I Must Be Doing Something Right!

I had hoped to have a few days off after posting my previous piece but would you believe it – Wales Eye is having a pop at me again, this time helped by the Wasting Mule. It began – though I had no way of knowing it at the time – with a Twitter message from Martin Shipton on Monday about the link at the top of my sidebar, to which I replied. See the exchange for yourself below.

Shipton request combined

I thought no more of it until yesterday morning when I was alerted to the fact that there was a piece about me on the WalesOnline website, though the article was soon ‘pulled’. Fortunately it’s available here in pdf format. Despite what I’d told Fat Boy, he begins his piece thus: “The Wales Eye news website discloses that the Jac O’the North (sic) blog has been reported to South Wales Police after launching a petition”. Why write that when he knew I had not launched any petition? A few tweets Exchange with Shipton 1were exchanged yesterday, you can see them on the left where they appear in chronological order. (Click to enlarge.) A revealing phrase, “predominant language”.

Anyway, the origin of this ‘story’ was obviously Phil Parry over at Wales Eye. Regular readers will know that I’ve had a run-in with Wales Eye over infamous bigot Jacques Protic and him (allegedly) reporting me to North Wales Police. All the relevant information and links are available in my recent post Seeking a Latter-day Waldorf T. Flywheel. I assume Parry has been kicking cats and plotting his revenge since that piece appeared on January 19th. So what exactly was Parry saying? Seeing as the Wales Eye blog hides behind a pay wall, and to save you wasting your money, the article is available here in pdf format.


The opening paragraph, which contains the essence of the ‘story’, says: “A website which urges a policy of Welsh homes only for Welsh people has been reported to the police for inciting racial hatred, Wales Eye can reveal”. It goes on to say that “an investigation was undertaken by a police constable and inspector” of South Wales Police. The rest of the piece is rehashed nonsense about Protic and old comments taken out of context. Let us focus on this first paragraph.

Obviously, seeing as it’s not my petition, my website is not “urging” anything, I merely offer visitors to my blog the chance to sign a petition I support, and which I have signed. The petition does not argue for “Welsh homes only for Welsh people”, it merely says that Welsh people should have social housing that has been paid for with Welsh public funding . . . is there an objection to that? Now, moving on to “racial hatred”. The only nation mentioned in the petition is the Welsh, so whoever is making this mischief is reading something into the petition that isn’t there.

Elsewhere in the Wales Eye piece there is a graphic of some houses in Kidwelly explained by, “In another post, endorsed by the blog with a re-tweet, families from London who took houses from a Welsh housing association were called ‘perverts'”. WalesOnline says it this way: “In another Twitter posting, re-tweeted by the blog, families from London who took houses from a Welsh housing association were called “perverts”. An aerial picture singles out a number of homes and the tweet says: “Just in one small Welsh town all these houses were allocated to perverts from London by a Welsh housing association.”

Note that this, like the petition, is something else that did not originate with me. Parry is getting pretty desperate now, so here’s the truth. The case referred to is one of a paedophile gang living Dennis' Kidwelly tweetin Kidwelly that was imprisoned in 2011. Here’s a report on the case from the Daily Mail. Here’s a blog post I wrote around the same time. At the risk of frightening Parry and Shipton with facts, here they are: These people had moved – or been moved – from London; they were housed in Kidwelly by a Welsh housing association (Grwp Gwalia); they were all found guilty of paedophilia and other sexual perversions in a court of law. So what is the issue here? The caption to the picture in the tweet is 100% correct. Parry seems to take offence because the tweet calls them “perverts” – so what would he call them, the perfect neighbours? Or maybe he doesn’t like the fact that it was re-tweeted 21 times.

The reason Parry uses this case – which he obviously hasn’t researched – is because it concerns Welsh social housing being given to English people who are labelled “perverts”; which he hopes to use as an example of ‘racial hatred’ in order to confer something resembling credibility on his hysterical reaction to a perfectly reasonable petition. Trouble is, for Parry, that these people weren’t called “perverts” because they were English, they were called “perverts” because they were . . . you paying attention, Parry! Shipton! – PERVERTS.

Here’s an update on the case from last September. Note the English flag outside Colin Bately’s house – for he was a patriot! Complete with two rottweilers. Just think, Welsh housing associations are taking in people like this, knowing what they’re like, because this gang had Phil Parryconvictions before they moved to Wales.

Anyway, I don’t fancy wasting much more time on Parry and Shipton, I’ll just conclude with the final lines from Shipton’s contribution to this joint-venture into fantasy. He says: ‘”Mr Jones said: “Not my petition. I’m just promoting it for Plaid Glyndwr.” It is understood that South Wales Police will not forward the complaint about Mr Jones to the Crown Prosecution Service.’ This was obviously added after the piece had been written, otherwise he wouldn’t have started by saying I’d “launched” the petition. But it also raises other questions.

For example, seeing as Parry and his fat friend were in cahoots over this attemped smear, and the pretext was the ‘racist’ petition, why was I / my blog reported to the police when they both knew it was not my petition? Because even before my tweet to Fatso on Monday the most cursory check would have shown who actually launched the petition. Are these people really journalists!

“South Wales Police will not forward the complaint about Mr Jones to the Crown Prosecution Service”well, I am relieved; I feared I was bound for the Colonies! But will the police charge whoever made the complaint against me with wasting police time? Come to that, who did report me, for Wales Eye neglects to tell us. Now, I wonder . . .


The truth is – as any perceptive reader will have guessed – these attacks on me have nothing to do with Protic or petitions, it’s an exercise in black propaganda, or to put it an another way, mud slinging. Done so that anyone Googling ‘Royston Jones’ or ‘Jac o’ the North’ in future will turn up crap like this by Parry and Tub O’Lard. And see that I have been reported to the police. Done to discredit me and, by extension, anything I write. So who’s behind it?

Well, my guess is that it can explained by what I write about. My usual targets are the Labour Party and the Third Sector, which is simply an extension of the Labour Party. It may be no coincidence that this latest attack from Wales Eye comes just days after the latest – possibly final – edition of Cambria magazine became available, which contains my article on housing associations, in which I ask why we have so many of them, and why these quasi-private companies receive so much public funding, and why so much of the money they’re given ends up over the border.

Another subject I’ve touched on recently is Canoe Wales and the National White Water Centre on Afon Tryweryn. Today I received the response from Sport Wales to an FoI I’d submitted about funding to Canoe Wales. Read it here. In a poor country where so much needs to be done, how can anyone justify wasting almost two million pounds in just five years on canoeing, an activity that has little or no Welsh involvement? (And there’s almost certainly public funding from other sources.) That’s how Wales is run today, but you aren’t supposed to know. Ask yourself, are you going to get the truth from the BBC, or ITV, or the Western Mail?

I know how corrupt this country is, and I’m beginning to understand just how much money is squandered year after year on a system of sham devolution designed to encourage colonisation and managed decline rather than make Wales a better country for those who belong here. That’s why I have enemies. Enemies so desperate to discredit me they’ll even use clowns like Parry and Shipton. What will they try next?

P.S. Don’t forget to sign the petition!

UPDATE: In the personal attack on me in his latest post Phil Parry refers back to the Jacques Protic case. I have covered most of the angles in this recent post. Parry seems to think he’s on a winner with this, and keeps bringing it up, almost showing off. What I’m saying can perhaps be explained by this extract.

Wales Eye NWP docs

The “inquiry” referred to is a North Wales Police investigation into me or my blog for nasty things it’s claimed I said about Jacques Protic. Reading the extract in the panel, a number of questions arise.

  • By what route did Phil Parry obtain internal police documents; did they come directly from the police, did they come from Protic, or from some third party?
  • As the officers involved in the “inquiry” were first named on Wales Eye on September 10th last, and North Wales Police was made aware of this in my letter received (and acknowledged) on September 17th, we must assume that NWP has no objection to the contents of confidential police documents being aired on a blog.
  • That being so, what is the relationship between Parry and the North Wales Police? Is he working for them, or are the police merely a conduit for some other agency?
  • Even if Parry has no relationship with North Wales Police, then we still need to know why NWP has allowed confidential documents, naming and embarrassing its officers, to be in the public domain for over four months.
  • I wonder what the police response would have been I’d got hold of internal police documents and splashed them on my blog?

I believe it’s time for a little honesty from those involved in this ongoing smear campaign against me.

28 thoughts on “I Must Be Doing Something Right!

  1. dafis

    just caught part of a Radio Cymru programme, ending at 1.00 p.m. while coming back to my home. Beti George was the only voice I recognised but the content I caught was very interesting and should be worthy of further consideration by the current generation of assorted in-migrants.
    The bits I heard recalled the stories of individuals who had moved to rural Wales directly or indirectly during the middle years of 20th century, certainly pre 1970. Each of them was of humble or deprived origins, possibly orphaned or evacuated, yet on coming to mid Ceredigion or Teifi valley had got to grips with the language, culture and working patterns of the community and were absorbed without fuss or bother. Someone referred to himself as ” cockney, but I’m now Welsh ” with a chuckle, and I thought “good on you mate, you did it to integrate”.

    Today the onus is on us to change so that the current wave of lazy, “superior” bastards can feel comfortable with minimum effort.

    1. Too early to say if it’s a victory because I haven’t finished with these buggers. Fortunately I saved a copy of the article in pdf and the post has now been updated.

    2. One possibility must be that the police make him take it down, because there may never have been the police investigation that Wales Eye and WalesOnline allege. In fact, I’d be very disappointed if the police had taken any complaint about that petition seriously.

  2. The Earthshaker

    Are you really worried about Tweedledum and Tweedldee, if Phil Parry had any hard evidence the police would have been round to see you by now and charges would have been brought, yet two police forces have thrown out both complaints, they are trying to smeer you.

    My take is it’s jealousy, you broke the Nathan Gill story, you sustained the AWEMA story, you’ve shone a light on the business practices of Welsh housing Associations and more, none of which they as professional journos had the guts to take on, so sod em.

    In response as the attacks on Wales and welshness get ever more ferocious, the Daily Wales website has a timely article called ‘ Are the Welsh the lost ten tribes of Israel?’ by two welsh historians Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

    They make connections between Wales, Middle East and the lost tribes of Israel, the druids influencing Pyramid building, evidence of similarities between the welsh and Egyptian alphabets, firm evidence of two real life Welsh King Arthur’s, Welsh king’s taking Christianity to Rome, Wales and American Indian tribes and the suppression of ancient British history to fit the British establishments needs to legitimatise the current British/German monarch line and basically turn ‘British history’ on it’s head.


    I can understand why the British establishment wants this stuff buried, but why wouldn’t the Welsh Government embrace it, at the very least its new material to promote Wales, our history culture and language to the world through tourism.

    1. dafis


      The 1st part of your note above was spot on and that led me into that link ! Rather than go into it all over again I’ve copied my comment from the other website.

      “I take considerable interest in my welshness, my identity, culture, language, community and all other aspects relating to it. However I find this attempt to create/ forge/ hypothesise a “new” history quite weird, almost as bad as the Nazi “research” which set out to give their racial theories a historical foundation way back in the 30’s and 40’s. Why trace your “history” back to biblical Israel anyway, we could easily have originated from the steppes of Russia, or up through Spain, or anywhere.

      Given their capacity for hard work and creativity, I suggest these chaps get cracking on developing some coherent action plans to give us a platform for future survival, growth and prosperity as they obviously have the brains, wit and imagination to think way out of the box ! ”

      As you can see I could not muster much that was positive about it, and I certainly don’t want to spend too long turning myths into history. Myth is part of our identity anyway and we don’t need a precise alternative to know that everything gets warped by the passage of time.

  3. Dafis.
    I’ve also taken up the issue on social housing with Glowg, the article will be published after they’ve received a response from the Government giving details of which schemes allow this (outsiders queue jumping) to happen.

    Experience tells me that we could be waiting a very long time.

    1. dafis

      diolch Dennis I look forward to what they get round to publishing.

      I sometimes think that Goleg, too, can be a bit superficial or reserved at times, lacking an assertive, probing mindset, perhaps worried that Carwyn might interfere with the funding if they get too critical or inquisitive. But at least they don’t snatch opportunities to piss over the natives.

      Maybe they have a better understanding of their readership than I have – my comment about stripping of funds from Welsh YFC’s was aimed to provoke a response. At the last check my comment was the only one on the piece. Maybe the countryside is not a matter of concern to many welsh speaking readers these days ! I know that it ought to be !

      Anyway this social housing scandal stretches right across the piece. From bigger cities to small villages, you will find the evidence of dumping and that is generally done by those formally charged with responsibility for the social housing stock.

      1. gayn

        ti yn llygad dy le am ddiffyg cosern y bwjwa cymraeg am benu cyllidebu cffi, dim siw na miw gan mentrau iaith, urdd, cymdeithas yr iaith, maer cymry cymraeg proffesiynol dinesig wedi troi cefn ar y gwreiddiau a chynefin yr iaith

  4. Brychan

    It seems to me that if Wales gets tax raising powers that newspapers should loose their exemption from VAT. Like, Ireland and much of mainland Europe, a reduced flat rate of 10% should apply. All ‘mainstream’ printed newspapers sold in Wales are either imports from, or owned by, firms based in England. Some argue that this is an attack on ‘freedom of the press’ but actually most people now get news from electronic media which is subject to VAT, at the full rate. Such a move will not impact on genuine local indigenous newsprint in Wales which all fall below the existing VAT turnover threshold. Although the retail sales of printed newspapers is falling year-on-year, it would in the short term, raise additional revenue for spending on essential services in Wales. Why should there be a tax exemption for the scribbles of lardy boy? It might also reduce the volume of squashed trees placed in recycling bins.

  5. dafis

    noting your tweet on the right margin. I wrote a piece to Golwg360 yesterday on this very same theme – see below

    pur debyg fod gweithgareddau cefn gwlad ar hyd a lled Cymru yn isel ar flaenoriaethau llywodraeth yng Nghaerdydd. Ma’ nhw yn brysur ariannu gweithgaredd sydd dan law pobol sydd yn symud i mewn i gefn gwlad gyda busnesau “leisure/tourism” ond ar yr un pryd yn atal taliadau/grantiau i ffermwyr a gweithgareddau mwy traddodiadol yn y cymunedau cefn gwlad. Pethe Cymreig eto dan y lach ond pethe wedi eu “mewnfudo” yn cael eu tolach ? er mae’r CFfI yn gymysgwch o waith yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg.
    Wrth gwrs ‘dyw’r wahanol adranau/ffynonellau ddim yn siarad a’u gilydd i gael syniad lletach o beth yw effaith eu penderfyniadau, neu oes na bwrpas mwy tywyll ? .

    essentially taking up the issue of culture being undermined as part of a broad sweep of “clearance/corrosion” activity to get the occupants off the land, many multiple generations of Natives and others immigrants from more balanced times who had integrated quite well. All out to make way for camps, games, soldiers, any old nonsense much of it attracting grants from our hard up den of servility in the Bay.

  6. Wonderful work, Jac, I hardly can believe such embarrasing journalists lMartin Shipton and Phil Parry are, obviously working for anti Cymry and Cymraeg forces, and is evident when Shipton writes about “predominant language”, in his shameful tweet. I made some answers to loser Shipton’s tweet, this clwons must be exposed to all the Welsh. The research you have been doing about Third Sector and housing associations in Wales is showing why and how Wales is still a poor and postponed country. This can be stopped, and the Welsh can do it. Thanks for open their eyes. Ymlaen.

  7. Anonymous

    How long do we think it will be before some false-flag atrocities are committed again in Wales? What name will they give to barbarous guilty natios I wonder?

    1. Jobovitch

      Answer to Question 1: They start on 6 February at the Millenium Stadium.
      Answer to Question 2: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy.

  8. dafis

    Just read this. it’s a bloody disgrace.

    Over £150k fees for Bryn’s pension fiasco — Jacob Williams

    Now why haven’t those clever chaps at Wales Eye & Llais y sais jumped on this – it really merits some serious investigation by paid journos, or is it too close for comfort, they fear treading on some establishment corns ?.

      1. dafis

        possibly too pissed most of the time to do his own research ! What do clapped out journos drink these days ? answer – anything that some daft bugger will buy for them ! That’s why they turn up in droves at “receptions” and “events” They appear to survive on a diet of free issue booze, curly sandwiches and pasties/sausage rolls ( typical WDA > welsh gov buffet ! )

  9. Albert Hill

    Hopefully it will attract a few more readers to your excellent blog.

    Charges of racism and other assorted forms of bigotry have been a godsend to ar**holes, never mind the issues just throw out a few slurs. It’s about time people saw through that kind of thing.

  10. Llewellyn

    Great article!
    Who exactly is this Shipton?
    Hope labour get annihilated in Scotland in the forthcoming general election!

    1. Big Gee

      Mr Shipton is the Oliver Hardy half of the modern day ‘Laurel & Hardy’ comedy act at Wales Eye. He was also the ‘chief reprter’ for the Wasting Mule and the darling of Plaid Cymru once upon a time. I don’t know if he still is – I’m a little bit out of touch these days, preferring nowadays to spend my time on my allotment plot, having washed my hands of direct involvement with politics and all the sham, back-biting and two-faced antics that goes with it.

      The last time I saw ‘Ollie’ was in my days as a Plaid Cymru vice president, back in the early noughties. It was at a social evening held by Plaid during it’s conference in Cerdydd. Yes I can confer with Jac, that true to form – like most second grade journos – ‘Ollie’ was there stuffing his face, slurping and enjoying the licking and drooling he was receiving from the Plaid hierarchy – they were just tickling his ear in the hope of getting a bit of support from the Trinity Mirror rag. He also gave an address to those present, moi included.

      I don’t know whether he’s flipped back to Labour these days, but there again we’re talking about the same horse – just a different jockey!

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