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My previous post, on One Planet Developments and Black Mountains College, suffered an extraordinary attack from Ifan Morgan Jones in a piece entitled ‘No, George Soros isn’t secretly controlling Wales’.

The title gives a strong hint of the tenor and quality of IMJ’s piece, which was both antagonistic (towards me) and riven with non-sequiturs. Make up your own minds as to whether he simply got his facts wrong or deliberately misrepresented what I had written.

Let’s start with the title of his piece. What I actually wrote was: “I’m not saying that George Soros controls Wales, but having read what Soros has to say on climate change – and it really is an obsession with him! – he could have dictated everything the ‘Welsh Government’ has put out in recent years.”

By which I meant that the ‘Welsh Government’s output on saving the planet is attuned with the way Soros uses the threat of climate change to enforce the political and other changes he desires. Somehow, from that, Ifan Morgan Jones chose to believe that I think George Soros is running Wales. The generous interpretation would be that he simply missed the ‘not’.

He continued: “Jac o’ the North’s evidence for this ultimately amounts to the fact that some people now working in Wales used to work for projects to which George Soros had given money, and that institutions set up in Wales have ties to institutions to which George Soros has given money.”

In fact, the two people I named, who are behind Black Mountains College, worked directly for George Soros.

One, William Newton Smith was, “For 20 years head of George Soros’s higher education programme”. He was the founding executive chairman of Soros’s controversial Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.

The other, Ben Rawlence, worked for George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, and also Human Rights Watch, a body funded by Soros. Despite being Project Lead of a new higher education college Rawlence appears to have no experience of higher education other than having been a student himself.

As this document makes clear, Black Mountains College “would be part of a global liberal arts network mentored by Bard College, NY, USA.” Bard College is a small, off-Broadway kind of institution kept afloat with Soros money.

click to enlarge

And of course the ‘network’ referred to is the other institutions around the globe that Soros funds and through which he exerts his political influence. Many of them set up for him by William Newton Smith.

Even the name of the proposed Powys college resonates in the USA, for there was a short-lived Black Mountain College there, and Bard College is often viewed as its successor. Maybe Soros’s minions scoured the globe for another Black Mountain location.

If further proof were needed of how the policies of the ‘Welsh Government’ chime with the Gospel according to St George, we read in the document I linked to a few paragraphs ago, “It would be a college set up with the Well-being of future generations at its heart”.

The capitalised ‘w’ in mid-sentence tells me that it is a reference to the ‘Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

If established, Black Mountains College would produce climate change zealots dictating the political agenda in Wales, curtailing our liberties and making an already poor country poorer for no measurable reduction to global warming. This being the virtue signalling for which Wales is famous, and why it’s so attractive to those seeking to use Wales for their own ends.

There is no doubt in my mind that George Soros is the guiding influence behind Black Mountains College.

The final point I wish to address is Ifan Morgan Jones accusing me of being anti-Semitic. He tries to be clever by saying, “Jac himself strenuously denies any accusation of anti-semitism (sic) in his post. He himself never mentions Soros’ Jewishness”.

Consider: Ifan Morgan Jones introduces the issue of George Soros being Jewish, but only in order to suggest that I – who never mentioned it – am anti-Semitic!

I’ve been losing interest in Nation.Cymru for some time. It obviously serves a certain agenda, appealing to an in-crowd. ‘In’ with their own little cliques and echo chambers, but usually out of step with the great majority of our people.


My piece on Black Mountains College was published last Monday. Ifan Morgan Jones’s attack came out on Tuesday, and then, on Saturday, in the Western Mail‘s ‘Weekend’ supplement (and TV guide) there was a double-page spread extolling the vision of those involved. (Available here in pdf format.)

Well, I’m sure that was the intention, but it was compromised by the statements made by the principals, and of course, the omissions. Let me explain.

To begin with, the article says that Rawlence and Sheers’ ” . . . thinking has has been shaped by the ground-breaking Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act”. The same connection I made in my article.

Later, Rawlence is quoted: “It (BMC) . . . can attract others . . . who want to come and work here”.

click to enlarge

Which supports something else I said – “the Black Mountains College will be in Wales, but not of Wales”. For this is not a college as you and I would understand it; BMC will cater for the kind of people who want to drop out on One Planet settlements.

Despite the highfalutin plans, the whole BMC thing still seems rather half-baked. And perhaps amateurishly managed. For the idea is three years old and yet there seems to be no tangible progress to report.

This despite Sheers and Rawlence receiving £82,500 from the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority for a feasibility study in January 2018. Surely that study has been completed, so where is it?

The preferred location for BMC is the old Talgarth mental hospital, which the article told us is privately owned. Again, they’ve known that for three years, so have any moves been made to acquire the building?

I worry, given the involvement of Labour Party heavyweights like Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe, and Jane Davidson, former Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing, that the Black Mountains gang are expecting public funding.

I just hope that the redundancies announced at University of Wales Trinity Saint David are in no way connected with Black Mountains College. With UWTSD providing accreditation is BMC also lined up to join the UWTSD group, maybe as a replacement for Lampeter?

Other oddities in the WM report (attributed to Jenny White but almost certainly written by Rawlence and/or Sheers) was the absence of any mention of William Newton-Smith, so trusted by George Soros, who we read about in the first section.

He, you might recall from last week’s piece, is the sole director of Black Mountains College Ltd; also one of the six directors of Black Mountains College Project, and a trustee of the Black Mountains College charity, No 1180681.

But no signs yet of Uncle George’s money. Maybe he’s hoping some mug will cough up so he won’t need to put hands in his very deep pockets. That ‘mug’ might be us, the Welsh public.

Whatever, we’re entitled to know how Black Mountains College is to be funded. Because I honestly don’t think it’s going to be done through JustGiving.

click to enlarge

That the ‘National Newspaper of Wales’ should give them a two-page spread so soon after I asked a few questions, and that Ifan Morgan Jones was even quicker off the mark, tells me that Sheers and Rawlence (who remind me of a Simon and Garfunkel tribute act) must be well connected.

And if that’s the case, then we should be on our guard.

Stop Press: the accounts for Black Mountains College Ltd became available on Monday – a dormant company with a single £1 share. Can’t see that building a new college.


Plaid Cymru’s support for One Planet Developments and related bullshit is not limited to the abstract or the ideological, for some Plaidistas are coining it from the hippy influx.

One whose name keeps cropping up is Vicky Moller of Pembrokeshire. Not only has she built up a nice little portfolio of smallholdings, but she was also a driving force behind OPD legislation. Almost inevitably, she has supported a number of OPD planning applications, including Beeview farm on the slopes of Mynydd Carningli.

And it seems to be generational, for her children are also capitalising on the invasion. Here is the Management Plan for Beeview Farm, where we encounter, on page 73, “energy consultant Jamie Ashe”. By page 79 he has become “reed bed designer Jamie Ashe”. (Is this promotion?)

Beeview farm. Anyone who says this is an improvement to the Welsh landscape is talking out of their fat, green arse. Anyone who accepts such bullshit should not hold public office. Click to enlarge.

Jamie Ashe is a son of Vicky Moller. Another son, Robin Donnelly, flogs wood-burning stoves.

Now I have never understood why the planet savers think burning wood is acceptable. Maybe it’s because wood is ‘natural’? But so is coal. Even lignite is natural. And yet, those who have been encouraged to move here to reduce Wales’ carbon footprint (work that out!) obviously see nothing wrong in filling the air with wood smoke.

I have driven the A487 past Corris on a windless winter evening and marvelled at the pall of smoke overhanging the valley thanks to the Centre for Alternative Technology cult’s acolytes. Who, with their wood-burning stoves, candles, joss sticks and joints make an Orthodox cathedral at Easter look smoke-free.

Twelve have walked on the Moon, but there have been dozens of OPDs allowed. So this arrogant twat criticises Wales for not allowing enough OPDs, but his own country, England, escapes criticism for allowing none. Click to enlarge.

With at least one of her offspring benefiting from Beeview ‘farm’ Vicky Moller was herself an enthusiastic backer of this OPD that breached the border defences of a National Park. The first, but certainly not the last.

Moller is a Plaid Cymru Assembly candidate, yet many locals have difficulty understanding what kind of Wales she wants to live in. And their confusion isn’t limited to OPDs.

Pembrokeshire county council wants to close village schools, especially in the Welsh-speaking north of the county. Yet Vicky Moller helped found, and is a big supporter of, Nant y Cwm Steiner school, attended by many of her ‘alternative’ friends’ children. While others prefer home schooling.

But then, since the advent of devolution, the tide has been running against the indigenous Welsh and in favour of those Vicky Moller supports. And others taking over our country.

Things could be about to get even worse.

Because last week, Sophie Howe, the Future Generations Commissioner, called for more climate change funding. Much of her pitch I found uncontentious – more spending on public transport, energy-efficient homes, renewable energy, but then came the sting in the tail . . .

Yet more money will be taken from Welsh farmers and given to English hippies by the ‘Welsh Government’. Click to enlarge

With that kind of money available in the future, what we’ve seen up until now could be viewed as a scouting party for the main force. Things could be about to get a whole lot worse.


No one can have failed to notice a big story from last week when a Greenpeace protester was bundled out of a private function by Tory MP, Mark Field. It went viral because it was caught on camera, like everything these days.

Click to enlarge

It’s been covered by countless media outlets so I’m not going over it again; no, what I want to focus on is protester Janet Barker, “from Builth Wells, Powys . . . who works in environmental education and homelessness prevention, and runs a small holding (sic) and ethical angora business”.

(I was relieved to read that, cos there’s a lot of unethical Angora about. Bastards!)

Another report I dug out told us that her partner is an author. It didn’t take long for them to be identified and located on social media. They live near Llyn Brianne . . . ‘off-grid’, of course.

Peter Barker has written a book entitled System Error. When I first read the blurb and saw that the central character is called Imogen Thomas I began to worry that it might be set in Wales. I worried because the author is from Dorset and his partner from Wigan.

My fears were realised, for Imogen – who is, you’ll be surprised to learn, also a Greenpeace activist – stalks the mean streets of Llandrindod Wells. Here’s a section I lifted from what the author has made available.

Click to enlarge

This is most definitely Station Crescent not the Nevsky Prospekt, but it has a certain . . . well, a certain . . . oh, what’s the word I’m looking for? It’ll come to me.

As far as I can make out this earthly paradise for ethical rabbits is not a One Planet Development, which serves to remind us that the problem is not limited to OPD.

And yet, I don’t wish to be too harsh (you know me), I’m sure they’re both sincere people. But there’s no way they’re making a living out of a few acres and rabbit fur. (Nor Peter Barker’s riveting prose.) Like virtually all those who come here they either have their own money, or they have family money to fall back on, or else they rely on grants, state benefits and other hand-outs.

Which makes a nonsense of whole premiss that families, with children, can live this way. And you have to worry about the children.

It can’t be done. So why is the ‘Welsh Government’ encouraging this fantasy? And if it’s such a great idea – and it’s obvious that many English people want to try this lifestyle – why aren’t OPD and other initiatives being introduced in England?

Because, yet again, we are being taken for mugs, and Wales exploited.


A news report that caught my jaundiced eye a while back was this story about children’s homes springing up in Swansea. The article itself explained the problem:

“Relatively cheap property prices in the county are attracting private providers to places like Swansea, a group of councillors was told.

Swansea currently has 13 homes registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), with at least four more due to open in the next year. Only one of them is a Swansea Council-registered home.”

The article also made it clear that the problem extends to Neath Port Talbot. So it’s a Swansea Bay problem due to companies from outside of Wales taking advantage of cheaper property here to bring in someone else’s problems.

I don’t want to sound heartless, because these kids have problems, and they need help – but they should not be our responsibility.

And they cost us money. Just read what the police had to contribute to the report.

“In March, South Wales Police chief superintendent Martin Jones said his officers were dealing with missing children and taking care of young people in crisis at weekends due to the increase in children’s residential homes in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot.

He said: ‘In these homes there are about 110 children and they’re being brought in from outside Swansea and Neath Port Talbot, that’s putting massive strain on police resources and on social services, and other resources in health.'”

So why is Care Inspectorate Wales licensing these homes?

I suppose because this is how Englandandwales must operate. The Valleys and Swansea Bay – accounting for some half the population of Wales – is becoming increasingly attractive to those who run ‘homes’ and the like.

Reproduced courtesy of WalesOnline. Click to enlarge.

The problem of Swansea’s unneeded children’s homes probably links with another problem I highlighted a few months ago in this post. (Scroll down to ‘Welsh Not 2019’.)

This story made news as a Welsh language issue, with staff speaking Welsh at a care home in Ystradgynlais said to be upsetting residents. No one thought to ask why residents at a home in a largely Welsh-speaking community were unfamiliar with the Welsh language.

And of course this system of social dumping goes a long way to explaining why Wales has such a bloated third sector. (And an overstretched NHS.)

Then, earlier this month, we heard of a case in the Rhondda that followed the same pattern – an English company planning to house highly disruptive youngsters in a Welsh community. The company in question being Rise Care Ltd of Bristol, and so new is this company that no accounts have yet been filed with Companies House.

Reproduced courtesy of WalesOnline. Click to enlarge.

The reaction was so hostile – problems with similar establishments in Tonyrefail and Ebbw Vale were cited – that even local MP Chris Bryant (Labour) and local AM Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) were forced to object. (Clearly there were votes to be lost.)

I have a suggestion for Bryant and Wood. Ask Care Inspectorate Wales why it registers such establishments, for unproven companies, in areas where there is no local need? Get to the root of the problem rather than engaging in very public displays of knee-jerk nimbyism to hang on to your seats.

And maybe your party leaders down in Corruption Bay will begin to appreciate that we have a serious, national problem of social dumping on our hands.

Wales is a corrupt country being exploited to benefit anybody and everybody – at our expense. It’s our country yet we are marginalised and exploited.

We need to be more assertive. And it really doesn’t matter how we go about it. Any nation being exploited and invaded has the right to defend itself.

♦ end ♦


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The idea that the Welsh Government is allowing a ‘Steiner’ school at Nant y Cwm is quite unfathomable. Three such schools in England at Frome, Exeter and Bristol, have been deemed to be unable to correct their own failings and management and have been transferred to a multi-academy trust. The English system of – find a new operator or close down.

To understand the reasons we need to go and look at the philosophy of the founder, Rudolf Steiner.

Here is one of his rather disturbing quotes..

“One can only understand history and all of social life, including today’s social life, if one pays attention to people’s racial characteristics. And one can only understand all that is spiritual in the correct sense if one first examines how this spiritual element operates within people precisely through the color of their skin.”

Do we really want this type of school in Wales even though it doesn’t bother white skinned Aryans like Sophie Howe?


Your tweet overnight said – ” just received a comment to a blog post I put out in December 2012. Is this a record?” Obviously a new reader is so gripped by your output that he/she has decided to swot up on everything you’ve generated over last decade or so.

Maybe someone in Wales’ Labour government has decided to read up on some authoritative material ( and comments) in an attempt to gain better insight into how to put things right. He/she will have to stomach a lot of criticism but it might be worth the pain !

Enjoy the reading, Mr Drakeford.


Time for Woodhouse to form his wagons into a circle unless he’s done so already. Takes a long time for the penny to drop for these twps in banks and institutions. Too many people in the world of finance especially the bigger lending institutions who spend time in an unreal world and fail abysmally to spot a compulsive liar just cos his lies are so damn pretty !


Here is a video of the ‘Carmarthen Bay Hotel’ investment opportunity run by Gavey Woodworm. It promises to provide a 202% return on investment.{removetoplay}

It doesn’t say if the ‘room investment’ includes the installation of an ostrich. The old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t” comes to mind. I was wondering what the mugs in NPT council fell for his Afan resort mirage.

The only surprise to me was why Bore Grill is fronting this shit.


Bear Gryls/NPT and missing millions

Proffwyd yn ei wlad ei hun comes to mind Jac


At last our esteemed Welsh media have woken up to the fact that “something may not be quite right with Mr Gavin Woodhouse “. What took them so long ?

Watching that old clip of Smiler Skates basking in a rush of self congratulation, he must have soiled his undies at the thought of that deal being consummated, and now he’s getting that deflated, dejected feeling that comes with his premature political “ejaculation”. That moment of candour from Lee Waters is already proving to be the most insightful comment from a Labour A.M in the 2 decades of their existence.

Most pertinently, credit must go to our Jac for his diligent tenacious approach to the task of digging out the thick seam of dirt that lies just under the surface of Gavin Woodhouse and others like him. Others, drawing salaries for their puny efforts, who doubt his capacity for investigative work should hang their heads in shame. Dopey, lazy bastards the lot of them.


Well I can’t think of anything harsher, more critical to say about them without entering the realms of the utterly unprintable !!! Tee hee


I didn’t see any reference to the Jewish heritage of George Soros in Jacs’ last article, so why does Ifan Morgan Jones introduce this matter into his critique? Does he consider people who condemn Harvey Weinstein for sexual abuse of women to be anti-Semitic? I think Ifan Morgan Jones owes Jac an apology.


As the Trinity University Empire contemplates the closure of its Lampeter site, another of our historic uni’s, Glyndwr at Wrexham, is still going flat out for growth.

And, of course, the benefits to the local communities in Wrexham are beyond anyone’s abilities to count. What could possibly go wrong ?


Informative, and entertaining as ever, Jac.

Having grown up in Llandysul in the 1980s and 1990s I saw these types come and go. Most barely lasted three years before heading back over the border. The most successful stayed. Interestingly, many of them were also Dutch and are now part of the community and some are even fluent in Welsh.

I recently heard of someone in the Saron area nearby whose alpaca farm failed and is struggling to sell the animals.

The problem with this scheme, as you say, is that they expect the government to fund their lifestyle.

David Smith

Off topic but I have been doing my wondering. Met a Bermudan last night, and nice guy and that but a Britlander through and through. How “we” are one nation, should stick together, the usual bollocks. I got to wondering, it does seem to be a pattern that these colonial descendants, whether places like the Falklands, Gibraltar, Bermuda and no better example than the six counties, become more British than the British themselves. Probably a hangover of centuries of colonial arrogance mixed with perhaps a feeling of being out yonder all alone with a (in many cases valid) fear that their Britishness is under threat by aggressive and/or expansionist neighbours. A sense of their backs being to the wall, which produces a more intransigent, assertive Britishness.

I also got to wondering why these territories are still under the crown. Is it simply vestigial imperial prestige, or is the case that it’s always useful to have a tax haven or two on side for the benefits of the city of London and other such establishment cronies? Being under the British crown arguably, unlike us by virtue of sharing a landmass with the bastards, confers a special “best of both worlds” status on them. They get more or less total autonomy, the distinction of protectorate status and the military defence that affords, and the economic boon of multinationals setting up head offices there. In the example of Gibraltar, staying under the apron is a no brainer – become a one horse Spanish town and the homogeny that brings or enjoy the distinction, the specialness that comes with being a patch of British land, not to mention the economic boost the necessary military presence this status brings.

Dafydd Ladd

The social dumping seems to reach all parts of the housing in Wales. Tai Ceredigion has announced that it intends to build homes in Crymych Pembs (Ceredigion expanding I see) – Note that 25% is for affordable housing – as this is a social housing company should it not be that 75% is for affordable homes?


Social housing should be 100% affordable with a mix of rented and owned to suit prevailing conditions in the area. These are the situations where those aid packages for 1st time buyers should really come into their own but like most schemes they get scammed by developers and miss their target market by a distance.


The development by Mill Bay Homes at Cilgerran is a case in point Jac with planning permission for 29 open market dwellings and 1 affordable dwelling.


Good morning Jac & readers. Interesting mix of topics there.

1.That outburst of “outrage” at Jac’s item last week about BMC and various players (who seemed to be involved with the venture to varying degrees) was a grade A, 24 carat gem of an example of how defenders of the “faith” set about deflecting and attempting to undermine or destroy any rational criticism. No point me going over Jac’s responses here but IMJ’s stance served to undermine his “balanced” approach to Wales’ present condition. One expected a load of bile (and bilge) from other commenters but not from the “custodian” of that platform.

Now that they have some kind of ball rolling don’t be too surprised to see Trinity University Empire vacate Lampeter completely and in due course the site gets taken over by a Soros “educational enterprise” with another hugely suspect array of studies on offer. Brave new world teaching people of all ages to suck up propaganda and knit some new stuff for the machine.

2.As for Plaid hobnobbing with assorted colonialists, well it’s now becoming the norm, sadly. They do NOTHING to impress on these in-migrants that adapting to what’s left of Welsh culture and identity might be some kind of right thing to do. Instead they absorb from these people fresh “thought directions” in crucially important policy areas such as assimilation, social destruction, and of course elimination of farming and the kind of communities that exist around the industry.

Great to see that a measure of dissent remains within Plaid. Mabon ap Gwynfor writes a tidy article on IMJ’s platform focussing on the various factors influencing and distorting the housing situation in Cymru Gymraeg in particular but in wider Wales in general. He is stronly advised to take those thoughts and tell it as it is to his own party leadership clique who seem averse to adopting a firm robust stance on these issues preferring to prance around spouting bullshit about more remote abstract topics – flavours of the day or week – over an exotic snack down the Bay.

3.No point commenting at length on that dame who grooms bunnies up in mid Wales. Perhaps a stampede of sheep through her garden might wake her up to the realities of squeezing a proper living up there. Yet another recycled Henrietta talking down to us stupid common herd.

4.Growth of care homes across “affordable” Wales is a sick joke. Country needs better care provision but turning my country, our country, into some kind of commercialized gulag for elderly, sick, mentally disabled, criminally insane, temporarily deviant or any other kind of “cash cow” for Caring Corporations is utterly unacceptable. Any development in Wales should be licensed to deal with the mix of conditions arising within a given radius, enabling residents to identify with their location and families to visit fairly easily. Of course this all goes against the grain for those who posture as “caring” when in reality apart from gagging for a good soundbite they couldn’t give a shit. And that includes the little demon Bryant and Santes Leanne.