Gilestone Farm: It’s Who You Know!

As evidence trickles out about the purchase – by the so-called ‘Welsh Government’, for £4.25m – of Gilestone farm, the picture just seems to get murkier.

That’s because every new revelation, or attempted explanation, raises more questions. Though one thing becoming clear is that in this area of southern Powys and rural Gwent, there is a network of well-connected individuals profiting from political patronage, and the public purse.


It was difficult deciding which thread to start with. The one I’ve chosen may seem innocuous enough, but stick with it because it does lead somewhere, and connections will reveal themselves.

Let’s start in July 2018, when the ‘Welsh Government’ published Achieving our low-carbon pathway to 2030. This is what it says at the top of the Introduction.

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To explain. The World Economic Forum, using the pretext of a ‘climate catastrophe’ that isn’t happening, seeks to impose an unelected global government made up of political leaders, major corporations like Vanguard and Blackrock, and multi-billionaires such as Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg and others.

One of the ploys being used to exert control over us is the claim that there is too much carbon about. We are expected to believe that an element essential to life on this planet is in fact killing us! So the world needs to ‘decarbonise’.

The document to which I’ve linked invites responses. And here’s a further link, this time to the summary of those responses.

Being badly advertised outside of environmental circles the responses predictably suggested fewer cars, more wind turbines, and increased brainwashing of children. (Scroll down to page 84 for the organisations that responded.)

You’ll see that the report on the responses was compiled by Miller Research (UK) Ltd. Here’s the company website, and if you scroll down you’ll see that the main office is in Abergavenny, fast becoming the enviroshyster epicentre of our Wye-Usk Fertile Crescent.

On the Companies House entry for Miller we see that the sole director of the company is the eponymous Nicholas FitzHardinge Miller. The unaudited financial statement (y/e 31.07.2021) would suggest that the company is doing fairly well, with 12 employees and retained earnings of £473,108.

While the website makes it obvious where the money comes from. For in addition to the ‘Welsh Government’ Miller does work for other bodies I guarantee you’re familiar with.

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There are no entities there that I’d regard as genuine commercial clients. They seem to be the kind of lucrative gigs you’d get if you were well-connected down in Corruption Bay. Or to the Labour Party.

Miller Research is also used by the ‘Welsh Government’ to research and evaluate. Here are examples. ‘Rural Wales – Evidence Base Research‘ and ‘Evaluation of the Wales Rural Network Support Unit‘. Yet I can’t see a link to any findings, any final report.

While there’s a company Twitter account Miller also has his own account where, a few months back, he recommended a book approved by the otherworldly fanatics of Extinction Rebellion.

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‘Degrowth’ is code for turning the clock back on human progress. Especially in the West, or perhaps only in the West. And not for everybody.

An administration in thrall to the World Economic Forum employed a company owned by an individual who supports Extinction Rebellion. The outcome of the ‘consultation’ on decarbonisation was beyond predictable. It was pre-determined.


Another company Miller has been associated with is Blurrt Ltd. Which is, alas, no longer with us, having gone the way of so many of the companies that appear on this blog.

As a Victorian headstone might have put it, ‘Received into the bosom of the Great . . . ‘ er, well, Receiver.

But Blurrt is a story worth telling. Here’s the link to the Companies House entry that will help you follow the tale.

Formed in June 2012, by Jason Robert Smith, Blurrt’s product, ‘allows users to listen, analyse, showcase and engage with social audiences in real time’, which television companies thought might be useful.

And yet, confusingly, in his Twitter bio, Nick Miller, of ‘Monmouthshire, UK’, describes himself as, ‘Founder at Blurrt’.

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It’s confusing because according to the documents filed with Companies House Smith alone formed the company and wasn’t joined by Miller and Andrew Paul Cargill until October of 2012. (Cargill left on February 12, 2014.)

Is Miller saying he was involved before becoming a director and a shareholder? But if so, then what form might that involvement have taken? And would it allow him to claim that he was the ‘founder’?

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The day Cargill left, two new directors joined. These were Lloyd Gooding (son of Alf Gooding), and would-be media tycoon Huw Marshall. Marshall was representing S4C, for the following month we read, S4C takes stake in Blurrt.

By an amazing coincidence, Marshall gets a mention in the latest issue of Private Eye. 

The involvement of S4C links with investment made in Blurrt Ltd. Though around the same time the company was also seeking other funding and seems to have raised £504,135 from 182 investors.

In a return made to Companies House June 26, 2014 we see that the largest shareholder was Nicholas FitzHardinge Miller, with 360 in his own name and a further 240 in the name of Miller Research.

Marshall was replaced as S4C’s representative on July 6, 2015 by Phillip Gwynne Evans, who lasted until December 21, 2018.

The investment did not work out. We know that because this report of Westminster’s Welsh Affairs Committee, from July 2019, says that: ‘S4C has confirmed to the Committee that its investments in Blurrt have since been written down to zero.’

Is that saying the debt from 2014 was written off? Presumably because there was no hope of it being recovered. And yet . . .

There was a further loan from S4C Digital to Blurrt in July 2017. A month or so later there was a loan from Finance Wales Investments (now the Development Bank of Wales). These are both outstanding.

Founder Jason Robert Smith ceased being a director in October 2017. Which left Lloyd Gooding and Nicholas FitzHardinge Miller minding the shop.

I have difficulty understanding these further loans. Partly because S4C may have had to write off the 2014 loan, and partly because by 2017, when the two loans were made, the good ship Blurrt was securely moored up Shit Creek.

The accounts for year ending December 31, 2017 show debts of £467,329. While some of this may be attributed to the two loans, the debt for the previous year was a worrying £118,085.

This looks like a gambler on a losing streak throwing good money after bad. But let’s remember who the ‘gamblers’ were, and whose money they were squandering!

The last Blurrt accounts filed were for year ending December 31, 2018. And they are not a pretty sight. It might help if you visualise the bracketed figures in red.

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It’s difficult to comprehend why so much money was pumped into a lost cause. Was it to help out certain well-connected persons?


There are a couple of other companies with which Nick Miller is associated that are worthy of mention as they help fill out the picture.

First, we have Llanvetherine Properties Ltd. This seems to be the company for the  cottages rented out at Pen-y-Wyrlod farm. This is where Nick lives with his partner, Sarah Dickins. That is, the Sarah Dickins, Economics Correspondent for BBC Wales.

Sarah is a star, and if you want to book her you’ll have to go through her agent.

Just last week Sarah Dickins did a piece on the Green Man Festival and Gilestone farm. I’m prepared to bet that Sarah Dickins and the Green Man’s Fiona Stewart know each other. Maybe quite well.

The piece told us that the new venture at Gilestone – whatever it is – will support farmers and young people. Did we ever doubt it! But will it be intersectional and carbon-neutral, that’s what we all want to know.

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In all seriousness, I get the impression that the Gilestone / Green Man story is changing from week to week. And not one version I’ve heard is plausible. Perhaps the truth can’t be told because it’s too embarrassing for certain politicians.

No wonder the ‘Welsh Government’ is now refusing to answer Freedom of Information requests about this shambles.

Nicholas FitzHardinge Miller and Sarah Dickins are of course denizens of the Fertile Crescent, where a certain milieu is especially favoured by Corruption Bay.

In addition, I bet Sarah Dickins has connections all over the place that could be of use to a company ready to . . . oh, I don’t know, maybe help various bodies go through sham consultations in order to arrive at pre-determined conclusions.

Another company registered at Pen-y-Wyrlod is Blue Egg Productions Ltd. As Sarah Dickins holds the shares this may be the vehicle through which her BBC salary is paid.

If so, didn’t the BBC put a stop to this practice some years ago?

Or is this the piggy-bank for the money earned from the speaking engagements and opening food banks?

Another of Sarah Dickins’ interests is the Abergavenny Food Festival, where she’s a director. It takes place this coming weekend. One of those performing will be Rob Penn of greenwash outfit Stump up for Trees.

An outfit looked on with great favour down the Bay.

I can’t help wondering if telling us trees are edible might be advice, preparing us for the dark times after the WEF has put farmers out of business and we are being forced to eat insects and ‘meat’ produced by Bill Gates.

Earlier we saw Sarah Dickins’ partner Nick Miller recommend Jason Hickel’s book Less is More. Sarah is also a Hickel fan. Here she is retweeting him misrepresenting this year’s monsoon in Pakistan as evidence of global climate catastrophe.

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Note the political bias and dishonesty that underpins the Green movement. To believe those carefully selected maps China, which opens a new coal-fired power station almost every day, is one of the good guys, a victim of the evil White man.


I’ve elsewhere referred to southern Powys and rural Gwent as ‘Cotswolds-on-the-cheap’, which on reflection is unfair, because it’s scenically and in other ways more attractive than the Cotswolds.

But property is certainly cheaper, and this draws people to the area. Which helps expand the network, that will in turn support the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

Or ‘Build back better’, as Charles III urges.

Which leads to the belief – shared by the ‘Welsh Government’ – that these objectives are so existentially important they must be achieved at any cost. Which in turn explains the war on traditional Welsh farming; covering our hills with unreliable, bird-slicing wind turbines; and making the rest of us poorer, colder, and hungrier.

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For of course it’s we who will sacrifice for these agendas, not those who promote them.

Being fundamentally Green Left the network is obviously short on political allies in a region which, at Westminster and Senedd levels, votes Conservative.

At Powys County Council level there are 9 Labour members, all from Brecon town and the top end of the Swansea Valley, otherwise it’s mainly Lib Dem and Tory, with what appear to be three unaligned groups, and three Plaid Cymru members.

Which is why, when viewed from a Labour Party perspective, funding and generally supporting its few but high-profile supporters is seen as a good investment – it gives Labour influence in an area where it has very little electoral support.

The purchase of Gilestone farm is part and parcel of the culture of cronyism and corruption that has developed under devolution, that sees the ‘Welsh Government’ and its agencies favouring organisations and individuals with a preferred ‘outlook’.

But this funding and favouritism is not like me slipping my grandson a tenner; for what Labour is doing impacts adversely on others. It involves public money. In some cases it will have national implications.

That’s because Labour’s system of cronyism and patronage works both ways. For example a few zealots in the system explains the ‘Welsh Government’ becoming a major funder for trans extremist group Stonewall, and how that group was able to influence policy decisions in Corruption Bay.


I’m going to finish with a few questions addressed to no one in particular down in Corruption Bay. Cynics might suggest I’m simply howling into the void. Again.

That void where there should be a system of accountability.

  • Was the contract to produce findings of the consultation exercise on ‘Achieving our low carbon pathway to 2030’ put out to tender? 
  • If so, how was this done?
  • How many responses were there?
  • If there was no tendering process, why not?
  • Given Nicholas FitzHardinge Miller’s clear and zealous belief in anthropogenic climate change, was Miller Research Ltd the right choice for this work?
  • Or does that bias explain why Miller Research Ltd was chosen?
  • The same questions on tendering and bias attach to the other contracts this company has secured with the ‘Welsh Government’ and other Welsh public bodies and institutions.
  • Why did S4C and Finance Wales Investments make further loans to Blurrt Ltd in 2017 when that company was clearly in financial difficulties and after S4C had seemingly written off a previous loan made in 2014?
  • Seeing as Blurrt Ltd was Dissolved in July 2021 are we to assume that these two loans from 2017 have also been written off?
  • Whether they’ve been written off or not, what amounts are involved?
  • If they have not been written off, then what steps are being taken to secure their repayment?
  • Will Miller Research Ltd be tasked with evaluating whether the purchase of Gilestone farm was public money well spent . . . and recommend that more farms be bought?

As I say, these questions are rhetorical. For the ‘Welsh Government’ is now refusing to answer FoI requests on a range of embarrassing issues, using all sorts of unconvincing reasons.

But then, when you have so much to hide . . .

♦ end ♦


© Royston Jones 2022

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For info. copy below of my letter to WG – FOI team

Freedom of Information Officer
Information Rights Unit
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

My Ref: NCC/WJ/ 14
Your Ref:
Date: 14 September 2022

Dear Freedom of Information Officer

Subject: Purchase of Gilestone Farm by Welsh Government – Cost v Benefit analysis

I refer to the above subject. H M Treasure “Green Book” protocol requires appraisal and evaluation of Welsh Government policies, programmes and projects. The appraisal process, in turn, requires a “Cost v Benefit analysis” to be undertaken to ensure value for money for the taxpayer.

Accordingly, I would be grateful if you could arrange to provide me with a copy of the “Cost v Benefit analysis” undertaken by Welsh Government officials to inform the ministerial decision to purchase Gilestone Farm in the sum of £4.25 million.

I look forward to receiving the information at your earliest convenience or, alternatively, confirmation that you intend to withhold the information and claim an exemption pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or an exception pursuant to the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

If you require further clarification you are welcome to contact me at any time. Thank you.

Yours sincerely


In which case I shall request an “internal review” of their decision to withhold the information, followed by a request for external assessment by ICO: a process that can take up to 2 years.

Just noticed a minor typo in my letter. Treasure should be Treasury.

David Smith

Sex Pistols’s rendition of GSTQ and that Smiths song, mysteriously absent from pub jukebox of the variety with an Internet connection to a central library. This is dipping a toe into DPRK territory, for Christ’s sake.


Apart from a general preference for rentals to be controlled by H.A’s I suspect that Wales Gov hasn’t got much of a clue. lt created Rent Smart just to enable another bureaucratic exercise in collecting information and levying a raft of fees from those landlords who complied, and penalties from those that did not. Now it has started a big push on standards which of itself is no bad thing except it fails to take into account that one of the major causes of dilapidations and other drivers of poor quality of housing is the conduct of tenants. Hooligans may be in the minority but they exist yet the idealistic tone of RentSmart’s documents does not take this into account. No surprise that there is a steady withdrawal of properties from private rental sector. And some of these end up as bnb/holiday homes as experience suggests there is less exposure to bureaucracy and hooliganism.

Jane Kelly

Joana Margarida Martins RODRIGUES
Social worker
Samantha Price
De Souza


Start a rumour – Drakeford kills off the deal and gifts Gilestone Farm to the new Tywysog and his Tywysoges as their new base in Wales ! What’s a few million when you’ve got to schmooze up to the new King and his heir ? ARTD will be hysterical and completely blindsided by Drakeford’s genius !


Mae siarad yn Gymraeg gyda nhw dros y ffôn yn gallu bod yn sbri hefyd, ac yn therapiwtig. I like your perseverance on this story, Jac: there may yet be a few meanders in the river to be explored before we understand more fully. I don’t sign up to your latter-day Illuminati stuff, internationally, but you are right to be questioning the domestic agenda on these matters.

Ioan Richard

I have been involved in these issues for thirty years Jac. I remember going to the annual Cilmeri Rally in those early days and trying to give a speech starting with “They stole our land and they steal our water and now they want to steal our wind!”. Once I said ” they want to steal our wind!” I was met with loud rude derision and heckled down with hostility by a group of so called Welsh patriots wearing tea cosy type balaclava hats. You were probably there Jac. I’ve never been to Cilmeri Rally since. Now over the years you are publishing some brilliant articles on all sorts of topics including the theft of our wind. Keep it going Jac and don’t let “Green settlers” heckle you.


Ioan, I’m fascinated by the almost total absence of green hecklers/settlers on this site. Had their gospel been so robust and beyond dispute I’m sure we’d have heard from them. Like the snake oil sellers of a bygone age they are very clever at targetting the foolish and gullible so they prefer to take their puddled messages to places like Y Senedd and other institutions that enjoy that kind of distraction without consideration of consequences. That in turn makes it relatively easy for the exploitation industries to move in, corner a big pot of grants and other incentives (land and other assets discounted heavily or issued free of charge ?). This is where we are caught in a pincer movement, assimilation and colonisation, aided and abetted by politicians of all colours.


Scope for hackers to become the heroic saboteurs of the future. Too many of them currently engaged in trying to steal what remains of ordinary people’s funds.


I get it quite often. They can operate from any remote location but buy up bundles of local numbers which are used to smokescreen their activity via computer driven links. Try Gee as a source of all knowledge on this kind of nonsense. They think us old suckers will fall for someone ringing locally. Often I won’t pick up but when I’m a bit idle, at a loose end and feel like a bit of a wind up I engage in conversation, as Leanne or Adam might put it. When they ask me to confirm my bank details or some shit like that I put it to them that they already know those details otherwise they would not be able to tell me that there’s a problem. Beyond that point depending on the willingness of the guy at the other end to carry on I subject him to a torrent of abuse which is very therapeutic, for me ! Similar scams crop up with ” your computer is malfunctioning” which inevitably would leading to the hacker lobbing a spot of malware into your system if you shared information with the little cnut. There’s an awful lot of this stuff going on with hackers lifting large wads of customer data from online traders. So, you buy something online using a an online payment and that info can be in some crook’s data bank within seconds. Worse still they trade bundles of info on the dark net.

This is the dark side of the service economy so favoured by politicians who haven’t got a clue about driving real economic recovery.


They’ve found out about all that greenwash cash you got from the Bay mob for recycling your washing machine water down a 50ft drop onto a waterwheel !


I normally respond to such calls in Welsh. They soon slam the receiver down !