A Fairytale Prince and Princess and a Web of Golden PR


(illustrations by Jac o’ the North)

Revelations that Stephen Kinnock and his wife Helle Thorning-Schmidt sent their elder daughter Johanna  to private schools are making waves in both Denmark and Wales in a tale so tangled that even Hans Christian Andersen would have cried the Danish equivalent of “WTF?”

So if you are sitting comfortably, let’s begin at the beginning. Well, sort of.

In Denmark private schools are heavily subsidised by the state which provides up to 87.5% of their funding, leaving parents to pay relatively modest fees by UK standards.

Private education has long been a contentious issue on the left of Danish politics, with the Social Democrats  as ambivalent about it as their British counterparts in the Labour Party. Senior Social Democrats who have sent their children to private schools have attracted criticism from sections of the party, but it is not party policy to abolish private education, and unsurprisingly given how many of its top brass use private schools, the party now takes the line that it is a matter of individual choice.

Kinnock and Thorning-Schmidt have two daughters, and it was long their policy to keep their children out of the public eye. Their privacy was respected by the Danish press, to the extent that when Johanna’s education became an issue, the press had no recent pictures of the family. As we shall see, that changed when Stephen Kinnock launched his campaign to become Labour’s candidate for Aberavon, and was keen to stress his family values.


Kinnock, now 46, has an impressive back catalogue of controversies, and in Denmark none was bigger than the row over his non-dom status, despite being married to the country’s Prime Minister and having his family home in Copenhagen.

The tax row and the investigations and official inquiries which followed it ran on for years, finally coming to an end at around the time Kinnock was seeking to become Labour’s candidate in Aberavon. For those interested, a summary of this bizarre affair can be found here.

Certainly, media interest in his tax affairs gave Kinnock invaluable experience in how to deal with the press and answer awkward questions. Not only did he escape ever having to pay a penny in tax in Denmark, but the row over his conduct and his tax avoidance did not surface as an issue when he launched his campaign to be selected in Aberavon.

What questions Kinnock did face concerned his choice of school for his daughter Johanna, and here again lack of scrutiny by the UK media and a thick coating of Teflon served the Red Prince well.

The timings of events and revelations are important in forming an understanding of how, possibly with quite a lot of luck, possibly with skillful news management, and possibly a conspiracy of silence from some in the media, Stephen Kinnock and Helle Thorning-Schmidt were able to face elections in their respective countries without their daughter’s exclusive private schooling becoming an issue.

What Johanna did next – a timeline

Johanna Kinnock begins her secondary education at a state school in Copenhagen, but moves “for private reasons” to the rather more exclusive private Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole which she attends between 2010 and 2012.

Fees at the school were DKr 1,500 per month (around £165), although as we shall see, Kinnock later suffered a lapse of memory about how much the family had actually paid.

In 2012 Johanna, then aged 16, is on the move yet again, this time to Hellerup Gymnasium, a state school where she stays for just one year.

2013 – Johanna packs her bags and heads off for the exclusive Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan, where fees are currently £28,600. There she completes her secondary education in 2015, a year when both of her parents fight general elections in their respective countries.

A recent article in the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet (see translation below) suggests that Kinnock and his wife would have paid around £12,000 a year, including a £10,000 voluntary contribution based on his wife’s income as Prime Minister. The rest was paid by the Danish taxpayer under a grant scheme set up to help parents fund the cost of education abroad, and various unspecified “funds and sponsors”.


November 2013 – Hywel Francis announces that he will stand down at the UK general election in 2015, and so the race to find his successor begins, culminating in a vote by the constituency party on 22 March 2014.

There were seven candidates, of whom the early favourites were Jeremy Miles, a lawyer from Pontarddulais (now Labour AM for Neath), and Mark Fisher, local Unison official. Miles was understood to have won the backing of six local branches of the party and have had a clear lead over Fisher.

Somehow Kinnock came through with a late run to beat Miles by a short nose (106 – 105) on March 22, after a recount. This article from Left Futures by Jon Lansman – founder of Momentum – gives one explanation for how this happened.

In the run-up to the vote, Kinnock’s opponents began asking questions about Johanna’s schooling in Denmark, apparently unaware that she was by then living and studying just a few miles away at Atlantic College.

The Western Mail first picked up on the story on 19 February:

Stephen Kinnock slams ‘misleading claim’ that his daughter went to a private school

In this article Kinnock, with breathtaking chutzpah, told Martin Shipton that Ingrid Jespersen’s Gymnasieskole had cost only around £80 a month, and he added that she had gone on to “the equivalent of a sixth form college in Denmark which is wholly state funded”, neglecting to mention that she had since gone on from Hellerup Gymnasium to the £28,600 a year Atlantic College.

The very careful wording which obfuscated Johanna’s whereabouts seems to have put the media hounds off the scent, although they quickly discovered that fees at Ingrid Jerspersens Gymnasieskole were twice the level that Kinnock had claimed.

On 1 March 2014 Kinnock was back in the Western Mail to, ahem, “clarify” matters.

Stephen Kinnock ‘underestimated’ school fees for daughter

The newspaper article talks about attempts by Kinnock’s political opponents to undermine his campaign, and quotes Kinnock as follows:

“This was a fast-moving story and I was very keen to clarify some of the misleading things that were being said about my daughter’s schooling as rapidly as possible.”

Note the implication that it was other people who had been saying misleading things about his daughter’s schooling, rather than Kinnock himself.

The very next day, 2 March 2014, a Danish journalist working for Ekstra Bladet quoted a conversation he had just had with Shipton of the Mail:

‘”I have spoken to people in the party, and they are not impressed by his inaccuracies. They believe that this could influence Stephen Kinnock’s chances”, says Martin Shipton who is editor of the Welsh newspaper Western Mail which has reported on Kinnock’s misinformation.’

With three weeks to go to the crucial vote in Port Talbot, nobody seems to have picked up on the fact that Johanna was not in Copenhagen at all but just down the road. Another whole year and a bit later on 8 May 2015, and another Danish tabloid, BT, produced this very illuminating report just as the dust was settling:

This tender image is a rarity

The newspaper notes that Kinnock and Thorning-Schmidt had always been careful to shield their daughters from the media, so much so that BT had very few pictures of the two girls in its archive. All of that changed in March 2014 when Kinnock released a family portrait taken for use in his selection campaign, and Johanna is pictured again in the report cuddling up to her mother during the count on election night (7/8 May 2015).

The newspaper comments that this sudden change of tack was a strategic choice to portray the Kinnock Thorning-Schmidts as a family which sticks together, “something which means a lot in Wales”.

BT continues by recalling that Johanna had previously been in the limelight in Denmark when it emerged that she had been sent to the fee-paying Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole, echoing a scandal which broke in 2010 when it emerged that a number of senior Social Democrats had children in private schools.

(Two revealing reports on the Kinnock’s attitude to private education appeared in the Danish publication BT; the first on May 9 2010; the second 11 June 2010; both updated 19 September 2012. The headline of the first translates as, ‘The truth about Helle’s spin’, the second, ‘Helle Thorning’s husband raging against private schools’. Translations (in summary) for both articles can be found by clicking here. Many thanks to our new Danish contact for the links, and to one of the authors of this piece for the translations. Jac)

Kinnocks normal

“Today Johanna attends an international high school in Wales, the UWC Atlantic College, which is close to where Stephen Kinnock  is living”, the piece says in conclusion.

Clearly, some in the media knew of Johanna’s whereabouts before the UK general election and probably before Kinnock was selected as Labour candidate for Aberavon. If the arrangements at Atlantic College had been known about, it is highly unlikely that Kinnock would have been selected, and if his handling of the affair had been known about, it would hardly have been a vote winner in Port Talbot in May 2015, come to that.

Instead, Kinnock based his campaign on family values, his close connections from his time at Xynteo with captains of industry, including Tata Steel bosses, and a promise to bring jobs to the town. Promises which were to evaporate after the general election even quicker than fairy dust.

Revelations that her daughter was attending a Dkr 250,000 a year school in Wales, partly at the expense of the Danish taxpayer, would not have helped Helle Thorning-Schmidt either when she faced voters in a general election on 18 June 2015.

Fortunately no hacks bothered to follow up on BT’s heartwarming report with its tender images.

Although the Social Democrats slightly increased their share of the vote, their coalition partners fared badly, and so ended Helle’s stint at the top.

But there is a happy ending because soon after resigning Helle landed the top job at Save the Children International in London, where her predecessor was reported to be earning £234,000 a year – rather more than the Prime Minister of Denmark.

Even more remarkable was that she landed the job despite coming under fire from, erm Save the Children among others, for implementing policies as prime minister which keep refugee children separated from their parents.

And there matters would have rested had it not been for wicked old Jac o’ the North spilling the magic beans on the whole convoluted saga a year later, with post-factual Kinnock claiming to have been open about his daughter’s schooling all the way along.

Labour and the Danish Social Democrats have come a long way since the days of the Little Match Girl who would now be facing deportation or arrest for pestering passers-by when she could go and get a proper job as a consultant.


Danish taxpayers pay for Helle and Kinnock’s daughter

Translation of an article which appeared in Ekstra Bladet  on 30 July 2016.

Danish taxpayers paid Dkr 140,000 (around £16,000) for the two years former Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s daughter, Johanna, attended Atlantic College in Wales from August 2013 to June 2015.

Annual school fees at the private school are £28,600 – around Dkr 250.000 – but Helle Thorning-Schmidt and her husband Stephen Kinnock did not have to pay that.

Instead, they paid between Dkr 18,000 (£2,000) and Dkr 88,000 (£10,000) a year to send their daughter Johanna to Atlantic College in Wales.

This information comes from the website of United World Colleges (UWC).

UWC sends 15-20 Danish high school pupils to one of the organisation’s 15 schools every year in  Europe, Costa Rica, India, Singapore, Swaziland, USA, Hong Kong and China.

The state paid Dkr 70,000 per year

UWC’s Danish website shows that the average fee per pupil is DKr 158,000 (£18,000) per year.

The Danish state contributes Dkr 70.000 (£8,000) towards the cost, a further Dkr 70,000 is provided by funds and sponsors, while parents contribute Dkr 18,000 (£2,000) a year.

  • UWC Denmark depends on donations from parents in order to give a place to young people a place at a UWC school, it says on the website.

Parents paid Dkr 18,000 per year

For this reason the organisation asks parents to make an additional contribution above the minimum of Dkr 18,000 per year.

  • UWC  has a limited number of full bursaries. If a household’s total income is less than Dkr 250,000 a year before tax, parents can apply for a full bursary. Other parents pay a compulsory family contribution of Dkr 18,000 per year, the organisation states on its website.

It is therefore clear that the  Thorning-Schmidt/Kinnock family paid a  minimum of Dkr 18,000 a year to send their daughter to Atlantic College in Wales.

UWC asks parents to pay additional contributions beyond the Dkr 18,000 to the organisation.

Tax deductions of Dkr 15,000 per year

  • If parents wish to donate more than the compulsory DKr 18,000 contribution, they may claim tax relief of up to DKr 15,000 per year. It therefore follows, the organisation says, that the more parents who donate money, the more pupils will obtain a place.

UWC therefore suggests that parents pay an additional contribution from their taxable income.

Atlantic College

UWC suggestion to parents

UWC’s proposals are as follows:

Parents with a taxable income of between Dkr 500,000 and Dkr 750,000 should pay between Dkr 15,000 and Dkr 45,000 per year.

Parents with a taxable income of between Dkr 750,000 and Dkr 1,250,000 should pay between Dkr 45,000 and Dkr 70,000 per year.

Parents with a taxable income of more than Dkr 1,250,000 should pay Dkr 70,000 per year.

As Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt earned Dkr 1,439,443.75 (£163,500) in 2013. Depending on her final declaration, she should therefore have paid an additional Dkr 70,000 to UWC.

Kinnock on Facebook

On his Facebook page Stephen Kinnock confirms that his daughter’s place at Atlantic College was partly financed by the Danish state.

  • Johanna’s stay at AC was partly financed under Danish rules governing grants for students studying abroad. The majority of AC’s students and those at other United World Colleges schools are financed by a mixture of state grants and national committees in their respective countries, Stephen Kinnock writes on Facebook.

Welsh blogger

He was reacting to accusations made by the Welsh blogger Jac o’ the North on his blog that Stephen Kinnock hid the fact that his daughter Johanna went to an expensive private school from Welsh voters when he was standing for selection for the Aberavon constituency in the spring of 2014 – a constituency which has returned a Labour MP since 1922.

Jac o’ the North says that Stephen Kinnock would not have been selected if Welsh voters had known that his daughter  Johanna was going to the expensive Atlantic College.

I answered questions

Stephen Kinnock confirms on his Facebook page that his and Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s daughter’s stay at Atlantic College was partly financed by the Danish taxpayer.

  • I was asked about and answered questions about her schooling in Denmark (where she attended the private Ingrid Jespersens School from 2010 til 2012, Ed.), Stephen Kinnock wrote, failing to elaborate whether he would have answered if Welsh journalists had asked him if Johanna had gone to an expensive private school in Wales.


Jac says . . . 

I still have difficulty believing that when Martin Shipton of Llais y Sais interviewed Kinnock in February 2014 he was unaware that the subject of the discussion, Johanna Kinnock, was already in her second term at Atlantic College.

Given Shipton’s support for the Labour Party, and remembering that his employers Trinity Mirror also support Labour, it could well be that the news was already circulating about Johanna but – perhaps as a favour to the girl’s grandparents – Trinity Mirror arranged for Shippo to ask the wrong questions in order to ‘settle’ the allegations of her being privately educated.

Kinnock family

But let me, for once, push aside my usual draught of vitriol and drink of the milk of human kindness, (God! I’m going some here) and give Shippo the benefit of the doubt, and more, extend that benefit to all the other journos in Wales.

It’s entirely possible none of you knew that the grand-daughter of the ultimate champagne socialists, Lord and Lady Hypocrisy, whose father was seeking election to a Welsh constituency, was being educated at a very expensive school a few miles outside Cardiff . . . but if so, what does that say about you as journalists?

Maybe you should stick to belittling Welsh identity. That seems to be all that most of you are good for.

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Big Gee

Clywch, clywch, And so say I Myfanwy!

Anuragh Mahajan

Denmark state is doing the best for the welfare of the students . So they deserve to be respected .

Big Gee

Have you any reason to think they are not being respected? Apart that is from the ex prime minister and her tag along husband & children possibly taking advantage of their generosity.


Good on Denmark. So please send better examples of your population to live and work in this country rather than political chancers and assorted spongers/troughers


I agree, but the only one who has disrespected the Danish State and it’s generous terms to the welfare of it’s students, is Stephen Kinnock MP. The exclusive school he sent his daughter to, was at a far greater expense to the Danish system, even if partly funded, than if she had gone to and had supported a local, State School. As a labour MP, Private eduction should be an anathema to Mr Kinnock and to highlight his hypocrisy, he has expressed his distaste for the Private school system in the past. Private schooling in Britain, has always been a very English reserve, the high cost and exclusiveness making it prohibitive to anyone else in Society. It is an institution more than any, that has kept the English establishment in power and the rest of the Union under the Yoke. The irony of Kinnock, saying he is “proud” that his daughter completed part of her eduction in Wales, in this context, knows no bounds, particularly, when he tried to keep the fact a secret from those in his constituency, who are already living through very difficult times.


And not a word on this matter from Jo Cox MP. Remember, she who is now no more did share a Westminster office with Stephen and was very well known to the wider Kinnock family. She who was determined to stand up and fight injustice.

Just shows, you can’t trust anyone in the Labour Party.


Funny you should say that because I’ve often wondered #whatwouldJosay?


Front row seat for Baron Bedwellty, the Baroness and a wannabee Baron son? Or maybe a spot for a guest support speaker or two?



with shoddy behaviour rapidly becoming the norm among our career politicians it’s odd to see the Assembly’s UKIP clique turning on N Gill and suggesting that he should give up his seat at the Assembly if he insists on continuing with his nice little earner at the EU. I would have expected them to cluster around him to enquire how one goes about securing multiple well paid appointments. This must be regarded as convincing testimony that they don’t like the bloke.

Looks like Jac is the only friend he’s got this side of Offa’s Dyke and as such should be treasured !.

That other odious creep, Mostyn Hamilton, looks like he’s sticking with his home in Wiltshire so that he can roll up assorted allowances for attending to business in Wales. Given that he “sits” as representative of a large swathe of Mid and West Wales I’m sure that he could find a quiet corner somewhere to settle with his witch and go native for the duration of his tenure. In view of the huge numbers of Anglo settlers in that area it’s very likely that he wouldn’t have to bother much with real natives anyway. Any one got a shed to sell ? Pig pen with a good sized trough will be fit for purpose.


Thanks for the tip off Jac. I’ll have to reinvent myself as an extreme Unionist having already got the papers for being a bit thick so should do well as a SpAd down the Bay. A chance late in life to get my snout in the trough. If successful I’ll drop you a line occasionally just to keep you posted on all the new wheezes and scams that the hard working community down the Bay keep inventing. I feel a wave of enthusiasm coming over me…. or did I just overdose on something ?

Big Gee

A bit of a civil war amongst the Kippers in the Assembly today, with Nathan Gill & Hamilton in the thick of it. Time to resurrect or update your previous post on the ‘honourable’ Mr Gill Jac?



Your man over on BlogMenai is discussing the likely downfall of UKIP in Wales post Brexit. In short a combination of having no clear message any longer in a Welsh context, plus increasing internal strife.


Big Gee

Good! I eagerly look forward to that Jac, along, I dare say, with most of this blog’s ‘faithful’.


That word ‘deselection’ was mentioned on BBC Newsnight last night! It is going to be rather interesting to see what will happen in the not too distant future regarding the son of Baron Kinnock of Bedwellty and others. I suspect a lot of these (Kinnock Jr included?) rebels will?…..Hey Presto!… Disappear completely or all of a sudden become totally ‘compliant’ and extremely ‘loyal’. Maybe expect lorry loads of typical PR-drone bluff n’ bollocks e.g. drawing a line in the sand, uniting to move forward, lessons to be learnt, lessons have been learnt and it is now time to take the fight the ‘real’ enemy i.e. Tories stuff etc, etc, etc?

Old Arcadian

I must object to your constant references to “Neil and Glenys Kinnock”, when they have earned the right to be addressed by their proper titles, namely “Baron Kinnock of Bedwellty”, and “The Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead”.

Also, strong objections must be voiced against your website’s repeated references to Martin Shipton, the Western Mail senior executive, as “Fatso”. I understand it is purely a matter of time before he can proudly announce himself as “Martin Shipton CBE”.

PS: Furthermore, it is not Mr Shipton’s fault that the Western Mail editorial office is only about 150 yards from Cardiff’s Caroline Street (widely known as “Chip Alley”).


Strangely enough I’ve seen Boyo referred to on the internet as The Honourable Stephen Kinnock. Certainly it’s possible for the sons and daughters of Lords to be referred to with such a courtesy title but I’m not sure if it applies to your common old “Lord” appointed by Prime Ministers and the like for favours granted. These are ten a penny. Much more exclusive are those members of the House of Lords who have manners and proper breeding – the inherited peers.

Red Flag

Incredible how a failed Labour politician gets his snout in the Euro trough at £100k pa 20+ years ago – and that is not enough so he gets his wife in on the act at the same deal.

He must be well pissed off that because of BREXIT the fruit of his loins won’t follow the same troughing career path – mediocre MP, failed party leader, MEP. He’s managing the first, may achieve the second but has no chance of the third.


With Guido Fawkes again running the story this morning, no doubt the newspapers will give it another airing tomorrow. Guido is rightly focusing on Boyo’s “raging” against the principle of private education then a couple of years later enrolling Johanna into Atlantic College.

As usual, the comments on Guido are as entertaining as the article. But one particularly has struck me. One poster, who seems to know a bit about the locality, has stated: “I’ve been told that the selection committee knew all about the school, but still voted Red Prince”. If this is true then this smacks of a cover-up with the sole intention of keeping Kinnock’s political aspirations on track. And who was on the selection committee? But we all know a secret shared by more than two is no longer one. So it again begs the question that IF some of the Labour hierarchy in Aberavon knew about it, did our completely impartial Welsh media and its investigative reporters also know? I notice Shippo has held his tongue on this since it broke. It’s about time he made some statement, so we can either make him wear a pointed cap with “Incompetent” on it, or one with “I kept the faith and made Boyo what he is today” (that would have to be in small letters to fit by the way).

I think there’s still more to come on this but it will require a whistleblower from the Aberavon Labour Party. Where are you, boys? Kinnock’s no longer the future so you would be doing you and your country a service.

Red Flag

I think part of the increase in site traffic maybe because articles on here are being linked to in comments below articles on the blog Labour Uncut.

For example


Big Gee

Don’t tell me you were one of the ones who innocently fell for it Stan!

Indeed you’re quite right – it’s been quite a story. The one with the ‘h’ in her name is on the left – as if you didn’t really know & had to be told!

The home grown glamour model has been forced to deny she was the UK’s incoming prime minister, after numerous people mistakenly congratulated her on winning the race to number 10.

Teresa May, who tweets at @RealTeresaMay, changed her bio to add that she is “not the Prime Minister” after a number of twitter users mistook her for the UK PM Theresa May. No wonder Twitter users are often called ‘TWITS’

“Should have gone to Specsavers”


on further reflection the characteristics so vividly on show with the Kinnock gang seem to be very commonplace among our esteemed political class. Most of that Labour crowd sitting at the Assembly ( don’t use the Welsh name because it’s a delusion dumped on us by a scheming UK government and its local branch of lackeys and toadies ) all seem to find ways and means of maxing out on the old expenses, freebies, “fact finding” trips to exotic foreign places as well as regular outings to London and Brussels ( oh dear that will come to an end ! ).
Now it’s bad enough that we have almost 1/2 of this Assembled lot carrying certificates of competence in working their way through the gravy train matrix but the rest are also “at it” and it appears that the restrained reluctant spender is a very rare species right across the 60 snouts down the Bay.
I need not elaborate about how things are in Westminster. Less than 10 years since the last balloon went up they are busy engineering loopholes in a set of rules that were drafted so slack they could never hold up a pair of drawers let alone deny a determined M.P sniffing additional funds for his/her incontinent lifestyle and spending patterns.
This corrupt “lifestyle choice” is the ultimate insult to people of Wales and wider U.K at a time of austerity, tightening of belts and being in it together ! Teresa spouted the usual emotional drivel about reaching down to us mere mortals in that One Nation opening speech some weeks ago but the evidence suggests clearly that we’re in for “more of the same” with the usual snouts cleaning out at the trough and chunks of our hard earned tax money being wasted on these clusters of tossers. Much as I disagree with much that Corbyn stands for at least he stands apart from this disreputable troughing that is so much the norm.


I feel your pain too, Dafis. It never ceases to amaze me how MPs and all politicians are so expert in exploiting to the max what they are allowed to spend money on. What I noticed at the time of the Rotten Parliament of Brown, when the scandal about expenses came to light, was the number of ways they had discovered to spend money to their advantage – and nearly always within “the rules”. The trouble is that no matter how carefully you draft a rulebook you cannot anticipate all the ingenious ways these people will come up with to feather their nests without actually breaking the rules. I feel that not enough of them ask before they treat themselves “I appreciate that this doesn’t BREAK the rules but how does it look in the Court of Public Opinion if I spend on x, y or z?” Frankly, they don’t bloody care because it’s not their money that’s being spent. As you say, Corbyn stands out by his frugality – but if he can do it and provide his constituents with quality service – why can’t others?

With regard to Assembly Members, can anyone tell me if there is an easy way for the public to find out exactly how your AM is spending his or her allowances? Surely it’s time for a body like IPSA to be set up here to monitor and publish information as we have in Westminster. That might make some of the buggers think twice.

By the way, easily done but Theresa May, PM and former Home Secretary, is the Theresa with an “h”. The other Teresa May, if you mis-type it, will turn up an altogether different sort of woman.


As a self confessed thick Cymro with odd bouts of inflexibility in my command of English I tend to spell names as they are pronounced. So hard “T” it is instead of soft “Th”. Or is it some form of Welsh mutation that’s crept into English ?

Which reminds me of a Welsh lesson 50+ years ago and we were wading through mutations, which I understood instinctively yet could never remember the precise names for any of them – comes from learning them as a matter of course. My mate was summoned to recite an example of some mutation, sat there blushing for a bit, then blurted out – ” A’i fys lan ei din , sir ” Bulls eye !

Big Gee

An excellent example Dafis. It also describes many of those highlighted in the subject matter on this blog!

Contrary to popular belief, mutations are the most basic of simple things to understand – all you need to do is listen – if it sounds jarry or rough on the tongue or the ear then it needs a mutation! Simples.

I believe that’s why we Cymry have a natural feel for what sounds right and smooth in music and poetry, if it glides along and is pleasant to listen to, then it’s probably right. I pity those other nations who don’t have mutations (under developed linguistics) and a non phonetic syntax. No wonder they find it hard to learn a ‘foreign’ refined, cultured and far more advanced language like ours.

This is what makes a mockery of lessons in Welsh, where the students are ‘taught’ mutations. It should never be the case, let alone virtually impossible to perfect. What needs to be taught is refinement of their hearing, so that they instinctively know what sounds right and what doesn’t.

Big Gee

So I guess you and Stan are now permanently off the Kinnock’s & ‘Slimey Smith’s’ Christmas card list then Jac?

Never mind! Still, judging from the site stats, the recent traffic increase to jaco’thenorth’s blog more than makes up for it!

Your excellent blog is also very impressive Stan – I like it very much


Thanks for the support, Big Gee. Living in Peter Hain’s constituency I’ve had plenty of material to cut my teeth on. I miss the old boy but he was never really here anyway.


Kinnock snr’s pose – by sticking his jaw out like that all he achieves is a remarkable similarity to a certain B. Mussolini who found fame in Italian colours but came to a decidedly nasty end. Oddly enough he started out with distinctly left wing leanings, discovered the pleasures of un earned wealth and it all ended badly for him. Some people can’t help sticking their paws in the jar, can they ? These politicians often trot out the old cliché about “lessons learned” yet don’t seem to absorb anything about deceit, honesty etc.


Yet another tale of lies, deceit, tax avoidance and all for the greed for tax payers money. Champagne socialists who have become golden spoon fed who’s public views speak of solidarity and family values but who’s actions highlight the cancer that is eating our Labour party.
Tories in Labour overcoats the shining example of political careerists are crying out and highlighting what they truly are.
The Labour party led by our current leader should now seize the opportunity and set about deselecting these MPs in our constituencies, placing real peoples candidates forward to represent our communities.


So the journalists must either plead guilty to a cover-up or incompetence for not knowing, either way they lose.
Btw I noticed a Scottish saltire in the flags picture fwiw … never could abide Kinnock snr. he gave Labour and sadly Wales a bad name. Here´s hoping you have a good old clean-out Scottish style.