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This wasn’t planned, but it’s too big and complicated for a tweet, and so I’m putting it out as a quickie. As the title suggests, it concerns Coleg Soros in Talgarth, otherwise known as Black Mountains College.

For those new to this blog, or regulars with short memories, I have written a few times about Coleg Soros, so just type the name in the search box to the right. This piece from June 2019 will explain why I’ve renamed Black Mountains College after that evil old bastard (scroll down).


Over the years I’ve become aware of two Coleg Soros entities: the now dissolved Black Mountains College Ltd, and Black Mountains College Project Ltd.

But there was a third company I’d somehow overlooked. In my defence I’ll say that this other company wasn’t launched until just before Christmas 2022. It’s Black Mountains College Operations Ltd. Scroll down on the overview page and you’ll see that it’s devoted to education.

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It began life with a single £1 share held by director Ben Rawlence, who’s been involved with Coleg Soros from the off. But then things moved on apace.


In June 2023 there was a share issue with a total value of £4,480,000. A couple of weeks later, William John Lana became a director. In November 2023 the company produced a breakdown of shareholders. Here it is.

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Like me when I first saw it, you’re wondering about Rewilding Wealth Ltd. So here’s what I found. It’s registered with Companies House as an Overseas Entity. Located in that bastion of probity and openness, the British Virgin Islands.

But using a Hong Kong correspondence address.

When we seek the beneficial owner(s) we see named, Andrew James Kadoorie McAulay, of Hong Kong, and the Bermuda Trust Company Ltd based, as you’d expect, on the sun-drenched isles of the same name.

Trying to make sense of it I wondered who McAulay is. What I found interesting is the Kadoorie element of his name. Because the Kadoories were a family of Jewish merchants in Baghdad who moved to China. And became very, very rich.


William John Lana, who we met earlier, may be the UK representative of Rewilding Wealth Ltd (RWL). I’m guessing that because in the Articles of Association for Black Mountains College Operations Ltd (page 12), it says:

For so long as RWL holds any shares in issue from time to time, it shall be entitled to nominate, appoint and maintain in office one person as a director of the company and to remove (or remove and replace) such director from time to time.

So what do we know about William John Lana? Well, let’s start with his Linkedin page, which mentions a number of companies he’s involved with. Partly confirmed by this Companies House entry.

But no mention of the one run by him and his wife, Greenfibres Ltd. It’s one of those companies that charges Guardian readers over the odds for linen and suchlike so they can sleep easy at night knowing they’re superior to the common herd destroying the planet.

Though I did find Greenfibres listed separately.


I think the key here is Rewilding Wealth Ltd. For while there is a Caribbean connection, I believe the majority holding lies in Hong Kong, with Andrew James Kadoorie McAulay.

As I’ve told you, his mother is a member of the ultra-wealthy Kadoorie clan, and his father, Ronald James McAulay, is a Scottish-Hong Kong billionaire, now in his late 80s.

Apart from McAulay Jnr being chairman of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, it’s difficult to know how he whiles away the hours, or how he makes his contribution to the family pile.

Hong Kong was handed over to the People’s Republic of China at midnight on July 1, 1997, and Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden was quick off the mark. For Wikipedia tells us, ‘Conservation work has been extended to Mainland China since 1998’.

‘Lo, all our pomp of yesterday Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!’ Click to open enlarged in separate tab

In fact, digging around, it became clear that McAulay works quite happily with communist China. It looks as if he and his family are ‘flexible’ in dealing with the comrades, and have been for some time.

An example might be him sitting on the board of the China Light and Power Company (CLP) from 1997 to 2000. Which coincides with his time as a director of UK-based Solar Century Holdings Ltd, now owned by Norwegian state-owned Statkraft.


Clearly, someone has plans that involve Wales, but will probably have little or no Welsh input. (Rather like Coleg Soros itself.) Other than the necessary permissions to go ahead. But why is whoever’s behind it all using a small education establishment in Powys?

To make sense of it, let me first make clear that Black Mountains College Operations Ltd is controlled by Black Mountains College Project Ltd.

Within days of William Lana becoming a director of the new creation, Sophie Joyce Howe joined the board of the parent company.

She is of course the former Future Generations Commissioner. Her Linkedin profile claims she’s now a ‘freelance’. Which may be true, but she’s not averse to picking up a few well-paid gigs on the side.

Because a good source told me Howe’s another of the many Labour insiders on the payroll of Scottish company Bute Energy, which wants to cover our beautiful country in wind turbines and pylons.

And then, when I checked the Charity Commission entry for Black Mountains College Project I could see that Sophie Howe is also a trustee of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance. She joined in July 2023.

And let’s not forget that in the extract I used from the Articles of Association of Black Mountains College Operations, and the reference to appointing a director, Howe might also fit the bill if the clause extends to the controlling company.

But if she is the designated RWL director, then who is Lana representing?


Rewilding Wealth Ltd may do what it says on the tin, by which I mean it seeks investors for rewilding projects. And as the Guardian told us a few years back, there’s serious money to be made.

In which case, Coleg Soros will serve as the entry point, perhaps facilitator, for foreign investors buying up Welsh farmland. Something the self-styled ‘Welsh Government’ fully supports, and which might explain Sophie Howe’s involvement.

Another possibility, is that Kadoorie-McAulay is fronting for the Chinese Communist Party, and they want their slice of the Welsh renewables cake. For in its blind acceptance of the Globalists’ climate scam the ‘Welsh Government’ has laid our country wide open to exploiters from around the world.

Neither corporate rewilders nor Chinese Communist party should be acceptable to any Welsh man or Welsh woman who cares about this little country of ours. It’s all we’ve got.

Something else that is unacceptable is the way Labour insiders benefit from cwtshing up to those exploiting Wales. Selling political influence for personal gain is exactly what Labour politicians accuse their Conservative counterparts of doing.

Deluding yourselves that taking the money is justified because you’re saving the planet is rank hypocrisy. Which is of course Labour’s stock-in-trade.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2024

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Wendy but why does Leonardo dicaprio own an electronic company and his business is based in a rehabilitation building? Weird, take a look.


Well you know more about these things than I do, there are a lot of American celebrities that own businesses here in the U.K.

Ifor l'engine

Sorry Jac but the good old days of The Opium Wars are long gone. Those nasty lefties now own about £150 billion worth of UK industry. Everything from breweries to airports.

All your favourite brands like Intel and Apple now work quite happily with communist China. Even ardent Brexiteers like Dyson happily do business over there.

In 2023, the EU and China traded goods worth € 739 bn (imports and exports).

The world has moved on. American style dog-whistle comments, about Soros and Communism, are the last resort of a desperate right wing society, looking on helplessly, as all their self-perceived concepts of hegemony crumble into dust.

David Smith

I’d probably call China state capitalist if anything. The means of production are owned by the ‘people’, but they trade in the globalised market economy.


State Capitalism with thousands of large scale enterprises on much the same model as Wastern globalist counterparts. Lower down the pecking order are millions of smaller localised businesses who much like small business in UK spends most of its time working against all sorts of tight regulatory structures imposed by CP and the big enterprises. A rich top tier and a squeezed SME layer. Not much difference between either model. Western globalists are quite content to schmooze and do business with Chinese. They still buy cheap components from them rather than foster native business for localised supply chains. That is the real class war in the West these days.

David Smith

Seems counterintuitive that Big Biz would be all for tight regulations, surely?


They are quite happy to have regs that act as barriers to entry preventing new players entering their marketplaces. Compliance is a big game designed to suit big players already on the field of play.

Nicola Lund

Speaking of Sophie Howe, have you seen her 48 recommendations in her ‘Manifesto for the Future?’
Take a look at the YouTube video on this page – curiously all girls speaking of their vision for the future, not a single boy.

Jonathan Dean

Not sure about being a front for the Chinese, as it’s no secret they own chunks of Hinckley C, Sizewell C and if EDF get their way no doubt Wylfa B (if Westminster are daft enough to push ahead with that). I can’t see that there is any need for a front

I assume the college will be teaching how to rewild

The Chinese do love a British education, so no doubt a steady stream of kids of the well healed Chinese business elite will be flowing through the college doors

Jonathan Dean

Anyone who could will have moved their money out of HK before handover, and put into other “tax efficient” locations, even if they stayed living in HK near all their business contacts. Now they’re just looking for another investment, be that a college or rewilding project, none of which they may hang into for long. They probably pedal the allure of investing in a “British University” or National Park to wealthy Chinese

A solar park on Ynys Môn gained planning consent while owned by a couple from Kent via companies in Jersey and BVI. It was sold to, and developed by, SSE. Isn’t this just how people with money operate?