Colonialism in microcosm, or Knighton


I know . . . I promised a round-up of assorted stories, but I’m afraid it didn’t work out.

One story I was counting on fell through, though I am assured that what will eventually be provided will be worth the wait.

And then, what you see below, the report from Knighton, just grew to the point where it took over and knocked out a couple of other topics I’d planned to cover.


A couple of weeks ago we met Darren Knipe, who starred in Miscellany 03.11.2020. Scroll down to the section ‘A Wandering Shyster I (after Gilbert & Sullivan)’.

More news has come in of Darren and a host of drifters and good-lifers trying to take over the border town of Tref y Clawdd / Knighton in central Powys.

First, let’s pad out Darren’s CV, for since writing the earlier piece I have learnt that he spent time in the City of my Dreams. When I say ‘time’ I do not mean as a resident of Cox’s Farm down on Oystermouth Road.

It seems that Darren first came to Wales to study at Aberystwyth University in 1990. Which reminds us that our universities have a lot to answer for. Having expanded beyond Wales’s needs they had to take in just about anybody to fill the places.

Which gave us the problem today of the areas around Lampeter, Aberystwyth and Bangor being infested with drug-wrecked loafers who forgot to go home.

At Aberystwyth Darren claims to have gained a joint honours degree in Economics, Finance and Accountancy, which resulted in him being offered the chance to become a stockbroker in the City of London. But he turned it down!

Why the hell would anyone study those subjects if they had no intention of going into business, banking or finance? It makes no sense. So what did Darren do next? I’ll let him tell you in his own words . . .

“I became an events promoter, and designed an accredited OCN training course at Pembrokeshire College in Music and Entertainment Technology which came 2nd in Country for the Times Education Award for Widening Participation.”

I ran my own nightclub in Swansea for a few years, called The Palace. Some of you may have jumped on a bus organised by local promoter, Ben, and come to one of his drum n bass nights.

I designed and toured a solar powered cinema/stage around UK festivals, called Star Bar. I then ran a mobile organic bar, called WonderBar, running an operation for up to 80,000 people.

I moved to Chester with my then wife, and helped design and deliver cultural events for an organisation that is now called Storyhouse. It is from doing this for nearly 10 years, that we formed our own company, Dark Olive, which produces and delivers production contracts for local authorities and Arts Council funded cultural organisations.”

The Palace referred to is the old Palace Theatre, a lovely little ‘flat iron’ building just up from High Street station. It’s fallen on hard times and a succession of owners has allowed the building to deteriorate. Instead of lending money to people who have no intention of saving the building, Swansea’s Labour council has finally pulled its finger out.

In June, 2002 a drinks licence was granted to Darren Knipe and the co-directors of their company The Palace Swansea Ltd.

Click to enlarge

At the time, Darren was living in Pembrokeshire, as were the other directors. Ian Stone could be found at Llawhaden, near Narberth, with Knipe living in the town itself; while the third director, James King, was at Llanfallteg, just outside Whitland. King doubled up as company secretary. Each of them held 500 £1 shares.

As with most if not all of Darren Knipe’s ventures, the night club did not last long, being compulsorily wound up towards the end of 2003 by The Commissioners of Customs and Excise under the Insolvency Act 1996.

Darren Knipe may claim, “I ran my own nightclub in Swansea for a few years”, but the Commissioners of Customs and Excise would disagree. His tenure of the theatre where Charlie Chaplin once trod the boards lasted about a year.

And ended in insolvency. He seems to have left that bit out.

As I told you in the earlier piece, after Pembrokeshire, Darren moved up to Aberystwyth before landing, around 2010, in Llandegla, west of Wrecsam, where a few companies sprang to life.

One was Datcloud Ltd, dissolved in the second half of 2016. Knipe’s partner in this venture was Duncan Charles Ion. Ion was also a member of the community council, which might explain how Knipe got the job as clerk.

Click to enlarge

I can’t be sure when he took up the job because the online records go back no further than March 2015. But he was definitely in post by then.

Darren Knipe left around the time of an external auditors’ report, but I’m sure there was no connection. He must think he’s still cut out for this kind of work because I hear he’s been angling for the clerk’s job with Knighton town council since he arrived in the area.

Here’s a link to that external auditors’ report. To turn the pages scroll down and use the arrows found at the bottom left.

After his stay in Llandegla Darren Knipe was on the move again and he landed in Llanfair Waterdine, which lies in Y Tiroedd Coll. Where he’s asked to be co-opted onto the community council.

Though his main focus is Knighton, where he has aligned himself with the settler element. Of whom there are quite a few.


Those I’m referring to are members of the English bourgeoisie who’ve imposed themselves on the area. They have plenty of money and too much time on their hands, so they feel they should be ‘doing something’.

Even if it means making nuisances of themselves and getting up people’s noses.

Their local citadel, from whence they sally forth to dispense wisdom, do good, and generally uplift benighted natives, is the Knighton and District Community Centre.

Locals tell me that in a previous era the community centre was like any other in a village or small town, with discos, rugby club dos, wedding receptions, etc.

But about twelve years ago a couple blew in from Hong Kong by the name of Christopher and Karen Plant. Where he had been a teacher for the UK military. Under the reign of the Plants locals were made to feel unwelcome, and so they drifted away.

For where locals had once bopped the night away, drinking pints from the pumps, under the Plants it became Sounds of Soweto and wine only – the beer pumps disappeared!

Someone has described the wine-drinking Plants to me as “sociopaths and bullies”. Which seems a bit strong, until we learn that the Plants had to sling their hook following allegations of . . . bullying.

And the beer pumps returned!

One talent these colons possess is that of being able to secure public funding. Over half a million pounds was handed over a few years back by the so-called ‘Welsh Government’ for a new community centre roof, after the local library moved in. Described to me as “the world’s most expensive box profile tin roof”.

My old mucker Dafydd El was there for the opening. Probably sent up by his boss, Little Kenny Skates, he of the pearly white gnashers.

Though most locals still feel unwelcome, for the bridgehead established by the Plants was soon strengthened. To the point where everyone now involved with the community centre has arrived from over the border.

I’ve even been supplied with a list of names and places of origin:

Click to enlarge

It’s quite frightening, isn’t it, how a small group can so completely take over the hub of a community that’s not theirs? Almost an invasion. No, it is an invasion.

Of course, the jobs are not full time, more pocket money and status jobs, but then, those we’re talking about don’t need the money, but they revel in the status. The recruitment system was explained thus: “Job descriptions are rigged to suit the person already lined up for the job, qualification is basically being middle class and from England.”

Some will read this and say, ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter where they come from . . . doing good work, blahdy blah’. Others will claim that it’s anti-English, but it’s not. A takeover so complete would be remarkable if it happened in any part of England.

Can you imagine a situation like this in a small town in Yorkshire, with ‘southerners’ taking over everything – and locals not raising hell! Yet we are supposed to be silent because they’re all English.

And note the ‘jobs’ that are being funded. Basically, to build up networks of people like themselves from which locals can be more effectively excluded.

But this selfless devotion to ‘their’ community don’t come cheap. To hire Knighton community centre for a Saturday evening is £210 – with bar and kitchen extra. In the community centre in Knucklas, about a mile away, run by the community council, hiring the new community centre (2013) on a Saturday night would cost you £75 all in.

But then, when you’re paying one of your friends £15 an hour . . .

Click to enlarge

The justification for the exorbitant charges at Knighton are that, “It’s cheap by London prices”. Yes, there must be a lot of competition from London venues.

I’ve mentioned the network-building ‘jobs’ but there is already a network in Knighton that extends beyond those we’ve encountered. Though this wider network is made up of the same kind of people, those who never miss an opportunity to put their virtue on public display.

For we are dealing here with do-gooders of the most exhibitionist variety.

Such as Angie Zelter, who we see in the photograph below. She lives in a big house in Knighton with her partner Camilla Saunders, who works in the third sector. (I bet that surprises you!)

For someone like her to protest, in Wales, about apartheid and ethnic cleansing, can only be accounted for by a complete absence of self-awareness.

Click to enlarge

Angie is also big in Extinction Rebellion, and has the arrest to prove it. She winters in New Zealand, and of course she flies to Aotearoa.

Then there’s Knighton and District Refugee Support Group. Though you have to marvel at the arrogance of people who’ve invited themselves into someone else’s country and then believe they have the right to invite others.

It may have been this crowd that attracted Michael Richer up from southern England a few months ago. Richer wanted to take over the empty Knighton Hotel for a while. If ‘Knighton Hotel’ rings a bell that’s because it was owned by our old friends Paul and Rowena Williams, who went on to Plas Glynllifon. (All covered in my ‘Weep for Wales’ series.)

Although Richer claimed to want the hotel for men and women in abusive relationships it was widely suspected that he intended bringing to Knighton migrants who’d landed on the south coast of England. That may still be the plan.

Housing migrants can be a very lucrative business. And quite easy when there is already a local network of leftists and do-gooders, as we see in Pembrokeshire. Anyone who opposes dozens or hundreds of undocumented young men being brought into a rural area becomes a ‘fascist’.

The fact that Richer’s company, Misan Traders Ltd, was set up only 7 or eight months before he showed up in Powys might suggest that he was looking at other buildings. Perhaps any old building he could hire or lease cheaply for a short period.

On Armistice Day the Knighton and District Refugee Support Group insisted on laying their white poppy wreaths against the war memorial itself, and clambered over the red poppy wreaths to do so.

The white poppy wreaths disappeared overnight.

This caused considerable consternation in the KDRSG, but must also have confirmed the ‘backwardness’ of the indigenous population.

The Councillor Angelique Williams mentioned in one of the images below meets Darren Knipe in Knighton’s Little Black Sheep cafe. Around this time last year Angie Williams left the Independent group on Powys County Council to join another . . . independent, sort of, group.

Whatever your views on poppies, and commemorations, this was yet another example of a small group of outsiders trying to over-ride the feelings of local people. Many of those local people are related to, even descended from, the men named on the war memorial

The same ‘We know best!’ arrogance crops up time after time after time. Another example would be the campaign against local farmers, the Price family, by Sustainable Food Knighton. The spokesperson for this group is Camilla Saunders, partner of jet-setting planet-saver Angie Zelter.

Just look at this report from the County Times. It seems to be the same people, in the same place, just different placards. Maybe they meet regularly and think, ‘What’s the next thing we can do to piss off the locals?’

But it’s not just the Price family they’re trying to put out of business – they want the ‘Welsh Government’ to outlaw what they call ‘intensive farming’. Most of them are of course vegetarians, if not vegans, so we know where this is heading.

Relations between the in-crowd and the town council are strained, due in large part to a curious incident not so long ago. As I’ve mentioned, the town’s library has relocated to the community centre. I’ll let a source take it up:

“Community (centre) ended up housing the library, they did a deal with the community council whereby the council would pay the librarian’s wages, only afterwards they did a deal with Powys (county council) who agreed to pay for the librarian, only they didn’t tell the community council and it was only when Powys threatened to close the library that community council found out that they were being cheated out of the money.”

‘O, what a tangled web . . .’.

But enough of the virtue flaunters and the schemers, the do-gooders and the planet savers, for we are neglecting Darren Knipe.


Knipe claims that – with the help of the Wales Council for Voluntary Action – he will be bringing to Knighton the benefits of the UK government’s Kickstart scheme. Starting in January 2021.

Maybe the WCVA can confirm?

As I reported in my earlier piece, Knipe has threatened, “I can run this anywhere, and currently looking at Newtown and Welshpool as options, which will be Knighton’s loss.”

What he’s really saying is – ‘Give me the empty library building’.

The problem is that others want to use the building, chief among them, Banc Cambria, the new cooperative bank for Wales.

Knipe is telling people that Banc Cambria is not interested in the old library. But I have it on impeccable authority that Banc Cambria is most definitely interested in the building, and them taking it over would bring more long-term benefits to the town than any hare-brained scheme of Darren Knipe.

Click to enlarge

In addition to the memsahibs Darren has a new best friend in the form of Dr John Goodband, the husband of the vicar. Goodband recently came from Warwickshire when he married the vicar, Miss Beresford Webb, who had arrived in the area earlier.

And it should go without saying that he’s joined those wondering how Knighton managed before they arrived.

In this report from this week’s County Times we read of Goodband and Zelter opposing Banc Cambria and the town council. They even presented a petition with 67 signatures. Wow, 67 signatures!

I bet locals could guess most of the names on that petition!

There seems little doubt that Knighton town council is the next target of this gang.

News soon came from Warwickshire that Goodband was a repeat offender – for he had been attacking the parish council where he’d previously lived! Here’s a link to the Minutes of the Long Lawford Parish Council from February last year.

Goodband seems to be suggesting that Long Lawford Parish Council is part of the Corleone family, with the clerk trousering thousands of pounds!

As we’ve seen, allegations are now flying in Knighton, where his new mate Darren Knipe wants the job of clerk to the town council and the library building. Coincidence?

I’m no psychiatrist, so I don’t know what afflicts John Goodband. Is it just attention seeking, like a child throwing a tantrum? Does he have nothing better to do than accuse people he doesn’t know of things they haven’t done? Does it turn him on, is it a substitute for sex?

I really don’t care. When it comes to people like John Goodband I’m all out of sympathy, too many of them are washing up in Wales. And Knighton has more than its share. More than any small town deserves.


It would be bad enough if what we see in Tref y Clawdd was a one-off, unrepresentative of Wales as a whole, but it’s not.

Everywhere we look we see the same problem of Welsh people being patronised or insulted, and pushed aside by sharp-elbowed and arrogant immigrants. It’s no longer just about holiday homes. It never was.

And this deluge is being encouraged by the leftist consensus in Corruption Bay because our ‘progressives’ identify with these bullying charlatans better than they identify with Welsh people.

From the other side, neither the Conservative and Unionist Party nor any party on the BritNat fringe will object to Wales being colonised and assimilated into England.

That’s why we need the new parties Gwlad and the WNP. And more importantly, a fresh mindset that calls colonialism by its name. And fights back on every front.

♦ end ♦


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Dim Twat

Covid for Christmas
There is a mass maze of statistical information easily available on the internet regarding all forms of faiths and religions and also of non-belief. Its confusing to actually pin point what percentage of the UK population is actually composed of true Christian believers. Are they a majority or a minority? Why do so many celebrate Christmas? Let’s be honest, to many people its just a mid winter holiday binge tradition, and to others of other beliefs it is something to ignore. For those who truly believe that Christmas is sacred, why can’t we just move it to Easter, just this once, to avoid the inevitable spread of Covid19 with its inevitable deaths? Its probably far too late now to re-arrange it. Someone should have thought of this at the end of the summer but I thought I’d mention it.


On a bright sunny morning with a particularly pleasing vista looking westwards to the Gower I was brought back to earth by reading yet another piece of deflection from your mate Monbiot.

He quite rightly focusses on the divisions within the various ranks of the corporate capitalist and globalist communities. However he makes no reference to the equally pernicious moves and motives of his own holier than thou environmentalism, a mere smoke screen for taking that which belongs to others. His masterpiece of deflection is the bit where he says :

“The persistent trick of modern politics – that appears to fool us repeatedly – is to disguise economic and political interests as cultural movements. Throughout this saga, the media has reported the smokescreen, not the manouvres.”

Which is of course what he and his cohorts are up to with their rewilding and other green crusades. Tough shit George, this old boy sees through your devious horseshit every time.


Car park full of travelling folk and their gaudy vehicles/homes turn up in Pontcanna Kairdiff causing great deal of concern and a little bit of the usual damage, littering, fouling etc. Now this park is in Mark Drakeford’s constituency and he should be calling on the Llywodraeth and Cardiff Council to remove this “blight”, as it might be termed by some of his constituents. However it’s probably against his inclusive instincts to move them on although Plaid might call for their extermination if any travellers were known to have consorted with Jews or Tories !. Fun day down at the Capital. Us out in the sticks are missing out big time as we only have disadvantaged natives to worry about.


I see that idiot, Lesley Griffiths, wants to appoint another commissioner, this time an Environment Commissioner.

Thing is we used to have the Environment Agency and the Countryside Council for Wales until they were merged into the failing conglomerate, Natural Resources Wales. It’s was their job. I suspect ‘Dr’ Ruth Davidson will be a shoe in for the new post, assuming there’s no need for a commissioner for commissioners.

We need to evict these parasites.


Correction : I mean “Dr” Jane Davidson.

Got confused.
Ruth Davidson is the Scottish Tory.
Both the same,
Books about self, non-jobs for influence, fancy conferences overseas and favours for cash.

Dim Twat

‘Ruth?’ Brychan, do you mean “Dr” Edna Mitty “PhD”, or are you confusing ‘Ruth’ with the ‘Truth’?Check the keyboard on your computer to see if the letter ‘T’ is missing in case you need to call the WAG Cabinet Members ‘WATS’. It would not surprise me if Edna got the job LG is suggesting.


An environment commissioner independent of, but with close links to, Welsh Government ! Bit like the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency [MHRA]: an independent regulator but funded by the pharmaceutical industry. I think we can expect new Covid vaccines to be approved without questions asked.


Jab might do a decent job of inhibiting Covid but the short term of product development has not allowed sufficient assessment of side effects, the unexpected consequences. Imagine the horror at No.10 if a high % of those jabbed started speaking Welsh and lost their ability to speak any Sais. Given that Boris & Hancock will be among the first recipients, hearing those two fibbing away, one like a Cardi and the other in finest Cofi ,will be a shock to most of us.


MSN UK online news service put out a eulogy for the late, great Jan Morris yesterday that ran to about fifteen paragraphs without once mentioning that she was half-Welsh and a strong supporter of Welsh independence — two of the things that most distinguish her. I don’t wish to be petty, but c’mon!


…and did you see the witty little message she left via Twm, her son, to Drakeford ?. JM is the kind of person that prompts one to regard transitioned people in a more positive way. There again all of those folk who go about transitioning in a quiet purposeful way pose no threat at all, it’s the weird blokes with big tits & beards who insist on using women’s facilities that arouse anger and hostility. Boys, it’s not about growing a pair, it’s about shedding them ! It’s about migrating to achieve the new goal rather than making a media or political career out of it. I seldom hear of females migrating to male kicking up a fuss about anything. They just seem to focus on their transition programme.

Anyway thanks to Jan Morris. Will the Senedd see fit to create some sort of memorial ? Not a statue but maybe an annual prize for young students. My superficial knowledge of her suggests that her interests were far wider than travel and writing and maybe there should be some award linked to innovation in the communities that she loved so intensely.

Indestructible Dave

Good timing raising the issue of self important incomers bullying the perhaps too polite natives of Knighton with this being anti bullying week.

Thing to remember about people from off, aka incomers, is they are economic migrants, if they’d made anything of their lives or been as successful and as marvellous as they always claim, they’d have big houses where they’re from, not where you’re from.

Mid Wales needs to grow a pair and stand up to these people, far too easy for them to trouser all the public money and ride roughshod over tradition and agriculture forcing their views upon us all, by doing nothing we enable them.

UK Cabinet Selector

In response to “Priti Awful” above – Priti Patel would be an infinite times better than that total utter SCUM BAG George Thomas as a Welsh Secretary of State for Wales. Lord Tonypandy was imposed by Labour! May he rot in hell for forever! I think Alun Cairns would be ideal as a Chauffeur for Priti Patel if she ever became Secretary of State for Wales.He knows the geography of Wales and as a fluent Welsh speaker he could also become her Translator as a little POCKET SIZED Welsh Dictionary inside her handbag!


Wales has it’s own bully made from the mould of Pritti Patel. Her name is Cathy Owens.

She now runs the lobby firm Deryn, who led the witchunt against Neil McEvoy MS.


Eastern Radnorshire was an obvious place for Saes goodlifer settlement because it’s close enough to the border, and the Welsh language has had such a relatively low presence for a couple of centuries, to enable them to pretend to themselves that they were still living in England. That way, their consciences, as colonialists in somebody else’s country, get off scot-free.

Knighton sounds very similar to the Maelor Saesneg (a.k.a. Flintshire detached) east of Wrecsam, but the latter doesn’t have the wokishness imposed on Knighton. The Maelor locals are nearly all di-Gymraeg and so the in-comers don’t think of themselves as settlers, while local people don’t feel the sting of intrusion experienced by natives of the Bro Gymraeg. In the Maelor, it’s a case of further anglicising an already well-anglicised area. As in Knighton, though, the in-comers haven’t yet been able to get their hands on the community councils, although they now run the Women’s Institute.

A few miles up the road in Welsh-speaking Rhosllanerchrugog, it’s a very different, and more worrying, picture. The percentage of Welsh-speakers goes down as the white-flighters move in, and local resentment is building up.


There’s been talk of a referendum in Oswestry (Croesoswallt) for decades re. whether to join Cymru or stay in England. My guess is that some time in the future, a prosperous, independent Wales would seem an enticing prospect for Oswestrians if England continues its progress down the shitter.


Now there’s a good idea. Croesoswallt has real Welsh heritage, a worthwhile gain in terms of people and territory.

On a different matter I see Plaid is experiencing a recurring pain over its coy attitude to Jew baiting. What is it about the Yidds that renders them such an attractive soft target for these cowards ? Perhaps Fuhrer Adam or Kamp Commandant Leanne might take the opportunity to write a guest piece on the merits of a renewed campaign of extermination, ably assisted by the much maligned young lady from Cardiff. After all a well explained policy is bound to attract votes to such a progressive inclusive party.


No, in fact I’ve been almost completely “withdrawn” since those Malbecs last weekend to celebrate the ARG victory over NZ. Back to the ishoo, I think it’s perfectly legit to ask the leadership team to account for the evident stance of prominent party members. Plaid has the features of modern Fascism. OK the brown or black uniforms are not to be seen but the narrow orthodoxy and the virulent hatred of any thing that doesn’t conform to the prevailing groupthink are directly descended from the ideas of the original Nazi thought leaders.

Priti Awful

Boris Johnson needs to act on the Priti Patel issue not cover it up. Why not a Cabinet reshuffle and appoint her as Secretary of State for Wales? She would not really be the best for the job but none are. Remember George Thomas? She could be just the one able to shake up the Labour Senedd, and its Plaid Cymru lackeys, and all its time wasters and all its crazy ideas like ‘One Planet’ and ‘Re-Wilding’ . She would certainly mop up the Crooks that suck up all the Public Grant Money, like Jac has been exposing in his series “Weep for Wales” . Shamefully, Jac’s exposure has not even caused a ripple in Cardiff Bay. Priti Patel could cause a Tsunami down in Toothless Tiger Bay ruthlessly rooting out the rot. Alun Cairns could even come back to carry her handbag for her to give out bag bashings to the many who deserve it.


Whats the matter with Katmandu? Went there myself in 1975. Went by bus, was actually on the Pakistan border when Saigon fell and Americans were escaping by helicopter. A Pakistani border guard told me the West was finished.. No idea how many of these people you mention in a Cafe in Mach who talk of Katmandu have gone there by bus and ended up driving themselves!


I was wondering how these Extinction Rebellion types that have washed up from England are managing the Covid-19 lockdown?

No more gap-year flights to Kathmandu like those arrived in Pembrokeshire, or gong baths in China as in the Carmarthen branch, and in the case of Angie Zelter of Knighton, no more trips to winter down in Aotearoa of New Zealand. I guess they’ll all have to stick to being hypocritical prats by holding socially distanced placards in town and villages of Wales trying to tell us it’s the farmers that’s killing the planet.


As with all “planet savers”. It’s something other people should do, not want they do themselves. A bit like the OPDers at Lammas ec-village, who drive their 4*4s to go shopping in Carmarthen.

David Smith

Hopefully she hitchhiked her way there and back, lest she be a stinking hypocrite?

border dweller

Living on the Welsh side of Offas Dyke but in Shropshire i can tell you that every town/parish council on this side of the border has similar issues, people move and know better than the locals how their community should function, their pet ‘ishoo’ gets prominence. I’m afraid this isn’t just a Welsh/English thing, perhaps more a local / Southerner problem

Dim Twat

Sorry about the distraction of Pentwyn. All of you – get back to the main issue as in the Knighton example and similar places all over Cymru being TAKEN OVER by outsiders who want to do exactly what Jac has described. So many of you are so articulate especially Jac.
OK from Dim Twat !


I don’t know enough about the demographic mix of the population around Tref y Clawdd so it’s difficult to guage how many are genuinely hostile to these incomers or whether it’s a bad case of local bickering. That said, it is evident that similar changes have been happening all over “Ein Gwlad” and it is particularly annoying where these colonists are openly showing contempt for local people and their language, culture etc. They have so much in common with many of the woke intruders who also have their own way of seeing and doing things and have no tolerance for alternatives that had been well embedded in those localities. Naked unashamed colonialism.

Much like what was said in last night’s comment, a few rough men and women aided by those who care enough will in due course be driven to arresting the advance of these vermin. Sooner the better.

Robert Tyler

Knighton 2011 census. Total Population 3,007
Born in Wales: 989 32.9%
Born in England: 1,898 63.1%
Welsh only identity: 849 28.2%
English only identity: 1,167 38.8%

Dim Twat

I see that “Pentwyn” made the Welsh News last night. Why? I forget. Why did I forget? Because the regular experienced BBC Wales newsreader in Wales kept referring to it as “Pen Twin”. I felt like phoning in to say it should be “Pen Triplet” just to try to wind it up! But I thought “Fock it, you Pen Twats!”.


…and it was mispronounced by a native Welsh speaker ! Had it been that long standing dimwit Jamie Owen it would have been no surprise but to hear a Bangor woman who regularly trots out her “nos da” or ” hwyl am nawr” and spent time reading Newyddion Cymraeg was unbelievable.


Part of the Kairdiff “difficulty” with anything remotely Welsh. Next to Pen-twin there is Llanedeyrn where that opening “Ll” is treated as though everyone has a speech impediment. When Fairwater was becoming known as Tyllgoed there was a wholesale fracturing of dentures across Kairdiff, and simple names like Llandaf get butchered by almost every resident of our capital city.

Sion Blewyn Coch

Some of the incomers here, you would think that Llandudno was in Scotland…Clandidno

Dyn Gwyrdd

I recognise the scene you paint above as being in my area – fortunately not quite as bad as Knighton here in my village – but its similar in nearly every part of Cymru . Most people in Cymru these days are numbed by years of invasion and take overs and useless home bred Politicians – lifetimes of rule by British Unionist Labour Brothers and now with Plaid’s Sisters (of all their genders or sects) in the same camp as the Brothers.
I find these days that we in Wales (apart from a small few individuals like McEvoy) cannot even put a car bumper protest sticker on our own vehicles in any form of tiny protest let alone stand up against this flow. The local Community Council here has only one ‘local community born member’ out of eight with an additional four vacancies to be filled by cooption. I did forty years elected service myself and am not inclined to make a come back aged not far off eighty years.

Sion Blewyn Coch

You’re right, it’s the respect, or lack of it, that grates the most. We live in Conwy County and my wife is called Gwawr. The amount of time she has to repeat this to publicly employed people/medical staff, is frankly embarrassing. You live in Wales, make a fucking effort…”what’s your name? I’ll have a go, G,G,GGGGary?” fuck off….
We also have been told about two GPs, who live near us, that cover part of Anglesey. They don’t want to live there as they don’t want their kids to learn Welsh. I know it’s hard to get GPs but FFS, I thought they were meant to make an effort. There is quite a lot of Welsh spoken in Conwy County, anyway, but it’s constantly marginalised because of these selfish twats who don’t want to/feel they should make an effort. Those involved in “virtue signalling” are even worse and they don’t understand the disrespect they show to a language it’s people and history, ignorant twats.
Just wish the independence parties had more of a workable economic plan….if they have, I’ve yet to see it.

Eos Pengwern

Have you had a look at Gwlad’s manifesto?

David Smith

No doubt the hypocritical pricks would bristle their best bristle at someone making fun of an Indian or Chinese person’s name. Cunts.


Correction Jac – The Goodbands didn’t come from Warwickshire to Knighton. He did, but she was already in Knighton. She was formerly Miss Beresford Webb and has been in Powys for many years. The only reason Dr John Goodband is in Knighton is because he married Miss Beresford Webb who was already vicar of Knighton. Her vocation has brought her to Knighton so that is why her husband moved to Knighton, rather than her moving to Warwickshire after marriage. She changed her surname on marriage. She has never lived in Warwickshire.