Bute Energy And Friends: Corrupting Wales

For a second week running, I’m focusing on Bute Energy. This time, looking at its links with the Labour party, and how, through that and by other means, Bute encourages corruption and spreads discord.

This will also serve to bring those who haven’t been following the Bute saga up to date.


I first became aware of Bute’s links to Labour when I was told that someone was visiting people close to a planned wind farm. This was (the now abandoned) Moelfre site inland of Colwyn Bay, a real outlier from Bute’s other projects.

This Bute representative was David James Taylor, Labour insider who’d been Spad to a number of high-profile figures; UK government minister Peter Hain and Wales first ministers Rhodri Morgan and Carwyn Jones.

In 2016 Taylor stood to become the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner. After losing maybe he considered his career options. Or perhaps he was approached, for Labour was already helping wind farm developers.

We saw this when Anna McMorrin lobbied Powys councillors on behalf of Hendy wind farm in April 2017, just a month before she was elected Labour MP for Cardiff North.

Taylor formed three companies in October 2018: Moblake Wind Ventures Ltd (which became Moblake Ltd 11.11.2020); Moblake Energy Trading Ltd (folded 2020); and Moblake Associates Ltd (now being struck-off).

The timing is intriguing, because Taylor’s companies were formed a week before his friend and colleague, Lesley Griffiths, set the precedent of over-ruling a planning inspector to give Hendy windfarm planning consent. She did so using the relatively new Developments of National Significance (DNS) legislation.

DNS made it clear that Wales was free range for wind turbines; free of interference from locals, their council representatives, or even planning inspectors.

Taylor was rewarded by Bute with shares in Windward Enterprises Ltd (now Windward Energy Ltd), both in his own name and that of Moblake Associates Ltd. He was also a (non-designated) member of Grayling Capital LLP.

Money magically appeared in Moblake Ltd, which Taylor then paid to himself in ‘loans’ totalling over £600,000 that did not need to be repaid.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

There was an attempt to liquidate this company a couple of years ago, but the liquidator was removed last August. Since when there’s been no further news.

Taylor was useful to Bute because of his closeness to Lesley Griffiths, and his insider knowledge of the Labour party machine.

Which is why it’s suggested that Taylor’s personal payment came in shares and other ways; and that most if not all of the £600,000+ was really a donation from Bute to the Labour party.


Someone has contacted me arguing there are two companies called Vistra, and in last week’s post I conflated them. One is a big Texas energy company, the other is a provider of secretarial services.

To explain . . .

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) is funding Bute through CI IV Dragon Lender Ltd, owned by CI IV Dragon Holdco Ltd. All holdco shares owned by Copenhagen Infrastructure V SCSp, which has its address at 16 Rue Eugene Ruppert, L2453, Luxembourg. At the same address is ‘Vistra’.

Now I took this to mean the Texas energy firm, but my contact insists it’s the other one. He’s probably right. But in my defence:

Vistra Company Secretaries Ltd of Bristol (which you’ll read about in a minute) was, until April 2019, Jordan Company Secretaries Ltd. The Vistra name was adopted because it was taken over and joined many companies under the Vistra banner.

Vistra is now owned by Sweden’s EQT, an equity outfit big in green energy.

So there are two Vistra companies. But with both involved in ‘renewable energy’ projects, often the same projects, confusion was almost inevitable.

Especially when we see BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard behind both.


Soon after landing in Wales, and perhaps in an attempt to establish Welsh credentials, Bute set up a Welsh Advisory Board. You can see the members in the image below.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Left to right: Derek Vaughan, redundant MEP; Dr Debra Williams, businesswoman and academic; John ‘Cwmbetws’ Davies, man of many hats and big shot in the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society; John Uden, partner of Jenny Rathbone MS.


Derek Vaughan was leader of Neath Port Talbot (NPT) council and would certainly know Stephen Kinnock, the Labour MP for Aberavon, the Port Talbot seat.

Vaughan was an MEP from 2009 to 2019, preceded by the late Glenys Kinnock. The wife of former Labour leader, Neil Kinnock, and mother to Stephen.

Stephen Kinnock MP is married to Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former Danish PM. She serves as a director of Danish wind turbine producer, Vestas, reputed to be the biggest in the world.

From Windpower Monthly of March 2024. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

In 2020 Vestas took a 25% stake in Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. As you’ve just read, CIP is the conduit for funding the Bute projects.

Derek Vaughan’s political background and contacts explain him being chosen as the chairman of Bute’s Welsh Advisory Board. He was a ‘good fit’.


I can’t tell you much about Dr Debra Williams other than the fact that she was managing director of Confused.com. Now she’s taken a gig at Lampeter, which some might view as a step backwards.

I suppose ‘Top things to do in Lampeter’ is part of the Creative Writing course. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

That said, since Jane Davidson landed there after ‘leaving’ Corruption Bay, Lampeter has tried to re-invent itself as a centre for alternative living. And why not, there are enough ‘alternatives’ in the shacks, tepees, and OPDs thereabouts.

Even so, I keep thinking there’s something I’m missing about Dr Williams, unless she was viewed by Bute as their entry to what passes for the Welsh business community.


A number of sources have told me that Bute has assiduously courted the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society (RWAS). Which makes sense, for the RWAS gives access to many of the landowners on whose property Bute would like to erect turbines and pylons.

And this explains Bute’s recruitment of John Davies, who from 2012 was RWAS chairman. As I read through his other appointments I recalled Harri Webb’s reference to, “the public men on the boards and panels“.

Put it all together and it made him very attractive to Bute.

I have been told that John Davies was instrumental in seeing Aled Rhys Jones appointed CEO of the RWAS. Nothing wrong, I suppose, with a man of John Davies’s standing promoting a protégé. But there may be more to it.

As you might have read in the link, Aled comes from, “the family’s hill farm near Cwrt-y-Cadno in North Carmarthenshire“. To be exact, Tyllwyd, which I’m told the family still owns, but rents out.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The thing about this area is that it’s being targeted by other wind farm companies in addition to Bute. As I wrote last November, in ‘A Change Of Tack?

One of those companies is Galileo Green Energy UK, eyeing a site at Bryn Cadwgan. With another Welsh site planned for Mynydd Ty-talwyn.

The parent company, Galileo Green Energy, is headquartered in Zurich.

Curiously, when based in Bristol – at the Vistra address – Galileo was known as GGE Machynlleth Ltd. Now it’s using a Cardiff office and the name has changed to Galileo Empower Wales Ltd.

From what is now Galileo Empower Wales Ltd documents filed with Companies House when it was knowns as GCE Machynlleth Ltd.. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

A quick shufty at the directors will tell you how Welsh it really is.

Anyway, I hear that Aled Rhys Jones, CEO of the RWAS, stands to gain financially from the Bryn Cadwgan wind farm. A map I’ve been sent shows the outline of the wind farm in red, with the Tyllwyd land edged in green.

You’ll see four turbines planned on Tyllwyd land. With access to the others perhaps over Tyllwyd land. All perfectly legal, but it don’t look good.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The forested land is owned by Natural Resources Wales, which will mean mature trees felled to accommodate wind turbines, access roads, cable trenches, etc.

That’s protecting the environment, that is.

Correction: Just received some clarification: ‘I am informed: There are two machines on Tilhill managed land, but nearly all the others are on ——— — ——– (Ilchester Estate) plantation, with a few on Tyllwyd and other individual land owners.’


The fourth member of the quartet is John Uden, whose only qualification is being the partner of Senedd Member, Jenny Rathbone, who sits on the Senedd’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee.

Ans so to understand why Bute recruited Uden we need to focus on Rathbone.

Rathbone was born in Liverpool and is a member of the Rathbone dynasty, once very influential in that city. The influence continues through Rathbones Wealth & Investment Management.

Jenny Rathbone and other family members are looked after from the investments made. This presumably accounts for the shares in her Register of interest.

An earlier declaration of Rathbone’s says that Uden was getting payment from Bute, but that’s absent from the latest Register. So is he working for free, or is payment being made in some other way?

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Interestingly, he set up John Uden Consulting Ltd in March 2020. A company that (apparently) has never turned a penny. Was he planning to go down the same route as Taylor, but backed off after I first mentioned Taylor and Moblake (August 2020) in Corruption in the wind 2, Labour snouts in the trough?

I shall conclude this section by dazzling you with yet another example of propinquity.

A fascinating connection revealed itself shortly after I put out the previous piece. Copenhagen Offshore Partners A/S has an office at 10 George Street, Edinburgh. In the same building we find Rathbone Investment Management (£60bn assets).

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

It’s probably just another of the coincidences that plague the Bute saga.


As an example of how Wales is ripped off by the pushers and pimps of the ‘renewable energy’ industry, the Wales Pension Partnership investment takes some beating.

The Welsh local government pension pot (WPP) is investing at least £68m in Bute Energy. Reading the article on the WPP website you might think this money is going directly from the pension fund to Bute. For no intermediaries are mentioned.

Yet the WPP was ‘advised’ by law firm Burges Salmon of Bristol. Then this article in renews.biz gives more names: ‘WPP has been advised by independent clean energy asset manager Capital Dynamics and by the law firms TLT and Burges Salmon’.

That is, Capital Dynamics of London, Birmingham and various cities around the world. Top man is Thomas Kubr, who can be found at the Zug office, south of Zurich.

The registration with Companies House tells that Capital Dynamics has 49 outstanding charges, and is heavily indebted to if not controlled by State Street.

TLT is another Bristol law firm. (It’s s shame we don’t have lawyers in Wales.)


After all is said and done, do we really know who owns the wind farms in Wales? For as I suggested in last week’s piece, Bute Energy, run by Oliver James Millican, is an offshoot of the property and investment company Parabola, run by his father, Peter John Millican.

Also, in last week’s piece (and elsewhere in recent years) I mentioned Njord Energy Ltd and Steven John Radford, the man behind Hendy wind farm, where we earlier met lobbyist – now Labour MP – Anna McMorrin.

Another of Radford’s projects, not far away, was Bryn Blaen. The ownership history is instructive. It starts with Radford leaving Bryn Blaen Wind Farm Ltd in February 2020.

Bryn Blaen is now said to be owned by Elm Wind Holdings Ltd. Which leads back to Elm Trading Ltd, where the latest accounts say:

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But does this apparently leaderless outfit have any connection with a foreign entity of the same name registered on the Isle of Man?

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Or is this just another coincidence?

If so, then maybe we should focus on the labyrinth of companies linked with Elm Trading at the London address. Companies like Time Nominees Ltd, which holds all the Elm Trading shares and is controlled by Alpha Real Property Investment Advisers LLP. Which is owned by Philip Sidney Gower of Guernsey.

Who’s Gower? Well, he’s described here as a ‘serial entrepreneur’.

The point I’m making is that when it comes time to dismantle, recycle, or bury, the clapped-out wind turbines on Bryn Siencyn, and restore the site to its earlier condition, the ‘Welsh Government’, the local council, and Natural Resources Wales, will be met with, ‘Nothing to do with us, squire, we sold it to a company on an island somewhere‘.

And we’ll have to pay for dozens of Bryn Siencyns.


But the immediate danger remains the corruption engendered by wind farm ‘developers’.

Through the influence they wield inside ‘Welsh’ Labour, where corruption is endemic. As we’ve been so recently reminded by the new first minister. Now the poison has spread to Plaid Cymru, exposed to the world when Carmen Smith, Bute lobbyist, was made a peer.

Beyond politics these ‘developers’ cause resentment within the farming industry by making some farmers offers they can’t refuse – a position into which many have been manoeuvred by the ‘Welsh Government’s war on livestock farming.

And finally, there’s worry and division inflicted upon communities across Wales.

It really pisses me off to see the country I love reduced to third world level; where a few chiefs can be bribed so the rest of us can be exploited, our country wrecked.

We’re in this mess because leftists believe they’re fighting the evils of capitalism by buying into the climate scam dreamed up to further the ambitions of the wealthiest individuals and the biggest corporations on Earth.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2024

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Lots of screeching out there today in the wake of Gething disposing of one his hot air ministerial job holders. begging your pardon but if people hadn’t sussed by now what this tosser is all about then their blinkers were well and truly up. He’s looking after No.1 above all else and thinks he can get away with it.

Opposition parties will do well to keep him in post as a kind of hostage. Rack up a record of his suspect behaviours and outright deviance and present it just ahead of the 2026 election. That would be a good time to blow him and many of that shabby Labour regime right out of Y Senedd.

My money is still on Plaid doing a dirty deed and ensuring Labour’s survival in charge as that is the easy soft option for a bunch of lazy careerist wanchors.

'Ball Gazing Geezer'

My Crystal Ball keeps emitting the same message over time. That is, that the Welsh Labour Wales Government will continue for a few more decades with Plaid Cymru propping up Labour in exchange for Plaid getting, at the most, two Cabinet Jobs and continue holding the Presiding Officer’s seat. Plaid will sell all of Wales just for two enhanced salaries for two of its senior Senedd Members.This will last until either the Lib Dems return to a few seats, or some new opportunist clique, holds the balance. Lib Dems, like Plaid, will jump into bed with any party. Independents will never emerge again via the new party list votes system with ballot papers without names. Will the sacked Hannah Blythyn do the honourable thing and resign from either the Senedd or from the Labour Party. If the latter option, she could claim to be the last historic Independent ever in the Senedd. Remember she was sacked not suspended pending a Party investigation. Surely her political career is now over. Is her surname derived from the Welsh word for a ‘wolf’? If so, it must mean ‘lone wolf’ as her supporters have seemingly deserted her.


Your pessimism exceeds mine! That Plaid will continue to prop up any old Labour regime is a fair assessment. Indeed there is probably a faction that would go into an arrangement right now. An useless 5th column that we could do without


Your tweet of earlier this morning relates well to this Bute conspiracy. Elin Jones is a well meaning dimwit who has locked herself away far too long in the Bay bubble echo chamber venturing only to visit bits of Wales to reinforce the corrupted green message. She will hear voices of dissent but makes no effort to really listen and understand their meaning. Having the vast majority of the enlarged 96 headcase Senedd spewing bollox scripted by the globalist subversives on their staff is a very dark vision of future .

Royston is a Nonce

Can’t wait for you to drop you fascist old prick


As the health service has been destroyed in Wales, with never-ending waiting lists, your anonymous “friend” may need to go private for help!


Sounds privately educated but scarcely benefitted from the expense. Parents probably very disappointed now he’s down the Bay renting his arse out to any number of politicians and their SpAds. Claims he’s doing something in politics when the reality is that the politicians are doing something in him!


Excellent 2 page article in the Daily Mail today regarding matters and our esteemed leader


Totally agree….but…its been going on a long long time…back into the 90s. While I am here do you think you can highlight the fact that the Wgov have passed the 20mph buck back to the Local Authorities…Wrexham has NO – Lesley Griffiths area…intention of changing it back..in the meantime the roads around wrexham are so much more dangerous and the road rage continues. WGov is happy to keep people in the mind set of…I hate tory pigs…as it keeps them in power…

Nicola Lund

Crikey, where do you find the time for this excellent in-depth research?!
what a tangled and corrupt web THEY weave…

David Smith

Speaking of twats, look what was the headline on the Mail Online today:

Obviously an agenda afoot considering it’s about a pair of no-marks. Who’s up for a bit of cunticide in the countryside?


For all the talk of Brexiteers and Trump supporters being ‘duped’ I have never seen a more duped people than save the planet individuals and some on the left. It has produced rather incredible contradictions ending up cheering on: big corporate landlords such as Grainger, Blackstone, Lloyds etc, corporate fake meat companies, bird killing wind turbines, green washed electric cars and increased taxes on themselves and their fellow citizens.


Yep…its a total corrupt Wales…with friends of friends…has been for decades…

Ioan Richard

So we are now going to have 36 extra Senedd Members after the next Welsh Government Elections. Guaranteed that most will bend over backwards to help the likes of BUTE Energy. It would be interesting to publicly print the responses that came during the crucial consultations for a proposed 96 member Senedd. How many put their money where their mouths are? Her is my response that was obviously ignored :-
SCECLB466 Ioan Richard Senedd Cymru | Welsh Parliament Y Pwyllgor Biliau Diwygio | Reform Bill Committee Bil Senedd Cymru (Rhestrau Ymgeiswyr Etholiadol) | Senedd Cymru (Electoral Candidate Lists) Bill Ymateb gan Ioan Richard | Evidence from Ioan Richard (Saesneg yn unig) Senedd Reform response to Consultation from Ioan Richard. a retired Councillor of 41 yrs service at all levels including Lord Mayoral role. Constituent of Gower and South Wales West region.
This is my response to Senedd Reform – I am not filling in any of your self designed Forms:-
1) I personally strongly campaigned twice over many years to establish the Wales Assembly now a Senedd;
2) The current Senedd has turned out to be a very disappointing non violent one party dictatorship;
3) Unless this one party continuous historic rule ends the Senedd should be abolished;
4) It should certainly not have an extended membership in numbers;
5) Proportional Party faceless elections are an unwanted further progress to the one Party State;
6) All Members should retire at seventy age or in the election after they become seventy;
7) There should be a system where constituents can recall Senedd Members who seriously breach the Code of Conduct or the Law;
8) Would be Members should not have to declare their sex (especially not self designated sex other than birth certificate sex) to jump party nominations e.g. women only lists;
9) There should be lower two tier caps on expenses paid for their SPADS. One level for Ministers and one for Backbenchers. Both lower than paid now. SPADS should only be employed after passing some appropriate Civil Service type entry exam..
10) Expenses paid for attending conferences outside Wales, especially overseas jaunts, should be stopped completely e.g. as has happened in the past as ‘Observers’ at Climate Change Conferences as ‘Observers with a crony entourage of bag carriers’. **********************************
I reserve my right o respond further if needed. Please confirm receipt of this submission as being valid.
***************************************************** *


My comments / concerns to Welsh Parliament on the proposal copied below.

Welsh Parliament
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN

My Ref:              NCC/WJ/153
Your Ref:    
Date:                  25 March 2024

Dear Welsh Parliament

Subject: Senedd Cymru [Members and Elections] Bill 

I refer to the above subject and specifically to the “Explanatory Memorandum” containing the “Regulatory Impact Assessment” [RIA]. My serious concerns regarding the content of the RIA are set out below in point format.

  1. The costs and benefits of alternative options has not been assessed by Welsh Government.
  2. The cost of the preferred option over an 8 year appraisal period – discounted to present value using the Treasury discount rate of 3.5% – is assessed as £83.8 million to £100.5 million. As monetary benefit has not been quantified the preferred option, as currently presented, has a negative Net Present Value [NPV] amounting to minus £83.8 million to £100.5 million. This clearly does not represent value for public money.
  3. A failure to assess monetary benefit of the preferred option is a breach of the appraisal methodology outlined in H M Treasury Green Book.
  4. A failure to assess monetary costs and monetary benefits of alternative options is a further serious breach of the appraisal methodology outlined in H M Treasury Green Book.
  5. An appraisal period of only 8 years appears to be inappropriate for the important proposals under consideration.

Welsh Government should be requested to provide an explanation to Welsh Parliament why they have failed to comply with the appraisal methodology outlined in H M Treasury Green Book. Compliance is required to ensure value for public money.

I look forward to your observations when you have received feedback from Welsh Government regarding the serious concerns outlined above. Thank you. 

Yours sincerely

Ioan Richard

Well said, and well researched, “Wynne”. I see you’ve addressed your viable comments to “Welsh Parliament”. Does that mean it ends up on some ‘pen pusher’s desk’ to be buried, or will it be circulated to all sixty Senedd Welsh Parliament Members? Has it got your name and address on it, as I see you seek anonymity here on Jac’s Blog, calling yourself just “Wynne”. Have you identified yourself to Senedd Members so they can respond to you – if they get to see your valid important letter and its vital points? Why don’t you seek a Press interview to explain these well said crucial valid points you have kindly researched and just provided above. Yours openly and sincerely,
Mr Ioan Richard, 23, Mountain Rd., Craigcefnparc, Swansea SA6 5RH.
Tel. 01792 843861 e mail aptrefor@yahoo.co.uk


Ioan. My correspondence with Welsh Parliament and Welsh Government on this, and many other subjects, is continuing. From my experience if you send polite letters, and polite reminders if necessary, you will receive a reply. You often complain that you do not receive a response to your letters. If you follow established email etiquette you will also receive a reply. I have also received a response from Bute Energy to all my enquiries to date and interested parties in Wales are being kept informed. If you treat people with respect they will respond accordingly. Your further clarification would be appreciated regarding your statement that I “seek anonymity on Jac’s Blog”, particularly as you appear to have posted a message under the name “Ioan ap Trefor ab Enoch. You also appear to believe that writing letters to the Western Mail will result in a change in government policy, when policy in Wales cascades down through the G3P network from policy makers to policy subjects [the people]: as indicated in the attached graphic. If you disagree with the information presented, I suggest you present logical counter arguments setting out why you believe that policy development is a bottom-up process [influenced by letters to newspapers] not a top-down process where Welsh Government ministers – or Cabinet Secretaries as they are now known – are tasked with enforcing [and trying to sell] globalist policy to policy subjects.  

Ioan ap Trefor ab Enoch

Wind Turbines – what we know and can be proven and most people ignore :-
We know full well that onshore Wind Turbines are only about 25% effective of their boasted capacity (maximum). We know that offshore Wind Turbines can perform a little bit better but are incredibly more costly. We know they are all as erratic as the wind. We know they are ugly in the eyes of most beholders. We know their construction devastates scenic landscape. We know they kill birds and protected bats and insects. We know they require millions of immature trees to be cut down around the UK in forested areas of development sites. We know they can disintegrate hurling giant heavy fragments dangerously long distances. We know they can hurl large sharp ice shards after freezing weather thaws.We know they can catch fire that rage out of control. We know that child labour is used in some countries that supply essential molybdenum for the manufacture of Wind Turbine nacelle generators. We know they can emit peculiar sounds at different wavelengths. We know that certain Governments (e.g. in Wales) have rigged policies to favour planning permission approvals. We know their construction stage necessitates removal of hedgerows and eco habitats off miles of country minor roads to allow delivery vehicle passage for their towers and particularly their giant blades that must come complete. We know that in other countries the old blades are proving difficult to recycle making them unsustainable. We know that most sites are being developed by foreign investors. We know that many sites are owned by rich landowners. We know even common land is not protected from them. We know that Wales UK is being currently targeted for hundreds of giant 800 ft tall turbines above rural communities. We know these Wind Turbines will necessitate ugly pylon lines to take their erratic power from rural scenic Wales to English cities. We know most of our Politicians know all this and are ignoring it all with a false obsession of making Wales the world leader in global renewable energy. We know the web site GRIDWATCH proves them wrong. We know many sites destroy peat beds. We know their construction sites can become sources of flood water run off. We know Wind Turbines can never power the UK without a very reliable back up system We know site excavations can become unstable – the latest landslip is shown in film below this week in May 2024 on the wonderful Shetland Isles.
Who are ‘we’?  We are a small loose minority who are laughed at and called ‘deniers’ by developers and by our own politicians.
Footage shows landslide at Shetland wind farm


The junta have just voted themselves another 36 Assembled Morons, in a move as blatant as the Russian election. No doubt most of these will be Plaid Labour. We suffer from a severe case of over government in Wales, which only benefits a minority. They run a state within a state but with the luxury of someone else to supply the money and act as scapegoat, when things go wrong. Meanwhile Westminster looks the other way.

David Smith

It’s very much in their interests to let the circus roll on – it undermines the case for independence, at least superficially.


Incredibly incestuous. Interesting to see Burges Salmon pop up who are defending the Isle of Anglesey council from the plebs at Penrhos. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, even more needs to be said about Plaid Cymru. We know what Welsh Labour are like, but Plaid act as a holier than thou party while they are engaging in the same behaviour that they criticize Westminster for.


Have you read Rhuns whopper of a reply to someone on his twitter page regarding the Senedd Reform Bill passage. Basically, we have had closed lists for 25 years, I do not agree with them, and that is why I will campaign against them …in 2030. The man is a complete joke.


The political map of Wales is such that the Labour south carries the rest with it. Plaid Cymru, as a minority, have always had to work through infiltration and knowing that Labour will always be the biggest party, in Cardiff, they infiltrated Labour, when the Assembly was formed.


So many ishoo obsessed little turds whose natural home was Labour turned up within Plaid and Cymdeithas. Much the same has seen off Yes Cymru in record time. Elements of subversive Unionists have exploited or combined with the useful idiots to derail progress. Much the same has happened in Scotland.

Andrew Robinson -Redman

“What a tangled web we weave”!!


Another very revealing post by you Jac. Image below of Wales in 2030.


Perhaps if they sited a turbine, in the debating “Shambles” of the Welsh Ass, they could generate colossal power on all the hot air in there!!

Caroline Parkinson

Shoot me down in flames but it is beginning to sound more like Communism rules in Corruption Bay than anything else. The picture you paint is vivid and very easy to visualise; thank you for the excellent writing, as always. Any accountant will tell you that they “don’t believe in coincidences” and I’d join in on that. It all stinks to high heaven.

Caroline Parkinson

Well… quite. Where indeed? Perhaps it’s all in folding stuff under the Rathbone & Uden mattress. Or salted away in Luxembourg/Lichtenstein/Switzerland/BVI/etc. Take your pick. If she is discovered to be directly doing something for Bute – like influencing the Planning Inspector(ate) or similar when it comes to it; I hope there’ll be hell to pay. But conscience doesn’t seem to be something any of them ever have; not the tiniest sliver of one. Laughing all the way to the (offshore) bank.

David Smith

Reminds me of that cunt Ernest Marples back in the 60s.


Great read as per usual…

Excellent research and for exposing these mobsters..

Bjorn “Teflon Don ” Guessing would be proud of their work…


Do London really care ? Starmer is so wrapped up in his “Tory lite” mission that the deviance of his minor colon in the western province will not cause him to lose sleep. The only thing that might prompt him to act would the Tories’ GE campaign focussing on an array of Labour deviance including Gething’s catalogue of self indulgence. Given the Tories’ own piss poor record with money fiddles, shirt lifting and other dodgy dealings they might not look too closely at each other’s flaws.


Suggest an amended conclusion : We’re in this mess because many leftists, pseudo leftists and other ishoo obsessed people and politicians believe they’re fighting the evils of capitalism by buying into the climate scam dreamed up to further the ambitions of the wealthiest individuals and the biggest corporations on Earth.


The bit that really bugs me is how so-called lefties have bonded with the globalist money conspiracy to defend anything that’s got a “green” label on it. Also the pseuds are ranting and raving about Putin’s attack on Ukraine while giving the military industrial complex a free hand to dump as much killing power as they can churn out into Ukraine. Now I don’t like Putin any more than many like him who have gone before but the Ukraine regime is so dodgy I wouldn’t know where to start. God help the ordinary people in that troubled country.

David Smith

Are Putin and his oligarchs any different to Stalin and his lot, living the high life while millions were in poverty, and all dissention violently quashed? All actors in your paragraph illustrate thew Horseshoe heory to my mind.

David Smith

I’ll phrase my comparison from the opposite angle to make my point about how the monaxial political spectrum is but a shadow of the true picture: would you hand on heart say Corbyn is closer to Stalin than Putin is then, seeing as both are ‘left of centre’?

Stalin’s way was the ‘way’ of doing Russian politics for most of the 20th century; Wales has been under English rule for 800 years. The status quo is hardly any sort of defence or apology.

David Smith

I am invoking extreme examples to illustrate the futility and simplistic nature of the commonly understood spectrum. Perhaps I’m being a bit silly in doing so, as a mass murderer is still a mass murderer regardless of stripe. It’s interesting you mentioned Pol Pot, I’d have guessed Hitler or Chairman Mao would have been the ‘runner up’.

David Smith

In a grotesque sense, what was the ‘common factor’ at play with these madmen? My take is that they were absolute ideologues, determined to see through their vision of an ‘ideal’ society, the human cost be damned? I mean Hitler was out to create a Herrenvolk so there’s a badge I can put on his madness. Urgh. It’s almost like asking “why did Jimmy Savile molest so many kids?”.

David Smith

They’re obviously to be put in the same box as far right nutters nominally of the opposite stripe like Combat 18 and the like, who still cheer on Hitler and Mussolini. Much like how you rightly describe Pol Pot et al as ruthless and unhinged first, their cheerleaders are obviosuly extremists first, with their socialism being almost incidental at that level.

Dr John Ball

This lot make Donald Trump look like a paragon of virtue.
Yet again Jac, you are exposing questionable activities – am I wasting my time by asking – yet again, again – what is the opposition Plaid Cymru group doing?


Reported elsewhere that “Swinney promised to ‘seek common ground’ with his opponents and said that he would focus on the economy, jobs, public services and the environment.” Not that difficult to spell out what ordinary people, not part of some deranged ishoo clique, want out of life. Good luck to him in getting that past some of the nutters in his own party.