Who Needs Democracy?



While the brothers in Cardiff Bay were fighting over the ashes of Carl Sargeant and positioning to succeed Carwyn the Untrustworthy, no one noticed that another struggle was bubbling away in deepest Ceredigion.

It started around the time of the last County Council election in May 2017, with the first rumblings over proposals for a women-only shortlist, which might have seen sister Dinah Mulholland and others being considered ahead of Ceredigion’s only Labour councillor, Hag Harris, who had served in both Liberal-Independent and Plaid coalition cabinets, building up a nice pension.

The experienced Harris succeeded in seeing off these early stirrings and secured his usual seat in the election, only to be shunned by the Plaid council leader this time round and left on the back benches. The council rumours appear to be that this was due to his opinions on the closure of Bodlondeb residential home; caught in a pincer movement between his previous role as cabinet member with responsibility for social services, which damned him in the eyes of the younger, Corbynite brothers and sisters who sought to exploit the home closure for crude political advantage.

Why would this Spartist superstar be interested in a care home in Aberystwyth? (click to enlarge)

After a lengthy public campaign over the closure of Bodlondeb, which saw the brothers and sisters exultant when Chavs author Owen Jones joined them on the streets of Aberystwyth to argue for public residential homes workers to be kept in a job no matter how much money was being lost, but the home still closed.

Though not before the (under siege) Plaid Cymru council leader was forced to turn to Labour’s favourite housing association, Wales and West, and agree to them having a 60 bed extra care facility on the prime development site where once had stood Plas Morolwg. This site had been gifted to W&W by the Labour Welsh Government when local association Tai Cantref was deliberately shafted by their lenders and hung out to dry.

Outline planning permission was swiftly pushed through, as it became clearer that the fifteen-years-in-the-planning alternative extra care scheme in Tregaron was hitting the rocks. So, the future looked bright, with Wales and West Housing moving back into Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and north Pembrokeshire, backed by certain friends within Ceredigion County Council.

Pretty soon afterwards, plans for lots of flats in Lampeter emerged as well, with proposals to demolish the old Ffynnonbedr primary school right in the middle of Hag Harris’s ward, backed with an allocation of Social Housing Grant from the Welsh Government, via the county council officer who likes to say “yes” to Wales and West.

You would think that Cllr Harris might have been pleased about this development – but no, alas, both he and other members of the Town Council were already aware of the lack of management of the existing Wales and West flats in the town, and the constant visits by the Police concerning drugs and damage to property. Could this be the Corbynista’s revenge?

Lampeter also being the place of work of the Dinah Mulholland mentioned above, where she supports the special students who, having gained their university place to do Egyptology or religious studies, with E or below A level grades, still need that extra bit of support.

Sadly, the drop in the number of students achieving even those grades has meant a surplus of student accommodation, and therefore empty private sector rented accommodation in the town, leading to an increase in second and third generation LSD hippies moving out of their caravans in Silian and into the unlicensed HMOs in the town.

The experienced Cllr Harris has at least stalled the planning consent for the Wales and West additional flats, whilst his Corbynista sisters in the Constituency Labour Party post on the Ceredigion Labour Facebook Page about Corbyn’s pledge to build 8000 new homes to take the homeless off the streets.

So, having given Wales and West a lift in Ceredigion, what next for the young revolutionaries? Well, social media is a young people’s game, and Cllr Harris and his ilk are not known to frequent those channels.

Dinah and her Aberystwyth university comrades came up with the next idea around January 2018, with the creation of a (quite sinister looking) new Facebook page called Ceredigion Tenants. As you can see, the page has a clenched fist profile picture and other leftist imagery, such as “eating the rich”. The intention is clear – to get down with the ‘tenants’ on Facebook, and encourage them to revolt!

More infantile Spartism (click to enlarge)

There have been encouraging posts about building more council housing (in a county that couldn’t look after what it already had) and what to do with rogue landlords and how tenants should form tenant unions. Plenty of promoting the posts of Shelter Cymru, most of whose senior staff are active Labour Party supporters, and make a living out of taking landlords to Court on the back of generous legal aid. All good stuff, churned out from their university-paid desks.

The Corbynistas soon latched on to a local issue with Ceredigion-based Tai Ceredigion, who had the audacity to suggest that some of their tenants should comply with the terms of their tenancy agreements, and not keep dogs or cats in flats, or accumulate weeks worth of their faeces.

How dare they! Surely it is the right of every tenant to do what they like, to allow their dog to bite the neighbours or housing association staff, and to dump cat litter over the balcony onto the one below. This local issue has nicely coincided by a new policy initiative from the Corbyn side of the party to propose legislation to give every tenant the right to keep a pet.

A browse through the newly established Ceredigion Tenants Facebook page will show dozens of posts in support of the tenants, many comments urging tenants to visit the local Shelter Cymru advice worker, and to seek legal aid to fight this great injustice of requiring them to adhere to the tenancy agreements that they signed. Petitions have been “organized” (sic) and promoted by Daren Howe, the local expert in change.org petition promotion.


Daren Howe: “Signed and shared several times, I have 3 large groups waiting to post this petition but it needs more detail and more bite, why is this happening?, who is it happening to?, what are the consequences if we don’t win etc.”

“3 large groups”! Where? Ceredigion? Chelmsford? Birmingham Central Constituency Labour Party?

Daren has now helped get the pet petition over the 2000 mark, by cross-posting to other Corbynista groups and animal rights activist networks – but with very few signatures from Ceredigion itself. Rumour has it that Daren himself has a bit of a history with a former council house he used to live in, before abandoning ship for a tenancy in Cardigan with those nice people at Wales and West.

Whilst it is clear who is behind the Ceredigion People’s Assembly from cross-postings of the pet ban petition made by members of Ceredigion Labour and from Ceredigion Tenants Facebook page, the brothers and sisters have been reluctant to be up front about it.

However, in one of the postings by the administrator of Ceredigion Tenants, Dinah Mulholland, reveals herself as one of the sisters behind the initiative:

Ceredigion Tenants I have given your names to Jess from ITV and Sian from BBC Wales. I suggested they make contact via this Facebook page. Hope that works. Let me know if not and I follow it up. Hope you are all OK. Dinah x”

“Ceredigion People”, it says, but there may be no genuine Cardis involved! (click to enlarge)

Obviously you won’t find many genuine Ceredigion people among the vegans and the green tea-drinking university sisters such as Dinah Mulholland, Jo Eastlake and Claire Risley.

Where next, eh? Maybe their new-found sister in Cardigan, Morvenna Dorita, will mount a takeover for Cardigan Town Council?

You heard it here first, folks, the revolution started with the comrades in Ceredigion.

♦ end ♦


JAC SAYS . . .

I am indebted to ‘Sister Sledge’ for this timely reminder of how the Labour Party extends its influence in the absence of a democratic mandate by using trade unions, campaign groups, charities, third sector bodies and, increasingly in Wales, housing associations.

Not forgetting how Labour activists exploit local issues such as the closure of the Bodlondeb care home in Aberystwyth and the pets ban in social housing flats. The sort of things Labour councils do everywhere but which only draw the ire of the comrades in areas that Labour doesn’t control.

Photo Keith Morris, click to enlarge

What’s happening in Ceredigion though may take things a step further because the sudden flurry of activity among the comrades – and perhaps more particularly, the comradesses – is done not just to extend the influence of their party, for I suspect that the faux outrage over the closure of Bodlondeb and the pets ban may serve a bigger agenda.

‘Sister Sledge’ mentioned Wales and West Housing, which I’ve written about many times. This is a Cardiff-based housing association now spreading like a virus across Wales with the help of the ‘Welsh’ Labour Government. It recently built new offices in Ewloe, Flintshire.

In its desire to take over as much of Wales’ social housing as possible and perhaps become the last – or the biggest – left standing after the inevitable reorganisation takes place Wales and West tries to gobble up everything in its path.

‘Sister Sledge’ made reference to Cantref, a housing association based in Newcastle Emlyn, which was undermined by the ‘Welsh’ Labour Government and then handed on a plate to Labour-controlled Wales and West. Cantref’s former properties are now run from Cardiff, and Welsh – the working language of Cantref – is treated as an irritating irrelevancy by Wales and West.

Forget Carwyn’s million Welsh speakers by 2050, the Cantref episode shows us ‘Welsh’ Labour’s real attitudes towards the Welsh language.

A neighbour of Cantref’s now being eyed by W&W, is Tai Ceredigion . . . ‘But wait!’ you exclaim, ‘isn’t Tai Ceredigion that wicked housing association that rips fluffy kittens from children’s arms and smashes their little skulls with lump hammers (the kittens not the children)? Yes indeedy.

Are you beginning to get the picture? For those of you still having trouble, let Jac lead you by the hand . . .

Ceredigion county council had on its hands an extremely pale pachyderm in the form of Bodlondeb, a drain on the public purse that could no longer be justified. Sensing a chance to manipulate public opinion and use it to expand in Ceredigion both ‘Welsh’ Labour and Wales and West Housing swung into action.

Ceredigion People’s Assembly was set up in August 2017, the foot-soldiers were organised and had a protest march on September 16th (Glyndŵr’s Day). A further rally was organised on November 4th which was attended by the saintly Owen Jones.

From Ceredigion People’s Alliance Facebook page

Result: Ceredigion council closes Bodlondeb but the bad publicity generated by Labour front organisation, Ceredigion People’s Assembly, virtually blackmails the council into allowing Labour-controlled W&W to build a replacement facility on the Plas Morolwg site.

Emboldened by that victory, the next target is Tai Ceredigion, and we see the same foot-soldiers form another Labour front organisation, Ceredigion Tenants, whose Facebook page sprang into life on January 11, just one day after Tai Ceredigion sent its letters about pets to the tenants of the Penparcau flats.

If all goes according to plan the ‘Welsh’ Government will hand Tai Ceredigion and its assets over to Wales and West Housing, as it did with Tai Cantref. And despite being consistently rejected by the electors of Ceredigion the Labour Party will have secured for itself considerable power in the county.

This is clearly a subversion of the democratic process, but it’s only what we should expect from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

One great irony is that because those involved with Ceredigion People’s Assembly, Ceredigion Tenants, and even the Labour Party, are English, what we see is a kind of hard left colonialism. 

Which should remind us that when it comes to English colonialism in Wales there’s no real difference between hard left and extreme right, though maybe the right is more honest about what it’s doing. 

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Liz Davies

Your blog is definitely my go to place for getting the unvarnished truth about what is happening in Wales. Diolch.

Anthony Herron (@Lampeterweather)

Hag RIP.

The Cyborg Siren

I am Morvenna Dorita, thank you for the mention Jac. Just for the record, I am a disability rights activist with DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) Ceredigion and I am an active member of Plaid Cymru. Please check our facebook page, DPAC Ceredigion, for more information on what we do. We work closely with CPA (Ceredigion Peoples Assembly) and our local MP Ben Lake. We welcome members from all political supporters and campaigners who fight for equality. DPAC Ceredigion, are not affiliated with any political party, we are a grass roots campaign group. Dinnah has shown her support for DPAC and joined us at protests in town for which we are most grateful for, and hope we can continue to work together and gain supporters as our group grows and helps people within our community on all disability issues.

Hope that helps confirm who I am.


Welsh Pagans and Welsh Catholics unite!


We did ok till that guy, born in the Palace of Placentia, who became addicted to Kentucky fried chicken and went on an ego trip. If Owain Glyndwr had suceeded where would we be now?

Such a great man, even the BNP tried to culturally appropriate our historical icon and devoted Catholic……


Digon yw Digon!

Have a great Dewi Sant day pawb…….


Despite the amount of condemnation of the treatment of rank &file members at Llanelli branch by Plaid H.Q’s senior officials there are still people around who happily endorse the “Command from above, centralist” style of the High Command.

Mussolini and Adolf would be proud of them. Has Leanne had a “let’s be Fascist” moment ?


Lest we forget…..

Brigitte Gabriel……..”Many people do not realise that Lebanon used to be the only majority Christian country in the Middle-East. We were open minded, we were fair, we had open border policy, we welcomed everyone into our country”.


Couldn’t we get this beautiful Christian lady to speak in Wales? I’m sure all the femenists in Wales wouldn.t disagree and I can imagine Leanne Wood getting really excited! The proposition might even get support from the Welsh Homosexual community – if they began to use their cognitive functions.


Digon yw Digon!


You don’t need Islam to create religious intolerance, you just need religion… look at your fellow ‘Christians’ over in the north of Ireland.

Religion has always been a favoured tool of colonial oppressors, ask yourself why Israel and the West prefer hardline Wahabist theocracies like Saudi Arabia to secular multicultural nations like Lebanon and Syria. They need people divided they can control the natural resources. If no ethnic or cultural division exists they will arm or ship in brainwashed religious nutters to create one or inflame an old one.

If we conflate Welsh independence with religious allegiance we are doing the oppressors work for them. The British state has worked hard to artificially conflate Irish republicanism with Catholicism, to the extent that people think you have to be Catholic to vote Sinn Fein when they are actually secular socialist party and many republicans are atheist or of other religions.

With Wales being the least religious country on these islands the British have used language to divide us instead, making many in the anglophone south east believe you have to be a Welsh speaker to support independence. Please Mr Origami, don’t give them a religious stick to beat us with as well!

People should be free to believe whatever medieval or iron-age fairy tales they want but the future Welsh republic should be secular, religion has no place in the state or public life, especially schools. Welsh kids of all religions and none should grow up together, learn together form attachments to each other. Look how integrated the historic Welsh Somali community of Bute Town in our capital city is. Welsh chapel kids celebrated Eid in the 1920s, or ‘Arab Christmas’ as they called it. That is what we Welsh do of our own accord, we are nothing if not communal and that makes me really proud of our country. If we are not united then there is no Wales!


Republicanism is another ideology which needs to be put on the back burner for now. anti-English Monarchy is one thing… that is who we are. Windsors are not our royals, their predecessors were not our royals either.

But the state our country is in today… that’s not down to the crown, that’s down to Westminster – a democracy. It maybe in the crowns name but lets not pretend those decisions were directly influenced by said crown. Yes they are paid to much i agree… but personally democratising the head of state is making a position which is divisive and part of the political process. Look at Trump and how divisive he is… and how in those divides other countries have crawled right up into the USA’s colon.

Democracy is the opposite to an autocratic monarchy no doubt… but so many times throughout history we’ve seen Republics become autocratic. Caesar being the obvious one… more recently Adolf Hitler. So I will leave you with this question… would Hitler have been able to gain such dominance had the German monarchy survived World War I? Not in the form of Wilhelm II obviously… as he was deeply unpopular… but his son maybe? Italy is an example where the Monarch was used to oust Mussolini – albeit a little late and his earlier support of fascism would lead to the end of the Monarchy… some say if Victor Emmanuel had abdicated at that point in favour of his son things may have been different.

The centre ground is Constitutional Monarchy. Checks and balances. Just not a Monarchy that is overpaid and overly extravagant. The Norse nations people all go on about = Constitutional Monarchies. Classed as most democratic in the world.

Nigel Stapley

Now here I disagree with you, although I agree that the form that the constitution of our state should take is a secondary matter compared to actually establishing that state in the first place.

The idea that anyone should be head of state without submitting to the mandate of the population is counter-democratic in the extreme. No-one should hold a position of such constitutional importance without such a mandate. And I don’t care if Ein Llyw Olaf came back from the dead and put himself forward for the job; I wouldn’t want him either.

And your arguments against a republican system are remarkably similar to BritNat monarchists saying, “We don’t want a President Blair!” “We don’t want a President Thatcher!”. Guess what? If you can vote on who gets the job, you won’t get the one you don’t want; it’s called Democracy. Monarchy (to rephrase an old movie publicity slogan) means never having a say – sorry!

And as for claiming Trump and Hitler are valid reasons for going against the idea of a democratically-accountable head of state; well, you are talking about executive presidencies. It needn’t be so, and two of the most respected political figures in Europe in the last 30 years – Mary Robinson of Ireland and Richard von Weizsäcker of Germany – were non-executive presidents. It all depends on how you formulate your constitution. As those and other examples demonstrate, it isn’t difficult to prevent hyper-ambitious populists from getting the job; or, if they do, it isn’t difficult firmly to curtail the potential damage they may do.


“The idea that anyone should be head of state without submitting to the mandate of the population is counter-democratic in the extreme.”

I think you’ll find a Constitutional Monarchy is not “in the extreme”. An Autocracy would be “in the extreme”. If the Monarch steps out of line they can be held accountable… as Edward VIII was, as I’m sure there are probably other instances where the government (the ELECTED representatives of the people) has stepped in.

“And your arguments against a republican system are remarkably similar to BritNat monarchists saying, “We don’t want a President Blair!” “We don’t want a President Thatcher!”.”

If they’re just saying they don’t want one particular individual or another then what I said is nothing like what “BritNat monarchists” say. What I am saying is that who ever takes that role whether non-executive or not their values and views represent the nation.

“Guess what? If you can vote on who gets the job, you won’t get the one you don’t want; it’s called Democracy.”

Not sure what you are trying to say here… in an election there’s always people who do not get the person they want and are therefor not represented by the head of state. Is that really democratic? That the head of state does not represent the entire nation? A Monarch does not represent the political ideals of the nation no (that’d be impossible as we all have different views so no one could truly represent us all in this fashion)… but it cannot be said that its not an embodiment of that nations identity – which is a great deal more inclusive of the populace.

“As those and other examples demonstrate, it isn’t difficult to prevent hyper-ambitious populists from getting the job; or, if they do, it isn’t difficult firmly to curtail the potential damage they may do.”

That’s not something you can actually prove though, is it? So I’d have to say that comment is bollocks sorry.

At the end of the day a career politician cannot be neutral. Democracy is by nature divisive and that will be exploited by our neighbours. Its not just autocrats we should fear – its a potential head of state that is too close to England with British ideas. Our head of state needs to represent Wales, all of Wales in the best way he or she can. If there are ways to curtail autocrats that sprout from Republicanism… how can you not reason that there are ways to curtail a Constitutional Monarch?

I do take that BritNat comment as a snide remark though. There is a wider world out there Nigel with other Constitutional Monarchies which are well respected – and some not so much. Same as governments – few autocratic ones out there (China) are also views with derision because its not the Democracy they one person on their high horse or another deems to be the correct kind. So the argument is not one exclusive to “BritNats”. The power is still in the hands of the people.

As I said Republicanism is not part of the movement… Gwynfor Evans expelled Republicans from Plaid. Anti-Monarchism is part of the movement. It tends to be those who are too British who get confused between the two. At the end of the day if none of whats left of ours do not join the cause at some point its really quite irrelevant anyway as we’ll have no choice but to be a Republic.

Nigel Stapley

“I think you’ll find a Constitutional Monarchy is not “in the extreme”.”

I said it was counter-democratic in the extreme, and it must be; it doesn’t permit of a democratic input to the choice of a head of state.

“If the Monarch steps out of line they can be held accountable… as Edward VIII was,”

Horse dust! David Windsor was only removed from the throne because of manoeuverings behind the scenes by Baldwin and others. Had he stuck to his guns, he couldn’t have been removed by anything less than a coup d’état. That isn’t satisfactory; it certainly isn’t democratic.

“What I am saying is that who ever takes that role whether non-executive or not their values and views represent the nation.”

And how is whether their values ‘represent the nation’ to be determined without the input of the 3 million or so members of that nation? Should it be done by invocations of Divine Right? Or would a game-show format suffice?

“it cannot be said that [a monarch] is not an embodiment of that nations identity”

Again, how is this to be determined without reference to the will of the nation?

“At the end of the day a career politician cannot be neutral.”

Who the hell says that an elected, non-executive president would have to be a ‘career politician’? It’s perfectly possible to, for example, devise a rule that no-one may be considered eligible for election to the presidency if they have been a member of a political party or grouping during the preceding five years, that they may not be a member of such a grouping during their term(s) of office, and that they may not be a member of, etc., etc. for five years after leaving the position.

You’ve assumed the position (taken for granted in public discourse on this subject in Greater England) that any president would have to be a politician at all.

“The power is still in the hands of the people.”

No it isn’t; how the hell could it be if the holder of the position never has to submit to election?

“As I said Republicanism is not part of the movement…[…] Anti-Monarchism is part of the movement.”

What the hell is the difference between them? Republicanism is anti-monarchism and vice versa. It’s a distinction without a difference. Monarchism is merely exchanging one form of serfdom for another without any say in the terms and conditions. That is why – irrespective of whether the throne is being warmed by the arse of Betty, FA-Cup Head or Balding Billy – we are ‘subjects’, denied the dignity of our proper status as citizens. And this, remember, under one of your ‘contitutional monarchies’!


“I said it was counter-democratic in the extreme, and it must be; it doesn’t permit of a democratic input to the choice of a head of state.”

Celtic Monarchy is elective – it used to shift between dynasties/different arms of the same dynasty.

“Horse dust! David Windsor was only removed from the throne because of manoeuverings behind the scenes by Baldwin and others. Had he stuck to his guns, he couldn’t have been removed by anything less than a coup d’état. That isn’t satisfactory; it certainly isn’t democratic.”

If you don’t think people like Churchill or Thatcher were pulling strings behind the scenes… I mean come off it… besides as you pointed out about a Constitutional fix to prevent autocratic leaders spawning from an elected head of state – can do the same to fix your issue here.

“And how is whether their values ‘represent the nation’ to be determined without the input of the 3 million or so members of that nation? Should it be done by invocations of Divine Right? Or would a game-show format suffice?”

You missed the point. Its impossible to have a figure elected or not who truly represents the entirety of the nation – not everyone will vote for the same person. If its an elected position it is political. If its a constitutional monarchy then that figure will at least reflect our shared identity.

“Again, how is this to be determined without reference to the will of the nation?”

Is what our identity is up for debate now? Is our language? A Tywysog was the very embodiment of the Welsh cause. Is that really something that’s up for debate? Do we pick and choose what parts of our identity best fit our contemporary political views?

“Who the hell says that an elected, non-executive president would have to be a ‘career politician’?”

If you elect a public figure they likely have views. If you elect a nobody… whats the point?

“No it isn’t; how the hell could it be if the holder of the position never has to submit to election?”

As I said above, and you pointed out about a constitutional block for over ambitious types. We can write it into the constitution that a particular monarch can be forced to abdicate. Job done. So this argument is ill thought out.

“What the hell is the difference between them? Republicanism is anti-monarchism and vice versa.”

Course it is… I’m anti-English Monarchy but I’m not a Republican. But as I said you’re looking at this through the British ideas of Republicanism based of the British perception and institution of monarchy rather than what our own can do for us. You see all those Owain Glyndwr flags? You see people gathering at Cilmeri? They are part of our identity. Now and forever.

Serfdom and being a subject is a narrative. As I said you’re basing all your views on the nasty pompf of the English monarchy and what its become rather than the value of a non-political position above our political divides.

They would hold no power, no one said people need to bow or whether there is protocol. They represent the national identity which isn’t something which the people decide democratically it just “is”. It provides a neutral voice.

I think we’ll have to agree to disagree though. But as I said… if neither family comes forward my argument is null and moot. If one does… I think yours might well be. I also believe having our own monarch will leave no question to our sovereignty and equal to England on the world stage… without the usual bloody rise of Republicanism


Cytuno yn llwyr- i dont have a problem celebrating st favid day, every country has a ssint’s day and its a grt excuss to fly the flag and promote our identity. The advent (sic) of the town parades is great stuff . But please dont bang on about A new Wales being some kind of utopian tarten afal family orientated Christian country- it smacks of American right fake evangalism- totally nuts


Some really interesting comments here Jac – I haven’t had time to read all the links and watch the video clips yet but I will. I notice that there’s a clip of Peter Hitchens – I don’t share his politics but he’s certainly a breath of fresh air on Question Time, it’s only worth watching when he’s a guest because he has an intellectual capacity that most of the other guests simply do not have. Virtually all other guests just spout a series of phrases which they obviously feel are obligatory – ‘we have to fight discrimination of all types…fighting stigma..hard working NHS workers who look after all of us…nurses going to food banks…more women needed in this sector’. Hitchens never resorts to this idiocy – I completely disagree with his view that cannabis is a dangerous drug sending the nation’s youth insane which he has believed for many years now, but apart from that Hitchens comes out with fresh original ideas and is not afraid to put the cat among the pigeons when the pigeons are spouting nonsense.

One of your clips above looks like it is of Julia Hartley-Brewer – a relentlessly right wing lady except that Julia does state constantly that the NHS needs more money. Julia’s dad is a doctor, so Julia actually knows as well as I do that for years the NHS has been riddled with research fraud, incompetence, negligence and frank corruption. Julia’s dad was one of the most highly paid people in Somerset and nurses are not half as badly paid as people believe they are, they are doing quite nicely. It is the healthcare assistants, porters, cleaners etc who are treated scandalously badly and their plight is ignored. But their unions are not as powerful as the BMA – the most powerful union in the UK – or the RCN, which simply issues photos of a nurse cuddling someone when they put in a pay claim. It usually works.

To Corbyn! I too thought that the spying allegations were farcical. When Corbyn et al were fomenting revolution in Islington, the biggest problem in politics was probably the Westminster Paedophile Ring – yes, it did definitely exist. I am not sure that children were killed for sexual pleasure as alleged by some, but victims and witnesses were killed to shut them up. There were MPs from across the political spectrum and some Whitehall mandarins who were abusing children in care, which were being supplied by criminal gangs who had infiltrated social services across the UK. Hotspots were north Wales, Islington, Lambeth, Richmond-Upon-Thames, Yorkshire and the North East of England. The gangs were linked and numerous children from inner London and elsewhere were sent to children’s homes in north Wales where they were groomed, abused and sent back down to London to work as prostitutes.

It was concealed – the security services assisted with that, because Thatcher’s friend and aide Peter Morrison was one of the paedophiles involved. Morrison was the MP for Chester and it has been admitted that he abused children in north Wales homes. Not only did Morrison have sensitive jobs – like being the Minister responsible for oil, which underpinned Thatcher’s administration – but whilst Morrison was molesting children in north Wales and Cheshire, Thatcher was conducting the diplomacy with Gorbachov as the Soviet Union crumbled. Thatcher’s position was prioritised above the lives of kids in care and witnesses – a lot of people were found dead and a firebomb killed five witnesses on one occasion alone.

Islington Council had a very, very serious problem – children were found dead and a whistleblowing social worker disappeared and was never seen again. A whistleblower who did survive to tell the tale, Dr Liz Davies, maintains that she personally told Jeremy Corbyn that there was a criminal gang at work. Jeremy did nothing although by then he was MP for Islington. Not only was Jeremy a member of a Health Authority down there when the NHS was concealing what was happening, but Jeremy was a member of Haringey Council. One of the facilitators of the North Wales Paedophile Ring threatened me, told me to get out of north Wales and never come back or I’d be arrested and fitted up for a serious crime and sent to Risley Remand Centre. At the time I was an MSc student at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London and during the term time I lived in Haringey. The man who threatened me – a consultant in north Wales – told me that he had links with Haringey Council and they knew where I lived. I thought that this was just more hot air. It wasn’t. There were two attempts to violently assault me in London and I now have documentation obtained by my lawyer demonstrating that the north Wales NHS and social services were stalking me. Two of my mates who were witnesses died in questionable circumstances and there was a serious attempt to kill another one.

Whoever the connection in Haringey was, Corbyn knew about them.

By the way, Jeremy Corbyn’s election agent Derek Sawyer was a business partner of Derek Slade, a paedophile who was imprisoned for sexual assaults on school boys.

Jeremy’s ex Diane Abbott was the PR officer for Lambeth Council when children in care were being molested – and sent on placement to north Wales.

If any spies ever made contact with Jeremy it will have been because of his knowledge about that barrel of crap, not his CND marches.

But Peter Morrison’s sex parties with little boys were so widely known about – as were those attended by Norman St John Stevas – that the KGB probably disguised themselves as ageing paedophiles and joined in, they wouldn’t need to have bothered with Jeremy. Or Ken Livingstone, who as leader of the GLC also knew what was going on.

As for the historic investigations into child abuse, including in north Wales and the police claims that witnesses don’t always come forward – we begged for help for 20 yrs and were threatened by the police officers themselves. Why the fuck are we going to respond to the hypocrisy now?

Of course, if the British state really wants to prosecute those responsible, no-one needs an historic investigation. All that needs to happen is for the security services to hand over their own material. We were all bugged, burgled and placed under surveillance – by the security services! So they’ll have heard those charmers who facilitated the north Wales gang threatening me on every occasion that they did it.


The Welsh Jews and Welsh Muslims or Welsh Atheists and Welsh Gays have every right to to form a political party of their own around their beliefs. That’s diversity for you.

What about a Christian Democratic Union?

What about whataboutery?

Digon yw Digon…………………..

…….and when we have enough we can take the Senedd and get rid of the Nihilist Cultural Marxists and start giving our children a decent education and decent values.We can give them traditional family values so as the Welsh nation doesn’t go the way of the Dodo.


Where to start with this…

Lets go back to your original post:

“Enough of this divide and conquer politics.”

As I said somewhere above – if you choose a religion icon you bring faith into the mix. Faith divides. Why pick a battle we don’t need to pick? But no wait you seem INTENT on division…

“The Welsh Jews and Welsh Muslims or Welsh Atheists and Welsh Gays have every right to to form a political party of their own around their beliefs.”

So what you’re saying here is “If anyone doesn’t like the idea of St. David as a spiritual leader they should form their own party” – divisional.

It’s not whataboutery if you make a statement about division and I point out the actual division your idea will propagate. That’s being smarter than you.

If we make Welsh Compatriotism about faith, gender or political belief we also make it about the divisions that comes with it. Which is where Plaid Cymru goes wrong. The only divide we seek is between Wales and England – therefor the only ideology we need embrace is being Welsh – if you are pro-independence this comes first before all else. Nothing else matters.

Faith and Liberalism broke Welsh Nationalism. Faith and religion was why Rhys ap Gruffydd chose his eldest legitimate son over his eldest son as Welsh law dictates. Faith and religion was why Llywelyn ap Iorwerth did the same. Wales has yet to recover from the effects of of religion.

No Gods. Only Man.

Nigel Stapley

This ^^^ .

As someone who has been, a) a nationalist, b) a republican, and c) an atheist for 40 of my 55 years (very enlightening year was 1977!), I would find it very difficult to support any party which waves a religious figure in my face and implies that if you don’t follow that particular symbol, then you are not ‘really’ Welsh; any more than I could support someone who waves, for instance, ‘whiteness’ at me and claims that unless you are white, you can’t really be Welsh.

What the mysterious Mr Origami (and I’ve seen that handle somewhere before on another politics blog, but I can’t remember where at the moment) seems to be advocating is the sort of sectarian bollocks which has, in turn, poisoned Ireland and the West of Scotland during the last couple of hundred years. Indeed, we too had until recent times a strain of virulent anti-Catholicism (which was one reason why Saunders Lewis got little traction, and was also why the comedian Jimmy Casey had to change his name to Jimmy James when performing in Swansea).

As you say, CUD, the only division we need to emphasise is that between the people of Wales (defined as being all those living here – irrespective of religion, race, or even general political preferences – who have genuine commitment to and/or goodwill towards our nationhood) and the English colonial state and its servants in our country.


I have expressed an interest in the new party, but if it’s going to take an ethno-religious direction, as a left-leaning secular Welsh republican of mixed ethnic origin I would find myself being excluded. Bringing such divisions into a fledgling movement is political marmite, at best misguided and at worst willful sabotage of what initially seemed a promising political development for our country.

One aspect of Wales that makes me proud to be here is that, unlike the other nations of the isles, we alone have no state religion. This we should use as a basis to free ourselves of other bullshit historical and colonial baggage like race and class.

These social constructs are the bars on our prison cell window, the psychological chains that restrict us, keep us divided and continually conquered. Talk about Stockholm syndrome!

I want to live in a truly free Wales, an exemplar to the modern world. The way out of our colonial status is in via the future not the past.

Gruff Williams

Odd on these pages to praise a Council but Ceredigion is one of the best in Wales (though housing was not its best service). Very complex issues about the home closure but the bottom line was that this home did not meet modern standards of room size/facilities, the problem with many campaigners is that they conveniently ignore this fact, or say its a caring home, so what. I do feel that councils should retain a significant number of their own places because of the instability of the private sector and the opportunity it gives for local people to get jobs, training and upward mobility. Some of the better English councils have opened new homes for these reasons.

Sister Sledge’s post reflects my experience, the sudden and unwelcome experience of Momentum supporters taking over the Labour Party, branch by branch. There are a number of rural Labour Councillors who have hung on by sheer hard work and tenacity who face challenges from this group. Momentum are either a. older leftists sitting comfortably on their pensions or b. Blow ins As soon as Momentum gets control of a Council they will find the same problems defying easy solutions and will have to set a legal budget. Many branches are so unpleasant that ‘reasonable’ people have withdrawn. I do feel that if we had not treated younger people so badly in the last 25 years, we would not have these problems.


Talat Chaudhri, Research Officer at UKOLN….


UKOLN ceases operations!

It is with regret that we have to announce the cessation of UKOLN activity at the University of Bath.


Oh well the grants dried…..


…time to move on to greener pastures…….

Calls for more refugees to come and live in Ceredigion……


Talat Chaudhri describes himself on Twitter as a “British Punjabi socialist” and reading his Tweets is Jacob Rees-Moog basher and get’s support from David Lammy.

Is the defunct Punjab Socialist Party now planning a revival in Ceredigion?


Is it time for Welsh people to call for PARTITION?

We must be realistic and give up on the myth of Y Mab Darogan

It is time now for us all to stand behind our national spiritual leader.

Enough of this divide and conquer politics.

We must unite, stand behind our leader and be strong.

Victory will prevail………let’s fly our baner Dewi Sant with pride this March 1st 2018 ….and say enough is enough.


Behind a spiritual leader? What about those of us who are atheist (the NEW non-conformism)? Or Welsh-Muslims? Or Welsh-Jews? Or an array of other religions I know nothing about? How do they fit in behind a Christian religious symbol?


You trying to be inclusive ? C’mon this is at the root of the current Plaid Cymru problem. Sucking up to all newcomers and fancy ideas regardless of merit. The challenge is to get more of these incoming people to respect and value the fact that they are in Wales by integrating. Sure thing, Jews, Moslems, Hindis even English and EU’s are welcome but FFS they got to make more effort to merge. That merging process will change us too but not to the extent caused by the current Anglo Brit homogenization process. Right now most of our newcomers are here because they want to be little Englishfolk and see Wales as the western stub of England.


Very reasonable indeed as long as everything is done to their liking. Just ask something like …..”…and how are you getting on with Welsh lessons”, or…. “why are you changing the name of your house from Maes y March to Pleasant View”, and the old defensive shield goes up first followed quickly by most well thought out assertions like “none of our friends can understand it” or “the old name is so difficult to pronounce or spell”.

Oh dear me, best fuck off and live in U.S.A or somewhere similar where your AngloBrit supremacist view is likely to be well received.


Plaid Cymru panders. I’m not suggesting Welsh Compatriotism panders to to anything. I’m saying religious faith is irrelevant. If St.David becomes a central figure it brings religion and all its divides with it. Why pick a division we don’t have too?


Got fed up of all the nasty undertones people apply to the word “nationalism” and I think with Brexit those undertones are easily going to become overtones. I jokingly called myself a Compatriot (off the meaning of Cymry) and I liked it so I try to keep using it.

Sounds inclusive, sounds positive. Sounds better.


I agree with you that religion is or should be irrelevant, but St David is one of several historic figures that contribute to identity along with Glyndwr, the Llewelyns, sundry other princes and chiefs and a thread of more modern leaders and thinkers. Just happens that St David was a card carrying rock cake, but there again back in his time there wasn’t that many sects to choose from. Cymru had begun to move away from the old Celtic gods ( on the surface anyway ) and it would be a long time before a serious fragmentation of the Western Christian church. Indeed given the poor communications of the time it’s quite amazing how strong the grip of the Roman church was despite the demise of the Empire.

But I digress. The Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Greens etc etc should find it easy to fall in and honour such a symbol and there may come a day when we shall also fall in and honour a hero of their faith or beliefs who does something quite memorable for our little country. To date the Jews have made honourable contributions, maybe because they been here longer than most of the others. If any of these peoples find it in themselves to join our very open nation rather than join the AngloBrit presence they will give themselves scope to be influencers on the longer term identity of the Welsh.


Saint David also represents Christian values and traditions which we share with the rest the Anglofied world. Our working class nationalism got hijacked by Labour, our anti-Monarchism got hijacked by Republicanism, our middle class nationalism got hijacked by ________. We need to bring things that emphasise our differences to the forefront – especially those which emphasise us being unique… not causes that can easily be used as common ground for other movements.

Don’t disagree with your sentiment but I think Glyndwr, Rhys or the Llywelyn’s are easier to use.


Re: Jeremy Corbyn – a mainstream [Scandinavian] social democrat…..

“From his style to his policies Mr Corbyn would, in Norway, be an unremarkably mainstream, run-of-the-mill social-democrat” Yes!…. run of the mill and unelectable………..


Below: a little more balanced a context……

“Labour sinks into a post-election ‘crisis”…..


“Labour movement loses its steam”….


If the Left in Norway think that Corbyn is mainstream, no wonder the Norwegian electorate voted for the Right!


Lot of us in Wales, of a variety of “persuasions” had some liking for Corbyn because he disturbed the equilibrium when he unexpectedly won the U.K. Labour party leadership first time out. In the second contest he was opposed by the odious Smith so once again it was Corbyn against some nasty “corporate machine” and thus the much lesser of two evils. I remain somewhat grateful for him pegging back that bunch of tossers that wanted to continue with the Blairish tone of duplicious nonsense.

Now that particular episode is behind them (and us) there is no need any more to accord Corbyn any kind of elevated sainthood or similar status. He continues the rich vein of Anglo Brit disdain for Wales and anything remotely Welsh, except of course when it comes to grabbing votes, using a slightly different tune loaded with the usual dated pseudo socialist crap about making more of our similarities and reducing the points of difference. Sadly there are politicians in Wales outside of the Labour clique that fall for that kind of patter as it harks back to some “better times and values” that I can’t remember at all, at all! No doubt Leanne and her courtiers can help with suitable directions.

Tim Saunders

Two points:
1. Re Corbers’ alleged James Bond stuff: the burden of proof in respect of any accusation lies with the accuser. Nobody (except, we may hope, some of the Fruitcake Right) is holding their breath in expectation.
2. Talat Chaudhri, amongst his many other attainments, is one of the mist interesting Cornish poets of his generation. Many of us hope that he will, while not neglecting his onerous duties as an elected public representative, soon give us again the benefit of his remarkable talents.g



During the ‘Soviet Era’ the spying operation from the eastern block concentrated on gaining intelligence on technology, military and economic targets. This means that Corbyn was out of the frame, because at the time he was nowhere near the leavers of technology, power, or influence. Also, the method used was blackmail, bribery and fear and Corbyn was not available to any of these methods. The Czechoslovac connection is a concocted fantasy by some newspapers to flog copy to the thick English twats who buy these papers. He met a minor diplomat in London over lunch, what did he hand over? A copy of the Islington Gazette and recipie for a feta cheese salad?


For one thing Jac, repeating the slur against Corbyn is just a little beneath you, don’t you think? It’s been quite eloquently debunked by several commentators that it would be extremely unlikely that a back bencher would know anything about information of a sensitive nature regarding state security, and the Czech spy involved has been described as a fantasist. Said Czech spy is even down on record, (Czech state archives/former Czech security records) as having met Corbyn on a Saturday when he, (Corbyn) was away at an event. Surely the spy was covering his arse, as, no doubt he has to justify his continued presence in the decadent west to his bosses back home in Prague.

And why, oh why do you continue to peddle the nonsense that Corbyn and the Labour Party are ‘hard left’? You’d be laughed out of court if you tried to make that claim in Norway, or anywhere else in Scandinavia for that matter. Anywhere outside of demented Britain or the USA with their seriously skewed mindsets, Corbyn would be regarded as a pretty mundane,middle of the road social democrat. That being the case, where do you think you’d stand in relative terms Jac? AfD? This article gives a little more balanced a context: https://www.opendemocracy.net/can-europe-make-it/jonas-fossli-gjers/jeremy-corbyn-mainstream-scandinavian-social-democrat

When it comes to tenants and pets in flats etc, housing associations and other social landlords have form when it comes to sudden blanket imposition of rules that they’ve suddenly either made up, or have dredged from polices that they have not operated for years, often decades. In many social housing situations it has become standard practice to only intervene when there are specific problems caused by those with pets. Such impositions are, in my substantial experience, down to some jumped up bureaucrat trying to prove how strict they are in controlling the ‘lower orders’ in order to gain brownie points whilst attempting to climb the slippery pole of Third Sector careerism. Whilst I can understand your opposition to the blowins attempting to hijack the issue for their own nefarious purposes, surely you can see that you could make yourself less than popular with those people threatened with losing their pets. I’d have thought that you’d have been more on the sides of the tenants – all your approach does is perhaps make people more likely to turn to the Dinah Mulholland’s of this world. I do hope that your attitude to people like housing association tenants isn’t a portent of what is to come from the Plaid Newydd.

About the only point on which you and I agree is on the colonialism of the Labour Party in Ceredigion, and maybe their rampant Englishness/Britishness, but the notion that they are in any way ‘hard’ left is risible, and does your credibility no favours, as it’s pretty much the same kind of hysterical nonsnse being screamed by the likes of the Daily Mail, the Express and the Sun. I know you describe yourself as some kind of conservative. but I didn’t have you down as being of the ilk of the odious, and proto-fascist UKIP or the more lunatic fringe of the Tory party.


Well, given that Tony Blair is a Tory it’s hardly any wonder that Corbyn ain’t TB! And I guess that it’s all relative, as I pointed out, (or at least attempted to) it’s only in the skewed context of US and UK politics that Corbyn could be seen as ‘hard left’. His proposals would seem mild indeed in comparison to Labour policy of the 60s or 70s, and even then the party could only really be described as social democratic. Okay, so they nationalised many industries, but then so did the Tories, and just to give some balance, so did de Gaulle in France, and in no way could he be described as left wing or ‘commie’.

I think my views on what Wales and West and their ilk are well known enough from my previous comments, and suffice to say that it’s pretty disgusting, but why hasn’t this been made more of? The activities of Cymuned in the past have shown that opposition can be mounted, and gain popular momentum, and I’m sure that issues such as the importation of England’s social misfits can also be addressed in a similar manner. As for showing support for pet owners as somehow undermining the fight against the bigger picture, then it just shows that this kind of thing is working – the bigger picture and the pets issue are quite separate, and are the equivalent of ‘oh look, a squirrrel’ and need to be called out as such, perhaps then latching on to an issue of particular concern to the tenants, and then perhaps latching on to the lesser concerns that are seething there just below the surface. There is no need whatsoever to ignore Wales and West’s record.

Andy Williams

Tony Blair was not a tory. Supporting free enterprise and free markets doesn’t mean you are a tory.

Incidentally, When he fell out with the NEC circa 2007, he stomped off shouting “You’ll have to find someone else to deliver the middle class vote”. Reality was the exact opposite – what is the proper working class (lower end of C1 with C2, D & E) has predominantly voted Tory for the last three elections in ever greater numbers. Labour’s increase last year seems to be almost exclusively middle class and have come from disaffected LibDems and young metropolitan graduates. But not the established working class. Labour is now an urban, middle class party – certainly not a working class one.

Tony Blair was many things to many people – but he was not a tory. In fact he was very ‘in line’ with the opinions, beliefs and desires of the ordinary working man. That’s why he kept winning.



I’ve just set up an OwenJonesophobic facebook site. Anybody else who can’t stand his nauseous demeanor is welcome to join.


How blue pilled can anybody from the socialist lunatic community be?………..


….by the way, Owen Jones has a cat called Keir Hardie and his neighbours below his flat have a mysterious problem with sodium bentonite on their balcony which they have to keep brushing away!

We should lobby his Obscureness, the Prif Seneddwr, to initiate a debate in the Senedd on having Border Security for Wales just to keep Owen Jones out!

Dafydd Ladd

Despite lack of sympathy for Corbyn I do object to him being labelled a ‘communist spy’. That lie comes from Tory propaganda and there is plenty of real stuff to dig at without resorting to lies which detract from the authenticity of the article.


“useful idiot” was the term used to summarise Communist intelligence services view of Corbyn. While not making him a full blown spy it’s pretty damning as he would be expected to collaborate if there was a major invasion or similar event.

Dafydd Ladd

Just look at his record during the Czech uprising. Only 4 MPs supported and he was one.

Dafydd Ladd

1989 to 1990 aka Velvet Revolution

Dafydd Ladd

Well the Tory pig who started the lie withdrew it when challenged, made an unreserved apology and paid money into a charity. The same tactic was used against Wilson, Kinnock, etc. Being an asshole like the latter does not make a spy. That was reserved for those who were Tories- see history, defections or like Blunt made full confession. As said there are enough facts to use and thus be credible.

Dafydd Ladd

Just happened to be a Tory. But yes does insult pigs.


“Well the Tory pig who started the lie withdrew it when challenged.”

The allegations about Corbyn came first from former Czechoslovakian spy, Ján Sarkocy. Now what or who prompted him to make them is a good question. Decent Guardian article about those revolutionary times here.


My own opinion, for what it’s worth, is Corbyn was never clever enough to be a spy.


probably scared of his own shadow, poor bugger. To be a real long term foreign agent the personality would need to have developed with a deep seated hatred of the nation and a willingness to be ruled by the “other power”. Corbyn doesn’t have that, he just got carried away by the theory of an equal,classless society, got sucked into thinking E.Europe was heading that way ( blinkered or what ?), hated what he perceived as the ruling class ( Tories & their lackeys) but would still have created a differently constituted ruling class if his lot ( Labour and lackeys ) got into power. Bit of a quandary really, fighting a class war only to have another class structure at the end of it. Smacks of “my class is better than your class” which is probably why I dislike pseudo socialist class warriors as much as toffee nosed twats. They are much the same really, spending their time telling us how we should live our lives.

Keep your weapons oiled and clean, just in case.


I feel I should point out Jac, that Talat Chaudhri is a nationalist councillor who supports independence, and is regularly scathing about the type of people you’ve described above, who decry colonialism except when they’re doing it themselves in Wales. Other than that, a fantastic (and much needed) article, but seriously, Talat is one of the good guys.


(For some reason a number of the personal Facebook links provided are closed to me. I am wondering if those named are already running shy, as we’ve seen before?)

Enjoyed that read about Wales’ wild West, but I am a little confused. It seems to me that there is not to be a
blanket ban on pets, as misleadingly suggested by Daren Howe’s petition. The Tai Ceredigion letter refers to a ban on dogs, and therefore I assume that by omission, budgies, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, rats, snakes and even pot-bellied pigs may still be allowed? This seems discriminatory to me and I’m surprised one of Corbyn’s stormtroopers has not twigged this yet and brought a case all the way to the European Courts to get this outrageous treatment of man’s best friend reversed.

But seriously, I have every sympathy for most good owners having to get rid of their dog in these flats or homes if the landlord has previously turned a blind eye. The trouble is, as we all know, not all people who keep dogs are fit to be responsible for themselves, let alone a sentient animal. They get a dog for totally the wrong reason, don’t train it, don’t socialise it, don’t look after it, then take umbrage if someone complains about its mistreatment or because it bites someone. Pretty soon the furry, four-legged beast is as feral as its spotty, greasy-haired, lager-swilling, useless (Labour supporting?) owner, and everyone’s upset and complaining. I’m not one of these that would say there are never any bad dogs, only owners, but my experience in too many cases is just that.

Finally what this article again shows to me is that the more I learn about Corbyn’s Promised Land, the closer I get to working out an escape plan for me and my family. The Lunatics are getting ever closer to taking over the Asylum.


Stan, you have a very valid point when you describe the kind of irresponsible dog owner. You’ve of course exaggerated somewhat, as your caricature is a bit OTT, but it’s pretty much on message. However, voting Labour would be a little too community minded, don’t you think, in the case of this kind of person? People so devoid any sense of sociability tend not to vote for anyone, except maybe UKIP or BNP/NF