Climate Change – That Old Time Religion!

As you may have guessed, I am somewhat sceptical of the claims made by those who insist we’re heading for a climate catastrophe . . . unless of course we do as they tell us.


I’m an old bugger and I’ve been hearing horror stories about climate change all my life. The narratives have varied but the intention was always the same.

For example, back in the 1970s, following a dip in the temperature, there was a fear that aerosols were blocking out sunlight and this was pushing us towards a new Ice Age.

Ain’t seen no polar bears yet in Aberdyfi.

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But the 1970s also gave us our last genuine heatwave; for in 1976 we saw 15 consecutive days when the temperature was 32°C or higher.

Attention then seemed to switch to global warming, but with this prospect still bringing colder weather for north west Europe. For it was believed that global warming would detach huge sheets of ice from the Greenland shelf; these would float southwards and redirect the Gulf Stream.

Even today, some are still prophesying disaster from that direction.

Next, it was the huge and growing hole in the ozone layer that spelt death for us all. I suppose it fixed itself. Here’s what the BBC, a leading purveyor of climate hysteria, has to say.

And who remembers acid rain, that would strip trees of their leaves and their bark, and reduce humans to skeletons if we stepped outside? Nobody mentions it any more, so I guess it went away.

‘Give us your serious face, Sue, there’s a love’. From the BBC Wales website, Saturday afternoon. The only thing missing is the body count. This is play-acting. Click to open enlarged in separate tab.

To give some perspective, here’s a link to some of the ludicrous predictions of climate catastrophe we’ve been served up over the past 50 years or so. Some you’ll remember, some you won’t. Anyone under the age of 40 should read it and then they might understand why older people are rather more sceptical.


As a student of history brought up in a moderately religious family it’s fascinating to see a combination of a (would-be) global elite, scientists, politicians and political activists, set up what is in effect their own ‘church’.

Those listed could be compared to a College of Cardinals, bishops, priests, and lay brethren. So it’s worth remembering that . . .

The medieval Church frightened our forefathers with the prospect of eternal damnation, while the new orthodoxy offers lurid prophesies of global disaster; the striking similarity due to the same desired outcome – to exert control over people by frightening them with the prospect of a terrible but unverifiable fate if they don’t obey.

If we accept that analogy, then we are in some kind of time-warp where blind obedience is demanded, and no questions are tolerated. Rejecting the prevailing orthodoxy makes one a heretic.

An old one from ‘Viz’. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I say that because anyone questioning the ‘science’ today is treated as a heretic would have been in the time of the Inquisition. With today’s heretics, like their predecessors, usually knowing more about the ‘science’ than their persecutors and the whipped-up mob demanding its entertainment.

Thankfully, there’s a ‘Reformation’ in the offing. It will inevitably lead to a ‘Counter-Reformation’; which will – through an excess of zealotry coupled with a paucity of supporting evidence – succeed only in further discrediting what had previously been so widely accepted.


The current spell of warm weather being exaggerated by the Met Office and the media into a threat to the human race will be of short duration compared to 1976.

Even so, with an agenda to serve, a few days of warmer than average weather must be pumped up into a life-threatening event. Though, as I read in a tweet a few days ago . . .

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Makes you think, doesn’t it!

People having to choose between heating their homes and eating this coming winter will be due to environmental zealots forcing on us measures to combat a non-existent climate emergency. As a result, winter deaths will be ignored; or if they are noted they will be attributed to ‘extreme weather’, which will of course be linked to the climate emergency.

Another parallel we can draw between today’s environmental establishment and earlier belief systems is their need to control what people see, read, and hear.

In the twenty-first century that means the media. And there is no doubt that the new religion has control over the greater part of what is referred to as the ‘mainstream’ or ‘legacy’ media.

That means radio, television, newspapers and magazines.

Which is why, in spite of censorship, and algorithms, ‘fact-checking’ and Big Tech rooting out ‘disinformation’ (i.e. ‘heretical’ thoughts), we should still be grateful for the internet. Fulfilling as it does the role of a latter-day printing press.

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This control over the established media is both global – though especially pernicious in the Anglophone world – and local.

Wales is not immune to attempts to promote the globalists’ Word at all costs. Even when it means misrepresentation and outright lies.


Monday last week saw the ‘Welsh media’ mount what was clearly a concerted effort to frighten us with images of a dried-up river in Pembrokeshire. All due, it was inferred, to global warming.

But things were not as they seemed. Here are the images.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Now, at first sight, and to those who might not know the area, those images of dried and cracked mud would suggest a river drying up. But as I say, things are not as they seem.

For the Carew River – that’s Carew Castle in the images – is nothing more than a tidal creek. It flows into the Cleddau and on past Milford Haven to the sea.

Not only that, but there’s a dam, which holds back water to create a mill pond. Although no longer operational, the mill has been restored. And it’s the only tidal mill in Wales.

Which means that the expanse of mud shown in the images is indicative of nothing more than the extent of the mill pond when the tide is in, or when the dam is operating.

This clip from an Ordnance Survey map might explain it better.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab.

And if you click here you’ll go to a site that tells you more about the mill. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a nice picture of all that ugly mud covered over. In fact, I’m told the mill pond is normally full.

People, myself included, pointed out on Twitter and elsewhere that the images used by the BBC and WalesOnline were misleading. And so, by Wednesday, the caption had changed to say that the image showed the Carew River at ‘low tide’.

Fair enough. But if that’s the Carew at low tide, what’s the message?

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The photographer, Matthew Horwood, had clearly gone up in his balloon for the image used by the Telegraph on Wednesday. But at least, in this image the dam is clearly visible.

Yet the caption still claims that the image shows ‘low water levels’. Which is wrong. The level of water in the Carew is quite normal – just look beyond the dam.

(The misleading picture of Afon Caeriw was still being used yesterday afternoon. Though, perhaps significantly, Horwood’s name does not appear, just Getty Images.)

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Matthew Horwood was a busy boy last week.

For he was at it again on Saturday. This time, with photographs of Llwyn-on reservoir, near Merthyr Tudful. Though the person who sent me the link remarked that the grass we see might suggest the ground has been exposed for some time.

Someone else noticed that the photographs used on Saturday seemed very similar to photographs used in this report from 2020.

What’s more, photographs of Llwyn-on showing other droughts that were not claimed to be heralding Doomsday can be found on the Coflein site.

The truth is that it’s an old reservoir, with outdated infrastructure; and I suspect it now operates at well below its original capacity. Hence the ‘droughts’.

UPDATE 20.07.2022: Someone sent me this photograph of the Carew mill pond taken today. All I can say is, they must have had a hell of downpour in Pembrokeshire last night!

Click to open enlarged in separate tab.


As for the photographer, Matthew Horwood, I reached out to him on Twitter last week, but there was no response. I’ll try again.

Matthew Horwood, your photographs, used by various media outlets last week, were misleading. So here are my questions:

  • Did you submit those photographs yourself as evidence of ‘global warming’? 
  • Were they requested from you by the media outlets that used them?
  • Were you unaware that the River Carew is tidal and that Llwyn-on reservoir is regularly at that level?
  • Do you now intend asking the media outlets involved to clarify what the images actually show?
  • How close are you to the so-called ‘Welsh Government’?

The final question is due to Horwood’s Linkedin profile. To see Drakeford and his favourite university ‘liked’ suggests Horwood may be a member of the Bay in-crowd.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

What’s abundantly clear is that certain interests saw in the recent spell of pleasantly warm and dry weather the opportunity to ratchet up the climate hysteria.

Matthew Horwood and his photographs are an element of that offensive, as is Sue Charles, the weathergirl, looking as if she’s about to burst into tears.


Not only are we being lied to, but the media is now increasingly self-censoring, which means that the general public is uninformed on world events.

Take Sri Lanka. The violent overthrow of the government was almost impossible to ignore, but it was certainly misreported.

Yes, the economy tanked; yes, the people were hungry. But it came about because the political elite in Sri Lanka followed the dictates of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and made its farmers go organic.

Nearer to home, the government of the Netherlands also wants farmers to use less fertiliser, which the government knows will put many farmers out of business, and so the government has offered to buy their farms.

Dutch farmers have refused to accept these directives and have been protesting for weeks. They have been joined by farmers in Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain.

The latest news is that Dutch farmers are refusing to sell their produce to supermarkets.

Even the Irish Greens are pushing the same ‘Let’s get the farmers!’ line.

But nothing is being reported by the BBC or the rest of the mainstream media. Because the WEF doesn’t want it reported.

About the only mainstream TV coverage I see is from Sky News in Australia!

The agenda of the globalists, and by that term I mean, the United Nations (IPCC), the World Health Organisation (which wants to override national governments in order to impose lockdowns and other measures), and of course, the World Economic Forum, can be summed up as follows.

  • A global government. (For which of course there will be no elections.)
  • In the meantime, national governments should be in the hands of oleaginous creatures who’ve been groomed by the globalists. (Trudeau in Canada and Rutte in the Netherlands are two examples.)
  • Eventually, there will be an end to the nation state. (And, by extension, nations. Especially majority white nations.)
  • An end to farming. (To be justified by claiming that farming causes great environmental damage.)
  • To speed up the end of farming governments, corporations, and individuals, will be encouraged to buy farmland. (Already happening in Wales, elsewhere, and of course, Bill Gates is now the largest private owner of farmland in the USA.)
  • The land released by the end of farming will in many cases be used for ‘habitat restoration’. (That is, rewilding, done by organisations and individuals that are close to the globalist cabal.)
  • Without farming we shall eat insects, and food produced in laboratories. (By happy coincidence Bill Gates, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and others have been pushing this for a few years.)
  • There will be a cashless society. Everyone will use online banking and every transaction will be recorded. (After all, only criminals use cash!)
  • To increase personal security and reduce crime and terrorism everyone will have a biometric passport or ID. (Maybe a chip implanted, like your dog! Does he complain?)
  • We shall be regularly injected with whatever our globalist masters say is good for us. (Especially those who reject the yummy artificial food.)
  • We must all drive electric vehicles. (Can’t afford one? Don’t worry, walking is good exercise.) 
  • There really are too many of us in the world, so we must reduce numbers. (This is where the game is often given away, with the focus on countries where the birth-rate is below replacement level.)

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. Thankfully, the agenda is coming off the rails because it’s been pushed a little too crudely, and events beyond the globalists’ control could now deal it a death-blow.

Even before the unrest across Europe Justin Trudeau in Canada made a revealing move when he froze the bank accounts of the truckers protesting against the Canadian government’s over-reaction to Covid.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But fundamental to the agenda is the myth of a planet in danger, for this is the justification for everything else. The planet must be saved by giving up fossil fuels, fertilisers, private transport, real meat, and a host of other things that underpin an advanced society.

Those over-arching priorities coupled with individual mistakes and events beyond our control explain why we are where we are.

Remember . . .

We’re up Shit Creek now partly because we believed Angela Merkel when she downplayed how much the world relies on Russia for gas and raw materials. Partly because ‘renewables’ are expensive and unreliable nonsense. And partly because the globalists will now make us pay for them engineering a war with Russia.


The ‘Welsh Government’ surrendered to the globalists without firing a shot in defence of Wales.

Worse, the collaborationist clowns in Corruption Bay see themselves as trailblazers in implementing the globalists’ agenda. Forever claiming to be the ‘first government in the world’ to introduce this, or that.

‘This’ and ‘that’ invariably translate into expensive gestures, and pandering to alien lobbies, neither of which deliver anything tangible or of material benefit for the Welsh people.

And of course, destroying the agricultural sector. For as a regular contributor to the Welsh debate, an academic from Bristol, put it recently . . .

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But now this enthusiasm is taking a more sinister and authoritarian turn.

Last Wednesday, from this tweet, I learned that a motion had been tabled in the Senedd by Jane Dodds, the Liberal Democrat MS for Brecon & Radnor. It was supported by the ‘Welsh Government’ and its little helpers in Plaid Cymru.

Here’s a contribution to the debate from Carolyn Thomas, the Labour Regional MS for North Wales. (Look at those eyes!)

I’ve highlighted a few sections and I’ll explain why.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

This woman has obviously bought into laboratory ‘food’. Then, high priest of the planet savers, and regular Guardian columnist, George Monbiot, gets a mention or two.

Handing back “vast swathes of our land to nature” means nothing of the sort. To begin with, Carolyn Thomas is talking about the Welsh family farm. And the land will be handed over to people like George Monbiot and his cronies, who thankfully failed in one colonialist land grab with Summit to Sea.

“Harnessed by the state” and “kept out of private hands” means nothing more or less than the ‘Welsh Government’ taking over Welsh family farms. Collectivisation that we’ve seen in Communist states.

“A basic income and state-owned green jobs to today’s farmers” means that having bought their farms, perhaps compulsorily, the ‘Welsh Government’ will now employ former farmers on the land they once owned.

If the jobs are state-owned, then those doing the jobs will also be state-owned. We could be going beyond nationalisation here to a form of serfdom.

Ukrainian peasants search for food in the famine that followed Stalin’s collectivisation. Communist politicians taking control of agriculture always results in famine. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I’d like to dismiss Carolyn Thomas as just another unbalanced Green activist. Or someone who’s been overdoing it on the ganja.

But she’s a politician, a Member of ‘our’ Senedd, belonging to the ruling party. And because no one felt the need to apologise for her attack on the ‘kulaks’ I conclude that her contribution is ‘Welsh Government’ policy.

So let’s remind ourselves that under Labour . . .

Child poverty has increased in all 22 local authority areas; hospital waiting lists lengthen year on year; people are eyeing up which furniture they can sacrifice to keep warm this coming winter; but a bunch of deluded fanatics in Corruption Bay wants to turn Wales into a Communist hell-hole using as their justification a climate catastrophe that’s not going to happen.

This is the kind of moral corruption and intellectual vacuity that led to the medieval Church losing its authority. It grew distanced and divorced from the concerns of the people it claimed to serve.

We are at that point now. We may even have passed it.

The globalists’ dream of being leaders in a new world order, with them knowing where each and every one of us is at all times, what we’ve eaten that day, and what we’ve recently bought, is dead.

Killed by a combination of arrogance, economic realities, and Vladimir Putin.

There’ll be very few politicians pushing Net Zero in January, and I guarantee that for future WEF knees-ups the message for Klaus Schwab will be (adapting Bismarck’s Canossa allusion), “Nach Davos gehen wir nicht, Klaus”.

It would therefore be tragic if those assholes down Corruption Bay ignored the changing realities and tried to implement Carolyn Thomas’s nightmare.

♦ end ♦


© Royston Jones 2022

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I see on Twitter, Jac, you have been now been accused of ‘climate change denier’, despite your clear reference to natural climate change.

One of the references has been made is the old chestnut of the ‘thermal expansion of water’ to predict sea level rise. This is often demonstrated in school at key stage three by heating a sealed flask of water with a thermometer and pressure gauge. Water does expand from room temperature to boiling. However, when you go into secondary school such concept of a non-linear relationship is introduced.

I shall explain.

Take a volume of 1000cm3 of pure water a sea level atmospheric pressure at 4 degrees. If you heat it is to 12 degrees, it will expand to 1000.5cm3. However, if you cool it down to a fraction above 0 degrees, just above freezing, it will also expand to 1000.5cm3. Below is a graphic.

The point of volume inversion of water is 4 degrees, not zero. A the rate of expansion is non-linear. This is the reason why warm water in the gulf of Mexico rises to the top, and the current we know as the gulf stream flows across the Atlantic to north western Europe and cools and this water sinks in the ocean. It’s the driver of this surface current. It’s an oceanic balancing mechanism and occurs all over the globe.

comment image?

Thermal expansion does have an effect in enclosed bodies of water when such balancing flow is trapped, for example summer in the Med (isolated from Atlantic) or the Gulf of California (isolated from Pacific) bit it plays no role globally. Those who understand the concept falsely transpose the effect globally, and it is often repeated by those of little scientific understanding in adherence of the apocalypses religion.

For thermal expanison to be a global event the average temperature of all the oceans of the world would need to exceed 22 degrees. Thermal expansion is a problem in your central heating radiators, but not at the beach.


It is used to predict eruptions of volcanos in Iceland. When ice melts the volume decreases and keeps decreasing until 4 degrees. It then increases by volume back up. The level in a trapped body of water in a caldera increase. These Icelanders are cleaver geysers. In oceans it just drives currents. In Taffs Well it’s warm and soothes the feet, doesn’t mean Tongwynlais will drown.

David Robins

A couple of contributions to the armchair hydrology.

Shorelines change for various reasons. Places now being inland that were at the seaside can be caused by silt brought down by rivers. It’s an occupational hazard for commercial ports at river mouths, needing constant dredging. The sea-level there hasn’t fallen; the land-level has risen.

Another cause of land-rise is ‘post-glacial rebound’, the slow expansion of the volume of solid geology resulting from all that weight being lifted when the glaciers melted at the end of the last Ice Age. Post-glacial rebound was first noticed in Sweden in the 18th century. North Wales seems more affected than the rest and London looks likely to disappear one day:

comment image

Dyn Gwyrdd

Our second Assembly Leader Rhodri Morgan – (before the Job became known as a First Minister of the Senedd’s Welsh Government) – seemingly had a Summer Caravan near Mwnt , Ceredigion – to be one of the boys. It was his version of Porthcawl. However, he also took long haul flight oil guzzling aero trips for exotic vacations and never played them up. One place he visited was the Seychelle Islands which are barely above sea level. He said they were soon to be lost to global sea level rising due to Global Warming and Climate Change. That was why he supported Wind Turbines in Wales to save the planet. The reality is that the Seychelle Islands may well go down beneath the waves but not due to global warming. The truth is that the Seychelles are on a slowly dipping Tectonic Plate due to Continental drift movements. Scientists knew this, particularly Geologists, but not one single one stood up to say “Mr Morgan with due respect you’ve got it wrong”. Just as no true Scientist will stand up for truth against ‘green hysteria’. Their jobs and research funding depends upon keeping those in Government happy with their unchallenged green lies! Yes Rhodri Morgan was the ‘second’ in that post. People forget about the ‘first’ the parachutist Alun Michael, now retired from mainstream politics, but still picking up about £70,000 a year as a Police Commissioner who will not answer correspondence! Welsh Labour looks after its own.


Annwyl Jack –
Your shotgun approach to investigative journalism means that many of your missives fall very wide of the mark. Your climate change denial piece is an example of this as you place greater emphasis on the pronouncements of a Russian comedian over 99% of the opinion of the global scientific climate community. Your recent piece on Ukraine again seems to convey that you are more influenced by Russian Bots and fake news than the reality on the ground.

Perhaps your shots have more chance of hitting their targets when they are closer to home so, please continue to focus on the many problems we have in Wales in order to expose the dark corners and shady dealings of our various levels of government!
Regards from an even older bugger in Carmarthenshire.

Red Flag

Wales roads tolls are part of proposed transport plan from Welsh Government.

Neil Singleton

In the words of the late, great Benny Hill, this climate change propaganda is all “a load of aerosols”.

David Robins

Climate varies. Human activity may contribute to this, by how much we just don’t know. It would be surprising if all the coal, gas, and oil burned since 1750, after lying dormant for tens of millions of years, blended harmlessly into the background. The ozone hole (global impact) and the acid rain (continental impact) didn’t simply ‘go away’: they were dealt with by banning CFCs and fitting flue-gas scrubbers respectively. What good these did we can’t say for certain – as we don’t have another planet to act as a control for the experiment – but they were presumably scaled-up from smaller bits of chemistry. I’d question whether you can do the same for climate, as the interaction of all the variables isn’t entirely understood. I’d point out though that high temperature readings in the past will have had a different context. It isn’t the peaks that matter, but the increasing frequency with which they occur, that is, the prevailing trend. That difference between weather and climate always needs to be borne in mind.

For me, what triggers the BS monitor is not the science but the response, which is ‘scientific’ only in the Marxist sense of dismissing contrary evidence as false consciousness. We need to know more, because a response based on the precautionary principle can race off in all the wrong directions. In many circumstances, grassland is a better carbon sink than woodland, because the carbon, stored below the surface, is less vulnerable to droughts and wildfires. Tree-planting on peat also increases flood risk. Those who’ve already decided to destroy Welsh farming don’t want to hear any of that:

The international response also suggests few believe the things they say. Planting thousands of trees is still a net reduction if millions of them are being slashed and burned in the Amazon. Brazil’s cumulative carbon footprint is bigger than the UK’s, ranking fourth in the world. A response proportionate to the claims – a UN-led invasion to topple the Bolsonaro government – is on no-one’s Agenda, 2030, 2050, or whenever. That is suspicious. So too is the whole ‘climate justice’ movement asking us to ignore that issue, or interpret it in just one way:

I don’t accept untested conspiracy theories. Creating a sense of powerlessness, they inhibit constructive political action because the scale of change demanded is incomprehensibly vast. People of all ages are afflicted, but ageing political activists seem particularly vulnerable. Failure to change the world can trigger a certain self-kicking belief, that those controlling it are more malevolent, and their influence more extensive, than ever was imagined, and thus the desperate need to overthrow them increases in direct proportion to the frustrating inability to do so. This is the downside of being old, which offsets all that first-hand knowledge of history and risks presenting as a ranting – and boring – evangelical. Y Gwir yn erbyn y Byd. No doubt it is reassuring to be ‘in the know’ about ‘what is really going on’, but, if a cabal does run all, with suave and unassailable ease, they are likely to be a lot cleverer than most, cleverer than their critics, perhaps even wiser.

This is not to say that conspiracy theorists must be wrong: part of wielding power is getting to decide what’s labelled a conspiracy theory, a neat way of deflecting attention. The mentality gets out of hand when theory and readily observable evidence clearly do not match. Best practice – such as a cashless society – can spread because people find it convenient and economical, not because of orders from puppet-masters. Has your bank branch closed, because customers have gone online? Then continuing to do business in cash means extra costs for the security to transport it further. So you stop accepting cash. Barter went out of fashion too. If farming is on the way out, the super-rich, like Bill Gates or James Dyson, wouldn’t be sinking their valuable capital into it. Perhaps they anticipate a turnround in policy? Bug-based food seems more the way to feed a larger global population than a smaller one. Each separate conspiracy theory disallows multiple explanations for any phenomenon, because ‘all is connected’. Following the money though is generally a much better bet than following the alien lizards or the Satanic pizza-eaters. In theory, it’s a better story, more believable as well as being at least partly the truth. Even Marx would agree. In practice, some people get far more excited about the lizards and the pizzas, which is a strange commentary on what works in politics and the media.

Overall, the science is right, as far as it goes. It’s science, so testable and improvable. The politics is Left, and like most Leftist politics today it ultimately benefits those writing the cheques. The weak link is between the scientific evidence – even assuming it to be correctly presented – and the policies attempted on the back of it. A lot of the time I look for it in vain. I still don’t know though, Jac, what your long-term Welsh energy policy would be. You dislike electric vehicles, because the cost hasn’t come down far enough yet, but you don’t want to be vulnerable to geopolitical events. So, what’s the answer?


I did fancy a pair of lizard skin boots once upon a time but I doubt whether it would be a good look on a 70+ bloke ! As for pizza it’s O.K as long as there’s plenty of meat in the topping.

Dyn Gwyrdd

Ask the ghost of the Paviland Lady (a forerunner Welsh Tranny man) how he walked across the Tundra land from Gower to Cornwall in the Ice Age of low sea levels. Then ask his descendants how they swam in warm sea water along Gower’s current cliff tops amongst the evident raised beaches during warm eras. Yes we have always had Climate Change and Renewable Toys will never stop it. If it is serious, then we need to do something serious like getting rid of all the green liars and profiteers! The evidence is clear with submerged forests and raised beaches. Was Cantre’r Gwaelod a legend or history? Was Castell Harlech built next to the sea in more recent times? Castell Caernarfon had a facility for the small ships of the day to enter its sea side wall. That entry is blocked with mud now because the sea is not rising high enough to use it as a safe entry point. This new Green God Worship makes people who challenge the viability of Wind Turbines and Solar Panels running the Grid into being called “deniers” and “heretics”. When we have elections, their Leaflets are like Green Bible Tracts! I’m sick of the smug “greens”!

Red Flag

Indeed. North Sea trawlers regulalry bring up Wooly Mammoth bones because at one time the sea levels were far far lower than now and the land of Britain was connected to the continent. Conversely, the old Roman dock at Holyhead, is no longer on the sea front and is too high up compared to sea levels today.

So 10,000 years ago it was a lot lower than now, and 2,000 years ago 5m higher than now. There is no ‘normal’ – it is constantly changing.


Bit far out for Cockneys to go do their doggin’ !


Important to understand the ‘food supply manipulation’ of the colonial empires. While India had famine, England dined on the rice. While the Irish starved grains from there were exported to England, the ‘corn laws’. The same was the same with the Soviet Union approach to Ukraine, Holodomor. It’s the way vested interests of empire exploit power. This ‘rewilding’ and ‘lab foods’ is just a modern interpretation of this policy. It seeks to exert control and subversion by using a commodity we all need, food. When I hear concepts such as stop farming, give us your land and we’ll give you a job as nature warden, it reminds me of the Navaho being gifted trinkets and tents in exchange for prairie and buffalo. The imperialism of the left adopted it many years ago. They’ve swapped “not a penny off the pay or a minute on the day” for “buy farms for the rural dachas of the entitled”. It’s pure colonialism.


It was preached at me at length some 50 years ago that families should never relinquish their land holdings. At that time farms in North Sir Gar and South Ceredigion were known to have been held by several generations of the same families,sometimes passing sideways if there were no offspring to inherit. Then came modern thinking and young people “went away ” to better themselves as the concept of inheritance was monetised.

To that extent we are to blame for what has happened but that’s no justification for it to continue until the whole territory is fully colonised. Ordinary immigration by people who just wanted to farm the land has now been overtaken by energy parks/wind farms, carbon offset timber plantations, glapming/camping, second homes for well heeled types from the wealthier parts of UK, assorted good lifers, apostles of the various green gospels, and others with no interest in promoting and retaining the native culture.

Dyn Gwyrdd

Yes to Brychan and All – listen and understand the song “The Fields of Athenry”.


I’ve noticed we never have warm weather any longer it always has to be described as ‘hot’.

Back in the spring when the temp reached a modest 15c in London BBC News were getting all excited calling it the ‘hottest day of the year so far’, (the same day my garden thermometer didn’t rise above 12c).
Most people would still be wearing an overcoat at 15c.

Similarly the BBC weather maps are now covered in orange and red even for average summer temps, they never use to do this.

BBC News is 10% fact 90% propaganda.


In my humble opinion, BBC News is 1% fact and 99% propaganda. The reason I watch U K Column News.

Dyn Gwyrdd

HOTTEST DAY EVER? When did records begin? Certainly not forever ago! It’s the way they say it, just hypes it all up !!! Typical media and Politicians, says I sitting under a Banyon Tree with an iced drink. Must summon that little Welsh maid to bring a top up!


The media are reporting the Wales record for heat being at Hawarden. The weather station is actually on the other side of the Dee, at Hawarden bridge (those familiar will know the iron swing bridge). The measurement is taken not far from the demolished Shotton Steel Works, now a huge slab of concreate with some industrial buildings, a heat lens, now giving such elevated recent readings.

A true measure can be found from the weather station at Gogerddan in Ceredigion, topography unchanged and previous record holder. This location did break the record yesterday at 35.3 degrees, up 0.7 of a degree from 34.6 degrees recorded there during the heatwaves of 1901 and 1908. This would have been the Edwardian Climate Emergency and people cycled around the village on their penny farthings in panic.


Whilst the photo of the ‘dry’ Carew River in Pembrokeshire is evidently an attempt to project a false narrative, it being a tidal creek, and the photo taken with the tide out and distributed by Matthew Horwood, he has also done similar with the Llwyn-Onn reservoir on the Taf Fawr north of Merthyr Tydfil.

There are actually three reservoirs on this stretch of river, built to supply water to Cardiff and the central valleys. They operate as a ‘cascade’ system. The top one is the Beacons Reservoir and the middle one is the Cantref Reservoir both built at the end of the nineteenth century. The water is piped to Cardiff. The lower reservoir was added in the 1920s at Llwyn-Onn. This is used as a supplementary draw to top up the Lisvane Reservoir and Llanishen Reservoir in Cardiff.

This happens every year in summer and the ‘old submerged bridge’ being exposed is an annual event, every summer, when much of the water at Llwyn-Onn is drained to the intermediate storage in Cardiff. It is not an ‘indication of drought’ as these other photos being distributed by Matthew Horwood suggests.

Those who have driven the A470 through the upper reaches of the Taf Fawr will have seen all three of these reservoirs in the cascade, and statements in the press from NRW spokespeople and Dwr Cymru that this is part of the ‘climate emergency’ are completely false.


You don’t have to look carefully at both sites, to see not only is the grass green, but very green. If drought has caused a problem, wouldn’t the grass have faded and turned several shades lighter?


Notice that the BBC has now published a ‘heat hotspot’ mapping link. It actually debunks their earlier hysteria. It is a data map of infa-red satellite measurements of heat surfaces radiated back to satellite over select dates in prior summers.

You will notice that Hawarden Bridge is indeed a hotspot being the site of the old Shotton steelworks and has the same reflective index of a similar site at Port Talbot. Most notable we also see small towns (like Tywyn, Meirionnydd) which show the effect of slate roofs as opposed to tiled roofs. In Cydweli we see ‘hot fields’ surrounded by cool ones. This reflects the acreages of land that are cropped for summer silage compared to that left of pasture, the land state of July in the area.

To extrapolate that selective “record temperature readings” is evidence of global warming is false. More a reflection in changes of land use, and in cities the changes of the urban landscape.

Big Gee

A spectacularly excellent post Jac. You’ve accurately covered most bases of the insanity we are experiencing. It’s taken quite a while for the sniggering and brainwashed ‘Joe Normie’ in society to start waking up, but the awakening has certainly started and is exponentially increasing. As the Cabal that controls world wide governments has started shooting itself in the feet – despite the attempts of the mainstream media to plug the holes that are appearing in the deceit dam!

Some of us have been banging the drum about the reality for a long time – only to be collectively dismissed as conspiracy theorists. So beware Jac, you’ll be getting tin foil hats sent to you by post and readers screaming that you have gone nuts! Don’t despair – open minded critical thinkers are a rare and precious commodity within the human race.

By the way, the 2022 ‘heatwave’ is like a dull day compared to 1976. The summer of 1976 heatwave lasted for months with it’s peak between June 23 to July 7.

The high temperatures continued throughout August with many parts of the south of the UK exceeding 330 hours of sunshine and highs in excess of 30c and reaching 40c+ on many days. It didn’t rain until September. A temperature of 120 degrees F (49 degrees C) was recorded on the centre court in Wimbledon. I remember it well, escaping for hours at a time to the relative coolness of the battery room in the cellar of the Llanwern Telephone Exchange!

In that pre man-made climate change scam era the modern weather woman mentioned would be in a straight jacket and foaming at the mouth in some establishment for the mentally ill.

For further information on the actual climate condition, check out the Electroverse website.

Big Gee

Yep – exactly what I’ve been saying since March 2020 on Big Gee’s Blog. It’s SO good to see the penny is dropping on such a large scale – even amongst the worshipers of the belief system that governments can be trusted, don’t lie and that science and the MSM can’t be bought. I have to bite my tongue repeatedly to stop saying “I told you so” to those STATEISTS who think the government always has our welfare at heart, and that they would not be playing at genocide of their own people to reduce the population of the earth down to around 500 million. “Rubbish – they would never do that!” – OH YES THEY WOULD – check out the Georgia Guide Stones, that recently got demolished.

Red Flag

I was a young soldier in 1976. I spent the whole summer fighting forest fires in the New Forest. Or rather, sunbathing, watching TV and playind snooker in one of the fire stations down there because although we were deployed, there was no equipment available for us to use that we had been trained on.


Truely enlightening to read these scientific rebuttals of world science. 1976 heat wave was limited to U.K., this one is global. Yes people are making money out of climate change, but there are always the parasites. Glaciers are melting at a rapid rate. I went to one and it had gone, the locals devastated as their money making glacier tours gone. Fish stocks have diminished rapidly ask any coastal economy that relied on fish. It might not yet have affected your so called right to eat fish because you have money and a supply system that steals from other communities. Pacific Islanders are looking to emigrate to bigger higher islands (New Zealand) as theirs are disappearing. Farmland is becoming salinated because of repeated flooding, thus causing farmers to migrate to cities for work and poverty. You may not feel it affects you and your privileged life at the moment but it already has had dire consequences for millions and of course will have for your descendants. For the economy of Wales we should nationalise water and sell it at market rates. Water has become scarce in many parts of the world. And I managed to write all that without telling someone who disagrees with me to f themselves. Discussion.


Notice in Netherlands that the ‘accelerating sea level rise’ has been debunked during the farmer protests. Government ministers having to drop such claims as ironically (for obvious topographical reasons) it is the Netherlands is a country which does has have accurate recorded data for 125years.

The data indicates that there is no acceleration of natural sea level rise along the Dutch coast and this is true for recent years. It is a myth. It’s the Dutch Government itself that records and publishes it. Hoisted by their own Datard.


Don’t dismiss the fact that ..”…people are making money out of climate change, but there are always the parasites.” as a kind of acceptable collateral damage. It is diversion of funds on a grand scale with UK and Wales governments as willing accomplices pouring cash into a wind turbine technology and other dubious initiatives which are suspect to say the least.

The depletion of fish stocks is a product of excessive harvesting and pollution. Again we see the hand of big business, globalist corporates who have driven down the value of the fish product at source, rushed to enable single use packaging of products with little or no regard to what happened to the waste stream or the effluent created in the manufacturing processes.

The loss of land areas has been happening throughout history and pre history. That some of it is now happening where people have chosen to live for millenia is traumatic for those people. Maybe that’s why people have migrated to new lands in response to such events throughout history. Sea levels have risen and dropped for millions of years. It is highly questionable whether our tokenist actions will do much to mitigate those processes.

That is not to say that cleaning up our mess is an activity to be abandoned. I touched on it above but far more needs to be done if a genuine equilibrium is to be attained. The practice of scouring large tracts of upland wilderness to enable the construction of wind farms is a classic example of the woolly thinking now so prevalent here in Wales and further afield. Once the damage has been done, a new initiative gets launched to “protect” peatlands ! Had the condition of peatlands been taken into account when the original design for a wind farm was undertaken then that project would be placed in less sensitive environments. It hasn’t happened just once, the “error” keeps getting repeated.

I won’t go on because you have written as a true “believer”. Granted you sound more like a well mannered missionary rather than the militant Inquisitor or Templar who pushed another fashionable Western belief system centuries ago, but in the end that makes no difference. Modern society obviously needs belief systems to cling to. Allowing the powers of reason and logic to develop well designed counter measures instead of half baked grant grabbing solutions doesn’t satisfy the need for instant gratification that goes hand in hand with this way of seeing things. Just one of the prices we pay for devaluing the contributions of engineers and scientists who were working on engineering dirt out of many of our dirtier industries and technologies. Bias has now shifted to predictive activity where assumptions and examples can be cherry picked to suit any assertion.

Kind of a self fulfilling deception startegy, previously known as garbage in garbage out.

Jonathan F Dean

Microbial protein (SCP – single cell protein) was first developed in the 60’s due to concerns over food shortage. Ironically petroleum was seen as the ideal feedstock as it was so abundant. ICI developed the quorn process using originally methanol from natural gas as feedstock. It has now been re-engineered to run on glucose from wheat starch. These things have been around for decades, and still only have a very tiny market share. I certainly don’t see them replacing animal agriculture anytime soon

You don’t comment about the Dale Vince/Ecotricity big idea of turning grass into biogas and hence getting rid of animals off the family farm. Of course it would still keep all the pigs and hens in big sheds. That idea could keep the family farm but discourage animal raising

Jonathan F Dean

We studied the quorn process at university in 1982, so it has taken decades to not get very far, but the emphasis has shifted from feeding the world to producing niche products for vegans

As long as the U.K. is a net importer of red meat there is no logical case for using grazing land for anything other than grazing, especially as it’s free range and not shed reared. If the public chose to not eat meat, it’s good to have other options for farms though. Gas from grass might be such an option, just as AD units are currently fed maize silage

We could have more trees though, but I’d start with standards in hedgerows rather than filling fields


Excellent post Jac. Your analysis of the globalist agenda [WEF / Agenda 2030 etc.] is spot on. You refer to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [BMGF]. Interesting to note that the BBC have received £53 million in funding from BMGF. Personally, I have stopped watching BBC news bulletins.


Reverting to your main theme of climate and “religion” well we could write a book on that. Since “civilized” mankind drifted away from the old hard core religions there has been a growth in alternative forms of obsessive beliefs, most of them needing complete compliance and conformity with whatever the declared orthodoxy of the day demanded. 20th century man tried to make Nazism, Communism and other assorted isms into the new belief system to last a 1000 years or more but they all ended abruptly. What we have now is the revival of the need to “order” people a need to apply a new form of totalitarian discipline to ensure that “we” overcome the latest external threat. What was “aliens”, or ” a New Ice Age” has shifted focus onto the “climate and environmental cataclysm”. In many ways a bit like the Revelations inspired themes about “the end is nigh”.

That all this is patently dishonest is as clear as the nose on your face. Corporates sign up for the re -greening /rewilding agendas as pushed by likes of Monbiot et al yet all they do is engage in tree planting as a counter balance to their polluting excesses elsewhere. Shame they were never inspired to clean up their fouling of Mother Earth.

Politicians sign up to the green gospels because it enables vast quantities of virtue signaling on a scale unrivalled. Jolly clever to be able to plough stacks of resources into these worthy projects while whole communities are suffering relative deprivation and are unable to afford the fruits of these singularly ineffective initiatives. And not just Drakeford and Co. The lunatics in Westminster are even worse because they manage bigger budgets and have more avaricious friends in the corporate world.

Ioan Richard

We at Mynydd y Gwair have been saying this for 30 years since 1992 only to be nastily ridiculed by nearly all politicians and certainly ignored by all in the Senedd since it was created.

Jonathan F Dean

Peak oil – we developed better ways (like fracking and other well work overs) of getting oil out of existing reservoirs so not having to leave up to 90% of it behind as “unrecoverable”. Also the fuel crisis of the early 70’s increased the value of reserves making them economically recoverable. All reserves are only classed as existing if they can be economically recovered

Acid raid – we reduced the sulphur in road fuels and heavy fuel oils so not emitting SO2 which produced sulphuric acid in rain

Ozone – we banned the use of certain organic halogens widely used at the time in aerosols and refrigeration systems which were the main cause of ozone depletion. Aerosols now commonly use butane

These things didn’t magically go away. We did something about them

Chris Groves

So what do we do about it?, serious question….how do we go about disassembling this cult, especially in Wales who seem to have been infiltrated the worst!!!!


Ms Thomas and her kind can go and fuck themselves. I like one main meal per day – usually in a week I get through 2 meals of fish , 1or 2 of beef, 1 or 2 of pork/bacon, 1 of chicken, 1 lamb, all accompanied with tidy portions of veg. If that daft dame and her kind want to stop that healthy diet and enforce lab made toxins containing god knows what then I’ll be waiting for them. No one will need feeding when that meeting’s over.


Completely off topic but relevant to our current crop of politicians, I noticed your tweet about the field of lame ducks remaining in the race to lead the Tory Party. It looks increasingly like that party will split into a few fragments over the coming year or two. The bitter sniping that has gone on since that Fat Fool was forced to chuck in his towel reveals that most of these wasters went along with policies with which they fundamentally disagreed. Or have they suddenly discovered grounds for dissent ?, in which case they are alarmingly slow at seeing how Rishi’s tax plans and Boris’ love of nihilistic green nonsense both add up to a severe beating for the people and of course the electorate ( which is the bit that matters to them). No good will come of this selection process. Combined with our own selection of fruitcakes in the Bay we look like we’re in for a hard couple of years.