Jake Berry MP, Part 3


I thought the previous post would be the end of the matter but more information keeps accumulating. If you’re new to it all then maybe you should start by catching up with Jake Berry MP; ‘They seek him here, they seek him there’ and Jake Berry MP, Part 2.

Though due to pressure being applied from somewhere these posts are no longer accessible via Facebook, which has removed the links on grounds of ‘Privacy’. This could perhaps have been anticipated, for Facebook is a stickler for privacy.

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And while the current pandemic makes it impossible for me to appeal it was no obstacle to dealing with Berry’s complaint. Though I console myself with the knowledge that my ‘feedback’ will be appreciated.

So that’s alright then.


This saga kicked off with allegations that Jake Berry, the MP for Rossendale and Darwen in east Lancashire, had sneaked himself and his family onto Ynys Môn and their holiday home Rhyd-y-Bont at Rhoscolyn. This farm had been bought towards the end of last year for £780,000, cash up front.

The Berry family had probably travelled from their London SW1 home, bought in 2017 for £2,150,000. Also paid with cash up front.

The story might have just died had it not been for the intervention of the island’s Tory MP Virginia Crosbie, a surprise victor in last December’s election. She defended Jake Berry with, “Mr and Mrs Berry have been living here in the island since February – it is their home.”

Virginia Crosbie is a none-too-bright beneficiary of the ‘Boris Bounce’ that was so influential in last December’s election. This enabled her to romp home . . . with just over a third of the vote. Much of that support would have come from people like Jake Berry who are taking over the island.

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Plus some local farmers that she has now shafted by voting for the deal that will flood the UK with chlorinated chicken and other products. But maybe it won’t be so bad, perhaps Trump will have the meat injected with Dettol™. Yum, yum!

Jake Berry voted the same way.

One local contact suggests: “It will probably result in small, family livestock farms becoming far less competitive against US imports resulting in farmhouses in isolated, idyllic locations coming onto the market to become second homes and holiday businesses.  The land will still be farmed, except for say 5 acres around the house to ensure privacy.  What the agriculture bill will give is subsidies tied to environmental benefits, like the 5 acre wildflower meadow around the house

If you were an unscrupulous MP with aspirations for a property empire, how would you vote?”

“Unscrupulous MP”. Perish the thought!

Crosbie only just made it to that election, for I’m told that her nomination papers were delivered at the very last minute. And when you realise why, then you’ll understand that Crosbie’s insistence that Jake Berry and his family have been living at Rhoscolyn since February should be accompanied by pinch of Halen Môn. A big bloody pinch!

For as late as November 2019 Virginia Crosbie was still hoping to stand in the safe Tory seat of Mid Sussex, where Winston Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames was standing down. Though as Guido Fawkes told us, she was dishonestly claiming to ” . . . . have lived in West Sussex with my husband, our three children and our cocker spaniel Violet for over 10 years.”

It was dishonest because elsewhere she was claiming to have lived in Kensington for 20 years. She was certainly deputy chair of the local Tories. While hubby Ian works for big pharma in Belgium.

What she might have meant was that her family had a holiday home in Sussex, much like Jake Berry and his family have a holiday home on Ynys Môn.

And Crosbie only got the Ynys Môn booking because local Tories very late in the day grasped that Chris Davies, the Brecon and Radnor expenses fiddler, was a liability. So he was persuaded that his family needed to see more of him.

One senior Welsh Tory quoted by the BBC on the way things had been handled on Ynys Môn said, “The candidate selection has been seriously flawed and chaotic”.

Once ensconced Crosbie began to claim Welsh antecedents and connections. First, with a grandfather who been a coal miner in Merthyr. But more importantly for Ynys Môn, her father had worked at Wylfa nuclear power station.

She was hame amang her ain folk! (No, hang on, that’s Scotland. Cancel the pipe band and book a male voice choir.)

The local party can probably be excused for verisimillitudophobe Virginia Crosbie because she almost certainly floated down out of a clear blue sky from a plane with the markings ‘Conservative Central Office’.

What a party!


Crosbie’s intervention served only to confirm that Berry and his family share their time between London and Rhoscolyn with rare – well publicised – visits to his constituency where he claims to stay at Clough Cottage. This is a small property conveniently owned by local Tory big-wig Tony Cope.

It seems that for 2018-2019, Berry claimed £16,618.31 for using Clough Cottage as his constituency base. Though how often he actually stays there is another matter. Because there’s certainly not enough room for him, his wife, their children and the nanny.

Clough Cottage

A constituent of Berry’s sent me this photograph she’d taken of Clough Cottage. My source was keen to point out that Clough Cottage is ‘the bit at the end’, the rest is Clough House. (I like the dappled sunlight effect.)

Though you have to wonder why Jake Berry needed to enter this arrangement with Tony Cope, for until very recently he owned a property (with tŷ bach and cwtch glô) on Helmshore Road in Rossendale. A property he sold early last year.

Which means that he sold a property he owned – but for which he could only claim council tax and utilities (totalling £1,373.40 in 2016/17) – in order to pocket £150,000 and go into an expensive arrangement with Tony Cope.


In the previous post I mentioned the companies linked to Jake Berry. I wrote, “Setting up companies to provide a cover for nefarious activities is something I report on regularly on this blog, but that can’t be the case here, surely? So why set up companies and just let them fold?”

I think I now understand what it’s about. I was initially directed – with a nod, a wink, and a tap of the nose – to PEPC Ltd, a company set up by Berry’s closest aides, Paul Lambert Fairhurst and Louise Emma Inglis. This was followed by a source in the constituency suggesting there was a similar reason for Ford Bridge Farm Ltd.

Ford Bridge is of course an anglicisation of Rhyd-y-Bont.

Let’s go back to the mysterious Rhoscolyn Ltd, founded 27 March 2008, when Jake Berry was just a likely lad who had probably been promised a constituency by the Conservative Party. There was a general election on 6 May 2010, and our boy was elected MP for Rossendale and Darwen. Then Rhoscolyn Ltd was allowed to die.

Licensing Objective Ltd was formed 28.08.2014, probably in anticipation of the May 2015 general election. PEPC Ltd was set up 27.08.2016 in preparation for the June 8, 2017 general election.

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No such company was needed for last December’s election because with Corbyn ‘leading’ the Labour Party, and a Brexit-Boris surge anticipated in northern England, Jake Berry was confident of increasing his majority. Which he did.

Thinking ahead to the next general election perhaps accounts for Ford Bridge Farm Ltd.

Not only that, but two sources of funding were identified: “The notorious United and Cecil donated to Jake in 2019, before that he got it from an unincorporated members association called The Portcullis Club, based in a very leafy part of the Ribble Valley.”

I suppose you’re wondering who or what these groups are. Well you can find some references online but it’s obvious those involved don’t like publicity, nor is The Portcullis Club confined to Mayhill boy Nigel Evans’ Ribble Valley constituency.

I ran across one mention of Portcullis on the website of Pimlico Plumbers.

Click to funders

So a host of wealthy Tory backers from north west England descended on London for a bun fight. And I’m not talking local shopkeepers from Happy Families here; this is not Mr Bung the Brewer, more like, well . . . Mr Bung.

Though in fairness to Jake Berry, and I always strive to be fair – even to colonialist bastards who think my homeland is some nineteenth century ‘possession’ to be exploited – some of this funding is declared . . . but only some of it.

Most of it goes through the kind of channels I listed earlier. Though this example might suggest yet another model.

And who knows, perhaps United and Cecil and The Portcullis Club are not the only publicity-shy Tory funding groups that have slipped Jake Berry thousands of pounds over the past decade.

But what might these benefactors expect in return?

Of course I could be on the wrong track entirely; there might be perfectly innocent explanations for setting up companies ahead of a general election. Companies that apparently do nothing and are then written off when the election is over.

If so, then I look forward to reading these explanations.


I made the point in the earlier posts that Jake Berry’s salary would appear to go a long, long way. But of course, the boy does seem to have other forms of income.

As this piece from Landlord Today of August 2019, reminded us in relaying a Daily Mirror report that cabinet ministers were claiming for accommodation in London while renting our property they owned elsewhere. Jake Berry among them.

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Berry’s property assets explain why, in January 2016, he was one of 72 Tory MPs who voted against making private rented accommodation ‘fit for human habitation’.

But even so, a few ropey rents don’t supply the readies for a £2,15m house in London and a £780,000 farm on Ynys Môn. Though the house is in Berry’s wife’s name, and the Rhoscolyn property in both their names.

So does Alice Molly Radclyffe Berry have money? The answer seems to be, yes.

That’s because, I’m told, her father is Mark Noel Foster Robinson who, some of you may remember, was from 1983 to 1987 the MP for Newport West. And later, MP for Somerton and Frome between 1992 and 1997.

Mark Robinson. Click to enlarge

Somerton Park to Somerton? (Geddit?)

But more importantly for considerations of material wealth, Mark Robinson was “Born in Bristol to John Foster Robinson, CBE, TD, and Margaret, née Paterson, Robinson’s father was High Sheriff of Avon in 1975. John Robinson’s family ran ES&A Robinson, the paper and packaging conglomerate that later became Dickinson Robinson Group.”

The Dickinson Robinson Group made Sellotape and Basildon Bond among other well-known products. So if Mark Robinson is Mrs Berry’s father then there is almost certainly money from her father’s side of the family.

What I find strange is that Alice Berry has dropped the Robinson name, but instead of using her mother’s maiden name of Pilkington, she’s gone back a generation to take her maternal grandmother’s maiden name of Radclyffe.

Whatever the explanation for this, we can be sure that Alice Berry has money. (And that’s without making any assumptions regarding the Pilkington side of her family.) Enough money to enable an arriviste like Jake Berry to play the squire and build up a property portfolio.

It’s surely only a matter of time before he’s Master of the Holyhead Hunt. (Who meet regularly to set the dogs on Shinners getting off the ferry.)


To kick-start his political career Jake Berry perhaps relied on the Bank of Mum and Dad. Then it was his MP’s salary (and expenses) – with his re-election helped by wealthy donors operating in the shadows – which allowed him to build a modest property portfolio. More recently, the boy appears to have struck gold with the second Mrs Berry.

Just think, this man was in the UK cabinet until very recently, and he still has considerable influence with his mate BoJo, who was his wife’s employer, and is godfather to their elder son.

You know me, I’m not a socialist; I want to see enterprise succeed and initiative rewarded. But that’s not what we’ve been looking at here.

For we’re discussing the modern Conservative Party. A party made up of chancers, each one looking out for number one. A party devoid of a coherent political ideology, let alone an underpinning philosophy. A party that is in no way Tory.

Your next Conservative and Unionist Party candidate? (Or am I being unkind to spivs?)

This is bad enough when it happens over there. But when these people are here, buying up property like Wales is one big fire sale, then something needs to be done.

But what can we expect from those buffoons down Corruption Bay. Those house Taffs, who refuse to even close the loophole that allows holiday homes to be registered as businesses.

Has Berry registered his properties as businesses, I wonder, and is he now claiming his coronovirus compensation?

Perhaps what really pisses me off is that in the Punch and Judy show of UK politics the ineptitude of the Conservatives up in London will help keep the even more useless Labour Party in power at next year’s Welsh Parliament elections.

The two-party system is like a see-saw with an arsehole at each end. When one’s up the other is down.

But all the old parties have failed Wales. Which is why we need radical change, and why we must support Gwlad and the Welsh National Party.

♦ end ♦

P.S. While idly Googling ‘Rhoscolyn’ up popped the grandly named Rhoscolyn Estate Enterprises Ltd. The ‘estate’ consists of a rather run-down, but still quite impressive property by the name of Bryn Goleu.

I’m telling you this because of course Rhoscolyn is the area where the Berry family is building its property empire, and Bryn Goleu was on the market recently. But no longer, which means it’s either been withdrawn or it’s been sold.

The Land Registry website suggests that documentation is being processed. I wonder . . .


57 thoughts on “Jake Berry MP, Part 3

  1. Dafis

    Totally unrelated, (unless I develop a method for dumping Wales’ entire homeless population into the entire 101 houses owned by Jake Berry !) I note your tweet comment regarding the nation.cymru article of earlier today. It is absurd, strange, or just plain fuckin’ stupid to contemplate such abstract wellmeaning action unless there are massive safeguards against abuse. This is akin to that other dumb idea – opening Wales up to unlimited numbers of refugees and economic migrants, and up there with the notion that UK builds prisons in Wales as a job and wealth creating initiative !, only to confront a health crisis and tip a big segment of the crim population into communities ill equipped to deal with the injection of deviant/criminal activity on such a scale. The writer of that article must be some sort of strategic planning wonk employed by a Turd Sector outfit looking for a further surge in numbers to support growth plans. Wales’ economic future has a stable foundation of third sector and handouts. And lobbyists & P.R agents.

    Why should we worry ?

    1. Brychan

      The whole basis of that (un-attributed) nation.cymru article is flawed.

      The emergency blank cheque to all local authorities in England and Wales, for purpose of housing those claiming homelessness, was awarded to councils to book B&Bs and hotels and enforce Covid-19 lockdown. In the past two months these councils have had significant success in housing them permanently.

      This emergency budget in England has therefore been reduced proportionately.
      Only the hopelessly addicted or those preferring a transitory lifestyle remain.

      The budget for this is fully Barnetised, so similar funding stream flows to the Welsh Government. The homelessness industry in Wales (companies like Llamau) are now fishing for this cash in the hope of robbing the local authorities of it. Depriving the very institutions best placed to permanently house those concerned.

      The result will be (a) removing Welsh ‘clients’ from Welsh councils, (b) paying cash into the pockets of third sector executives, and (c) importing the ‘hopeless’ cases left unsolved.

      The Welsh Government needs to clarity whether they will continue the ‘Housing First’ policy initiated by the Covid-19 chequebook. Or revert to the cash drain into the ‘problem farming’ operation of the third sector which will continue to import these ‘complex needs’ from England.

  2. David Smith

    Oh, one more. You say they are in no way Tory. I’m assuming you’re referring to the old style ‘One Nation Conservativism’, noblesse oblige and all that, basically what they were before Thatcher came in, as my crude understanding has it?

    1. Brychan

      An example of the differences in the Tory party can be seen at Felinfach, a race horse training estate in Carmarthenshire.


      It used to be run by old country set and they trained a few winners. Tories of the old sort, often going under the guise of independents in local politics.

      The owner/trainer at the time did take ‘apprentices’ from the less affluent estates of Llanelli, who they paid well, and cared for.

      Felinfach was then sold when New Labour deregulated gambling. Putting circuits like Ffos Las and the industry at a disadvantage, but don’t tell the fat lady from Swansea, who likes to slap lesbians and wobble in front of Union Jacks at bingo halls.


      A fly by night new kind of spiv Tory bought it, and set up the ‘Little Mill Equestian Centre’ which catered for and imported the odd Abigale and Imogen, using grants from Welsh Labour and assisted by Plaid Cymru. I’m glad to see that’s now also gone bust.

      The property is now back on the market, by it’s proper name.


      Note to buyers – If you buy this facility, respect the local community, maintain and learn the language, employ the local inhabitants and treat them well. Arrive as a purveyor of dignity and respect. That includes the language of the stable and the name of the property.

      The likes of Jake Berry can fuck off.

        1. Dafis

          Felinfach has been there a long time. It was a major refurbishment project way back, 70’s perhaps, and a top quality training circuit was laid down at or around that time. I think the first owner, the original developer, was from around Carmarthen, name Thorpe rings a bell, not Jeremy but someone a lot more civil and honest. I recall one of the local boys telling me that some good winners were trained on that track so it wasn’t some shyster’s folly certainly not back then anyway.

          Shame if it ended up being owned by one of the many cnuts that have drifted into the area financed by the sort of loans that locals can only dream of.

          1. Dafis

            … and now having taken time to read one of Brychan’s links I find the lady whose name is Alison Thorpe and reference to a number of winners. Good of Wales on Line to have got round to printing that type of story. Must have been more like a proper newspaper back then.

            1. Brychan

              I’ve chatted with a vet who used to do some work for Alison. The phrase used was ‘trust the one with mud on her boots, not the one in the best hat’. Perhaps we should judge politicians the same way. There was a doping scandal after she hit the big time. Unbeknown to Alison at the time, on the national circuits, a crook started enhancing her horses. Apparently Alison Thorpe is a very nice lady, a bit too trusting I am told, one who sees the best in everyone.

  3. David Smith

    I know you’re joking but I’d like to think if that arsehole tried to set up a Holyhead Hunt, he’d get more than a thick lip for his troubles.

    Forget the chance to make this island better for everywhere that isn’t the South East of England, and the satisfaction that we’re sitting at the top table as a proud nation. The real satisfaction of flushing this turd of a union down the toilet of history will arguably be the poke in the eye delivered to the endlessly recycled cabal of cunts who’ve been running the show since Norman times. Not forgetting their dutiful Spiv Express stowaways, like archetypal house Taff “Cap-doffer” Cairns and Merry Berry.

    I find it quite galling that only 60 miles away, across ‘St George’s Channel’, not too long ago in history, these sorts of people were sent packing with a flea in their ear.

  4. Dafis

    RentSmart Wales is only concerned with residential lettings. If all of Berry’s property empire is listed as private family homes then I suspect he escapes their jurisdiction. Packing them with members of extended family with odd holiday lets might be a way out of scope too.

    1. I’ve spoken with a former tenant. The property he was renting from Berry was definitely not registered with Rent Smart Wales. There may well be others.

      1. Dafis

        RentSmart make it quite clear that “if you isn’t registered and paid all sorts of dues you will be whacked with a fine”. There again that’s probably just for us small time guys, the elites get all sorts of “yes sir, no sir, three bags full'” servility and deference. Of course he may have palmed it all off onto a letting agent in which case most of the RentSmart crap lands on that agent.

        1. Our boy was definitely renting property without being registered with Rent Smart Wales. Someone in the letting business suggests this practice is widespread on Ynys Mon. Which opens up the possibility of officialdom turning a blind eye. Even brown envelopes.

          A clue, this source suggests, is the number of properties on Ynys Mon without energy performance certificates, gas safety certification, deposit protection, etc. All the irritating paperwork that a busy man doesn’t have time for.

          1. Dafis

            Well if that’s the case the RentSmart operation in Cardiff has much to answer for. Initially set up by the Welsh Colonial Government within Cardiff City Council as a “host”, I suspect that it is now well on its way to becoming a bloated beast in its own right with Directors and sundry other “top jobs”, just nice for Labour party hangers on with an occasional Plaid puppet for good measure.

            I’m kind of surprised that they haven’t taken a keener interest in Ynys Mon simply because they were operating like a money making racket charging fees for bits of training/approvals/licensing etc.They’ve issued extensive literature covering all aspects you mentioned in your last paragraph – like the E.P.C, Gas safety and setting limits on deposits – much of it protecting tenant rights while leaving landlords high and dry when tenants misbehave. Same old Labour interventionist horseshit !

            1. I’ve often thought that Rent Smart Wales was set up to promote the interests of housing associations by making life more difficult for the competition.

              1. Dafis

                Been 50% owner of a small property for c.10 years as a result of inheritance. Couldn’t sell it in 2010 cos economy, and housing market in West Wales, was on its arse. Eventually took in tenants and they have remained. That’s good for them and us. Much of the crap that issues from RentSmart doesn’t even relate to our kind of relationship, it’s as though they are trying to stir a non-existent pot ! I wanted to sell on a few years ago, wrote to likes of H.A’s and not one of them had the courtesy to even acknowledge e-mails or any form of enquiry. So we stayed put and still work with the same tenants.

                I take the view that many H.A’s do so well out of mopping up the fallout from society that they can’t be bothered with people with real housing needs like a working couple on lowish incomes with maybe 1 or 2 kids. I guess you have to import troubled types to justify those 6 figure salaries. Does old Berry doesn’t soil his hands on that sort of work ? Bet he’s got an agent milling around somewhere on the island.

                1. From looking around on the Rent Smart Wales website it appears that Berry’s father may be using an agent. Investigations are ongoing and there will almost certainly be a Jake Berry MP, Part 4.

                  As for housing associations, there was a time when they could buy existing properties, but in the great reorganisation of the late ’80s or ’90s they were told that from now on it had to be new builds. The justification was that this would provide work for local builders and tradesmen. True, up to a point. But of course it also released a great many stone- and slate-built cottages for holiday homes.

                  When we have the inevitable reorganisation of housing associations the buying of existing properties must be reintroduced. And the difference in price between a new build and buying ‘Cartref’ can be funded by the 500% council tax surcharge on holiday homes, which will eventually drive down the demand for them. Certainly those at the lower end of the market.

                  Leaving only Abbasock and similar locales to be be dealt with.

  5. Brychan

    The ‘Stay at Home’ requirements of the Coronavirus Act is not limited to the Tory spivs like Jake Berry MP or the Westminster spin-doctors like Dominic Cummings. Both sought refuge in remote holiday homes.

    There are also some ‘trendy left’ and ‘champaign socialists’ who also have fled to holiday homes in Wales.

    Mark Serwotka is the £90k a year General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), the largest trade union representing British civil servants. He is also President of the Trades Union Congress. Married to Ruth Serwotka of the ‘Womens Place’ hate group of ultra feminists, who want transsexuals banned from toilets and other public places.

    The Serwotkas own three properties. Their main home a detached mansion in Chipstead in Surrey, but they also own a property at Rhiwbina in Cardiff and also a holiday home in Ceredigion in west Wales.

    We see on the twitter feed published by Ruth that they actually fled to Gelli Gatti House.

    27/04/2020 – Photo of Ruth in the garden at Gelli Gatti.
    31/03/2020 – Photo Ruth took of Mark working at his desk at the house.
    29/03/2020 – Photo taken by Ruth of a view of Rhosili, Gower.

    STAY AT HOME was implemented on 23/03/2020 when they were in Surrey.
    Why did they run to Wales?



    Mark Serwotka is General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) representing hundreds of thousands of civil servants and one of their largest contingents of membership is at the DVLA. A callous disregard for the health and wellbeing for the population of Swansea.

    Is this one for DPP/SWP?

    Gelli Gatti House is 5-bed grade 2 listed country house.
    It is here.

    Whether it be champagne socialists or tory spivs, they both have a complete disregard for the rural population of Wales.

    1. Dafis

      These people have much in common with Cummings et al. They all think they are above the rules that apply to us plebs. That the Serwotkas are “progressive lefties” is meaningless. They are a part of the scumbag elitist fringe that sucks its income from purporting to represent the interests of the working class. Just as useless as that muppet that used up most news channels’ air time yesterday. Just as much of a threat to our communities as that spiv from Lancashire busily mopping up property on Ynys Mon. Just as self indulgent as the M.P son of the retired windbag politician now drawing his dole from the Upper House. UK with active Welsh support and participation have created a thick layer of parasitic hangers-on that is vividly on display in these times of crisis, real or contrived.

      1. Brychan

        Cummings, Kinnock, Berry and Serwotka all demonstrate a belief they are above the law, or elevated to a position of entitlement.

  6. Brychan

    Just a thought.

    If Boris does sack Cummings for his virus escapades to and around County Durham, as some more principled Tory MPs are now calling for, then he should also withdraw the Tory party whip from Jake Berry MP for his virus trip to and travels on Ynys Môn.


    It can be expected that the Daily Mirror has gone to town on Cummings but ignores Jake Berry as to them Wales is invisible. However, I do think it strange that the Labour Party in Wales is silent on what Jac has exposed.

    Step forward Liz, the podium is yours.

    1. Big Gee

      What a non story! Is this the most important thing to report at a time when the real crisis is the taking away of freedoms in a totalitarian tip toe takeover? People are in the middle of mass house arrest, triggered by a well planned scam emanating from the Gates controlled E.H.O., and ministers are bickering over the minutiae of whether the letter of the law – during a fake and rushed Covid-19 Emergency Bill – are being adhered to,

      Absolutely amazing. WAKE UP SHEEPLE and smell the coffee – talk about a debate over what colour should be used to paint the funnels on the Titanic, whilst the ship is sinking!

      Can I invite you to check out the facts at Big Gee’s Blog?

      1. Dafis

        I don’t think you can fairly dismiss it as a non-story although I accept that it is NOT “the most important thing to report….”. However it is important to note and understand what is happening especially as people, including yourself, are well aware that there are numerous contradictory and potentially harmful forces acting around and on us. Berry is part of the governing party and it is reasonable therefore to expect from him a pattern of conduct broadly in keeping with those rules and guidelines which his government have promulgated and which have been broadly repeated by the colonial office in the Bay.

        Set aside his conduct in connection with Covid for now and look at other aspects of this man’s activities. He appears from the evidence offered to have been on a grand buying spree on Ynys Mon. This mopping up of property is not new – you know that as well as anyone as it goes way back pre Cymuned – but it appears to be on something of a surge. Not a case of loads of outsiders buying up individual properties, but a small number of well financed individuals mopping up several units of varying sizes over a short period. In the case of Berry is this the conduct of a chancer who happens to become an M.P or that of an M.P with a growing penchant for being a chancer ?

        The Tories parachuted a well connected lady from the South East of England to fight and win Ynys Mon. The fact that she won at all is a big stain on our reputation. Since being elected she is known to have voted against the interests of the island’s farmers but will they remember that betrayal in 4 + years time? A growing part of her core voter base probably exists within the segment of in-migrants who have retired or reinvented themselves on the island and they seem to be a growing population.

        This in my humble opinion represents a pincer movement, maybe coincidental, a combination of demographic change and its political self interest. Reversing it will be a hard slog and locals may do nothing about it unless their methods are exposed. For that reason alone Jac is to be commended for casting light into the dark corners. I for one would have been blissfully unaware had he not written.

        1. Stan

          I think Big Gee was referring to the Cummings story rather than Jac’s series of blogs about Jake but if I am wrong I’m sure he’ll correct me.

          Neither is a non-story in my opinion. In the case of Jake Berry, Jac’s articles have raised very legitimate concerns as echoed by Dafis’ response above. The blogs and responses on here and further afield speak for themselves.

          And in Cummings’ story, no matter where you stand politically or otherwise, I’d have thought that a debate about whether one of the prime movers in the UK government of the day has taken the piss or acted in some protective, altruistic way to look after his close family, is a legitimate topic. Particularly viewed against the government’s own advice and legislation as a result of the Covid lockdown, which the majority of the four nations of the UK has been following.

          1. Big Gee

            Actually I was referring to both Stan, or any other similar story – it doesn’t matter who the individuals involved are. We are still (and I don’t mean on Jac’s blog – but all over the UK) still focusing on things of very limited relevance on the larger canvass. It’s about priority and importance in the big picture of things. A vast number of the population have still not woken up to what’s happened, or what the consequences are.

            No one has been louder voiced in the past about injustices and wrongs perpetrated against us as a nation. At the time, that was the subject material, that in my opinion, was very high on the priority list of what needed to be addressed.

            My personal focus now is how I can add my weight to exposing this hoax pandemic – as I say in the ‘Welcome Video’ on my blog. This is a time never before witnessed in the history of mankind. Not the fact that there’s a phoney virus, that has been portrayed as a massive killer, which has scared most people shitless and made them compliant. It’s what’s behind the whole scam that needs to be exposed, and people need to be woken up to the consequences. People need to realise what exactly as happened, which is usually irreversible, when emergency acts get put on statute books. When the emergency is over, those powers don’t get repealed – THAT is what people need to worry about, and fight against. The same applies to surveillance and vaccinations – the whole system is being dismantled globally, and we fuss arse about whether some MP has followed the letter of the law under these emergency rules.

            Those of us who are happily idling away our time, doing our normal everyday things and waiting for reality to return are living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. I suppose you’ve heard the new phrase that they are familiarising people with: “The New Normal”. Think about that for a second – it’s not a return to ‘normal’ but a NEW normal.

            I liken this situation to being so engrossed in swatting a wasp that will sting you, when there’s a fucking great big tiger creeping up on you from behind!

            Do your research, read the facts and the evidence – it’s not for nothing that all these doctors and scientists are coming out of the woodwork in protest. Some of us have warned about what was coming, and what was behind it for decades. Now that it’s at the door, people are ignoring it and hoping it’ll just go away if they sit quietly inside, waiting.

            1. Brychan

              The stinging wasp you refer to, Vespula Germanica, is native only to Europe and Turkey. The tiger, Panthera Tigris, is native only to India and tropical south east Asia. So if you were trying to swot a wasp but missing great big tiger creeping up on you from behind, you would be in a Zoo.

              1. Big Gee

                Oh – come on Brychan, that’s a bit insipid isn’t it? You’re too intelligent to accidentally mistake a metaphor with unrelated details about zoological facts.

                Ever heard the saying “straining the gnat whilst swallowing the camel”? Now you’re not going to come back and lecture me on the diameter of a human mouth and the impossibility of swallowing a camel are you?

                Come on man – you surely realise how ridiculous and silly that last comment of yours was.

                1. Brychan

                  I am aware of the frequent use of ‘metaphors’ in all types of religion as well as in proponents of conspiracy theories. It’s because the arguments being presented are illogical.

                  Anyone can walk on water if the salinity is high enough, like in the Dead Sea, or the forward velocity greater than the negative buoyancy, like in surfing. Do not subscribe to the Holy Trinity. Metaphors are not required to verify facts.

                  I do not think Coronavirus “doesn’t exist” and vaccination a darstedly plot by Bill Gates to control the world by “injecting microchips”. It is interesting, however, such theories can evolve concurrently. Boko Haram, Waco, Koresh, 5G, Area59, Bermuda triangle.

                  1. Big Gee

                    And your point is? That Bible based teaching about the camel and the gnat has fuck all to do with the Trinity – in fact that doctrine is man-made, and does not appear in the original writings. Personally I do not subscribe to any man made religion, but in my quest for truth, (as I have always had a healthy curiosity and an urge to get to the bottom of things) I have read the Bible from cover to cover two and a half times about thirty years ago. Don’t confuse religion with enlightened writing – whatever the religion that subscribes to those writings, all man made religions are totally flawed. But I digress I’m not here to debate religion.

                    I don’t really care whether you believe that Covid-19 does or does not exist. But it’s a bit stupid to say that Corona viruses don’t exist it’s a well documented FAMILY of viruses, which includes the common cold and most strains of flu. However, Covid-19 has neither been isolated or identified and the Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction test (RT-PCR) procedure is a joke

                    Your mention of ‘conspiracy theory’ is a bit yesterday Brychan – a phrase concocted and promoted by the CIA in the sixties to discredit those that questioned the circumstances surrounding the Kennedy assassination, and the whitewash inquiry that followed it. It’s a well used, but rather ignorant tag, to apply to someone who does not slavishly follow the indoctrination of the establishment. In fact it’s the lazy thinker’s way out of doing proper research for themselves. A classic example of shooting the messenger if you don’t want to hear the message.

                    I couldn’t care a monkey’s fuck what you think of conspiracies, you’re obviously being an echo chamber for what you’ve heard the mainstream propaganda machine say to you, in order to try and discredit and ridicule those that think for themselves outside the closed circuit thinking of the majority.

                    It is evident from what you say that you have not bothered to read ANY of the information I have provided on my blog (ironically the actions of religious fanatics, when confronted with an objection to their beliefs – they refuse to read the evidence). Whether that is laziness or a stubborn reluctance on your part to compare the information on there to what you choose to believe – I don’t know, and don’t really care. Another metaphor for you: “you can take a horse to the water, but you can’t force him to drink’.

                    1. Jonesy

                      Er mwy. Tad ddyn, calliwch, a chanolbwyntiwch ar wirioneddau, mae eich pregethu am covid yn nonsens. Rydych chi yn gallu ysgrifennu pethau digon difyr ar brydiau , ond rydych yn colli eich hygrededd yn llwyr drwy ddilyn y sgwarnog yma.

                    2. Big Gee

                      Jonesy: Diolch am y ganmoliaeth. Dydw i ddim erioed wedi ysgrifennu dim byd sydd ddim yn gall – felly nid wyf yn gwerthfawrogi rhywun sydd yn gofyn i fi ‘gallio’.

                      Faint o ymchwil personol ydych chi wedi ei wneud i fewn i’r pwnc hwn? Mae croeso i chi fynd i fy mlog i weld tystiolaeth gadarn o BOPETH y dywedaf, ac y mae croeso pellach i chi roi eich dadleuon ger bron yno.

                      Os yr ydych yn ddigon meddal a hygoelus i wrando a chredu popeth yr ydych yn cael eich bwyd, a dilyn y gwybodaeth hwnnw fel y ddafad nesa’ atoch, ac hynny heb ofyn unrhyw gwestiynnau, na gwneud unrhyw ymchwil personol, yna ni chredaf eich bod yn gymwysedig i wneud datganuiadau o’r fath yr ysgrifennoch.

                      Agorwch eich llygaid ddyn – a da chi agorwch eich meddwl a deffro i realiti y sefyllfa.

                    3. Brychan

                      BG – I am not under house arrest. I have to work. Despite very arduous working conditions as well as compulsory testing, over ten of my colleges have died from Covid-19, one infected by assault. If I do find one of your Gates microchips you’ll be the first to know. This real life experience. This does not make me a sheep. I and my country are ignored. You keep chasing that hare. I have more pressing concerns. Like building a movement for independence. I’m fed up of driving east risking my life to help others while at the same time I see caravans and posh cars driving on the westbound carriageway to holiday homes. These are shitheads and cowards. I cannot visit the castle I can see from by bedroom window when I get a day off and have not ventured there as an excuse for specsavers. Nor can I scatter the ashes of loved ones on beaches now occupied by Brummies. My experience is not me being hoodwinked by mainstream media, it’s their absence from Wales that is apparent.

                    4. Big Gee

                      That’s fair comment Brychan, and I can understand your thinking, when this is looked at from the ‘official’ angle. But it’s not what it’s perceived to be.

                      The dominant statistic is, that the overall death rate globally, is actually 2% below the average for the last 3 years. Now you can’t have a PANDEMIC without the overall death rates exploding, because you have the usual death rate PLUS extra deaths from a pandemic, – that is not the case here.

                      People die every year from seasonal flu, a particularly nasty one was experienced in 2017, when the average death rates were increased considerably. This year, a particularly benign outbreak has killed some people, but they were vulnerable, either because of weakened immune systems due to old age, or underlying health problems. Italy has recorded that 99% of deaths were in this category. health workers are more vulnerable, because of the viral load in their bodies is greater because they are constantly within a contamination area. Every year health workers have grave risks, and some die, but not specifically from Covid-19.

                      Then add to that, the directive that’s been given to record deaths as Covid-19, if the deceased had tested positive for this virus, using a test procedure that is known to give up to 80% false positives – as any traces of RNA detected – which most of us have, because at some time in our lives we’ve come into contact with a coronavirus of some kind or other. Covid-19 has NOT been specifically isolated or identified in a lab. Death certificates are being filled showing people have died WITH Covid-19 but not specifically FROM Covid-19. This enables the deaths attributed to the disease to be elevated through recategorising, and therefore corrupting the data. However overall global death rates cannot be hidden, that’s why it is THE key statistic to look at.

                      My anger at the way our country is colonised and abused is as great as yours, but the overriding thing that needs to be fought right now is the exposure of this madness. If allowed to carry on, we will not have a country or borders, and neither will anywhere else. it will be a global totalitarian unit. They’ve been working at it with the EU project, which has got too much opposition from the people in the various European countries – this Covid-19 scare project might just succeed where others have failed.

                      I’m not going to repeatedly say the same things over and over on here. All the evidence, to back up what I’m saying is on my blog. If you can find ANY flaws in the facts provided on there, then you are more than welcome to air your views in the blog’s comment section.

                      P.S. Official definition of House Arrest: “In justice and law, house arrest is a measure by which a person is confined by the authorities to their residence. Travel is usually restricted, if allowed at all”. By that definition we ARE under house arrest, whether we choose to call it that or not.

                    5. Brychan

                      There is no such thing as a ‘global death rate’. It’s meaningless because everyone doesn’t catch it at the same time and longevity of acquired immunity is unknown. Also, rate of death by other causes are ignored, recording methods differ, and vectors of transmission vary.

                      To measure the deadliness of the virus you need to use ‘excess deaths’ in a place and at a time when the infection is endemic. Excess deaths are running at 50-70% above the average, in most already infected areas or countries. The average death rate in Wales for the “peak” in April over the previous five years was 650. This year it was 1150 deaths for the same week. The excess deaths in Wales for this period was therefore about four Aberfans.

                    6. Wynne

                      It may be helpful if I set out below my request for information submitted to Welsh Government 9 May under F O I Act. Currently awaiting reply.

                      To: Welsh Government – Freedom of Information Team

                      I would be grateful if you could arrange to provide me with the following information under F O I Act 2000 / E I R 2004 with regard to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

                      1. Confirmation of the criteria that must be met before “death from Covid-19 virus” can be recorded on death certificate, and

                      2. Copy of guidance issued by World Health Organisation to Welsh Government regarding Covid-19 virus death recording process

                      If you require further clarification you are welcome to contact me. I look forward to receiving the information at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


                      A similar request was forwarded to UK Government. Again. awaiting reply. The information was requested as I take the view that there is a significant difference between recording death “from Covid-19 virus” and recording death “having tested positive for a coronavirus”.

                      I shall endeavour to provide an update on Jac and Big Gee blog when I receive a response from UK and Welsh Government.

                    7. Stan

                      The independent Full Fact website is a useful source for reliable information. In early May they published a very interesting article about the “excess deaths” Brychan has referred to, but on an England and Wales basis, as well as more globally.

                      It’s a longish read but worth it, in my opinion. What I take from it is there a definite and clear upsurge in deaths over the average for the last five years in England and Wales from late March, and this rapid upsurge is similarly reflected in many other European countries and the United States.

                      The best measure for epidemiologists and statisticians to assess the pandemic’s impact is to look at “all-cause mortality”. However, in countries where reporting and recording of deaths is not as efficient as places like the UK, Europe and the US, this itself is no easy task and may not be possible with a high degree of certainty. And until we are a lot further forward in time, probably the end of December 2020, it’s not possible to get a good handle on excess deaths in those where record keeping is good. But suffice to say from what we know already, Covid-19 is a major factor in these excess deaths. A lot of countries are nowhere near the top of the infection curve yet. This pandemic has a way to run yet.

                    8. Big Gee

                      Stan: the site you referred to is a charity, although it parades as an ‘independent source of information’. Before quoting figures from it, I would suggest you check out who funds it – that’s usually a good indicator of the validity of the contents. As the old saying goes “follow the money”.

                      What you’ll note in the page you linked to is that there is continual references to what is recorded on death certificate records. Therein lies the devil in the detail. It’s been well established that death certificates are being falsified – wilfully so – from directives that come from the WHO via individual governments. So are totally unreliable.

                      I quoted a 2% below average death rate globally, whilst this so called pandemic has been in circulation. Those figures come from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC)’s own site.

                      To throw light on this issue, can I invite you to view THIS PAGE on my blog. More specifically please view the second video down on that page.

                      I will not engage in further discussion on Jac’s blog on this subject, it’s not fair to hijack it for this purpose. I will however, willingly carry on with the discussion on my blog at: https:biggeesblog.cymru The blog is wholly dedicated to this subject at present, and I wholeheartedly welcome ALL debate on there.

                    9. Stan

                      Full Fact has a whole page dedicated to where it gets its money from. It’s there for all to see. It has also received endorsement from assorted individuals that include Sir David Attenborough, J K Rowling and even Scroobius Pip. As fact checking sites go, I’m inclined to use it. I’d certainly back it over most of the MSM for impartial assessment and fact checking of lots of topics.
                      I can finally agree with you about one thing though. It’s not fair to hijack Jac’s blog any longer for our completely opposing views on Covid-19. Thank you for your kind invitation to respond in detail on your blog but I won’t be taking it up. I have wasted too much time already watching Dr Andrew Kaufman and Judy Mikovits on your recommendation. I will continue to follow the advice of experts in disease control and epidemiology when looking for information on Covid-19, not a bunch of discredited scientists and loonies. I may have got it wrong, but the video I think you refer me to in your last post is almost one hour long and by David Icke. I’ve got better things to do than inflict further pain on myself.
                      I don’t need to spend countless hours watching these nutters to form an opinion if they have hit upon some hidden truth that has somehow escaped the rest of humanity, just as I don’t need to travel to the moon and bite into moonrock to prove to myself it’s not Cheddar cheese.
                      I’ll leave it there.

                    10. Brychan

                      Europe for Wynne.
                      There is a two-stage definition of cause of death, and it is by a clinician. (a) primary cause, like depressed oxygen levels in blood, and then (b) underlying cause, like Covid-19. The underlying cause can be clinical opinion, a pre-mortem test or a post-mortem test. Same in NZ, Australia, Canada.

                      US for BigGee.
                      In the US due to private health system and lack of access to clinical diagnosis results in under reporting of Covid-19. Body bags from New York slums taken direct to mass graves. Meanwhile, the college educated get tested negative every day due to access.

                      Sweden v England.
                      The policy in Sweden (light lockdown) has always been Trace and Test, civic duty resulting in action, but England (relaxing lockdown) has just launched a policy of Test and Trace, a measure of mobile phone signal and honesty. Always trust a Swede but never shake hands with an Englishman.

  7. Lancastrian

    Joining some dots, maybe erroneous but…
    Is Richard Marcus Callister RADCLIFFE a family connection of Mrs ‘Berry’ the 2nd?

  8. Brychan

    You say “It will probably result in small, family livestock farms becoming far less competitive against US imports resulting in farmhouses in isolated, idyllic locations coming onto the market to become second homes and holiday businesses. The land will still be farmed, except for say 5 acres around the house to ensure privacy. What the agriculture bill will give is subsidies tied to environmental benefits, like the 5 acre wildflower meadow around the house.”

    This exactly the business model practiced here…


    I came across this operation from a twitter exchange between executives of the ‘Summit To Sea’ project. They use it for executive lunches when visiting Wales and the accommodation offered includes an “eco swimming pool”. It’s a cluster of cottages rented out to the jet set at a few thousand pounds a night specialising in posh hen and stag weekends. The establishment does benefit from a small acreage of ‘ancient woodland’ which no doubt benefit from diverted rural grants, and rather strangely, they are currently accepting 5% deposits on bookings within the coronavirus lockdown.

      1. Brychan

        My reply from ‘Terry’ says..

        “We are adding a specific additional clause to our offer emails which will form the basis of the contract between us and any guests who decide to book during lockdown. Our intention is that a 5% deposit will secure available dates during lockdown and we are receiving bookings secured in this way. You have raised an interesting point as the restrictions are currently being eased at a different pace in the home nations. I can confirm that the 5% deposit will be refunded in full, without further questions, if any prospective guests from the UK are prevented from staying at Barlings Barn or travelling to Wales, due to any lockdown restrictions. Similarly, if any conditions are placed on us (maximum group size, mandatory time gap between bookings etc), we will offer guests the opportunity of an immediate 5% refund. Once the lockdown is over, our normal payment terms will apply, balance of 25% deposit payable at that point and the balance payable 12 weeks prior to arrival.”

        There are difference between guidelines and law.

        I suspect due to the profile of this establishment this is a confirmed “legal workaround” of Welsh holiday lets during lockdown. A defined two stage deposit process. Like an entry fee to an auction. It would be interesting, however, if the Counsel General for Wales (Miles) has considered this in the ‘guidelines’.

        As far as I’m aware, if I took a refundable deposit from you today for the supply of two ounces of marijuana with the view to completing the transaction at an unspecified date in the future as anticipation of legalisation, we would both be committing a criminal offence by entering into such an arrangement.

        The law needs to be tested.

        Also, there is the issue of UK government ‘coronavirus loans’ to businesses where eligibility is defined as a measure of ‘predicted lost cashflow’. It is designed to keep businesses afloat and avoid job losses during lockdown. However, it does not consider banking of a ‘reserve deposit’ of this type.

      2. Dafis

        Llanbrynmair ! In the middle of the proposed summit to sea territory. Looks like the invasion is well under way and this joint will be typical of the “smart leisure and recreational opportunities” available out there in the wilderness. Wasn’t there a big slab of woodland up for sale in that area fairly recently ? You know the sort of spread that would be jolly nice to buy especially if there were loads of grant aid floating around to assist with buying it and reshaping its purpose.

              1. Dafis

                Thanks for that. I recall reading some of this before but it was probably the short version. That’s good detailed stuff there, good enough to stimulate the juices of some loaded fund manager with aspirations to “own land” in the colony.

                My attention was drawn to a subheading that read :

                Option Agreement for wind energy development with significant revenue potential (subject to planning)

                and further into the main body of text we see a big section that opens with :

                “The Llanbrynmair Moors are well suited to wind energy development with high average windspeeds and the scale to absorb a large number of wind turbines without detriment to the landscape. The average windspeed across much of the plateau is over 8 metres per second at 45m height above ground level, which offers significant generation potential. The moors lie outside the Snowdonia National Park and have limited conservation designations.”……..

                Any record of it selling and if so to whom ?

        1. Brychan

          Thing is, Dafis, the ‘Green Vision’ of Micheal Gove, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in England and the likes of Summit to Sea has nothing to do with hugging trees. They see the countryside as an opportunity for those who have recently enriched themselves on the London property bubble to acquire back some of those landed estates they lost in the pervious century.

          What’s surprising is that the progressive left and the eco-warrior element in Plaid Cymru are acting as enablers for this process. Plant the wind turbines and charge struggling families for the costs on their leccy bill, then hand over Welsh farmland to English spivs in exchange for a part time job as a stable hand to the squire.

          The lower orders will be expected to drink white puss from feed-lot herds in Wyoming as long as it’s imported in tetra-packs, and Sunday roast will consist of a frozen neck rind from Oz (which the Chinese don’t want) trimmed up with tattys from Ethiopia swapped for paraffin.

          In the meantime the woods and meadows are to be lorded over by superannuated fleece jacketed fascists from the third sector who would otherwise be employed to administer parking enforcement for local authorities in the home-counties. The vision is that native farmers are to be busted down to share cropping peasants or petting farm llama herders.

          1. A good source reminds me that £177m will have to be found to pay for the unused field hospitals. My source predicts that we shall see more, ‘All farmers are bastards’ propaganda to justify taking money from farming budgets to pay for said hospitals.

  9. Aurora Clearwater

    Dont forget that Snakey Jake is by profession a solicitor and prior to his appointment as Northern Powerhouse Minister, he was on a retainer indirectly with CUADRILLA, they of the fracking fraternity, and continued to vote for the testing on Preston New Rd in Lancashire. This little earner was a mere £20k per annum….
    Beware of Cuadrilla showing their drills on the island.

    1. My understanding is that his speciality is conveyancing, the kind of legal training an estate agent wanting a cloak of respectability goes in for.

  10. Wrexhamian

    It sounds as if Berry’s launch into politics was partly funded by the same ‘dark money’ donors who bankrolled the successful Tory targetting of Welsh constituencies in the ‘Boris Bounce’ election last year. United and Cecil were among the ‘enablers’. Virginia “Taff” Crosbie was one of the beneficiaries of that financial assistance.

    1. I’m not sure if they funded his launch into politics but they certainly helped out once he had been elected. Though I didn’t realise Crosbie was also a beneficiary.

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