Hate Crime

Back in March I became re-acquainted with someone I’d written about towards the end of 2012, just before Google took down my old blog. At the time I wondered if there was a connection, seeing as the woman I’d written about struck me as both unwell and vindictive.

After that unpleasantness I removed one post but left this one up. (I’m afraid the comments were lost when Google pulled the plug on my old blog.)

I forgot about the Olive Trust and Denise Kingsley Acton until earlier this year when someone referred me to a piece in Llanelli Online (since removed) which prompted me to write Third Sector Nightmare followed up with Networks.

In these posts I told you that after her £1,000,000 application to the Wales European Funding Office (WEFO) in 2010 for a ‘community building’ in Swansea, Denise Kingsley Acton moved west into Carmarthenshire, from where she was again dreaming up schemes to help her get her hands on public funding.

That, as far as I was concerned, was that . . . until last Friday. When I received the most bizarre and worrying comments to my blog. In three attempts the writer managed to accuse me of being a ‘pedophile’ (sic) with mental health problems for which I have been “treated 21 times”; I also suffer unfortunate accidents in the trousers department, but help was at hand, apparently, for “we helped mop yourself up”. Who’s ‘we’?

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It was all so familiar because similar things had been said on the old Olive Trust website back in 2012, but then they came from ‘Jackie – volunteer at the Trust’ and  ‘Sally Ann Webster’.

The ‘Rocco’ mentioned in the comments above is actually Rocio Cifuentes, the daughter of Chileans who fled their homeland when Pinochet took power and settled in nicely with the Labour Party in Swansea, a relationship that has resulted in Rocio recently becoming CEO of the charity Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team Wales (EYST).

Despite being a registered charity, on the Home page of the website the charity number was almost invisible. (You can just about make something out on the left.) Surely this can’t be a third sector body making it difficult for us to check on how much of our money it has received, and how that money has been spent? Maybe the shyness has something to do with income more than doubling from 2016 to 2017. Here are the latest accounts.

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The increase in funding inevitably leads to EYST recruiting new staff. On the very day I posted this article Rocio and her gang were advertising for a Resilience Project Co-ordinator (don’t ask me) at a salary of £30,000. We can be reasonably certain that this post will be filled by someone from outside of Wales.

Sticking with cross-border movements, the Charity Commission site tells us that EYST – supported almost entirely with Welsh funding – operates “Throughout England and Wales”. Shome mishtake shurely?

As you’ll have guessed, we have now gone through the wormhole into that parallel dimension known as the third sector. That make-believe world where the only constants are that lots and lots of Welsh money is wasted, with very little Welsh involvement, and for pitifully little Welsh benefit.

But what the hell – Wales is rich, we can afford it!

After receiving the odious comments from Denise Kingsley Acton, or Acton Kingsley, I wondered what she might be getting up to when she wasn’t slandering me. First, I checked the Olive Trust Facebook page where I read to my horror that (she claims) the Dyfed Powys Police Crime Commissioner has awarded her a grant!

What’s more, she is to be allowed into colleges (and schools?) to teach kids about hate crimes – this woman who goes online calling me a paedophile, who can make sick jokes about mental health and incontinence! Though I suppose it could be argued that she’s ideally suited, for she knows of what she speaks.

UPDATE 11:45: A speedy response from the Dyfed Powys PCC’s office tells me that the grant came not from the PCC directly but from Safer Dyfed-Powys Diogel and it was for £1,000. Here are the details. And it’s nice to know that Labour stalwart Alan Lloyd is still involved.

In addition to support from the Labour Party Denise now claims to have backing from Plaid Cymru as well, in the form of Councillor Gilasbey. And there are clearly plans to expand, for “a new office in Llanelli” is mentioned.

And if you know a dancer who can cook curry while doing make-up and yoga, then get in touch with Denise at once. In fact, “anything in the Diversity/Ethnic field” is welcomed. Does laverbread count as ‘ethnic’?

Though isn’t ‘ethnic’ an insulting term? I would have hesitated to use it in that context. Doesn’t it suggest that anything and everything non-white, non-European, from Japan to Jamaica, can be lumped together as ‘ethnic’? Perhaps the modern equivalent of the Classical ‘barbarian’?

But Denise’s ambitions go way beyond an office in downtown Sosban and multi-tasking ‘ethnics’. For her Twitter account tells us . . .

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So what’s this about? Well, if you click on the image in Twitter you are transported to a French crowd-funding site. It seems she’s trying to raise one million pounds (sounds familiar), ” . . . to create an amazing community farm that is dedicated to the environment, growing organic produce, having a farm shop, Shetland pony rides, cafe and a place where people can go glamping, have a family day out or for inner city schools to visit, meet the animals and have a taste of home-grown fruit and vegetables. We will also have a community of artisans selling produce and back to old-fashioned community ideals, where crafts people sell, jams, pottery, woollens . . . “.

It’s all there, folks, almost every ‘button’ that needs to be pressed to open the public funding treasure chest – ‘community’, ‘environment’, ‘organic’, ‘glamping’, ‘inner city’, ‘home-grown’, ‘community’ (again), ‘artisans’, ‘old-fashioned’, ‘community’ (again!), ‘crafts people’, ‘pottery’.

All so reminiscent of the ‘community building’ she asked WEFO to fund in Swansea, but now moved across the Loughor and plonked on a farm.

Though can’t you just visualise it? Jez and Poppy breaking off from making their organic radish and magic mushroom piccalilli to take kids from Townhill or Ely on Shetland pony rides before ensuring the little darlings are tucked up safely in their eco-friendly glamps. Bucolic bliss!

Alternatively, this is the most vacuous bollocks. A hotchpotch of just about everything someone thinks might work – not as a commercial venture, or as a service to the community, but as a way of screwing money out of the public purse. The give-away is that Denise Kingsley Acton actually describes the project as a “money pot”.

Though thus far, the crowd-funding venture on Leetchi has raised . . . with 11 days left . . . give or take a pound or two . . . and to the nearest penny . . . Nul points! For which we should all be grateful.

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As it happens, there is a Salt Rock Farm for sale in Penbre. Asking price £695,000. Though Zoopla suggests a value of £426,000. Either way, it’s a lot less than the one million pounds Denise is so fixated on.

Though you have to wonder why, in the midst of acrimonious Brexit negotiations, anyone would think it a good idea to use a French crowd-funding site to raise the money. The French obviously aren’t giving anything, and by involving Johnny Frog she’s bound to upset the Kippers on her doorstep.

Kippers such as Gary Beer, whose wife Michelle was one of only two to like Denise’s FB posting about the PCC giving her a grant and inviting her to prey on impressionable young minds. The other being Jane Gwynn, of Lottery-funded Create Me Happy. With funding also coming from the county council and other sources.

All aboard! Ker-ching!

I’ve had my fill of Denise Kingsley Acton and the thousands like her who have flooded into Wales since the advent of devolution – with no purpose other than to screw the public purse.

It’s why the third sector is so big and so rich, and why Wales is so poor. The money wasted on the third sector should have been used to make Wales more prosperous, thereby removing the justification for such a bloated third sector; but that would not have served the interests of the English Labour Party in Wales :- ‘Keep Wales poor – blame Tories – pile up votes’.

Returning to Denise Kingsley Acton, I now address anyone close to her and I have this to say: On this blog I argue my case vigorously, using what I hope are reasoned and researched arguments, and I often employ colourful language, but rarely if ever do I make it personal. And never have I resorted to the level of filth that Denise Kingsley Acton posted on this blog last Friday.

If she needs help, then make sure she gets it. I want no further contact from her. Nor do I want to hear that she has been repeating elsewhere the slanders for which I have now reported her to Dyfed Powys Police.

♦ end ♦


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Yet another episode in the never ending catalogue of 3rd sector antics in Wales. No doubt there are similar things going on in England but Wales is our ( well most certainly my) concern. That this Acton lady chooses to launch into a bizarre attack on Jac is not that surprising as deflection/misdirection is part of the cover-up toolkit commonly used by people who don’t want anyone looking too closely into their activities ( or inactivity). They have found their crock of gold in Wales, a Labour government that can’t say no to any yarn which involves a touch of spin – look at the good we are doing, helping out these organisations that deliver so much needed aid into our impoverished communities. Except our communities remain impoverished and any enrichment available ends up safely in the bank accounts of the leadership teams of these opaque bodies.

Anyway given that the PCC of so called “Dafed Powys”( their text not mine) is so hot on hate crime perhaps he’ll tell his senior Old Bill to get out and whack this dame for labelling an innocent man a child molester. Just for starters. Then maybe they’ll get round to checking out the bona fides of the “charity” and maybe even set an example that will deter others from trying on such nonsense down West. In due course a more rigorous approach might expand eastwards but I’ll probably be well past 100 by the time all that happens !


Pleased to hear that you have reported her to Dyfed Powys Police Jac. Hope they now invite her to assist them with their enquiries.


I have just checked with the charity commission and find that there is no such organisation registered as ‘The Olive Trust’. I have also checked with the Prudential Regulation Authority who regulates other mutual or community organisations on behalf of the Financial Conduct Authority, and they too have no record of ‘The Olive Trust’.

I therefore believe this application for funding to be fraudulent and an attempt to personate a charitable or community organisation for reasons of personal financial gain.

If one or more payments have been made to Ms Denise Kingsley (nee Acton) from the Dyfed Powys PCC (via the D-P Diogel funding scheme) this will be to accounted for as taxable personal income.

It does surprise me that the scheme is making payments without due diligence to individuals who are not charitable or registered community organisations.

In light of the evident malicious communications sent by Ms Denise Kingsley (nee Acton) highlighted in this blog, which I understand is being investigated by warranted officers, these published malicious messages not only make false accusations of ‘paedophilia’ but also has derogatory references to age and incontinence, an affliction genuinely suffered by many elderly people throughout Wales.

The PCC for Dyfed Powys is paying cash bungs to individuals who perpetrate hate crime.


Denise seems to have become the poster girl for highlighting the insidious and incestuous (re. Fraud Advisory Panel, “a charity”…see below) Third Sector in Wales!

Perhaps yet another Third Sector organisation should be set up called…. Hate Crime in the Third Sector Advisory Panel!


The latest Annual Fraud Indicator report, published in May, suggests there has been a large increase in charity fraud in recent years. It estimates that fraud cost the sector £1.86bn in 2013/14, representing 25 per cent of the sector’s £74bn income. Previous estimates have suggested fraud costs the sector about £147m a year.

Whatever the total cost of fraud, there is undoubtedly “a hell of a lot” going on, says David Kirk, chair of the Fraud Advisory Panel, a charity that provides anti-fraud advice and research. The past year has seen theft from many directions – fake charity collectors posing as legitimate charity collectors, entire charities set up to fraudulently claim Gift Aid, fake cheques used to deposit money in trustees’ own accounts and, of course, insider fraud.


The biggest charity fraud going on in Wales at the moment concerns the Welsh Labour Government.

Welsh Labour is not a government of a nation they are nothing but a glorified charity with intention of keeping Wales poor with the hope of attracting more charitable handouts. (primarily for their own benefit)

20 years of receiving it’s grant from Westminster it has not improved the economy health or education in Wales an iota – It has actually done the opposite.

Welsh Labour nothing more than a third sector organisation, fraudulently impersonating a national government.




The Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed Powys has today confirmed that NO GRANT has been paid the ‘Olive Trust’ contrary to what Ms Denise Kingsley (nee Acton) has been claiming on social media.


re Jac’s tweets column

you appear to have a lot of faith in Adam Price’s motivation to dump a lot of recent baggage. Hope you are not holding your breath.
library archive picture of our old pal Cayo brings back memories. At least he knew how to shake the tree while others were content to shelter under it.
Mrs Moon firing questions at boy Cairns about a topic close to our hearts. Well done her. I wonder whether some shite in the Bridgend area has started shipping in oddies from across the Dyke. Big H.A estate being built in Bridgend town centre and the locals will rightly argue that the needy among them should be at the front of the queue. Wrong place to start fucking about with local preferences.


I have been trying to log in recently but without success. No problems tonight for some reason.

Forgive be for being off topic but do you Jac or the other people following this blog know what’s been going on with YesCymru of late?


[…] Jac o the North with yet another strange tale from the Welsh third sector. […]


There seems to be a case of mass self-harmers in Wales, who continually vote Welsh Labour into the Assembly to get an atrocious education/health service and a shameful economy(and of course, dubious housing associations that don’t benefit the people of Wales).Some help from some kind of Third Sector Organisation or Non Governmental Organisation to prevent this would improve the situation.

It could be construed that some people are too stupid to know what harm they are doing but the others who are not stupid and know what they are doing should be charged with a hate crime against Wales.

Politicians, especially, should not be exempt from political correctness and hate crimes.

Carwyn “at arms length” Jones….should definitely not be exempt.


To some of the comments here, maybe some already realise but the third sector provides a willing and able shield [or attack dogs] to protect the incumbent anglo labour party and members.

For example note the various positions held by senior third sector executives and sometimes downright cronies in the supervisory roles for the police, social services, health education, housing associations, ombudsman [surely that must be changed to ombudsperson!!?]. Prime example who must be known to Jac [not personally] is the lady who featured some time ago in an article of his viz Rose Mutale Merrill (née Nyoni) who was once head of the Care Council for Wales whilst being the chair of a womens aid group. It would be worth looking at how many male social workers were reprimanded versus the number of female SW’s during her tenure bearing in mind the perception is that it is a female dominated profession. Where did Sophie Howe come from and the current Ombudsman – third sector, labour or other quango connections?. Neil Mcevoy hit some raw nerves hence had to be pushed to the fringe by some attack dogs who were not obvious to start with. NRW accepting nuclear mud dumping from England – who is in charge there and it is the NR for Wales not England!?

And don’t forget the bit part played by Plaid Cymru where some of their ilk have levered into some of these plum jobs – bet none of them pay less than £70,000 per year plus add ons?

While they can get votes by blaming Thatcher – yes you still hear the people in the caffs echoing this sentiment – nothing will be done for Wales. The colonialists once extracted coal with other people toil [& jobs [provided] now they just extract the money and leave us with rubbish? At least Thatcher cleaned up the coal tips.