Guest post: ‘A sustainable Wales . . . or not’


As it says in the title, this a guest post, and from someone who knows of what they speak. Read it carefully, for it contains valuable insights that you’re unlikely to get elsewhere.

Specifically, this post is about Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) legislation and the vote on March 3 that saw the ‘Welsh Government’ push through its draconian measures which are simply another attack on our farmers.

The fact that most of the pollution doesn’t even come from farms is not simply irrelevant to Labour politicians, it’s ignored completely.

To understand the bigger picture you must realise that the local branch of the British Labour Party is a statist outfit that wants to control everything and everybody, either directly, or else through its agencies in the third sector and elsewhere.

As the writer explains, Labour politicians don’t like farmers because farmers own land (kulaks, see), and they tend to be independently-minded, with a habit of standing up for themselves. What’s more, they’re adept at recognising bullshit.

So farmers have to go. This will be justified on environmental grounds. Freeing land for hippies, rewilders and foreign investors.

This control-freakery also explains why Wales is a basket-case economy. Labour does not want free-thinking indigenous entrepreneurs, even if they provide jobs and make Wales prosperous. Far better to keep Wales poor, blame somebody else, and keep getting elected.

The resultant poverty can also be justified with envirobollocks – ‘What ew mean ew got no job – look at all them wind turbines saving the planet. You selfish bugger!’

Well, of course, that’s not strictly true. Labour politicians and their third sector cronies will always have jobs. Enviroshysters – almost all of them from outside of Wales – will also have jobs. It’s ordinary Welsh people who lose out.

The message is simple. Don’t vote Labour in May’s Senedd elections. Don’t vote for Plaid Cymru either, because Labour will need a coalition with Plaid to stay in power.

Now read what our guest writer has to say . . .

So, in the last month or so, Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Environment has pushed on with legislation she said she would not push on with 11 times. This was on the basis that agricultural incidents had not decreased from the 3 a week figure that is regularly quoted. As of 3rd March, the regulations will now progress following the Senedd vote.

There are various figures banded around as to why this has been a trigger point and why such an aggressive move has been taken, in the middle (and it is the middle) of the COVID crisis and indeed the aftermath of the Brexit deal.

This is really a statement piece by the Minister to appeal to the environment lobby and her back benchers in the run up to an election. Facts, figures and advice on the regulation from her own regulator, NRW, have been ignored and politics has been front and centre of the decision. Where to go from here? We’ll come back to that a little later.

Jac adds: Not only has Lesley Griffiths been saying it, but her civil servants have also been saying it in responses to members of the public. Click to enlarge

When it comes to Welsh Government, it’s worth taking a look back to see how things have developed.

Firstly, getting rid of scrutiny and the various committees that have provided review and direction has been a key strategy. The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs (CCERA) Committee has to cover such a broad portfolio that it cannot possibly scrutinise in depth. The simple fact is that scrutiny is now a manufactured process, by invitation if you like, with the environment lobby in the pocket of the Minister, who are anti-agri, anti-fisheries and any other private use of natural resources for economic gain, unless you’re a global investor making a land grab under the guise of rewilding, but we won’t mention that.

Secondly, Welsh Government has struggled for years to work out how they could get their policy objectives imprinted on rural Wales. We’re now in the drive to reverse climate change, de-carbonise and promote Wales to the world as a sustainable nation. Farmers own 70% of our private land. The difficulty with trying to get farmers to comply with change is that they own their land and are a broadly militant and belligerent old bunch who would rather sell a kidney than be told what to do. So, in combination with the agriculture white paper out at the moment consulting on the future farm payments system, Minister Griffiths has slapped an NVZ on the whole of Wales to boot.

When you look at some of the drivers of food industry growth, Minister Griffiths own Food and Drink Strategy 2014 – 2020 has targeted increasing sales by 30% to £7bn turnover. Much rejoicing took place last year when it was proclaimed that Welsh Government had ‘smashed its target’. Now a new strategy needs to be developed and it will be based on ‘sustainability’. It should be remembered that Welsh Government has encouraged and invested in the agri-food sectors rapid growth and the question must be asked as to whether it is now a victim of its own success?

I digress.

You see, if you want a snapshot example of what is in store for agriculture, you only need to look at what Welsh Government has done with another comparator sector over which they have devolved responsibility – fisheries.

A small sector in Wales, but nonetheless regularly rolled out by the Minister with unsubstantiated claims of sustainability for which she now strives. The vast majority of engagement mechanisms with the sector have been withdrawn, because, like farmers, fishermen are too difficult for Welsh Government to deal with.

Unlike agriculture, with land ownership in the hands of farmers, Welsh Government actually does have devolved responsibility for marine and fisheries and in layman’s terms, it owns the sea out to the median line. If there is an example of how not to sustainability management resources, this is it. Regulation, not management, is king, delivering boom and bust fisheries such as our main shellfish species by volume, Whelk, that is exploited largely by businesses outside of Wales. Now where have we heard this before…………oh yes, renewables.

Marine renewables is the Minister’s golden ticket to meeting green energy targets and no one will get in the way. While our many centuries old fishing industry and heritage fisheries such as Teifi Seine nets, coracles and the lave net fisheries on the Severn are regulated (for regulated read bullied) out, the push for action in the climate emergency continues. Fisheries is a shining example of how Welsh Government ‘manages’ its resources and should serve as a warning to what is to come for terrestrial Wales.

So the stage is set for the roll out of the NVZ agricultural pollution regulations that will sit alongside the consultation on the agriculture white paper and an announcement made with regard to the future strategy for the food and drink sector where sustainable food production will be at the core. All very nicely choreographed.

What is amazing in all of this is the almost pathological inability of the Minister to acknowledge the issues caused by sewage outfall and releases by water authorities. This has been documented by the BBC and most recent data provided by the Rivers Trust makes for dire reading. Her responses when questioned on this in Plenary have been evasive to say the least. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She has to get her way with the agri sector to line up the other policy objectives. A savage attack on the proposed regulations took place in the Senedd via a recent Conservative debate and again, while referring to a very recent incident and the ‘one too many’ quote, the reality is that statistically there could have well been another 82 sewage incidents going on the very same day!

I have no doubt that a number of MS’s who have voted on this will not have the foggiest what they are voting for, but will have been lobbied by the ‘bastard farmers’ environment crowd from their Cardiff and London bases. The perverse part of this is that in a drive for Wales to be perceived as one of the world’s most sustainable food producers, Minister Griffiths will designate the whole of the country an NVZ against the advice of her regulator and ignoring the main contributor to water quality issues. How does she think this looks from the outside looking in? We’re a laughing stock.

In sectors that have been under devolved regulation for many years such as fisheries, the Minister now talks about co-management out of regulation with a group they can’t engage with and then at the same time has rejected any suggestion of voluntary co-managed farmer-led approaches to agri pollution that were on the table to move to, yep, you’ve guessed it……..regulation. I would suggest her officials need a Zoom meeting to square the circle here.

L to R: Gary Haggaty, civil servant; Lesley Griffiths MS, Labour, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs; Caroline Hitt, writer for the ‘Western Mail’; Elin Jones MS, Plaid Cymru, Senedd Llywydd (Speaker). The cosiness of Corruption Bay made corporeal in a Dublin bar. Click to enlarge

This will be her modulation moment, akin to the decision made by Alun Davies to move 15% of the budget away from direct payments to Pillar 2 and just look at the success that has been, as highlighted by Wales Audit Office last year and further exposed by Craig Williams MP recently. I could also go into the uplands payments debacle but I won’t.

How the farming unions react to this will be key and a judicial review can be expected. However, there is a wider assault in the offing for rural Wales in the hot off the press Future Wales 2040 in the name of sustainability and climate change. It is a large document, but I would urge anyone who has an interest in the future of this country to read it and then decide how you will vote in May. Future Wales 2040 is the planning template for this country and where this blog has pointed out the follies of various ‘developers’ and ‘investors’, I’m certain we will see more of this to come, at scale.

Without wanting to overstate the position, we may be seeing the managed decline of industries in the same way the coal industry was portrayed – inefficient, dirty and unwanted by those who have never done a hard day’s work in their life. The Valleys have never recovered and now having failed to deliver on economic development, Welsh Government MUST deal with climate change, even if it means forcing through bad regulation to achieve it.

♦ end ♦


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Fool Bert

Replying to Wrexhamian’s question about Plaid Cymru and One Planet developments and Tan6, asking if Plaid Cymru support these intrusions into the countryside by “good lifers”. We’ve already asked. The answer? Well its NO ANSWER! They just blank you. Any challenge or even simple queries, to their ishhoos and eco or bi or multi trans to central HQ Plaid Cymru is banned and you get ostracised. There can be only one answer to this and it’s with your Ballot Paper for 6th May Senedd election – do not vote for a Labour Plaid Coalition. A vote for Plaid is now a vote for Labour and for side tracking weirdos. It’s a pity for the old traditional Plaid Members who once followed Gwynfor. They’ve all been hi-jacked!


In response to complaints from local people, and the failure to monitor compliance with the local authority’s regulations on OPDs, Carmarthenshire County Council asked the Welsh Government towards the end of last year to bring in a moratorium on new OPDs while the matter was investigated. A tenner says the WG have not brought in a moratorium. Has the WG even replied to Carms CC, or have they just sent a stock reply about Wales’ sustainability goals?

Can anyone also tell me what Plaid Cymru’s currrent position on TAN 6 is? Although, I suspect I already know the answer…


They don’t have a position on TAN6 yet as they are still working their way through TAN 3 and a half !

Glyn Crochen Goch

Can someone ‘in the know’ come on here to tell us who in Neath Port Talbot Labour Party is the prime suspect for leaking the Tape Recording of a Labour Party meeting that spilled the beans on Rob Jones’ description of a petty Senedd Member. Labour must be furiously seething, especially as this trouble for their retired apparently spotless Police Officer has probably come from within Labour ranks.That Senedd Member is retiring in several weeks. Does anybody know what the next step will be for that Plaid Member? Someone sarcastic in Neath has simply said “Back to school!”.


Probably keeping their head down, it’s not minor as Dafis stated, in todays beans (page 10) the great leader stated “The contents of the recording do not reflect the values I hold as an individual or those of the Labour Party ” so what are those views or values?
Apart from name calling, money has been found by officers of the council, for schemes done for political purposes, to exclude elected members from schemes in their own area,to dismiss projects brought by non Labour members for the benefit of the community.
How far is this corruption leaking into the council?
We heard in the recording that the deputy leader “had a way with words ” what of other cabinet members, and the chairman of the scrutiny committees, the officers involved were they willing participants or not?
No it’s not minor a full investigation needs to held, including the Audit commission ,for sake of accountability and the transparency of the council.
And as the great leader stated “the values of the Labour Party?
If not then welcome to the People’s Undemocratic Republic of Neath Port Talbot


Read it again bach. I described that Rob Jones as a “minor Labour council stiff” which is very much what he is. Hell, I don’t live far from that NPT authority and I never heard much of him. Like most of his kind he’s probably devoted to nibbling away at allowances and now appears to have been cheating for a while with authority funds for party political advantage. He’s still a small man given to petty manouvres which appear now to have been uncovered by one of his own gang. That suggests that another petty Labour gangster is aiming to remove and possibly replace Jones. Small people fighting their own tribal battles with little or no regard for their communities. What’s the betting they get returned at the next election because very few in NPT give a fuck, and have already figured out that the alternatives are probably just as bent.

Had he called her a drink driver who put other people’s lives at risk when she was twice over the limit (much, much more damaging than calling her a “cow”) he would have been stating fact so, presumably, would not have had to resign.
Had he called her a person who claimed more than £10,000 on a second home at our expense he would, also, have been stating fact.
This Stalinist McCarthyite witch-hunt of innocuous language which creates faux outrage and ludicrous mock offence among vindictive political minorities will only end when someone responds by saying “Yes, I said it, I meant it and I have every right to say it in a free country. In fact, we should all be fighting for my right to say it. The day when I am stopped from saying it will be the day we lose liberty, freedom, agency and autonomy and live in fear like Josef K of a knock on the door at dead of night from the thought police”.

Kristine Moore

We think you should put “retirement” on the back boiler Jac. Is there a bigger role for guest posts that you might “curate”, at a more relaxed pace?

The Welsh Labour government – to paraphrase Louis Heren paraphrasing another journalist ” “Always ask yourself why these lying bastards are lying to you.”


Would any of those newly launched titles be interested in hiring Jac to train up a crew of hard nosed investigative types ?

Candidates for the training programme should possess an ability to smell rats and write strong factual content with some entertaining use of language. Wokeys and other ishoo fixated types should NOT apply.


Some minor Labour council stiff, Rob Jones, now in hot water for calling dear Bethan a cow !

To whom should I write condemning such abusive attitudes towards cattle ? Someone got to stand up for them. Haven’t heard the FUW or NFU pitching in yet


In the meantime while most of the population accepts the stupid laws and regulations imposed upon us, the elites sitting on top of the pile are accepting backhanders from any spiv willing to hand them out. Read about the tip of the iceberg :

Doesn’t matter whether they sit in Cardiff Bay or Westminster there is an overwhelming urge to fill the old boots with whatever comes along. ARTD acknowledged, accidentally, years ago that he was rather partial to a breakfast. It seems that he along with others, including the holier than thou Price, enjoy engaging with their electorate in the pleasant surroundings of a hospitality box. Much nicer than plodding around streets in drizzle talking to people who might just challenge you about something you don’t really give a fuck about.

All that guff from Kim Jung Drakeford in the introduction about housing strategies is specious baloney.
“Future Wales will be used to guide both public and private investment. Our aim is to ensure investments in infrastructure and development – whether large or small in scale –
contribute to our broader ambitions of greater well-being and the creation
of better places.” Yeah, right!
I know that around me former terraced houses are going cheap at property auctions with developers either putting in fast food outlets or renting as HMOs. Vast amounts of properties are sold like that now.
A social club which had provided positive leisure and sporting activities to locals recently went bust (removing community cohesion and social networking the council should have protected) so it went to one of those Homes under the Hammer auctions and was snapped up cheap.
The first application was for conversion to fast food and eight of us objected on the grounds of increased traffic and litter in an area already blighted by both with more takeaways than sense. The council’s noise and neighbourhood team had no objections to it but it was turned down because we did.
Now a new application has come in to turn it into a HMO for five separate residents sharing one bathroom and two of us have objected on the grounds of possible overcrowding and build up of traffic with parking outside.
I noted a council document backing it because it was returning a vacant property into use so was better than nothing and, therefore, fitted their housing strategy.
My area is blighted by private landlords buying cheap and renting out for a quick buck. This is all encouraged by the BBC’s Homes under the Hammer.
“The impact of COVID-19 on the retail sector is a further driver towards making our
town centres multi-functional places.” What the hell does that mean?

‘“The impact of COVID-19 on the retail sector is a further driver towards making our
town centres multi-functional places.” What the hell does that mean?’

Sales are going online. Shops are shutting, especially the dinosaur department stores with unfavourable lease terms. Empty shops mean more space for HMOs. COVID-19 is accelerating trends already underway.

The plan is to backfill the town centres with diverse non-retail uses. The PR spin is that there’ll be lots of nice cafes, and creches, and gyms, and arts workshops, and street theatre. In fact, functions are only as multi as the market will bear. Or can be made to bear by doling out grants to the third sector.



The requirement for legislation on NVZs comes from Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC). It requires member states of the EU to designate individual NVZs (previous set-up in Wales) or whole territory NVZ (new Welsh Government proposal). The needs are obviously different as the EU has a variety of landscapes and climates. A number of member states applied for derogations, adjustments, to take this into account. Most notable Germany in bits of the Alps, Netherlands where there is land artificially drained below sea level, and Denmark which is essentially a big sand dune of swift drainage.

United Kingdom.

There is a huge difference, both in rainfall, river systems and landscape between in Eastern England and places like Wales and Northern Ireland. It is for this reason; the Government of Northern Ireland obtained such a derogation. It is here.

There was no such request from Wales. A national failure. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would understand that the pastures of Carmarthenshire has more in common with that of Antrim, than Staffordshire.

The Result.

Rather than farmers being able to leap into slurry spread mode when there’s a break in the weather, an ideal non-polluting opportunity, they are limited to spreading in a specific window of a few weeks. This results in slurry spreading in non-ideal situations. This causes more nitrate pollution not reduces it. With the new all-Wales proposal the question to ask Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Environment, is how she is going to make it rain in Denbighshire at the same time as it’s raining in Carmarthenhire, and what will the weather and river levels be like on the 26th May?


This is not the first time an ignorant commissar went dictating to farmers how to farm. It happened before. For those who don’t know the meaning of the word, google it.



On the subject of election in May, this morning I received a letter in the post from my MP, Nia Griffith. The envelope was prepaid postage, House of Commons. The enclosed letter to constituents was on House of Commons stationary. It was about her Covid-19 response. Please note that this matter is devolved and I was under the impression that MPs resources should not be used in election campaigning. The sorting office franking was Swansea, so it was bulk delivery. Also got me thinking Lee Waters MS thinks he’ll lose his seat. We have Labour MPs using London expenses to shore up a Labour Government in Wales, a government that at the same time tries to prevent native parties within Wales from doorstep election leafleting.

Nationwide NVZ.

The reason why Lesley Griffiths had to force it through the Senedd this month was because the commitment to nationwide NVZ must have been made well before the results of consultation, prior to exit the EU on 31st Dec 2020. The reason she broke her promise to delay until after the pandemic was because she knew she was going to ignore any input from farmers and her own scientists. But she didn’t know that Covid will go on after final Brexit. It’s an outstanding compliance to what she had already agreed with the EU, behind the backs of scientists, the Senedd chamber, farmers and possibly her fellow ministers, last year.

Ioan Richard

To Brychan (and all) keep that Letter and Envelope that you had from your Westminster Labour MP using House of Commons facilities for seemingly political purposes on a devolved Cardiff Senedd issue. Then peruse the link I provide below and report your MP for the abuse of Taxpayers’ Money using House of Commons costly facilities to prop up her evidently floundering Senedd Member for his May re-election bid. It’s no good just telling us. It is our money and you have the evidence. Brychan you have a moral duty to use that evidence to get our money back. Your MP should pay it back to us the people and Taxpayers.
Here is a detailed LINK for guidance :-

Dogmael Meat Eater

Why not ask Dr Edna Mitty PhD, the eminent and famous academic author of “One Planet Greenery”, now of a smallholding in Llandudoch. She was Lesley Griffiths’ mentor, of the Gary & Lesley ‘we want re-wilding’ brigade.
Can someone please tell Wales where the most learned Dr Mitty did her original research for a scientific Doctoral degree? Whilst about it – who supervised her research? Was it that most famous of American Universities where she boasted of her “Emeritus” status whilst attending one single faculty mini conference?


All part of the con of the UN’s ‘Sustainable development’, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 (and as also hyped by the comically villainousesque World Economic Forum’s ‘great reset’) – to control all things and all people and get the people off the land so that the globalist corporations can own the land and control the food supply and all the resources – in my opinion of course. Resist


Spot on Gruff.

Currently awaiting the following information from Welsh Government.
1] Copy of original Regulatory Impact Assessment [RIA] for NVZs, and
2] Copy of revised Regulatory Impact Assessment [RIA] for NVZs.
The documents should reveal, in detail, the justification for the new regulations. The RIA should include a “benefit v cost” analysis of all options considered. Will update Jac when I receive the information requested under FOI Act.

Aderyn bach

Jane Davidson’s involvement with the United Nations Agenda 21/ 30, goes back a long way, she attended the original U. N. “Earth Summit” in Rio in 1992. Here is an extract from this article below, describing her colonialist background and her mission to carry out the U. N. agenda in Wales. Yes, it means the displacement of indigenous people by globalist corporations, using the ruse of “sustainability”. As you say Gruff, we need to resist!

“Giving delegates an insight into her early life – growing up in Africa and having her damascene moment at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 – Davidson proudly told of Wales’ journey to becoming the third-best recycler in the world and now possessing the legislative framework to take a leadership position.

“I wrote the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act 2015, which is the first piece of legislation in the world to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” she said.”

Aderyn bach

Jane Davidson has also had a long involvement with the World Wide Fund for nature, she is a “Fellow”.

The WWF, which was founded by the likes of Prince Phillip, Prince Bernhard, J. Huxley and G. Rockefeller, has had a history of human rights abuse. This article discusses atrocities such as the murder of tribal people and the brutal evictions of people off their land in the name of WWF “conservation” (colonialism).

Yet it was the WWF, with the involvement of Jane Davidson of course, who helped promote the establishment of the “One Planet” agenda in Wales. True to it’s colonialist form, it commissioned a report, about the “merits” of a One Planet Wales, not in an academic institution in Wales, but at the University of Manchester’s Centre for Urban Regional Ecology. Why is the WWF allowed to muscle in on Wales, while excluding England, with it’s far greater population and far greater issues of “sustainability”? Blatant, old fashioned, institutional colonialism, that never went away.

Aderyn bach

There are of course plenty of examples of those that as you say, “wash up” in Wales and arrogantly set about changing things. Something reminiscent of the Raj about them, in fact many of their inheritances probably derive from that particular era of British Imperialism.

Over decades, those that moved with that inherited wealth and sense of entitlement, formed their exclusive networks and set about manipulating the system. Whether on the local council or lobbying the Senedd, (Why can’t we see the list?) they bullied and manipulated to push through Tan 6.

This was never about making housing affordable for local Welsh people. In fact the network of those that move with large inheritances grows every year, sending house prices up, the issue of affordability has never been just about the problem of holiday homes. OPDs are just a continuation of this problem, encouraging more people to move, often with little understanding or interest in Welsh culture, is just another form of assimilation. It is also hard to see how this movement of people is actually “sustainable” either! Labour and Plaid encouraging colonialism in Cymru through poorly thought through policies, that don’t protect our communities, but enable wealthier English people to lead the good life. If “sustainability” and saving the planet was the issue, why didn’t they push for this policy in England?