following” for him, i.e. lots of people like MMA and UFC fighters, there’s a whole batch of accounts linked to market trading, commodities, stock trading and the like. I thought that’s not quite what you’d expect for macho Mr Whall – maybe he has a side that the trial didn’t reveal.

    1. Sibrydionmawr

      Stan, and anyone else looking for how to type letters with things like accents and circumflexes, this chart is useful. simply hover the mouse cursor to come up with the key strokes needed to form the character required. The initial U requires the Ctrl and Shift keys to be held down. Once you’ve typed in the code, press the Enter key and the special character should appear.


      1. Stan

        Many thanks. I’ll give those a try next time I have to use one. Lots of other good stuff on the link. Appreciated.

      2. Brychan

        Alternatively, if you want to type in native Welsh you can open a dialogue box on this app. This allows you to click on character without worrying about ctrl characters.
        Similarly for Swedish
        Then you can just copy and paste to any other app, like word, blogs, documents which may also contain English or visa versa. If you type predominantly in Welsh then you can change the master setting under the control panel of windows.

  13. Gruff Williams

    Are you saying that Sahar Al-Faifi will be standing as a regional candidate for South Wales Central ? Is that really the case? I can’t believe it.

      1. CORRECTION: The article says, “she will seek nomination as a Plaid candidate in South Wales Central”. But with the backing of Leanne Wood it should be guaranteed.

        1. Stan

          Yes, I believe it’s seeking nomination but who would bet against her when she has Leanne’s blessing presumably before other candidates have professed an interest. There’s something a bit fishy about how all this has come about. Suspended from Plaid in mid November, only recently reinstated with a clean bill of health by them and before the ink was dry on her “pardon”, Al Faifi was announcing her campaign for candidacy, fully endorsed by Leanne Wood. To parody Micky in the Rocky films, “It’s a set up, Rock”. I personally think that our politicians are drawn from too narrow a base. Too many white, middle aged or older men in there and more diversity is needed. But given Al Faifi’s past record of anti Semitic statements and this woman’s seemingly constant fixation with getting her mug in the media, I don’t think this will end well.

  14. Brychan

    Leanne Wood said that anti-Semite, Sahar Al-Faifi, will be standing as a regional candidate for South Wales Central. Who chose her? How was she selected when she was officially suspended from party membership?

    There used to be membership ballots in Plaid Cymru for candidature. Vote 1,2,3 and 4 etc, so when did Plaid Cymru drop this party democracy? Who voted for Al-Faifi? Rhondda? Pontypridd? Cardiff constituencies?

  15. Robert Edwards

    Do you have any more news on plans to dump more mud from EDF Hinkley Point into Cardiff Bay opposite Penarth. The Welsh Government agreed to the first lot that was dumped for cash. Be grateful for any news you may have.

    Kind regards

    Rob Edwards

    Penarth Resident.

    1. I’m keeping watch from a distance. I have sources on the ground and I will almost certainly be writing about it.

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