Antifa Unmasked

This piece wasn’t planned until I saw reports of the ugly scenes in Llanilltud Fawr (Llantwit Major) last Saturday. But most of these reports were misleading, especially the report from BBC Wales and, to some extent, the one from S4C.

The ITV Wales report was completely misleading. But I would expect no less from a channel with a pathological aversion to employing people with Welsh accents.

The report that came closest to giving the true picture may have been from WalesOnline, where we also got a picture of those responsible for the violence.

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And it obviously wasn’t the ‘Far Right’, or locals.

Putting it all together with statements put out on social media it soon became clear who had been responsible for the violence, and who had been arrested. But Antifa is a flag of convenience, a loose association of Far Left extremists.

So who was really behind it? Well, WalesOnline was kind enough to tell us: “Video footage shows officers clashing with hooded and masked Welsh Underground Network members”.

So who or what is the Welsh Underground Network? And no, I can tell you now, it’s not an association of former coal miners.


Like so many fringe groups the Welsh Underground Network (WUN) seems made up of disgruntled youngsters. I hesitate to use the word ‘losers’, but I doubt if their ranks contain many well-balanced individuals with a decent job and a settled family life.

All of which makes them resentful and, it has been suggested, malleable.

Here’s a WUN group photo taken on the beach in Aberystwyth a year or two back. (That’s me behind them, disguised as a seagull.)

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It seems reasonable to assume that those arrested last Saturday – a man from Swansea and a woman from Gwynedd – belong to the WUN.

They may even be in the seaside snap above.

The WUN justified its behaviour at Llanilltud Fawr by arguing that it was opposing ‘fascism’. Because Antifa means ‘Anti-fascist’, and only attacks fascists.

But that’s a self-justifying claim; in practice, anyone Antifa attacks, for whatever reason, becomes a ‘fascist’ by virtue of being attacked by Antifa.

If not a fascist, then a transphobe, or a white supremacist, or a climate denier. For Antifa reveres the triptych of woke cults, and attacks those who dare question. For there must be no dissent.

Despite their violent, anti-democratic behaviour, and their opposition to freedom of expression, a former leader of Plaid Cymru has long been a supporter of Antifa.

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I don’t want to spend too much time on a bunch of unhappy kids, who’ve been led astray, and might get into serious trouble if they carry on being silly, for I want to move on and explore the bigger picture.

But before moving on from the Welsh Underground Network aka Antifa I’d like to make an oblique observation. I’ve twice been involved with groups whose members have been arrested for the criminal offence of wearing uniforms. (I believe the Public Order Act applies, or used to.)

I would suggest that those attending gatherings in ‘Black Bloc’, acknowledged to be the uniform of a violent organisation, are guilty of the same offence.

If nothing else, just a simple question – why do they hide their faces?

Below you see Antifa in Newquay, Cornwall on Wednesday, reviling locals for having the temerity to wonder who is being moved into their town. The top image shows them facing off against locals waving Cornish flags, and the bottom one is self-explanatory.

But always with the masks!

Yet the police do have the power to unmask them. They must now use that power.

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People as convinced as Antifa that they’re on the side of the angels (not that they believe in angels!) should be proud to show the world who they are, bravely standing up to the jackbooted hordes.

Or attacking emergency workers, as happened last Saturday.

The truth is that they mask up to avoid being recognised when they commit criminal acts. Which is why wearing masks should be reason enough to arrest these clowns.

Now let’s consider the bigger picture, and then the role of the media.


The events last Saturday were much more complex than the media would have us believe. It was not all the locals welcoming the ‘refugees’, with fascists from elsewhere causing the trouble.

To begin with, the local community is split, and as this WUN tweet tells us, the opposition came from, ‘a coalition of anti racists from across Wales’.

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So who else might be in this ‘coalition’?

One who was there battling the fascists was Hellana Hatfield. WalesOnline told us:

‘Hellana Hatfield, a human rights activist who runs an NGO for asylum seekers, has travelled from Pembrokeshire today.

“We are here to deliver the message that refugees are welcome here in Wales and that fascists are not welcome. They have caused trouble elsewhere. Wherever they go, we will go”‘.

“They have caused trouble elsewhere”, she says. But who’s she talking about – Antifa, ‘refugees’?

And who is Hellana Hatfield, for she seems to have no online presence? Unless this is her. The hair’s certainly the same colour.

But nothing about an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) in Pembrokeshire. Does it really exist? And if so – are we funding it!

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And it should go without saying that the Green Party of Englandandwales was in attendance. We can be sure of that because Rob Curtis of the Green, etc., etc spoke with WalesOnline. There’s even a photo of him.

But that photo pales when compared with an image of Rob and some other guy holding a banner that I’ve tried for days to make sense of. What the hell is it trying to say?

And why is the other guy holding that stripey flag? What’s that got to do with ‘refugees’.

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I thought it was global warming that was going to make us extinct. Is the banner saying that the human race is also doomed if we refuse to accept ‘internationalism’ (whatever the hell that might mean)?

Another Green speaking there was Sam Coates. Sam comes on stage at about 2:40 in the video below. I’m not sure why he’s wearing a mask. Does he still believe in Covid? Or have all Leftists taken to covering their faces in public?

It’s bloody odd.

It reminds me of an old sign behind the bar in the subterranean snooker hall I used to frequent as a teenager. It read something like, ‘Men wearing mufflers will not be served’. For younger readers maybe I should explain that a ‘muffler’ was a kind of scarf worn around the neck by working class men.

Though I could never figure out why men wearing mufflers would not be allowed to play snooker. Or billiards.

As a further aside. It was in this hallowed cellar, to a background of clinking balls and cursed miscues, that my mates and I heard JFK had been shot. (Everybody remembers where they were.)

I mention this now because the Merriam-Webster definition of muffler is: a scarf worn around the neck, b something that hides or disguises. How apt!

To get back to Sam. In addition to being a Green Sam puts himself about with Undod and Melin Drafod. The latter called the Comrades together in January for a session of foot-stompin’ and hollering in Swansea. I wrote about it.

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Ah! But I wish I’d been invited.

I’m mentioning the Greens because in recent years they seem to have almost abandoned environmental concerns to focus on matters sexual, and gender related. And they’ve really gone overboard.

If you want to know where the pressure came from for Nicola Sturgeon to take the SNP and Scottish independence over the cliff, then look no further than the Scottish Greens. As this report from The Herald (Nov 2022) makes clear.

The female penis cult has the potential to wreak similar damage in Wales. For the self-styled ‘Welsh Government’ is one of Stonewall’s biggest funders, and El Drako himself one of its most loyal disciples.

Plaid Cymru is similarly hooked on this nonsense.

Which broadens out into considerations of the wider impact of the Woke agenda.

Who can forget how YesCymru was almost captured by fanatics wanting to turn that organisation into TransCymru? If they’d been successful it would have severely  discredited the independence cause.

Was that the objective?

Small wonder that I had a DM yesterday suggesting that the Welsh Underground Network are controlled by agencies seeking to discredit Welsh nationalism.

I’m not sure about that. But when we consider the disruptive and divisive effects Wokeism is having on devolution and the independence movements in both Scotland and Wales it’s worth wondering if the impressionable and the excitable are being manipulated.

For I predict with certainty that if WUN members go around masked up, insulting decent people, attacking emergency workers, whilst claiming to be advocates of independence, it will severely damage the cause in which I and others believe.

Not least because we can guarantee the media will lap it up.


I’ve mentioned the media responses earlier, and some were either uninformed, or deliberately misleading. Take this headline from BBC Wales. There’s only one way to interpret that.

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As we know, those arrested did not belong to the ‘far-right’.

But then, what can you expect from the state media in a state where the political leadership is owned by the World Economic Forum, a body wanting open borders in order to undermine the West? And if that wasn’t enough, Bill ‘Vaccines’ Gates also chips in with funding for Auntie.

But this is also happening in other countries.

As you may be aware from recent tweets and posts, I’m following what’s happening in Ireland with considerable interest, and the WEF playbook being used there could be written in fifty-foot high neon letters. It is so crudely obvious.

The latest resident rebellion has been in Mullingar, a town of some 21,000 people in Westmeath. This came about when ‘refugees’ were brought to the disused Columb Barracks in the centre of the town last week.

Here’s one of the recent arrivals, an Iranian named Ikramullah Khanza, who’s been to Ireland before, then left, but now he’s back, threatening locals with throat-slitting gestures. Mr Nice Guy!

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It’s being reported that the Mullingar protests have resulted in the unvetted males being moved on. But if so, then to where?

Here’s how the scam operates in Ireland.

Politicians and media say: “Ireland will provide a home for women and children fleeing war-torn Ukraine”. Irish people respond, “That’s fine with us”.

But then buses appear in Dublin and provincial cities and towns carrying lots of young men of fighting age and Middle Eastern appearance. Locals say, “Hang on, you said women and children”.

People then object to having been lied to, and protest at having unvetted young men imposed on their community.

Politicians, their NGO shills, and media, respond in chorus, “Horrible racists object to taking in refugees”.

Which everyone involved knows is a lie.

But when the official narrative is questioned critics are dismissed as ‘Far Right’, or ‘fascist’, or ‘racist’; and therefore people with whom there can be no debate.

In exactly the same way as Antifa operates: Lie about your true intentions and then vilify critics to silence them and achieve your objective.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

This is what’s happening in Llanilltud Fawr. Locals are told those arriving will be Ukrainian women and children, and to begin with they might be. But a local source tells me that, “military houses at St Athan East camp are being cleared for Afghans”.

But as I’ve written elsewhere recently, I’m more optimistic now than I’ve been for some time. For as the lies pile up the heap becomes unstable, and eventually it topples.

With Covid (and the vaccines), global warming, female penises, and the ‘refugee’ crisis all being revealed we are approaching the point of collapse. It won’t be pretty, and might even get nasty for a while.

But those of us who know the truth only need to stay firm to enjoy the victory. A victory not for us, but for humanity.

♦ end ♦


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David Smith

Have an ogle at 137 Stryd Fawr, Bangor. Is an inbound shipment of more dossers and dregs imminent?


Elsewhere in the wierdo-sphere Peter Murrell,the ex-PM’s consort in Scotland had his collar felt by JockPlod. Is this just on account of missing funds or has his unhealthy interest in drag queens, a very fashionable species in parts of Scotland, been drawn to the attention of the cuntstabulary now that his missus is no longer head of the show at Holyrood? Still surprised that Hamza hasn’t pulled rank on the Chief Cuntstable and told him to lay off for a while longer, just long enough to shred all the evidence and crash a few computer systems.

Red Flag

The SNP’s desperation to keep left is their downfall. In Kate Forbes they had socially conservative candidate who also understood economics.

She may have been able govern Scotland in a way that demonstrated it live within its means and which encouraged investment and confidence for future post independence

Instead they have a dubious character who will continue down the same path of poor governance and tory bashing. Its hard to understand quite why he’s a Scottish SNP nationalist at all, his religion seems to go against the grain of everything they stand for bar independence – and I’m doubtful of that.

Red Flag

I knew people from these organisations years ago (ANTIFA, Red Action, etc etc). One thing the ‘hooligan’ element were was totally unpolitical – they were in it purely to attack the Police at demonstrations and using the organisations as a banner to stand under.


Exactly this, was in London 7 years ago when a demonstration/ March taking place around Trafalgar Square was fascinating to watch, two or three young men would wind the crowd up and get them to engage with the police but those ringleaders would fall to the back and extricate themselves from the crowd , whilst less bright individuals were those arrested for violence,

Ivor Schilling

Regarding the WEF and its agenda, we need to start confronting our politicians with details of the obvious agenda afoot, and see what kind of response we get. For how long can assembly members, whether in Plaid or Labour, continue to ignore this very obvious élite power-grab? Do they literally have nothing to say about it? Are they completely unwilling to deal with these matters, or do they perhaps willingly support Prof Klaus and the gang?

I plan to get a face-to-face meeting with those elected in my constituencies, and with a view to obtaining some clear response. Particularly the Plaid bloke. We want to know, if they are NOT willing to deal with dominators and exploiters abroad, then what is the POINT of the likes of Plaid and, if we must, ‘Welsh’ Labour?

Big Gee

Spot-on Ivor – if those amongst us who poo-pooed what we warned about for years was coming, and dismissed us as ‘conspiracy theorists’ can’t now see what is happening around them then they are either deaf, blind or stupid or deliberately acting in an obtuse way, because they can’t shake off their programming via the governments and mainstream media. There is a big problem with cognitive dissonance.

That attitude is also reflected by our politicians. Some are fully aware but are fully involved (Schwab’s young future leaders graduates), or they are annoyingly ignorant and just go with the crowd. Letters to constituency politicians is a ‘must do’ job, to bring them up to speed with reality.

The attack on your mind – does mass hypnosis exist and how does it work?


I saw ‘Sam Coates’ being platformed in an article about this by BBC Wales. I thought – he’s not from Llantwit Major? Isn’t he one of those people who tried to take down YesCymru by old fashioned/retro Trotskyist entryism? And now here he is hogging the news vox pops. Almost as if either no one in the media has any idea who they are talking to.

Garry W Gibbs

Masks have been legitimised by science, medicine and govt. Portraying those who refuse (ed) to wear them as selfish and irresponsible was a deliberate tactic so now there is no point in surveillance with CCTV etc.


Ukrainian nationals who arrive fully documented have a visa to remain indefinitely within the United Kingdom.

Under the Ukraine Family Scheme (women and children) or the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (homes for Ukraine programme) they are automatically granted leave to remain for 3 years, renewed on an annual basis, upon application. They can live in Wales, work in Wales, and access benefits in Wales and access to public services in Wales. There is also a scheme of recognition of academic and vocational qualifications, a bilateral agreement with the government of Ukraine.

One such young lady sometimes catches the X11 bus service into Carmarthen, she taps in her free bus pass, just like myself with my senior. Her bus pass is a scheme sponsored by the Welsh Government; she just shows her Ukraine passport to driver if validation requested. She alights at Coleg Sir Gar at Pibwrlwyd. Bit of a horse expert and continues her studies in veterinary science.

It came as a surprise, both to myself and this lady from Ukraine as to why purpose and need is there for a ‘temporary ghetto’ to be constructed on this MoD site in the Vale of Glamorgan. It appears the Vale council have used their development rights to by-pass the planning system and the converted portacabins financed by a grant from the Welsh Government. This is strange as (a) there is no apparent need, and (b) should a need be apparent, here was there’s a huge pot of money administered by the Home Office in London.

It is for this reason I suspect that the Westminster Government have sought to associate their catastrophic handling of those who arrive undocumented claiming asylum from France via rubber boats in the English Channel with that of the Ukraine schemes.

Suspect three reasons

(1) attempt to transfer public opposition to the dinghy contingent onto public support and shoulders of those from Ukraine,

(2) remove the underiables away from the South East of England, Wales being an excellent enclave to do so, and

(3) offload public relations in this matter to a willing participant, the Welsh Government.

Question what powers the Welsh Government have to ‘pick and choose’ who to accommodate at the site, how the security is to administered, what powers they have to detain or direct those currently of free will as a citizen of Wales, and what arrangements are being made to ensure such freedoms are maintained. Does not apply to persons of ileagal status.

Note – In posting this comment wish to dissociate myself with other matters Jac makes in this blog post, hope this comment is replicated in full. Think Jac should get out more and spend less time in the echo chambers of social media. Never needed to check the genitals of passengers on the X11. It’s interesting however, that the media have concentrated on the thugs that descend from England and the entitled goodlifers, also originally arrived from England, in their scuffles. In doing so they miss the points I raise.


An unlikely requirement. There are no “women only spaces” on the X11 as some ‘radical feminists’ like to propagate. Leave that to the Taliban. Also, the seats are universal and perhaps the ‘trendy left’ should remember that Rosa Parks would have equal access to any seat of the said bus service.

Important to put issues such as gender recognition in perspective. People go to prison for crime and sports bodies have numerous exemptions like age, as well as gender. In both cases restrictions apply. This does not eclipse the rights of any person to enjoy the liberty, equality and freedoms of all free citizens, or administrative rules to allow this recognition or celebrate such diversity.

As you point out (Ireland), the confusion between legitimate provision for refugees and imposter trafficking is international. A weapon of instability, state sponsored and criminal gangs.


Yes. You are also old enough to remember that years ago some paedophile groups infiltrated the gay rights organisations for their activities and those of opposition had anti-gay religious doctrines they sought to impose on others by subterfuge, amplification and misinformation. The same is happening now. Don’t do their bidding.


You want to attend some #LetWomenSpeak events! (Events which point out the threats to women & children from “trans ideology”, which is incidentally a big money-spunk by the Welsh Government – have you seen the state of the LGBTQ+ action plan? Or QT-PIE as I like to abbreviate it – a rebranding of the 1970s and 80s P.I.E. pretty much. Welsh Govt have the highest spend with Stonewall, too, proper “Champions” of getting men into women’s toilets. #GenderSelfID)
I was at Bristol (excellent footage by Alf Up A Tree on YouTube. The “Antifa” mob are having a blast scaring little/old/disabled women – one of whom had a visible erection showing in his black trousered outfit.


‘But a local source tells me that, “military houses at St Athan East camp are being cleared for Afghans”.’

This is so hush-hush that the local Conservative MP announced it on the 20th of December 2022

‘… these [12] homes would only be occupied by Afghan families who have relocated to the UK under the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) scheme and have a Defence connection – those who advised, fought or patrolled with or alongside members of the British Armed Forces.’ (MOD)

Do try to keep up, Jac


Leftism and independence movements do make natural bedfellows, but these nutters have gone off the deep end. I’d be interested to know how many, if any, genteel English Shire towns have had refugee influx.

Gruff Williams

Has YesCymru deposed those who tried to take it over?


You are misinformed if you think that YesCymru is still a wasp nests of trans extremists that is in the past . Those who stirred up that nest were present on Saturday.. the long drink of water himself, Sam Coates, being one of them – they are a bunch of losers and tossers and you have to question what their motive was to try and turn Yes Cymru into some loony tunes trans left movement- they will jump on any bandwagon going. Also present were local residents who do not want an Anglo extremists marching through Wales moaning about brown immigrants when it is they themselves who are the migrants undermining Welsh values and communities.

Jonathan Edwards

Agree its a bit of a gamble, Jac, but I have re-joined YesCymru. 2 reasons. They posted an article questioning Labour on Indy. The issue for me being – will they discuss this or close the discussion down? Lets see. The other thing is that we shouldn’t confine ourselves to echo-chambers and silos. The YC crowd in SW Wales who meet to protest about 2nd homes etc seem sincere, pleasant and on the money and like Plaid used to be. And I agree with them. We need to explore links….

Big Gee

Indeed, I’ve been saying it for years Jac – the concept of ‘right’ and ‘left’ is an abstract thought, promoted by people who pigeon-hole everyone. It serves politicians, the mainstream media and above all politicians and activists at each other’s throats. It has serves the establishment well since it’s uptake after the French revolution, where by sheer happening the landowners sat on the right and the working classes on the left. It has nothing to do with anything – but is a handy tool to paint people in colours when it comes to politics. It also of course, encourages disunity and keeps everyone fighting against one another. A great tool and an excellent excuse for a ‘One World Government’.

That’s where syncretism comes into play – there is no one size fits all. It would do your readers well to research the concept of syncretism.

Jonathan Edwards

Spot on, Jac. Means we have to go back to first principles. No bad thing given the implosion in Scotland, and the stagnation in Wales. Nearly 100 wasted years since Plaid was founded, and then disarmed by what was the Left. Hard part is finding what will persuade people who vote Control to vote Free Wales. Showing patience and setting a confident example might do it. A lot of the Control tendency comes from feminism, so needs another approach again. I know people working on this but its not easy. Try this – what do we have in common with JK Rowling?


Jonathan The YC crowd in SW Wales may be “sincere, pleasant” possibly because they are located away from the main centres of student clusters and other habitats that foster the development of fixations about ishoos. Come east along the M4 and you will find well meaning eejits by the drove all open to exploitation by manipulators and all sorts of deviants just spoiling to get their pet “belief” to the top of the heap. All these “my way or no way” pirates are not going away. They are so fickle in their beliefs that they back one issue for a while then switch to something else more fashionable to bark on about. I’ve been involved to varying degrees since 1966, seen some right odd balls in my time but this last decade can be characterised as new depths experienced by the movement. Once fairly united and tolerant, it is now fragmented by values that just annoy the rest of us, and make the general public extremely wary of “bloody wierd Nats”.

Might just call it a day, mind my own business but kill one of them if he/she ever knocks my door.


Welsh Government are now simply enforcing globalist policy that cascades down from unelected technocrats on global think-tanks, including WEF etc. But the people of Wales are waking up and posts, like yours Jac, that explain how local actions fit in to the bigger picture are great at getting the message across.

Big Gee

That’s the core problem Jac “how does it effect me?”. “It’s a far away problem away from my back yard” is many people’s view of what is happening. Like the children who thought they were safe, hiding behind the sofa whilst Dr. Who was on telly! It’s a delusion.

That is why we need to fight against this ‘meism’ (which is a cultivated attitude in the west, it goes along with greed and the killing off of a genuine social conscience, where everyone cares for their neighbour in their country).

We have to keep getting the truth out there Jac, and wake many more up to the reality of what has come to fruition in this mad world we are witnessing. It’s not accidental but planned and it effects everyone – globally.

Looking after your own little turf is – as I’ve pointed out SO many times – like painting the funnels on a sinking Titanic. The real problem that needs to be addressed is far bigger than Wales. Whilst the global elitists – who are relentlessly marching towards their goal – a One World (fascistically and tyrannically -run) Order, it needs a mammoth sized effort to stop it.

Get that HUGE hurdle out of the way and only then we can get on with carving out our own future in OUR Cymru. It’s a question of priorities, don’t put the wrong priority at the top of our list, if you do, ALL sovereign nations get swept away together. An independent Wales – at this stage – can not stop this monstrous situation on it’s own, it requires an united effort across the earth to educate people about the reality.


Nothing wrong with a spot of “meism”, but sadly most people are still in their comfort zone or tolerating pain beyond that which is necessary. If people can’t see the gross manipulation that has gone on – the evident presence of the “axis of malice”, or multiple versions of it,- then they are seriously doped by their dependency conditions.
This current scam with domestic energy prices is a classic example of how big business and big government combine to impoverish the public diverting spending power into their coffers and placing the blame on that Russian twat when the scam had already been under way for 6 months before his troops moved into Ukraine. Of course the doomsday prophets had shoveled a few layers of fear onto the public by introducing us to Covid which was a huge success for big Pharma, yet again a big gov + big business combo. I took a few Covid jabs, never had the bug, never had no after effects, which convinced me that it was probably some weak solution. Won’t take any more.
It’s the attacks on agriculture, the redefining of rural and urban communities using a whole host of unelected “influencers” that really annoys me. Importing refugees, economic migrants and large numbers of recruits for criminal enterprises becomes an industry which likes of Drakeford welcomes cos he can’t muster the brains to support real commercial enterprises.