High Stakes General Election 2024

There’s no avoiding it, and I won’t bother trying. So here’s my quick preview of the general election, and my reason for voting for Reform. Not because I support Reform but because I reject the rest.

Don’t worry, I still want independence, but the immediate priority is confronting Globalism. Because an ‘independent’ Wales run from the shadows, a virtue-signalling basket-case begging to join the EU, isn’t worth having.


In this election I see the political parties as passengers on the Titanic. With the doomed ship heading towards the iceberg they squabble over the arrangement of the deckchairs.

Yet when you listen to the ‘deckchair’ parties arguing you realise that, from the wider perspective, it will make hardly any difference which of them wins. Because they all ignore what’s really important – the looming ‘iceberg’.

Thankfully, there may be one party that realises where the focus should lie, and that party is Reform. Which is why I shall be voting for Reform on July 4.

I know nothing of my local candidate, I don’t need to. It doesn’t matter to me if he / she has horns, chronic flatulence, and supports Cardiff City.

That’s because party politics is dead. It is now the Globalists, their media, and their uniparty, versus the rest of us – Them against us, the people.


You can see that politics is dead when the uniparty stresses minor differences that are barely perceptible; exploiting understandings and interpretations that no longer apply.

Done to hide the fact that both major parties have signed up to The Agenda. Labour because it’s swallowed the nonsense about a ‘climate crisis’, transgenderism, and believes the New World Order offers something better for humanity; the Tories because they’ve always been relaxed about corporate greed.

You must reject this deception that relies on long gone ideological differences.

The struggle now is for the Western way of life, national sovereignty, the family, individual freedom, traditional values, biology, and simple common sense.

Confronting us we have political placemen, a bought media, a corrupted education system, assorted activists, all working to weaken the West so that a select group of wealthy, powerful, and increasingly desperate people can take control.

They’re getting desperate because they can no longer hide. Too many people know about them. Which means more people wanting to thwart their plans.

For as the recent elections in the EU told us, the ‘iceberg’ is increasingly visible to ordinary people in many countries. This explains traditional parties suffering electoral defeats, and the ‘far-right’ doing so well.

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For while the Globalists have effectively merged ‘mainstream’ parties, giving them supporters on what are still perceived as left and right, real opposition can only come from where we have always found those who believe in the values I earlier listed.

Which explains why we’re vilified by the Globalist media and other shills as ‘far-right’, or whatever.


This election could not have come at a worse time for Labour and Plaid Cymru. Let me explain why.

Since the advent of devolution in 1999, which put the party in control, Labour has taken credit for anything that went right (very little), while blaming ‘London’ / Tories for everything that went wrong (a lot). But you can only get away with this, even in Wales, for so long.

Now, after 25 years of devolution, perhaps even the stupidest among us realise that the NHS is devolved, so is education. Similarly with the cancellation of desperately-needed infrastructure projects, including improvements to the M4.

With no hope of the kakistocracy pinning the 20mph disaster on anybody else.

While in the pipeline is road charging, emission charges, an intensification of the war on farmers, and even more draconian measures serving net zero.

These are all Globalist policies being pushed harder in Wales because with no successes to claim in areas that matter, the ‘Welsh Government’ thinks that leading the world in ‘saving’ a planet in no danger is the only way they’re going to get a pat on the head from anybody.

In fact, we’re entering a phase of blatant deception where we’re told to forget crass and selfish material considerations like food on the table, clothes for the kids, and dignity for your elderly parents; we should focus instead on the joys derived from greater diversity, increased toad populations, and just being nice.

This is what ‘Well-being‘ is really about. Making you accept declining standards across the board in favour of airy-fairy concepts that mean fuck all. And you’re being preached at by people who will go without nothing.

In the reality from which those clowns have long drifted it means Wales going down the tubes faster than anywhere else.

As if 25 years of failure wasn’t enough to damage their chances, Labour in Wales also has to worry about Vaughan Gething, their new leader. To begin with, he’s embroiled in a donations scandal; then two of his Senedd Members stayed away and caused him to lose a vote of no confidence, yet he refuses to stand down.

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I think that on July 4 Labour in Wales will be judged on their record in Wales to a greater extent than at any election in the past. This can not be good for them.

When we turn to Plaid Cymru, Labour’s erstwhile partners in Corruption Bay, we see another party for whom the timing of this general election has not been kind.

Plaid recently disengaged itself from Labour with the 2026 Senedd elections in mind. Done to give them enough time to go in for some gentle sparring that might persuade mug punters they are now in opposition.

Then came the announcement of the general election.

Which means that in most people’s minds Plaid is still Labour’s little helper, and only slightly less culpable for the horrors of recent years.

Looking at the bigger picture, it’s difficult to see Plaid now as anything more than a ship that long ago slipped its moorings; since when it’s been drifting aimlessly, at the mercy of wind and tide.

Plaid Cymru no longer believes in Wales and what makes Wales Welsh. It has swapped it all for an artisanal tote bag stuffed with green-woke-left lunacies. And people can see it.

In my area, UK elections saw farmers’ fields filled with Plaid Cymru placards. But not this time round. But never mind, Wil is being replaced with Sarah and others of her ilk who see Plaid as an acceptable left wing party.

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Looking at LSR in that picture it’s as if Leanne Wood never went away. Then again, maybe performative ‘socialism’ appeals to you; but it’s always left me cold.

There was a time when the media used to gleefully report ‘extremists’ in Plaid Cymru, I knew some of them. (I was one of them!) Their ‘crime’ was being over-zealous in their patriotism. Plaid now attracts real extremists who don’t give a toss about Wales.


So, yes, I suppose me voting Reform could be seen as a protest vote, but it goes way beyond a traditional protest vote. Because the West is at a crossroads, and we know where we’re heading unless we change course – because they’ve told us!

Into a cold, dark future, with few jobs; our movements restricted and our behaviour and speech monitored. It’s already out there with hate speech laws. And with the EU implementing online censorship.

Let me explain how ‘hate speech’ works. It begins with politicians allowing themselves to be led by groups pushing idiocies like women having penises and men being able to give birth.

Everybody knows these suggestions are biological nonsense. But the left promotes them because it’s a way of kicking back at ‘bourgeois values’, ‘the patriarchy’, even (somehow!) ‘white supremacy’.

Liberals go along with it wanting to be ‘progressive’.

And so laws are passed stating biological absurdities. These laws, of themselves, could be dismissed as a bit of harmless fun. But it never ends there. For this legislation empowers freaks, perverts, sexual predators . . . and of course, political activists.

And gives governments the power to silence any criticism.

Which was always the intention.

Your little daughter comes home traumatised because some bloke flashed his penis at her in the swimming pool changing room. You go to the police, complain – and are told, ‘But that’s a female penis, and you’re under arrest for hate speech.’

We have now arrived at a point where stating the truth has become a crime. This is the totalitarians’ nirvana. The shades of Hitler and Stalin are comparing erections!

And censorship doesn’t come alone. It is accompanied by wrecking economies in pursuit of net zero. Arguing that white people are evil, and making them pay for it. And of course, the illegal immigration of unvetted, mainly young males who have no intention of working or integrating.

For to achieve the objective of destabilising the West the Globalists have recruited environmentalists, Islamists, sexual deviants and God knows what else. And of course, the quisling left, seeking to succeed from within where the Soviet Union failed from without.

Nor must we forget Rupert and Clarissa of the dilettante left; who’ll throw paint, stop traffic, and topple statues to prove how frightfully poor and oppressed they are. Yah.

Goes down well with other spoilt brats at Glasto.

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Either we troop silently into this dystopian future, or we say no. And at the moment the best way to say no is to vote for political parties the Globalists do not control. Parties like Marine le Pen’s RN (didn’t they do well!), Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, the AfD in Germany, and others across Europe.

For that’s one thing I’ve noticed in recent years – a growing appreciation of what it means to be European by people who increasingly reject the EU. There’s a powerful message there if you think about it.

Finally, let’s not forget Donald Trump. When he’s elected US President in November he must not make the mistake he made first time round by taking into his camp too many who were not really on his side.

He must be ruthless from Day One in rooting out the enemies of the USA and the West. A great start would be keeping his promise to release all the JFK assassination files. As a first step in undoing the power of the deep state that has caused so much misery in the USA and around the world.

For one of the Globalists’ greatest successes has been to manoeuvre leftists and liberals, who so revered JFK, onto the same side as those who killed him.


I’m going to end with a message addressed to Labour voters in Blaengwynfi and Bonymaen, the people from whom I am sprung, and with whom I identify.

The Labour party has always taken your vote for granted, knowing you’d chop your arm off rather than vote Conservative. But times have changed; there’s no difference between them any more. They march to the same drum.

Labour and Conservatives will make you and your communities poorer, both will close Port Talbot steelworks, and both will implement the half-arsed ideas of those attending the Hay Festival rather than listen to the needs of working class people.

Are you going to carry on being the mug who votes Labour?

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2024

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Ifor l'engine

This explains traditional parties suffering electoral defeats, and the ‘far-right’ doing so well.

Unfortunately for Jac, since he wrote this, it appears that the party of his favourite pin-up girl has been relegated to third place in the French legislative elections. Being beaten ( according to the preliminary results) by both the left wing alliance and Macron’s centrist party.


Le Pen scares the shit out of Macron centrists and assorted so called leftists every time an election is called. RN may never rule but whoever is in control will always be aware that silly decisions can enable that short shift from “outside” to “inside”.


Having been away from the political and economic cesspit that is the UK of modern times returning to a Labour government boasting a huge parliamentary majority makes me want to buzz off again. Starmer won’t have long to show some backbone – and that’s a real challenge for the man who is a ditherer by natural instinct.

Will he have the guts to help working people by shifting the upper end of the salary band that enjoys zero tax rating or introduce a lower rate tax ? Or will he too be overly concerned about rewarding enterprise and creating loopholes and other friendly gestures towards the spivs and opportunists that exploit any old thing that moves ? Will he have the nerve to turn on TATA and tell them to fuck right off give them a pound coin and seize the assets at Port Talbot in defence of the national interest ?

I wonder whether he will continue with a public stance of support for Ukraine and other wars where we have no business to be interfering or will he turn his back on the lucrative trade in “war goods and materials”? Will he have the balls to call out the EU that facilitates the trade in Russian gas through EU ports while imposing sanctions on minor oligarchs linked to the Putin regime? Passing through Zeebrugge 2 days ago and saw “Georgiy Brusilov” a LNG carrier unloading its cargo quite openly. No doubt paid for in euros, $s or any old currency that suits Putin.

I guess we all know the likely answers – more of the same from the other wing of the Uniparty.

Robert King

You’re in good company by supporting Reform UK, Jac. I notice that Sir Gareth Edwards appearing in a video supporting the Neath Swansea East Reform UK candidate, Dai Richards. Surprised?

Robert King

No, Jac, but he has been a representative in some cycling events. This Dai Richards lives in Glynneath and runs an organisation called Rugby Relics.


I can’t fault your logic and I’m loath to spoil a ballot. This lot don’t deserve to stay in, Labour will be even worse, the Libdems used to be able to wing it with an impressive leader but those days have gone and Plaid are a woke irrelevance. They’ve become the type of “nationalist” party that must be beyond London’s wildest dreams. There is no one reasonable to vote for. I doubt if I’ll vote Reform but they are at least our enemies’ enemy so they have that in their favour. I might at least be tempted.


Yes at least the tories can offer some opposition – whatever you think of them!

If you view any and all of the seat predictions (economist is a good one – updated today 2nd July) you will see in every constituency that the right vote is split down the middle resulting in ZERO seats for tory or reform – a loss to the tories of 12 seats – this is absolute proof of what everyone has said that a vote for reform just helps labour – they will end up more dominant and completely unopposed – is that what you want?

Also the reform manifesto is all BS and farage has already done huge financial harm to wales by engineering brexit!


what a load of rubbish – voting reform in wales will have only one effect – decimate any tory opposition and make labour even more dominant and unopposed – wake up mate

David Smith

He needs to remember that there is no concept of ‘opposition’ within a Welsh context for a UK-wide general election. The Senedd, yes obviously.

Caroline Parkinson

I was going to comment, but have decided that actually, “no comment” would be the wise thing to say.

Caroline Parkinson

I know. I won’t be drawn.

Caroline Parkinson

No comment. Once “no comment” has been said once, it always seems to get repeated, so “no comment”. Don’t seem to have the facility to add an emoji, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say that I have a (slightly) wry smile on my face.

David Smith

WIndows Key + Full Stop brings up the emoji selector. It kind of reminds me of when they write “This page has intentionally been left blank” on an exam paper or whatever. The declaration is self-invalidating.

David Robins

I recently rediscovered Peter H. Edwards’ 1979 book, ‘Making a Welsh Future’.

He quotes Ioan Williams as saying, “If a measure of political independence comes before Wales has created a genuine intellectual independence for itself, then… we will be condemned to an eternity of complacency and philistinism…”.



You want independence?

I had you down as more savvy than that

David Smith

FYI that error trace can be found by pressing F12 and clicking ‘Console’. Not sure if you have any familiarity with browser DevTools but they’re pretty indispensible in my line of work for debugging. I’m voting Reform partially because it’d be satisfying to confound expectations of what a Welsh Republican would vote for. My cousin is a vocal supporter, and I’m certain he’s in favour in independence too.

David Smith

I just thought, I wonder whether some of the ‘virtuous’ legislation the Senedd passes is partially in attempt to feel as though they are a fully sovereign parliament on the world stage? A bit of world leader role-play?

Also your new template is producing a JavaScript error when I try to reply to a comment:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘replace’)
at wpdiscuz-combo.min.js?ver=7.6.20:10:6506
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David Smith

Bugs are my stock in trade, Jac. Or rather, fixing them, I would hope! If you can read this then it works. Email notifications of replies also seemed to have disappeared too. I guess I’ll find out on that front if I get a reply to my latest correspondences.

Angry Woman

There seems to be no “Left” option any more.
Labour was historically the party for workers’ rights, but now that seems to be only the comparatively small Socialist Workers’ Party (who are keen to protect womens’ rights to safety, privacy & dignity hence my interest in them).
Reform seem to be the closest to caring about the working class, and biological reality and keeping perverted sexual materials out of school curricula. Children learn in their own good time that fiddling with their bits feels nice, and who they fancy. They don’t need some ideologue or pervert making them talk about this in class *ever*, and certainly not while they’re in primary school.
Labour is the party of the university educated, the bourgeoisie, the “chattering classes”.
Plaid want to bring in Gender Self ID, even easier than Labour’s proposed doctor’s note to “dignify” the process – like anything about a bloke in a wig wearing makeup and staggering around in high heels is *remotely* dignified! Both these latter parties bringing sooner or later the trauma for your daughters/granddaughters of a “trans woman” soaping the shaft of his “girl-penis” in the women’s showers at sports centres etc..
I am certainly not, probably never again now, voting Labour. Or Conservative. Or Plaid.

Angry Woman

Lol, so much for my posting “Anon”. Although d’ya know what? I don’t give a shit any more.

Angry Woman

I flatter myself that I have a distinctive, unapologetic & recognisable turn of phrase anyway. 😉


That’s because party politics is dead. It is now the Globalists, their media, and their uniparty, versus the rest of us – Them against us, the people.”
Totally agree Jac. Your analysis is spot-on as usual. There is compelling evidence – as set out below in bullet point format – that Wales is the UK test-bed for implementing UN policies.

  • Wellbeing of Future Generations [Wales] Act 2015 is unique to Wales. Similar legislation is not available in England. 
  • A supplementary report published in 2019 entitled “Wales and the Sustainable Development Goals highlights the relationship between the UN-SDG’s and the action taken in Wales for Agenda 2030.
  • Wales was the first nation in the world to declare a “climate emergency”.
  • Wales was the first to appoint a Future Generations Commissioner.
  • Public Health Wales collaborates with the World Health Organisation via the International Health Co-ordination Centre. 
Michael Walker


Just a brief comment. I totally agree with you. admire the energy of all those bloggers etc out there!
It is hugely important that people who care keep focussed on the decisive combat of our time which can be summed up as globalists versus localists, anywhere versus somewhere, the power of experts versus the power of people, passivity versus participation.

Cofion garau from a post Brexit Brit still in Germany



Jac is not just voting for Reform UK, he is standing as a candidate for them! The Torfaen parliamentary candidate says

“A short time ago I produced a paper that was headlined…Wales where democracy came to die!”


Go Jac!

Ifor l'engine

Jac’s voting for the Reform – well there’s a surprise for you innit !

Given Jac’s political history I guess Reform aren’t too impressed.
I mean Jac was enthralled By McAvoy’s party in Cerdiff. As soon as Jac voiced support they got crushed in the following election and lost all their councillors – bar McAvoy himself.

Then Jac supported Gwlad who, according to our favourite author were going to create a seismic shift in Welsh politics. Unfortunately for Jac the political terrain remained implacably undisturbed and nobody even noticed they existed – apparently another one-councillor party doomed to the trash can of Jac’s political allies.

So good news then if you favour the Left or the Centre parties, because judging by Jac’s track history Reform are doomed.

Michael Walker

Obviously you are a man of intellectual acumen and superior to the likes of poor Jac. For that reason I suggest you enlighten readers here as to whom they should vote for if not for Reform.

Perhaps you might also, while you are about it, list just a few of your own achievements, since you are so disdainful of Jac’s efforts.

No doubt when a party receives the benefit of your insightful recommendation, said fortunate party will flourish. So, let’s have it. Tell us what should be done and what party should be supported, and why.


We are still awaiting a response – and advice – from Ifor!