Funeral of John Barnard Jenkins 11.01.2021


On Monday I attended the funeral of the great patriot John Barnard Jenkins at Pentrebychan Crematorium, Rhostyllen, Wrecsam.

For obvious reasons, there weren’t many people there, just the family and a few loyal admirers. Including me. In fact, I think I was the only one there from the 1960s generation. God! I’m getting old.

I managed to take a couple of short videos on my mobile phone. I put these out on Twitter and it seems only right that they should also appear on the blog. So here they are.

The first shows the Cambria Band leading the hearse. John of course was a great influence on the band, helping Adam Phillips get it started.

Here’s the second video, which shows the coffin being taken from the hearse into the crematorium.

Although the family had asked for no wreaths I couldn’t help noticing as I left the crematorium a small wreath propped against a wall.

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The card, carrying the standard of Owain ap Gruffydd Fychan, ‘Glyndŵr’, reads:

“To John Barnard Jenkins (MAC),

With our utmost respect,

Unyielding admiration,

And absolute loyalty.”

   The September 16 Group

♦ end ♦


17 thoughts on “Funeral of John Barnard Jenkins 11.01.2021

  1. tony C

    hello. i am new here. was just wondering – and this might be a stupid question – does anyone know who the Sep 16 Group are ? (as referred to in a photo in JJ’s funeral above). Or is it top secret? thanks for any elightenment

    1. I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that September 16 is celebrated as Glyndwr’s Day, the date he is said to have raised the banner of revolt.

  2. Dafis

    Having maintained radio silence for over 2 weeks I am stirred to switch on again.

    This ban on political leafletting is yet another example of the underhand methods used by the ruling regime and their accomplices down the Bay to disadvantage minority parties. Oh says the prick who advocates this rule, this rule applies to all parties. But he deliberately avoids the point that using alternative channels costs money.

    Now Y Senedd can be utterly fair by allocating an equal budget to all parties to meet such expense, a set amount for each constituency and region. Thus a minority party running in 10 constituencies plus 3 regions would get a proprortionate handout compared with one of the bigger parties who would go for the full 40 + regionals. Of course it should then become illegal for parties to secure donations from wealthy backers for the purposes of mass communication. Or is that a touch too fair ?

  3. Dafis

    Gwlad’s tweet about Plaid and Greens is a funny old read.

    It says ” But at the same time, they see no risk of confusion at all between “Plaid Cymru” and “Plaid Werdd Cymru”, despite the green logo that the former had for many years.”

    Cut the Electoral Commission some slack, Gwlad. They are for once cute enough to see those parties as the 2 cheeks of the same arse, an ugly monstrosity that’s best identified by having 2 similar names.

  4. Dafis

    I realise that I’ve banged on a bit about the schisms within Scottish nationalism that threaten to seriously damage their cause. The attached article highlights the notion that while Boris and Co feed or fuel the momentum of the nationalist cause their own leaders are contriving to inhibit that momentum

    Worth a scan. The Spectator is a unionist loyalist mag but intelligent enough to smell whatever is in the wind. It’s almost as though they are now relying on the Scots to shoot themselves in both feet, as Boris doesn’t have a clue how to load and deploy any ammunition he might have. Funny old game is politics.

    1. Yes, I’ve read it. It’s well written. I just hope that the impetus for independence has gone too far to be pulled back by what is, essentially, a clash of personalities. It could never happen in Wales because we don’t have anyone approaching the stature of Salmond or Sturgeon.

  5. Dafis

    Neil McEvoy quite correctly questions in that tweet – “Growing food is non-essential? ” The dimwits who are feeding Drakeford a steady stream of on the hoof statements, otherwise known as “policies”, in the increasingly befuddled world that spins around Cardiff Bay are very active in churning out this kind of crap.

    It feeds the suspicion that big corporate retail would love to crush the instinct to grow your own as it suits them to fly in peas from Kenya and all sorts of fashionable fodder from remote corners to satisfy faddish demand patterns. Wokies can only eat expensive veggie type stuff that has loads of food miles attached. Perhaps they should spare a thought for the poor old natives paid coppers for working their butts off in harsh conditions. But they can’t as they are too busy focussing on a slavery regime that got eliminated 150-200 years ago.

  6. Dafis

    Has anyone yet seen a statement from any of the current crop of nationalist luminaries acknowledging the sacrifice made by John Jenkins ? Even if one of them did so with the caveat of not approving of violence I might find it acceptable because the peacenik trait has been quite prevalent in our nationalism from earliest days. Now I don’t pick up on Twitter other than in Jac’s tweet column down the right hand side of this page so I may have missed something. Any light to be shed ?

    1. To the people now running Plaid Cymru, and those doing most of the speaking for Yes Cymru, John Jenkins might as well be an embarrassment from the medieval past. Because these people don’t believe in the Wales John Jenkins believed in.

      Their Wales is not the home of a nation, it’s simply an area of land, the local front in a global conflict against traditional values. The concept of nationhood is anathema to them. (Not surprising seeing that so many of them have such shallow roots in our country.) This explains why many of them have jumped on the independence bandwagon. The Green Party of Englandandwales coming out for independence was the giveaway. They want independence so that they can control cultural discourse, the political agenda and the spending priorities.

      The Wales they want to bring into being may have less to offer ordinary Welsh people than rule by England. They want an independent country simply to provide and fund a platform for their virtue signalling. And anybody who complains that there are more important things to worry about will be condemned and silenced.

      1. Dafis

        Drakefors speaking to Shipton attacks Tories in Wales as “doormats” then goes on to say

        “Plaid Cymru, I think, has been different to that. Broadly, they have tended to support the thrust of Welsh Government policy. Understandably, they have differences of view on some aspects of it and they challenge the Welsh Government when they think it necessary.

        “I have felt that challenge comes at least from a shared understanding of the necessity of responding to this public health crisis with the seriousness it deserves.”

        Nice way of saying that he’s assured of their support if and when it comes to the crunch. He’s well aware that their bottle is well and truly gone. No point voting for them whenever the Senedd Election comes around. Vote McEvoy’s WNP or Gwlad whichever contests your patch. Dump Plaid and dump Labour. Tories will always have a hard core of Unionist Loyalist types which will win majorities in a small number of seats.

  7. Big Gee

    Seems to be the season for funerals. John will be sadly missed as a true son of the struggle for freedom. Another chapter closes in the book. It seems only yesterday that we remember him in his prime.

    Let’s hope we can raise a few more like him from the next generation of young patriots.

    That can only happen after we shake off this present evil attack on all of humanity. It’s ruined John’s funeral and my own mother’s funeral on the 6th of this month, along with so many others. These bastards who are orchestrating this evil will have to pay for their deeds – only then can we pick the sword of freedom back up for our own nation – Cymru.

    Diolch for that Jac.

  8. Wrexhamian

    Several of my extended family have their ashes at Pentrebychan. They have now been joined by a brave and committed son of Wales.

  9. Marc Roberts

    Diolch Royston. Ads has also posted a couple of videos on Facebook. A sad day – he was, without doubt, the biggest influence on my political views. Hearing him speak at Abergele in 1989, and having the opportunity to actually talk to him in Abergele some 8 years ago, will stay with me forever. Cwsg yn dawel John.

    1. I put it out on Twitter, but it took me a couple of days to remember that I hadn’t put it on the blog. I’m getting old. Some Malbec tonight will help.

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