Julian Cayo-Evans, Free Wales Army


It’s good to see so many young people here today who didn’t even know Cayo. I think that’s because Cayo, and the Free Wales Army, represent a refusal to submit with which many Welsh can identify today.

The reason I was drawn to Cayo, Dennis Coslett, Dai Bonar, Viv Davies and the rest, was that they saw the problem we faced very clearly, and they saw no need to complicate it. The problem in the 1960s was the same problem our ancestors faced a thousand years earlier – we Welsh were confronted with an aggressive and acquisitive neighbour.Cayo eagle

This clarity of vision was often derided and dismissed as simplistic or even ‘racist’ by those who regarded themselves as intellectually superior to us, those who preferred to hide the truth behind ‘socio-economic paradigms’ and other bullshit.

This helps explain why the Free Wales Army, and even MAC, have almost been written out of history. To believe some books I’ve read, the only opposition to the Investiture in 1969 came from Plaid Cymru and Cymdeithas yr Iaith! But this is the price that has to be paid for frightening people with the truth.

Things have obviously changed since the 1960s when we still had industries paying good wages, and plenty of jobs. Today, most parts of Wales are in managed decline. In rural areas like this the only future our young people are offered is fawning over tourists, wiping wrinkly backsides, and building houses they’ll never be able to afford. And if you don’t like it, then move out . . . and make way for a new population.

Something else that’s changed is that back in the 1960s the Scots used to look to Wales for inspiration – can you believe that? Today Scotland is on the verge of independence, and because many in London are now resigned to the ‘loss’ of Scotland they will do everything in their power to hang onto Wales.

So we’ll see an upsurge in BritNat propaganda – even worse than we’ve seen in recent years! Expect to see poppy sellers appear some time in May; all television programmes will be renamed ‘Great British’ this and ‘Great British’ that; and attempts – overt and covert – will be made to further undermine Welsh identity.

And all this will either be welcomed or greeted with silence by the quisling regime down Cardiff docks, and the so-called ‘Welsh’ media.

So forget fracking, forget the M4, forget the Barnett Formula, because these are trivial matters compared to this threat to our very survival as a nation. Cayo and the boys would have cut through the bullshit and understood it, and known how to react. How will you react?


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  1. Mr Gleefhart you are wrong again. Swansea Council paid THE SOMERSET TRUST £250,000 for the Right of Passage via the new bridge across the Tawe river near the football stadium. This was uncovered by one Independent Councillor asking Freedom of Information Questions, but none of the Politicians of any Party was critical of this situation. The SOMERSET TRUST own the Tawe river bed from the days of William de Braose – as it owns much of South Wales via ancient Manorial Rights from savage conques.. People who buy dwellings that need access across a section of Somerset Trust common land (e.g. at Cefn Bryn in Gower) have to pay a massive sum to the Somerset Trust for vehicular access. The access rights of old are not transferable to new owners. This is generally about 10% or more (with no upper limits) of the value of the dwelling. In England there is a ceiling of about 5% set by recent legislation, but despite the WAG Cardiff Assembly having legal devolved powers now to set a maximum, there is no maximum in Wales. This is a payment to the “Lord of the Manor” aka THE SOMERSET TRUST (formerly the Duke and not a Charity) – the terms of which are secret and unknown, but presumably benefit The Duke of Beaufort’s family. So Mr Gleefhart, and other readers of this BLOG, why not challenge your Candidate MPs and their canvassing entourage as to why they allow such a rip off if they knock your doors in this General Election campaign – which is unlikely. It is an odd campaign with little door knocking just large groups of party members of all Parties shuffling down streets “doorstepping” (as they now call it) and taking photos and especially selfies of themselves (which they Twitter to each other) as they quickly push some useless leaflet hastily and quietly into a letter box and then scurry down the garden path to rejoin the amorphous bland shuffle group. . The Shuffle Groups do not seek to engage in conversation or debates on doorsteps. The fact is none of them these days seek debate. They are not interested in challenges and would not dare to challenge THE SOMERSET TRUST. Come back Lord Sutch!

  2. If Mr Gleefhart checked his facts he could make a serious contribution. The Duke of Beaufort (of Badminton) handed over most of his Welsh property into the Somerset Trust over sixty years ago in some Legal form to benefit his family and avoid various “Duties”. Various Acts of Parliament have relieved him of the Mineral Rights. However the Trust (not a charity) still owns the bedrock and the Graziers own the grass. So if there is to be any drilling in the coal field for Coal Bed Methane Gas or other useful resources the Trust can claim for disturbance of the strata but not pocket the product. his Gas is worth £billions yet the “Greens” and the ill informed are all out to stop this drilling to the benefit of countries like Russia and Iran who sell us gas. Beaufort via Mowbray etc is coupled in history to the cruel murderous Braose family. Check out their history everyone, and Mr Gleefhart check out the laws on Mineral Rights and the Somerset Trust and the family tree of Beaufort.

    1. Daley Gleephart

      Swansea Council had to pay the Duck of Beaufort a large sum of money for permission to build a new bridge over the Tawe. Now, whether the Duck himself or a Trust gets the money is immaterial. The fact remains that feudal rights are still exercised in Britain. Some residents claim to have received letters from the Duck of Beaufort in relation to mineral rights beneath their homes.
      Your notion that we burn fossil fuel from all sources is unsound but you are free to express it. http://www.dangersoffracking.com/

  3. Willtiawn

    It was great to be there! I didn’t know Cayo but I feel as if I do..i just wish we had people like him now days. If I knew anyone like him I’d be quite happy to join them! I have a 5 year old and she knows all about Cayo & Denis, true Welsh heros!

  4. Daley Gleephart

    With letters from the Duck of Beaufort sent to some residents in the Swansea area in which he asserts rights to minerals beneath their homes, we should not forget about fracking.

            1. I fully support the compulsory registration of all land and property, with this information being freely available to members of the public. The big issue would be what do with the land and property that no one claimed, or for which no one could produce satisfactory deeds.

              1. Daley Gleephart

                Public companies, that no one owned, were sold when the Government claimed the right to sell them.

  5. dafis

    Da iawn. You have captured succinctly the entire span of “problems” faced today. As we enter a period of intense electioneering we will be confronted by even more focus on all those so called contentious issues – Barnett, begging bowl, fair shares, extra bureaucarcy ( cos they nice white collar jobs, or similar pretentions ) – and little or no mention of the overt yet unspoken drowning of Welsh identity by a wide range of corrosive activities, many managed by Welsh quislings on behalf of their Anglo Brit masters. That generation, including Cayo, saw through the bullshit, but I doubt that even they could have imagined how far down the track of destruction we could be taken as a nation with minimal objection.

    Remember and keep that flame burning.

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