Corruption in the wind 2, Labour snouts in the trough


In November 2018 I published Corruption in the Wind? I suggest you read it to get the background to what’s written here. You might notice that for this report I’ve dropped the question mark used in the original piece.


That earlier piece (plus updates) was about Hendy wind farm south of the hamlet of Llandegley, which is a few miles east of Llandrindod, and just off the A44.

The planning application was rejected by the council in May 2017. There was an appeal by the developers, and the council’s decision was upheld by a Planning Inspector in May 2018.

That seemed to be the end of the matter.

But, then, in October 2018, Lesley Griffiths, the ‘Welsh Government’s Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, suddenly and unexpectedly overturned that decision.

This led to developers cutting all sorts of corners in their rush to get one turbine erected before the end of January 2019, in order to beat OFGEM’s accreditation deadline for onshore wind subsidy hand-outs.


As Julie Andrews trilled in The Sound of Music – a movie I manage to avoid every Christmas! – “Let’s start at the very beginning”.

The planning application for Hendy wind farm was received by Powys County Council in July 2014. From Hendy Wind Farm Ltd through agent Cunnane Town Planning of Manchester. Among the directors of Hendy Wind Farm we find Steven John Radford.

To guarantee himself another slice of the Hendy pie Radford had set up two weeks earlier Njord Energy Ltd, with his wife as the other director. They describe themselves as ‘environmental consultants’.

Here’s the plan that accompanied the planning application. The A44, heading roughly north west to Crossgates, forms the eastern boundary.

Click to enlarge

In the early days of this project we were also looking at the involvement of U + I Group PLC, which seemed to be the controlling force behind everything.

As I wrote in ‘Corruption in the wind?’ “A curious beast, U and I. It was known as Development Securities plc until 5 November 2015. And on the very same day a previous incarnation of the U + I Group Ltd changed its name to Development Securities Ltd.”

Development Securities (No 71) Ltd was the original name of Hendy Wind Farm Ltd until April 2012; so you have to wonder what it had been doing in the 27 months between the name change and submitting the planning application.

In fact, companies changing or exchanging names is quite common among those we’re dealing with. Why do they do it? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Though confusing the curious must be one possibility.

Here’s a table I’ve put together in which I try to show, in chronological order, when various individuals and companies became involved. You will probably find it easier to use the pdf version with the company names serving as hyperlinks.

My attempt to set out the companies and the individuals involved with the Hendy wind farm. Click to enlarge

In addition to the web of interlinked companies I mention here, also involved are companies under the Parabola banner, also based at 20 Primrose Street, London. But there are so many others . . . It really is a maze.

Those I mentioned in the original piece seem to have been joined recently by a new set of players. As if one team has been responsible for getting planning permission and now, that achieved, another team will take over.

That is certainly what is suggested on page 6 of the Annual Report for the U + I Group. Where we see that Hendy Wind Farm is lined up for sale. You’ll also see Rhoscrowther wind farm mentioned. Which is strange.

Originally there were three wind farms planned by U + I, each with its own company. (All covered in ‘Corruption in the wind?’) Bryn Blaen, near Llangurig, went ahead relatively straightforwardly, and has now been sold. Hendy you’re reading about here, and then there was Rhoscrowther.

Rhoscrowther wind farm was planned for the Milford Haven Waterway. The county council vetoed it, a planning inspector agreed, ‘Welsh Government’ accepted that decision, and it even went as far as a High Court hearing when the investors wouldn’t accept those decisions.

My understanding is that the Rhoscrowther project is dead. So why does it appear as an ongoing project in U + I’s annual report? Which appears to suggest that the application will be submitted again. But why expect a different outcome? Do those involved know something we don’t?

Image: U + I Group PLC. Click to enlarge

Quite obviously, U + I cannot maximise its profit from Hendy until the sale is completed, and for that to happen there are still a couple of hurdles to overcome. With niceties to be observed.

A recent letter from Steven Radford to the County Council asks for some irksome conditions to be lifted. Specifically, Condition 38 of the planning permission, which relates to bats and birds. The council of course agreed, with worrying alacrity.

A remarkable document this. Tantamount to a wind farm developer admitting that wind turbines kill birds and bats, something that’s usually denied.


For those of you for whom Aneurin Glyndŵr means nothing, let me explain . . .

Back in the early part of 2009 a bright lad in the Labour Party launched a website attacking his party’s political opponents. The site’s name cleverly linking the names of Labour icon Aneurin Bevan and national hero Owain Glyndŵr. As background music it even employed Tom Jones’s Delilah.

How we laughed!

But it all came unstuck and caused the bruvvers considerable embarrassment. First Minister Rhodri Morgan was particularly irked because Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones had been portrayed as a clown. In normal circumstances this wouldn’t have mattered, but Labour was in coalition with Plaid Cymru at the time.

The website itself has long disappeared into the ether, but this old blog will give you a flavour. Though the Aneurin Glyndŵr Twitter account lives on. As does another account using the name that seems to have no connection with Wales.

Now the bright young thing behind Aneurin Glyndŵr was David James Taylor. He’d first came to public attention in 2004 with another website, this one attacking Labour rebel Clare Short. Remember her?

In the first article I linked to you’ll see mention of Peter Hain and Alun Davies. Taylor had worked as an advisor to Hain when that Son of Africa was Secretary of State for Wales. While I’m not aware of any connection between Davies and Taylor, Anna McMorrin, Davies’s partner, had been a lobbyist working for those behind Hendy and other wind farms.

She’s mentioned in my spreadsheet thingy in April 2017.

In 2016 Taylor stood for the post of North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, losing out in the second round to the Plaid Cymru candidate Arfon Jones. These PCC elections were held at the same time as the elections for the Welsh Assembly and here’s a picture of Taylor out canvassing for . . . well, bless me! – he’s canvassing for Lesley Griffiths, who shocked us all by giving Hendy Wind Farm Ltd planning permission in October 2018.

From the 2016 Assembly election campaign. Click to enlarge

So maybe it’s no surprise to learn that Taylor now has his snout in the wind farm trough. Where he acts as path-smoother for developers.

Those involved in the campaign to protect this beautiful area tell me that Taylor is now handling ‘community liaison’ for the developers . . . but there’s little or no liaising. Yet somehow reports are still submitted!

Taylor is also said to be busy trying to revive the Rhoscrowther project. Who would he need to influence to achieve that?

Whatever he’s doing, the network of interlinked and shape-shifting companies he’s involved with seem to value his contribution enough to have let him join the gang at Grayling Capital LLP.

Taylor has also been slipped a few shares at Windward Enterprises Ltd, some in his own name and some in the name of his company, Moblake Associates Ltd.

I’m sure his new friends have high hopes for David James Taylor, because they plan more wind farms and other developments in Wales.

Another Labour insider now involved is Daran Hill of lobbyists Positif.

This company is acting on behalf of Grayling Capital – where David Taylor is a (non-designated) member – and Bute Energy Ltd, a company set up earlier this year and owned by Windward Enterprises Ltd, the company in which Taylor has shares.

To give you a flavour of the interconnectedness I’ve referred to, Windward Enterprises is owned by Windward Global Ltd, and all shares in Windward Global are held – at the time of writing! – by Oliver James Millican.

Millican is one of the new boys on the block. He is invariably accompanied by Lawson Douglas Steele and Stuart Allan George. They either use the Primrose Street address in London, or the New Town address of the Edinburgh Solicitors’ Property Centre Ltd.

Office of ESPC, 90A George Street, Edinburgh. Click to enlarge

I suggest that this Scottish involvement may have brought with it a better understanding of devolution, and an appreciation of the need for contacts with influence at the highest local level.

Which would of course explain the involvement of McMorrin, Taylor and Hill.

I contacted Daran Hill by Twitter DM yesterday, hoping he’d contribute, but he seemed a bit, well, guarded. And when I asked if he had contact details for David Taylor, his reply surprised me.

Click to enlarge

Why would Taylor need a lobbying firm?

Though Taylor and Hill have known each other for a while. Taylor had a company called Leckwith Ltd, which he’d formed in November 2011. On 1 January 2018 Taylor left and Hill arrived. The company was dissolved 5 February 2019.

A company not much more than a shell, so I can’t understand why Taylor didn’t just go for voluntary liquidation. Does it look better on his record that somebody took it over?

Another, rather bizarre connection, between Taylor, Hill and Lesley Griffiths is the late Carl Sargeant, who committed suicide in November 2017, shortly after being sacked as Secretary for Communities and Children.

Hill claimed to have been Sargeant’s best friend at the time of his death. Taylor was also a close friend. Both are mentioned in this report from the inquest. Lesley Griffiths was on the train to Cardiff with Sargeant to attend the meeting with First Minister Carwyn Jones at which he was sacked.

All seemed to take the anti-Carwyn Jones line following Sargeant’s death. Though Griffiths was kept on, and even took over Sargeant’s post, which might be interpreted as accepting a proffered olive branch.

Then, as we saw in a picture above, Taylor was canvassing for Griffiths in 2016. And as far back as 2012 Hill was sticking up for a beleaguered Lesley Griffiths.

They do seem to help each other out.


Lesley Griffiths over-ruled the planning inspector in October 2018 even though nothing had changed in the five months since the planning inspector delivered his judgement – which Griffiths had accepted.

So why did Lesley Griffiths do it?

Maybe the investors hoping to make millions from Hendy wind farm lobbied friends in London. This resulted in Griffiths being ‘leaned on’.

Then again, maybe the lobbying, and the ‘leaning’, was done in Wales.

Wherever it was done, the developers knew what was going to happen, and this explains why they were on site three days before Lesley Griffiths wrote to the developers’ solicitor to tell him she’d decided to over-rule the planning inspector.

Anyone arguing that I’m wrong about the lobbying should come up with a plausible explanation for Lesley Griffiths’ intervention, and for the prescient surveyors.

She certainly didn’t wake suddenly one night and shout, “Gary, love, I’ve had a vision, and a voice said to me . . . “.

No, she was wide awake, and the voices she heard were more familiar to her.

Surveyors on site at Hendy wind farm 3 days before Lesley Griffiths wrote to developers’ solicitor telling him that she was overturning the planning inspector’s decision. Click to enlarge

Hendy wind farm isn’t the end of the story. It’s not the end of anything. It could even mark the start of Wales sinking to new lows of corruption, that will see companies from outside the country use local influencers to get their way and screw the rest of us.

Through lobbyists and others that are unregulated and unregistered. The fault of a cronyist Labour Party; as this brilliant essay by Matt Smith puts it:

“The Welsh Labour establishment recruits networked left-wing careerists. Of their 29 AMs, 24% worked on the party payroll (as Labour advisers or staffers), 21% worked for third sector organisations, 21% worked in the media and 14% worked for trade unions or a union-affiliated law firm before being selected. Only two fifths of Welsh Labour AMs did not work in professional politics or associated sectors.”

Which is music to the ears of those Taylor and Hill now work for, because the new boys from Yr Hen Ogledd, have further plans for Wales. They formed three new companies as recently as 29/30 April.

In addition, talks are underway with landowners across the A44 from the Hendy site. Which means that the Three Amigos and their Welsh recruits could do very well for themselves in the years ahead.

But what about the rest of us?

In ‘Energy Wales: A Low Carbon Transition‘ we are told about the ‘community benefits’ of renewable energy, and the ‘community-owned’ projects – but where are they?

Take a look at the companies and individuals involved at Hendy, Pen y Cymoedd and other wind farms. The only Welsh beneficiaries seem to be Labour Party insiders like Anna McMorrin, David Taylor, and Daran Hill. Possibly Lesley Griffiths.

And of course, the landowners. For wind turbines are to energy generation what caravan parks are to tourism – they provide no jobs, they put little money into the local economy, and the only real beneficiaries are the landowners who have the turbines or caravans on their land.

Which exposes Labour’s position, yet again, as vacuous, virtue-signalling bollocks.


Certain persons in London long ago decided that Wales would take an unfair and disproportionate number of wind turbines in order to protect the vistas of the New Jerusalem.

Taffy doffed his cap, shuffled his feet, and mumbled, “Oh! tidy, mun.” For this diktat could be repackaged as saving the planet. With more sugar added to the pill by promising jobs and community benefits, with free rides for children and pensioners – as outlined in ‘Energy Wales: A Low Carbon Transition’.

I suggest that because covering Wales with wind turbines was a gift for a party with no economic strategy beyond throwing money at shysters while integrating eastern parts of the country with adjoining areas of England and encouraging tourism to ethnically cleanse areas further west.

All that was needed then to implement the cunning plan was persuadable landowners and complaisant councillors. Wales has never lacked for either.

The first turbine at Hendy wind farm, with Llandegley Rocks forming the horizon. Click to enlarge

The hypocrisy and deceit is further exposed by wind turbines creating no jobs beyond the construction stage, and the ‘community benefits’ being restricted to hand-outs from the foreign companies making the profits. (With Labour Party loyalists often deciding who gets these crumbs.)

Which leads me to conclude that the ‘progressive’ consensus in Corruption Bay has done more for the City of London than for the city of Swansea . . . and most other parts of Wales. It takes the likes of Johnson, Cummings and Hancock to make them look remotely competent.

Time is up for the Labour Party and its little helpers. Make sure you give them the message in next year’s election. Wales deserves better.

But even before then, Lesley Griffiths’ position is now untenable.

♦ end ♦

Finally, thanks to the wonderful people in Powys who are fighting these bird slicing, bat dicing, flood causing monsters that despoil our environment so as to protect someone else’s and allow charlatan politicos and their cronies to enjoy their parasitic existence.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to use everything you sent me. Special thanks, and apologies, to ‘A’ for the photos sent late last night. I’m afraid I’d already finished the article.


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Truth Seeker

Has ‘Dr’ Edna Mitty gone to ground in her compost heap in Llandudoch (St. Dogmael to her)?
We’ve not heard much about her new book over the past couple of weeks. Maybe the reviewers have had to edit out all references to the PhD and Dr titles that cannot be backed up with any proven research evidence let alone a Doctoral Thesis. Keep the pressure up ‘Jac Readers’. Let her be known forever after as ‘Dr’ Edna Mitty [with only a BA (Lower Second) Drama & English]. Can more people tell Harvard University USA the truth of her using a bogus PhD title at some private conference there.The HARVARD contact details are available on the internet. Some letters have already been sent to Harvard.


Welcome back old boy. I suspect that you have been very busy clearing up all sorts of mess left by our treasured tourists/visitors/holiday makers who seem to have flocked into much of coastal Wales north and south as well as heading for Eryri and the Beacons. Most of them seem to have been desperate for a shit and unable to find an appropriate place to take a dump they decide to leave it in a convenient garden or just on a path. Strange habits these visiting folk have developed during Covid. Makes one think that Covid damages brain and bodily functions permanently.

Also their littering habit has grown exponentially. People from suburban homes who would have you flayed for stubbing a Woodbine on their pavements come to Wales and dump barrow loads of junk after every picnic, or leave takeaway fast food containers wherever it pleases them.

Drakeford should forget Covid and rethink his Health policy to introduce a lockdown/prohibition of visitors to stop us getting diseases from the unhealthy practices of these wasters who have come among us.


……speaking of unwanted visitors here’s another aspect to dwell on. BBC latest promotional e-mail links to 211-[34958_PANUK_NLT_33_WAL_MANCTOPIA_RET_O35]-20200817-[bbctwo_manctopiabillionpoundpropertyboom_factualhomes]

which is jolly good of them. Pity the poor bastards who are being displaced in Manchester, similar thing happens in Cardiff and other cities subjected to “gentrification”. However displacement from Manchester has an effect in N.E Wales for definite and probably extends right across the North. Will BBC Wales do a series on how all this repositioning of major cities is affecting Wales ? or is that a bit of a hot potato for those loving wokeys at their shiny new H.Q ?

ellie Wales

A tad off the subject covered but this makes interesting reading about the inmates of Corruption Bay and their management of the pandemic.


Sad article scribbled by extreme AngloBrit supremacist MSM renowned for its solidly centralist position – UK run from the centre with no tolerance of the needs or views of those on the periphery. More of the same vitriol in the comments that I scanned, the colonist faction obviously love the bile off this rag. Only exception I noted ( didn’t look too hard ) was Stephen Morris who tried to insert a rational note into that rabid piece.

Interesting ? Only insofar as it reinforces the fact that London and its media looks down on Wales and questions its right to just be a bit different. It’s got fuck all to do with whether policies are right or wrong, it’s all about daring not to be in step with the prick Boris and his perverted cohorts.


Rather rich coming from Boris’ personal propoganda rag. I used to enjoy the DT but the Barclays or whoever owns it nowhnow killed off any journalistic credibility it had


I hope the Rhiwlas mentioned is not the one just outside Bangor, Gwynedd.


F*** me! what a twisting, slithering, slimy mess of turning worms in the dung heap that is Corruption Bay et al. Anna McMorrin even did a stint working for Edna Mitty, I read in your original 2018 article linked. Talk about the Usual Suspects. They all need a good shoeing.


There’s another mitty in the mix.

Her name is Mari Arthur and claims expertise in renewable energy, even though her highest qualification is a masters in literature. She helps the planet by trying to negotiate a discount for herself on an electric car in Bridgend, in between flights to China. Trouble is Roath area of Cardiff, where she really lives, is just out of charging range from Trimsaran where she claims residency as a candidate in elections.

Mel Morgan

This highlights yet again the need for a comprehensive Cynllun Ynni Cynhwysfawr for this country. It should draw on information from relevant community representatives, scientists, economists, sociologists, and geographers. We desperately need an informed debate a particularly crucial element in the life of the nation.

By the way, that very interesting quotation by TR (a boy and a half, by any account) – what’s the source? At what point in his colourful career did he utter (or write) it?

Mel Morgan

Teddy Roosevelt

Mel Morgan of

I’ll need to check a few points.

Mel Morgan

While my reliable sources are trawling through the speeches, articles, and books of TR, one or two matters arise from this succinct and expressive text. One is that TR was no conservative, whether as the word was used at the time, or as in the contemporary usage of ‘one who wishes to disrupt the runnings of society, its institutions, and the economy’.

Dyn Gwyrdd

The fight to preserve Mynydd Y Gwair from devastation by Wind Turbines in north Swansea lasted over 25 years. We won two Public Planning Inquiries held by Planning Officers who were trained as Planners and appointed by WAG Ministers. Plaid Cymru and Labour gave no help. We finally lost the third Public Planning Inquiry held by an Inspector who was a Civil Engineer appointed by another new Minister – guess who – yes you got it right it was Lesley Griffiths. The two former Inspectors looked at in depth from a Planning perspective. The third Inspector looked at it all from an Engineering perspective. Did he have a brief to do that? If so who gave him that brief? The mountain has now been trashed for an 8 MW average output for a 60,000 MW capacity Grid. The grazing rights for our Welsh speaking hill farmers trashed – so much for Plaid Cymru! The mountain common owner is the extremely wealthy aristocrat the Duke of Beaufort’s Family Trust – so much for Labour! Both parties betrayed who they falsely claim to support.


Please correct me if I’m wrong, Dyn Gwyrdd.

It was the minister, Rebecca Evans, who turned down the Mynydd y Gwair wind farm in 2015. That should have killed the scheme stone dead. Her decision was based on the findings of the first two planning inspectors who found that the scheme would severely impact the drainage on the common.

It was resurrected, out of the blue, in 2016 by Lesley Griffiths the new minister, after Rebecca was shoved off to the social care department to be a good girl. Lesley then changed the planning inspectors brief to exclude the environmental impacts, and on that basis, give the go-ahead to the wind farm.

A previously abundant hay meadow, with flowers, bees and butterflies is now transformed into a tough grass monoculture devoid of wildlife. Streams that spate in winter and grass which browns like tumbleweed in summer. It’s an ecological disaster.

Note – I know the cable trenching firm in Carmarthenshire to did the cables. They used, given the get it done quick order from the developers, a plough and fill technique only recommended for low-lying land (lowland bogs) because the infill, if used on uplands, is not compacted effectively. This leaves a sunken drainage trench behind allowing sub-surface run off longitudinal to the line of cable. This results in surface cracking in dry spells, so when it does rain the whole meadow will acts as a sieve.

Same with Pen y Cymoedd cables, they didn’t use any trench bunding.

Thing about Lesley Griffiths is that when you’re a minister and require technical advise, you’re supposed to sit there quietly and listen to the experts. However, Griffiths has the ‘shut up and follow instruction’ approach, and this is well known, even within ministers of her own government. The only civil servants that like to work for her are the ones she’s shagging. If a fellow minister questions her actions while on the train back up north she makes up lewd stories about them and tries to manipulate her own boss to sideline rivals. A deadly woman full of poison.


That woman has got a hell of a record