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Back in April I wrote English Tourism in the Colony of Wales, which focused on Gavin Lee Woodhouse and ‘Bear’ Grylls, and their plans for the Afan Valley Adventure Resort. I wondered in that post why the ‘Welsh’ Government – even given its record of doing business with numerous crooks – was involved with an obvious spiv like Woodhouse.

Why is the ‘Welsh’ Government prepared to hand over a valuable piece of land in the Afan Valley to a man with a net worth of minus six million pounds? A man who starts and dissolves companies more often than some people change their socks. Over a hundred to date. And yet he seems to have been a late starter; for he’s 39 now but according to Company Check he didn’t start his first company until he was 34. What else do we know about him?

From Company Check

A company closely associated with Woodhouse is Properties of the World, run by Jean Ann Liggett, this company helps “property buyers make informed decisions on select UK properties, ensuring their purchases tick all the boxes”, as Liggett’s Linkedin profile tells us.

Ms Liggett is an American, whose family was involved in property back in Ohio. She herself has sold property in North Africa, and has worked for some interesting companies; among them Sunsplash Homes, which lasted for less than three years but “sold properties all over the world”.

Though the Linkedin profile tells us that since January 1985 she has also worked as a media planner for Ogilvy and Mather, a major US advertising agency, founded by Englishman David Mackenzie Ogilvy, regarded as the Father of Advertising. I say ‘English’, but Ogilvy and Mackenzie are of course Highland names, and that’s where his father came from.

During WWII Ogilvy worked for British Intelligence, hardly surprising because there’s no real difference between propaganda and advertising, both want you to buy their ‘product’. Which explains why, in the Britishness offensive we’re currently enduring, so many businesses – perhaps advised by companies like Ogilvy – cover their products in union jacks and other BritNat symbols.

In addition to helping Woodhouse make “informed decisions on select UK properties”, such as Plas Glynllifon, Liggett went into business with him, briefly. The company was MBI London NW8 Ltd, another of Woodhouse’s short-lived enterprises, lasting barely a year and doing nothing, or so it would appear.

But it’s Liggett’s other companies I want to concentrate on, because these throw up an interesting name. Let’s look first at Sunsplash Homes, the company selling property all over the world. If we look at the founding directors we see three names, among them, Barbara Z Kahan. Turning to Properties of the World, the only director other than Liggett was Barbara Kahan.

Kahan also cropped up when I recently delved into Carmarthenshire Council CEO Mark Vincent James’ property empire in Cardiff Bay. James is a director of Building and Estate Solutions Today Ltd and a co-director is Steven James Corner. Corner is also a director of Imaginative Property Group Ltd, and the other founding director was Barbara Kahan. So who is Barbara (Z) Kahan?

Kahan ‘lends’ her name to help form companies (and resigns the same day the company is Incorporated). Allegations have been made, in the Times and elsewhere, that she helps those who might have difficulty setting up a UK company – though God knows it’s easy enough! – form companies for nefarious purposes. In a nutshell, money laundering.


My source suggests that the answer to why the ‘Welsh’ Government is involved with a chancer like Woodhouse at the Afan Valley Adventure Resort may lie with his partner, Grylls, who contributes the Bear Grylls Survival Academy to the package. He already has one such establishment on Llŷn.

click to enlarge

Grylls is a regular presence on the television screens of those who like to watch overpaid and well-connected self-publicists. Fortunately, I don’t watch any programmes on which he is likely to appear. But his background is interesting.

On his mother’s side, his roots are in Donaghadee in County Down, Northern Ireland, where he spent his early years. His maternal grandmother and maternal great-grandfather were both Ulster Unionist MPs. His father, Sir William Michael John Grylls MP, was caught up in the same cash-for-questions affair that netted our very own Neil Hamilton AM. (Christine Hamilton was Grylls’ secretary.)

Grylls Senior was very well connected, his father had been a brigadier in 15th/19th the King’s Royal Hussars, he himself served in the Royal Marines and belonged to the exclusive Royal Yacht Squadron. His son, Edward Michael ‘Bear’ Grylls, went to prep school and Eton, did a few years in the SAS, is now Chief Scout, a lieutenant commander in the Royal Naval Reserve, and holds the same honorary rank in the Royal Marines Reserve.

There can’t be many outside of the Sachsen-Coburg und Gothas who better represents the establishment and the Union. It can only be a matter of time before ‘Bear’ Grylls is knighted, ennobled, and finally made a saint. There’s no question that Grylls, with his ‘pull’, can get anything he wants out of the ‘Welsh’ Government.


It could be that Woodhouse has now served his purpose, or may have bitten off more than he can chew, for he appears to have been promoted sideways in favour of Peter Moore, former MD of Center Parcs. Moore coming on board suggests that Caerau Parc, the name that now seems to have been adopted for the venture, is a nod to his former employer rather than a show of respect for the Welsh language.

But whoever’s running the show, and whatever it’s called, this project will attract those looking to avoid taxes and other irritations by investing in UK property. These needn’t be tyrants from the -stans and their families, or Russian oligarchs, just well-to-do people, of the kind Liggett and Grylls have mixed with all their lives, seeking a little nest egg, as the Properties of the World website makes clear.

In addition, the Elite Investor Club website reminds potential investors that the lodges at Caerau Parc are free from stamp duty, and, “If you have a buy-to-let property that you are worried about after all the recent tax changes you may be able to part exchange it against a lodge at Afan Valley”. So it’s also seeking to attract the buy-to-let types?

click to enlarge

Though I’m not sure if those involved in this scam scheme realise that in April 2018 stamp duty will be replaced in Wales by the Land Transaction Tax, to be administered by the ‘Welsh’ Government. But then, they’ve probably had assurances from Cardiff Bay that nothing will change . . . it never does.

Because the term ‘holiday homes’ carries a lot of baggage in Wales this project had to be dressed up as something more than property investment, which is where ‘Bear’ Grylls comes into the picture.

We know that the London property market launders many billions of pounds, it’s only natural that those seeking a UK property investment, but who can’t afford London prices, will look elsewhere. With Ms Liggett’s contacts I’m sure we’ll see some interesting buyers turn up for the lodges at Caerau Parc.

In fact, the whole Caerau Parc project of 900 lodges could be a money-laundering operation in itself.


Wales is under attack today as never before. Our country is slowly being dismembered and we Welsh replaced as its inhabitants. One of the principle engines of our destruction is tourism. Yet we are asked to welcome an ‘industry’ that ignores our identity, treats our homeland as a playground, and marginalises us by encouraging colonisation.

Caerau Parc is typical of ‘Welsh’ tourism. The land on which it stands is owned by the UK state and managed by its Cardiff branch office. Those seeking to make money from this venture – Woodhouse, Grylls, Moore – are all English, or in the case of Liggett, American. Those who’ll buy the lodge-investments will almost certainly come from outside of Wales. The top jobs, the permanent jobs, have already been allocated to English ex-military types and the well connected.

click to enlarge

So what will be left for us Welsh at Caerau Parc? Well, as usual, we’ll get the shitty jobs, the low paid jobs, the seasonal jobs; for this is how tourism in Wales operates. Wales in 2017 is treated little different to Africa or India a century ago. It seems that Wales exists for no other reason than to enrich our English masters.

Yet those apologists for colonialism in the so-called ‘Welsh Government’, jumped-up little shites like Ken Skates, tell us we should be ever so grateful for this! We should be thankful that rapacious bastards like Woodhouse and Grylls have come to gorge themselves on the carcass of Wales.

But then, we are lied to at every level, whether it’s the Westminster government, BBC Wales, Llais y Sais, or Carwyn Jones and his band of the hopeless. Welsh public life is thoroughly corrupt. The problems facing us are so entrenched, in both our national life and our collective psyche, that nothing will change by a different party running the Notional Assembly.

The current system is beyond tinkering with, it must be swept away entirely and a new Wales created in its place. Let’s start that revolution by rejecting Caerau Parc and all other forms of colonialist tourism. Let’s make it clear that we shall no longer accept it, nor shall we celebrate our subjection.

Woodhouse’s Northern Powerhouse website tells us, “Proposals will be available to view from 20th – 28th July at Cymmer Afan Community Library, Station Road, Cymmer, Port Talbot, NPT, SA13 3HR during normal opening hours”.

Why not pop along and tell them what you think of this project. There’s no need to be rude; ‘Fuck off, you exploitive, colonialist bastards!’ should suffice.

♦ end ♦

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Jac’s tweet caught my eye especially the bit about BBC’s Brexit fixated “anchors” on NEWSNIGHT. That Emily Maitlis was on last night hounding the Fox ( perfectly commendable practice in most circumstances )but the line of questioning proved inconclusive and more irritating than the answers ! Thick bitch asked same old question on slightly different matters repeatedly, and surprise surprise she got the same old answer ! She was evidently pursuing her own agenda rather than exposing the shallow globalist cum BritNat “principles” held by Mr Fox. He was able to get off lightly, tut tut. Maitlis is probably congratulating herself today deluding herself that she gave him a “hard time”. Needs some quality interrogation lessons

Big Gee

I missed that Dafis – but I can well imagine what took place. Good ol’ British Bullshit Corporation and their over paid & brainwashed ‘zombie’ presenters, working hard for the establishment as it’s false news outlet mouthpiece.


‘thick bitch?’


On second thoughts that’s a bit harsh on my dogs, so I’ll let you pick a word or 2, or more to describe her.

Big Gee

From a Jewish family, Emily Maitlis is the daughter of Professor Peter Maitlis, FRS, Emeritus Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, and Marion Maitlis. Emily is married to Mark Gwynne, an investment manager, whom she has referred to as “my Catholic boy”. Yawn! . . .

Her husband, Mark Gwynne, a banker for Merrill Lynch, was brought up as a “polo-playing, hunting, shooting and fishing” sort. While the couple live a cosmopolitan life in Notting Hill with their 19-month-old son Milo Atticus (named after a Greek wrestler from around 550BC), they also enjoy glamorous parties in the country where Gwynne’s parents own a notable property.

“It’s a bit of a closet secret that she’s married to a country squire type,” says a friend of hers. “I don’t think Emily has really totally got to grips with the English countryside. But she’s a good sport. She wasn’t born and bred into it, but she’s a mucker-in. She’s very well liked and popular with both the financial hedge fund banking crowd and arty-farty media types.”

Maitlis – a regular at Harrods, she says her key weapons on screen are “flirtation, seduction and betrayal”, but says these words refer to “linguistics rather than eyelashes”. Whatever . . .

Kate Adie once said that TV executives wanted presenters with “cute faces and cute bottoms and nothing in between”. Well they certainly hit the jackpot with Emily Maitlis.

Says it all really doesn’t it? Do any of you still take the British Bullshit Corporation seriously?


If that’s a “cute face” by BBC standards then I’m glad that my reference points are elsewhere !


If ever there was clear evidence of the complete collusion of the ‘Welsh’ Government and Cadw with the Westminster ambition to completely Anglicise Wales, then this offensive Iron ring is it. The significance of the Iron ring is well understood by a subjugated people, it makes me sick to my stomach that our ancestors and we in turn are being blatantly disrespected in this way, by our own so called Government. They must be so corrupt and blackmailed to have sold out Cymru in this way. Even the English, London based Architects make no bones about the symbolism of the ring, while the ‘Welsh Government’ make some disingenuous statement that “The Iron Ring symbolises a rusted crown representing the relationship between the medieval monarchies of Europe & the castles they built.” Shame on them that they would celebrate the conquest of our own people. If this disgraceful project gets the go ahead, it should become a focus of resistance.

Big Gee


I have now submitted a FoI to Cadw and the ‘Welsh’ Government asking for details of the tendering process and minutes of the meeting that decided to award the contract to the ring design of George King in London

Thank you Jac on behalf of us all.

Big Gee

Good – It’ll be interesting to get the actual reply to the request. I can’t wait for the side-stepping waffle that’s bound to come back!


Yes Thank you Jac, I’m sure you will be keeping us informed with the feedback from Cadw. Just wondering how they are going to crawl out of this one?

Daley Gleephart

The English, when it comes to historic events, follow the rule of ‘Whoever Wins Is Right’.
Last year, the English celebrated the 950th anniversary of an invasion led by a family of psychopaths.


Daley that’s a bit harsh on the Normans, psychos they might have been but the man in possession of that crown until the battle of Senlac was no better, indeed arguably worse. Most “leaders” of that time were scheming nasty bits of work, but a redeeming feature, in a perverse way, was that they tended to get involved in the shitty business of battle whereas most leaders since Henry7th have been “armchair” or “throne based warriors”.

In our time it has become de rigeur to engage in all sorts of horror at a safe distance causing death and destruction to front line soldiers and civilian populations while traipsing around TV studios delivering pompous lectures on world peace. Rope is too good for such bastards, but it would do, and we have 2 live examples of such scumbags wandering around the UK free as fuckin’ birds. So the English haven’t civilized themselves much in those 950 years.


Rhys Gryg and Owain ap Cadwgan were pretty nasty pieces of work too. Not disagreeing really… just people tend to be people no matter the language they speak. What was it Gerald of Wales said… Nothing better than a good Welshman and nothing worse than a bad one?


you are probably spot on. I read somewhere that Llewelyn ein Llyw Ola’ was not “the man” as far as lot of Welsh people were concerned. However any rivals he had at that time felt that staying on the fence or sucking up to Edward was good for their survival. None of them lasted long as old Longshanks was out to crush the whole lot (left, right,or middling as modern Plaid people might have it ). Fact of life that Wales and England of that period were very localised in terms of loyalties and gang leaders were ruthless in imposing their domains.


Well he had a lot of relations because of the amount of offspring Owain Gwynedd had. That and when he climbed to the top of the Aberffraw pit he had to deal with the leaders of Mathrafal and Dinefwr (which was also quite populous due to Yr Arglwydd having so many sons in the South).

A well known tactic by the Anglo-Normans was to play off rival lines of descent against each other – and essentially do the job for them. That and Llywelyn did push Edward a little too hard. I think old Longshanks at least first understood he needed a friendly Welsh Prince to rule and pay homage to him. Then he tried all this stuff with his son by making him Prince of Wales just says he’d just had a tit full of it.


I quote a tweet from Huw Marshall. I heard the Radio Wales News piece. It was basically just gave air-time to Hanson the MP attacking Llyr Hughes Griffiths AM who had questioned this insult to our nation. Unbelievable…..but maybe not. (I only listen to this rubbish because I sometimes cannot pick up Radio Cymru which is better but still not ideal)

“FFS, @BBCRadioWales news finally cover the #IronRing story and turn it in to a Labour attack on Plaid Cymru. Cover the REAL story….”

Keith Parry

Jason Mohamed did read this e.mail out on Radio Wales. “C A D W Celebrate All Defeats of the Welsh. Who ever runs this organisation should be sacked.”sent by Keith.

Big Gee

I make it a habit NOT to listen to Jason ‘Jase’ Mohammed on the radio, he gets totally on my tits, as he sounds to me like a metro male, chattering monkey! I’m not casting aspersions here, for those not familiar with the term it simply means “A good-looking, fashionable young man who pays special attention to style and who displays the levels of care and pride in their appearance which is usually associated with women; but who are not deemed to be homo-sexual“. Sounds like ‘Jase’ to me, but I digress, he just gets on my tits, and comes over as a typically ignorant EnglandandWales type.

Anyway, I accidentally caught him this morning, as I switched on Radio Wales for some news and bumped into a phone-in about the ‘Iron Ring’. It seems that there’s a surprising level of interest and anger over this. Virtually all the callers were aggrieved, and made the same points that have been raised on this post of Jac’s.

One very interesting caller made the point that the architect(s) commissioned by Llywodraeth Y Senedd to come up with this insulting piece of shite are a London based firm! No architects in Cymru apparently! Not only are we humiliated on our own soil, but our government has paid OUR money to a firm in London to humiliate us! The other interesting point made was the standard of our AMs, most of whom wouldn’t have a clue about this (or don’t care) because they are totally ignorant of our history and culture, and the significance of this monstrosity, unlike other more educated and patriotic people who are left to ‘whine’ as the ‘chattering monkey’ so irritatingly put it.

This episode, and the ignorance of those who rule us brings us back – once again – to the urgent need for proper education in our land.


Off topic, but distantly related as many leaseholds are held by off shore investment companies,there’s a lot of noise coming from London about much needed reforms to this archaic regime of ownership. Now let’s remember that they speak of “reform” not abolition but it’s still a lot more promising than the stony silence from CJ and his mates down the Bay – or have I missed something. This was a subject of some interest 4 or 5 years ago but seems to have followed many other social issues into the long grass as CJ and his mates cultivate much more enjoyable relationships with all sorts of wideboys from elsewhere in UK and further afield who benefit from all sorts of loose regulation, or better still none at all !

Yesterday CJ and a few of his buddies rolled up to Llanelwedd to butter up the farming/rural communities. I suspect that he’d need to promise a hell of a lot, and deliver, before that lot fall in and vote donkey style.Indeed the real motive of the visit was probably to fill up on some home produced fodder to bat off the prospect of his waistline shrinking. Where CJ comes from the chunky look still equates to wellness and prosperity, Mrs Chippings must have been bending his ear !


Leasehold reform? Not in Swansea. John Healey, Shadow Housing Minister brought up the topic of ‘Unscrupulous Landlords’ ripping off leaseholders with ground rent a couple of months ago. Headline in a few papers. I felt the need to point out, before he made a complete rsole of himself, that the highest percentage rip off of tenants was purpetrated by none other than a Labour controlled Council. In 2014 Swansea Labour Council issued demands for increasing the ground rent of households on the Elba Estate, Gowerton by a percentage increase of between 2000% and 5000%. Our own was midway at 2500%. £50 pa to £1250 pa. To obtain best value for the people of Swansea ????. UK Government Ministers replied to my pleas by stating ‘It’s a devolved matter’. Welsh Government Ministers replied ‘It’s a local matter’. Local Government replied ‘We must obtain best value so pay up’.
Swansea Council Unitary Authority or scum for short, eventually settled on the lower increase figure of 800%. Swansea Labour, putting people first. You got to laugh, haven’t you



Following the announcement that CADW wants to install a ‘Ring Piercing’ into the grounds of Flint castle…..

If Cadw was English…
Dress Betty Battenburg up as a witch during trooping of the colour on Halloween.

If Cadw was Ukrainian….
Re-enact the Charge of the Light Brigade with pink water pistols for toddlers.

If Cadw was German….
Put a bouncy castle outside Auschwitz-Birkenau to boost visitor numbers.

If Cadw was Norwegian…
Paint an image of Harry Potter onto the sail of the Snekkja Longship.

If Cadw was Chinese…
Pebble Dash the Great Wall and put uPVC double glazing on the Forbidden City.

If Cadw ran Virgin Trains…
Put Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang wings onto the sides of the Flying Scotsman.

If Cadw ran a London council..
Project a video of ‘Fire Starter’ by Prodigy onto the cladding of tower blocks.

Any other suggestions?


Looking at it from the perspective of the subjugation of other native people,
If CADW was Native American, it would carve up the the Black hills of Dakota into the American presidents of Mount Rushmore.

If CADW was Tibetan, it would turn Drepung Monastery, Lhasa, and other sacred sites into theme parks. Of course the colonialists have already got there first.

Big Gee

Advertising the sale of pork sausages on the walls of the temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
The erection of a giant steel Swastika at the same location.


Or having the colours of the family that brought us the Laws in Wales Act sitting behind our proud Dragon.



Following the proposal to install an Iron Ring in the grounds of Flint castle commemorating the subjugation of the Welsh. Not to be outdone, Historic England have announced that a Giant Eyeball will now be constructed at Battle, in East Sussex to commemorate the victory of the Norman invaders over the English at the Battle of Hastings.

The defeated King Harold of England is famously depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry as perishing at the 1066 battle by having an arrow shot through his eyeball. “This sculpture is a modern representation of the longstanding union of the French and English” said local resident, Nigel Farage.

The eyeball sculpture will allow visitors inside the sculpture and peer out to view their new masters on the coast of Northern France. It is to be embellished with the names of all the new overlords, with translations into English from Norman French on some (but not all) of the exhibits.

Like the proposal in Wales, the local council has not yet been consulted on the project.

The £390,000 project has drawn some criticism in the local community who suggest it would be better spent on Eastbourne Hospital, currently in special measures. However, Visit England says that the installation will bring much valued tourism to East Sussex, referring to the “Volle-et-Vent stalls, Garlic flavour candy floss, the famous Hastings Fromagerie and locals paid the minimum wage to wear a stripy shirt with a beret. This is a great opportunity to boost visitor numbers.”

Nigel Stapley

Nice one, Brychan! (And I speak as someone whose paternal grandfather’s lineage was from Hastings, hence the un-Cymraeg surname).

It seems that Con Skits has announced a ‘pause’ on the scheme. Let’s be watchful for him and the quangocracy sneaking this through again when they think that we’ll be distracted, say by a royal funeral or something.


it’s the “….or something” bit that makes me think. A big ring could be just the thing when “celebrating” the next Arwysgiad in Caernarfon, if they dare take it there. Maybe Flint near the border would be a safer venue with suitable heritage credentials.


I have no objection to them spending money in Flint and like this suggestion from reddit:
Why not build a monument to Gwenllian, the last Princess of Wales who was captured by Edward I when she was just a baby and kept in confinement for 50+ years until her death?
A statue of a beautiful but sad Welsh Princess, standing alone looking over the horizon.
It’s one of the saddest stories in Welsh history. A monument to her would be powerful and moving.
The Welsh Government needs to celebrate Welsh men & women not foreigners.

Nigel Stapley

Hey, I’ve just had an idea!

Let them build the thing. Then, one night, a handful of patriots do a Penyberth on it, and send a glossy press release to the media claiming that it is the centrepiece of a work of performance art called “Ring Of Fire”, which expresses the deep-seated cultural identity of the area, especially the Zari curry house in Connah’s Quay!

We (oops, what a giveaway!) might even get a grant for it!

Big Gee

Another excellent bit of sarcastic satire Brychan

I heard briefly on the news (whilst waiting for Her Who Has To Be Obeyed to come out of a shop) this afternoon that the 7,000+ signatures (to date) that the petition has raised, actually prompted a mention on Radio Wales! Wow!

Actually, having checked tonight I notice it’s now up to 9,800 odd. So we can do some things right in numbers – when we put our minds to it.


Ugh Ken Skates. His comments about the iron sphincter at Flint… utterly clueless.

“In its prime, Flint Castle played a pivotal role in not only shaping the future of Wales but that of the UK and Europe. The Iron Ring sculpture is a perfect way of marking this significance while attracting more people to visit the site, bringing positive economic benefits to the area.”

Shaping the future of Wales… I just cannot believe he said that. Where do they find these people.

As for the Bear Grylls endeavour… why cant the Assembly make something like a Welsh Puy Du Fou rather than this bollocks?


Try this if you have lots of dosh to splash about :

UK and Overseas Property Investment Opportunities
UK and overseas property investments such as student property, care homes, car parks, office space, hotel rooms and much more for our global investor base


Question about the “gift of land” – who’s land was it to “give”? Is it on a fixed term lease with full restoration covenants, or has freehold been handed over ? Who was the previous owner ? did Cynulliad or local authority have to pay someone to take it over prior to the “gift” event ?

All these issues need to be exposed to find out how much of a shitty deal was done, before we even consider the nature, scale and impact of the actual development of the land. Smell is already ripe so I suspect more exposure will lead to more odour ! Fancy Huw “youwanker” Davies being involved with such a project.


I used to think that the old Forestry Commission had most of the land high up above the valley and the slopes that were not in private ( farming ) ownership. Of course Forestry Commission Wales went into Natural Resources Wales and given that CJ’s Cynulliad government controls that opaque organisation they may well be selling or gifting tracts of land to secure all these well paid jobs in hospitality see ! Absolute fuckin’ nightmare – will those lodges burn ?


Mynydd Caerau? I think thats called Llynfi Afan. I think they are owned by some Spanish company. Suppose it could be Crown Estates land but I didn’t think they had much in the South.


The ‘Playground Wales’ project is still on track.

The very English Countryside Alliance still doing more to protect rural Wales than Plaid.


Yep, it’s wealthy Welsh landowners depriving the disadvantaged of Birmingham and Manchester the right to roam the our countryside.


The sort of buffoon attracted to a “Parc” holiday home is cut from the same cloth as those who go to the Med yet rely on outlets flogging British food and drink and speak English ! Not a nice prospect. Any venturing into countryside will probably be done in 4X4’s and we know the mess they made on ancient paths across Elenydd. Anyone got access to a few mines ? not for coal, the other kind.


Glen …It’s important to issue safety guidance to canoeists and rafters who arrive from England who wish to take advantage of this new proposed ‘roam access’ across farmland get to the banks of the Teifi and Towi..

(a) Try to gain access across a field that is populated with suckling cows.
(b) Make sure you are highly visible, like wear an orange jacket.
(c) Ensure to position yourself between the calf and it’s mother.
(d) Wave about a long brightly coloured fibreglass object just to make sure.
(e) If the cows are black with horns then aggressively shout ‘Del yma, bryswch.
(f) When the herds runs towards you, find a suitable wall to stand against.
(g) Do not phone the emergency services on your mobile, the cows already have bluetooth, spread by previous visitors to the field.


If in doubt, use the visitor information cord that often runs across such pasture kindly provided by the farmer, by touching the wire with your penis. You may find the blonde cows a bit more aggressive. They’re French. Bred to dispense bottles of semi-skimmed. Remember, for every cow you cross-contaminate during your trip, we have to shoot a badger.


The ‘right to roam’ in Sweden, where I have spent time in the past. It’s allemansrätten (tir crwydro?) and it does give access to all farmed and un-cultivated non-residential land, including access to rivers boating (no motors), canoes, swimming, skiing and camping. Caravans are banned!! This right excludes hemfridszon, an area up to 100m from the farmhouse. However, they control their own criminal legislation and have specific offences where the visitor causes harm, such as wild fires, fishing without owners permission (except county designated lakes). You can also pick berries and mushrooms in wild areas, particularly forests. A similar ‘right to roam’ exists in Scotland, but they too have control in their own legal jurisdiction, with specific additional offences. The only part of Wales which has a similar landscape is in Eryri, more specifically, the Carneddau area, where the major landowner (National Trust) has already voluntarily introduced a ‘right to roam’ but this is wholly within the national park. Very different from other rural areas of Wales, where crops and birthing livestock predominate.


oh dear I clicked on that link in JAC’s comment on right to roam. That item was a bit scatty but believe me there’s historical stuff on there dating back a few years on other topics that explains to some extent why Plaid has drifted off into some woolly headed mindset. Advocating any old inward migration, backing off any robust defence of the language, every nutty ill thought through proposition you could imagine turns up somewhere on that site. The party that shot itself in the foot is now aiming for its own head as it thinks this will ease the pain.

Big Gee
Daley Gleephart

If these shit in the woods centres are the future, Heaven help us.


This is just so wrong for so many different reasons. The Upper Afan Valley is one of the most underprivileged and disadvantaged areas in the whole of the UK, and these chancers just get given land because of their connections. I hope the locals will flock to the Cymer Afan library in their hundreds to tell Woodhouse and his chums that they can shove their lodges up their Rhondda tunnels.


You will see a Mr Andrew Kitchingman on the board of directors of Northern Powerhouse, he is also currently non-exec director of Lon Pro Holdings Plc (short for London Property), which is financed from property bonds listed on the Cyprus stock exchange.
Kitchingman is on the right.

This company is one of the outfits that ‘acquires’ up-market residential properties in London, not for living in, but as ‘absentee investment portfolios’, many of the buyers being from overseas. These are the ‘buy to leave’, properties detailed here….

I was wondering why Labour MPs like Jeremy Corbyn in Islington has been raising this issue in the English parliament as a ‘scandal’, yet Carwyn Jones in the Welsh parliament is dishing out free land in Wales and grants to the same shysters?

Big Gee

I was wondering why Labour MPs like Jeremy Corbyn in Islington has been raising this issue in the English parliament as a ‘scandal’, yet Carwyn Jones in the Welsh parliament is dishing out free land in Wales and grants to the same shysters?

Because Brychan, you’re looking at two different animals. Corbyn is genuine, and straight – hence the reason he’s been so badly treated by both his own parliamentary party, and the establishment media.

‘Charismatic Carwyn’ is amongst that slimy ‘Pink Tory’ mob of Bliarites, Brownies, and all the other self serving bastards that infest the Labour party as we’ve come to know it. The same party that has hoodwinked and corrupted it’s way into the hearts of the ‘donkey voters’ in Cymru.

That’s the reason I’ve said a few times on here, that the dream scenario would be a Corbyn led Labour government in London (without the filthy dross that’s in it’s PLP) coupled to an SNP led Scottish parliament, Sinn Féin in an united Ireland, and a (as yet unknown) Nationalist party governing in Y Senedd.


The Elite Investor Club produced a promotional video for Afan Valley Adventure Resort featuring Peter Moore and the then Labour MP Huw Irranca-Davies. For some reason, this video has recently been pulled, and deleted from YouTube. It says he was an MP at the time the video was filmed, a period when he served as shadow energy minister campaigning to keep high levels of Feed-In Tariff for solar power which these lodges will be fitted with. Huw is, of course, now an AM in the Senedd, and makes no reference to The Elite Investor Club in his register of interests. He does however, list a residential property in the “Swansea area” from which is derived rental income.


Huw is the nephew of Ifor Davies, MP for Gower, who campaigned for a NO vote on devolution in 1979. Like his uncle, he went to school in Goweton, so I assume this ‘property’ which he rents out, is a family inheritance on the Gower. The Irranca bit in his name is adopted from his wife, who is obviously of Italian parentage. She may also have come with a property portfolio. However, it’s worth checking to make sure it’s not a ‘lodge’ in the Caerau Parc development. I find it unusual that the venture has removed the video, unless it was at the request of one of the pundits, ie, Moore or Irranca-Davies.

K. A. Mylchreest

Corbyn and his ilk simply can’t afford any sort of alliance with the (sensible socialist?) SNP or Plaid, for the simple reason that to have any realistic hope of gaining and retaining power in the UK requires Scottish and Welsh Labour votes and seats.

How often, if ever, would an independent England have had a Labour government? Genuine question, there must be an anorak somewhere who knows 😉

Big Gee

No one suggested an “alliance” of any kind. Labour comes in many flavours. There’s the genuine group, who in fairness, do try and live up to good principles – based on social justice and fairness, they are the Corbynites, who also include the vast numbers of recent members who voted primarily for Corbyn in the last election. Corbyn personally has very healthy views regarding representation of other nations in the UK. Hence the reason he was monotonously attacked on his historic sympathies with the Irish fight for freedom in the Six Counties. His attitude towards the Cymru and the Scots is equally as healthy.

Then you have the Parliamentary Labour Party, made up mostly of slimy shysters like Owen Smith & Co. They are mostly ‘New Labour’ leftovers from the Bliar/ Brown era. Pink Tories.

And finally you have dear old ‘Welsh Labour’. Basically a gang of cronies with their snouts stuck firmly in the pubic funded feeding trough. They do not support Corbyn – for very good reason – he’d probably kick them into touch, or he’d take the feeding trough away from them. Neither are they Bliarites, they are in effect super fraudulent jumped up councillors, who have got away with it for years, thanks to the ‘donkey’ vote in the post industrial valleys.

I simply suggested that from our point of view, a corbyn government in England, and nationalist parties in power in Cymru, Scotland and Ireland would be the dream scenario.

I accept your point about Corbyn not being able to capture power in Westminster without Labour seats in Scotland & Cymru. However we are living in strange & rapidly changing times. It’s only a few months since the ‘experts’ and his own PLP were predicting a wipe-out for him. Many saying that Labour was unelectable with Corbyn leading it. ALL wrong, and hugely so, including Mrs May(hem). Listening to the crap from the experts was the biggest mistake she ever make, and she’s made a few both before and after the event.

It’s not a mystery – people are waking up all over the globe. You can only push the masses to a tipping point, and that is very close.

Nigel Stapley

“And finally you have dear old ‘Welsh Labour’. Basically a gang of cronies with their snouts stuck firmly in the pubic funded feeding trough”

Close to what I think of them as well, Gee! 😉