Globalists: The Fat Lady Clears Her Throat?

I make no apologies for returning this week to the threat to the West from the Globalists of the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation, and of course their little helpers, in business, politics, and the mainstream media.



The removal of Nicola Sturgeon, who showed such promise before falling under the influence of the female penis cult, was soon followed by the ‘resignation’ as SNP chief executive of her Poundshop Bond villain husband, Peter Murrell.

His departure revealed that the party had lost a lot of members in recent years. Either that or, in roughly the same period, someone had, for whatever reason, inflated the membership figures.

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Another mystery to emerge was that from 2013 until 2020 Murrell’s salary is not shown in the SNP accounts. And then of course, there’s the elusive £600,000, donated by members to fight the second independence referendum.

Where did it go?


Emmanuel Macron always struck me as a man of straw, a weak and vain individual who only got elected because the Gaullists and the socialists had lost their appeal, with not enough people yet ready to vote for Marine le Pen.

As I write this, Macron’s France seems to be descending into chaos.

Interestingly, the mainstream media, financed and directed by the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates, wants us to believe that the sole cause of the unrest, is Macron’s plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

But it goes way beyond anger at people working longer.

There’s the issue of immigration, and the resultant increase in crime. There’s the attacks on churches and synagogues by Islamic extremists (who will always be defended by the Left and its media). There’s the rising cost of living.

And let’s not forget the growing mountains of uncollected garbage on Paris streets.

And don’t ignore the increasing opposition to the corruption and incompetence of the EU, and resentment at NATO over its proxy war in Ukraine.

De Gaulle’s Fifth Republic has never looked shakier. God knows what the future holds; but as elsewhere, it looks less and less likely that the future belongs to production line politicos holding the same views under different party labels just carrying on carrying on.

I Love Paris In The Springtime.


Another country where the Globalist lies are being rejected is the Netherlands. There, the Dutch equivalent of Macron, Mark Rutte, took a bashing in recent provincial elections.

For the BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) or Farmer-Citizen Movement, came out as the largest party in 5 of the 12 provinces.

This will give it 15 members in the Netherlands’ upper chamber, and compromise Rutte’s plans to implement WEF instructions to put thousands of farmers out of business using the pretext of dangerous nitrogen emissions.

All done in the country that is the second biggest food exporter on Earth, as another move in the WEF’s attempt to take over the global food supply.

The mainstream media couldn’t ignore the election results in the way that those same outlets had ignored months of farmers’ protests.

Even so, something had to be salvaged from this mess, and so the ever-obedient media tried to portray it all as ‘right wing populism‘.

It’s become clear to me recently that while some media outlets re-discover their nadgers, the agencies, such as Associated Press (linked to in the previous paragraph), and Reuters, remain in thrall to the WEF and the World Health Organisation.

And, as a result, they are not to be trusted.


One tends to think of Ireland as being, well, Irish. But believe me, there are forces at work determined to change that. And it’s not the ‘Brits’ this time.

For those who’ve ruled Ireland in recent decades bear out what I said in the section about France, being “production line politicos holding the same views under different party labels”. For Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are just two cheeks of the same business-friendly, EU-submissive, Globalist arse.

Almost impossible to tell apart. And why would anyone want to try!

Criticism of politicians has become more intense because a major issue in Ireland, as elsewhere, is the arrival of large numbers of unvetted migrants. There is no logical reason for Ireland to allow in tens of thousands of unskilled young men, too many of whom have no intention of seeking legitimate employment.

The growing resentment is exacerbated because Ireland is also experiencing a housing shortage and a homelessness crisis. People tend to notice when Michael and Maureen in Sligo can’t find anywhere to live but fresh-off-the-boat Mehmet and Mohammed have no such problems.

This unvetted influx has seen protests across Ireland, most from working class neighbourhoods bearing the brunt of the problem. Such as East Wall in Dublin.

These protests were inevitable, and equally inevitable were the responses; from the media, from politicians, and middle class members of NGOs and other bodies with a vested interest in both defending the government and in continued, even increased, levels of immigration.

Which revealed an even deeper divide. Shown in the two demonstrations below. One is of concerned citizens, the other of NGO shills. Guess which is which. Go on!

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After the protests started the Irish establishment and its tame media swung into action, vilifying protestors and defending official actions. Or inaction.

Those involved in the protests were predictably labelled, ‘Far Right’. Below you see the Irish ‘far right’ goose-stepping around Dublin. Just look at all those jackboots.


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To judge by the tricolours carried by the protesters, and the complete absence of Irish flags with the ‘open borders’ crew, the Left in Ireland, as elsewhere, is reverting to its traditional and unpatriotic self.

For according to Globalist gobshite and Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, Ireland has moved beyond nationalism. Which is one one way of trying to justify his own lack of commitment to the country.

And yet, when it suits, the politicians of Ireland like to portray themselves as the heirs to the men and women of 1916. In truth, they are just fronting for the latest exploiters of the Irish nation.

But while we’re on the subject . . . at what point does turning your back on ‘nationalism’ become a rejection of Irish identity altogether?

That Sinn Féin has taken the same position on ‘refugees’ does not augur well for them. For when working class Irish people openly call Sinn Féin “traitors”, then you know something is out of synch.

Also, wanting the Brits out of the Six Counties while allowing the rest of the island to be colonised might strike some as being, well, perhaps intellectually inconsistent.

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This piece from Peter Ryan in Unherd discusses the ‘refugee’ crisis, and differentiates between women and children from Ukraine – to which few Irish object – and unvetted males from Nigeria, Algeria, Albania and Georgia, to which people do object.

Stop Press: The Irish government has now brought out a National Action Plan Against Racism. This will seek to defame and discredit anyone challenging the campaign against the native Irish.


I never thought I’d be writing about Iceland, but here we are. A country with a population roughly the same as Cardiff’s is putting its foot down on ‘refugees’.

Iceland is obviously not Ireland, or Wales, and yet there are some striking parallels. Take the headline to the report just linked to.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Reading “highly-criticised” made me think Icelanders were out in the streets shouting, “Send us more migrants!”, but no . . . for when we click on the link we bring up this report from last year.

Which says that the opposition came from the Red Cross and UNICEF, two organisations reliant on moving people about the world to ensure their continued funding and their very existence.

Why should a small country like Iceland be expected to take in ‘refugees’ that could have passed through a dozen safe countries before landing in Reykjavik?

Why should a precious yet vulnerable identity be put at risk by Globalists and their local cat’s paws?

What right does anyone have to demand to be allowed to stay in Iceland, or any other European country? “Ah, but the UN says they have the right”.

Exactly. The UN. Made up of delegates from genocidal regimes, theocracies, dictatorships, kleptocracies and assorted shitholes, who are regrettably pandered to and bribed by major powers needing their votes.

I believe we are at a point in history when we can truthfully say that the whole political establishment in the West is corrupt. And must be removed.


In my post earlier this month, Nicola Sturgeon: Her Fall In Context I had a section titled, ‘The Quisling Left and the New World Order’, and I make no apologies for returning to that theme.

Though I don’t want to sound too condemnatory, for as much as I detest Cultural Marxism or Wokeism, Comrades of an older stamp have provided me with many laughs over the years. (And not just Wolfie Smith and the Tooting Liberation Front!)

In fact, as time went on, as the Soviet Union unravelled, as we experienced slimeball ‘New Labour’, it became increasingly difficult to take the buggers seriously at all.

Because, at least, with Communism and the Soviet Union, there was something concrete, even threatening, that both the Left (including Wolfie Smith), and their opponents, like me, could focus on.

I love this clip because I knew men like this. Decent men who’d been duped. But they stood by their people, and had not rejected their country.

But now, after a few lost decades, the hard and uncompromising Left is back, insisting we accept its groupthink . . .

Among their influences we find an over-wrought Swedish schoolgirl who really should be getting help instead of being exploited by much older men. They also support anti-White racists. And demand support for ‘women with penises’.

Instead of getting dewy-eyed thinking of “All them corn fields and ballet in the evening” the Left’s loyalty now – just like the political establishment in too many countries – is to the Globalists and their New World Order, and the corporations and multi-billionaires whose interests the WEF represents.

Bill Gates has replaced Lenin. And George Soros is the avuncular inspiration.

Does the Left really understand whose arse it’s got its head up nowadays?


Having a reasonable understanding of history, I can’t help wonder if the Globalists are working to a template.

I’m thinking now of Rome; more specifically, the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Which didn’t happen in a day, with somebody opening the city gates. It was a slower process; a combination of rot from within and pressure from without.

The rot we see around us: having to accept that men can have babies; allowing the LGBTQ+ crowd to push their boundaries to include paedophilia and other perversions; and the self-hate being forced on White people for their own and their ancestors’ successes.

All designed to weaken the West from within.

Many Barbarians of course lived within the Western Roman Empire before it ‘fell’. Some Romans even identified with them. Along with other Romans, too blind to see the danger, they even urged the admittance of more Barbarians.

But the greater threat was that Romans themselves had lost their traditional strengths and virtues, their Romanitas; too many of them were now concerned with pleasure and debauchery. Living for today, not for yesterday and tomorrow.

And yet, as the Empire in the West withered, a new empire rose in the East, focused on Constantinople, that became richer than the old Empire had ever been.

Constantinople, which lasted almost a thousand years after the ‘fall’ of Rome. The city that became the centre for the Orthodox faith. That gave humanity so much, including Hagia Sophia, built in the 530s, centuries before Europe – let alone any other part of the world – could attempt anything comparable.

Hagia Sophia. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Constantinople, or Byzantium, finally fell to the Turks in 1453. The great church of Hagia Sophia is now a mosque.

The fall of Constantinople, resulting in Turkish control of the eastern Mediterranean, closed trade routes to the East, and this in turn prompted the age of exploration that gave us the great empires, the spread of Christianity and European languages.

And of course, the ‘discovery’ of the New World. America.

So maybe the Left should blame the Turks for European colonialism.


In addition to the examples given of countries waking up to the Globalist threat to their very existence, the good news keeps coming in other fields, not least the unravelling of the Covid lie.

It is now clear that Covid was engineered with US help in a Chinese lab so that certain corporations could make obscene amounts of money and supranational bodies, plus politicians at national and sub-national level, could play out their wildest dictatorship fantasies.

With the untested vaccines doing more damage than Covid itself.

And now the oldest of the “Scare them into obedience” scams is losing its ability to frighten anybody. I say that, because the IPCC’s “This time we’re serious” report a few days ago was met with widespread derision.

Hardly surprising, given all the ‘last warnings’ we’ve had over the past 50 years. You can only cry “Wolf!” so often before people ignore you.

It’s getting really laughable. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

While the Globalist threat to the West remains, more people are now awake to it. The politicians in the pockets of the WEF, the WHO, and the mega corporations, are being challenged. The insane policies and ‘progressive’ initiatives that never had public support are being rejected.

The will of the people will prevail.

The curtain may not be coming down on Globalism just yet, but somewhere, backstage, the Fat Lady can be heard clearing her throat.

♦ end ♦


© Royston Jones 2023

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Red Flag

The Scottish Greens will leave the agreement with the SNP regarding the devolved government if Kate Forbes is announced winner later today.


Hamza’s wet dream of creating the Islamic People’s Republic of Albanistan will never happen. Interesting to see how Alba and the Unionist lot respond to all this. Unionists by their very nature will be reactive as well as reactionary. Will Alba get a bigger “front row” in place for next round of national polling ?

Red Flag

The SNP leadership election – despite being the first to be nearly totally on-line, saw the lowest turn-out of any leadership election on record as large numbers of Kate Forbes supporters abstained rather than risk breaking up the coalition with the Scottish Greens.

First preferences:
Humza Yousaf 48.2%
Kate Forbes 40.7%
Ash Regan 11.1%

Second preferences:
Humza Yousaf 52.1%
Kate Forbes 47.9%

Yousaf wins, 52% to 48%.

A total of 50,494 ballot papers containing a valid vote were received – 48,645 cast electronically, and 1,849 by post(*) There were 3 rejected postal ballot papers.

Turn-out 70%.

(*) Some very very restricted postal voting was allowed to accommodate people in areas with no internet access – such as some of the outlying islands etc

David Smith

Forbes seemed a very sensible and pragmatic sort. Critics of her religious beliefs, will they be so vocal against a Muslim incumbent, given that religion’s spotless reputation for tolerance? I fear Scottish independence as a cause is now in the toilet for a good long while.

Red Flag

I think they were more scared of bringing down the Scottish Government and possibly causing an election.


Way off topic but linked to the grand plan to turn our country into an energy, recreation and leisure park for middle and high income city types. This time the carpetbaggers are set to turn farm land into a solar park, 200+ acres of it.

Solar parks don’t need to be out in good farmland. Just as easy to convert derelict sites in cities like Cardiff, or the derelict sunny side of London, Birmingham etc etc. One thing for sure there will be handsome handouts granted by our Bay Bubble despite losing the chance to invest £150 million out of an earlier begging bowl round which has apparently been recalled by Whitehall. I thought that Drakeford’s big virtue was attention to detail. Now it seems he’s totally distracted by manufactured diseases and chixwivdix. Poor man, he needs to retire and ‘ave a lie down.


It was galling to travel back home along the NW Coast after 5 nights in Switzerland with their high class, comprehensive and integrated public transport. Not for them a long meander through Germany to get from Geneva to Zurich! I expected a bit of reverse culture shock on my return, but to be rammed like sardines from Chester because Transport for Wales [sic] only laid on two carriages for the last train on a Saturday night, and have the cunt of a rail-replacement bus driver fuck off instead of waiting for said train to arrive at Llandudno Junction, well, rounded off my trip quite nicely.

The people of Zurich voted in a referendum to have their S-Bahn system, and it was duly implemented by the Federal and Canton governments. We get the privilege of HS2 coming within 25 miles of our border in return for our share of the bill, the opportunity for a bit of reflected nostalgic glory of world wars and empire, and a royal family foisted on us that we’re meant to believe is the ‘envy of the world’. There really is no comparison!

Incidentally I paid a city tax in Geneva, Bern and Zurich (the former two cities threw in an all-access local public transport card in return), and was happy to. I wonder how many mouthpieces or politicians in those cities framed it as being some conspiratorial slight against German or French tourists? Not a fucking soul, I’d wager, because they have a government that works in the interests of their own people.

David Robins

It would take no time for solar parks in Cardiff, London, or Birmingham to be sprayed with graffiti. I’m amazed the rural ones last – everything else gets nicked – but I guess dismantling them to fit in the back of the van would be a big job.

Big Gee

EXCELLENT an A+++ Jac!

In my humble opinion the best, most focused and accurate piece that we’ve had the pleasure of reading from you since the blog started in 2012.

Spot-on, involving all subjects covered Jac (although I beg to differ re. gain of function in a Wuhan lab – an elaborate red herring of political origin). I hope those of us who have open-eyed for decades by now, have at last managed to open the eyes of those who have been fast asleep. One of the good things to come out of the Covid scam is that they took one step too far and woke up the sleepers.

You seem to be maturing with age Jac! And not a single mention of conspiracy ‘theorist’ in the comments, that must also be another ‘+’.


“Excellent an A +++” and not to be confused with LGBTQ+++.

For those confused, the BBC website has helpful definitions, as copied below.

LGBT+ is an “inclusive” way to represent all the different identities in the longer acronym but here’s a breakdown of what each of the letters in LGBTQQIAAP mean.

L – lesbian: a woman who is attracted to other women

G – gay: a man who is attracted to other men or broadly people who identify as homosexual

B – bisexual: a person who is attracted to both men and women

T – transgender: a person whose gender identity is different from the sex the doctor put down on their birth certificate

Q – queer: originally used as a hate term, some people want to reclaim the word, while others find it offensive. It can be a political statement, suggest that someone doesn’t want to identify with “binaries” (e.g. male v female, homosexual v straight) or that they don’t want to label themselves only by their sexual activity

Q – questioning: a person who is still exploring their sexuality or gender identity

I – intersex: a person whose body is not definitively male or female. This may be because they have chromosomes which are not XX or XY or because their genitals or reproductive organs are not considered “standard”

A – allies: a person who identifies as straight but supports people in the LGBTQQIAAP community

A – asexual: a person who is not attracted in a sexual way to people of any gender

P – pansexual: a person whose sexual attraction is not based on gender and may themselves be fluid when it comes to gender or sexual identity


Good question Jac especially as the paedos are gaining traction within the wierdo spectrum. They have been coining phrases like “attracted to minors.” in a feeble attempt to cover up for their criminal inclinations. No doubt the Senedd will be all for it as the 60 members and their entourages contain an array of perverts and deviants.

David Smith

It’s the logical endgame. I’ll state unequivocally that I have all the sympathy in the world for anyone who finds themselves burdened with unwanted urges and sees to it they’re never acted upon.

But beyond that, I draw the line at consenting adults, so long as their proclivities don’t impinge on others.

Chris G

“The will of the people will prevail”….. only because of people like yourself the worm is now turning, big names and businesses can now enter the affray without the worry of being labelled “far right”, or experiencing “cancel culture”, once tipping point is reached the rest will be easy, as we are all now fully aware of the sheep mentality of the “civilised” world, of course they will take all the credit and not thank the people who were there are the beginning the shoulders broad enough to withstand the, abuse and threats of the peace loving wokerie !, but thats the way it goes I guess!!!


“The UN. Made up of delegates from genocidal regimes, theocracies, dictatorships, kleptocracies and assorted shitholes, who are regrettably pandered to and bribed by major powers needing their votes. I believe we are at a point in history when we can truthfully say that the whole political establishment in the West is corrupt. And must be removed.”

Totally agree Jac, and I like the positive statement at the end of your excellent post.

“The will of the people will prevail.”

Yann Maenden

Protesting against the government has been a critical part of life in France since July 1789. It is not some new phenomenon triggered by the things you mentioned. Life in France and the people’s attitude to politicians is completely different to the UK.

As examples I give you the popular actions which led to the Matignon agreements in 1936, the Sorbonne protests in 1968, resistance to Sarkozy’s plan to overturn the principle of ” laïcité ” in 2008, the Gilets jaunes movement in 2018 etc etc.

These are just a few of the more important events. Farmers, fishermen, workers, students etc all will have their voices heard on a regular basis.

Trying to shoehorn the current protests in France into your globalisation theory simply doesn’t work.

David Smith

A few remarks/queries.
I’m curious as to why you put ‘Brits’ in quotes when referring to Ireland. My guess would be emphasis of the fact of the anglo-dominated state that enacted 800 years of rule in its various guises. I’d also be interested to hear your anecdotes as a Welsh nationalist, as to sentiments, if any, encountered from Irish Republicans on your (extensive) travels/travails ????.

I also have to point out that New Labour was in no way leftist. Indeed, Gordon Brown deregulated the markets, and well, 2008 happened.

I’m also wondering what is the endgame for these cunts in their efforts to homogenise the world’s nations in all their magnificent diversity, into an insipid swill.

Finally I wish you bon soir from Switzerland as I write. It’s a refreshing change to be in a small, mountainous country that is both steadfast and staunch in its independence, yet accommodating of all its linguistic communities. I just read that Bern is only the de facto capital, and other organs of state reside in other cities. Oh, to be so liberated from centralist London/Cardiff rule!

David Smith

I meant more along the lines of, are we seen as sympathetic fellow victims of the same imperialist system throughout history, or as part of the British State, no distinction or exception made for us in sentiment? Obviously in a general, anecdotal sense.

David Robins

Hasn’t there always been a pecking order, with the Irish at the top and the Cornish at the bottom, Scotland and Wales in the middle?

I’ve noticed that Irish nationalism is literally insular – Ireland must be united because it’s one main island – so Britain may as well be united as it’s also one main island. This is the perception that organisations like the Celtic League have been working to overcome.

David Smith

The advantage we have in that regard is that ‘British’ is an undeniable, and therefore neutral geographical term and as such not loaded like it is with Ireland. Being a believer in Welsh independence and self-describing as British are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, it’s an identity I hold. Sturgeon said the same, before she completely lost the plot.

David Smith

Yes I’m aware that yr iaith itself was once referred to as the British tongue. I recognise a few variants of meaning for the term, and obviously the one I vehemently reject is the King and Country sort that quislings and the spineless amongst us doff their caps to.

David Smith

I’ll add, not to make comment on the virtue of such, but Irish Republicans have had it a lot easier to take their shots against the British State. Geographic separation from the ‘mainland’, Britain being knee-deep in WW1 in 1916 and for much of the 20th century, 26 counties outside British jurisdiction full of sympathisers to retreat to as required, being 3 examples of circumstances in their favour.