If Third-Rate Journalism Reliant On Endless Repetition Was A Crime Then Phil Parry Would Have Been Banged Up Long Ago

I was warned on Monday . . . someone had seen a tweet by Phil Parry who runs the Wales Eye blog, that home to ‘exclusives’ and ‘revelations’ that are so exclusively revelatory that you must pay to read them. There was to be yet another piece on that poor, persecuted soul Jacques Protic, still living in fear of assorted assassination squads. (I can scarcely believe I’m writing this crap, but it’s what Parry and Protic want you to believe.) Read it for yourself, here or below:

This latest offering is obviously a re-heating of what has previously been served up, more than once, with Parry now hoping to disguise just how stale and overcooked the whole thing has become by adding thimblefuls of fresh ingredients. It hasn’t worked. (For those unfamiliar with this epic, here’s a recent post of mine from which it can be traced back.) Wales Eye Protic 'threats'

The first ‘thimbleful’ is the news that “A critic of Welsh language education has been assigned police protection after his life was threatened, Wales Eye can reveal. Jacques Protic, who lives in North Wales, was given a dedicated police officer to monitor possible law-breaking. Threats on Mr Protic’s life are constant and in one recent incident a telephone caller said: “I’m going to do your fucking head in”.

So Parry wants us to believe that Protic now has his very own copper, though there’s a contradiction in the opening sentences. The first, with its reference to “police protection”, conjures up an image of 24-hour armed guards. Yet the second deflates that effect with, “a dedicated police officer to monitor possible law-breaking”. In other words, some unlucky sod who’s been given the thankless task of returning Protic’s phone calls.

Something else that’s very odd about this ‘news’ is that the alleged threat against Protic was made – as Phil Parry himself has previously told us – after a post of mine in August 2013, so this is not “a recent incident”, as Parry now wants us to believe. And there have obviously been no further ‘threats’, for if there had been then Parry would have regaled us with every detail . . . in a revelatory and paywalled ‘Exclusive!‘ So why has it taken North Wales Police a year and a half to respond to this single, alleged, ‘threat’? Jacques Protic could have been dead and buried by now, lynched by a mob of crazed Eisteddfodwyr, or maybe shot by a Day of the Jackal-style hit-man hired by Cymdeithas yr Iaith. The fact that no one has said ‘Boo!‘ to Protic for eighteen months also undermines Parry’s hyperbolic “Threats on MrWestern Mail apology short Protic’s life are constant”. He just can’t help being a journo, can he?

Parry then goes on to remind his readers (there must be some!) what a frightful fellow I am, supporting the Free Wales Army, and using my blog to show 50-year-old photographs of men who are all now dead. Perhaps worse, I’ve called Parry and his friend Shipton, chief reporter over at Llais y Sais (who doubles as Parry’s researcher), all sorts of horrid names. I am also condemned for promoting this petition on social housing. Though he neglects to remind us that Llais y Sais was forced to issue a correction on February 28th after repeating some of his earlier lies about me. How could this fact have slipped the mind of such a meticulous and conscientious journalist?

Apart from the ludicrous suggestion that Jacques Protic now has his own police protection unit there are just two other ‘thimblefuls’ in Parry’s latest outgushing that differentiate it from his earlier ventures into character assassination. First, he tells us that I have now been placed by the police on a “security watch-list”. If this actually means anything then I’d be grateful to have my new status explained. Second, in previous Wales Eye posts Parry has not hesitated to name the unfortunate young copper who was, allegedly, reprimanded for not properly investigating the Protic complaint, but now Parry has come over all coy and refers to the officer as “Pc xxx”! (Yes, ‘Pc’.) Has somebody had a word in Parry’s shell-like?

Protic Labour
Comment to a BBC Wales blog. Protic believes Rhodri Morgan and Carwyn Jones are closet nationalists because they speak Welsh. This exposes his obsession with the Welsh language and also tells us how divorced from political realities this man has become.

Though as ever when I’m dealing with these people there is unintentional humour. Protic is quoted in the latest Wales Eye post referring to North Wales’ finest as “buggers” for not taking him seriously, for not believing in the bogeymen he sees all around. Now for all I know, ‘buggers’ may be Serbo-Croat for fine upstanding fellows, then again, it might not. If it means what I think it means, and if it typifies his attitude when dealing with the police, then I’m not surprised they’re loath to take Protic seriously.

Protic buggersThough if Protic is no longer “involving the (police)”, how come they have just given him, according to Parry, “a dedicated police officer”? This suggests Protic is either lying or else he is being given protection without his knowledge. But if Protic is ignorant of what’s being done on his behalf, how does Parry know – does he have a hotline to GogPlod HQ in Bae Colwyn? Or is he making this up as he goes along? You know, I feel quite ashamed of myself for even thinking such a thing. (Slaps wrist.)

No matter what the answer, I shouldn’t even be writing about Protic, because these attacks on me from Wales Eye and the Wasting Mule are not really in defence of Jacques Protic, and something I wrote going on two years ago? Parry and Shipton couldn’t give a toss about Protic, he’s just an excuse to get at me. So why am I a target? Because I attack the Labour Party, its sponging cronies in the Third Sector, and all the other manifestations of colonial Wales. The system Parry and Shipton support and defend.

So I confidently expect more attacks in future, because when it comes to putting the boot into the Labour Party, and exposing the system of sham devolution that ‘Welsh’ Labour is happy to front, I’m just getting warmed up.

UPDATE 26.03.2015: I am indebted to D I for leading me to the Samizdata blog, previously unknown to me, and a posting entitled, ‘What do the Maori and Welsh languages have in common?’ by Essex girl ‘Natalie Solent’. According to Natalie, and to most of those commenting, what the two languages have in common is that both are being forced down Protic Samizdat fullpeople’s throats using lots of public money. Sound familiar?

It should come as no surprise therefore to learn that among those commenting is Jacques Protic. I have collected up his comments and present them here for your judgement. (Click to enlarge or right click to open in a new window.) Among the lunacies flying from the Protic keyboard is that, “Everything that matter (sic) or should matter in Wales, Education, NHS, Economy and so on is in terminal decline and largely down to the Welsh language imposition”.

He goes on to tell Samizdata of the death threats against him, how it is almost impossible for anglophones to get public sector jobs in Wales, how Cardiff is “under siege” from Welsh speakers, how his little girl “was got at by few Y Fro arrogant parents”, etc., etc. Protic also tells us his 16-year-old son is a pupil of Ysgol John Bright in Llandudno, but D I tells me that on his Facebook page Protic says that his son is a pupil at Ysgol David Hughes.

To fully appreciate the almost unique combination of ignorance and bigotry on show in both the article and the comments you have to read it for yourself. Here’s the link again. When you do, you’ll run across a number of comments from ‘J Jones’. Now I am 99.9% certain that this is Protic by another name. If not; if there is a J Jones (sometimes Jon Jones), then he and Protic must be telepathic, for they always turn up on the same blog, and are always in full agreement, quoting from and complimenting (and complementing) each other, as we see on Samizdata.

The more I think about Protic, the less sure I am who and what he is. He lives on Ynys Môn, almost certainly in Porthaethwy. We know this from him standing for the Aethwy ward in the council elections of May 2013. Yet I am told that he works over the border and drops his children off at school in Llandudno, Conwy, in the hope of them escaping the Welsh language education systems of Ynys Môn and Gwynedd. Which must make for a long day, leaving home well before 8 am and getting home at around 6 or 7 pm. Yet he still finds time to submit his odious opinions to countless blogs, using God knows how many names, and most of them timed during the working day! In addition to which he has time to seek out information he thinks useful from countless sources, just look at the links he provides in his comments to Samizdata, to the BBC and even Hansard (from an obscure House of Lords debate in 1958!).

It’s almost as if attacking the Welsh language and those who speak it is his full-time job, and even that he has assistance. Don’t laugh! because it doesn’t matter what we think of him; when he makes his contributions on Samizdata and countless other blogs and outlets we know nothing about there will be many reading them who’ll believe his insane distortions. Then we have Phil Parry and others playing their part, depicting him as a martyr, and that “Threats on Mr Protic’s life are constant”. There could be more going on here than we realise.

UPDATE 02.04.2015: Realising that his previous post on ‘under-threat’ Jacques Protic was just regurgitated nonsense Phil Parry knew he had to come up with something more recent. It arrived in his post of March 31st (though it would have been more appropriate if he’d left it for a day).

It seems that someone commenting on the Samizdata blog (see above, Update 26.03.2015) ‘threatened’ Protic, and this resulted in North Wales Police assigning 30 armed detectives to the case! OK, I’m exaggerating, but the lone copper Parry claims is one too many. Read the thing for yourself. The ‘threat’, from someone signing as ‘Arrango’ says, “As for you Jacques, your time is coming”. Now as threats go, this one is rather ambiguous – and it doesn’t even end with an exclamation mark! It could even be predicting a Lottery win or some other piece of good fortune. If GogPlod has really chosen to interpret this as a threat on Protic’s life, and is wasting police time and public money on it, then somebody needs to have a word. Wales Eye first tweet

As for Parry himself, well, I’m almost beginning to feel sorry for him, especially as I understand now how Wales Eye works. It was started in order to run propaganda against opponents of the Labour Party and also to put out stories that Parry’s friends in the Cardiff media bubble are afraid to break themselves, from fear of legal action or of alienating the powerful. Once Parry has put these stories ‘in the public domain’ this allows Shipton and others to run with them, now quoting Parry. It’s all there in the early postings. And the Wales Eye Twitter timeline also gives plenty of clues as to the nature of the beast.Wales Eye WRU

Such as the great WRU scoop stopped by the threat of legal action. Neither the Beeb nor Llais y Sais would dare be first to use such a story . . . but if Parry could oblige by breaking it for them then that would let them off the hook. Rhun ap Iorwerth was another who came in for a lot of attention around the time he was leaving the BBC to stand for Plaid Cymru in the Ynys Môn by-election of August 1st, 2013. Much of what Parry wrote about the Plaid candidate could only have come from inside BBC ‘Wales’. (Though it also betrays a certain personal animus.) Some of it was crude and racist, but it’s what we expect from ‘Welsh’ Labour and those who push its message. Then, in researching my most recent post, about nepotism and the Labour Party, I noticed that Parry hadRhun moniker written about the Business School at Swansea University, then, making it obvious how the relationship works, Shipton wrote up the same story in the Wasting Mule.

Phil Parry is no more than a kept man, reliant for his ‘exclusives’ on what his friends feed him, these being stories they prefer – for whatever reason – not to use themselves, or not until he has put them in the public domain. Or else attacking Labour’s political opponents – Plaid Cymru more than others – in ways that the mainstream media could not get way with, not least because of the crude racism, and blind hostility to the Welsh language. All very squalid, but no more than we have come to expect from the Labour Party in Wales and the Cardiff media bubble.

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David Smith

That Natalie Solent woman, I did a bit of noseying about her on Google and she’s apparently a civil servant / teacher by trade. You know, two big arms (presumably, in the latter case unless it’s a private school) of the state which she avows abolition or great reduction of as a libertarian, minarchist, Ayn Rand-ite or whatever these zealots call themselves this particular day of the week. Funny how it’s never the marginalised or screwed over by society that want to get rid of government as a concept, it always seems to be the filthy rich or quite well off that are suffering under the jackboots of this oppression. In her case, she’s had her nose in the very trough she seeks to abolish.


Banged up means thrown in the gaol or just… Banged?

Linda Ware

Hain is spinning as all Labour are wont to do. When the heat is on (On THe Runs Letters) then diversion tactics apply. Hain becomes the martyr. PIty he could not do some canvassing in his own constituency though. You know the one which has bought his coachhouse in Aberdulais for him, the one who suffered while he and his mrs travelled back and fore first class to their businesses in London. It is called Neath. He appears to be avoiding Neath and canvassing all over the country, or is it a foregone conclusion that the sheep of Neath are not ready for a revolution yet?

Well done Jac. Keep saying the truth. I did laugh at Carwyn and Rhodri being nationalists though. Bet their red labour ties tried to choke them when they read that.


Today Wednesday 25-3-15 nothing could have happened in Wales. There was no real Welsh news today. So the Newsrooms of Cardiff decided to invent and run with a story about the Security Services spying on Peter Hain. The inference was that he has never been a reliable character, more interested in false sun tans than the people. He could never have been a threat. He pretends to be outraged, but really he is wallowing in the publicity. I could suggest something else he should wallow in right now and it would give him a glorious fake false sun tan. Really, he is now a total yesterday man. Can you Jac o’ the North, this Blogger, give me the dubious honour of mentioning Mr Heinious for the very last time on your Blog. Let’s consign him to our history books under the title of Book Chapter “Outsider Unreliable Opportunists”. However, by all means keep monitoring the business interests of Mrs Heinious and keep exposing them. by the way has he sold his old Coach House home yet in Aberddulais and his Office in Neath? Good riddance if he has!


Publication of this comment does not mean that I agree with its contents. Indeed, I have no way of knowing, one way or the other, if what the writer is saying has any truth. But as the subject is currently in the news, and Peter Hain is revelling in his ‘notoriety’, I have decided to publish. Anyone named in the comment is guaranteed a Right of Reply. I would also add that being described as a loyal citizen of the UK is in no manner libellous.

It might be worth reminding readers that following the Miners Strike of 1984/5 Kim Howells, former communist and miners leader, became an MP in 1989 and even served as chairman of the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, which pretends to oversee the work of Britain’s spooks, spies and dirty tricks brigade. This would be considered a quite extraordinary political journey in most countries, but is quite normal in Wales and, especially, the Labour Party.

Royston Jones

The recent revelation by this ‘under cover’ special branch officer is interesting not because who was spied upon, but by who wasn’t.

Why wasn’t Kim Howells a focus of investigation?

I well remember a chat I had with some NUM officials, Ivor England (Maerdy-Communist) and Tyrone O’Sullivan (Tower-Trotskyite) about the famous ‘shredding incident’ at the Sardis Road offices of the NUM carried out by Kim (former communist and re-invented NewLabour). This was when a slab of concrete was dropped on a scab run near Dowlais top during the 84 strike. Kim claimed he ran to Sardis Road HQ to do the shredding of evidence that might implicate the NUM in the murder, but we all knew the picketing rosters were actually held at ‘the Alamo’ an annex of Maerdy Hall. This included the Merthyr Vale stuff.

There were already rumours at the time that Kim was feeding the police with info to thwart activities. If Kim wasn’t part of this ‘under cover’ special branch investigation, why not?

Was he already on the take?
What did Kim really shred at Sardis Road?

Daley Gleephart

Do you have any proof that Kim Howells was not investigated by the Police Special Branch. Just because K H’s name isn’t on the list sent recently to the media doesn’t mean that he was not under surveillance.

He revealed your support for the FWA by reposting stuff you had already posted yourself. What a clown.

And as for someone threatening to do Prolapse’s head in, he’s done our heads in for ages.

Incidentally, what is wrong with calling Prolapse a Serb? Either he is one or he isn’t. And as for him not speaking the language, how did he manage for the first years of his life?

Anyway, if you wish to read Mr Vermin’s site then you can paste links into archive.us and it’ll display them nicely.


A cheap and reprehensible shot at Jac by Parry and I’m glad to see it has failed to curb Jac’s enthusiasm to expose the rot that is the Welsh Labour Party. I’ve been following this story with some interest having read a couple of articles on Wales Eye before it was paywalled. On principle I would not pay one penny to support Parry’s lifestyle and if his other articles are as shallow and one-eyed as the ones he has written about Jac, I can see my decision is the right one.
I did make the mistake of watching part of one of those pathetic podcasts involving the Three Muckrakers (or Bullshitters or Shitstirrers or whatever they are). Parry reminded me of a rather depressed ventriloquist’s dummy, brought into life every now and then by the Yank at his side. Ventriloquists are so much yesterday’s entertainment these days, but at least even Rod Hull and Emu entertained me once when the bird pecked Parkinson. But the Three Shitstirrers had me wanting to roll in a bed of stinging nettles to feel alive again. These three plonkers could save the NHS a fortune in the costs of sleeping pills if everyone was made to watch five minutes before bedtime. But the suicide rate would soon go through the roof.
Keep it up, Jac. Your Country Needs You.


Parry and ship ton are odious pieces of work and symptomatic of the malaise that Cymru has endured for far too long so we’ll done Jac

Port Tennant

Can the assortment of “odd balls” from North Wales who read these brilliant Blog posting of Jac report some trivia of crimes to North Wales Police e.g. like litter dropping or pavement dog pooh or even late drinking in a local pub.
Inevitably they will get no response. When that happens report the “Plods” to their Police Commissioner and their UKIP MEP for concentrating Police resources on being mere telephone contacts for paranoid Serbo Croat immigrants and delusionary has been hack once were Journalists like Lardman of the Wasting Mule and Parry of the One Eyed Clan rubbish deliverers. Demand Police Protection for your pavements from litter louts and dog walkers.
Worms in dog pooh are forms of higher life levels than Lardman and One Eye and far more dangerous Come on “odd balls” get out of your closets and support Jac!. I’r gad, fe godwn ni eto.