Globalism For Dummies

I mention Globalism regularly, and now I’m devoting a full piece to explaining what I mean by that term. So if it bores you, turn away. But if you want to learn something, stick around.

I advise you to stick with it because those I’ll be talking about already influence your life in so many ways. And they want even more influence, to the point of absolute control.

This piece is, of necessity, long, over 5,000 words, but it’s broken up into easily-manageable sections.

But don’t expect anything next week!


By ‘Globalism’ I mean wealthy individuals and powerful organisations imposing their will on the rest of us. Achieved in part through supranational organisations subverting or winning over national and sub-national governments and their various agencies.

These supranational organisations include the United Nations, its World Health Organisation (WHO) and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); the World Economic Forum (WEF); the World Bank; the European Union, particularly its Commission; the Bank of International Settlements; NATO.

Though that list is not exhaustive. I should probably include Big Tech and Big Pharma. Though not the traditional media, for despite its – thankfully declining – influence the mainstream media is now entirely controlled by and serving as a mouthpiece for those mentioned above.

For much of what we’ll cover I would also include the US deep state. Those who have interfered in global and domestic affairs since WWII. Responsible for the overthrow of Mossadegh in 1953, the JFK assassination in 1963, the Kiev coup of 2014, and now piling on the indictments in a desperate attempt to stop Donald Trump running for president next year.

Among the investment corporations we must mention BlackRock, where chairman and CEO Larry Fink is also on the Board of Trustees of the WEF. Profiting hugely from the Ukraine war, BlackRock hopes to make further profits from ‘rebuilding’ whatever’s left of the country after the war.

Keeping a slightly lower profile are other investment vehicles including Vanguard, the world’s second-largest asset manager. Then, and seeing as we are talking big money, and investments, the major banks are of course involved.

BlackRock, Vanguard and the rest are not companies as we have known them. They manufacture nothing. They create nothing. They grow nothing. They scarcely exist in the realm of the physical. They are amorphous, multi-tentacled entities that suck in other people’s money and use that money to grow their own power over those who trusted them.

Having just mentioned banks gives me the excuse to introduce Jamie Dimon, CEO of bankers J P Morgan. More specifically, I refer you to this report from April.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

This is important because if you understand what Dimon is saying, why he’s saying it, and if you also understand the context, it’ll help you grasp the Globalist agenda.

Because believe me, he spells it out.

The chief executive of JP Morgan has suggested that governments should seize private land to build wind and solar farms in order to meet net zero targets.

Jamie Dimon, the longstanding boss of the Wall Street titan who donates to the Democratic Party, said green energy projects must be fast-tracked as the window for averting the most costly impacts of global climate change is closing . . .

“We may even need to evoke eminent domain we simply are not getting the adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives.”

Eminent domain” is the US equivalent of compulsory purchase.

This one-minute video might help you understand things a little better.


But more than an attack on the West the New World Order is an assault on Europe. By which I mean the continent and culture of which we are part, not the political union. An attack on the continent’s economy, on its ethnic and cultural integrity, and on its civic and societal stability.

This is to be achieved partly by the pursuit of Net Zero resulting in ‘degrowth’. Also, through promoting sexual and other perversions. The assault on Europe also insists on unrestricted immigration, of young males who’ll reject European values and hold White people responsible for their own cultures’ failings and inadequacies.

Not entirely correct, but you’ll get the gist. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Understand that and you’ll understand how fundamental the EU Commission is to the Globalists achieving their genocidal objectives. You’ve already heard from Jamie Dimon, and banks play a big part in this project, so you shouldn’t be surprised at Coutts Bank recently making Nigel ‘Mr Brexit’ Farage a non-person.

For the undermining of the West increased dramatically following the twin shocks 0f 2016 – Brexit and Trump. These were wake-up calls for the Globalists.

And if you’ve taken all that in then you should have no difficulty understanding that a White, Christian country defending the nuclear family, preaching patriotic virtues and eternal verities, a country that refuses to bow to the Globalists, must be brought down. Yes, here I’m referring to Russia.

Returning to the West, we are being targeted for a number of reasons:

1/ The West is wealthy, not just its countries, but also its citizens. Europeans have high levels of personal wealth and assets. A lot to lose, or be stolen.

2/ Europe has to be crushed because the Globalists envision resistance from intelligent, educated people figuring out what’s happening and challenging the agenda. As we see happening.

3/ For all sorts of reasons other parts of the world still look to Europe for leadership and inspiration. A broken Europe sends out a powerful message.

Perhaps the clearest proof that Globalism is an assault on the West is the anti-White racism that is now prevalent in the media, in academia, in Hollywood and other cess-pits where luvvies are encountered.

You know the kind of thing . . . White man says something hurty to Black man, media goes ballistic over ‘racism’. Black man kills White man, media says nothing.

This racism went full-throttle when a career criminal died in a botched arrest a few years back. Now we are asked to dismiss all the achievements and accomplishments of the European race, ignore all the benefits the White man has given humanity, in favour of childish sloganising like ‘White privilege’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’.

All manner of idiocies must be employed because of course the real reason cannot be stated. And that reason is that race is being used to burden White people with guilt in order to undermine their confidence, done in pursuit of the bigger objective which is to destabilise and weaken the West.

Though sometimes the obsession with race goes too far and they make themselves look complete idiots. (Full article here.)

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

What thought processes were tripping their fevered way through that Wokie mind?

What would really worry me would be that whoever did that, plus his / her / its superiors, think it was a good thing to do, and that only ‘racists’ would complain.


The J P Morgan CEO was talking about taking over farmland, which he justifies by saying, “green energy projects must be fast-tracked“.

But it’s not really about green energy, and it’s certainly not about saving the planet. It’s partly about reconfiguring land ownership. And it’s partly about control over food production, because whoever controls the food supply controls the people.

This is why the Dutch government tried to put 3,000 farms out of business, and why the Irish government wants 200,000 fewer cows. And of course, why our very own and self-styled ‘Welsh Government’ is waging constant war on our farmers.

But you’re wrong, Jac, it’s about emissions, mun“. No, it’s not, you idiot! Emissions is just another pretext, this one imposed on Ireland and other countries by the European Union, a body I’ve told you is controlled by the Globalists.

Thankfully, things are not going to plan.

As you know, Dutch PM Mark Rutte was ousted not long ago, with his slavish service to the Globalists being the main reason for his going. Not just the attack on agriculture but accepting excessive immigration and other damaging idiocies demanded by his WEF masters.

Irish farmers are getting angry because, in addition to what you’ve just read, their government also wants to bring in EU-inspired nitrates legislation, perhaps similar to what we saw in Wales from Lesley Griffiths (and Gary).

Farmers protest in Bandon, Co Cork, July 13, 2023. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

There was a major demonstration by farmers in County Cork a while back, where various concerns were aired. There have been other protests around the country. Including this one at Kilkenny.

As if Irish farmers didn’t have enough to worry about, all their MEPs also voted for the EU’s Nature Restoration Bill. Another unconvincing pretext. And another illustration of how the Globalists exploit the environmental agenda.

And of course, as I’ve reported here a number of times recently, there is growing anger at the Irish government’s open borders policy that sees hundreds of unvetted young males dumped on small towns across the country.

Now it’s hitting the Irish tourism industry as embassies warn their citizens that Dublin is no longer a safe city.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But having mentioned land, it’s natural to consider the food supply. We’ll return to the ‘refugees’ later.


In a nutshell . . . the objective is to use environmental arguments to undermine livestock farming and make large swathes of land available. Which will either be bought by governments, as was proposed in the Netherlands, or else by major corporations like BlackRock, and banks like J P Morgan.

Even if the land is initially bought by governments it will eventually pass to the corporations, the banks, and very wealthy individuals. (Governments will dress up such sales as being good for the national finances.)

At this point you may be worrying that if farmland is taken out of production there’ll be no meat produced, but don’t worry – alternatives are already lined up. These seem to take two forms; either insects, or laboratory-grown ‘meat’ churned out of 3D printers. Honestly!

That’s not all. For to believe the BBC (and I know you all do) Italians now enjoy cricket-based pasta.

In reality, Italy is moving in the opposite directly. For the government there recently banned lab-grown ‘meat’. Though the BBC explains this perversity, in the article’s opening sentence, as the work of a “right wing government“.

The implication being that to insist on real meat is a form of fascism.

But if you do want ‘meat’ from laboratories, then ‘Dr’ Bill Gates, of Covid fame, is your man. Because he believes that “rich nations should shift entirely to synthetic beef“. And by happy coincidence, Gates invests in some of the major companies making this ‘meat’.

Gates’ interest in farming even extends to buying farms. Lots of farms.

And it should go without saying that Gates is big in the World Economic Forum. Just like Larry Fink of BlackRock, and Jamie Dimon of J P Morgan.

Image: Sky News. From 2008. It’s difficult to find a more recent one of Gates with WEF CEO Klaus Schwab. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

What a system Bill and his buddies have worked out! They have an organisation telling us that we humans, with our cars, our household heaters, and our farm animals, are destroying the planet.

We must therefore give them all up – and they’ll look after us!

The land made available by the abolition of farming can be smothered with Unreliables to make lots more money for BlackRock, Vanguard, J P Morgan and others. Or perhaps the land will be used for greenwashing, or handed over to the Globalists’ allies in the environmental lobby for ‘re-wilding’.

Let Dr Vandana Shiva explain carbon offsetting and a few other things in this 2:45 video.

The truth is that how the land is used in future is less important than getting the farmers off that land in the first place. That is the priority.


With that priority being part of a bigger process that sees wealth and assets transferred from individuals, small investors and family businesses to mega corporations and multi-billionaires. It has been described as the biggest transfer of wealth in human history. And it probably is, because it’s not restricted to farms.

Take mortgages, which have been getting more and more difficult to obtain for first-time buyers, with those who already have mortgages finding it increasingly difficult to keep up their payments.

Soon, some company owned by a mega corporation, maybe the one pushing up your mortgage, will come along and say, “Hey, look, your house has obviously become a liability, so sell it to us and we’ll let you carry on living there with just rent to pay.”

Just think about that for a minute. By paying into a pension fund or an insurance policy controlled by one of the big investment corporations, which also controls the lender handling your mortgage, you have contributed to losing your home.

What a system! They can’t lose, you can’t win!


This section is headed ‘The Climate Scam’ because that’s what the hysteria about the climate really is – a scam.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s a Nobel Prize winner saying it. Though of course he has now been ‘deplatformed’ so people can’t hear what he has to say.

That’s how the Globalist narrative is pushed. You buy those who can be bought and silence those who can’t be bought.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

To explain why climate hysteria is being used in the way it is, just think of those black and white movies from the ’50s about alien invasions of Earth. They always result in the bickering nations putting aside their differences to combine and defeat the global threat.

Not even those we’re discussing here could come up with a credible alien invasion, but the principle holds – fear.

Anthropogenic climate change would affect us all and if those wanting to persuade us it was happening had bought enough scientists, brainwashed a generation or two of children, and owned the mainstream media, then it could be done.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

But they’re struggling because the planet isn’t playing ball. Which is why the original threat of ‘global warming’ became ‘climate change’, ’emissions’, or anything else attributable to human activity . . . and therefore open to restriction and control.

More recently CO2 has been demonised on the absurd premise that carbon dioxide is destroying the planet by being linked with rising temperatures. There is no connection between carbon and rising temperatures, and Earth flourished in the past with higher levels of carbon in the atmosphere.

But the Globalists know this. The ‘dangerous carbon’ scam is really being pushed because it provides a means of taxing us and restricting our freedom of movement, while also providing profits for the Globalists in the forms of carbon tax, or carbon capture often known as ‘greenwashing’.

And of course from ‘green energy’, often on land from which farmers have been removed.

This 10-minute video explains it very well. I advise you to watch it.

But not only does the commercialisation of carbon provide profits for the Global elite in new and innovative ways, it also provides opportunities for more traditional criminals. As this case from France tells us. Here’s a case from Germany. And a third from Spain.

With the weather and the climate not co-operating, those who would rule us are now contemplating, both publicly and in secret, how they might influence the weather to persuade us of their claims.

This is a truly frightening prospect. For if the Globalists could control the weather, then they would control the world. Floods, droughts, blizzards, thunderstorms – on demand.


Anyone who’s studied history knows that sexual deviancy and excess often play a role in bringing down civilisations. This regularly links with other signs of decline such as a falling birth-rate, as was the case in Sparta; and a reluctance to defend one’s borders, which contributed to the decline of imperial Rome.

The Globalists know their history.

Sexual deviancy and associated mental disorders are being promoted widely today, but only in the West. Much of it dependent on the idea that biology counts for nothing and a person can be whatever sex or gender they choose to identify as.

The irony being that those who push this defiance of science are the same Globalist puppets who shout “Trust the science!” when it comes to locking people in their homes because of a virus no worse than flu, and in defence of the climate scam.

When I talk of sexual deviancy you know what I mean. I’m talking of ‘Pride’ months that never end, and of ‘drag queens’ demanding to be in close proximity to children.

Here’s where I stand. Any man dressing as a woman and seeking access to children is a pervert. Any individual or agency allowing these perverts access to children is as guilty as the perverts.

‘Drag queens’ go hand in hand with the promotion of ‘trans rights’. Which again, is often a cover for perversion or proof of mental ill-health.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

A man dressing as a woman does not become a woman; and he has no right to enter women’s spaces or to compete in women’s sports.

The only people who believe that women have penises and men can have babies are the unhinged, the brainwashed, and the intimidated. But encouraging them are those who see these lunacies as yet another tool (forgive the pun) to use in the destabilisation of the West.

The role the media plays in this is significant, and alarming. On the one hand the media will promote and defend the perverts, while attacking those stating biological facts or defending the rights of women.

An appalling example from the BBC came to light a few days ago.

A ‘drag queen’ named Andrew Way, of Wrecsam, who performed as ‘Miss Gin’, was convicted of making contact with a 14-year-old boy with the intention of meeting up for sex. Way had previous convictions.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

In the first report, the BBC told us that Way was a ‘drag queen’, and that he’d been organising a Pride event for Welshpool, Powys. The first re-write removed the ‘drag queen’ reference. The second re-write removed the mention of the ‘Pride’ event.

Leaving us with us a man with no relevant associations or history who simply made a genuine mistake. Could happen to anybody.

For which of you hasn’t made innocent online contact with a 14-year-old boy, claimed to be 30 years younger than you really are, intended to send a photo of a puppy but chose the wrong jpeg and sent a photo of your genitals, and then been understandably horrified to have Plod knocking on the door?

The trans cult is deconstructed quite well in this short video.


Now we come to one of the more obvious manifestations of the Globalists’ anti-West agenda. And while everybody can see the influx of undocumented, young male migrants, it’s amazing how few people see it for what it really is.

That’s because like all the other courses on the Globalists’ menu this one comes with a heavy garnish of lies.

To begin with, most of those now arriving on the south coast of England are not refugees. They are young men looking for easy money and easy sex. If they were simply seeking safety, then they could have found it in any of the safe countries they passed through, including of course France.

While that might apply to those coming from the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa, too many of the young men from Albania, Georgia and other countries will be coming to engage in criminal activities.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

And who can blame certain countries with high levels of crime, or full prisons, for wanting to export some of their problems? That’s what Fidel Castro did back in 1980 with the Mariel Boatlift.

The USA was welcoming Cuban ‘refugees’, but many of those who arrived were criminals, sent over by Castro to cause problems for the USA. The great movie Scarface, starring Al Pacino, is about one such criminal, Tony Montana.

Why wouldn’t Algeria or Turkey be doing the same thing in 2023? How can anyone know the truth when thousands upon thousands of unvetted young men are being allowed into Europe every year?

Of course, those who oppose mass immigration and open borders are ‘racist’ according to the Globalists and their left-liberal shills. But as I say, everything from the Globalists is decorated with lies.

There’s the one about the ‘refugees’ being “mainly women and children“, but we only see young men. But that’s OK because they’re escaping war and conflict . . . which, if true, would mean they’ve run away, leaving parents, grandparents and siblings defenceless.

But the real gem, and this takes a bit of unravelling, is that these young men should be welcomed because Europe has a falling birth-rate and they’re needed to fill job vacancies.

Right, let’s work backwards.

1/ If the immigrants were needed to do low-pay jobs that natives of the country won’t do, then why are they paid benefits higher than the wages in those jobs?

2/ The economies of Europe are heading for recession, led by Germany. Which mean a loss of jobs.

3/ Globalists want to reduce the Earth’s population by some 6 or 7 billion. So why be alarmed by a falling birth-rate?

4/ Globalists also want to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will mean far fewer jobs for humans. This links with the increasing talk of UBI.

Finally, we must take into account considerations of ‘multiculturalism’, ‘cultural enrichment’ and ‘inclusivity’. Which of us hasn’t drifted off to sleep wishing Wales was more multicultural? Come on, be honest!

Being honest . . . these ‘benefits’ are turd polishing of Olympics standard, just ask the Swedes. Or the French. Or the Irish. Or those protesting outside the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli.


What I’m describing displays elements of fascist corporatism (but with corporations dictating to governments rather than co-operating), yet its foot-soldiers are almost exclusively Greens, left-liberals and avowed Marxists.

It’s a curious hybrid of a type we may not have seen before, and perhaps that accounts for so many people being confused by it.

Perhaps we could put ideologies aside, and view the Globalists’ ambitions in a historical context. Rich, powerful men (and it’s almost always men, both historically and with today’s Globalists), have always believed that their wealth should give them control over the common herd.

In a feudal system such a belief could be enforced with violence. In more recent centuries, with the gradual spread of democracy, it was argued that the franchise be restricted to ‘men of substance’.

The future envisioned by the Globalists is a kind of shadow democracy, a world where we still have a vote . . . but using it will be futile because the political establishments in every country will have been captured, and at elections we’ll be offered a host of parties and politicians – all signed up to the Globalist agenda.

The uniparty state will have arrived. We already see it on a Wales and a UK level. Across the water in Ireland, And in many other countries, where any party seeking to escape the Globalist ‘consensus’ is always dubbed ‘populist’, ‘far right’, ‘extremist’, if not outright ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’.

The message is clear: there are ‘accepted’ parties and parameters; those that reject the consensus put themselves beyond the Pale. They will be mercilessly vilified.


I’ve had an interest in politics for a long time now, but I can’t recall any time when I felt more disappointed with the left. Let me explain.

When I was younger I disagreed with socialists, obviously, but I still accepted that most of them wanted to improve people’s lives. But I found their class politics divisive, and most of them tended to be hostile to my hopes for Wales, or even to my national identity itself.

While the more extreme socialists wanted to bring down capitalism, which to them meant the West.

The socialists I grew up with believed in science-driven progress freeing people from cults and superstitions like organised religion. They saw themselves as children of the Enlightenment.

Then the left started adopting ‘ishoos’, many of which were inimical to the interests of those it had previously claimed to represent, which led to a rupture with the working class. Obvious by 2016 with Brexit and Trump’s victory.

To the point where, today, too many socialists pretend to believe in the unscientific and biologically impossible fantasies of unhinged narcissists. But there remains one constant – the hard-liners still want to bring down the West.

Maybe this is the key to understanding how the comrades today side with some of the wealthiest capitalists and biggest corporations on the planet.


I set out my position on this tragedy in April last year, in Ukraine: A Personal View. Obviously, that piece, written not long after the conflict started, could be updated, but I can’t think of anything I’d change.

I’ve already mentioned that Russia is a target for the Globalists because it’s a White, Christian country, where traditional values of family and nation are still respected, and the trans cult is rejected.

But over and above these issues there are – as always – more venal considerations. Russia is the biggest country on Earth, with vast natural resources, and no doubt there are resources yet to be discovered. The untapped wealth is incalculable.

Standing between the Globalists and this wealth is Vladimir Putin, and a country increasingly suspicious of the West since the Kiev coup of 2014, the billions of dollars poured into Ukraine, and of course the blowing up of Nord Stream 2, which deserves a mention.

Nord Stream 2 was a pipeline bringing natural gas from Russia to Germany. Cheap, reliable energy, in an agreement that benefitted both countries. As this Guardian article from just before Christmas 2021 article puts it: ” . . . keeping 26m German homes warm at an affordable price”.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But for the Globalists, Nord Stream 2 presented a problem. The problem being that the arrangement gave Russia too much influence in Europe’s largest economy – at their expense.

So just under a year ago someone blew up Nord Stream 2. (Nord Stream 1 was also hit.) It was the worst act of sabotage in history, and also the biggest pollution incident. The finger points everywhere, but it’s unlikely anyone will be indicted.

Unless of course they fall into the hands of the Russians.

The Russia-Ukraine situation is succinctly explained here by Douglas A MacGregor.


As I keep reminding you, Globalism is, fundamentally, a war against the West; that is, Europe, the USA, Canada, and a few other countries.

This war being waged by the Globalists has twin objectives: the accumulation of global power and assets into very few hands, while making it very difficult for us to protest against what is happening.

The first will be achieved by using existing financial systems, and freedom from political interference through control of Western political establishments. The second by using the media and Big Tech to denigrate and to silence critics.

And it will all be achieved without a mandate, for no element of the Globalist agenda would survive a popular vote, so it must be implemented surreptitiously.

An example might be covering Wales in foreign-owned wind turbines offering us nothing. Or allowing men into women’s toilets because they claim to be women. Or the imposition of ULEZ / 20mph / 15-minute neighbourhoods. Or perhaps being made to give up your car, or your gas cooker.

The list of things demanded by the Globalists and their useful idiot allies pushing the Woke agenda is endless. And they all work against our best interests to serve contrived ‘problems’.

Though ‘useful idiots’ may not be the correct term in all cases, for some of those now serving the Globalist agenda are singing their old refrains.

I can remember a time when vegans were regarded as dotty but harmless, found on the fringes at Liberal Party conferences, they were the ones with the scruffiest beards and the broken sandals.

But in recent years vegans have emerged into the limelight, to the point where local councils and education authorities are now taking meat off the menu at schools and other establishments. It’s happening in Oxford, Edinburgh, Exeter.

Now why is that? Of course! – it’s because veganism serves the Globalist agenda against livestock farming, so it must go mainstream. And the captured media will ensure that.

I have never harassed or bullied a vegan or a vegetarian. (My daughter is a veggie.) They can eat whatever they want – but so can I. Unfortunately, my easy-going attitude is not how Globalism operates. Because Globalism is totalitarian, and before long the only choice will be veganism, or going hungry.


There’s so much more I could have included in an essay on how Globalists operate. But where would I start?

With the lies surrounding Covid? The role of ‘Dr’ Bill Gates in that bonanza? The interplay between governments and Big Pharma? Were Covid lockdowns a trial run for climate lockdowns?

Then there’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). For the path we’re on now leads inexorably to a system in which cash is outlawed, and every transaction you make is recorded and noted. Step out of line and you risk being denied access to your own money.

I’m not making this up. It’s how things are done today in China, and despite the obvious differences, the Globalists are big admirers of how the Chinese Communist Party can keep 1.3bn people under control.

Justin Trudeau gave the game away during the Covid pandemic. Do you recall how he threatened to freeze the bank accounts of those opposing the vaccine mandates? Especially the truckers who’d driven to Ottawa and brought the federal capital to a standstill.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But the left-liberal media in Canada and elsewhere loved Trudeau for it, and weighed in and accused the truckers of being ‘extremists’, and ‘racists’. And all the while their Globalist masters beamed.

(The sight of a Confederate battle flag has a wondrous effect on leftists, Wokies and, now, Globalists.)

Looking at the bigger picture it’s clear we are approaching a world in which the political, economic, military and cultural influence of the West on the rest of the globe will be weakened.

The US dollar will cease to be the world’s reserve currency. The BRICS bloc is taking in new members. Even Argentina is considering joining.

Which could mean that Globalism might be a misnomer, for what really confronts us is a last-ditch attempt by the USA, with allies in Europe and elsewhere, to maintain its hegemonic position over an increasingly multi-polar world where doors everywhere are being slammed in Uncle Sam’s face. 

‘Globalism’ limited to North America and western Europe because Russia and China are obviously out of reach, India and other major Asian players are reluctant to comply. And now we see Africa increasingly detach itself from the Western sphere.

Whether what I’ve written about here is indeed global, or more limited in its scope and ambition, is irrelevant for the outcome. I say that because it will affect you in exactly the same way.

Those I’ve referred to as ‘Globalists’ present an existential threat to the West and to our individual freedoms. For they want to erase nations, to destroy the nuclear family, control how we live, where we live, what we eat, how far we can travel, how fast we can travel, whether we can afford to heat our homes, what we are allowed to say, and who we are allowed to listen to.

You’re free to dismiss my warnings and follow the sirens’ call. But if that is your choice, then enjoy your freedom while you can.

Because your ability to make such decisions will not last for much longer. Not unless you start defending the basic freedoms you have always taken for granted.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2023

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07/09/2023 16:15

It gets worse doesn’t it ? That tweet of yours reporting Wales Gov’s entertainment offering at RWC just confirms that the Bay regime is just working it’s arse off ( hasn’t got any balls to work off !) to undermine Welsh identity and replacing it with a plastic homogenised globalised mix of avantgarde and seriously absurd junk. If that goes down well with the rugby followers then I say we are finished as a coherent nation. The weirdos are taking over.

05/09/2023 17:04

Completely off topic but I noted your comment about the first arrivals at their hotel in Llanelli already complaining about their beds ! Probably been stress testing the mattresses ahead of dragging back some willing and not so willing young and not so young ladies from the local community. These newly arrived boyos think they are in for a shagfest and want to make sure that the “working” environment is fit for purpose. No doubt Drakeford and others will lobby on their behalf while Waters will once again stress test his nuts while sitting astride the fence on this matter. Then it will be off to see the Economy Minister to get funding for a new “leisure pharma” factory which will blend in nicely with surrounding residences.

David Smith
David Smith
05/09/2023 20:43
Reply to  Jac

A curiosity I’ve noticed in Wokedom/virtue signalling is to tout the virtues of the tenets and rituals of Islam. My previous employer had regular do-gooding internal missives imploring us to variously support colleagues during their Ramadan fast (read: pick up the slack of the faithful when they’re half-dead at 4:30PM), and wear our brightest garb for some aerial alphabetic pathetic photoshoot bollocks. It don’t quite tally.

David Smith
David Smith
05/09/2023 22:31
Reply to  Jac

Could for-profit energy suppliers really be described as ‘The Left’ though? The CEO in one of his, admittedly for the most part interesting (and very pro-market) bulletins, claimed he himself would be undertaking a day’s fast. Although, notably, I do not recall such a commitment declared for Lent…

David Smith
David Smith
06/09/2023 23:07
Reply to  Jac

In that case they have aligned with the most overwhelming victors witihn the Western capitalist market economic system. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful and pervasive force.

04/09/2023 10:12

Jac. Attached GP3 chart may be helpful to your blog subscribers.

04/09/2023 17:16
Reply to  Jac

Thanks Jac. We need to spread the Gospel !

David Smith
David Smith
01/09/2023 23:32

What you describe is basically the Horseshoe Theory being played out. Capitalists acting to all intents and purposes like authoritarian governments.

David Smith
David Smith
01/09/2023 21:42

The wokeist who commissioned the ‘recoloration’ of the voter’s hand is an idiot for another reason also. To me it smacks of ‘blacking up’ in the vein of Al Jolson or minstrel shows. I’d be surprised if the good wokeist responsible isn’t hauled over the coals for invoking this connotation.

01/09/2023 14:18

To understand how these bastards operate you have to draw lessons from the conduct of organised crime. There are numerous “big players” engaged in various attempts to insert their ideals of how the world should be organised, governed, controlled, call it what you will. This axis of deviation, criminality and downright deception is not as united as some would have it. Indeed they are still at the stage of jockeying for position scrambling over and around each other to gain some edge for their preferred scam/scheme/idea. I guess you might draw parallels with the Mafia of fiction who congregated at times to carve things up but would some time later chop each other up if such action was expedient.

None of this is much comfort to us suckers out here in the big bad world who have to suffer the consequences of these people’s grand manouvres. While they jockey for position they still continue to suck money out of economies at hitherto unequalled rates. Compliant politicians enable them to drain public coffers for services such as overpriced weapons of war, untested vaccines and other useless “health” related products and services, buildings and other infrastructure that are useless within years instead of lasting several decades or more. As consumers we are sold foods of increasingly dubious provenance, household goods that have to be thrown away because they are almost impossible to repair and energy/fuels overpriced several times over just so big corporates and their government lackeys can rake in the loot as profits and taxes. Impoverishment for the many while the few enjoy the rewards.

So how are we to fight back ? It might be easy to suggest that some of the more visible protagonists of this axis that oppress us should be exterminated. Easier said than done. They already control much of the armed forces and police forces of most governments world wide by just making sure that those boys get the best “toys” to play with and other benefits when needed. The new breed of PMC’s are mostly privately owned by major institutions so not much point in thinking that you can just dial up a Wagner and book a few dozen hit jobs. More likely Wagner or any of the others would come and do a job on you! Witness Wagner’s work in West Africa and we see how they are playing key roles in displacing one lot of (European) colonialists and creating a space for a new colonial/dependency relationship. US owned contractors were very obviously working to protect US corporate interests in Iraq and Afghanistan. Didn’t do particularly well but spoiled it for everyone else who might have wanted to fill a gap in the market.

So we know the problem exists, we have a rough idea who’s pulling some of the strings at this point in time. I’ve yet to read or hear of any solutions. Occasional pushbacks are very encouraging but one gets a sense that the Axis is currently content to roll with these minor set backs and work around them to snuff coherent opposition. Sound pessimistic but is there room for optimism in reality ?

31/08/2023 19:00

I’ve not read it all yet, but it’s useful to have your explanation of what you understand “globalism” is, as the term gets used frequently but I’ve never understood what people mean by it

Can I just clarify, you don’t believe the climate is warming?

Also, surely North America is wealthier than Europe, so why don’t the globalists start there? A much more homogeneous population

If the likes of J P Morgan are behind all this, are you suggesting we should get rid of the banks? Isn’t that, sort of, communism you are advocating?

Maybe these get answered later in the text

31/08/2023 19:59
Reply to  Jac

Well science is never exact or static. When I wrote my PhD I was arguably the global expert in my extremely niche subject. I may still be (it was very niche), but I imagine new discoveries have been made. If a consensus of scientists believes it is man made I’m happy to believe them, just as I would have expected them to believe me 35 years ago. If they are wrong, then great, less to worry about ! I don’t see how it impoverishes us though

I didn’t know cars were being taken away!! That would be a hassle, but have to admit riding my bike more would be good for me

15 minute neighbourhoods (all you need to live day to day within a 15 min walk or bus ride … schools, shops, doctors, libraries etc) sound great if you choose to live in an urban area. I don’t, so expect to travel more. First dreamed up in the late 1800’s I think (probably by quakers!) and in many way used as the model for the post WWII new towns

For me banks have only improved in the four decades I’ve had accounts. I’ve never wanted cash, just a means to pay, so cards are ideal. Cash (the physical entity) has little value, it’s just a promise to pay, so it’s great we now have alternatives to promise. In the few recent cases where we have had to pay cash, I’ve never had to explain why I wanted a carrier bag full of notes

31/08/2023 20:58
Reply to  Jac

Wind up? Not at all, but we clearly view the world differently, which is great!

Rejecting the consensus is fine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I’ve been casually watching about climate change since 1979 (A level chemistry). The debate on socials is endless, so certainly not being silenced

Ive honestly zero knowledge of cars being phased out. Fossil fuels yes, but EVs are great, just different

Ive always disliked going in to banks to talk to someone. If all I want to do is shuffle money between accounts, why would I ever want to leave the sofa. I’m disappointed it has taken so long though. If I’m getting cash for my blind mother, the cash point at Co-op is fine

For large bundles of notes a super market carrier bag is the least conspicuous

31/08/2023 21:40
Reply to  Jac

The only time I see “mainstream media” (dreadful Americanism) is via social media, other than telly, and there’s very little discussion either way on that

ULEZ isn’t banning cars, just aged cars, and we’ve done that before, and has nothing to do with climate change but air quality (NOx … another one from A level chemistry)

I can picture you in a frock coat!

31/08/2023 23:19
Reply to  Jac

Well, it was dreamed up by the Tories!

01/09/2023 11:45
Reply to  Jac

The Labour leader recently – in an interview with BBC Newsnight Emily Maitlis – said that he preferred Davos to Westminster; hence the “Uniparty State” that we now find ourselves in.  

David Robins
David Robins
31/08/2023 17:44

I’ve been following for some time the merger underway between the Left and the corporate Centre as ‘woke capitalism’. Marx wouldn’t have been surprised to find Marxists doing PR jobs on behalf of the elite. He above all would have known to follow the money. Activism needs patrons, so (in the post-unionised world) it’s less surprising that the Left looks to the corporations than that the corporations look to the Left. Hold on though, the Left is highly skilled at making up and politicising ‘problems’. The New Left’s guru, Herbert Marcuse, worked for the predecessor of the CIA. The New Left is the much less threatening alternative to the Old Left. If the young are having tantrums about being in the wrong body or the genetic stain of whiteness, they’ll be too busy to ask questions about the distribution of income, wealth, or power. Profitable disruption is the shared goal, not the morality of the outcome. I disagree that not all the Left are useful idiots: they are. No doubt some believe they’re using the corporations but for the corporations the price over the long term is worth paying.

I don’t buy the anti-Americanism. The USA is a big place, with diverse opinions, and the gold standard of a First Amendment that Europe needs and isn’t getting, an idea not even to be contemplated on the banks of the Moskva. I’m no fan of NATO – a defensive pact doesn’t come without a price of some kind – but the only credible alternative is a European army that isn’t in sight and which critics of the EU don’t want to see. A US withdrawal from NATO would be ‘interesting times’ and given everything else on the plate not inconceivable. Changing demographics make Latin America and the Far East more important to US interests.

David Smith
David Smith
02/09/2023 00:39
Reply to  Jac

Facebook and its ilk make all the right noises about ‘social justice’, but get their kit made in that paragon of progressivism, China, encourage rampant and horrendously wasteful consumerism of products stuffed full of heavy metals, semiconductors (finite resources that require extraction by mining; a double whammy against the planet) and plastics, and dodge tax with the best of them. But you can put your pronouns in your email signatures. Yay! The hypocrisy is so brazen as to make any attempt at satirising them redundant.

31/08/2023 15:02

Brilliant post Jac, with very interesting video clips. You have joined all the dots. The “uniparty state” is already here. Governments have been captured.

31/08/2023 16:35
Reply to  Jac

Some music for your subscribers

Ifor l'engine
Ifor l'engine
31/08/2023 14:56

What you’re calling globalism is basically American imperialism. You can see similar trends if you look back through the history of the British empire, the Spanish empire, the French empire etc etc.
Powerful and wealthy people spreading their influence across the globe – usually backed by a strong military resource.

The extent to which that influence spreads is limited by the strength of opposing ideologies.

It often surprises Americans, and probably UK citizens as well, when they learn that the EU has a far bigger population ( 450 million ) than the ‘big’ countries of the USA ( 340 million ) and Russian Federation ( 150 million ).

It also surprises / annoys Americans to learn that the EU has about 1.9 million active armed services personnel (compared to approx 1.3 million in the USA and Russian, also about 1.3 million – pre war figure).

And of course, despite what the English assume, hardly anybody in the EU (outside of the Irish Republic ) speaks English / American. The EU therefore is far less influenced by ‘globalism’ than America’s puppy dog cousins in the UK.

For example the EU has ignored US ‘sanctions’ on China. In 2022 the EU exported about 230bn euro worth of goods to China – compared to 140bn euro by the USA.

And, since you mentioned it, it has not gone unnoticed in the EU that the intensification of the war in Ukraine (and the Nordstream bombings) coincided with the price of gas in Europe falling below the price of gas in the USA.

US influence in Europe has therefore waned considerably over the last two decades; and none of the movements you specifically mentioned have gained much traction in the EU – or elsewhere in Europe.

I suspect it is much the same in Asia, Africa, Russia, South America etc.
Talk of global conspiracies therefore is probably greatly exaggerated.

Big Gee
31/08/2023 15:40
Reply to  Ifor l'engine

Can I suggest that the factual evidence that is increasingly becoming known to increasing numbers of humanity does not fit in very well with your theory. There is still the problem of people not joining the dots to form the bigger picture. Instead many are still only seeing small parts of the canvass and are still highly influenced by the information shared by the corrupt mainstream media.

A more wide picture is well represented at the following sites:

Global Research:
UK Column News:

And my own, Big Gee’s Blog:

The mantra of ‘conspiracy Theory’ is fast being blown away as all the theories are coming true before our eyes, especially since 2019.

Don’t take the word of the likes of the BBC do your own research to get a grip on what is actually happening.

David Smith
David Smith
04/09/2023 23:19
Reply to  Ifor l'engine

The USA is a sovereign state, a federal one, but still, it is one country with one national government to declare war, and one military to mobilise in such an event. The EU has none of these characteristics, regardless of whether it can be considered a confederation, quasi-federation or whatever.

Big Gee
31/08/2023 13:50

Spot-on Jac, excellently analysed and written. It reflects EXACTLY what I and others have been trumpeting on about for decades, at the risk of being called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or insane or worse, by some on this very blog who appear quite sane, but badly tarnished by the brain-washing machinations of the system.

Well now the wolf is at the door snarling and frothing at the mouth. Some are at last recognising it for what it is. All that’s needed is a pair of unbiased eyes and an open mind to analyse factual proof.

What you have written Jac is a lantern for those who are scrambling about in the dark, whilst listening to the Siren’s song.

Big Gee
31/08/2023 16:10
Reply to  Jac

Agreed Jac.

What people have not quite grasped is the connection between governments (regardless of what colour they are) and their puppet masters who control them i.e. The World Economic Forum/ The World Health Organisation and the UN. Hence the new term ‘Unipart’ referring to the UK government where the two party system is behaving in lock-stem.

This little clip, where Schwab the head of the WEF lets the cat out of the bag in this little clip:

The penny hasn’t dropped amongst many yet – it’s not regional it’s global. He has also openly declared that the mission is a New World Order – not squabbles between individual countries.