Round-up: Rhigos, Aberystwyth, Cardigan, Pontypridd

CHINA TO RHIGOS Not so long ago I wrote about the Pen y Cymoedd wind farm project, and developer Vattenfall’s use of bribery to win over or silence the local populace. (Click here and scroll down to the section Vattenfall of Money.) Well now I know the route by which the turbines for Pen y […]

Who Needs Democracy?

A GUEST POST FROM ‘SISTER SLEDGE’ AUX BARRICADES! While the brothers in Cardiff Bay were fighting over the ashes of Carl Sargeant and positioning to succeed Carwyn the Untrustworthy, no one noticed that another struggle was bubbling away in deepest Ceredigion. It started around the time of the last County Council election in May 2017, […]

Human Trafficking

PEMBROKESHIRE CARE AND CYMDEITHAS GOFAL Human trafficking is a term we’ve become increasingly familiar with in recent years, it’s a clandestine and largely illegal activity that reduces human beings to transferable commodities, to be moved around and exploited for the financial benefit of some third party. Many people will be surprised therefore to learn that […]

The ‘Care’ Racket in Wales

Let me make it clear at the outset what kind of ‘care’ I’m talking about. This is not the ‘care’ that involves helping old dears out of bed, making them breakfast, and listening – yet again – to how Uncle Arthur single-handedly won the Boer War. No, this is an entirely different kind of ‘caring’, […]

First Minister Carwyn Jones Looks Back on 2014

Despite fierce competition from Channel 17 in Albania and the Nova Scotia Parrot Breeders’ Monthly Jac o’ the North is delighted to have secured exclusive rights to First Minister Carwyn Jones’ end-of-year Review. Enjoy!                                 * Hello there, I’m Carwyn Jones, you may not know me, but I’m the First Minister of Wales. More importantly, […]

Census 2011: Second Addresses

The latest release from the 2011 census findings covers those with more than one address.The Office for National Statistics has conveniently broken down the findings into seven Tables covering the different categories. So here they are, each with a brief comment. (Click on Tables to enlarge.) Although I’m concentrating on the Welsh figures you will […]